The Lust System: Chapter 150 (Unlocked)


Chapter 150 – Approaching Guests


Chief Li, along with Jing Fei, reached this school where Evil Ghost Luo should be hiding at.

After so long, their people had finally found a clue about his whereabouts. It took quite some time for them to be able to get a lead, but no one could be blamed since it was a difficult feat to search for any signs of him.

The city is vast, and it would take time for them to search the entire area without missing anything.

However, this morning, news came about Evil Ghost Luo’s supposed location. The report only mentioned this place and not his exact position, but it was enough.

Throughout the day, they made their preparations before moving out as soon as everything was ready.

“Chief Li, where are we going to begin?”

Jing Fei looked at the vast empty school grounds. There were several buildings, including some dormitories for the faculties and students.

The elite personnel they had in total were limited in numbers. They couldn’t afford to split up them up in groups.

It will also put their few days of coordination plans to waste if they would have to separately move to different areas.

A message from the higher-ups was sent to notify them of a Rank 2 assisting their group to deal with Evil Ghost Luo. However, they mentioned that the individual was going to move on his own.

Now they could only think of a way to properly go through this. Chief Li only thought for a second before responding,

“We will go through everything, starting from the first building to the last. The expert assisting us was said to have been dealing with ghosts for a few years now, so we only need to be prepared in supporting him.”

“With his skill, he should have some hidden cards to quickly locate this Evil Ghost Luo. That was why this person was moving by himself.”

“Our people will be in charge of surrounding the area to prevent Evil Ghost Luo from escaping once again.”

“Bear in mind that this is a school, we have to finish this as fast as we can. Also, we couldn’t afford to damage the buildings, or this will be another problem for us to deal with.”

“Fortunately, we have someone who could use set up a barrier to prevent the sounds of battle happening inside to be heard by people living nearby.”

Before setting out, Chief Li repeatedly warn their people to be discreet since this was a densely populated area, and they don’t want to cause an uproar.

Evil Ghost Luo has the upper hand this time as they had to make as little damage as they could, thus needing to retrain themselves, considerably weakening their fighting power.

Chief Li didn’t know whether this was something that Evil Ghost Luo had thought about and planned for by hiding in here, but it was working.

“Remember, the last thing we want is to let him escape. If he gets away again, then we would have a harder time to locate him since he should be close to fully healing from his injuries by now.”

“We have to keep a lookout for the signal the Rank 2 master would send us and move towards his direction right away.”

“This operation has to be over before the sun rises, or else we would have to retreat, and his escape would be assured once more.”

Jing Fei nodded in understanding. They had been preparing for this mission for a few days now, and it was starting to be a bother, limiting them from accomplishing their other tasks.

He knew that they could not fail this time.

Chief Li couldn’t help but think how bothersome this problem is, having been troubling his mind for a while now before adding,

“If we had a few more reinforcements, the probability of us succeeding this mission would be much greater. However, other cities were also busy dealing with the same problems, and they couldn’t send out a few people this time.”

“I have some contacts that should be staying around this area, but they had to go somewhere else and weren’t here currently.”

“There were also the others that were hard to reach, and even if I did ask them for assistance, they probably couldn’t be bothered by it.”

“Forget about it. We could be needed at any time, so we need to be alert. Notify our people to start searching the vicinity before going through each building.”

“Also, don’t lose the bell, that’s the only one we have. If it got destroyed, we wouldn’t have any more ways of finding him.”

The bell Chief Li was talking about was an item that was lent to them to be able to locate where Evil Ghost Luo is.

It could sense traces of ghost energy from the surroundings and would ring out once it was at a certain distance of it.

This item was the only one they had, and if they lost it, there would be no chance for them to distinguish Evil Ghost Luo from ordinary people.

Jing Fei followed Chief Li’s instructions as he spoke through his communication device.

Now, everything was up to whether they would successfully locate the position of Evil Ghost Luo.

Though not in his intention, the rooftop was in ruins with heavily damaged walls and floors.

However, Max couldn’t care less considering his present situation. Evil Ghost Luo was currently chasing him while simultaneously striking out several palms, and only one of those was enough to put his internal organs into a mess.

Unknowingly, Evil Ghost Luo became more and more violent as time passed. Max felt like this man didn’t care about himself and wanted to risk it all against him though he had no clue why.

Only Evil Ghost Luo knew the reason. He could feel it; his senses were warning him of danger.

In the beginning, it was faint, but it was still there, so he felt pressured and decided to attack his prey without waiting for a few more days.

Now, it wasn’t even close to being faint. His senses were almost screaming at him, warning him about a threat to his life.

Evil Ghost Luo thought that those from the Special Affairs Department might have already found his location and were on their way here.

He got away last time because of their unpreparedness, not knowing how to deal with him properly, but now, that would certainly not be the case.

There was also that powerful individual who assisted them in the end. He would be a fool not to expect it to happen again.

He had to break the barrier past Rank 1 and finally get to Rank 2. That was the only way.

Not only he would completely heal his injuries, but he would also unlock another skill that could potentially make him strong enough to destroy those people who wanted to take his life.

One thing was certain, once he reaches Rank 2, the possibility of him escaping this city and the powerful figures on his back will significantly increase.

Evil Ghost Luo eyed his prey, who was using his speed to dodge all his attacks. This couldn’t continue any longer.

With a shout, he leaped towards Max, giving it his all.

No matter what, even if he had to sacrifice this body of his, Evil Ghost Luo would catch him and consume his soul to finally breakthrough.

Max, on the other hand, had no idea about this. He was only doing everything he could to run away from this rampaging man, hoping he would slow down soon or, better yet, exhaust his energy.



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The Lust System: Chapter 149 (Unlocked)


Chapter 149 – Clash


The wall where Max was on had a clear vision of the only entrance towards the rooftop. Nothing would escape from his eyes if anyone were to go through it.

Little Dou was also hovering over, curiously looking whether someone would come.

While waiting, Max thought back to the previous incident where he wasn’t able to kill the ghost’s body.

The damage he dealt vanished like it was erased. It was quite similar to Yu’er’s Reverse Time, except it was instant, faster than his eyes could blink. It was unbelievable.

Max didn’t think it was a skill since it was instantaneous, and he doesn’t believe someone could use their skill right after the time resumes knowing they would die. No one could react that fast.

It seemed more like Max triggered one of his life-saving cards. Perhaps it came from a protective item or a perk of being possessed by a ghost.

But it doesn’t seem like it can be used constantly. Though Max still considered the probability of it happening.

Secondly, since the ghost came out unharmed, Max had to think about whether he exposed himself being an Awakened.

Max thought for a moment and concluded that he should at least expect the ghost to be aware of it. There should be an indicator of some sort that notified him of his escape from death.

However, he was confident that his skill was not exposed since the time had stopped for everyone.

If Max were in his situation, he would only be filled with confusion. There was no way for him to observe what happened. Visually, he would merely see a series of flashing movements.

An unknown amount of time had passed, and the man still hasn’t shown up.

