AV App Chapter 33 ♡ A girl who’s too Sensitive



A woman wearing only T-back panties lies down on the bed.

Her chestnut-colored bob-cut hair is spread across the pillow, and her cheeks and skin are tinted pink.

Her eyes, moistened by the embarrassment of being half-naked and having climaxed just now, look away. It’s as if she’s telling me to do what I want.

I get on top of my lover and traced her collarbone with my finger.

「 Hyauu!! 」

A small scream escapes from the sensitive Suisen-chan’s mouth.

「 What a cute voice 」

「 P-Please stop. It’s making me shiver! 」

「 It’s human nature to do things when they’re told not to 」

「 T-Then, please do it 」

「 Okay 」

「 Hyaa?! W-Why are you still touching me?! Hiii!! 」

I mean, you just told me to do it.

We promised an exchange, right? I can see that you know what I’m talking about.

I slurped and stroked her collarbone and Suisen-chan writhes in pleasure.

「 Kuu!~ Aah! Nhii! Nuuu!! 」

It’s too ticklish for her that she turns her face side to side repeatedly, clutching the sheets and pillow, arching her back, and rubbing her legs together.

The fact that she doesn’t say that she doesn’t like it is just lovable.

Below her collarbone is a moderately sized bulge. It’s her breasts. Her body jiggles while she shakes.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to wrap my hands around the tits that were tempting me.

「 Ooh, just when I thought that your body fits snugly in my arms, your breasts fit in my hands too 」

「 Ah, aaah?! Nii-san-senpai’s touching my b-breasts… 」

「 It’s like marshmallow, and pudding to the touch 」

「 Hii, hii, hii! I-I don’t know about this! 」

「 You tried to touch yourself before, right? 」

「 I did, I did, but! This is completely different! Ah, wait! N-No! I-It feels too good I-It’s leaking!!

I’m wrapping her whole breasts and her stiff nipples are touching the palm of my hand. I knead her large nipple with my palm as it appeals to me, want me to touch it more.

Suisen-chan might not think that way. But her nipples sure claim that.

I fingered her nipples that a baby could suck on easily.

「 Higiiiiii? N-Not there! 」

「 Which one? 」

「 N-Nipples! My nipples! Not my nipples! I’m too sensitive right now! 」

「 Do you feel good? 」

「 It feels good!!! It feels so good that I might go crazy!! 」

I rhythmically play with her nipples.

「 Nhiiiiiiiiii!? It feels good!!! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Kaha!! 」

Suisen-chan arches her back and lifts her hips, twitching. She continued to twist around her body, writing on the climatic pleasure that exploded inside her that she couldn’t even breathe.

I’ve seen these in AVs. It’s a massage-type video with aphrodisiac lotion. It’s similar to the scene where the actress goes crazy in pleasure, that you’d think I’m using that on her.

The difference is that Suisen-chan isn’t using any aphrodisiacs.

As a man, I’m happy that this is her base sensitivity. It feels good to satisfy my tiny self-esteem by giving her pleasure. Feel more, my sadistic desires bud.

「 Haa, haa, haa… 」

It’s nice to see a woman so breathless with pleasure that she doesn’t have time to talk.

「 Nii-san, Senpai…it felt amazing 」

If you say that, I can’t hold back anymore. I want to see more of your cute face. I want to give you pleasure.

I took Suisen-chan’s nipple in my mouth in the aftermath of her climax.

「 Hamu~ 」

「 Fuguu!! W-Wait! Please! I-I just came! I just came! M-My body’s so sensitive! Aaaaaaah!! 」

「 Rero, rero, chupa 」

「 D-Don’t lick it! D-Don’t bite it either! D-Don’t suck it! I’m feeling it! Nii-san-senpai! I-I’m cumming from my nipples! Cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming again!! Hmm! Hmmmm!!! 」

Biku! Biku! Biku!

How many times has she climaxed? She orgasms so easily that it’s interesting.

「 P-Please let me take a break 」

She pleads repeatedly, while her body twitches.

It can’t be helped. Let’s take a small break, showing consideration to her lovely face. If I don’t, she might have trouble breathing and she’ll faint from too much climax.

