The Lust System: Chapter 160 (Unlocked)


Chapter 160 – Worrisome News 


“I understand. So have you noticed any new Awakeneds around the area?”

“We have not seen anyone so far.”

Slightly shaking her head, Layla was thinking about Max as she responded. She had never known that Max was an Awakened until he showed it himself.

Yu’er was also another one that she and Lydia had only recently found to be an Awakened. Honestly, it was unbelievable and too surprising.

They had been the same school for a long, long time, but they never thought that those two were Awakeneds, especially Max, who rarely spoke and was arguably the most inconspicuous of all the students.

For a few days, this made them question whether they had missed any more Awakeneds at school.

The chances of that being true were quite large, but they would never know. Though, they never needed to know anyway.

It was only their curiosity that got them thinking. They never had plans to search for them. This was the least of their concern.

Layla didn’t know whether Chief Li was aware of Max and Yu’er’s existence of being Awakeneds, but she would never be stupid to ask that question.

Yu’er and Max were their close friends, and both of them greatly value the trust they have given them. It was only natural that they abide by their promises.

They asked them not to tell anyone about their identities no matter what, and that was what they were going to do.

“Hah, that’s too bad. Our city would become more peaceful if there were a few more decent ones protecting it.”

It was unfortunate; however, it was understandable that Awakeneds were not common to keep popping out near their area.

Chief Li was hoping that some Awakened with high potential would land in their city and join them to maintain the peace of the city.

From their intelligence, these two women sitting in front of him were decently strong and should have a lot of potentials. That was why they were named Deadly Sisters.

Throughout the years, each time they faced an enemy, they have never lost. Their department could not figure it out, but they seemed to be able to deal with their enemies instantly.

They didn’t show any signs of being aggressive and hostile that Chief Li wanted to recruit them into their team.

He did so in the past; however, they always declined until he had completely given up convincing them before they became annoyed and severed contacts with him.

If that happened, they would be the ones who would lose something valuable, and they were not stupid to not be aware of that.

Putting everything aside, having connections with future powerful Awakeneds like these two would benefit them greatly.

There was no point in offending them. It would be as if they were going to shoot themselves in their own foot.

Currently, they kept a good relationship with this pair of sisters, assisting them in every way they can as long as it was reasonable.

Chief Li couldn’t remember how many times they had to clean up after their mess when someone tried to attack them but get defeated in the end.

There simply was a lot. These two sisters seemed to attract too many enemies to themselves that even they would probably have a hard time remembering most of them.

The sole reason why some Awakeneds landed as their enemies were because of their bewitching beauty; this was something they couldn’t avoid since they were just too eye-catching.

Wherever they go, their beauties would bring calamity upon themselves. Men and women everywhere would turn their heads to admire them.

Naturally, news of them would spread that some Awakeneds who couldn’t control themselves had made their moves on them even to the point of using force.

Some blatantly just turned directly on using force without hesitation, overestimating their skills.

All of those Awakeneds never lived to see the day. They, as the Special Affairs Department that maintains order, usually assist them.

However, these two sisters defeated every one so fast that once they arrive, they only had to clean up.

Until now, they still have no idea about their abilities except that they always slay their attackers using lightning.

That was what their findings showed when they examined the corpses they left. More than that, they could only guess.

They earned a reputation from all their achievements that most Awakeneds would recognize who the Deadly Sisters were.

Their popularity had also served as a form of a barrier against anyone that has evil intentions for them.

In recent months, they have not experienced any attacks, giving them a time of peace, which he was sure they appreciate.

This shows that their reputations reached unprecedented levels that served as a deterrence, forcing people to rethink what goes into their minds.

“Alright. Thanks for taking the time to come here. I don’t want to bother and keep you here much longer.”

“It wasn’t a bother at all. We’ll take our leave now.”


Layla and Lydia turned around, looking at him with questioning eyes as if wondering whether he forgot to ask something.

“Oh, it may not be much. I forgot to tell you that I heard some news that those people had been seen once more. From the looks of it, they have resurfaced.”

Layla suddenly had a slight change of expression. It was unknown what she came up in his mind, but Chief Li’s words definitely affected something in her, and it doesn’t seem to be a good one.

Even Lydia’s hands slightly shook as if she was surprised about what she just heard. Someone like her who had been silent the whole time showed a reaction. It must be related to them.

Chief Li didn’t notice their expressions as his mind was occupied with their previous conversation and wasn’t looking directly at them.

Layla hurriedly said her thanks before heading out with Lydia. No one was able to see their now solemn expressions.

Chief Li was left on his own. He was thinking about how he would continue his search from now on.

He had already asked his contacts and yet they didn’t know anything. So far, still nothing for him to begin with.

Maybe he was missing something. What could it be? Sighing, Chief Li got up to go back to their headquarters, where stacks after stacks of documents were waiting for him to go through them all.

Maybe he wasn’t looking hard enough. Chief Li was looking at things from a general perspective. What if he only goes through a few chosen people?

Would he see things clearer then? Chief Li decided to try it out once he finishes everything he had to do.

He couldn’t help but wonder whether problems kept appearing out of nowhere to annoy him, or was it just him being nosy.

What a busy life he had, maybe he should take a break?




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The Lust System: Chapter 159 (Unlocked)


Chapter 159 – Search for Clues 


“Sorry for calling you at this time. I tried contacting you two in the last few days, but I found out that you were away.”

“I will also be very busy in the coming few weeks, so a good time like this might never happen again.”

“It’s fine, Uncle Li.”

Sitting on the other side of the table, Layla and Lydia, who wore a pair of unusual black clothes, stared at Chief Li.

They wondered why he called them so suddenly. Even though they were already tired, they still made their way here to find out the reason why.

Times like these usually never happens. This Chief Li was mostly occupied with his work that he would not bother them, and it wasn’t like him to mind other people’s business except when there is trouble.

When he contacted them, they immediately accepted even though they just got back from a long journey along with their other school team members.

Layla and Lydia thought maybe something serious had happened, and they would also not decline to hear some useful information from this guy.

Chief Li is the leader of the Special Affairs Department based on this city. Everything that happens in this area will be known by him.

He is full of information that they would not let this chance go. In the end, they will not lose anything anyway.

“What’s the reason you called us?”

Layla and Lydia’s expression turned aloof. They had to take this seriously while also being cautious, keeping a defensive barrier between themselves and the other party.

Ever since Layla and Lydia became alone, they have learned that they have to be careful about what they say, especially around these individuals holding a lot of power on their hands.

Not letting out too much was the ideal way to communicate with these people, and they would do just that.

Chief Li couldn’t help but smile wryly. These two never changed as if they were pushing him off, but soon he ignored it and went back to his usual expression as he began speaking,

“Last week, while you two were away, an incident happened at your school. It concerned a powerful ghost on the run that we had been searching long and hard for.”

