AV App Chapter 27: Second Virginity



I came inside this married woman. I poured my semen deep inside her pussy. Sumire-san instinctively felt that sticky semen coating her uterus.

「 Oh? Did you just cum? 」

「 S-Sorry 」

「 Fufu. I feel your hot stuff pulsing inside. Here I thought I’d teach you about sex, but you already came. Wait, huh? It’s still hard?

Even after ejaculating, I’m still hard. I’m not in Kenja mode. Sumire-san’s pussy feels too good that my arousal won’t go down.

I want to taste more. I want to move. I want to cum inside Sumire-san again.

「 That was your second ejaculation. I guess we can still have sex. I’m moving now 」

Sumire-san began moving her hips forward and backward.

She hadn’t had sex in a long while so her hip movement was awkward at first. However, her pussy’s too good that it doesn’t matter.

「 Hm, hm, hm, how is it? 」

「 Ah, this is really bad 」

「 Am I heavy? 」

「 Not at all! It just feels so good 」

Whenever she moves her hips back and forth, her vaginal folds tightly entwine and assault my penis with pleasure.

The love nectar and the semen I ejaculated became lubricant on her excellent pussy. I can hear the lewd sounds coming from it.

「 Hmm, hmm…I should move like this..hmmm 」

Furthermore, Sumire-san’s recalling how to move in the cowgirl position and it’s becoming smoother.

We’re rubbing our genitals together. Her hot vaginal folds entwine. This married woman moves so sexily.

This is really bad. The pleasure is too much that I might cum again.

「 Hmm, hm, hmm, hmm, nuu, hmm 」

The voice leaking out from Sumire-san is charming.

Are married women sexy? Or is it Sumire-san that’s sexy?

「 This is getting tiring…I guess…Hmmm 」

Sumire-san, whose skin turned pink, stopped moving. She looks moist and sweaty. The female scent of sweat stirs me up.

「 Please hold it for now. There we go 」

She turned around while I’m still inside. This time, she’s moving up and down with her back turned on me.

The angle of her vagina and the different moves makes so much difference.

「 Ah, ah, haa, haa, naa~ 」

The married woman’s back is dancing on top of me.

Her big butt moves up and down rhythmically with her feet anchored on the bed. Her ass makes ripples every time there’s a clapping sound. What a sight for sore eyes.

Women with huge asses are great.

「 Haa, haa, hmm, haa, nuu 」

I can only see my dick when Sumire-san’s ass is at the highest point. However, I only see it for a moment. Soon, it was out of sight, and all I could feel is my dick penetrating her pussy.

I spread open her pussy and slam her uterus.

「 Sumire-san, I can’t hold it anymore! 」

「 Go ahead. Cum inside a ton! 」

「 Ah, aah! C-Cumming! 」

Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!

「 Fufu. You’re pouring your hot liquid again. Amazing 」

Guuh! Stop moving your hips. You’re stimulating me all the way to ejaculation, causing a chain reaction of pleasure.

Sumire-san finally stopped moving when there was no more semen coming out.

She turned around while I’m still inside again, and faced me.

「 Young men are amazing. You’re still hard, looks like you can still cum one more time 」

「 You know, it just felt amazing 」

「 You can go for another round, right? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Sumire-san telling me to do my best somehow filled me with motivation. I can’t go against the mood.

It must be a motherly feature? So this is what a mother feels like? Or maybe I’m just weak-willed?

「 There. Nakade-kun can see it clearly, right? This is where we’re connected. 」

Sumire-san spreads her legs wide while moving up and down slowly. Our connected part is in full view, just as she said. This is much more vivid than the AV. The unique smell of a man and woman having sex is in the air.

My freshly ejaculated semen spills out from the gap between our genitals and began to bubble from the friction.

Her secret place is now sticky with the semen I released so far.

Nuchu, nechu, nyuchu.

It’s making sticky sounds. Whenever my penis goes deep, it makes that sound.

「 Fufu. What’s wrong? I just felt you twitching and growing inside of me 」

You’re the one showing yourself having sex. This married woman…

Not bad for a service-minded woman. Rather, this is great.

「 Aah, naa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

The married woman’s body bounces up high, making clapping sounds. My penis thrusts with great force in and out of her pussy, penetrating her at top speed.

Sumire-san’s feeling it for sure. It’s a bewitching response, and it’s not acting.

「 Haaan~ 」

Suddenly, she fell on top of me.

We’re staring at each other at close range, and we silently came to an understanding and kissed each other.