Suisen-chan’s trying to catch her breath, slacked her jaws and closed her eyes. Breathing heavily through her mouth, her chestnut-colored hair is wet and sticky from the sweat.

I lay down beside her and gently stroked her head, which made her twitch for a moment, but soon her face relaxed pleasantly

–Relief Joy. Happiness. And love.

I’m tickled by her warm emotions from all over her body even though she’s not speaking.

My lover’s so cute.

After a few minutes of patting her head, her eyes, wet with tears of pleasure, opened thinly.

「 I’m okay now, I’ve calmed down. Let’s continue 」

「 You sure? You still seem sensitive 」

I tried caressing her thighs

「 Uhiii?! 」

And that’s what happens. Her whole body hops.

She could take a bit more time to relax.

However, Suisen-chan looked down bashfully.

「 I-I can’t help but feel pleasure from Nii-san-senpai’s touch. Uhm, it’s meaningless to take my time to calm down 」

You sure know how to please. I see. So there’s no point in taking breaks.

Suisen-chan lifted her hips and took off her pink-colored T-Back panty.

My beloved’s now naked.

She hides her crotch with both arms, and she whispered sweetly.

「 N-Next…you’re touching this part, right? 」

「 You sure? 」

「 Nii-san-senpai’s m-my b-boyfriend, so…Nii-san-senpai’s the only one who can see my everything 」

「 Okay. Thank you 」

I slowly moved and spread Suisen-chan’s knees and legs apart as she covers her face with her hands in embarrassment after saying “Boyfriend”

Her secret place is exposed for the first time. Though she hid it with her hands, she can’t hide the traces of her love nectar, the stains on the bed, and the damp smell that wafts through the air.

Hiding it is just much more indecent on the contrary.

「 Auuu! It’s embarrassing… 」

I took away her timid hand.

Perhaps it’s lightly pigmented, or because it’s too thin, I see her chestnut-colored pubic hair. The amount of extent of hair growth is small. From the look of her skin, it doesn’t appear shaved, so it must’ve been originally this amount.

I lightly touch it, and the hair’s soft. It’s as if I’m touching velvet.

「 I-It tickles… 」

Suisen-chan seems to feel even the slightest stimulation.

The next thing I saw was her isn’t her clitoris, but her clean, unsullied labia, her pussy dripping with love nectar.

「 Ooh!! 」

I leaked out my voice.

It’s her Labia. Suisen-chan’s place is swollen to the point that it worries if she’s okay.

I knew that sexual arousing could puff it up, but Suisen-chan’s remarkable. It looks like it would feel good to do it bareback.

「 Hm? Could this be? 」

I noticed something and teased her clit with my finger to confirm.

Q: What would happen when you touch the most sensitive spot of a sensitive woman?

A: Climax

「 Aaah! Aaaah!! You touched my bean!! It’s coming! Cumming! Cumming! Something amazing is coming!! Cumiiingg!!!!!! Gu, guaa, naa!!! 」

She spasmed after just a few seconds of touch. Suisen’s secret place is amazing.

Her vagina spreads out that it’s hard to believe she’s a virgin, repeatedly twitching, seeking a man’s penis.

It’s not making the cute “kupa kupa” sounds. It’s going “Gupa gupa”

I didn’t do anything but I can see deep inside, and her love nectar is overflowing like a muddy stream.

This isn’t squirt. It’s love nectar.

「 I can tell from looking, your womb’s lowering, I knew it 」

My guess was right.

Her labia aren’t swelling because of congestion, but because her uterus is descending.

It’s moving along with her vagina.

Her uterus is just right over there. I feel like I could reach it with just my fingers.

It’s hard to find genitalia like hers with such instincts seeking a penis.

I’m wondering if I put it in immediately while giving her pleasure to the limit in this situation.

「 Hmmm! 」

I let my hand get used to the slippery and thick love nectar flowing, and stroke her clitoris with my finger in a circular motion.

