Lute Dragoon – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Shopping

At the commercial district of the city, which was located in the south east of the Panep city, the streets were bustling with people. This commercial district was located on Wallen’s territory, where many tall buildings were lined up together each possessing this solid multi-layer structure, completely identical with those huge shopping malls from otherworlder’s world.

This place was where people traded and merchants sold their items. Be it weapons, armor, raw material or necessities for everyday life, they were all sold here.

But today, there were three particular people walking there.

It was Lute and Rosalin currently walking around in Panep city with a maid following them.

The maid who followed them was their family head maid who was tasked to guide or help if they encountered any problems. She was Sharon Rein, a long silver- haired beautiful woman with a voluptuous body, her maid uniform completely unable to hide her big breasts or her round big butt, and her pale skin looked glossy.  She was married but for some strange reason, she was wearing collar on her neck. No one would know the reason why the collar is there.

Sharon just followed Lute and Rosalin silently.

Lute, who was walking by Rosalin’s side, were holding hands with her while walking in the town. The surrounding people had the impression that their relationship was like a couple’s, especially if they were more grown up.

“……..why do I have to go here….?”  Lute grumbled in annoyed tones.

“Mu, you promised to me last night that you will accompany me.”

Rosalin pouted at Lute’s annoyed reaction.

Lute didn’t want to accompany her going to market as Lute had his own plan, he wanted to read a book after finishing his homework. Rosalin suddenly barged into Lute room, asking him go to the market with her. Lute just flatly refused, making Rosalin mad and told their moms. When he knew that request was also from both of them, he was forced to accept it.

He already went here with his mother before, at first he liked it as he found many interesting stuff here. There were all types of weapons and armor gleaming like a work of art, ores and crystals that seemed to have been carefully processed and manufactured and all types of colorful clothing and even fruits. All these kinds of various things were lined up and it indicated that this was indeed the city’s sightseeing tourist destination.

But as he went deeper, he separated with his mother and got lost, which cause him to cry till Sheila found him. Since then, Lute hated crowded place so much.

Lute just sighed at how his big sister was being stubborn.

“*sigh* Do not make that face and I will follow you.”

“Hehehe, thanks!”

Then she pulled Lute’s hand

“Wait. Don’t pull my hand!”

Wearing a blue dress that wrapped her developed body, Rosalin’s eyes were gleaming with excitement as she looked around everywhere while dragging Lute around.

The reason why both of them went to the market was because Rosalin just wanted to walk around the city which was near their mansion. There was no real reason.

As Rosalin and Lute kept strolling, Rosalin saw a big rabbit in a certain shop.

“Look Lute, there is a big rabbit!”

“Hmm, Is that a stuffed animal shop?”

“Yes! I like that sort of thing, you know!”

“Really? Well, enjoy yourself then.”


“Why are you puffing your cheeks like that?”

“At times like this, as a boy, you should buy it for me!” Rosalin demanded.

“Ehhhh… but as boy I don’t like stuffed doll and as a girl, nee-chan you should buy it yourself with your own money as your allowance is bigger than mine,” Lute countered.

“Muuu… You are just saying that for arguments sake.”

Then as both siblings started their sibling spats, Sharon who remained silent all this time went to the stuffed animal shop unbeknownst to them.

After Lute and Rosalin finished their sibling spats, they proceeded forward then they arrived at clothing store.

They decided to take their time choosing what outfit that would look good on girls and women in the Dragoon family.

There was many dresses, which Rosalin did have a fondness for. For it had many things that she wanted. She always did like this kind of clothes. Looking through them, the tags were cheaper. Dresses, some blouses and some shirts. And she bought them over. Those clothes that could be used. And none of them was those given to her. If it was, she would have not given them away.

While Rosalin and Sharon took their time, Lute saw a certain dress and picked it to show the random blue dress to Rosalin.

“Nee-chan, It has the same color as the one you are wearing right now. I’ll give this to you as a present if you like it.”

