The Lust System: Chapter 180 (Unlocked)


Chapter 180 – How It Began


The silent forest was a well known dangerous zone among everyone in the nearby cities. It boasts a frightening landscape that would scare off anyone thinking of going inside it.

Presently, not even a single movement could be seen within it. From a faraway perspective, it was as if the land was frozen in time.

However, on one decaying tree, a small black snake peeked out from the tiny hole in one of its branches.

Slowly, its head looked around the surrounding areas as its tongue repeatedly flickered out. If one were to look closer, its slitted eyes shone with intelligence, glancing around, surveying the outside world.

Finally, after making sure there weren’t any visible threats around, it slowly slithered out, smoothly using its body to climb up the long branch.

Reaching the far end of it, it looked down on the distant region, searching for any signs of danger. Unusually, its tongue continuously flickered out as if it was playing with it.

The snake moved its head around before it returned, silently slithering back to its hole. Not long after, a bird’s head peeked out of the same hole.

As soon as its head was exposed, it jumped out to the nearest stand, flapping its wings and flew away.

If someone were to look into the hole, they would quickly discover that this seemingly tiny hole had no more signs of snakes inside it.

Max flapped his wings fast enough to flow through the sky smoothly. Since this wasn’t the first time he transformed into a bird, he didn’t find it challenging to fly using his small light wings.

A while ago, when Max saw a large group of bats making their way over his location, he didn’t hesitate to run away.

Being familiar with them, it didn’t take him long to know that they were the same bats that he watched before traveling to this place.

Max had no idea why they were flying over to his position; hence, to be safe, he disregarded the man he was battling and quickly went towards the other direction, not wanting to be surrounded by them.

What he didn’t expect was they were too many of them at one spot that they almost filled the entire area, which left him tiny room for escape.

Instantly reacting to the situation, Max transformed into a tiny snake that could slide into one of the holes on the tree branches nearby.

The small holes were connected to each other inside and could not fit a creature the size of the bats, which made it the ideal hiding spot for him.

Max had some knowledge of how bats work and how they search for their prey and even map out their surroundings.

Taking all of this into consideration, Max could only hide inside a tree to avoid being detected.

Initially, he wanted to find a hole to burrow himself in as it was more comfortable, and he won’t have to transform into a tiny creature.

However, Max did not expect the bats to move so fast, and with their large numbers, Max feared that they could quickly find him and corner him in a dangerous situation.

To prevent this from happening, he could only rely on the holes on the dead trees for shelter. When he thought that there might be some small predators living inside those trees, Max shapeshifted into a snake.

A snake would still have an ability to defend itself against other small creatures. Its jet black colored body was meant to send a message and deter others from having any thoughts about it, and its slitted glowing green eyes was for it to look terrifying.

Fortunately, after hiding himself in the dark hole, Max found no one occupying the small space with him.

With the assurance of a cozy shelter, Max then waited for the shrill noises to disappear before deciding to peek out to scout for their positions.

Based on where the noises come from, Max estimated that the bats were not anywhere close to him.

Until now, Max was still uncertain whether they were targeting him or he was only unlucky to be in the middle of their gathering location.

But it wasn’t relevant anymore. Max had now encountered the creatures he traveled from afar for.

After flying for a long distance, Max finally got out of the withering forest. Since he stayed high up in the sky, he didn’t meet with any bats on his way out.

Now what he had to do was to find a safe location and meet with Yu’er and Xue. Thanks to his Inventory, Max could transform without having to worry about where to hide his possessions.

On another side of the withering forest, one man was surrounded by a high number of blood-sucking bats.

The bats flew chaotically, taking up the entire area around the man while letting out their loud noises, sending out shattering vibrations in the air.

Surprisingly, the force behind the cries that was enough to hurt an ordinary person never seemed to have an effect on the man.

Smiling Death quietly dusted off the dirt on his clothes. His mind was resentful about his target escaping. He didn’t even get to have his fun. What was worse was their last exchange was him being thrown out like a useless object.

Nothing else could describe what he was feeling right now, his mind only thought about revenge for the humiliation he received.

Unfortunately, at this time, Max had long been gone out of sight. Smiling Death had no way of locating him.

When Smiling Death tried to recall Max’s appearance, he almost wanted to hit his head on the boulder behind him. Smiling Death remembered that Max had a mask covering his face, and he had no clue about his name.

Previously, all of Smiling Death’s victims were ordinary people. This was because it was only until recently that he found out about the existence of other Awakeneds.

Smiling Death had always gathered information on his victims as he only likes to play with those who were alone and had no one else in their life.

That way, even if they were to disappear, it wasn’t going to alert a lot of people.

This went on for weeks. Before one day, someone approached him. This man’s shocking ability to transform into bats greatly surprising him, and since they had the same profession, it didn’t take long before they joined together.

Soon after, they had become unstoppable, preying on one village after another, not letting anyone off.

No one could deal with them at all. The bats would slowly consume those villagers, and Smiling Death would enjoy watching them despair.

Looking at their suffering faces was like a drug; he could not stop watching every single one of them. For him, it was the most beautiful sight.

This continued for some time with no one stopping them, letting them do whatever they wanted until one day they got greedier. After a short conversation, both of them agreed that they wanted more, they something better.

With their abilities, no one would be able to defeat them. This was how everything began.




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The Lust System: Chapter 179 (Unlocked)


Chapter 179 – They Came


Max blinked his eyes before distancing himself away.

His mind quickly worked, finding an explanation of what just occurred back there.

At the same time, Max was also starting to get annoyed. He only traveled a long way towards this location to take a closer look at the bats, expecting something big happening.

But what was going on here? He shouldn’t be the one dealing with this. In the first place, this shouldn’t have happened.

Casting away all the unnecessary thoughts, Max went back to what he felt the moment his dagger connected to the man.

What was that feeling? His dagger might have been nothing special, but once it hits, it should still do damage.

But what happened? Armor? Max didn’t think so. His blade definitely reached the man’s exposed throat before it bounced back, leaving no signs of injuries anywhere.

Just right after he found out the truth about the weapon, another problem came up. Should he leave? This was becoming an inconvenience.

Even while deep in his thoughts, Max never left his eyes on the man, watching out for his next action.

When Max took a few steps back, the man also took several steps forward. What irritates Max through all this was the playful smile on the man’s face.

Was it a provocation? Imagine someone still daring to smile even if he was on the losing side of the battle. This was what Max had been dealing with.

In addition, they had no idea of each other’s existence before this. Max found all of this a waste of his time.

Why would someone intentionally disturb him? Max never went out of his way to bother others, and he didn’t like the feeling of someone annoying him like a pest.

Unknowingly, Max started to release some pressure around him.