“When we finally got a lead and arrived at the location, we found out that he was surprisingly defeated.”

“Someone defeated this ghost with ease. From our estimates, their battle didn’t take a long time. Though the scene was a disaster, the fight was unbelievably quick.”

“In the end, we could only conclude that it was another Awakened, a more powerful one who can be responsible for such a smooth and easy fight.”

“You know how ghosts are and how hard they are to defeat. With their sneaky and cowardly fighting style, it would be a challenge for most to even chase after it.”

“We went to great lengths and tried to search for this unknown individual, but we couldn’t find anything. Who it was, what was used to defeat this ghost, nothing at all was left at the site.”

“Do you know any Awakeneds at school or around the area that has the possibility of being the one we’re looking for?”

“Or any Awakeneds at all that we are not aware of?”

Chief Li intently focused on their expression to see if they would reveal anything on their faces, but he never saw any changes in their expressions.

Layla and Lydia were shocked to find out that something like that had happened while they were away.

It had been a long time that an attack happened on the school grounds. The last time was a rogue Awakened that they had dealt with themselves.

The rogue Awakened only targeted the people in their school by chance, so after that incident, nothing like it has happened ever since.

It looks like this time it happened once more, but now it was a ghost. They were not new on the subject of ghosts and were aware of how dangerous it is if left alone.

If that unidentified Awakened were not at school to defeat it while they were away, they could be coming back to hear about the massive casualties of students and staff.

Fortunately, someone else had already dealt with this ghost, and this individual also seemed to be powerful.

But who could it be? Was there someone powerful hiding at their school, protecting it from being harmed?

This had left both of them surprised and confused. Did they miss someone like that in their surroundings, or was it a passerby?

From their knowledge, there were no such individuals in their school. They had been going to the same school for years, and if there was indeed someone like that, there should be some other indicators.

However, there were none. This left them confused. Even if some other people or themselves have strong skills, they were students, and young people won’t have that much power yet.

They were young after all, and gaining strength requires time and training that makes it hard for young people like them to be powerful enough to slay ghosts with ease.

In this world, even a heavenly genius, their age can only go up to somewhere around the Late Phase of Rank 1.

That was already a recond made by someone in the past, and no one has broken it since. Someone their age in the Middle Phase of Rank 1 can already be prideful for it.

If a truly powerful Awakened was at their school, then they have no idea who it was. Layla shook her head,

“We don’t know anything about who it can possibly be. This was the first time we’ve heard of it and probably the last. That Awakened might have just passed by and gave out a little help.”

Chief Li breathed out slowly. This was what he had expected. He was only hoping that they would break his expectations and lead him somewhere. Clearly, that was not the reality of how things go.

It looks like their department was doomed to fail from the very beginning. Perhaps he was only wasting his time that he could instead use to finish more of his tasks.

With all the wasted time they allocated to search for this Awakened, Chief Li felt that it was a pity that they found nothing.

It seems that he had to stop the few people he ordered to search for this unknown Awakened since it won’t be productive to continue.

Perhaps it was also a possibility that the one responsible for it was a stranger from a faraway place to accidentally came in contact or sensed the ghost and lent them a little help.

If that were what truly happened, then, it would explain why this individual chose to hide its identity from them.

However, Chief Li couldn’t just believe it without anything to base it on other than an assumption.

He should not only rely on one answer. This was what his years of experience are telling him.

Clearing his mind, Chief Li went back to focus on his guests. He would think more about it later when they finished their conversation.




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The Lust System: Chapter 158 (Unlocked)


Chapter 158 – Deadly Sisters


The disappearance of Aqua could very well be of her own doing. This was something Max and Yu’er clearly understood.

But concerning Aqua, who would be their ally, they have to think about every possibility, including what was the most likely of them all, she is somehow related to Awakeneds.

This can be considered their inner intuition about this matter. It was the most reasonable explanation for all their assumptions.

Whether it’s a good thing or bad thing they don’t know.

What they do know is that ordinary people being responsible for their disappearance can only be close to impossible. If that was the case, they could be tracked wherever they go.

Disappearing like smoke wasn’t something that can be explained naturally, so a force interfering would be more likely, or they, themselves, could be that force.

Max, Yu’er, Xue, and Little Dou couldn’t deny that Aqua isn’t an Awakened, and that could not be ignored.

The only reason why they think it has something to do with Awakeneds was that for ordinary people to hide in the eyes, and ways of an Awakened was unbelievable.

Information brokers being clueless about their whereabouts. No signs of them being seen anywhere. Their mansions and villas were seen to be empty since Aqua’s break announcement.

Putting Awakeneds as consideration is only natural, but this poses another problem. If it was indeed an Awakened with hidden intentions or they were Awakeneds, then Max would not be able to do anything about it.

If information brokers with their ways couldn’t find anything, what could Max, who doesn’t have any relevant skills about finding an Awakened, do?

This left them with nothing to begin with, not a clue, not a plan. If Max didn’t recall Aqua, they would have nothing to do with this and would be unaware of this occurrence.

Ultimately, they could only settle with asking other trusted Awakeneds they will meet in the future if they have any information about Aqua.

Maybe she wasn’t in trouble and was in good hands. Perhaps they would meet again in one fateful day.

They would never know, they can only hope that it was indeed the case.

After they were over it, Max moved his focus on his other girl, Tilly.

This girl had no problems going along with him back on that train. That was such an exciting experience.

They found out that she was still living a relatively safe life back at her school quite close to them.

Since Yu’er knew a lot more about Tilly than he does, she had confirmed that as far as she was aware, Tilly was only an ordinary person.

Yu’er and Tilly can be considered friends that haven’t met for a long time. She used to go to their house because her little sister is also a friend of Yu’er.

The first time Yu’er had met with Tilly was when her little sister was coming over, and Tilly acted as her guardian for the day, and then they got along. Soon enough, they were friends.

Max met her coincidentally at home. His socially awkward attitude in the past led him to avoid them most of the time.

But when it comes to sneaking peeks, he would never hold anything back. That was the only thing he was good at.

Max knows more than anyone how she looks and how great her figure is.

His perverted mind couldn’t help but recall all those good times when he would watch them and enjoy the sight without them noticing.

Knowing that Tilly was only an ordinary person, it looks like they would have to think about more thoroughly what to do with her at this time.

Getting her now looked to have no benefits except obtaining points, but they already have that with the women around him.

With their lack of Points and some enemies popping out of nowhere, Tilly, as of now, can be their weakness if it was ever found out.

She was only an ordinary person, and she was living in another school which they won’t be able to reach fast enough when trouble occurs.

They would also not be able to convince her to move to their school since there is no 100 Loyalty between Max and Tilly.

Her little sister also just moved away this school year. Trying to bring them back would make them sound like fools.

