AV App Chapter 34 ♡ Morning Fellatio



Chun, chun, chun!

「 Ooh, ooh! 」

I wake up to the sound of the birds chirping, and the bright morning sun shining through the curtains, and I make a surprised voice.

It’s a little colder than usual.

I wondered why, and when I opened my eyes, I noticed that I wasn’t wearing any pajamas or underwear.

I see. I had sex with Suisen-chan and fell asleep naked.

I recall the events last night while still half asleep.

A woman with a huge ass and a sensitive body that climaxes easily was the best. That was a lovely night.

Suisen-chan should be sleeping next to me…huh? she’s not here.

I thought she returned to Kaori’s room, but then…

「 It’s really big… 」

I hear her mutter. She’s on my legs.

My brain wasn’t working yet and I didn’t recognize Suisen-chan there.

She hasn’t noticed that I’m awake yet.

The naked female body looks good in a brightly lit room. Her palm-fit size breasts. It’s got a beautiful shape, and her nipples are plump and pretty assertive. Unfortunately, she’s sitting, so I can’t see her secret part, but her toned stomach, which she had worked out by playing soft tennis, is glamorous.

The naked woman’s cheeks are bright red, staring at my morning erection.

「 Hoee 」

She stared curiously, timidly extending her index finger to my erect penis.

Tsun, tsun!

「 Woah?! I-It’s hard! 」

It’s something unknown to women. She pokes it with her finger a few times and touched it.

Suisen-chan’s fingers were a little cold.

「 It’s hot, hard, big, and it’s firm…So this is a man’s penis, the rumored morning wood…Hoeeee 」

She’s been poking it with her fingers, but this time, she timidly wraps it with her whole hand.

Is it that interesting to look at dicks?

Well, I’m curious about women’s pussy too. I guess the opposite is true as well? It’s not strange if women are curious about men’s penises. I see.

「 Y-Yesterday, Nii-san-senpai’s hand made me feel so much pleasure 」

Suisen-chan’s face turned red, making a poof sound.

What a maiden. She’s such a maiden. What a cute reaction.

「 I-It didn’t hurt at all? Could it be that the exercise tore it…kyaa! The sheets are red! What? Was I on my period? 」

Huh? She bled? I didn’t notice it at all last night because it was dim. Despite that, I went for a second round. Sorry.

She’s putting her hand on her crotch to check if she’s menstruating, sexy. My erection…oh wait, it already is.

「 It doesn’t hurt in my belly so it’s not menses, then, this must be the proof of my first time. 」

“Ehehe,” her face loosened in embarrassment.

「 I’ve become an adult with Nii-san-senpai, Kaori’s brother…Uhehehe 」

What a sloppy laugh. She’s grinning lovestruck.

Her hands are also stroking my penis, perhaps, a motion to hide her embarrassment. The force is just perfect, and she sweetly stimulates my erect penis.

It’s overflowing with love nectar, making an obscene sound. The pleasure won’t stop.

「 Ooh. It’s wet! Is this semen? Wait, it’s not. It’s precum! I see 」

Suisen-chan approaches with her face and sniffs.

「 Woah, it stinks 」

I-It stinks? But she looks like she’s enjoying it.

It’s not that it stinks, but it’s “stinky” It’s the same as giving positive feedback by saying something negative. Maybe.

「 Err, I just have to use my mouth, right? Do I have to put this in? 」

Oh? Are you doing morning fellatio?

She’s lost. She’s mulling herself. She continued to worry while her hand still continues to stroke my penis.

After a few seconds, Suisen-chan closed her hands.

「 Eei!! Women have guts and charm! 」

She opened her mouth wide and stuffed my erect penis in her mouth. My penis is wrapped in warmth.

「 Fuo, fue, fau fuo fin fin 」

I don’t know what she’s saying. “So this is a penis?” If you’re going to speak then pull out first. I’m scared that you might bite it off.

「 Fuorefufoofufe 」

Ah, I think I got that one. She’s saying “Let’s try doing this”

Suisen-chan started moving her head.

「 Hm, hm, hm, hmm 」

She’s making lovely noises from her throat, and the room echoes with obscene wet sounds from her mouth and saliva.

Her fellatio’s too aggressive that it’s hard to believe it’s her first time. Maybe she thinks that I’m asleep so it doesn’t matter if she makes some noise.

Either that or her knowledge of fellatio is just thick.