This ghost was taking so long. Maybe he wasn’t able to find them and went somewhere else? Then if so, they can go home!

Just as Max was thinking about this, someone interrupted him and pulled him out of his thoughts.

[He’s here!]


Little Dou flew back, urgently notifying him about the incoming enemy.

Max immediately became alert. He already had several plans in his mind. The only thing he had to do was to wait and see which would be the most suitable.

Evil Ghost Luo got to the top floor after wandering around the building to find any signs of his prey.

Being a security guard for a few days let him become familiar with the establishment, so it wasn’t hard for him to roam the area.

After finishing all the places he could come up with, Evil Ghost Luo turned to his final destination.

This time, he had a feeling that his prey would be there.

When Evil Ghost Luo got to the rooftop, there was nothing to be seen. However, his eyes mysteriously glowed.

Max kept his eyes on this man that was standing near the entrance as if he was a statue. Inside, Max was starting to believe he had this man fooled.

This ghost took a long time to reach here, and now he was only staying still. Can he even locate him? Would he give up?

Max continued to stay in his position. This ghost giving up was what he precisely wanted.

This would be the ideal development. When the ghost finally gives up and takes off, Max would secretly trail after him to wherever lair he hides in.

Afterwards, he would then decide how to deal with him.

Without warning, the man suddenly dashed towards his direction before punching out with an energy empowered fist.

Max could feel the ferocity of his attack from where he was hiding. Not wanting to receive the blow, he dodged away, in turn, revealing himself.

The ground vibrated once the fist came in contact with the wall, cracks formed all over it. Luckily, Max evaded it, or else it would have hurt quite badly.

Since he already revealed himself, slowly, his form returned to his original appearance.

Max grew more vigilant, but he also couldn’t hide his astonishment. This ghost somehow had a skill that could detect him.

He doesn’t have a clue how that could be possible. Facing this seemingly skilled opponent, Max decided to take this seriously.

Truthfully, it was quite simple. Evil Ghost Luo was a ghost. Ghosts like him suck souls out of humans and consume it.

Having the ability to suck souls would also mean that they have a way to detect it.

This was also how Evil Ghost Luo ended up targetting Max. He could detect a unique soul from him that appeared to be more appealing compared to others.

Even though Evil Ghost Luo didn’t see anyone on the spot where he detected a soul, he still fully believed someone was there.

Used to surviving on his own, Evil Ghost Luo had heard about different kinds of treasures. An item that provides invisibility wasn’t unheard of; that was why he never found it odd.

Evil Ghost Luo had already sensed him right as he got into the rooftop. The only reason he was standing still near the entrance was because of him being wary of an ambush.

From what he sensed, his prey was only a few seconds away from him. He could easily reach him, but his cautious side prevented him from making a move straight away.

He expected some reinforcements supporting behind his target since there was no way his prey would hide so close to him. Evil Ghost Luo was convinced that this must be a trap.

When he initiated an attack to get a feel of the situation, hitting the area where the soul was, his prey finally revealed himself.

Max faced the man who had a look of amusement on his face. Taking out his dagger, Max returned his stare as if challenging him.

This could be said to be his first true battle; a rush of excitement was flowing through his body.

In the meantime, he would not use his skills. Max wanted to test out his combat ability first.

With this, he kicked the ground to charge forward.

The only thing he had to be careful of was the original form of the ghost. As long as the ghost itself doesn’t come out, he could do whatever he wants.

Max slashed him directly on his neck. Although he didn’t plan to use his skill, it doesn’t mean he would play around.

His attack was targeted to kill his body and force him to come out. Max had some basic knowledge relating to him, such as physical attacks won’t be able to touch ghosts.

For that reason, he wanted to purely use his combat ability to defeat his body, and once his true form emerges, Max would then use his skills to finish it.

His attack got evaded by a simple backward movement, and before he could deliver another, a swift palm filled with force shot out. Max quickly leaped away to avoid it.

That was close. It almost hit him.

This man seemed to be only using his body to attack, and the energy in his attacks was also quite strange.

His weird energy was dangerously powerful. Max couldn’t understand how he was doing it. He only knows that he would not want to be hit by that.

Once again, tightly gripping the dagger with his hand, Max went in for another attack. He made use of his agile body to slowly overpower his opponent.

Both of them continued to exchange attacks. Max had already inflicted a few scratches all over his opponent’s body, but no one showed any signs of slowing down.

Outside the closed school gate this late at night, two individuals can be seen speaking to each other as they guardedly made their way inside.




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The Lust System: Chapter 148 (Unlocked)


Chapter 148 – Only Have to Wait


While Max bolted up, he took out a mask from his Inventory and put it on as a precaution.

If someone else were to spot them, he didn’t want to further expose his identity. And with the mask on, Max would feel more comfortable using his skills incase he was forced to.

This mask was different from the one Max had on him when he was running around the city as the Shadow Thief.

Max would rather not have his real identity be associated with the Shadow Thief. Even if it hasn’t gained any fame yet but soon it inevitably will, and he didn’t want trouble coming after him for being connected with it.

Before he was able to ask, Little Dou landed on his head and quickly told him what she saw,

[It’s a ghost! You should be careful!]


“Ghost? That white silhouette was a ghost?”

Max wasn’t able to take a closer look at it since his eyes were looking at the unbelievable sight of its body being undamaged, and right after that, they had to back away.

The ghost only fully manifested when they were already running away, but Little Dou could easily recognize it, thus saving them that crucial second where it would have gotten in contact with Max.

The last thing Max saw was the white figure slowly becoming larger.

Evil Ghost Luo was filled with surprise, watching his target suddenly turn his back and run.

Usually, his target will be in a permanent state of unrest with his ghost energy corrupting their minds, filling them with terror.

Once that happens, they won’t be able to do anything, and he would happily harvest their souls to slowly consume it.

It always gave him the feeling of being in control of their lives. It was such an addicting feeling.

However, to his miscalculation, his current target unexpectedly broke out and took off swiftly that even he couldn’t chase after them.

If he could, he would have run after them right away, but it was too risky.

Evil Ghost Luo was in his soul form, and he didn’t want to leave his body here and take off without it.

His soul was injured, and he couldn’t afford to risk his already severely injured ghost body to what he guessed should be a fellow Awakened.

That could solely be the reason why his prey got away. If he were an ordinary person, he wouldn’t have been able to get away from his control.

An Awakened.

This was his first time trying to hunt one. It should be fun. This was just right. If he uses an Awakened to breakthrough to the next rank, then that would be an achievement he could take pride in.

“So it will be you then. You should be grateful that you will become the final sacrifice for my breakthrough to Rank 2.”

His body then moved as his lips curled up with a sinister expression on his face.


On the ground, he saw a familiar necklace that seemed to be damaged. When he took a closer look at it, his expression warped into fury.

“You have truly angered me now. This is the worst mistake you could ever make. Once I catch you, I will make you regret living up to this day.”