Having Points problems and safety problems, it would be better if they first forget about her existence. Especially that they couldn’t buy her any skills yet.

If their enemies found out that they have a connection and take her as a bargaining chip, it would be hurting them instead.

Currently, what they need to do was not to initiate contact with her as if they don’t have an idea the other person exists.

This forces him to put her off for later. Well, it’s not like Max misses her too much that he wanted to see her so badly.

Truthfully, he only approached her back then because of his lust and her beauty. Max barely know her and haven’t talked to her for a long time.

Even if they did talk, it would be quick and short. It was not wrong to say that without the Lust System, their paths would never again cross.

An Awakened and an ordinary person, they were living in different worlds. However, since she is incredibly beautiful, and Max could easily turn people into Awakeneds in the future, he would definitely take her with him.

Other than this, nothing significant happened during the week. Now it was another weekend, another time to play around, Max thought about what he could do this time.

A lot of things came to his mind. However, for him, it wasn’t fun enough, and he needed to think again.

Lying on his bed, Max, with Yu’er, who had been exhausted to sleep from their long sensual activity, contemplated what he could do the next day.

Deep in the night in a cafe somewhere, Chief Li sat alone, seemingly waiting for someone.

Chief Li thought back to the past week that left him in extreme disappointment about not having any leads about the mysterious Awakened.

It was not their priority, so he could only allocate a small group of people to find that person. However, until now, they still weren’t able to find anything.

This time, he was here to meet some of his contacts that he had dealings with. He would take the chance to ask them if they heard some rumors about this unknown individual.

From all the contacts he had at that school where the incident happened, these people can be considered knowledgable on the subject.

Since Chief Li had to finish all the work that was delayed because of Evil Ghost Luo, he only had this time to meet them.

Surprisingly they agreed, which was something he was grateful for.

“Uncle Li!”

An enchanting womanly voice sounded out as the bell rung from the entrance.

From looking out the window, Chief Li turned to see the two women who he had been familiar with for an amount of time, the Deadly Sisters.

If Max were to see this, he would be surprised. After all, these two women were the closest people around him, Layla and Lydia.




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The Lust System: Chapter 157 (Unlocked)


Chapter 157 – Mysterious Disappearance


A week had passed just like that. The times they were waiting for never happened.

The school rooftop incident got swept away that not one news was heard about it. It was as if it never happened, and from their observations, nothing unusual happened in their surroundings.

This was one of the most boring weeks Max had spent so far. He was used to being with Layla and Lydia while he and Yu’er go to lunch or to some school events happening that this week felt especially lonely.

The week that they were gone, nothing much happened. It was the same, going to school, playing with his skills, and have fun in his own ways.

His first contact with the Special Affairs Department that Max had been waiting for looks to be occurring later than what they had expected.

This doesn’t really matter and won’t have any effects on their lives. A few days after this happened, Max had already put it on the back of his mind.

It doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. It would only waste his time if he kept expecting it to happen when there weren’t any signs of it.

While in his free time on the boring week, Max suddenly remembered one thing he had been curious about.

He had that one time contact with Aqua, the popular idol that was quite random and unexpected. But regardless, he went through with what his lust-filled mind was telling him to do.

It had been some time since, and he was wondering whether he could find out where she was currently staying.

Maybe he could visit her someday and finally add her to the Women Conquered Section. With his current strength and abilities, this won’t be posing a challenge for him.

Yu’er also agreed to join him on a quick journey to conquer Aqua and have another ally from another industry. It would be beneficial for them, and they could use her help with a lot of things.

With her status, Aqua should be influential in different areas and has a lot of connections. Though they don’t necessarily have any plans for her, having her by their side was better than not.

Not to mention that with Max’s System, they could also help her by improving her overall identity. By getting her a useful skill, her influence with all her admirers would get better, and they can easily pull more people into liking her.

Those were not well thought out plans and can be changed in some ways; however, they have an idea of what they want to do and what they can do.

Get Aqua a skill that could boost her popularity. In the future, there is a possibility that they would have some use for it.

At that time, even Aqua herself won’t mind those little things since her being an Awakened, those won’t matter too much.

Having a longer lifespan, she would have more choices and areas she can enjoy. She could do everything she wants if she had enough strength.

Nothing will be impossible for them; even being the most famous idol among ordinary people won’t be difficult.

With all that in mind, Max searched online about where she was at this time.

However, a surprise came from the information they have gotten.

Information is not hard to find online, especially these were only about ordinary people, and nothing can be hidden if they search long and hard enough.

Aqua is an idol, adored by a magnitude of people. It won’t be difficult to know where she was at all times.

But something they never expected at all happened.

She took a break.

This was the last thing they would think of when they try to come up with a reason for her absence, but it was true.

Different sites have massive reports about her taking a break in the middle of her growing popularity.

Some created fake scandals to destroy her image while some guessed that she was trying to hide something from them.

Some were very supportive, wishing for her wellness while telling her to have fun on her rest days.

This could have been a great reason. Even Max and Yu’er, who never thought about these things, welcomed her decisions very much.

Aqua can do whatever she likes, and nothing was wrong about that. However, that wasn’t what they were racking their minds about.

It was because no matter how hard they try to find her location, there was nothing for them to see, not even any clue. It was as if she disappeared.

Her admirers and even her critiques obviously never suspected anything since she was taking a break, and maybe she was on vacation while hiding her identity.

That was indeed a possible situation, and most of them should have believed it. But that wasn’t the only thing that seemed suspicious to them.

Max and Yu’er found that Aqua and her few trusted people altogether disappeared. People that worked for her can still be located. However, those who were with her long before her career started were all gone.

Well, this was something that they found to be weird but not concerning enough. The only problem was the more they dig into it, the stranger it became.

For example, Aqua doesn’t have any childhood background. Her family, her hometown, her school, there were no such records.

The common knowledge was that she came from the countryside and aspired to be an idol, working and training hard for it while she was still young.

Max and Yu’er thought that her admirers and haters seemed not to have a mind of their own.

Perhaps it was because she was too beautiful. She was at least a few levels above the other idols that they were completely entranced by her, which they didn’t even bother to find anything about her identity.

Or it could be that most of them have a fantasy of their own. They might have made their own assumptions about which countryside she came from. And also how she trained, never asking who her family was, whether were they dead or living an ordinary life away from the cities.

Max and Yu’er’s casual conversation about conquering Aqua suddenly took a turn with the unexpected series of events that they couldn’t make sense of.

After two days of searching, they have finally given up and asked the assistance of an Awakened information broker.

They were only asking for information about ordinary people. It should be too difficult to find, right?


Max and Yu’er once again were dumbfounded when the information broker told them that they couldn’t find anything.

Those information brokers have their ways of gathering information, and they would hardly claim that they don’t know anything, or they couldn’t find something as it would be showing their lack of skill.

