AV App Chapter 26 ♡ Married Woman and AV watching Project



The novice support project this time seems to be a situation play where I watch AV with a married woman. It’s a common situation in AV. A married woman and a virgin watch porn, then the wife gets horny, asks the virgin to do her, and ends up having sex.

『 Ah, ah, ah! That’s amazing! 』

A lusty voice echoes through the room.

The screen is showing the actress in a cowgirl position. It’s a rear cowgirl from the male’s perspective.

The woman’s ass moves up and down, and the pussy swallows the penis. It’s got a nice view of the ass making a ripple on impact.

「 Sexy 」

This is a little different from the AV you watch on your phone or PC. Perhaps, it’s because of the space created by these transcendent beings, and the TV too, the images are so vivid that it looks like the video’s actually happening right in front of our eyes.

The slams and the wet sounds are too realistic. The moans of both sexes and their gasps. The violent heat of the two having sex. It smells obscene. You can feel the airflow as their hips collide.

Usually, I’d be masturbating in this scene. It would be rude not to use something this lewd.

But, I’m not alone

「 ………… 」

There’s a woman next to me. Shigawa Sumire-san. She’s a married woman with a child.

She looks down shyly, glances at the screen, and gulps.

Seems like the effects of the app’s perception alteration are working. She’s got no doubts when she transferred to this mysterious space, and she’s not even worried about her daughter right now.

The actors changed positions a bit. While in the rear cowgirl position, the actress turned her face away from the camera, then the angle also changed to show the woman in front, zooming to the place where it’s making noises. The connected part is clearly visible.

Shiny and wet thick dick. Love nectar rubs and bubbled white.

The sight of the small pussy spreading out and swallowing the dick is grotesque, lewd, and indecent, yet also sexy, lewd, and obscene.

It’s too arousing.

「 So it looks like that 」

Sumire-san mutters her impressions.

She might just be speaking to herself. It might be a murmur of her true thoughts. But, I clearly heard it.

「 Right. We can’t see it from ourselves unless we record it 」

「 Ah, did I just speak up? Sorry. I’ve said something vulgar 」

「 No. I’d be weirded out too if I just watch in silence 」

「 You could say that 」

It must be the AV app’s effect. Sumire-san glanced back at the screen.

The excellent camerawork shows the combined part in a lewd manner. It’s a close-up scene.

「 ………… 」

I caught a glimpse of Sumire-san looking at me from the corner of my vision.

She’s looking not at my face, but at my lower half. The crotch part. I’m having a massive erection right now that it’s pushing against my pants so high.

It’s clear that I’m aroused.

『 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 』

『 Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu.! 』

The actress’s voice and the sound of the penis going in and out just aroused me further.

This video doesn’t have any stimulating effect, right?

I mean, this is the AV app, so I can’t really say that it doesn’t. It’s likely, as it’s troublesome.

My dick’s so hard that it hurts. I want to soothe it with a stroke. I want to get inside a woman’s pussy. I want to cum.

「 I wonder what cowgirl position feels like? 」

「 Nakade-kun’s never done it before? 」

「 I have experience, but I haven’t done it in that position yet 」

「 I see. I guess college students are getting there 」

She stopped halfway.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 No, nothing. Just be sure to take birth control okay? 」

Sumire-san gave mature advice and looked away.

I see. I see. I get it. Sumire-san’s first experience was also in college. So that’s why she stopped halfway. So I’m the same.

「 Hmmm… 」

The married woman gave out a light cough. Why is she so bewitching.

I can’t even say that Sumire-san has a beautiful body even as flattery. She doesn’t wear makeup, and her hair and skin are unkempt. She has eyebags under her eyes, and her clothes are worn and tattered. She’s got huge breasts drooping, and her belly’s flabby. Her ass and thighs are thick.

The overall impression is bland.

If you ask me if I’d have sex with her, I would. I have the composure. I get excited by the shape of her nipples as she’s not wearing a bra. Also, the beautiful smile coming on her face creates a gap moe.

Seems like my strike range is much wider than I expected.