In his hand, was a cracked necklace. This was the most valuable treasure in his possession. Evil Ghost Luo had to complete a few months worth of missions from the Ghost Hall to get this item.

This accessory can save his life from a fatal attack once and gets broken after being used with no chance of it ever working again.

If he wanted one more of those, he had to work for a couple of months once again, and he didn’t have that kind of free time right now.

He was unfortunate that his item broke at the worse time possible. He was already at the barrier of his breakthrough, and this item could come in handy when he is in the midst of breaking through.

After all, this was another life. Even though it won’t work with his ghost form, his disposable body could still be saved from death once.

Evil Ghost Luo could breakthrough in this body while it was wearing the life-saving accessory. It would be as if he had two extra life.

But now it was gone. And the worst was he didn’t know how it got destroyed. This thought filled him with rage.

His soul was in excruciating pain from being attacked by a powerful Awakened, and he couldn’t get out of the city since there were a lot of those people from the Special Affairs Department searching for him day and night.

Now, he also lost his life-saving treasure. Evil Ghost Luo was shaking with fury. His anger was pointed to his prey, who was the one responsible for his hard-earned item being wasted.

At the same time, he resented the Special Affairs Department for putting him in this situation.

Evil Ghost Luo had a cautious personality, but he was forced to make his move earlier than his initial plan.

That was because he could feel that those people from the Special Affairs Department were narrowing their search to his location. Though he didn’t have anything to base it on, Evil Ghost Luo trusted his instincts more than everyone.

He felt the need to breakthrough tonight, or else he would have some trouble hiding from all of them.

With his soul being injured, Evil Ghost Luo wasn’t confident about surviving a few direct hits of Elemental Attacks.

It was only a matter of time before his malicious ghost energy would be detected by one of their people. Evil Ghost Luo was sure of it.

He wasn’t those old ghosts that could perfectly mask their energy and pretend to be an ordinary person.

His abilities weren’t that powerful, yet so he was bound to be located if he stays here for long.

There should be no room for error this time. He will breakthrough this day and leave the city untouched.

Evil Ghost Luo thought as he made his way up to where Max was, his eyes shining in a haunting light.

Max and Little Dou reached the rooftop where they decided they would confront this unknown ghost.

In this place, there would be more room for them to move around against this dangerous enemy.

They don’t know anything about this ghost or why it chose to attack them, but the same could be said to their opponent, who doesn’t know anything about them, so it was only down to who was stronger.

Max found a spot to hide and observe if the ghost was going to be able to find them, but then he suddenly thought of something else he could do.

As he leaned on the white wall, slowly, Max started to blend in, though not to the point of invisibility, he only made the white wall thicker as he disappeared.

The usefulness of the Shapeshifting Skill in situations like this was convenient.

With this, he only had to wait. Max slightly smiled, wondering whether he would make the ghost look like a fool.




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The Lust System: Chapter 147 (Unlocked)


Chapter 147 – Unexpected Occurrence


Max felt like he was put in a heavy state of confusion. He didn’t know why or how, but a part of his mind realized it wasn’t normal, and he shouldn’t let it overwhelm him.

A strong instinct kicked in as his eyes shook, and his mind, fighting off the invading force that was influencing his mind.

He was like a fish trapped in a net, trying its best to shake off the material that was restraining it. To an outsider’s eyes, Max looked helpless with nothing left to do but to accept his fate.

In this case, Little Dou, who only recently became conscious of what was happening, saw him having a dazed expression.

However, before her heart could sink, everything around them stopped.

The unmoving world surrounded them was quite distinct. Every noise that was transmitted to their ears no matter how faint disappeared.

This made Little Dou sigh in relief. Not long after, Max got himself back, successfully breaking off the force which seemed to be influencing his mind.

All of this happened in a split second. Max hastily took a step back from the revolting face that was too close to him.

Blinking his eyes, Max looked at his frozen surroundings before turning to Little Dou, who was intently staring at the unidentified man.

Her eyes were without fear, only a glimmer of curiosity. Contrary to Max, who had a pair of watchful eyes as if thinking that it would suddenly move towards him even though he knew the time has just stopped.

“What is this thing coming out of his mouth? It almost touched me.”

“Could this be a skill?”

It was the only explanation for something like this to be possible. Ordinary people won’t have some faint white figure flowing out of their mouths.

Max was lucky to evade it by using his Time Stop before it was able to touch him. Once it touches him, it would stick to his soul and slowly pull it out of him.

Even if he were to get away, he would still receive injuries to his soul that could take some time to heal, and he will also be racked with excruciating pain every once in a while.

[It looks like it!]


The form hasn’t fully materialized, yet that was why Little Dou couldn’t recognize what this blurry white figure was. She could only look at it with interest.

While they spoke, time was being wasted. Counting in his head, Max was aware that a few seconds had already passed.

He knew that they had to do something about this man.

From how his mind blurred, influenced by an unknown force, Max wasn’t sure whether he would be under it once again when the time resumes, so they have to finish this before time runs out.

Max was only able to use his Time Stop when he suddenly felt a sense of crisis looming over him and instinctively activated it.

This was one of the life-saving exercises he spent time to get used to, and the instant Max experienced the overwhelming confusion that put his mind in chaos, he forcefully disregarded everything and willed the time to stop.

Fortunately, the confused state that hit him was extremely obvious. Max felt as if he was having a nightmare that put him into severe unrest while being aware that he was still standing here at school.

Such a weird experience. A skill that he couldn’t explain and a potentially dangerous one. In truth, the force that put his mind into unrest wasn’t a skill.

It was only the ghost energy that every ghost uses, an energy that is unique to ghosts. When it gets in contact with humans, it will fill their minds with various dreadful images and gloomy feelings.

When the ghost energy reaches an ordinary person, they will freeze in horror as their minds won’t be able to resist, and once they were under that state, their soul is free for the ghost to take.

However, since Max had a stronger mental resistance, it was only able to affect him for a short amount of time, and it wasn’t as formidable, which aided on him lightly getting away.

In his hand, a black dagger appeared.

Max had prepared a few ordinary weapons on his Inventory for times like this. Since he was unsure about the person’s skill, Max didn’t want to give him a chance to fight back.

This unknown Awakened that he had never met attempted to attack him. If he didn’t get to react fast enough, horrible things would have happened to him.

Max was sure that the man wasn’t going to let him go after this, so he didn’t waste any more time.

With no hesitation, Max dashed towards the man’s unmoving body and sliced his neck, giving him a long deep cut that should be enough to kill him, but to make sure, he also stabbed his heart to secure his death.

Little Dou only watched things proceed as if nothing extraordinary was happening around her. She flew around the Awakened’s body while focusing around the faint white figure, thoroughly inspecting it.

Once time resumes, that will be the time of his death. Max stepped back, preparing to dispose of the man’s body as soon as it falls.

He planned to store it inside his Inventory. In there, no one would be able to locate him, and even the slightest trace of him will be gone from this world. Max would then be able to avoid any future problems appearing.

