X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 101 part 1


So due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s going on currently, my aunt and her child decided to take refuge in me and my family’s home. So that means more babysitting for me to do! Yay!…ha..

And because of that I struggled to find time to study, let alone do TL work. To make matters worse, when I was TLing this chapter the brat had the audacity to unplug my PC, making me lose 4 hours of work, so I had to start it all over again. I really was lacking motivation at that point but I shut out my thoughts and squeezed this out. So hopefully the quality is still ok.


Enough ranting! Make sure to stay safe, practice social distancing and wash your hands on the regular guys! For all dIfFRENt kINdS oF ReASonS…eh hue…



Chapter 101 part 1

X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 100

My aunt from overseas decided to come over and live with my family for a month with her 5yr old son. And with only an abrupt notice, I was told to vacate my room out for her and her child to stay. Since my pc was in my room, I basically couldn’t touch it for that period of time. Plus, her kid needs so much attention that I had my hands basically tied behind my back for a month :'(


Anyway, everything’s back to normal now that I’ve got my room back to yay!

(I do realize that I suck at keeping promises, but life’s kinda hectic for me and I’m a fucking potato so either I use insufficient methods to fix problems or I just dunno how to fix them entirely so I won’t make them anymore. But please do remember that I will not abandon this TL unless I officially announce it)


Chapter 100 is finally out guys!!! Soz for the delayssss (plz dont be too hard on me)

X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 99

Sorry for the delays everyone! Basically this site has undergone some techinical difficulties in regard to making new pages and posts(it happens very often), and the ‘Breads’ dunno how to fix it. Sooo yeah, this site was sorta dead for quite some time, but thankfully there were pre-scheduled posts to entertain you guys and gals. Just a few minutes ago, one special bread figured out how to make new posts so here I am typing this thingy up!

Also, expect some delays for the next upload cause I’m busy studying for my exams…feelsbadman. BUT, do expect more frequent uploads once November flies by!

Enough chit-chat here’s Chapter 99

X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 97 part 1

Soz for the late upload, I was experiencing some technical difficulties and it took me a while to figure out how to solve it. Part 1 is kept relatively short because I want to release to kinky part as a whole 😉

I’m using a new format to upload this chapter (and possible future chapters) since the old one stopped working and I don’t like how all the words are clumped up together, but it’s not letting me space each paragraph out with the new publishing format (which sucks hella balls).


Chapter 97 part 1