Max didn’t know much about this person. The only thing he was certain of was he wasn’t strong. This came from how the strength behind his attacks was not comparable to his.

Their fight lasted for several minutes now, and Yu’er could be contacting him at any moment soon since they had been searching the mountains from the time they arrived, unlike him, who was kept busy by some nobody.

One minute. That’s the last amount of time Max gave himself to finish all of this. If Max failed to do so, he would just have to leave; he doesn’t believe that this guy would be able to keep up with him.

Exerting force on his feet, Max charged towards the man with the intent of defeating him in a few moves.

Max wasn’t sure what was it that blocked his attacks, but it didn’t mean he would back down with just that.

He still had many ideas on what might it be. The only thing he needed was a few more contacts, and he would be able to figure it all out.

Knowing his limits, Max was confident that he was far more powerful than this person. He only needed to know what skill this man had.

Seeing Max going at him, Smiling Death couldn’t help but glare at him contemptibly. He might have been using a weapon that is meant to scare others, but that doesn’t change that it was impossible for him to lose.

After all, ever since he found out about his skill from a deadly accident that night, he still hasn’t lost to anyone.

Even though his offensive capability is almost none, his defensive ability is unmatched. What’s the point of having the most destructive power when it couldn’t hurt him?

Smiling Death would like to see what his target’s face would look like once he realized he couldn’t damage him. He can only consider himself unlucky to have met him in this place.

Just like his other victims, Smiling Death would have fun toying with him, at least until that appointed time.

Instantly, Max got beside Smiling Death, and using his weapon, he rained down multiple attacks on every side, continuously pushing his opponent back.

This time, Max used his full power against Smiling Death, leaving him with no chance to fight back. Max wanted to see if Smiling Death was capable of doing anything other than defending.

After all the blows they exchanged, Max had landed a good amount of hits to Smiling Death. Among those, some landed on his body.

With a few observations and direct contacts, Max had finally figured it all out. The skill that his opponent has should be some kind of absolute defense ability that blocks anything from hurting him.

Every lethal blow Max was supposed to deal, all never happened. His weapon only kept bouncing the second it hits his body.

Until now, Max had never found out a way to go past it.

Skills like that should definitely have a weakness, but even after trying every possible way, none of them worked.

It was difficult to guess what was the weakness of the skill, but Max knew there has to be something. Only that there is a large variety of possibilities, and some of them were impossible to test out.

For example, maybe it can only last a few minutes. Max would never know since he had already decided to leave this place after a minute, and that time was getting closer.

He could not bother to concern himself too much with these things that he would probably forget about the next week.

Knowing that he only had a short amount of time left, Max didn’t hold back and picked up the pace of his attacks, not giving Smiling Death a chance to respond.

As Max kept landing his hits, the number of blocked attacks also increased. No matter where he tried to attack, it was always rendered ineffective.

Adding up all this made him grow frustrated. It was like he was hitting a wall with a sword made out of feathers and expect the wall to be destroyed. All his attacks were useless.

Not wanting to continue this any longer, under immense fury, Max lunged towards the man before putting all his energy to his palms and connecting it to him.

If his weapon wasn’t going to work, then he would use his entire power to force it to work. This was the last thing he could do. If there was still nothing, then there’s nothing more he could do.

An explosive sound erupted from the contact. With all the energy added behind that attack, Smiling Death got pushed back, flying several meters back before hitting a large tree, destroying it in the process.

Smiling Death’s eyes suddenly constricted as his face warped from being hurt.

Max’s eyes glowed, seemingly enlightened from what he had seen. He was the one who made the attack, no one else but himself understood better what just happened.

Before he made another move, shrilly noises rang out in every direction. Max looked everywhere, feeling the vibration in the air, only to see a large shadow that seemed to cover the entire area.

It didn’t take him long to see small creatures flying towards him in large groups. With one look, Max knew those were what he had been searching for.

Seeing their overwhelming number far away rapidly making their way towards his location, Max forgot about the man he had attacked as he began running in another direction.




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The Lust System: Chapter 178 (Unlocked)


Chapter 178 – Blocked


Max immediately became suspicious when he saw the field behind them, having no signs of burns on its surface.

When Max first encountered Smiling Death, it was the searing heat of the flame that gave away his position.

Feeling the sudden change of temperature, Max was then able to react instantly, dodging back to create space between them.

Now from the looks of things, it seemed like it was only some sort of trick, possibly an illusion that could deceive his senses.

However, Max currently had no way of confirming it. If there was really an illusion applied to the weapon, Max could only take a risk to find out.

If the illusion is powerful enough to play with his senses, then there’s nothing he could do to block it.

But Max also knows that he wasn’t wrong this time. Adding up every clue he gathered, this illusion should only be limited to the space around the weapon.

This can be proven by the disappearance of the scorching surface beneath Smiling Death once he moved past and left the area.

When Max recalled the initial attack earlier, the possibility of the weapon having an illusion around it became more and more believable.

A moment ago, when Max was only curiously looking around the strange landscape, what revealed the unexpected ambush was the sudden arrival of intense heat.

It was a failure of an ambush. The usual silent and sneaky attack were replaced by what felt like a massive fireball being thrown at him.

Max would be a fool not to notice such an attack. Up to this, Max could say that attempting to catch someone off guard and using a striking, bold weapon like that doesn’t make a good combination.

This also solidified his idea that the illusion was on the weapon, not on the man.

Max knew this because if it were the man who has the illusion, or having an illusion related skill, then he would have held his skill back so as to not expose himself and waited to close the distance on him before using it.

Since Smiling Death did not do it like that, Max could only assume that Smiling Death had no control of the illusion, causing him to think that the illusion was on the weapon, not on the individual.

“Looks like I’ll have to test it.”

Max brightened up as soon as his mind formed a great plan.

Running through the lifeless forest, one could only see dying trees and barren drylands. Life doesn’t seem to be welcomed here with the absence of vitality in the surroundings.

Contrary to the towering mountain that Max arrived at, this place didn’t have the abundance of creatures, and the woods also lacked spirit, giving off a dark, bleak atmosphere.

But for Max, this forest has everything he needs. Reflecting on his eyes was a large trunk blocking his way, if Max didn’t move aside, he would be hit in the next second.

Smiling Death’s smile turned wider, thinking that this was his chance to catch up to Max. In front of him was a clump of trees, which would make it harder for his target to escape.

Luckily for Smiling Death, the direction Max was running towards was where he originally planned to go, so no time will be wasted in this unending chase.

Just as he got closer, Smiling Death was surprised to see Max collecting dead woods from the nearby trees he passes through.

But he quickly forgot about it since sticks would cause no harm to him. This futile action would not change anything. What can a mere branch do against him?