However, the information broker still admitted it. While shameful, the Awakened never hide it from them that they made no progress in their search.

They gave various reasons as to how that might be possible. This Aqua might have another identity that she was hiding, or it was something else entirely.

At this point, Max could use his imagination, and the possibility of it being true would still be there.

Aqua was kidnapped, Aqua hid away from human civilization, Aqua got tired of the world and retired in an isolated location, Aqua was killed, Aqua was an Awakened.

Everything was a possibility, and there was no way for them to know what was the right one.

Now they were at a loss on how to go about it.




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The Lust System: Chapter 156 (Unlocked)


Chapter 156 – Luster of the Brightest Star (R-18)


Their bodies went limp as their lips were pressed against each other. They couldn’t explain it, but the sensation was something magical for the both of them.

Max had closed his eyes, yet even with only this kissing, it seemed like they could feel the contentment of the other.

Yu’er put her hands on his chests as she offered her mouth to him, taking his tongue while giving him hers.

She felt his hands silently slide down to her ass, his fingers opened wide, pulling her into him. Their hot kisses deepened while their hands moved to show how badly they wanted each other.

Max felt light as if he would melt in her softness, his stiff member was very much alive, anticipating the warm sensation that will be wrapped around it once more.

He savored Yu’er’s mouth with growing desire, tempting her to give him more of her everything to him.

Cupping her ass, Max forced her body against him, his dick rubbing against her bare lower body, throbbing to find the heavenly hole to slide itself to.

It felt as if their heartbeats were one, and a mysterious feeling was surging through his body, stirring him with a pleasure that made him believe he was in heaven.

The kiss separated while Yu’er still pressing her entire body against his. Max was on his back with her on top of him.

Their insatiable desire for each other prevented them from stopping as they continued just after a few moments of rest.

Yu’er leaned down to give his lips another passionate kiss, then placing her hands on his chest, rubbing herself on his lower body.

As both of them were bare from any clothing, their aroused regions stuck against each other.

Without wasting any more time, Yu’er directed his throbbing member into her soaked tight pussy.

From the slow movements of Yu’er, Max figured that this was a show for him to see, and it really was.

Only the head of his dick was inside of her pussy. She was surely teasing him, tempting him to push his waist up to fill up her moist tunnel.

However, it only took several seconds before she sank on him. His dick glided inside perfectly; she was clearly as aroused as Max.

Once it slipped in, Max let out his voice as he experienced an extremely heightened sensation that seemed to beat their previous session.

Yu’er seemed to be feeling the same way and couldn’t help but squirm over his body, feeling his dick reach the deepest region of her pussy.

The pleasure is too great that he could not lift his head and only laid on his back to relish in the warm gloves surrounding his dick.

Gently, Yu’er moved, she would be doing all the work this time. Max only controlled his hands and ran them all over her body.

In the beginning, Yu’er started quite slowly. She was the only one controlling the pace, but she made sure that his dick thrust all the way in her with each stroke much to Max’s desire.

He grabbed her ass, enjoyed the feeling of her alluring smooth white skin, and cupped her breasts.

Contrastingly, Yu’er solely kept her hands on his chest, pushing down lightly while she moved on top of him to indulge themselves.

Firmly placing her hands on Max’s chest, she began diligently pulling herself up and letting herself down with passion in her eyes.

She bounced on his dick, her breasts shaking freely, seemingly enjoying the intense movements. Max’s dick filled her as her body slammed down on him, her breathing becoming erratic.

When her body sank on him, Max could feel that her wet pussy was holding him strongly. There seemed to be a force inside that was sucking his dick.

Nevertheless, with each movement, it still couldn’t stop his dick from entering and exiting her tight hole.

Max assisted her by grabbing her hips with both hands and fiercely pushed up as deep into her as he could in a rhythmic motion.

He savored the soft moans of pleasure and delight that escaped out her mouth. His eyes slowly closed, feeling Yu’er being full of energy around their connecting areas.

Her long legs bounced on his as it highlighted the beautiful sensations between them.

Time seemed to fade away, becoming meaningless, having no effect on both of them.

They were in their own world and this world, only the two of them exist and the pleasure unimaginable pleasure on their sensitive bodies.

Other than that, nothing else matters.

They were completely soaked in sweat and other fluids. Through the night, Max groaned, and Yu’er moaned in pleasure as she rode him faster and faster.

With her being on top, she slightly quickened the pace of their activity, giving them a gradually amplifying pleasure that was slowly building up within them.

Max never thought about moving and only laid still, accepting all her desires, his dick responded by twitching, threatening to burst inside her.

Her body also glistened with sweat, a light blush that made her entire body glow and became more enchanting than before.

Both of them sought release and only focused their attention on the wet pleasurable sensation that filled their bodies.

Max thoroughly enjoyed the warm flesh rubbing on his dick and the sight of Yu’er doing her best to milk out the desire stored inside him.

With his head looking up, savoring the sacred region of Yu’er, Max groaned as his hands traveled all over her silky smooth thighs.


His body was beginning to spasm right at the same time as Yu’er whose body began to shake. They knew they were about to reach the ultimate height of pleasure.

Yu’er pressed how on his dick, burying it as deep as she possibly could. Max impaled his dick into her tightening passage; his impeding climax was getting nearer and nearer.


His eyes shortly fluttered open, letting out a grunt before his muscles tensed like never before. Max pulled her firm ass down against him as both of them convulsed as waves of pleasure rolled through their bodies.

Max felt her fluids flow around his dick and onto his balls as she bounced on him. He moved his hands up, holding her breasts as he lifted his waist to continue thrusting into her throughout their climax.

Their lower bodies ground against each other in ecstasy. Max felt the most powerful climax he had ever achieved for the night burst out of his member.

With his orgasm, Max felt his mind leaving him, flying high up to unimaginable heights, filling him up with immense pleasure.

Both of them lay alone, completely exhausted. Total satisfaction overwhelmed their entire being as they basked in each other’s embrace filled with contentment.

Their faces glowed, having the sheen and luster of the brightest star in the dark skies. Their bodies tingled, from the pleasure that was released from between their legs.




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The Lust System: Chapter 155 (Unlocked)


Chapter 155 – Magical Ending (R-18)


Watery noises sounded out as Max sat down in the living room with Yu’er between his legs.

Yu’er took the head of his dick oozing with fluids in her mouth, having a taste of the magical liquid on his member.

Max sighed in delight as he watched her beginning to suck on his hardened dick. Her tongue gently licked all over the head while slowly sliding down to the sensitive skin below.

After they talked about his recent attack at school and decided to wait for what would happen next before going over it once again, they went over their meal and rested on the couch shortly after.

Max scrolled over his phone for big news in the Awakened world; however, he was disappointed to find nothing significant happening in recent days.

They spoke about everything they could think of before things became heated, and somehow it led to this.