「 Huh? When did this flip board appear? 」

Flip boards are a regular feature of events like this. I didn’t recognize it until she did.

The contents were almost the same as Leona-san’s.


【 Reward 】

・Sex: 300,000 Yen.

【 Bonus 】

・50,000 Yen added for each intravaginal ejaculation.


Using the energy drink will reduce the reward to 1/10


I’ll omit the abuse the AV app devs wrote. They wrote about me lacking in technique, and how pitiful I am.

Ignore them. Ignore. Nope. No point in arguing, I’m sorry for my lack of technique then!

「 300,000 Yen 」

Sumire-san gulps as she looks at the rewards column.

As expected, 300,000 yen is a lot of money for an ordinary person. Having one sex session can easily exceed her monthly income.

It’s probably the perception alteration effect of the AV app that makes it even more attractive.

『 Ahn, ahn! Ahn! Ahn! Amazing! Your dick’s amazing! I’m glad I’m born a woman! Thrust it more! 』

「 ?! 」

Sumire-san twitched. She seems to be startled by the statement of the actress indulging in pleasure.

The married woman’s eyes waver. I could sense that she was torn between money and fidelity, the pleasures of a woman, her love for her husband, and a lot more emotions and desires.

The screen’s now showing the cowgirl position where they’re facing each other. The actress is shaking her hips violently. The man also thrusts his hips upwards, both in pleasure. She’s drenched in lust, yelling loudly.

「 Sumire-san 」

「 We can’t 」

She rejects it even before I could ask.

「 We can’t. I have a husband and a daughter 」

Her married woman behavior is stubborn.

However, I don’t know what the AV app devs will do with sudden events.

「 ?! 」

Sumire-san reacts. I gently took her hand.

She seemed like she was trying to pull back, so I grabbed her tightly to not let her go.

「 I’m just holding your hand. That’s all. You often hold Rin-chan’s hand too, don’t you? 」

「 If it’s that much 」

Good, I crossed the first checkpoint.

We watched the AV while holding hands.

Sumire-san’s hands are of a hardworking person. It’s rough, accustomed to housework, just like Fuyou-san.

「 Your hands are beautiful 」

「 It’s nothing but rough. I don’t even use maintenance on it 」

「 No, it’s the hands of a mother. I think it’s lovely 」

「 Thank you 」

As expected of an adult. Compliments are child’s play to her.

「 Sumire-san, do you work multiple jobs? 」

「 No. I’m only a housewife 」

「 And Back then? 」

「 None. It’s embarrassing to say, but I already married my husband when I was in college 」

I see. Rin-chan’s in kindergarten. That’s approximately five years. If she got pregnant in college, then Sumire-san is still in her 20s! Depending on how old she got pregnant, she might be in her mid-20s.

I was sure that she was already 30…sorry

I guess the advice about using birth control was based on her experience.

Talking about her husband has been taboo. If I continued asking there, Sumire-san would be cautious. If so, there’s only one other topic to pry into.

「 Rin-chan’s such a cute child. How old is she? 」

「 Still in the nursery. She’s 4. She’ll be 5 this year 」

「 Four years old? Yet, she’s quite mature for her age 」

「 I don’t even know where she learned how to speak like that 」

Sumire-san sighed, but there was a tint of happiness in her voice. She seems to be pleased with her daughter’s growth.

Our holding hands casually went on the married woman’s thighs. I can feel her soft thighs on the back of my hand.

「 Tell me more about Rin-chan 」

「 That’ll take a long time, are you sure about that? 」

The eyes of the fragile married woman, whose happiness seem fading, began to sparkle. It seems that she can’t resist talking. She’s itching for it.

「 Of course. I want to hear about Rin-chan, Sumire-san’s pride

「 Then 」

She continued praising her daughter one after another.

Sumire’s mouth never stopped talking about pre-birth, thoughts during pregnancy, her experiences during childbirth, raising a child when she was new to everything and confused, turning over, her first words, and the moment she stood up, and started kindergarten.