Max collected more and more woods, breaking them off from the fragile trees. He disregarded the small and overly large ones and only picked the decent-sized ones, carrying them with both his hands.

This was everything he needed to conduct the test. The rest would be up to his vision.

After counting down a few seconds, Max suddenly threw the woods towards Smiling Death, who was following closely behind him.

As the distance between them wasn’t too wide, the projectile he threw shot directly towards Smiling Death.

However, it didn’t manage to hit him. Brandishing his dagger, Smiling Death easily blocked and slashed the flying objects targeted at him.

Smiling Death was amused by the ineffective attempts. If he got held back by some tree branches, then even he would be ashamed of himself.

Unknown to him, Max couldn’t wipe off the smile on his face. He had finally confirmed it. Now at long last, it was time for him to fight back.

Not giving Smiling Death an idea, Max slightly slowed down, pretending to be exhausted to further narrow the distance between them.

Once the gap got smaller, Max, with great force, suddenly took an opposite turn, lunging towards Smiling Death, who was surprised by his actions.

Shouldn’t he be the one chasing? Why did his target, who had only been running away the whole time, suddenly turned on him?

Although Smiling Death was surprised, he was quick to react, blocking the dagger that appeared out of nowhere on his target’s hands.

A sharp metallic sound rang out as the two weapons collided, each having their own force empowering it.

Hearing this, Max now proved that all those terrifying flames were fake, which was only meant to trick his senses into believing it was all real.

His dagger was nothing special. It was only a disposable one that is designed to be used on casual battles and training.

Max had lots of it in his Inventory. It was cheap for a dagger, yet it managed to stay undamaged even after connecting to the fiery, destructive blade the man had.

Naturally, it wasn’t that his dagger was special in any way. It was only proof that the weapon on the man’s hands was nothing but an ordinary blade disguised as something formidable.

Max only dared to try this because he was already confident that it was only an illusion.

When Max threw back a good amount of tree branches, the man would only evade it, but occasionally, he would use his dagger to block it.

Every time he did that, Max would always keep a close eye at the parts where the branches connect with the weapon.

Since Max only got decent sized branches, he would clearly see if it was burnt by the weapon or not, and with the fearsome power behind the flames, it would surely not be limited to small burns.

Just like what he had expected, the tree branches never once ignited in flames.

This made his confidence grow, and ultimately, it led to the decision of Max using his weapon to initiate the first contact.

Knowing that the weapon was only an ordinary one, Max had no more reason to be alarmed.

It was time to put an end to all of this.

Without stopping, Max rained down a barrage of attacks with Smiling Death, only barely keeping up with him. Still, his smile never disappeared as if nothing could ever bother him.

Finally, when Max saw an opportunity, his dagger nimbly went past the arm of Smiling Death straight towards his chest.


The dagger mysteriously bounced off. Surprised, Max only paused for a second before swiftly sliding to his side, swinging his blade towards his unprotected throat.


Smiling Death only smiled at Max as if he had already expected it. Max, on the other hand, became more serious while also being slightly confused.

This couldn’t possibly be another trick, right?




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The Lust System: Chapter 177 (Unlocked)


Chapter 177 – Was It a Trick?


With lips curled up while brandishing his dagger, Smiling Death continued to chase after Max, who was only doing his best to get out of the reach of his attacks.

Max looked to be losing, but he was only holding himself back from using his skills. The reason for that was he had some concerns on his mind.

Max was currently on his Shadow Thief disguise with a set of black clothing and a mask on his face. He had been wearing this even before they had made their way to this location.

Yu’er and Xue also have their own black clothing and masks to prevent anyone from identifying them. Another reason was to create a new identity. This identity will be for when they would have to accomplish some risky activities against others.

With all this, even the tiniest clues had to be hidden away. They couldn’t let anyone associate this identity with their real ones.

There can be no mistake here, as this would be crucial in their future plans.

On the other hand, their real selves would be the ones who would act like normal Awakeneds doing normal things.

If one day, they were to find themselves bullied in multiple fronts, they could use this second identity to destroy all their enemies, and all that attempts to hinder their progress.

Max knew that even if he does not intentionally make any enemies, there will still be one day that formidable enemies would arrive.

If he couldn’t control how and when it would happen, then he could at the very least make some preparations for it.

However, it wasn’t only so that he could keep himself and the people around him safe. That was one thing, but the other was his understanding of what can keep him ahead of others, which can give him the most advantage.

Working in the dark would make everything a lot easier than using his real identity on various stuff he had to pull off.

On the outside, Max could be a powerhouse that other Awakeneds would have to be careful of, and in the dark, he could be an unstoppable figure that would come and go unhindered by anyone.

The Shapeshifting Skill that Max had also played a role in his disguise, changing his body shape, further preventing others from connecting it back to him.

Having all this in mind, Max’s concerns was using his skills, such as the Purple Lightning and the Target Charm.

These skills could be associated with Layla and Lydia and in the worst case, would only bring them a load of unwanted trouble.

Not only that, they were only here because they saw the live broadcast of the bats taking over a secluded mountain village.

This meant that somewhere in this area, there was someone or something catching everything that was happening and showing it out for everyone around the world to see.

Until now, Max hasn’t found where that location was. Yu’er and Xue also still seemed to be searching for it as if they have located it, they would surely notify him.

Having no clue where it was, the live broadcast could be anywhere around him. Being seen by countless Awakeneds using those skills, never a good idea.

Though the Target Charm was hardly noticeable with only a light pinkish glow surrounding the target, the Purple Lightning would definitely capture everyone’s attention.

Layla and Lydia might also chance upon the broadcast, and since it was originally their own skills, they would surely be able to discern it with one look.

This, in turn, made it not good for Max to show his skills out, which made this fight a slight disadvantage for him. However, it doesn’t mean that he had no way of countering back.

His only problem was the fiery flame that burned around the weapon. His senses were telling him that he had to stay away from it.

Smiling Death kept swinging the dagger, not giving him any second to breathe. There were only a few things he could do to beat this madman.

Sweat poured down his forehead as he sprinted away with a dagger-wielding man behind him.

Max wanted to prolong the battle to give himself some more time. In any case, when it comes to running, he was confident about lasting a long period.

While on the move, his thoughts quickly tried to come up with a plan against the constant assault targeted against him.

Max was headed towards where he came from, outside the eerie forest. He was aware that he might only be lost when he hastily went deeper inside it. At that time, even if Max were to shake off his pursuer, he might only find himself in a more serious situation.

Who knows where he would be then. Max didn’t want to spend the night in this place. Given a choice, he would rather face this guy in a direct battle than to be lost in this lifeless land.