「 Aaah, aaah, aaaah!!! The stimulation is too strong! It feels so good! My head, My head’s going crazy! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」

I didn’t stop my hand even after she climaxed. Using the overflowing love nectar, I continue to stimulate her.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Naaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu!!

「 Ooh! Ooh1 OooooooohH!!! 」


「 It’s coming! Coming! Coming! My pee’s coming out!! 」

Pyu, pyu! Pushaaa!

「 N-Nooooooooooo 」

「 Don’t worry, You’re not peeing, you’re squirting. It’s squirt 」

「 Iiiiii!!! Nhiiiiii!! The pleasure doesn’t stop! Iiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

「 Ah, she can’t hear me 」

Guchu, guchi, guchu

「 Cumming! Cumming! Naa, naaaa!! No more! Please! I don’t want to cum anymore!!! 」

She arches her body and screams. It’s hard to determine if it’s love nectar or squirt that’s coming out of the crotch as there’s too much

「 This is the last one 」

「 Nyaaa!! Aaaaaaaah?! 」

Lastly, I gave her clitoris an intense stimulation and I let go of my drenched hand.

The stimulation stopped, but her body continues to twitch.

「 Ngaa, guh! Gah!! Ka, kawa…!? 」

After over thirty seconds of climax, Suisen-chan finally lost strength and fell onto the wet bed.

Her breathing’s rough. But her trembling doesn’t stop, as if she just got an electric shock.

Her eyes are half open and in tears.

Did I overdo it?

「 Haa, haa, haa…no more please… 」

Seems like she’s barely conscious.

Sorry about that. I just couldn’t stop my hands as you were in so much pleasure. I’ll be careful next time.

I warn myself in my mind to be careful next time, as I put on a condom on my penis to lead her to further pleasure.

I’m glad I bought some just in case. I got to use it now.

「 You don’t want to cum anymore? 」

「 I don’t want…to cum anymore…but I want to… 」

「 Which is it? 」

「 I love Nii-san-senpai’s touch. So, I don’t want it to end here…I will hold on for a little longer… 」

「 I see… 」

「 Hiii?! W-What’s this?! It feels good! I just came!! 」

My penis rubbing her secret place is making a sound.

It might not be necessary for this soaking wet and welcoming pussy, but just in case, I twirled some of her nectar to the condom to make it slippery.

I pushed my glans against her wanting vagina.

「 I’ll take Suisen’s first then 」

「 Y-Yes, I’ll give it to Nii-san-senpai 」

「 It might hurt. Sorry 」

「 I-I’m ready for it, so… 」

She looks at me with her wet eyes.

Not to meditate on the pain or to prepare to suffer, but for the moment when we become one. Suisen-chan stares at me without blinking.

I also stared into her eyes.

「 Here I go 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

I let my instincts take over and thrust my penis into my lover’s body at once.

「 Higiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?! 」

Her scream echoed.

Suisen-chan’s body twists to escape me. But, it’s buried deeply, she can’t move away. No, that’s not it. Her pussy’s entangled with my penis and won’t let go.

Even though her hips and ass, and even her back are moving up, she still has a meat rod penetrating her.

I’m a man so I don’t know the pain of deflowering. She must be in excruciating pain.

Sorry. Hold it a little longer…Or so I thought-

「 I-It feels good! W-What’s this!!!!!! 」

I was wrong. I was completely wrong. Suisen-chan is reaching climax.

「 Ooooooooooooooooooooh!! 」

She sounded like a seal as she moans and she continues to twitch.

As expected of a sensitive woman. She climaxed from her deflowering. I didn’t even train her, she’s already developed.

「 I-I can’t stop! I can’t stop cumming!!! 」

I’m not moving though. However, her vagina continues to contract, so I feel the illusion that I’m moving even though I’m not.

Suisen-chan must be feeling the same. Her insides are moving intensely, so the pleasure doesn’t stop.

「 Kuh, I’m being forced back. 」

My dick’s facing resistance about halfway on my penis. I wondered for a moment if it was her hymen, but it was too deep for the hymen. I pushed in my penis further and then…

After pushing it all in, I can tell. It’s her uterus putting up a resistance. Her uterus came down to half of my penis.

