AV App Chapter 25 Three people



When I finished my homework for university, it was cloudy, and it looked like it was about to rain at any moment.

The ground echoes with the voices of students engaging in their clubs.

I was hurrying home before the rain started to fall while impressed at how hard I worked.


「 Ouch!! 」

A white object flew from the sky and hit me on the forehead.

It made a dry popping sound. It wasn’t as shocking, and it didn’t hurt me as much as I thought I would, but I just reflexively screamed.

It’s that. It’s a light pain, similar to a finger strike

「 That was a soft tennis ball 」

It came from the direction of the court. Of course, there’s also a soft tennis circle. Must’ve been someone’s mistake.

Good thing that the balls were soft like breasts. If this had been a baseball, my head would be swelling.

I hear voices from the club members in the court.

『 Dekashiri! You hit it in the wrong direction and it flew away, go pick up the ball! 』

『 Why!? Isn’t it Senpai who wasn’t able to receive it properly? 』

『 Huh? Are you talking back at your senior?! Who do you think you are? Isn’t it obvious that the freshmen have to pick up the ball? 』

『 Dekashiri, hurry up and pick it up 』

『 Hurry! You’re in the way of the next game 』

『 …Sorry. I’ll go pick it up 』

So the senior seems to be ordering the junior member to pick up the ball. Poor thing. Is it just a strict hierarchical relationship? Or are they picking on them?

The woman holding a tennis racket came out from the court. She looks somewhat depressed.

I feel like I’ve seen her before.

「 Huh? Isn’t it Yumejiri-san? 」

「 Huh? Nii-san-senpai?! 」

A bob-cut chestnut-colored hair. Her distinctive huge ass sticks out from her tennis uniform. Her name’s Yumejiri Suisen She’s a good friend of my step-sister, Kaori.

「 Yumejiri-san’s a soft-tennis club member 」

「 Yes, I am. Is Senpai on the way home?> 」

「 Yeah 」

She noticed I was patting my forehead.

The ball flew off. A passerby. Patting forehead. It’s easy to guess what happened.

「 Did the ball hit you?! I’m sorry 」

「 No, no, don’t mind it. It doesn’t hurt that much. Besides, Yumejiri-san was the one who shot the ball, right? 」

「 Did you hear that? 」

「 Well yeah 」

“I’m really sorry.” Yumejiri-san bows her head again to apologize. What a polite girl.

However, I’m concerned about why Yumejiri-san is called. “Dekajiri(Huge Ass)” It’s not that big, right? I think it’s a lewd ass, you can even call it the right physique for easy delivery. A typical rounded female body.

Well, maybe, they’re big by today’s Japanese women’s standards, but aren’t they just beautifully shaped like the ones for gravure idols?

Women today have too thin for their standards in my opinion.

「 Nii-san-senpai. Do you know where the ball went? 」

「 I think it went to that bush there 」

I point to the area near where the ball hit me.

Over that dense hedge. It would be extremely difficult to find it there.

「 Thank you! 」

Yumejiri-san smiled and thanked me, and stuck her head into the hedge without hesitation.

She buried her upper body in the hedge and her ass is sticking out. She’s hiding her head, yet exposing her ass.

「 There, there? Where is it?! Ball-san! Come out! 」

Her easy delivery ass is frilly. Her pants stick tight to her body, revealing the shape of her ass and the fascinating crack on her ass.


Since I’m at that sexually active age, I stared hard at the younger woman’s ass. I can’t help it. What’s wrong with men getting charmed with ass?

「 Should I help you? 」

「 No need! 」

Still, she’s having difficulty searching for the ball. I thought of helping her out, but when I was preparing…


「 Ouch! 」

「 Kyaa! 」

A second ball strikes. Again, it’s a soft tennis ball, and it hit me on the forehead again.

To think that it hit the same place. This time, it hurts more. The speed and power are clearly different. Ouch.

「 That was a surprise. 」

The ball hit me and flew right to Yumejiri-san, whose head is sticking in the bush. It’s no surprise.

「 I’m sorry! Did the ball reach there?! I missed 」

A male student from the soft-tennis club sent the ball flying. This one’s a sporty-type cool guy.

If I recall, this guy’s Tadokoro? We’re in different departments, but we’re classmates in at least one subject. It’s one of those famous good-looking guys.

Now, it’s a guy who shot the ball, not a woman. No wonder the ball was fast and it hurt.

「 The ball flew over there 」

「 You’re…that famous Nakade-kun, right… Thanks 」

What famous? I mean, I think it’s my relationship with Fuyou-san.