Occasionally, Max had to turn his body to avoid the deadly slashes coming from the man. No matter how hard he tried to think, he couldn’t think of a solution.

This put him in a difficult spot where he might have to decide to use some items to counterattack. Max had no other choice since he had no way to defend the hits directed at him.

Smiling Death couldn’t be more annoyed. He felt like his target was the one playing with him. Every time he got close, his target would suddenly accelerate, leaving him to chase once more.

Also, his dagger always missed. His target was like a fish in the water, jumping out of his reach the second he thrust his weapon out.

Even while he was annoyed, his face still kept its smiling expression as if he wasn’t fazed by the numerous failures of his attempts, although his eyes say a different story.

Max kept looking back to react at the closing dagger instantly. He had been dodging away for quite a while now and was getting used to the man’s movement and attack pattern.

No matter how much he thought about it, for someone who has such a fearsome weapon, his pursuer didn’t look to be an expert capable of making full use of the weapon.

If the man didn’t have that kind of weapon and had instead used an ordinary dagger, Max would have thought that he was only using it for the first time. His hold on the weapon looked somewhat strange. Max genuinely doubted whether the weapon was his property.

As he glanced back once more, his eyes suddenly landed on the ground behind the man. Max noticed a small detail he had missed.

Why was the ground trailing behind them undamaged? A moment ago, the terrifying flame’s heat was enough to scorch the earth. Why wasn’t it in effect now? Did the flame perhaps lose some of its power?

No! That wasn’t it! The ground beneath the man clearly still had scorch marks on it. From his position, it seemed like it was burning from the heat generated by the flame.

After turning his head a few times more, Max discovered that the flame only affected the surrounding area around the man. Outside of that range, no damages could be seen.

Was it a trick all along?




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The Lust System: Chapter 176 (Unlocked)


Chapter 176 – Smiling Death


The dark and desolate surroundings filled with scattered trees and damaged lands were displayed in a certain area at the mountain.

With the combination of towering trees and dangerous uneven terrains, the land looked like it had a supernatural background, giving people a sense of danger permeating in the air.

Most of the trees had dark, crooked trunks and dried leaves, adding the fact that the thick cluster of trees blocked the light from coming in, was enough to make people afraid of staying in this mysterious location.

However, at this moment, the surroundings were filled with sounds of forceful impacts and trees falling; this alone would make people wonder whether their ears weren’t tricking them.

It was common knowledge among everyone that no one would want to go to this part of the mountain since one could lose their sense of direction if they were deep enough inside.

Another thing was its low visibility. Even when the sun was high up in the morning, the mysterious forest doesn’t brighten up.

The dark side of the mountain never faces the sun, and it was hard to see how far it spanned. No end could be seen in sight even when one was to reach the outer region of it.

In this vast land, mountains after mountains stuck next to each other. People would find it hard to tell where they are if they were to lose track of their position.

Everyone knew how dangerous it was, and no one was brave enough to go through it and risk their safety. Even those who seek thrills and adventure would have to hold themselves back.

The countless number of people lost inside also brought its already fearsome reputation further up to a new level of danger.

For that reason, people being in here was unthinkable. The resources available in this area were also scarce, leaving anyone no reason to be here.

But this time, two figures seemed to have decided to become the desolate forest’s new victims.

Max had beeing trying to use everything to finish this difficult battle. He clearly didn’t understand how it happened as it occurred so fast he wasn’t able to react to it.

Before him, was a middle-aged man with a dagger cloaked in dark red flame, the man’s face was full of ferocity as if he wanted to devour Max whole.

Max couldn’t help but wonder whether he had recently offended someone, which led to him receiving this kind of welcome once he reached the mountain.

It could also be that he might have been entangled with someone else’s plans in this area.

Seeking adventures while satiating his curiosity, Max only decided to go to this location so that he could spectate the ongoing battle and at the same time, take a closer look at the bats.

The mountains were breathtaking. The old trees stood so high that they made Max think that he was back to the olden times where ferocious animals still roamed the land.

As he traveled around, Max could feel the dangerous atmosphere surrounding him.

The seemingly calm yet impressive mountainous regions made him feel like he was in a wild zone filled with uncertainties and unexpected dangers.

Max had to be in constant alert of his surroundings, knowing that this area wasn’t a place he was familiar with.

Hidden dangers lurk everywhere, and one mistake could lead him to death. Though coming here, all these things were only passing thoughts drifting away in his mind.

Max expected nothing wrong happening since there was no reason for an incident to occur right after his arrival.

However, it seems like the world was toying with him, putting him in his current troublesome situation.

The man in front of him was like a crazed bull non-stop going after him. Initially, Max had only gone near this area because he saw the weird-looking forest that gives off an eerie atmosphere.

Max was alone as he went inside it. Yu’er and Xue went on the other side of the mountain to search for any traces of the bats.

Xue’s transformation ability was useful for scouting. Coming to this humongous mountain, they decided to split, going to two opposite directions to save time.

With their own communication device on their hands, they can still keep in contact with each other once they found something.

When going through the endless forest, Max didn’t think he would see a lifeless forest on the same mountain as the lively jungle full of colors.

Unable to keep his curiosity to himself, Max entered by himself to take a look at what this strange place was.

What he didn’t expect was someone would attack him out of nowhere. Ambushing someone wasn’t to be taken likely as no one would play that kind of trick and expect the other to let them go the next moment.

That could only mean that the person behind it had hostile intentions against him.

Considering the fact that it only happened when he entered this unnatural forest, Max thought whether he had entered someone else’s territory to which he had no clue about.

But now he had no time to think about it. Using his flexible body, Max pushed his legs against the ground, pushing himself out of the range of the fiery blade.

Even without knowing what it was, Max could already guess that the flame cloaking the blade was not something he could manage to receive.

Max was still a distance away, and he could already feel the heat burning through the wind. The ground around the man had also been scorched black.

One could only imagine what would happen to Max if he were to touch the blade of the dagger.

The eyes of the man became fiercer, which looked to be glowing, seeing Max surprisingly evade all his attacks. He initially planned to end this fast as he still had many things to do.

Though the man had a ferocious expression, a playful smile never left his face. It was a stark contrast to his brutish actions; Max could only sweep away the repulsive feeling rushing through his body.

Does this guy think he was a sheep grasping onto the tiny hope of surviving against his assault?

The man had only accidentally encountered Max when he was on his way to prey on some good targets.

Max had no idea of this, but there had been cases of people missing in the nearby cities, including his home city.

The Special Affairs Department had also been looking closely into this. All of them didn’t know that the person responsible for it was none other than the man Max was presently against.

Smiling Death was what he was called all over the Awakened world. This came from how he was always smiling while he happily killed his chosen victims.