What a sweet kiss coming from a married woman. It tastes immoral and forbidden. The more you’re forbidden, the more you’d want to do it.

「 Nchu, kiss. We’ve kissed 」

「 Right.,.. 」

I hold her soft body gently, got up to my knees, and thrust my hips up.

「 Aaahn! Yes! Great! Amazing! 」

「 Thank you 」

I learned from watching AV. The AV actor moved his piston intensely like this.

「 That’s the spirit! Ah, ah, ah, ah! 」

「 Sumire-san! Sumire-san! 」

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, you’re doing great. Amazing 」

Now you’re just stimulating my instincts. I’m now half-conscious and the pleasure has taken over, and I send in my semen to her uterus to impregnate her.

Sumire-san’s pussy, this married woman’s body, I can’t pull out now that I’ve tasted her.

Her excellent pussy’s like a drug that gets you entranced.

「 Uh, uh, uh, uh! Hmm! Are you about to cum again?! Aaahn! 」

「 I can’t hold it anymore!!! 」

I can feel my penis harden and swell up inside her.

There’s a wave of pleasure coming from the inside. Then, it burst open.

「 Cumming!! 」

「 Aaahn! It’s pouring! Semen’s pouring inside of me! 」

Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyupyu!!

My third ejaculation. I’m marking a married woman. Again, the semen I spewed made her vagina and uterus sticky.

My sperm is swimming inside this married woman’s body. Just the thought is already making my mouth water in lust.

「 Haa, haa, you did good. Nakade-kun. 」

Unfortunately, Sumire-san didn’t reach a climax. She looks like she still has leeway while she breathes roughly.

Sumire-san pulls out my penis from her vagina and white liquid spills out.

Even I could say that was a ton.

「 Keep what happened today a secret, will you? 」

She pressed her index finger to my lips and warned naughtily.

「 U-Uhm, would you have sex with me again next time? 」

「 Fufu. No. Didn’t we promise to do it only this time? 」

I wanted her to teach me more, and yet…

The married woman laughed after seeing me shocked.

From her expression, she may have verbally rejected it, but that smile on her face was from a beautiful woman, not from a mother.,


【 Reward 】

・Sex: 300,000 Yen ←Clear!

【 Bonus 】

・Intravaginal Ejaculation: 50,000 Yen x 3

【 Secret Bonus 】

・Second Virgin Bonus: 1.5x Reward Multiplier

・Married Woman: 3x Reward Multiplier

『 Shigawa Sumire 2, 205,000 Yen 』



White light surrounded us and we found ourselves at the entrance of the Shigawa residence.

Since the flow of time wasn’t synchronized with real-time, the time spent in that other space is just a moment in reality. I was just about to go home after helping with the shopping luggage.

The 2 million yen reward could be seen shoved into the shopping bag.

「 Ara? 」

Sumire-san’s eyes are blinking in surprise. Sumire-san’s daughter, Rin-chan looked up at her curiously.

「 What’s wrong, Mama? 」

「 Rin? No, Nothing 」

「 Somehow, Mama looks so happy 」

「 Really? Do I look happy? 」

「 Yes, Mama’s smiling! So cute! 」

Sumire-san put her hand on her cheeks, looking lost, and she glanced at me, looking for my opinion. I’m not accustomed to complimenting women.

「 You look lovely, Sumire-san 」

「 I-I see. Thank you 」

The married woman blushed on her cheeks, and I think that’s cute. That’s a face of an older woman, not of a married woman, and not of a mother. Her shabby dress is a real shame.

「 Then, I’ll head home now 」

「 Y-Yes. Nakade-kun, thank you for today…for a lot of things 」

「 Onii-chan, see you later! 」

Sumire-san smiled beautifully, and suggestively. Rin-chan waved her hand innocently, and I left the Shigawa house feeling refreshed.



Name: Nakade Haku

Level 3 ←Level Up!

Rank: Novice AV actor



Midnight. The date changed. Shigawa Sumire was alone in the dining room.

Her daughter, Rin, is already asleep.

The room is quiet. Everyone in the household is asleep.

She’s the only one awake, waiting for someone to return.

「 Fufu… 」

A smile leaks out unconsciously. Sumire’s unaware that she’s smiling slightly, or that she’s occasionally stroking her abdomen.


Gacha, batan

The key to the entrance is unlocked and the door opened.

Suddenly, all emotions were drained from Sumire’s face. She faced the front door with a blank expression, like a “Noh Mask”

「 Welcome back 」

「 ………… 」

Her husband has returned. He doesn’t even respond or glance at his wife greeting him.