“YES! Thank you so much, Lute!” Rosalin showed a blooming smile like a flower, which caused Lute to blush.

She looked so happy as she immediately went to the changing room.

Lute felt sorry for their earlier spats, so he tried to make it up even though he’s not really trying especially since he had never had to go to the woman’s clothes and he had also never had to help a woman pick out her clothes as his mother never went to buy clothes when they went together before, it was a slightly embarrassing feeling as he walked through the rows of clothes, leading her along.

Then a few minutes later, Rosalin wearing a blue skater dress came out.

“Lute, do I look good in it?” Rosalin bashfully asked him.

Rosalin was wearing this sleeveless blue skater dress with a thigh high skirt showing her smooth white thigh.

“Yes, you look really good in it!” Lute blushed as he said that.

Rosalin was embarrassed but she felt really happy as Lute complimented her.

Rosalin decided to take a dress, and some shirts and blouses as well as a few skirts and pants. She and Sharon went up to the counter to pay for it with Lute’s money.

Rosalin then took out the bag containing all her items. She walked out of the door as Lute waited for her, ready to leave.


After leaving the clothing store, they proceeded to another shop.

Once again, Rosalin halted in front of this one shop that she showed an interest in.

It was a jewelry store.

Before Lute could say anything, he got pulled to the inside of the store.

There were so many accessories for women such as earrings, necklace, rings and others.

“Welcome to the Star Shining Jewelry Store. What I can do for you today?”

It was a store clerk of this store. His face was average- looking and slim.

“Can we look around for a little bit?”

“Yes, if you need help, just call me.”

Rosalin nodded and the store clerk went back to the counter to continue his work. She walked and looked at each case that showed what accessories were in it. She stopped. Lute nearly crashed into her because of her sudden action. He looked where Rosalin’s eyes were pointed to and there was a red jewel necklace. It was simple design with its chain and the holder jewel was also in gold color.

“Can we take a look at this necklace?”

“Eh!? Wait, Lute, I didn’t said I want it.”

“No, it was me who wanted it.”

First Rosalin panicked, then she became confused over what Lute said earlier. The clerk just came and took it out to give it to Lute.

“Come here.”


Rosalin just came and Lute put it on her neck. She was surprised by his action.

“Hooooo, that really suits you, miss.”

“Yup, it’s suit you, Nee-chan.”


Her face became red when she got compliments from the store clerk and Lute.

“How much is it?”

“It iss 2 gold coins.”

“Then, Sharon, please pay for it.”

“Yes, master.”

Rosalin became so surprised that she could not open her mouth. After paying and saying thanks to the store clerk, Lute just took her hand and went out.

“Wa-wait, Lute! Why did you buy it!?”

“Can I buy it for my cute big sister? Also we got money from mommy so do not worry about it.”


“Why not?”

She wanted to protest more but when Lute became sad she hurriedly said.

“No no! I am really happy, thank you. I will treasure this necklace that you bought.”

She smiled brightly, which made Lute happy.

“Customer, while you are at it, how about buying this ring?” Store clerk opened a small box, then showed to Lute and Rosalin two rings.

“Quiet, old man.” Lute blushed.

Rosalin just blushed as she saw the rings presented before her.

Both of them continued walking around the market. They stoped by at the restaurant and ate some food during lunch.

After leaving the restaurant, they decided to go home but heard a girl’s sobbing from a nearby alley.

Rosalin turned back, leaving Lute and Sharon to investigate.

“Master, Rosalin ojou-sama-”

Before Sharon could finish, he already knew what Rosalin would do. Lute just put his hand on his face then ran after her.


Rosalin who arrived first, saw there were 4 men bullying a young girl.

“Please… *sob* please let me go…” a young girl was crying in an alley, surrounded by four men.

She was curled up against the wall, clutching her knees to her body—making herself as small as possible. On her left arm, there were scratch marks where she was forcibly pulled, her left cheek was red where she had been slapped, her black hair was ruffled up, and the pink dress she wore had patches of dirt on it.