The worst thing was Smiling Death never kills anyone with a reason. He only kills for the entertainment it brings him.

Smiling Death enjoys seeing his victims’ despairing expressions. Everything he does was solely for the sake of his enjoyment.




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The Lust System: Chapter 175 (Unlocked)


Chapter 175 – Sudden Retreat


Agitated bats filled their vision.

Wherever they turned, there were countless bats frenziedly attacking them.

Their visions were blocked, and they could only hear their fellow Awakeneds being in the middle of their own battles.

A large number of bats were currently surrounding three Awakeneds. These were the ones Chief Li had long been waiting for.

The three of them knew that they should have long escaped the area since there was no way left for them to achieve their goal.

Their previous plan was to distance themselves away from the blood-sucking bats and begin from there.

Once they see that the barrier was stable enough to hold them all off inside, they would then move closer and slowly finish all the bats off.

Those creatures’ only advantage against them was their high numbers and their ability to slide out of their grasp once they decide to escape.

However, when the bats were limited to only flying within the barrier, those bats can only wait for their deaths as they slowly decrease their numbers.

Overall, it was a simple yet tremendously exhausting and time-consuming mission. Other than that, the task would be a breeze.

Among the Awakeneds that escaped, White Eye can only be considered to be an average Awakened. There were much stronger and troublesome ones that got away.

In their eyes, White Eye could barely be a threat for a Rank 1. Though White Eye had immense potential with his skill, there wasn’t a guarantee that White Eye could fully reach the peak of his power.

Some day, the blood-sucking bats would surely become strong enough to be able to attack Awakeneds with ease.

When they imagined how powerful his bats would become once he advanced his rank, they could only hope that they weren’t the ones being targeted by those fearsome monsters.

However, none of them expected that with White Eye’s current ability, his bats could already break out of a barrier.

They seemed to have underestimated White Eye’s capabilities. He was more powerful than they have thought.

Now they found themselves in a predicament, under attack by a furious group of bloodsuckers.

Although from an outside perspective, the three looked like they were at a disadvantage, the reality couldn’t be farther from that.

Each of them could feel the bats hitting their bodies everywhere. The bat’s hidden fangs were also trying to pierce through their skin.

Unfortunately, they were still too weak. Their fangs weren’t sharp enough to deal any damage to them.

The only thing they could feel was tiny creatures hitting their bodies as if hoping that they would suffocate from their numbers.

This was truly the most one-sided battle that they had been through. They couldn’t do much to retaliate in their current state.

The Barrier Master, whose skill was only to form a barrier, could only rely on her stronger body to hit back, slowly reducing the numbers of bats that were attacking her.

No one could understand why are the bats attacking them in the first place. White Eye should be aware that he could do nothing against them.

White Eye was only digging his own grave so pointlessly.

The other two were also doing well on their own.

The first one had a skill that releases sleeping smoke, which made the bats in the surroundings sink into a heavy state of sleepiness before they fell one by one.

This was the most effective skill against the bats among the three skills available to them. Most of the bats moved away from the area, not wanting to be affected by the smoke.

After a certain distance away, the sleeping smoke no longer affected them. The smoke was only effective around the area near the skill user. Outside of that, the wind would only blow it away.

Since it was impossible for the bats to be aware of how to deal with the smoke, their fast response could only mean that White Eye was still in control of them.

This was what they had been trying to find out even before White Eye had escaped from them.

The bats weren’t capable of speaking, and they had been acting so foolishly, which made them confused whether it was still the same White Eye or he was influenced by the little creatures.

Now that they had proven that these bats have intelligence and proper coordination with each other, they would be able to report back some interesting findings.

However, with that many bats, White Eye would surely have a hard time individually controlling them.

From this, they could assume that White Eye might only be able to control a number of them, but he might still be able to swap to controlling different bats whenever he chose to.

The last one among them, who was a sword user, easily sliced away the bats. Every time the sword moved, a few bats fell, building up a small mountain of corpses below.

But even though they had been slaying as many as they could for what seemed to be a long time now, they still couldn’t see any significant changes around them.

If this were to continue, they would surely be exhausted, and when they do, they could only imagine what fate would befall them.

The blood-sucking bats were similar to ants. As long as they don’t let them stick to their bodies for a long time, nothing would happen.

However, when they become too drained to move, it would be a disaster. Even ants would be able to take down an animal many times bigger than them by overwhelming it with their numbers and slowly consuming them alive.

After a few swift movements, breathing heavily, the three of them managed to move closer to each other. Now with them being together, they pushed off the pesky creatures that were vigorously attacking them non stop.

After an extended period, they were becoming increasingly tired, their movements slowing, and their strengths weakening.

Being alert the whole time and using all their strengths to prevent the bats from sticking to them had caused their energy to be gradually depleted.

The bats seemed to have been waiting for this moment. Their attacks became more and more frantic as if they were getting excited about their prey nearing its end.

They were in serious trouble.

The three of them communicated using their movements, deciding if they should make a run for it.

One thing on their mind was whether these bats would chase after them and how long could they last before they collapse since their bodies were already screaming at them.

Just before they became desperate, the blood-sucking bats simultaneously screamed out, which made their minds blank out from the intense pain being transmitted in it.

All three of them went down with eyes tightly shut, covering their ears from the extremely unbearable piercing noise coming out of the bats.

They didn’t know what the bats were up to now. The only thing on their minds was how to put an end to it.

Suddenly, the noise stopped.

There was a gloomy silence as they feared the noise ringing out for another time.

A few seconds had passed, and there was nothing.

When they slowly opened their eyes, the bats were already rapidly flying away, back to the forest, seemingly in a hurry.

While there was chaos happening in the mountains, on the other side where light barely touches the land, Max was also kept busy with his own battle.




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The Lust System: Chapter 174 (Unlocked)


Chapter 174 – Tricked


This was bad.

They were fooled.

Exposing themselves out in the open to attract their attention, waiting for them to make the first move, and then overpowering the barrier to show that they weren’t weak.

This was all planned, and they were clueless all along.

What does White Eye want to achieve by doing all this? Chief Li was confused since this wasn’t how things would usually go. The sudden turn of events slightly caught him off guard.

It was far from his expectations. From how he imagine, White Eye should only be finding a source of blood to prey on, which was why they were able to locate his position.

However, seeing all this happen, it might not be the case. Chief Li might be wrong about his initial thought.

Was it them who was hunting White Eye, or was it White Eye who was hunting them?

Now that the blood-sucking bats broke out of the barrier, Chief Li had no idea how would the situation proceed from this point on.

The Awakeneds that set out to catch White Eye initially planned to use the barrier as the primary method for his capture.