The handsome guy looked where I pointed, stared at the ass sticking out of the bushes for a moment, turned stiff, and awkwardly averted his gaze.

「 …It’s got to be Yumejiri 」

How did you figure that out just from her ass? You’re good.

「 Yumejiri, what are you doing there? 」

「 W-Wait, this voice?! Tadokoro-senpai?! W-Well, my ball flew over so I was looking for it 」

「 Did you see my ball jump in there? 」

「 It’s here! This is Senpai’s ball! 」

Yumejiri-san pulls out and she’s holding a soft tennis ball.

「 Here you go, Tadokoro-senpai. 」

「 Thanks. Did it not hit you? 」

「 N-No, I’m fine 」

Yumejiri-san blushed and looked meek.

Oh, I see. Could this be?

I might be slow when it comes to romance, but I would notice that. She looks like a girl in love, no matter who you ask.

She seems to like this handsome senior.

「 You’ve got leaves on your head, Yumejiri. Don’t move 」

「 Hau?! 」

Yumejiri’s face turned explosively red as the handsome guy removed the leaves from her head and her clothes. She’s starting to boil and steam’s coming out of her head.

He’s even sweeping the leaves near her chest, is that acceptable because he’s handsome? This is unreasonable.

Are you a handsome guy, or a pervy guy? College guys definitely are full of libido!

「 You’re good now. Yumejiri, thanks for the ball 」

「 L-Likewise… 」

「 Keep it up in your circle 」

「 Y-Yes! Todokoro-senpai too! Go for it! 」

The handsome guy showed a refreshing smile and returned to the court.

What remains is my sister’s best friend, entranced and dreamy while blushing.

It’s easy to figure out that she’s in love. It’s kind of dazzling.

「 Oh? The ball’s here 」

The ball she was looking for was slightly visible about 50cm away from where she was looking at. I plucked it from the hedge and bring it out in front of the girl who was making a face of a maiden in love.

「 Here you go 」

「 Hoe? 」

「 The ball 」

「 Huh? Ah, yes. 」 Right. I was looking for the ball! Thank you! Nii-san-senpai!

Yumejiri-san bows and then I hear shouts from the court saying “Dekashiri! Stop slacking off and get your ass back here!”

She’s getting bullied as expected.

「 Nii-san-senpai, I’ll be on my way 」

She bowed her head one last time and hurried back to the court with the tennis ball in hand.

I was deeply moved as I watch her walk away.

「 That ass sure is nice. 」

I left the university while thinking of Yumejiri-san’s safe-childbirth ass.

On the way home, the overcast sky turned darker, and a light drizzle began to fall.

I walk the streets with an umbrella.

The supermarket’s crowded even in the rain. A mother and daughter are coming out of the store lined with advertising flags that say “Today’s a special sale!”

A girl with a child’s umbrella and boots, and a mother with a large bag of groceries in both hands. The mother’s drenched in rain as if she didn’t have time to put up an umbrella. Her bag seems heavy.

The mother and child smiled. It warms the heart.

The mother watching over her daughter seems familiar.

「 Isn’t that Sumire-san and Rin-chan? 」

They’re the familiar mother and child who I recently greet every morning.

I walked faster and called out to the parent and child.

「 Hello 」

「 Oh! Onii-chan! Hello! 」

Young girl refresh! That bright smile heals me! Her umbrella and her boots seem to match.

「 Oh? Hello. Are you on your way home? 」

「 Yes. I’ll help you with your luggage 」

「 No, I can’t impose… 」

「 You’re already drenched. You’ll catch a cold you know? 」

As usual, she’s wearing saggy clothes. Wet and stained by raindrops. Then, of course, the shape of her nipples is puffy and sticking out. No bra again.

Just the tip of the breasts are wet and lightly pink, transparent…wait, that’s her areola’s color!

I averted my gaze from her chest with all my mental powers and took half of the bags from her.

Woah, this is heavy. She sure took advantage of the sale. It must be hard for her to carry this much back home.

「 Thank you 」

Sumire-san held up the umbrella apologetically. Now we don’t have to worry about her getting wet.

Well, I helped her with her luggage out of momentum, but what I’m supposed to do now? My communication skills aren’t that high. What should we talk about?

「 Sumire-san’s married, right? 」

I just speak about the topic I came up with. She’s got a ring fitted on her left ring finger.

What is Sumire-san’s husband like? I’m genuinely curious. The companion of this thin, fatigued wife, who wears shabby clothes.