Surprisingly, Max didn’t feel anything. Even though he knew he had killed someone, Max felt nothing strange about it.

This unknown man was his enemy, and he wasn’t someone who would let an enemy go and invite future troubles to himself, especially if they were after his life.

Time resumed, and Max was waiting to see the man fall. However, something he wasn’t expecting occurred.

The deep cut that he delivered and the stab to the heart that he dealt disappeared as if the damage he inflicted never happened.

What happened? How did it suddenly disappear? Shouldn’t he be dead by now? In a second, his thoughts were filled with various questions.

Little Dou, who was curiously inspecting the white figure forming suddenly shouted as she promptly flew back to Max that was only a few steps away,

[Stay away! Don’t let it get closer to you!]


Feeling the urgency on her voice, instead of making his way down to head home, Max made a dash upwards.

His senses told him that something wasn’t right about this, and if they were to end up clashing, Max would prefer to be in someplace without anyone watching them.

While Little Dou was staring at the faint figure, the time resumed, and what took shape before her was something she never expected.

A faint white figure of a man slowly materialized. Little Dou had the knowledge of what this form is, and it could only be one thing, a ghost!

And if it were a ghost, then the damage Max inflicted wasn’t going to be effective.

There was also the fact that none of them know the strength of the ghost they were against.

For now, they had to move away and reassess their current situation.



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The Lust System: Chapter 146 (Unlocked)


Chapter 146 – Unknown Assailant


The weekend had gone by without much things happening.

Max never stopped trying out ways to use his new skill, along with Xue and Yu’er.

With the numerous trials they have been through, all of them were now extremely familiar with the Shapeshifting Skill.

This is especially the case for Xue, who got to learn new techniques that she had no idea she could do before.

Xue had indeed gained a lot this time, and she couldn’t be more grateful now that she had more efficient ways to apply when she uses her skill.

The uneventful weekend seemed to end quite abruptly, and it was time for them to go back to the city.

Of course, this villa won’t be abandoned. They had decided to come back later when they have some more free time to spare and need to try something out away from outsider’s eyes.

The past few days had been relaxing for all of them. They only spent their days in their land, not bothering to go out and explore the small beach town a few minutes of walk away from their area.

When they got back to the city, Max could feel an entirely different atmosphere in his environment.

He couldn’t explain it with words, only that he felt unsafe as if anything beyond their control could happen without warning.

But it didn’t eliminate the fantastic sight of civilization he missed during their past few days of staying cooped up busying themselves in their secluded villa.

Nodding his head, Max thought his city was indeed not bad. Awakeneds? Enemies? Unexpected events? When any of that occurs, they will simply deal with them all.

The school day began once more, and Max had new sets of works he was required to finish.

It was a tiring day. When he was done, it was already dark outside.

This day, Max was forced to remain at school for some activities which he wanted nothing to do with.

However, since Max was a student, he had to do it. These were the daily menial tasks he had to always deal with.

Yu’er and Xue were long back home now. Max informed them earlier about his assignments and asked them to go on without him.

Now Max would have to walk back alone without anyone to speak with except Little Dou.

Thinking of this, Max couldn’t help but curse at this school and his teacher, who was responsible for him staying late like this.

Someone like him should have more free time, not wasting his life away at this boring institution.

His impression of going to school was slowly getting lower and lower, though it wasn’t entirely a bad thing since Max would get to talk with Little Dou about everything revolving the System.

Every time they talked about it, it turns into an interesting conversation. Max would always learn new things by asking Little Dou about every little question that popped up on his head.

From all their conversations so far, Max found more information about the System that he had no idea about.

The System is indeed mysterious. Little Dou once told him never to underestimate the System because he hasn’t touched the majority of its functions yet, and if he thinks the System is quite simple, then that could only mean he didn’t know anything.

This made Max curious about what she was talking about. He was fully aware that he doesn’t know anything and could only put out a few guesses.

However, since Little Dou wasn’t talking about it, Max could only look forward to the future. Perhaps a surprise will be waiting for him then.

Now that he thought about it, he had been saving up Points for a long time now. Recalling last night when he checked his Points before going to bed, he was surprised to find that his total Points had already reached 30600.

Only a few weeks had passed since they decided not to keep spending Points, but now they already had a lot only from the nights they played around in their bed.

Max also remembered Xue, who he had taken some nights ago. That alone should give him around 2800 Points and adding the nights he spent with Yu’er, which was almost every night; it made sense for him to accumulate Points that fast.

Maybe they would only need to wait for a little bit more than a week before they would have enough Points to purchase their chosen skill.

Walking down the hallway of the school building, Max made his way to the stairs, planning to head home after a long day.

From the windows, Max could only see a few students remaining at the school grounds hanging out and playing sports.

Looking at the time on the wall, he figured that they should be going home around this time before the school finally closes.

Max really did stay late this time. Walking strolling, he spoke to Little Dou,

“Finally, we’re heading home now. Haah, I’m so tired.”

“By the way, can you tell me about some good skills I can buy from the Store once I have some extra Points after the Magical Space?”

While walking, Max decided to start a conversation with Little Dou once again to avoid being bored and at the same time, hear her suggestions about some skills she thought would be incredibly useful for him.

[Mn? I know a lot, but the System doesn’t allow me to tell you about it!]


Holding a lollipop with both her arms as she delightfully licked it, Little Dou responded like she was used to Max asking her questions that she couldn’t answer.

But this time, Max had a different idea. Feeling that Little Dou might have misunderstood him, he added,

“No, I only want suggestions, and the skills I’m talking about are only limited to those we saw on my phone being used by other Awakeneds. Which of their skills do you think would be useful for me?”

Although he asked for suggestions from Little Dou, it doesn’t mean he would follow whatever she says.

Max has his own lists of skills, which he thinks would be great for him to have. He only wanted to hear what Little Dou was going to say to see if he missed some excellent skills.

Little Dou’s eyes brightened. If she were only giving suggestions on something that Max already had the knowledge of, then the System would most certainly allow her to help.

[Oh! The Teleportation Skill that we saw is really good! If you can have that, you won’t have to always use your Time Stop for small matters such as escaping!]


What she was talking about was the minor teleportation that they saw someone has. It allows the user to move a distance away instantly, and it can even pass through solid objects smoothly.

When they turned to the direction of the stairway, Little Dou, who was happily licking her lollipop on Max’s head, saw a man standing right in front of them.

The person’s face with a pair of creepy eyes was too close to Max that Little Dou was spooked, letting go of the lollipop she was holding.

Once she took a closer look, the person’s mouth was opened, and a faint white form was flowing out of it moving directly towards Max.

Before she was able to react and warn him, Max already had a dazed expression.




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The Lust System: Chapter 145 (Unlocked)


Chapter 145 – Limits of the Skill


Breeze can be felt on his face as he flew like a bird in the sky, free from all the constraints of being a human.

Max could see the fantastic view of the mountain range as he flew by it.

With the clear night skies, everything can be visibly seen.