Since it showed to be a failure, they should be currently in retreat according to the plan agreed on.

But that never answered his question. What was their reason for doing all this? Could it be that it was all a coincidence? White Eye wasn’t expecting this to happen and only reacted how he should have?

No! There has to be another explanation.

As he waited at their designated meeting location, Chief Li recalled everything he could about White Eye.

This Awakened had been contained in their facility for quite an amount of time. His understanding of White Eye and his skill can be said to be significant enough to form some ideas about him.

Chief Li knew that consuming blood would make them stronger. This was the main reason behind White Eye’s strong desire for it, enough that he would attack countless villages to consume it.

Blood Energy. They believed that there was something in the blood that White Eye wanted, which would contribute to the growth of their power.

They have determined that there is a high chance that it was Blood Energy. It was another kind of energy that a particular group of Awakeneds use.

This energy is mysterious, and even their department didn’t know much about it.

From what they have understood, the bats consume the energy from their targets to grow stronger, and it was the only way for White Eye to advance in ranks.

That was the only condition for him to be more powerful, and he would not let anyone stop him from taking it.

It would explain why White Eye was so intent on sucking out blood to the last drop without leaving anything even at the expense of their target’s life.

However, what if there came a time when they discovered something better than the Blood Energy they currently had access to?

If there were indeed something better, without a doubt, White Eye would surely do everything he could to get a hold of it.

This made Chief Li remember something.


Awakeneds were stronger beings, having a set of individual skills and a superior enhanced body.

The blood energy White Eye could extract from them should be many times better than ordinary people. If that were true, then it would be more attractive for the blood-sucking bats.

If White Eye were to consume them, he would surely gain more benefits that he wouldn’t otherwise get from non-Awakeneds.

Chief Li had been thinking about the White Eye’s actions for a long time now.

Why was he only attacking secluded villages? There were a lot more possible areas available with a lot more people, but why would he choose to target those villagers?

Chief Li had a lot of answers for that question; however, he was leaning towards one, which he found to be the most logical.

It could be that White Eye realized that this was the best way he could slowly build up his power and grow unhindered without having to risk anything.

If White Eye went to a more populated area, they would risk angering some people and be led to an unnecessary battle that would endanger himself.

With the bats’ uncontrollable actions when around people, White Eye was concerned that he would lose more, than how much he would gain.

Why would he take that risk when he could consume tens of secluded villages in the mountains without much effort?

If he added all those up, it could be said to be more than what he would get by going to a more populated location.

This also made Chief Li think that White Eye knows how to plan things ahead and would not do something stupid as to get caught soon after he had just escaped.

And it also made him think that maybe White Eye didn’t really like to prey on villages, it was more like he had no choice since with the current power of his skill, it was the only thing he could do.

But, what if he had someone to assist him? Would he still go through the same course of action? Or would he change his target to a more attractive one like, for example, an Awakened?

Expecting someone to be stupid was the last thing Chief Li would do. Through the years, this habit proved to be useful as it made his life easier in many ways.

This also required him to think of the worst possible proceedings which he would then meticulously prepare for.

After he got himself out of his thoughts, Chief Li had enough reason to believe they’re the ones that might be in trouble.

He hoped it wasn’t the case, but his thoughts kept replaying and telling him that they just sent themselves into a trap.

Chief Li turned his head around and looked everywhere. The trees which surrounded him seemed to become unusually chilly now that he found himself alone.

Each sound that gets transmitted to his ears made him turn, checking every single area for any movements. His eyes became extremely vigilant as his senses attempted to merge into the environment.

Why were they taking a long time?

Once they saw the barrier disappearing and the bats escaping out, they should have retreated and gone back to this location long ago.

Where are they? The Awakeneds that were sent out were trained and experienced in tasks like this.

They were chosen among all others because of their excellent coordination and familiarity with each other. It was impossible for them to be confused about their next move.

Chief Li readied himself for the worse. His communication device was never turned off and was waiting for anyone to contact him.

He had been trying to contact them multiple times; however, no one answered.

This told him that they currently have a situation. The only thing he had to do was prepare himself for anything that might occur.

There were three of them together, and he was the one who was alone. Those three getting in trouble was unlikely.

He, on the other hand, was alone. Luckily it was bright outside, and the vast open land he was currently in, had excellent visibility of its surroundings.

Placing a Magic Gun on his side, Chief Li tightened his brows, wondering why they were taking so long.




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The Lust System: Chapter 173 (Unlocked)


Chapter 173 – Cracks


The plan that they came up with was similar to what they used against it the last time. However, they added a few things for when something goes wrong.

Back then, they trapped the bats inside a barrier before they slowly dwindled their numbers until the Awakened surrendered in fear of death.

It took them several days of continuous attacks before they were able to kill off most of its numbers.

Now, they have changed some things to make it easier and save them those long hard times.

While White Eye was captured, they have carefully studied and found clues as to how its skill works. Since then, they knew a lot more about it.

The bat transformation could only last for a whole day. It wasn’t in the Awakened’s control to extend that. It was merely the cooldown of the skill.

The bats can transform back into being human at any time. But the opposite, turning into bats, were limited to a total of one day before it has to wait for a whole day to use the skill again.

They called it his cooldown time.

As long as he hasn’t used his skill for a total collective time of one day, he could use it at any time no matter how much he wants to.

If White Eye transformed for twelve hours, he still has to use his skill for another twelve hours before it goes on cooldown.

It doesn’t matter if White Eye uses the other twelve hours a week later, the cooldown will only come after he used his skill for a total of twenty-four hours.

Knowing all of that, there were many things they could do. As the barrier had already captured the bats, they could just wait for a day to end and catch him back.

If White Eye decided to stop the use of his skill earlier than that, then it would be better since, without the fearsome number of bats, he will be nothing.

However, staying in this area for a whole day would be full of uncertainties and dangers.

Anything could happen when they were left alone in the middle of the expansive forest. This was something that they would rather not do.

Fortunately, two more Awakeneds were here to assist them.

One of them will use a skill that would put the bats into sleep while the other would finish them using a sword.

As long as they put their hands on the last bat alive, they could bring it back, and after a day had passed, it would be forcefully transformed back, and there will be nothing it can do to escape.

The only reason why they are formidable was because of their large numbers, after all. When there is only one of them left, it would be nothing but a bat that could suck a tiny amount of blood.

Once they were able to bring the Awakened back, the operation would be a success.

There were a lot of people who were inwardly ridiculing them for going so far to capture Awakeneds when they shouldn’t.

They were all thinking that catching them would be pointless as almost everyone would just kill them and be done with it.

That way, troubles like these won’t be occurring, and they don’t have to worry about things going wrong from playing with dangerous individuals.