She seems that she’s forgotten she’s holding hands with me.

Occasionally, I put my hand over her chest to secretly enjoy the feel of her breasts. That was amazing.

「 -Rin’s apologetic face when she wakes up seeing that she peed on the bed was so cute! It’s so cute that it hurts! I mean, she’s so cute I want to keep watching her 」

「 Peeing the bed. Maybe I should tell Rin-chan that next time 」

「 Ufufu. She might get angry and stop talking to you if you do that 」

「 That’s bad, if that happens, I’ll say that Sumire-san told me 」

「 Y-You can’t! Rin would get angry at me if you do that 」

「 But, angry Rin-chan also… 」

「 Looks cute! I want to show that to Nakade-kun! 」

Sumire-san and I are having a great time talking about Rin-chan.

We find ourselves so close that our arms are touching each other. When did this happen?

「 Phew. It’s been a while since I talked to someone about Rin. No, this might be the first. Sorry. I took too long and it was one-sided 」

Not at all. The time you took made me feel your love for Rin-chan.

When talking about her beloved daughter, Sumire’s face lifted up, showing the beautiful, youthful face she had the whole time.

She’s quite satisfied that she boasted about her daughter.


『 Aahn! 』

Suddenly, a woman’s moan came to our ears.

Ah, the AV on the screen is airing a creampie. We got so engrossed in Sumire-san’s story that we forgot about it.

It seems the scene switched to another AV, with a different AV actress performing a cowgirl position on top of the actor. Cowgirl position again. Is it cowgirl position day? Or is it the preference of the developers?

She seems to have remembered now too.

「 S-Speaking of which, the TV’s here 」

Her cheeks are dyed red, but she doesn’t seem to reject away from me.

Did I succeed in easing her guard?

「 Oh right, what do we do, Sumire-san? 」

I say while guiding my hand to her thighs. I rub the back of my hand. My other hand is touching my erect penis over my pants.

I’m guessing that we need to do something naughty to get out of this place. It’s a compulsory quest for novice support projects after all.

「 Y-You can’t, Nakade-kun, I’m married… 」

Oh? Seems like her hesitation is growing bigger.

She speaks “No,” but she lets me rub her thighs. Since we’re holding hands, she could move my hand away if she wants to. And yet, she doesn’t.

What could that mean?

「 Just a bit! Just a bit, please! I want to touch Sumire-san’s body! 」

I looked straight at her and begged. But she hesitated and looked away.

Seems like I can push further.

「 But my body’s not great 」

「 That’s not true! My dick’s already erect just from touching Sumire-san’s thighs! 」

I moved my pants and underwear, exposing my erect dick. My rock-hard dick is overflowing with pre-cum

Sumire-san’s eyes stare at my dick. Can I get this to work?

I let go of the hand I’m holding and began stroking the thighs of the married woman. This sensation is outstanding. It’s soft and bouncy. I want to lay my head on it.

This thin married woman doesn’t refuse, laughing in self-mockery.

「 It’s unattractive, see? I gained weight after giving birth and my body never got back to normal. I had to prioritize childcare, which made me gain even more weight. I’m already an auntie in Nakade-kun’s eyes 」

「 Unattractive? Auntie? Sumire-san? I don’t know the hardships of childcare. I have no experience with that. But, what I know is that Sumire-san’s raising Rin-chan as a priority, and pouring your love on her. You want to dress her up, right? It’s cool for Sumire-san to shake off her desires and focus on raising her child. It’s something to be proud of 」

I guided her hand and had her grip my dick.

「 AH 」

I put my hand on top of the married woman’s hand and moved it up and down. T-That feels good, I want to cum.

「 Sumire-san did this. Please take responsibility 」

「 It’s hot and hard 」

Sumire-san’s eyes are melting. Even if I don’t move her, her hands started moving by themselves.

A housewife’s hand job. A little awkward at first, but the movement became even more intense as she recalls the sensation.

She demonstrates her skilled hand job technique using her wrists.