He handed his jacket and bag to his wife with a displeased look on his face.

「 You’ve come home today 」

「 Huh? Are you being roundabout telling me not to come home? Your husband’s been working himself to the bone you know?! 」

Sumire turned away, escaping her husband’s glaring eyes.

「 N-No, that’s not it. Don’t mind it 」

The man doesn’t even come home half of the week. Last night, he spent the night out without even sending any notice.

Their daughter, Rin, doesn’t know that.

「 You worked late again, good work. Did you go overtime again? 」

「 Yeah. Then, bar 」

「 Bar… 」

Her husband’s pungent with female perfume. It’s a dense and sweet smell that’s hard to get out of his jacket and body.

Commonly, he goes home with perfume in the air. There’s no need for women’s intuition as it’s clear that he’s playing with other women.

Sumire’s already accustomed to it. She doesn’t even feel any disgust from his infidelity.

「 Would you like a meal? Or bath? 」

「 Meal 」

「 I understand. I’ll prepare some 」

Her husband doesn’t even look at her as she begins to move like a machine with no expression.

She reheated her dinner, and the man started becoming irritated and thumping on the desk.

「 Is it not ready yet? 」

「 It’s warming up 」

「 Tsk, your husband comes home after a hard day’s work and you can’t even serve him a hot meal right away! At least do that! What’s the point of being a housewife. Dammit 」

「 Sorry 」

「 That’s not useful 」

Bang! The man slammed the table. Sumire looked frightened and she shook.

“Bring it here right now,” he says, but he doesn’t even let her know if he’s coming home. Often, he doesn’t. How could she guess that?

Furthermore, whenever he returns, he’s always angry. And so, Sumire’s still awake even when it’s late at night.

「 Drop it. I’m going to take a bath first 」

「 Okay… 」

She looks at her husband, who’s revealing his frustration, making a noise with his footsteps as he goes to the bathroom.

She watched him as she was warming the food and then…

『 What the hell?! Come here! Hurry! 』

He was too loud that it echoed throughout the apartment, shaking the room in the middle of the night.

Sumire rushed to the bathroom where her husband called her.

「 D-Don’t shout. You’ll wake up Rin 」

「 Huh?! That aside, what’s this?! 」

The man pointed at the ordinary bath. A bathtub filled with warm water.

「 It’s not even warmed up! 」

「 I-I’ll warm it up right way 」

She didn’t even retort with “That’s because you’re late coming home” Or rather, Sumire’s accustomed to this situation that the thought didn’t even come to her.

Her short-tempered husband gets agitated over the slightest thing

「 You’re a housewife, aren’t you? You can’t even do that? 」

「 I’m sorry 」

「 I’m working here just for you two! You can’t even prepare a nice warm bath for me when I return home?! 」

The man is in fury, while the wife is frightened

「 Are you skipping housework?! 」

「 No, that’s not it 」

「 Putting on worn-out clothes, unkempt hair, and skin. Trying to show off that you’re worn out. I can see your motives 」

「 I can’t even afford to buy clothes! 」

「 Huh?! Are you telling me that I earn too little!? Is that it? 」

「 N-No! Ouch! 」

Sumire lets out a small scream. Her husband pinched her butt hard. There’s no way for a woman’s skin to withstand the grip of an adult male.

「 You’re just idling around while I’m at work? You’re slacking off, aren’t you? Are you enjoying yourself? Eating luxurious food without telling me?! Look at the proof, your ugly and disheveled body. You’re so fat and round like a pig! 」

「 Kyaa?! 」

Sumire’s pushed away and fell on the floor.

He threw a washbasin on her as a follow-up.

She barely defended, avoiding a direct hit on her face, but the rim of the basin hits her arm, and she’s hit with a dull pain.

「 Enough! I’m taking a shower today! 」

He slammed the door hard.

Sumire’s left in the changing room, she sits and endures the pain in her arm.

She usually doesn’t think much about it. She’s accustomed to him throwing things at her, and abusing her.

So, she shouldn’t feel anything…or so it should be.

But it’s different today.

『 Sumire-san’s cool for devoting herself to raising your child! 』

Gentle voice echoes in her ears. A man younger than her complimented her ugly and fat body. The heat of the semen spurted inside her body coming from the hard rod that penetrated the deepest part of her body can’t get out of her head.

「 Ah! Aaah!! 」

In response to her husband’s outrageous behavior, which she should’ve been accustomed to, Sumire covers her face in tears. In her abdomen, her womb is filled with semen without contraception, and it is tinged in heat.