But the Special Affairs Department disagreed with this and only kept doing things their way, not giving anyone an explanation about their actions.

Most outsiders would think that they were setting an example for others not to kill indiscriminately.

However, that wasn’t why they chose to capture these Awakeneds who were full of evil intentions.

What other people didn’t know was that most of the Awakeneds in their Department were previously the same Awakeneds who would not hesitate to prey on others for their own gains and enjoyment.

That was right. Some of the Awakeneds that they captured ended up joining them.

The Special Affairs Department was quite secretive about their way of things. Not a lot of people would know how they work since most of their missions were not publicized.

This worked great in their favor. They had collected a variety of Awakeneds that they could convince to change their way of life.

Once they were able to change some of those Awakeneds, they would then push them back out to society.

There were using multiple ways to teach the Awakeneds how to live their life with respectfully.

If they only committed a minor offense, they would be given another chance. After a few months, once it was decided that they have learned their lesson, they would be free to go.

This was only possible for those Awakeneds who weren’t murderous enough to be classified as an extremely dangerous figure.

It was highly likely that the dangerous ones would not be let out, and some would even be killed if it was determined that they pose a serious threat that would still be tricky to deal with in the future.

The ones that were let go sometimes decide to join them, which they would happily accept since that was still another Awakened being added on their side.

This was the reason why they capture Awakeneds instead of outright killing them even if they have the capability to do so.

They have their own process that, through time, would determine whether the Awakeneds can still be changed or they would have to disappear as they would be too dangerous to handle.

The Awakened that they were currently in the midst of capturing was one of those who still have the chance to change.

If it were thinking properly, it would know that there wasn’t any need to kill off its prey since sucking a tiny amount of blood on many people was completely fine.

White Eye’s only problem was that those bats it transformed into seemed to have no self-control and could only suck away blood from others until those targets lose their life.

If it could control the urge to keep sucking out other people’s lives, then they could exist just like mosquitoes, which were closely similar to them.


Chief Li looked on with shock, as the barrier that seemed to contain the bats effortlessly, started to show signs of damage with small cracks appearing here and there.

“Did they suddenly become stronger?”

The cracks became more apparent as the bats’ actions turned more berserk, continuously hitting the barrier as hard as they could.

“Could it be that they were only pretending to be weak so that we would think that they’re trapped?”

Chief Li thought about the reason why they could possibly do that. Maybe they wanted to escape?

That wasn’t it. If those bats wanted to escape, then why would they show themselves in the first place?

No, there should be something they were here for. What could it be? What were they doing here?

Chief Li recalled everything about White Eye and how the bats prey on others, sucking out their blood.

It was only effective for ordinary people as they would have a difficult time against Awakens.





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The Lust System: Chapter 172 (Unlocked)

Chapter 172 – Barrier Master


Ever since the blood-sucking bats appeared here, they have never made a single move.

These creatures remain in a particular area, and no one knows what they were currently up to, confusing many who were watching on the scene or the live broadcast elsewhere.

It was hard to imagine that there was an intelligent being behind these creatures, which for them looked to only be waiting for their deaths.

If it were them, they should be running away to hide now since it was foolish to show themselves out like this in an open area.

What do they want to achieve by staying here?

Many had been wondering if there was something else they missed as they couldn’t read what was these creatures plan on doing.

Some were laughing at the Awakened’s misfortune, sitting back to watch the upcoming show of them being destroyed.

No matter who, when, and where it was, envy exists within everyone. That includes all the Awakeneds that was currently watching the situation.

Though most of them only decided to watch since things like these don’t happen often, some of those Awakeneds still couldn’t contain the envy and bitterness in their hearts.

A number of them were already powerful, but they would still not like it when they see someone having a bigger potential than their own selves.

An Awakened with a unique skill that was a level stronger than others. An Awakened with an ability that wasn’t useful in battles. An Awakened with a power that has limited use. Whoever they are, could see the potential of the Awakened behind these bats.

Even though it could not be said to be one of the strongest, the skill was still incredibly powerful. No one would want to see another Awakened being as strong if not stronger than them.

This is were most of their enviousness comes from.

They all have similar feelings and thoughts; if they couldn’t have it, then others should also not have it.

Seeing the Awakened seeking death by preying on a secluded mountain village in broad daylight, couldn’t be better for them.

Some who have complete confidence in themselves and their abilities only watched for entertainment and to find some Awakeneds who could be a potential threat or a potential ally.

At the same time, internally, they were looking down on others who call themselves Awakeneds with their puny skills, which were no different from having no abilities.

While everyone’s eyes were focused on the scene, the bats suddenly showed erratic movements, flying around as if they were feeling something in their surroundings.

Instantly after that, a thin barrier that looked so fragile enclosed onto every single one of them, preventing them from escaping.

Many people who saw this landed their eyes on the barrier that forcefully trapped all the bats inside.

They observed how the bats bumped on it with full force but still could not get out. All of the spectators examined if it was a special kind of barrier.

Barrier Masters who were Awakeneds with barrier type skills were common around them. It was highly likely that most of the spectating Awakeneds have encountered it at least once in their lifetime.

Barriers aren’t rare, and most of them were ordinary ones, which were a skill that could trap weaker beings inside.

It wasn’t something to be afraid of when they weren’t alone since it wasn’t hard to deal with.

If the Awakened contain was stronger than the Barrier Master, the chances are that the barrier could easily be destroyed by overpowering it.

The user will receive no backslash; however, they would then become helpless against their enemy with their skill failing to contain them.

This could be solved by having allies that would support the Barrier Master with their own destructive abilities.

In the event that the barrier was destroyed, the allies would still be there to protect the Barrier Master.

Being a Barrier Master only requires strength. The stronger the user is, the stronger their barrier gets, which was why all barrier users solely put their focus on finding every way to rank up.

Breaking through a small stage in their ranks would also strengthen the power of their barriers.

This kind of ability could be said to be wholly reliant on their ranks and the small stages in between each rank. It could determine whether their barrier would be broken through or not.

There are no techniques that could improve barriers. It was only a simple skill that has the role of restricting their target’s escape path or limiting the area they can go to.

No modifications can be done with it, unlike weapon-related skills that can mutate along with its user’s understanding.

All the Awakeneds who had this knowledge looked at the bats who were hitting the barriers.

By seeing whether the barrier was receiving damage, they could have an insight into how powerful the Barrier Master is.

It was apparent that the blood-sucking bats were only Rank 1 as if it had reached Rank 2, it would give off an entirely different atmosphere.

With the bats’ harmless look, there was no room for doubts that they were incredibly weak and were only relying on their numbers.