Even now, her uterus is pushing against my penis and if I’m not careful, it might push me out of her vagina.

「 The tightness with the alternating contractions feels so amazing!! 」

This might be because she’s a sports girl.

This feels great. It’s a pussy I never experienced before. There’s no mistake, I’m calling it a masterpiece. I just put it in, and it’s already stimulating and squeezing me on its own.

What would happen if I move?

「 Kuh! fugu! My womb! If you move, you’re going to touch my womb! I can feel Nii-san-senpai stimulating my womb!! 」

I began to piston while her vagina’s contracting and her uterus descends.

It’s easy to pull, but it’s hard to insert. If I loosen my consciousness, I won’t be able to push in.

I pushed my hips to her cervix with great force, with resulted in crushing her cervix, and Suisen, who’s extremely sensitive, reaches climax.

「 Ah! Gah!?! Hmm! Hmm! Hmmmmmm!!! 」

Her climax made her vagina move. Then, Suisen-chan experienced even more waves of pleasure as it rubs itself against my penis.

What’s this endless loop of pleasure.

By the looks of it, Suisen-chan’s likely to climax just by pressing down on her abdomen. Let’s try it next time.

I’ll grab her hips to facilitate insertions and move my hips in a missionary position.

「 Cumming! I’m still cumming…and yet…It feels so good! The pleasure won’t stop !!! Cumming! I’m cumming again!! 」

She kept crying today. Tears spill from the unending pleasure on her face. However, that’s good. That’s sexy. I think it’s cute that she can’t keep her composure.

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu.

The sound of the penis penetrating her vagina. Her love nectar’s bubbling from the friction.

Her soft breasts tremble and shake from the intense piston and convulsions caused by her climax.

If I touch her now… Her erect nipples are making an appeal.

「 Aah! Noo! If you touch my nipple now… 」

「 What will happen?!! 」

「 Fuhiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! My breasts feel good!!! My nipples! My nipples! 」

The penis stimulates her pussy. My hands feel her breasts. Lovely. I’m about to ejaculate soon.

「 Noooo! I’m going crazy! It’s breaking! It’s breaking me! I’m cumming! I don’t want to cum!! No more!!!!!!!!!! 」

Who’s the one saying no, yet giving a “Daisuki hold?”

「 It feels so good! Sex is amazing! Nii-san-senpai’s amazing! I love it! I love it! I love you! 」

「 I love you too! Suisen!! 」

「 Ah, ah, ah! I’m so happy! I’m so happy! Nii-san-senpai!! 」

「 Cumming!! I’m cumming Suisen!! 」

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

「 Cumming! Cumming! Cumming! 」

Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

I’m spewing a lot of semen in her hot vagina.

「 Hey! Y-You’re squeezing hard! 」

The intense contractions stimulate my penis during ejaculation and it won’t stop. I released so much semen that I fear the condom would burst.

My penis is pushed out of the vagina. The tip of the condom is swelling with white fluid.

Even I’m surprised by the volume.

「 Ehehe, Nii-san-senpai, I love you 」

That’s an “ahe” face. A double peace would suit her.

「 Aaah. Suisen? 」

「 W-What is it? 」

「 I’ll apologize before anything. Sorry 」

「 Fue? What? 」

I turned the dazed Suisen-chan over, lifted her ass, and plugged my condom-equipped penis into her pussy again.

「 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?! A-Again! Nii-san-senpai’s inside of me! 」

「 Sorry. You’re so cute that it won’t end in just one round 」

「 Hii!!! Hii! Hii! Hiigiii!! Y-You’re breaking me! You’re breaking me with pleasure! I-I’m dying! Dying!! 」

「 Suisen’s ass is just the best! 」

Doggy style makes her huge ass look super erotic. Her anus is visible too. Her anus tightens together with her vagina.

I give it a caress and it feels outstanding. Groping it feels amazing. Staring at it feels supreme.

Suisen-chan’s best suited in doggy style! A girl with a big ass needs to get fucked from behind as expected.


「 Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Yes. That’s a nice voice.

I slapped her hard enough to grab her ass, and she squealed cuter than I expected Her pussy tightens hard and it feels good.