The seemingly silent mountains, the bright lights on the city a distance away, and the endless sea that was currently filling his sight, all of it was incredible.

It was like he was in a dream. In the past, he would never imagine that one day, he would be in this situation.

A few ships were slowly riding the calm waves, unaware of him being right above them. Well, no one would even think about it since it was such an unbelievable thought.

Zooming past them, Max arrived somewhere in the middle of the sea. Before him, were never-ending waves on their way to the unknown.

Turning his head back, the magnificent sight of colorful lights illuminating the shoreline and the spectacular landscape full of greenery landed on his vision.

From his angle, a vast patch of land filled with different kinds of wonders was visible, and he couldn’t help but be amazed at the seemingly magical scenery.

If people were to see him right now, they would be shocked to see a weirdly shaped creature flying in the sky.

No doubt that it will turn into big news as there was no such animal that would look like him or anything remotely close to how he looks.

Fully aware of his current circumstance, Max only decided to do this once the sun went down, turning the sky dark enough for him to blend within it.

Max turned his body into a black dragon from the myths. However, since he never saw a real dragon before, he could only form something close to the characters in the games he played in the past.

When he successfully changed his shape into a vivid exterior of a dragon, Max excitedly tried it out after finishing a series of tests.

He had to make sure he would be comfortable moving in it, and nothing would unexpectedly go wrong.

Ever since he got the Shapeshifting Skill, Max experimented on it. He tried out all kinds of fantasies he could think of to see if it was as amazing as what he had imagined.

The result didn’t disappoint him. Max found that as long as he had enough energy, simple shapeshifting can effortlessly be done.

He only needed to picture them with precise details in his mind and will his body to transform. As long as it’s not a complicated figure, he would turn into the exact image in his head.

The more complicated ones required more energy and incredibly detailed imagination. Quite obviously, Max had a hard time changing into some fantasy creatures he had been dreaming of being.

Fortunately, with his Rank 1 Peak Phase status, Max had plenty of energy to transform into simple forms such as objects, humans, and animals that he had knowledge of.

It gave him enough room to change into a wide range of different transformations, including complicated ones like the one he was in right now, a mighty black dragon.

Max found out that even Xue wasn’t able to do what he was doing because of her lacking energy,

Xue only taught him about her experiences in transforming into objects, what to look for before copying a person’s body, and techniques on how to not act suspicious.

So he was mostly on his own when he had to think about creative ways of using his newly gotten skill.

Though after multiple trials of him, Yu’er, and Xue, experimenting on the use of the skill, they discovered that her skill was limited to only physical transformations.

Max attempted to change into the Awakened he previously watched on his device, whose battle showcased a set of sword skills that was swift yet flashy at the same time.

When he was able to copy the person’s physical appearance successfully, there was still no sign of him being able to use the sword skills.

They concluded that there was a limit to her skill and spent some time exploring more of her skill’s limitations.

In the end, they also found that the skill doesn’t allow changing into ethereal forms.

Max was the one who discovered it when he tried to transform his body into a soul version of himself that was supposed to be immune to physical attacks.

He imagined that his soul form would not receive any damage since if it was real, no one should be able to touch it.

Sadly it didn’t work. If it did, Max would be unstoppable as he could dodge weapon attacks, and he would still be able to fight back with his skills.

Although the skill could be said to have limitations, Max was still contented with its usefulness. It was already great to have the ability to transform his physical appearance into anything, and he only needed to use his imagination.

The complex transformations of turning into massive objects like houses were impossible for now with his insufficient energy.

Even his current dragon form was only as small as a medium-sized bird. Any bigger and Max won’t be able to maintain it for long, and some areas would turn into a poorly made transformation.

However, the possibility was still there. Maybe in the future, if he had the opportunity, he would turn himself into something bigger, a larger size of his dragon form.

Since it was dark outside and his form was a black dragon, Max was able to fly anywhere he wants, and no one would spot him unless he flew lower close to the ground.

His head looked menacing with blood-red eyes, and his body was quite well made and detailed.

This skill was genuinely magical. It wasn’t something that can be explained by science at all.

Max looked forward to the future where he would be able to transform into significantly larger and complicated figures.

He was getting excited at the thought of it as he flew back with high speed, having finished everything he wanted to do.

Flying was surprisingly better than he thought. When running, he could only turn to specific directions, but when he is in the air, he could turn to every direction, including upwards and downwards.

The cool breeze rushing to his skin was also exhilarating. Max felt freer than when he was on the ground.

Now Max felt like the world suddenly got bigger for him. No longer would there be limits as to where he could go.

It was all because of Xue and her skill. If they didn’t encounter each other, Max wouldn’t have this skill, and he wouldn’t feel like this.

Looking at the scenery below, Max sighed in relaxation as he glided down back to their villa.

Overall, this day had been tiring since he had been busy the entire day, yet it was also quite a peaceful and exciting one.




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The Lust System: Chapter 144 (Unlocked)


Chapter 144 – As the Sun Rises (R-18)


Max twitched his eyes, feeling some movement on his lower body.

Shielding his eyes from the sun shining through the window, Max set his sights downwards to witness what was going on below.

Slowly opening his eyes and looking down, he saw Xue taking his dick in her mouth, her eyes closed in pleasure.

Max initially thought that she was only teasing him to wake him up. However, it became quite apparent that she had other ideas for him.

A gasp escaped his lips when she pulled moved closer and wrapped her soft breasts around his hard member.

Soon after, she began to move her breasts up and down the sides of his dick. The combination of her soft mounds and tight hold intensified the pleasure being transmitted to his body.

Max could only watch and let her do what she wants on his dick. After a while, she pulled back and leaned over, bringing her mouth close to his throbbing dick.

Tempted by her nearing lips, Max lifted his hips, pushing his energetic dick towards her mouth. Xue, who saw this, stretched out her tongue and licked his the head of his dick.

It seemed that she had learned a few things from the last time they have done this. With a muffled sound deep in her throat, Xue opened her mouth and slowly took him inside.

However, she only sucked him for a few seconds before pulling away. Her tongue then came out, and she slid it down his length until it reached his balls.

Finally, she licked back up his dick and hovered over the head. With warm lips, she moved down, taking him inside once again.

Max gasped as she took him deeper and deeper, feeling the tightness of her throat. Through the bright sun rays, Max could see her lips reach the base of his dick.

She took all of him deep inside her mouth. Max could feel her throat muscles contracting on him before she pulled back with only the head remaining on her mouth.

She then went back down, sinking his dick in her warm mouth. Max reached for her head and pulled her against him.

Xue opened her mouth, accepting all of him with no trouble. Soon, they moved in a rhythmic motion with him pushing up and her head moving down.

His mouth was open, gasping to suck some air from the immense pleasure he was experiencing. Over and over, she made him feel like he was close to his climax.

When she could sense how close he was, her hand wrapped around his dick and placed her mouth over the sensitive head.

Her hand began stroking him in an up and down motion sucking the head, and within a few seconds, Max was ready to release his hot fluids.