A Rank 2 Barrier Master can contain any Rank 1 without much effort most of the time. The only exceptions were those who could naturally counter barriers such as beings with incorporeal bodies.

Few of them also took this chance to inspect what type of barrier it was. The most common one was the energy barrier, which was made from the energy of its user.

There were also others ranging from elemental barriers to dangerous ones like mist barriers. There was also the possibility of it being a new one they haven’t seen.

As the show was only starting, a lot of them kept their sights on what was going to happen next since it will only keep getting interesting from this point on.

They have started.

Chief Li waited and watched to see how it would turn out. These people were the ones who would have to deal with the bats.

The first one was a Barrier Master that was tasked with trapping all of them in the same area.

The barrier was large enough to contain all those bats inside. Luckily it succeeded with nothing going wrong just like they had planned.

It also helped that the bats could not separate far away from each other. This was what they found out in the past.

The blood-sucking bats were the transformation of a single Awakened. There seemed to be a limitation about them having to always be in a close range with the others.

It was possible for them to run away and make an escape; however, they would have to do it all together.

Although that was the case, it didn’t mean they should look down on the skill.

With the bats reaching hundreds to more than a thousand in numbers, catching them once they went into the vast forests would be impossible. It was especially so when there were a lot of caves for them to hide.

Killing all of them while accidentally missing one, meant that every effort they put in would become useless.

But this time they won’t be giving them the change to flee.




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The Lust System: Chapter 171 (Unlocked)

Chapter 171 – White Eye


Chief Li, in a faraway distance, had been watching the proceedings happening on the mountain.

They had a complicated situation that they had to deal with. If they were unsuccessful, the consequences would be unthinkable.

This time it was a critical mission, and one wrong move might potentially endanger the cities nearby around them with millions of people living in it.

The problem came up when they were notified about an Awakened being spotted outside the proximity of numerous mountain villages. And it was the same one that they had been searching for.

They were quick to respond since they were prepared for this situation occurring at some time in the future.

And this was their mistake in the first place. They were the ones responsible for this mess. If it weren’t for their error, this would not have happened.

This was about the number of Awakeneds who escaped from their prison long ago. They had never expected it until it was too late, and they were all gone.

Days went by, and they still couldn’t get them back. That was what everyone had expected, but they still had to try finding them.

White Eye. It was the name of one of those Awakeneds which escaped from their prison. It was also the one they were currently attempting to contain.

This Awakened was an especially dangerous one. They were fortunate that they had captured it the first time.

However, all of it had gone to waste when it escaped back to the world once again. The first time that they had come in contact with it, those bats were devouring secluded villages one by one.

This report came to them when many villagers in several areas turned into corpses overnight.

One similarity between all the cases was all of them being drained dry. Only their shriveled up body was left on the scene.

Initially, they thought it was someone sucking out their blood for their own purpose and searched everywhere for this culprit.

However, after a long search and a few more secluded villages being wiped out, they found out that it wasn’t someone but something.

Knowing all that, the only explanation they were left with was it being caused an Awakened. That was the only way those cases could be possible.

After countless nights of worrying about the next attack, they finally encountered it after guarding several villages left in the area.

Their Department sacrificed resources and gathered highly skilled members to subdue the Awakened.

Saying that they were successful wasn’t entirely accurate since they had to give up a lot to contain this formidable individual. The number of secluded villages in the mountains they lost was also not small.

Each one of them lost hope on catching it after they found out that it escaped along with the others.

They remembered all the obstacles they faced when they were in the process of containing it, and no one was confident about pulling it off once again.

That was before they received a message about Awakeneds from other cities assisting them.

This time it was different. They have a big chance of defeating this Awakened.

Though it was only a Rank 1, which for the higher-ups, wasn’t much of a threat, its skill was still troublesome.

Rank 1 Awakened were mostly not taken seriously by those Awakeneds with strengths of Rank 2 and above.

This made it quite difficult for their Department to deal with some overpowered ones with troublesome skills.

Rank 1 Awakeneds would be sent out to defeat Rank 1’s and Rank 2 Awakeneds for other Rank 2’s. Only with rare extreme cases would a Rank 2 waste their time to handle a Rank 1.

The disparity with their strengths was incomparable. Chief Li doesn’t know the specifics, but he knows Rank 2 would not bother dealing with Rank 1 Awakeneds.

When they have received the intelligence about White Eye, they immediately made their move and contacted the necessary reinforcements to finish it as soon as possible before it decided to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Its name White Eye partly originated from how this man could turn into a bat. More specifically, his skill allows him to transform himself into a grand swarm of bats.

The bats it could transform into were the reason why they had a hard time dealing with him. Those bats were all him split into many creatures.

Even though the bats were mostly the same with ordinary bats, which could be killed quite easily even by ordinary people, it was still basically impossible to kill all of them.

If one of them managed to escape, the man would still be unharmed, and they would have to find where he was hiding once again.

This was why they were having a difficult time with it. The skills itself was not too overpowered to pressure them into retreat.

The blood-sucking bats, which were what they named it after its ability to suck blood, were unstoppable with their numbers.

Fortunately, their ability to suck blood wasn’t too strong that they would have to run away for safety.

The volume of blood that one bat could take in was only tiny. Even for someone like Chief Li would not be in danger from being bitten by it.

However, what makes them deadly was their large numbers. If they attacked the same person at once, the result would be a cruel death if they were ordinary people.

For Awakeneds, it would take more effort to pierce through their skin, but with enough time, the bats would also be able to inflict the same damage and could possibly cause death.

But it was only if the said Awakened allowed them enough time to do it. If the Awakened fought back, none of it would be possible and would only do little to no damage.

One could also submerge themselves into lakes and rivers to force them off, which would always be effective against these creatures.

The indication that the bats were full was when their eyes glow bluish-white. The white eyes were incredibly striking with their pitch-black bodies.

As a result, the Awakened was called White Eye.

Currently, Chief Li was watching how things would proceed; at the same time, he was waiting for the reinforcements to arrive.

From the info that he got, these reinforcements were special. Their skills were different from the common destructive ones.

He had no idea what they were, but he had some guesses based on how their previous battle with this Awakened went down.

They would need a way to prevent those bats from running away. As long as their mobility was restrained in some way, it would be easy to finish them one by one.

On the outskirts of the mountain, three shadows closed in on the same area as they dashed in the same direction.

Max with Yu’er and Xue finally reached the mountain where those bats were located after transversing mountains to enter this place.

After Max and Yu’er decided to take a closer look at the lively event, they briefly contacted Xue before moving out.

Now that they were here, they only need to find the exact position of those creatures.

Seeing the large mountain before them, this search might take quite a while. But with the time they spent on their way here, it was nothing.




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