Pechi! Momi! Pechi! Momi! Pechi! Momi

「 Hii! Aann! Gyaa! Auuu! Agyaa! Hyaaa! 」

Her sensitivity is amazing. Her body’s pure sex.

Her ass makes a ripple every time I slam it. It seems that she’s feeling stimulation from it.

「 Suisen’s ass is too sexy! I just came earlier, and yet I feel like I’m going to cum again from seeing your sexy ass! 」

「 L-Let it out! Hurry up and cum! Cum and end it! 」

「 But I’m still in the middle of proving my lust for Suisen’s ass you know 」

「 I-I already feel it! I already know! I-I’m feeling too much pleasure that I could die! Nhiiiiii!! 」

「 Can you feel my thoughts? 」

「 I feel it! I feel it all~! Nii-san-senpai loves my butt! It feels so good so I get it! I don’t want to cum! I don’t want to cum anymore! Hurry! 」

「 I see. You want to finish sex already. Then, I can’t help it 」

I raised Suisen’s upper body which plopped on the bed with her ass raised up. I inserted my hand through her armpit and grabbed her shoulder.

She has no will or composure to move on her own so she’s left to do as I made her.

「 We’re going hard to get this done quickly 」

「 Fue? 」

Before she understood what I meant, I started a high piston movement.

「 G-Gyaaaaaaaaaa!! I-Intense! Too intense! Aaah! Aaaah! Naaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan!

「 Nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Y-You’re breaking me! You’re breaking my pussy! You’re breaking my pussy!!!! 」

It’s okay. You won’t break from this. But I might hollow out her womb.

Her plump ass ripples violently.

「 Nuu! Nuu! Hmm! Fuu! Fuu! Fuu!! 」

The piston movement finally left me no time to speak a word.

Suisen-chan concentrates only on breathing.

Hot. My body feels hot. Sweat’s gushing out of my intense physical activity. Sweat dripped from her head, fell on her hips, and ran down through the crack of her ass.

Sexy. Too sexy. What an obscene ass.

The smell of the mixture of sweat and obscene body fluids is unbearable.

「 Guh! Higu! Hiii! Hiii! Hii! Hiii! 」

「 Suisen! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!! 」

「 Kuh! Kah! Gah! Koiii!! 」

The wave of pleasure wells up. It’s rising and rising, swelling, and it goes over the limit and explodes.

「 Take this!!!!!!!!!!! 」

「 !? 」

Just before ejaculating, I caught a glimpse of Suisen-chan’s face, and her eyes opened wide, her mouth is flapping, unable to breathe.

The moment I thrust into her womb, my penis gushed semen without a delay.

「 ~~~っ!? 」

I hear it. I definitely heard it. That’s a scream of my lover who can’t speak. A scream of a woman in pleasure.

「 You’re squeezing hard!! 」

「 Gah! Aga!! Guh! Kahaa!! 」

She’s twitching intensely, her lower body repeating violent contractions.

After a long and plentiful ejaculation, I finally pulled out my penis which released the last drop.

The semen accumulating in the condom was too much that it’s hard to believe that it was the second time.

「 Ah!!! 」

Suisen-chan collapsed on the bed with her arms and legs spread like a frog, continuously dripping love nectar from her pussy, and twitching lightly for over a minute.

I was worried and checked if her breathing was okay, but it gradually stabilized.

「 Nii-san-senpai… 」

I thought she couldn’t move, but she turned over and her empty eyes catch me.

Ehehe, her smile is sloppy but cute, it almost made me burst into laughter.

「 Thank you…very much…it felt amazing…I love you… 」

After saying her thanks and confessing her love, my beloved relaxed her body.

She’s already at the end of her stamina, and yet, she turned over and said that. Her instincts as a woman are working. She’s so healthy.

I gently stroked her head, and soon, I heard regular sleeping breath.

「 I forced you too hard. Have a good rest 」

I watched Suisen-chan’s happy and contented sleeping face and lulled her to sleep and I closed my eyes.


Name Nakade Haku

Level 4 ←Level up!!

Rank Amateur AV Actor