Xue moved away somewhere a moment ago but never came back, and Max had no time to think about it with the magnificent sight of Yu’er before him.

Max moaned as he put his hands on Yu’er’s head and gently pulled her face further down on his dick.

Slowly, Yu’er took him in deeper, prompting Max to tense his legs, enjoying himself being lost in the intense sensation.

Taking a moment, Yu’er pulled back from his dick to catch her breath. Her hot breathing on his member and the lustful stare she was giving him further ignited the desire inside him.

Soon, she was back with her head moving down close to sticking to his body. As she went back up, her hand slithered to his length, pleasuring it with her smooth fingers.

As her mouth and tongue focused on his head, her hand kept rubbing his base, synchronizing her movements to give Max the ultimate pleasure.

This continued for some time, with Max groaning from the fantastic technique he was experiencing.

Xue must have figured what they were doing and decided to leave them alone on their heated activity.

Yu’er has told her about Max’s System, how great it was with all the cool things that can be done, and how it could make others stronger.

Xue’s eyes looked to be glowing with intensity when she had heard about it.

It should be only a matter of time before she would once again come for Max though Max had already made plans to visit her in the near future after the unforgettable night they had last time. When he ever feel like doing so, he would surely do it.

The excellent rhythm lasted for a few minutes. Yu’er played with his dick using her tongue and her hand wrapping him snugly.

Max’s arousal reached the highest point, and it wasn’t long before he felt pleasure shooting out of him.

His thighs uncontrollably tensed, and after a few shudders, wave after wave of his warm cum splashed all over her mouth.

Yu’er kept stroking him while she intently sucked the tip as if wanting to empty his entire storage.

As she knelt, showcasing her enchanting beauty, Yu’er licked the last few drops of fluids off his softening dick, cleaning it with her tongue.

However, they weren’t going to stop with only this. Yu’er focused all her attention on Max’s dick, giving it a whole new level of pleasure.

Max closed his eyes in satisfaction. His evening went on to be quite eventful, and this should be the best way to end it for the night.

With a soft tongue running all over on his member, it only took him a few moments before his dick became alive once more.

When Yu’er was contented with the hardness of his dick, she raised her body over Max with one leg on each side of his hips and straddled him, slowly lowered herself, and using her hand to guide his dick into her warm wet tunnel.

Her juices oozed out and quickly coated his dick down to the couch under them. Max groaned, luxuriating in the feeling of her slimy walls on his hard dick.

Her inner thighs smooth and slender, her plump ass rubbing against his legs, Max will never get used to this incredible sensation.

Sounds of their intimacy filled the room. Their skin slapping against each other while they panted and moaned from the friction of their soft bodies.

Max’s hand was full of her lovely breasts with his fingers dug in deeply that marks would surely be left on her luminous skin.

Pulling her down onto his dick harder and harder, Max could feel himself hitting the entrance of her womb.

Not long after, Max could see Yu’er moaning out before connecting her lips to his, feeling her coming climax.

She pumped herself up and down his dick until she had an orgasm. Yu’er squeezed her hips, pushing herself tightly against his skin. Her ass jiggled and bounced as liquid flooding her insides drenched their lower bodies.

Before she had time to collect herself, Max rolled her over onto her back. He grabbed her thighs, sliding them over his back, where Yu’er reactively crossed them on his waist to steadily hold on to him.

Max lined up his dick back at her entrance and pushed forward. His dick swiftly sank into her warm soaked pussy.

His hands grabbed her slim waist and held her as he penetrated her graceful body. Yu’er moaned as Max slid up inside her walls, deeper than before.

Max held her still and started to thrust repeatedly into her. Her mouth leaked out moans as her breasts danced along with his movements.

Unleashing all his desires onto Yu’er, Max continued to destroy her insides, bending his hips, sweat pouring from his body while his free hand played with her protruding love button, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

He leaned over, giving her white neck plenty of kisses as his tongue ran over her sensitive skin.

With his movements becoming faster, Yu’er knew his body was about to blow its load. She grabbed onto him tightly, blending her body with his, relishing the feeling of their soaked hot bodies.

Just before Max exploded inside Yu’er, he felt her hand sliding down on him as it nimbly pleasured his balls.

Soon, the pleasure building up inside him finally exploded. When he shot the first pulse of his load, Max couldn’t help but let out a deep groan of pleasure.

“Ughhh, it’s here!”

Max squeezed every muscle of his lower body, feeling his dick quiver and his body shake, spurting his milky white fluid into her convulsing walls. Her tight flesh then gripped and trembled as it milked everything out of him.

Max collapsed onto her breasts and lay still for a minute, their cum leaking out of her body, staining the couch beneath them.




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The Lust System: Chapter 154 (Unlocked)


Chapter 154 – Unknowingly Becoming the Center of Attention


“Who was responsible for this?”

Chief Li was currently on the rooftop that Max had just escaped from.

This was one of the first buildings that their people checked. Once they got here, the bell that they brought along, suddenly rung, sensing ghost energy in the surroundings. This place should be where he is or at least where he was.

The area was destroyed, showing signs of a battle occurring before they arrived. It looks like they were too late, and Evil Ghost Luo managed to escape again.

Another question also popped up on their minds, who was the one he was fighting with? What’s the identity of that person?

This was what a part of their team was trying to figure out. They had numerous names of Awakeneds residing in this city that would stand a chance against Evil Ghost Luo.

However, as far as they were aware, no one would randomly waste their time fighting him alone in a school rooftop.

The only scenario they could think of that might be plausible was the Awakened should be already around this area before the fight had gone down.

But from their intelligence, there was no one powerful enough to rival a Rank 1 Peak Phase Awakened like Evil Ghost Luo in this school or anywhere else close to this location.

This part of the city was where schools and residential areas were mostly located, away from the populated business districts and entertainment areas.

As a result, those hidden Awakeneds usually stay out of this place. Not to mention that their Special Affairs Department was also headquartered in this area due to its vast land and mountainous regions.

Those Awakeneds usually keep out of their sights and live in the busy areas where they would be free to do their own business.

This was why it was strange that someone would think about battling with another Awakened in this specific location. Chief Li had a feeling that there was more to it than what they know.

What was surprising for them was there were actually two Rank 2 Awakeneds who assisted them in this mission.

The first one was the Awakened who had experiences dealing with ghosts, and the other was the same reinforcements they welcomed last time.

From what they have gathered, the first one had a skill that could somehow locate Evil Ghost Luo. The two Awakeneds were working with each other to finally deal with him.

Sadly, however, they also arrived too late.

The Rank 1 Awakened, who was responsible for flying them to this location, was too exhausted from carrying them while traveling from afar throughout the entire day. Thus, they had become significantly slower, arriving later than they should.

They could have gotten down and run instead, but they would be slower with all the rough terrain they have to go through.