With a cry, Max lifted his hips, eyes tightly shut, shooting his load all over his mouth. Xue held his head on her lips and pumped his dick to get it to release everything.

His balls unleashed a massive load of cum, hitting directly at the back of her throat. Even with this, Xue didn’t stop sucking. She was moaning on him while she swallowed, preventing herself from spilling any of it out.

His balls were on fire as it kept exploding, pumping out its stored fluids into her anticipating mouth.

When he opened his eyes, Xue was licking the head of his dick. She had finished taking in everything Max had released without wasting any of it.

Max watched as she delicately cleaned him with a face full of consideration and desire.

Since Max only laid down and let Xue do all the work, he wasn’t the least tired from that and recalling last night’s session; he wanted to feel her insides once more.

Pushing her down in one smooth motion, Max reached on to his dick and positioned it on her pussy lips.

Max stared into her eyes with his dick twitching, waiting at her entrance, seemingly teasing her.

With every touch of his dick on her soaked pussy, Max could see her pushing up her hips. Finally, deciding it was enough, he pushed his lower body down and felt his head penetrate her inner lips.

Max stopped and gasped as her swollen lips wrapped around the tip of his dick. Just like last night, it was tight, preventing him from sliding it all the way in with one smooth motion.

Eventually, Max lowered his hips, and little by little; his dick slipped into her soft, tight walls. Max could feel every inch of her warm and wet hole.

Her arms made their way on to his back, and her legs pulled on his waist, forcing him to go deeper inside her cave.

Once his tip reached her deepest region, Xue couldn’t contain a moan from leaking out as she felt her lower body melt onto his.

By now, his balls on top of her outer lips. He was completely buried inside her.

Max resisted the urge to cum, relishing the feeling of her warm walls around him.

Without waiting, Max gently moved back and forth, digging in her moist folds and letting her sensitive lips slide across the surface of his dick.

Both of their minds were only filled with immense pleasure. Uncontrollably, moans were released with each thrust.

Xue’s body trembled while her hips were involuntarily twitching, feeling numb from the sensation coursing her pussy.

Max slowly pulled out, and relentlessly drove his dick back in.


His hips repeatedly lifted and sunk, moving in and out of her with powerful strokes.

This early in the morning, only the sound of moans filled the entire room. It might even be louder than their previous night’s activity.

Max buried his face on her breasts, taking one of her nipples into his mouth. Alternately, he sucked on one with his lips and twirled his tongue around it while he used his hand to play with the other.

Red marks were left on her breasts from the amount of affection he gave them, but it didn’t stop Max from ravishing her.

He advanced to her smooth white neck, giving them plenty of kisses. While he sucked on her flushed skin, Max felt her body convulse, racked with uncontrolled spasms.

Xue began to cum, and she was cumming on his dick, which heightened the pleasure he was feeling.

Over and over, Max pushed himself into her, his dick smoothly sliding against her twitching walls. Fluids ran from her pussy, further wetting his shaft and the sheets below.

Max resisted his climax, controlling himself to last a bit longer. He didn’t want it to stop.

Despite this, with her pussy soaked and tight, milking him of his cum and the waving folds around his dick, Max wasn’t able to contain his looming orgasm for long.

Groaning, Max fully pushed in, burying his dick around her warm walls with the head resting at the small hole of her deepest region.

Max felt his hot fluid rushing up as it spewed out, splashing on her walls, branding it with his liquid as if establishing the fact that he was there, and it was his.

Once he was finished unloading everything deep inside her, Max finally collapsed on her before rolling to his back while grabbing her.

With Xue now on top of him, Max kissed her as they laid in the afterglow.




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The Lust System: Chapter 143 (Unlocked)


Chapter 143 – New Ability Acquired (R-18)


Even while releasing his load in her mouth for the second time now, Max still wasn’t contented. He won’t let it end with just this.

He wanted more of her. Looking at the glistening wetness of her pussy lips, Max, with a move, turned her over.

Xue must have felt exhausted from her recent climax that she only looked at him in the eye while she panted with her body hot all over.

Both of them looked at each other. It was quite obvious what was coming up next, and still, not one of them said a word.

This will be it for Max. Once this happened, he will now have another woman to be with at home. All of them knew it was only a matter of time before this happens and tonight seemed to be fated moment.

At the same time, her Shapeshifting Skill that has an unlimited amount of uses would be available for him to use.

Max could already think of multiple ways of using it and have many plans about running some experiments on it.

The skill could be the most crucial skill he would have in his collection at this point, and the door to that new skill was lying in front of him.

Flushed skin and intoxicated eyes, Xue accepted the look of desire Max was giving her.

It would be a waste of time if he were to only stare so Max finally, after spending some time admiring her perfectly carved figure, moved closer to position himself.

He grabbed his dick with his hand and slowly guided it into her. His throbbing dick reached the entrance of her soaking pussy; however, right before he entered, Max lowered his head and gently gave her a kiss on her soft lips.

Her slightly opened lips looked so tempting that Max didn’t stop himself from savoring it, using his tongue to twist it around hers.

After a while, he broke the kiss and looked at her in her eyes before guided himself into her slippery yet tight walls, slowly bit by bit his dick went in her warm flesh.

Her hole was too small for him that it took him several strokes to bury his dick all the way inside her.


Max heard her moan on his ears while she wrapped her arms around him. It was unknown whether it was a cry of pain or pleasure. Max only knew he was filling her up entirely with his length, occupying her most sacred place with his dick.

He didn’t move to allow her to have a moment to get used to his member filling her. Once Max felt that she was ready, he slowly began moving his waist back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of her.

This is it. It was happening. Another lady successfully offered herself to him. Their lower body felt like they were made for one another; her tight walls slowly reshaped itself to fit him perfectly.

Her hot pussy was slick enough for his dick, conforming snugly to its intruder, sending electrifying pulses up and down his throbbing member.

After a while, Max began to increase the speed of his thrusts with Xue heatedly matching his every movement, locking her legs around him.

Max looked down and discovered Xue staring back at him. A look of passion was written all over their faces as they moved along with each other.


Having lost control due to the incredible pleasure rushing inside her body, enchanting moans were released from her parted lips.

Max could see her eyes closing from the intense sensation he was giving her as he continued driving in her soaked folds.

Her snowy white breasts that were laid bare beneath him shook back and forth, following the shaking of their bodies.

Eventually, Max stopped pumping and pulled his dick out. He wanted to enjoy it as much as he could and wanted Xue to experience another wave of pleasure in a different way.

Max instructed her to roll over and get on all fours. She let out a sound and complied, realizing what he intended to do.

Xue quickly turned and got on her hands and knees just like he asked. Unconsciously, she spread out her ass farther and opened her legs wider, missing the lost feeling on her lower body.

Max positioned himself directly behind her plump buttocks, grabbing it and spreading it wider to expose the hidden entrance.

Softly rubbed both cheeks with his palms, Max moved closer to resume what he started. He grasped his excited dick with his hand and lined it up with her warm dripping entrance once more.