「 I’ve never been told like that before. Nakade-kun, do you really want to do naughty things with this auntie? 」

「 Yes, of course. I won’t tell anyone. We’ll forget about today. And besides, I don’t see Sumire-san as an auntie. You’re only a few years older, right? You’re just an older sister from my perspective. So, Sumire-san. Teach me about your adult sex! Please!

If she wants to escape, then she could leave. And yet, she’s not moving. She doesn’t resist. She doesn’t refuse.

She doesn’t seem to notice, but her eyes are feverishly moist. Sumire-san’s breath is getting hot as she can’t control the tingling in her body. Too sexy. She’s filled with sexiness.

Sumire-san closed her eyes and pondered.

「 Haa, just this time, okay? Let’s forget this after 」

G-Good! She gave permission

「 But! I won’t take off my upper clothes. I don’t want to show off my ugly body. Please spare me from that. Okay? 」

「 Yes! Please take care of me! 」

Clothed play is also amazing! She’s wearing tight and thin clothes so I can see her body line, and even the shape of her nipples. Having clothes is a trivial thing.

My hand touching her thigh goes to her stomach. Then, it went up and gradually touched her drooping breasts.

I feel the warmth of her raw breasts through her thin clothing.

「 Nnn~~ 」

Sumire-san moves and leans forward as I touch her breasts. Just as I was wondering what she’d do, then my penis got enveloped in something raw and warm.

「 Sumire-san? 」

「 Juru, juru, juru, juzozo 」

Going for an intense married-woman fellatio? This feels good! The pleasure could send me to heaven.

The situation of a married woman sucking a dick of a man that’s not her husband is so immoral that it drives me crazy. Furthermore, she’s good at it.

「 What do you think? Juru, juru… 」

「 S-So this is how mature women do fellatio. That feels good! Ugh! 」

「 That’s…juru, great…hamu, jurururu, juzo, juzozozozo!! 」

Her hand job and fellatio technique…I-Is this vacuum fellatio?

「 Kuh! I’m cumming!! 」

Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyupyu!!

「 Ngu! Kuh! Hmm 」

I ejaculated a ton inside the mouth of a married woman. This is the best.

「 Nfuu, you let out a lot of hot stuff. FUfu 」

Sumire-san swallowed the semen with an experienced and sexy gesture, and her fragile appearance is nowhere to be found. She smiles bewitchingly with the color of a blooming poisonous flower.

S-So this is what happens when a married woman gets serious.

「 Aah, it’s still hard 」

Sumire-san murmurs in ecstasy and began to take off her lower half clothing. She’s wearing a beige color panty. I thought they’re see through, but they’re just worn out.

The married woman pushed my body lightly as I was still stunned from her vacuum fellatio, laid me down, and pressed my erect penis on her pussy.

Sumire-san’s secret place is already wet with love nectar that she didn’t even need to prepare. She rubs my penis on it and it makes wet sounds.

「 I’ll put it in. Take a good look. It’s been a while since I had one so I’m a little nervous if I could still do it! Hmmm!! 」

She slowly lowers her hips, and my penis gets buried into the married woman’s pussy. It pushed open her entrance that had already given birth to a child and it went in deeper.

It took about ten seconds and my penis is now buried deep inside the married woman. Warm vaginal flesh sticking from all directions.

My first sex with Sumire-san is in a cowgirl position while facing each other.

「 Ugh! Kuh!! 」

「 Aaah! Aaah! This! It’s this feeling! It’s been a while! I think the last time I had sex was when I got pregnant with Rin! This is how a dick feels inside… 」

「 Woah! 」

It’s been a while since she had sex, but I had no time to think about that.

I just came, and yet, I’m about to do it again.

I can feel the heat inside Sumire-san. Her vagina gives me tremendous pleasure even though we’re not moving.

What a formidable pussy. Truly. The expression of “a thousand wriggles” is actually true.

「 Aaah! That feels amazing! 」

「 S-Sumire-san! I-I’m! Ugh! Guaa!! 」

Dopy! DOpyu! Dopyu!!

It’s pathetic to say, but I reached my limit just from insertion.