「 Yes. I’m married 」

「 What kind of man is your husband? 」

「 Let’s see, well, he’s a man busy at work, I guess? 」

「 Oh, my father too 」

Sumire-san seems to be acting with that fleeting smile. It’s a false smile mask that doesn’t want the topic to be touched. It’s a forced smile.

Is their relationship a bad one?

Well, if they were on good terms, then she won’t look like this.

While I’m suspicious of Sumire-san and Rin-chan’s family environment, the innocent young girl twirling her umbrella opened her mouth.

「 Papa always comes home late. And then, by the time I wake up, he’s already gone 」

「 I see. He must be working hard at work. Rin-chan, are you lonely that Papa’s away? 」

「 Not really 」

Huh? Did she shake her head? Sideways? Are you not lonely?

「 I hate how Papa’s always angry at Mama. He’s always angry. He’s noisy too! 」

I-I stepped on a landmine! I shouldn’t have asked.

It was at this moment when I realized once again that children are honest.

Sumire-san’s smile twitched. She forces a bitter smile at me. This is too awkward.

The mouth of the honest little girl didn’t stop.

「 The other night, he was yelling angrily. He always does it when watching baseball. Despite telling us not to speak loudly at night. Papa’s so useless. Even children know he is 」

“Seriously, Papa’s just…” Rin-chan’s waving her hand to make gestures like the aunties who are gossiping around.

Rin-chan, you’re in kindergarten, right? Could you be an actual auntie on the inside?

「 Papa kept saying “I’m sorry” and yet Papa continues to be angry! Geez, I’m fed up with it! 」

「 Rin!? Where did you learn that?! 」

「 Hm? Which one? 」

「 Ahaha, kids always speak things despite not being taught like that 」

「 I’m sorry, truly 」

Is the Shigawa family safe? The fact that the husband’s always angry is already suggesting that she might be suffering from moral and physical abuse. I can already smell the abuse from the clothes she’s wearing…but it’s also not unlikely that she’s just poor.

「 If possible, I’d like you to forget what she said 」

「 O-Okay 」

I’ll pretend to forget about it.

The three of us walked in the rain for a while having some silly talk.

「 We’ve arrived! 」

The child cheerfully taught me the place.

It’s a two-story apartment that looks decades old. One of the rooms on the second floor is for the Shigawa household.

Sumire-san opened the door.

「 I’m home! 」

「 Welcome back 」

「 Mama, welcome home 」

「 Yes, I’m back 」

It’s a heartwarming parent-child exchange. It’s also soothing to see a little girl trying her best to take off her boots.

「 Nakade-kun, thank you for helping me with the baggage 」

「 This isn’t much 」

「 Onii-chan, thank you! 」

「 You’re welcome. Good job, you showed your gratitude Rin-chan 」

I handed the bags to Sumire-san at the entrance and patted Rin-chan’s head.

Rin-chan’s smile is too cute. I want a kid like Rin-chan.

「 If you don’t mind, then I’ll always be there to help you with your baggage. Don’t hesitate to rely on me 」

I said something embarrassing. I never thought that there comes a day I’d say that.

「 Yes. I’ll do so when I see you again 」

Sumire-san said with a pure genuine smile.

I don’t care if it’s flattery. I got to see Sumire-san’s real smile. I’m satisfied.

She was definitely a beauty back then.

「 Then, I’ll take my leave 」

I waved at Rin-chan and went home.

【 Compulsory Quest Start 】

A voice echoes in my head and my body’s enveloped in white light.

Forced teleportation. I’m transported to the usual love hotel space in a blink of an eye.

Huh, again… This is just too sudden. Also, forced. Please give me a notification in advance.

But still, I’m getting used to this kind of development.

Well then. What kind of event is it this time?

If I’m sent to this space, then someone is here to be my partner.

「 Huh? This place is… 」

Next to me on the bed was Shigawa Sumire-san, a thin, married woman, who had been with me just a few seconds before

【 Amateur support project “Please teach me about sex” begins 】

Huh? Amateur support project? The same thing I did with Leona-san?

I mean, the other party’s a married woman, that’s just out!

I protest, but I can’t speak. I can’t move my body.

I was thinking that I’d be put to shame by kneeling again, but then…

『 Aaahn! Cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming! 』

The large screen on the TV turned on by itself and began playing uncensored AV

It’s a close-up scene of the actor’s shiny wet and thick organ inserted into the female actress’s vagina, which is overflowing with love nectar. It’s vivid and sexy.

Apparently, this time, I’m going to watch porn with this married woman.