「 Jubbo, juppo, juru, juru, jurururu 」

My dick’s drenched in her saliva.

The sticky and warm mouth gently envelops my sensitive morning erection, encouraging me to wake up from sleep on the lower half of my body.

「 Nfu, nfu, fufu, juru, juru 」

To be honest, her technique isn’t that great. She doesn’t use her tongue, nor suck in with a vacuum. She’s just careful not to sink her teeth in.

However, it’s an exciting situation where a junior in college, and my sister’s best friend, is completely naked, and sucking my penis.

Even before fellating me, she also gave me a hand job, so ejaculation was imminent.

「 Let out a lot of hot semen! Jubo, juru! 」

I-If you say that…

I feel my penis growing in her mouth. Growing harder, thicker, and hotter…

「 Nfuu!? 」

Suisen-chan noticed it too. I’m close to ejaculating.

The healthy girl got even more intense in her fellatio to make me ejaculate. T-That feels good!

-Kuh! C-Cumming!

Dopyu! Dopyupyu! Pyu!!

「 Hmm!!! 」

My first extra thick semen of the morning is released in the mouth of my sister’s best friend.

Oral ejaculation.

「 Goku, goku! 」

She’s drinking the semen I released.

I didn’t think that she’d drink it because it was her first time.

Suisen-chan’s surprisingly bold.

「 It tastes weird 」

The gesture of her licking her lips with her tongue was so sexy that it was hard to believe that she was younger. That’s surprisingly adult.

Her eyes are still glued to my penis.

「 S-So this is a man’s semen 」

She touched the last drop from the tip of my penis and used her fingers to rub it, on my sensitive glans that ejaculated.

Ah, ugh, t-that place…

「 This is amazing. It’s strange…ah 」

「 Ah 」

Suddenly, she turned her eyes and met mine. Suisen-chan blinks in surprise. Her hands are still gripping my penis.

She found out that I’m awake. I thought of pretending to be asleep, but it was too late.

I decided to get up, feeling a bit awkward.

「 M-Morning. 」

「 Ah, yes. Good Morning 」

She can’t figure out the situation, and still, she reflexively returned a polite greeting. She’s trained by the hierarchical relationship in the club

「 Ah, uhm? S-Since when were you awake? 」

「 Oh, about that… 」

I told her honestly while looking away.

「 Since you were poking my dick 」

「 ?! 」

Suisen-chan, whose body is soft, slumps forward and hides her face.

「 P-Please forget it, please! 」

「 I don’t think it’s as embarrassing compared to last night 」

「 T-That’s a separate case…uuuuggh! Nii-san-senpai saw me… 」

What a cute reaction. I hope she continues to remember this maidenly spirit.

I got up and checked the sheets, and found that there was red blood along with the damp feeling. Taking a closer look, Suisen-chan also had blood on her legs.

「 Does it hurt? 」

「 No, not at all. I’m tolerant of pain! Yesterday, it felt so good that I thought I’d go crazy…h-how about senpai, did it hurt?

She blatantly changed the subject because of her embarrassment.

That’s easy to figure out that it’s relax

「 Not at all 」

「 E-Even if it’s so big? 」

Her gaze directs at my morning erection.

Usually, it would just calm down, and besides, I just ejaculated to morning fellatio, but since there’s a naked woman in front of me, my erection has no signs of going down.

I knew it, Suisen-chan’s got a great body. Her thick thighs, her huge ass, and hips, her tight belly, and even her breasts have a nice size. I want to suck on her nipples.

Suisen-chan tilts her head while I admire her naked beauty.

「 Should I do it with my mouth again? 」

What a fascinating proposal.

Guh! Second fellatio tickles my fancy.

I’m all in for another one, but there’s one serious problem I need to confirm first.

「 Is Kaori and every one good? 」

「 Ah! 」

She just noticed it now. Suisen-chan’s face turned red.

She stopped by my room in the middle of the night after going in the bathroom and stayed until morning.

The girls were supposed to sleep in the same room together.

If they noticed that Suisen-chan’s gone, or if someone’s already awake, then it’ll become a problem.

「 W-What time is it? 」

「 Hmmm, eh? 」

I picked up my phone and checked the time only to notice something.

–AV app’s “Lover’s play” has ended?!

The history of the AV app shows that lovers’ play has ended on the screen.

W-When did I pick this? I didn’t choose this, right?

I recall my memories last night.