Part of him wanted to tease her, but a profound desire to insert it overcame him as he slowly eased himself back to the newly conquered walls of flesh.

Xue rocked back, rubbing her buttocks against him, evidently enjoying as much as Max does.

He reached out one of his hands and slid it over her entrancing smooth back as he started to pump her from behind.

At the same time, his other hand, held onto her waist, using it move his dick in and out of her. They quickly settled into a rhythm, their skin slapping against one another time and time again.

The scene from her back was indeed a mesmerizing sight to see. A fire burned inside him, compelling him to drive inside her with his full power.

This morning, Max got up, not expecting any of this. Now it was unexpectedly happening, and he couldn’t help but feel invigorated, grabbing onto her tighter.

In his head, an indescribable thought appeared, Max couldn’t help but imagine how many Awakened beauties were out there were ready to be conquered by him.

Max wouldn’t let even one of them go. Once he crosses paths with them, he would be ready to use his abilities to have them for himself.

At this point, a slight change occurred in his mind, and this was only the beginning. His thoughts would continue to evolve slowly and silently until he fulfills all his desires.

Her abundant ass was raised rubbing against him while his hand reflexively slithered to her breasts, sliding across her nipples as they slapped their bodies together.

Max deeply pierced his rod into her, jabbing her inner entrance, forcing himself inside. Not a single spot on her fleshly walls was left untouched by him.

Sexual secretions overflowed, causing a mess on their lower bodies while Max was pounding her.

Enjoying the contractions by her soaked flesh, Max moved faster, inciting moans from Xue who was on the brink of losing her mind.

The rapid movement and grinding, at last, made him close to his climax. Max suddenly felt his member becoming sensitive, overriding him with pleasure as milky white fluids burst inside her, shooting all over her pink walls, tainting her insides with his color.

Max’s eyes closed, and his body constricted as his climax overtook him. He felt like he was having intense convulsions with his hips moving uncontrollably, nourishing her with his fluids.


Xue reached hers at the same time when she felt a large amount of hot stuff being released inside her, letting out a long moan of pleasure as her pussy tightened its grip on his dick.

Not long after, they both collapsed on their bed, out of breath, with an exhausted body yet a satisfied face.




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Locked Chapters:

The Lust System: Chapter 142 (R-18) (Unlocked)


Chapter 142 – Company on a Moonlit Night (R-18) 


Now that the matter is over and everything was resolved, they went back to their usual ways.

Finishing their meal and back in his room, Max stared out the window, admiring the sea that was illuminated by the moon.

The night felt calm and peaceful, different from what he had grown up on seeing in the city. Max couldn’t help but appreciate at the never-ending waves that were giving him a sense of tranquility.

It was already late, but Max wasn’t feeling the slightest bit sleepy, not that he needed much sleep, being an Awakened.

*knock knock*

Max turned his head when he heard the soft knocking sound. He had a hunch that something like this was going to happen, his eyes mysteriously shined as he made his way towards the door.

Just like what he was expecting, Xue was standing at the door in her maid uniform with a slightly lower head, seemingly unsure as to what she was doing.

Ultimately, she had to speak, but Max didn’t let her and pulled her inside. Her enticing expression awoke some feelings within him that he couldn’t help but kiss her red lips as soon as they got in.

Pushing her to the wall, Max didn’t wait for her to say anything. Since she delivered herself to his door, he can only respond in kind.

Lately, he only spent the night with Yu’er. Now another beautiful lady sends herself to him; Max felt his body burning in lust.

Maybe this was the reason why he couldn’t sleep. At the back of his mind, a part of him wanted something like this to happen.

Max grabbed her face as he kissed her, and Xue responded by lightly kissed him back. His hand moved on its own to her breasts hidden beneath her clothes.

Xue felt her heart rate quicken, feeling something good inside her for the first time. Max kissed her again, and this time, his tongue intoxicatedly danced with hers, exploring her mouth.

His hands then hastily tried to pull her clothes off, but he didn’t have any idea how. Xue, knowing what he wanted to do, guided him to steadily remove her clothes.

Soon after, Xue was left in her underwear. This was the first time someone saw her like this. She couldn’t prevent her face from becoming hot.

Light shone in his eyes as he admired her enchanting body. After a while of standing there, he felt his dick gradually awakening. He wanted to take this attractive woman before him.

Pulling her directly towards his bed, Max stripped her remaining underwear, showing all her naked beauty.

She was perfect. Her long black hair slid down her shoulders to her back and her long smooth legs that were seemingly tempting him as she clamped it together in embarrassment.

Seeing this, Max decided where he would begin. Max pushed her back to lie down from the side of the bed and got between her legs.

Max moved his hand down to the middle of her thighs, slowly spreading them apart to reveal her untainted region.

Her pink pussy lips that looked so enchanting and innocent was uncovered for him to see. Xue only watched him with a flushed face. Deep within her eyes, desire started to emerge, filling her mind with all kinds of obscene thoughts.

Max probed her pussy with his finger, tenderly tracing the sensitive lips as if drawn to its beauty. Pushing one finger in, Max enjoyed the view of her parting lips.

Thoughts of penetrating the small hole with his dick surfaced his mind. How pleasurable it would be to push his dick inside the alluring hole.

Max lightly massaged her clit, to which Xue seemed to enjoy, closing her eyes to feel more of the pleasurable sensation.

He added another finger inside and rubbed against the upper walls of her pussy, pleasuring the sensitive spot, giving her a taste of what’s to come.

From what Max had observed, it seemed to be working. Xue started to thrust her lower body against his fingers.

Her intoxicating scent reached his nose as he continued to play with her enticing lips and tight hole.

When Max pulled his finger out, he saw the opening of her hole already moist, which looked to be shining, ready to take his dick in.

Max was also getting more and more aroused with the stimulating scenery on his bed. Laying his eyes on her wet lips, Max thought of tasting it for himself.

He stuck out his tongue and licked her pink lips upward to her clit, sucking it while sliding his tongue around it.

A light moan escaped from her mouth, couldn’t contain the unfamiliar feeling on her lower body.

Max continued to lick her pussy, enjoying the sweet-sounding moans coming from Xue. His lips played with her clit, and occasionally his tongue entered her hole, exploring the untouched walls that tightened in response to his action.

Xue began to push her pussy to his face; her moans never seemed to stop, lost in the pleasure Max was giving her.

Her body was squirming as her smooth legs lock on to his head, wanting to feel more of his tongue.

Finally, Xue loudly moaned, reaching the peak of pleasure with only his mouth. Her body shook then soften under him, feeling satisfied with the mindblowing orgasm she had experienced.

After a while, Xue, without a word, slowly got up to push Max down the bed. He had already taken off all his clothes, only watching Xue move closer and hover over him.

Using her soft hand, Xue went on to touch his dick and slowly stroke it. Fixing her position, she moved around to close the distance.

Max, who was much enjoying it, felt her lips take the head of his dick in her mouth as she started to suck it softly.