“You’re not going anywhere until we’re done with you,” one of the men replied.

“Damn right she isn’t,” another added, then grabbed her face—forcing her to look at him. “Now you are going to regret telling the guards on us,” he said as he kicked her legs.

The girl screamed out in pain. One of the other men quickly covered her mouth to muffle her screams, before letting go again. The girl continued her silent sobbing.

“Do they really think a whipping and sitting in that dank cell for a turn is going to scare us?” the boy who kicked her smiled, as he spoke.

“Don’t blame us, blame yourself for your lousy mouth” Another man spoke, then kicked her.

She screamed out again, but a hand quickly covered her mouth.

Unable to cry out or shout for help, and her body in pain, the young girl was powerless to do anything.

“What is going on here!?” Rosalin shouted. The four men turned to look at her and their smiles disappeared.

“None of your business, kid. Get out of here!” one of the men yelled out without turning back, then saw his friends become quite, their eyes fixed on something, then the man turned his head, find a very beautiful girl like an angel standing there.

One of the men suddenly made a perverted smile after seeing Rosalin and her body. “Hehehehe, how about we taste her?”

“Yeah, that’s good idea!”

“I cannot wait!”

The man tried to grab her hand, which she hit back to avoid it.

“Ouch! Now you have done it!”

The man launched a punch towards her. It was so fast that she could not make it in time to defend it. She closed her eyes, getting ready to be hit. But after a few seconds, there was no impact. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the 4 man already fainted with blood. She was confused and saw that Lute was in front of her. She hugged Lute from the back and tears started flowing.

Rosalin walked to the fainted girl and used healing magic on her.

After she finished, Lute then turned his head to Sharon, who standing behind him.

“Sharon, please take Rosalin nee-chan to the carriages.”

“As you wish.”

“Lute-” Rosalin looked at the girl, who that already fainted.

“I will take care of the rest,” he assured her as he looked at the fainted men and girl.


“Are you feeling better now?” Lute asked her.

The girl seemed conscious, rubbing her eyes to wake herself up, she turned to see a young boy the same age as herself.

Crimson haired boy wearing noble clothes.

He turned to look at her, and then gently sat her on a crate.

The girl looked around, they were in an alley.

“NO! NO!!!!! PLEASE DON’T!!” she cried out, remembering what happened. His small hands quickly shot forth to grasp hers to calm her down with strength belying his small stature.

“Please… no more…” she begged, on the verge of tears.

“It’s okay now. No one’s going to hurt you.” The boy spoke, his calm voice soothing her.

“What is your name?” He asked.

“Ferris…” She managed.

“Good. Do you know where you live, Ferris?”.

“Y-yes… …” she answered.

“Well then, let’s get you home.” He held out a hand to her.

She walked in silence, holding onto the crimson hair boy’s hand. The fear and panic inside of her had subsided. She noticed that there was no pain in her body and that there was something strange about the boy, she strangely felt calmed and assured. She wanted to ask, but she was too afraid to do so: whether it be about him, how he got her out of that horrific situation, or what happened to her injuries. They walked in silence until they reached her house. Large house almost comparable with the manors of nobles—roses side by side, many were even gated, and stationed with guards.

“Then I will take my leave.” Lute spoke, as they reached Ferris’s house.

“T-thank you…” she replied. Questions for the boy warred in her mind, trying to get out, but none prevailed. Seeing the boy leaving,

“M-May I have your n-name?” was all she could muster in her state.

“I am Lute.” Lute replied, as he walked away.


“Seriously, please stop doing dangerous things and know your limits.”

“Yes, I know but I cannot stand and watch.”

“*sigh* We can’t save every single person who’s in trouble. Who know in the future what will happen if I’m not there?” Lute said with a sigh.


Rosalin did not said anything because she knew what Lute was saying was true. If Lute wasn’t there, she would be in danger.

“But thank you for saving me”

She hugged Lute as they walked to their home.

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