I was playing with my phone and looking at my AV app, saying “I can’t invite Suisen-chan to my novice support project,” then heard a knock on the door, and had sex with my lover, Suisen-chan…I don’t think I accidentally pressed the button when I got up, right?

「 Nii-san-senpai? What’s wrong? Your face looks pale? 」

「 Oh, nothing. It’s 6:30 in the morning. I don’t think they’re awake yet. On weekends, they get out of bed at around 7, and we went until late at night making a fuss… 」

「 R-Right… I should return to the room 」

「 No, how about you say that you woke up earlier so you took a shower first? 」

「 O-Oh right. I should do that 」

Suisen-chan sniffed her sides and frowned, seems like she smells like sweat.

She’s smelling herself in front of me, a man. I think that’s good. Her armpits are lewd.

She grabs her bra and panty and puts on her pajama, leaving bra-less and panty-less.

I also started my mission of putting on my clothes.

We walked timidly into the silent house where nobody should be awake yet and led her to the bathroom.

Fortunately, we didn’t run into anyone and got there easily.

「 We woke up to go to the bathroom and bumped into each other 」

「 Okay. I did sweat a lot, so I asked Senpai if I could use the shower 」

「 Got it 」

We made sure our stories match. Even if by any chance they ask something, it won’t expose our lies. That’s what I want.

I stopped before leaving the changing room and asked Suisen-chan.

「 Hey, so what’s our current relationship? 」

「 That’s so sudden. Nii-san-senpai is Kaori’s brother, a senior in college 」

Her best friend’s brother and a senior.

「 Weren’t we lovers last night? 」

「 Yes 」

「 We kissed and had sex, right? 」

「 Right. I think we both wanted it. In fact, we did it 」

「 Do you regret it? 」

「 Me? No. I feel happy. How about Nii-san-senpai? 」

「 Not really 」

「 I-I see. Great… 」

Suisen-chan’s expression shows no discomfort or doubt.

I knew it. I thought of Suisen-chan as my lover last night. Even now, there’s still that strange belief that she’s a lover.

AV app has some intense perception alteration. We can just return to our former relationship without problems or regret when the effect is off.

「 So, what was with the morning fellatio, we weren’t lovers anymore there, right> 」

「 T-That was…well, it’s common in manga and novels….or should I say that it’s a duty of the pair who spent the night together…I-It’s not like I was interested…please forget it 」

「 O-Okay 」

She doesn’t want me to pry deeper it seems.

We can’t forget it, so we’ll just keep it to ourselves.

New memories have been stored in my treasure warehouse. I could masturbate to that. Thanks.

「 Well, take your time 」

「 Ah, yes. Thank you 」

I left the changing room

So, what are we going to do now? Go back to sleep? I can’t. I can’t go back to sleep on that damp bed with blood and a lewd smell in the air.

I mean, how do I explain the blood. The damp sweat and smell could be disguised with deodorants, but the blood.

「 Oh? Haku-chan! Morning! You’re up early even though it’s Sunday 」

「 Woah?! Oh, it’s you. Kaho-san 」

I was thinking so I didn’t notice Kaho-san walking in the corridor.

「 Wait, where are your clothes? 」

「 Hm? See-through negligee? 」

Kaho-san’s wearing a black and purple sexy adult see-through negligee. Though her breasts and crotch are hidden by her bra and panty, her belly, thighs, and cleavage are all in full view.

It’s a young body that you won’t think she’s in her thirties.

Dammit. That’s the person looking after me since I was a child. Why did I get excited? How humiliating.

Kaho-san got a little carried away, winked, and made a sexy pose.

「 So, does it suit me? 」

She has the appearance of a 20-year-old college girl. It’s frustrating to say that it suits her a lot.

「 Stop that. You’re embarrassing me 」

「 Eeeeh?! I put these on to see Haku-chan’s fun reaction! Show them to me! Look closely at your aunt! 」

「 Okay sure. You’re beautiful today too 」

「 Mufufu, really? 」

Ugh! Don’t get bashful! That’s cute!

Kaho-san seems satisfied after the banter. She’s in delight.

「 Hey, Haku-chan. have you seen Suisen-chan? She wasn’t there when I woke up 」

「 Hm? Oh, she’s in the shower. I met her when I went to the toilet earlier. Seems like she sweated while asleep so I guided her to the bath

「 I see. So that’s it 」

She hasn’t figured it out, right? I can believe in Kaho-san, right?