After reporting what they saw, the higher-ups told them to stop all the operations related to Evil Ghost Luo, saying that this mission can be considered complete.

Hearing this much confused and worried Chief Li. He was conflicted about the idea that this dangerous ghost can move freely in the city.

But before their reinforcements left, they clarified that Evil Ghost Luo should be believed to be gone.

Chief Li’s eyes glimmered as he heard those words. That would make a lot more sense.

This particular mission ended simply because Evil Ghost Luo was gone.

He was fully aware that Awakeneds can have the strangest skills, and the higher-ups should have ways to look into it.

Mystical Skills such as knowing when someone is dead should not be downright impossible. For now, he believed that they were telling the truth.

As long as their city doesn’t have this terrifying ghost called Evil Ghost Luo, then everything is going to be fine.

This also changed his perception of the one who supposedly defeated Evil Ghost Luo. Fighting him off and ultimately defeating him were two different things.

When this individual fights off Evil Ghost Luo, this Awakened might only be around the same strength as him.

However, being able to defeat him was a different story. Chief Li could be looking at a Rank 2 Awakened that he had no prior information about, living close by them.

It could also be a Rank 1 with a skill powerful enough to defeat someone like Evil Ghost Luo.

For an Awakened who not only has a deadly fighting ability but also is exceptionally skilled in escaping, those can be the possibilities.

They had to look deeper into this, and if possible, find out who was it that was able to defeat Evil Ghost Luo.

After all, they don’t have to deal with this Evil Ghost Luo anymore. A huge load of tasks will now be taken off their shoulders. Surely they would have some available time to search for this individual.

That unidentified Awakened should either be an enemy of Evil Ghost Luo or someone who has goodness within them.

In any way, there won’t be any repercussions on befriending this person, so they had to find this individual as quickly as they can.

Perhaps in the future, cooperation would be possible whenever a powerful foe turns up, endangering the people living in this city.

This could make things more efficient for them, and adding another ally to their department is always a good thing.

Chief Li ordered some of his people to start investigating immediately, and he also began to work himself.

He had a lot of connections in this city, including the few Awakeneds living around this area. Among them were those who wanted to be left alone and those who were quite friendly.

It should be fine if he tries to contact a chosen few of them for some information once he was finished with everything he had to do.

Soon after, people came to the rooftop bringing all kinds of tools to work on the destruction left by the battle and to clean up everything.

This should not take a long time, and the next day, no one should be able to tell that something happened in this rooftop the night before.

Chief Li, along with Jing Fei, made their way back to their headquarters. Their mind and body felt light from the unexpectedly solved problem.

Not only them, all the personnel included and related to the mission, especially the fighters and Awakeneds, were grateful to him.

Now, they don’t have to constantly worry over what might happen next. Most of all, they were also saved from injuries and casualties.

All of them felt the calm night to be extra peaceful. After so long, they would finally have a good night’s sleep this time.

Meanwhile, Max, who was the target of all their gratefulness, was not aware that someone was already thinking about using his strength to fight off enemies in the future.

If he ever heard about this, he would be stunned. Max was only the unfortunate victim of a hungry ghost.

Not once did he ever thought of finding a ghost to defeat just so that he could show off to the people from the Special Affairs Department.

And the overly optimistic guess about him having goodwill was the too far from his real thoughts of only prioritizing themselves over everyone else.

He would never think of doing anything that will not benefit him and his women as it will just be full of risks and a waste of time.




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The Lust System: Chapter 153 (Unlocked)


Chapter 153 – Darkness


Evil Ghost Luo first came to this location filled with confidence and a composed mind.

While he was aware that he is not the strongest, Evil Ghost never thought about things going wrong, and even if it did, he could easily escape, just like how it goes every time.

He had a firm belief that everything will go his way. This confidence stemmed from knowing about the usefulness of his skill and the experiences that he had been through.

What’s the worst that could happen? Running and hiding was his greatest strength, as long as he is careful enough, nothing would be in his way.

Doing it like this, one day, Evil Ghost Luo believed that he would be able to walk on the streets without anyone bothering him.

If he is powerful enough, no one will dare to pick a fight with him, and the thought of offending him would never cross their minds.

His survival is the most important. As long as he is alive, his strong ability and potential will do all the work for him. He only needs to consume souls.

Evil Ghost Luo could already imagine the day when everyone would hear of his name, and along with it, they would feel fear.

Never did it came up in his mind to be the strongest since the possibility of that happening with only his skill, was close to impossible.

However, for him, being a powerhouse was more than enough. Once he was considered a true powerhouse, he would be free to do whatever he wants; others could only make way for him.

This time, despite everything that happened to him, from being unfortunate to him being at the wrong place, Evil Ghost Luo still manage to survive and surpass all the misfortunes that came his way.

And that was the most important.

Still, it doesn’t seem like everything he did was enough. Was he a fool pretending to be clever all along? Or was he just too unlucky? Evil Ghost Luo would never know.

Surrounded by bright purple lightning, Evil Ghost Luo had nothing else to utter except to scream from the intense pain rushing through his entire ghost body.

His head couldn’t entirely process what was going on. Pain filled everything of him, and he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Evil Ghost Luo didn’t even have one moment to think about what was it that forced him to move back when the wall he was planning to escape to was only a meter away.

And it looks like he will never have the chance to.

This never-ending assault was destroying him, his mind, and his body. All he hoped was for this to end.

Not once in his entire life did it ever occurred to him how would he feel when he was about to die. But now, there’s no need for him to think about it.

Anger, despair, and helplessness uncontrollably flooded his mind. Evil Ghost Luo didn’t want it; he never felt like this before.

However, the reality was forcing him to understand it. He would disappear. His body was becoming too damaged to survive this.

Suddenly, a lone thought formed in his mind.

Was this what his instincts were warning him about? Is it possible that this man he kept calling his prey was more of a threat to his life than the approaching force?

His mind reached an immediate realization, but he didn’t want to accept it. This can’t be real. It isn’t possible.

Pain filled his entire being, and before he could update his reality, everything went black.

From this night on, Evil Ghost Luo just became another name that people would forget as time passed.

Max breathed a sigh of relief, seeing the ghost turning into smoke before it got blew away by the nightly breeze.

But he quickly collected himself. This wasn’t the right time to relax. Someone was still approaching his location.

Although Max might still be able to escape unscathed with all his available skills and items even when the person arrives, he wasn’t that unconcerned about his life to test it out.

There were also merits on not exposing any information about himself, so he had to escape after removing traces that can be connected to his identity.

Looking around his surroundings, the sight of destroyed walls and debris littered all over was shown, but this was not something he should worry about.

Hurriedly moving, Max only took the fallen vessel of the ghost and stored it in his Inventory. Right after that, he left the location.

Max transformed into a small bird and flew away. His journey only lasted for a few moments before he reached home.