For some reason, Xue was positioned on top of him with her pussy close to his face. While feeling her lips take him in and out of her mouth, Max moved his tongue around her pussy lips and licked her now soaked entrance.

He could hear the sound of his dick being sucked into her mouth, which made everything better for him.

Her soft tongue licked him all over with her lips tightly wrapped around his member. It felt incredibly amazing. He could feel his head reaching deep inside, bumping against the back of her throat.

All of this happened while he devoured her pussy, enjoying her juices and the sucking sensation on his tongue. Her walls were reacting to his actions, pulling his tongue further in as if it was alive.

Max was able to explore the insides of her pussy with his tongue and tasted her delicious flesh.

He could see the effect of his stimulation from how she was moaning on his dick while sucking it inside her mouth.

Both of them were having a great time giving each other a tremendous amount of pleasure.

Suddenly, her lower body went down to rub against his face. Xue also worked faster and faster on his dick.

Max pushed up his waist, signaling his impending explosion. With his dick buried in her skillful mouth, Max knew he could not hold back much longer.

A few seconds later, his dick began to twitch, loads of white fluid spurted out into her mouth. This was the second time this happened, so Xue knew what to do and frantically took all of it in, not letting out a single drop.

Max continuously groaned, releasing everything in her mouth. While this happened, Max never stopped working on her pussy.

Without warning, fluids gushed out of her hole, landing on his face. Max tightly grabbed a handful of her ass, pulling it downwards so he could reach the depths of her pussy.

Xue sucked out the last few remaining cum then licked his dick clean. Only after did she stop, exhausted to move and stayed motionless to catch her breath on top of Max.




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Locked Chapters:

The Lust System: Chapter 141 (Unlocked)


Chapter 141 – Special Affairs


“Yes, it’s about that incident last night.”

Max looked at Yu’er’s expression and felt that something should be on her mind. Although he figured it wasn’t serious as she never bothered telling him about it earlier.

Maybe he might be missing something? He quickly ran his thoughts, wondering what could it be.

What happened last night was supposedly some Awakeneds battling in their city. And Yu’er said it was one of the reasons why there were staying here.

Was there something about those people that connects it back to them? Were they related to them in any way? If so, how?

As far as Max knows, they have nothing to do with some bunch having a scuffle in their city, and they couldn’t care less. Huh? In their city? A possible answer slowly formed in his head as he looked at Yu’er,

“Were you thinking of us being somehow implicated with that mess? Even though it is unlikely since the city is quite large, the possibility is still there. But why does it matter? If we were truly that unlucky, we are more than capable of pushing them back with our abilities.”

Max always thought of using his skills against his enemies. As they get stronger and stronger, people with evil intentions would start to show up, and that is not something they could control.

Even with an ordinary person like Xiao Ming, back then, they only went out to have some fun without bothering anyone, but Xiao Ming still didn’t leave them alone.

What could they possibly do about that? They could only retaliate and repay the favor. That’s simply what the reality of the world is.

This isn’t only about Xiao Ming. The world is huge, and no matter how they dislike it, they won’t be able to do anything about the jealous eyes and evil thoughts of people.

That was why strength and skills are the most important. Max wasn’t someone who would believe wealthy people run the world anymore. Superpowered individuals control the world was a more accurate illustration.

However, not having enough strength wasn’t the one on Yu’er’s mind. She was quite confident in their skills.

As long as they don’t act unrestrained and overbearing, they would get to enjoy life more leisurely than most.

“No, it’s not that. Think of it this way, imagine we were in the middle of a battle in the city, what can happen then?”

Yu’er shook her head, and asked out another question,

“We might be seen by others? But at that time, we wouldn’t think of fighting and only concentrate on escaping since it won’t be good if others were to see our skills and connect it back to us in the future.”

“We need to set up a mysterious front in which others would not be able to read us. That way, they will give us our own space.”

Max thought what could happen in that scenario and concluded that it all comes down to where they were located at that particular time. If there were a lot of people, then they could only try to lure their opponent away.

But then he recalled those people he encountered on his way back from the scene where he caught sight of the puppet.

Suddenly, Max seemed to understand something. He never thought about this and only pushed it aside, thinking it was insignificant, and he could easily evade it.

“Are you talking about those government forces who deal with these supernatural affairs?”

Max had read a lot of stories about them before, but he didn’t put too much thought into it. Since from the beginning, they were the ones who maintained peace in every place.

Awakeneds who wanted to create chaos was always handled by them. Looking further into it, Max realized this would also affect them.

He initially thought they can continue with their own business and have nothing to do with each other. But was that possible?

“This isn’t good. We have to hide our abilities from them. Why did I not think of it? How can they maintain the peace in this city? That only means they have their ways, and we don’t know anything about it.”

Max had a dark expression as he tried to make adjustments in their plans. It was his mistake to forgot about this variable that was so close in front of him.

“Don’t think too much. It’s not what you think. I have already spoken with some of them in the past. We don’t have to worry about them.”

Yu’er looked at Max with her attractive sparkling blue eyes and stopped him from overthinking about them.

“The reason I asked about us fighting in the middle of the city was because of how much skills you have. You’re like an anomaly that doesn’t fall under any category and ranks, so you have to be extra careful about revealing anything.”

“So you really did meet with those government forces? How is it? What is it like? Where they strong that we should avoid any dealings with them?”

Max looked curiously at Yu’er. He was more interested in those people and had many questions about them. Until now, he still had clashing thoughts about them.

On one side, he felt they were doing a good job, and on the other, they can be a massive threat to them. No one could blame him. Max was only careful, prioritizing themselves over the others.

“Government forces? They are from the Special Affairs Department, and their only focus is on Awakened related incidents.”

“They take orders from their higher-ups, and so far, they adopt the attitude of as long as you don’t disrupt the public order; we won’t bother you.”

“They have a lot on their hands that they couldn’t become involved with every single little thing about us.”

“Even I haven’t seen them in years.”

Hearing about it, Max immediately felt better. With Yu’er’s words, his unfounded worries disappeared like they were never there from the beginning.

Now that everything is solved, Max went back to address the previous topic Yu’er made him recall, a passing thought he had in the past,

“Which skill would I let myself be known for?”

“If I have no choice but to defend myself and have to use my skills someday, which should I use? After all, I can only show one skill. ”

Yu’er can understand what Max was feeling right now with his somewhat awkward expression. Even though he has a lot of skills, most of his skills were either copied from other Awakeneds or sex-related skills.

Max doesn’t have a powerful and unique skill that was only available to him. His choices were limited as he chose to sacrifice having his own unique ability to pool up Points for the Magical Space.

Yu’er mentally decided to come up with a powerful skill for Max in the future.

All of a sudden, Max’s face brightened up as if he was enlightened.

“In the first place, why do I need to tell anyone about my skill? I can leave them scratching their heads in confusion.”

“I won’t openly use some skills like the Purple Lightning, and I will be fine. My Time Stop won’t be easy to recognize anyway, unlike other skills out there.”




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