Phew. That was close. If I had been a few minutes late, I would’ve run to Kaho-san and the explanation would’ve been troublesome.

「 Aunt’s going to prepare breakfast. Are you going back to sleep, Haku-chan? 」

「 Maybe. Although, I’ll go back up if I can’t go to sleep 」

「 Okay. Good night then 」

I managed to get back to my room after Kaho-san tried to kiss me goodnight, I barely avoided that, but she still gave me a flying kiss as a follow-up.

I sighed after closing the door. I managed to get through.

I calmed down in the room, and then I noticed…

「 Woah, this smells like post-sex 」

The smell of man and woman having sex and sweating is thick.

If anyone enters the room, they’ll easily figure things out. No. We can’t get our way out of this.

「 Okay. Let’s destroy all the evidence 」

I opened the windows in the room to let the air circulate, sprinkled deodorant spray all over the room, and cover up the evidence that I had sex with Suisen-chan.

The blood from the deflowering could be disguised as a nosebleed.


「 Thank you for letting me stay the night 」

Yumejiri Suisen bows her head to the Nakade family.

「 You can come over again anytime 」

「 Let’s go shop for lingerie together next time 」

「 See you in uni 」

After repeatedly thanking the kind family for their warm words and encouragement, she left the Nakade house with a bit of regret.

Her gait was light. She felt refreshed. She had a fun stay.

「 You seem lively now, I’m relieved 」

Her best friend, Kaori, walking next to her, mutters in relief from the bottom of her heart.

She’s sending her off to her home. What a gentle best friend, I’m so happy. Suisen thought.

「 I had fun staying over. I want to stay at Kaori’s house 」

「 Do you even know why did you stay over? 」

「 Huh? I thought it was just a sleepover 」

「 We had a stayover to comfort your broken heart! 」

「 Broken heart? 」

After about ten seconds, Suisen finally recalled the heartbroken and shocked self she was yesterday.

「 Ooh, that happened, right! 」

「 Are you sure you’re okay? I mean, I’d rather see you forget it than be depressed, but still… 」

「 I’m fine, it’s just that last night was so vivid that I forgot about it. I’m sorry for the worries I caused you yesterday. But as you can see, Yumejiri Suisen’s made a full recovery 」

「 Yes, you worried me a lot. You’ve really made a comeback. Your complexion is good. We made a lot of noise yesterday after all. Are you not feeling tired? I was so tired that I slept like a rock 」

「 Not at all. I’m super energetic, I’m just hoping people didn’t hear me around 」

Incidentally, the events that they’re recalling in their minds were completely different.

Kaori’s of course talking about the brokenhearted party, while Suisen’s recalling her sex with Haku.

The girl smiled nostalgically, saying that “It’s fun,” and a girl whose cheeks are blushing red, somewhat happy as she says. “it was embarrassing,” walks down the street next to each other. The conversation between each other was perfect.

Kaori sighed languidly.

「 I really worried about you Suisen 」

「 Why? 」

「 You’re too pure of a maiden and dumb too. I know that’s what’s cute about you, but I’m afraid that a guy would just trick you to do what they want and you’ll get taken advantage of 」

「 T-That won’t happen! I-I’m not pure either! 」

「 Suisen’s a closet perv too. You even look like a closet perv 」

「 Why did you have to say that twice? 」

I’m not a closet perv. Suisen protests in tears. Kaori looks at her best friend and said a line.

「 Your favorite books 」

「 Ugh!! 」

「 Suisen’s favorite manga and novels are filled with lewd scenes! 」

「 I-I mean. it’s interesting to read about teens love 」

「 I know that it’s interesting, but still. I feel like you’d believe the book if it says “give your partner a fellatio after spending a night with them” 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Eh? 」

A few seconds of silence. The fresh morning wind blows between them.

「 N-No way! I know that at least, Kaori 」

「 R-Right! You surprised me you know! Suisen 」

「 「 Ahahahaha!! 」 」

The two girls laughed beautifully.

Kaori smiles, puts her hands on her best friend’s shoulder, grips them tightly, and whispers in a low voice.

「 I just have to ask. You know, I’m just making sure. Let’s just make sure that our common sense aligns, okay? 」

「 O-Okay. Got it 」

They continued to compare and adjust their common sense until she reached home.

On the surface, someone women appear as if they’re good, saying “I’ve known this for a long time so it’s natural,” but in their hearts, they say “My common sense had been wrong for so long”