The first thing he did was to notify Yu’er about the news. Yu’er only knew that he would be going back late and not the approaching trouble.

“It’s fine. It won’t be easy for them to find us here. In the first place, I don’t believe that Awakened was coming for you.”

Yu’er calmly responded as if it never was a threat for her, before adding,

“Maybe it was someone that ghost offended, and it somehow was able to locate him and planned to deal with him.”

“Also, even though it was only a Rank 2 Awakened, the Special Affairs Department would not surely sit by it, so they must have expected its arrival, or they were on their way to check what was happening.”

“It’s a good thing that you left before any of them arrived and catch sight of you. Well, nothing bad was going to happen, but them not having any clue about you would give them a harder time, which was always good.”

“To be honest, I don’t think it matters that much honestly. They know my identity as an Awakened, so we should expect that they did some investigations about you too.”

“Since it was a long time ago, then they probably ended up finding nothing about you in the past, so, in the near future, they should be scratching their heads if they ever doubted you.”

Max had the same thought a while back. He knows that it would only take time before his actions would attract suspicions, and the only thing he needed to avoid was exposing his skill.

Anyone can have their own guesses, but he will never confirm it. True or false, in the end, it will not be affecting him in any way.

Max opened his mouth to speak,

“When do you think they would get in contact with me? Do you think they already know?”

“I have no idea. It depends on how free they are.”

“Just always keep in mind that they have always respected strength, so as long as you are powerful, you would earn their respects, and they would be wary of offending you.”

“They might even offer you a lot of good stuff to be on your good side.”

“But don’t be too close to outsiders like them and expose your skill, always keep them guessing. Well, since you have the Time Stop, then guessing should be the only thing they can do.”

“If they did contact you, then you can give me a call.”

“It’s been a long time since I appeared anyways. Surely they have not forgotten about me.”




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The Lust System: Chapter 152 (Unlocked)


Chapter 152 – Too Many Skills


Max turned towards the distant sky in surprise. Something was coming, something powerful. He could sense it.

What is it? He never felt something like this before. This power should be several times stronger than his.

Just as he was asking himself, Max suddenly thought about something he heard about before,

“Could it be-!”

[Max! There’s a Rank 2 coming towards us!]


Little Dou swiftly flew to his side to inform him about the approaching Awakened as she looked up towards a certain direction.

“Rank 2! This isn’t good.”

“We can’t be seen by someone like that for now. We have to go. I still have one remaining Time Stop I can use to get away from here.”

Max seemed to forget about the ghost that he was fighting against just now as he thought about how he could run far away from this place.

His mind was calm, knowing that in the worst case, he still has the Time Stop and other useful items from the Store.

This wasn’t the time to ask about why there was a Rank 2 approaching his location; the only thing on his mind was to hide for now and ask questions later.

[Wait! You might not need to use that! This person shouldn’t be too far from us, but it’s traveling very slowly!]


[Also, you don’t need to worry too much! The pressure you are feeling is definitely not their real power! They should be artificially amplifying their pressure only to scare you!]


Hearing this, Max became calmer. It’s a good thing for him if this person isn’t truly as strong as what he had sensed since he felt that he would have no chance of defeating this individual if they were to engage in a battle.

A moment ago, he was shocked to find how powerful Rank 2 Awakeneds are. The force he could feel went beyond his imagination.

Pressuring someone from far away wasn’t easy to do. Even he might only be able to do it against regular people, and they would also have to be in a close distance.

“How much time do we have before this person arrive?”

[Hmm, around a few minutes? The pressure came from the sky, which meant this person should have the ability to fly!]


[But I don’t really know why this person’s speed was too slow. Maybe he doesn’t know how to fly like me? If I didn’t sense his real energy in the pressure, I would think he’s much stronger than Rank 2!]


Little Dou voiced out her confusion as she flew around to show how fast she could fly.

Regardless, their initial alarm had disappeared. When this Rank 2 Awakened arrives, they would probably be long gone anyway.

Max was lucky to have someone like Little Dou that could help him with circumstances like this. However, someone else wasn’t so fortunate.

Evil Ghost Luo uncontrollably shook when he felt the familiar presence.

It was that person again!

Until now, he could still feel the burn he received that inflicted severe injuries on his soul. The power of it was deeply imprinted in his mind, filling him with fear.

The thought of this figure, making its way towards him, was enough for him to put all his focus solely on escaping.

This proved that what he was feeling the whole time about the incoming danger was right all along.

However, Evil Ghost Luo also expressed his doubts about this strange presence. Why is it moving slower than before?

Could it be they were underestimating him and thought he would be captured regardless?

With this thought, Evil Ghost Luo became enraged. How dare they treat him like this? Do they think he was someone they could push around?

But this wasn’t all that bad for him. He could take advantage of this; he had to be composed.

Evil Ghost Luo quietly thought about his next course of action. From his estimates, this figure should still take some time before he arrives.

Running away now and running away a bit later would make no difference since it seemed like his escape is also guaranteed this time.

If he escaped now, he would get away with nothing. But if he stays for a little longer, he might get something.

Evil Ghost Luo turned towards his target. His expression then mysteriously changed as if he came to a conclusion.

Maybe he should stay for now, as long as he gets a hold of this Awakened’s soul, everything would be worthwhile.

Max felt someone staring at him. When he turned his head, he saw the ghost eyeing him with its aggressive eyes.

It only took a short while before he understood why.

Since he was able to feel the intense pressure in the distance, then the ghost should have also felt it and made the same decision as him to get out of here as soon as possible.

However, just as he thought about that, the ghost suddenly lunged towards him. Max reactively got out of the way and did everything he could to separate himself away from it.

Although he could guess that his attacks might not deal any damage to this ghost’s current form, he had no idea about anything more than that.

How do ghosts attack, what does it plan to do with him, and why was it chasing him. Those were the things he did not know of.

For his safety, the only thought he had on his mind was to distance himself away. These creatures are too strange, and it was extremely uncomfortable to be around them.

Maybe since the ghost knew he was an Awakened, it was trying to possess him to use his body and at the same time, have access to his skills?

Various ideas came up in his head as he forced himself away from the ghost. He didn’t want to be hurt in any way.

Max also had another problem he had to think about seriously. How can he defeat this ghost? Is it really possible to kill it with his skills alone?

Having no other ways, there was only one way to find out. Max shot one streak of Purple Lightning as a test to the ghost trailing behind him.


“What’s this?!”

Evil Ghost Luo was filled with excruciating pain. It was the most intense pain he had experienced, greater than the burn he previously got hit with.

His eyes were full of fear, pain, and confusion. What was that? He saw a purple light that went towards him, and soon after that, he suddenly found himself in extreme pain.

“I-Is this?”

Evil Ghost Luo couldn’t understand what was happening. Could this possibly be the attack that his life-saving item saved him from? But why didn’t he see any lights before?


Once again, another streak of lightning hit Evil Ghost Luo, causing him to scream in pain.

Max’s eyes lit up with excitement. It looks like it was more effective than what he expected. The damage he was inflicting was apparent from the cries of the ghost.

Evil Ghost Luo was now in a state of panic. He could feel it. His soul had been severely hurt. If he doesn’t escape now, he would surely lose his life.

Never once did he think about not being able to escape since, with his speed and ability, Evil Ghost Luo was confident that no one could stop him as long as he is alive.

Without leaving a word, Evil Ghost Luo turned back to flee.

Max watched with slight curiosity as the ghost promptly shot itself towards the walls.

“Can ghosts really go through walls?”

“Trying to escape? Do you think I would let you?”

Showing a hint of a smile on his face, Max made a grabbing motion towards the air as if everything was under his control from the beginning.

If his Purple Lightning worked on the ghost, then this should also work.

Evil Ghost Luo, who almost reached the wall, instantly turned around and slowly moved towards the direction of Max.

Though the ghost only got a little closer with his slow movement, it was enough.

Pushing out his hand, continuous streaks of bright purple lightning streamed forth, connecting itself to the charmed ghost.




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Locked Chapters:

The Lust System: Chapter 151 (Unlocked)


Chapter 151 – The True Form Emerges 


Running. That was the only thing on Max’s mind.

Both of them seemed like they were fooling around; however, Max was certainly not; he was only running for his life. It was quite a shameful sight if other people were to see it, but he never once thought about it.

There is no shame about not wanting to receive a blow from this uncontrollable ghost. This guy was like a lunatic.

This man looked at him as if he was the most valuable treasure in the world and would do everything to get a hold of him.

Max had to evade against all the aggressive attacks he was dealing which don’t seem to have any reasons behind it.

On one corner, Little Dou, who had been intently watching them, couldn’t understand how did it suddenly go like this.

She was not worried about Max since she knew more than anyone that his body is quite sturdy. It could take a few direct hits from the ghost before it would be dangerous for him.

Though she can’t speak about how much that would hurt for Max. Right now, she was only enjoying the sight of them running around.

From her observations, their strengths were quite close to each other; both were at the peak of Rank 1.

One disparity from what she could see was Max didn’t have much battle experience, and the ghost looked to be extremely skilled in combat.

Even though the ghost was rampaging around, his attacks were skillful, disregarding the fact that he seemed to not care about himself.

However, in Max’s own way, he was managing quite nicely. Fortunately, the ghost was purely using his arms to attack.

And Little Dou was aware that Max was still holding back a lot of his capabilities and planned to use it all on the ghost’s real body instead of his stolen body.

If Max truly felt threatened, he could easily activate his Time Stop to get out of the dangerous situation and finish the battle straight away.

Preferably, if he had a choice, Max would rather not use his remaining Time Stop since it was one of his life-saving ability and there is only one remaining use left.

His other skills were saved for this ghost’s original form since he was aware that those could be his only way to defeat it so Max can only rely on his dagger to finish this man off.

What he didn’t know was his opponent, Evil Ghost Luo, was also holding back. This could not be said to be his true fighting strength.

His real power comes from the gloomy aura of his actual body, which could give everyone in his surroundings various kinds of dark emotions.

If anyone had a weak mental resistance such as ordinary people, they would lose their minds.

While Evil Ghost Luo could do that, he didn’t want to risk it because he wasn’t confident whether it would be effective against this Awakened, and also, he wanted to protect his life.

This body he was occupying has multiple uses for him. Not only it can be used to attack others which his original form couldn’t do, but it can also act as a form of armor.

A disposable body is one extra life that can save him from death. He would be a fool not to make use of this advantage.

After running and dodging away for quite some time, Max wondered if he could do something about this situation.

He noticed that this man seemed to be willing to sacrifice his body to get him. It was not a worthy trade, and the only thing he could do was to dodge his assault.

Max had to think of a way to deal with him. Surely there has to be something he could do.

Ultimately, even a Peak Phase Awakened like them will be exhausted. After a while, Max could sense that the man was slowing down.

Since Max wasn’t the one on the offense and was only focusing on dodging his blows, he was still fine, unlike the man who was already struggling to keep up with his speed.

Initially, the man was faster than him, but since he was also fiercely attacking, they were about the same.

Now, with him slowing down, Max became slightly more agile in his movements, and it was enough to change the pace of their battle.

With a burst of power, Max evaded his palm attack before swiftly slashing his dagger towards his neck.

His attack was too fast that ordinary eyes would not be able to see it. However, Evil Ghost Luo was not an average person.

Seeing the unexpected counterattack, he hurriedly jumped away, but since it was too sudden, he was a little late, causing the dagger to graze him, giving him a long gash on his chest.


Evil Ghost Luo winced in the agonizing pain he was not expecting. The intense pain adding up with the pain from his previous injuries made him freeze for a second.

Max’s attack was filled with power that his ordinary body couldn’t defend against it.

Evil Ghost Luo can use his body for attacking using his energy to strengthen it. However, his energy has no defensive capabilities.

That also goes with his ghost form. It can only attack and evade, that was the cost of his powerful skill.

Evil Ghost Luo was inwardly shocked about this progression. How was this possible? He was being beaten in speed, something he prided himself in.

Not that his target was faster than him, it was only them almost having the same speed which he couldn’t believe.

But something more surprising followed, he got hit. This was something he never thought about before coming here.

Evil Ghost Luo was starting to feel pressured from the unpredictability of this Awakened before him.

At the same time, the feeling of danger was getting stronger and stronger.

With conflicting emotions, Evil Ghost Luo made a quick decision to end the battle this instant and escape if he couldn’t.

Nothing was more important than his life, and he wouldn’t risk losing everything for a chance to achieve a breakthrough.

As long as he is alive, he could find plenty of opportunities somewhere else.

Max didn’t let go of the split second the man froze and dashed towards him at high speed. He slashed the hand, protecting his chest with his full power.


A piercing cry was heard from the man’s mouth. Evil Ghost Luo can never get used to this much pain; he couldn’t bear every second of it.

Max’s eyes were focused on his every movement, not giving him a chance to move away.

After one slash came another, this time, it went straight towards his unguarded neck.


Soon after, the body fell and completely stopped moving. But before he could rejoice, a white figure slowly seeped out of it.

What was displayed in front of Max was a faint figure of a man, staring at him with fury.

The temperature suddenly dropped as if he was doused with cold water. Max figured that this was the true form of the ghost.

Max could feel the potent gloomy energy coming from him that seemed to paint the world grey. It was filled with negative emotions, giving him a sense of unease.

Before Max could open his mouth, all of a sudden, he could feel something with an oppressive pressure on the horizon approaching his location.




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