AV App Chapter 9 ♡ Effects of Perception Alteration




After our morning lecture, it’s become a custom to have lunch with Fuyou-san, who’s now my mistress, in an empty room.

「 「 ………… 」 」

Fuyou-san usually talks a lot, but she’s quiet today. She’s not even looking at me.

The atmosphere is uncomfortable and restless. We’re looking away from each other.

This is an awkward mood in the empty room.

We ate our dishes silently, and the sound of our mouths chewing is unusually loud.

Awkward. This is too awkward. Someone break the ice!

「 Uhm 」

I summoned up the courage to open my mouth but what came back was a brief and cold response.

「 Close your mouth 」

「 Fuyou-san 」

「 Shut up 」

「 No, but 」

「 I’m begging you! 」

It’s not a rejection but a short scream. That Fuyou-san screamed

Fuyou-san looked at me for the first time today

Where did the usual cool demeanor go? She’s blushing, her eyes are moist with tears, and that upturned eyes that seem to cling to me are just foul. She’s expressing her embarrassment with her whole body.

「 I know what Haku-kun wants to say. I know it. So, please… Please forget about it, that wasn’t me yesterday! 」

Fuyou-san plops on the desk and says “I’m a student” It’s as if she’s been exposed to her dark history.

The girl who was cool and calm at everything is now just devastated and weak.

Ugaaa, she groans and ruffled her long hair.

It’s my first time seeing that.

「 Fuyou-san, I know how you feel, I feel the pain, and I want to forget it too if I was in that situation 」

I earnestly try to talk to her. Then, I sighed.

Right, of course. I know. I nod at the expectant look in the eyes of a comrade.

–Fuyou-san’s not the only one embarrassed.

I slump down on the back of the chair and look up at the ceiling weakly.

I recall the events last night, which resulted in mutual psychological damage.

▲▼ ~Flashback~ ▼▲

I finished getting ready to sleep and was checking the AV app on my phone while lying on the bed. That’s been my daily routine.

『 I’m done with the Compensated Dating Play and Sex friend Play, but what’s the difference. 』

After doing the mistress play, we also did those two on the following days.

Nothing among them was special, I just had normal sex with Fuyou-san.

If there was any change, then it would be the exchange of money in the compensated dating play.

We agreed on a contract of 50k yen.

Being able to have sex with a beauty like her makes 50k yen a small price to pay. I could pay more for her. Besides, I don’t want to lower the price and have Fuyou-san start doing that with another man.

『 Let’s buy condoms for next time 』

Fuyou-san started taking pills, but it seems that it takes about a week for the contraceptive to take effect, so we’re having sex with a condom as it’s likely that she gets pregnant. We’ve gotten a little used to the awkward condom install after a few times.

They have it prepared in the love-hotel space. But, it’s better to be prepared. We might also have sex in the real world. You don’t know what happens in your life.

『 Hmm. Maybe we should try out a new position? 』

The only positions we’ve tried so far are normal and doggy style. Fuyou-san seems to like both. Little by little, we’re beginning to change the way we move our bodies, and the angles, to find positions we find comfortable and not painful.

I’m happy that we can improve our sex together. It also satisfies my ugly sense of control and superiority of turning a woman to my liking.

However, I’m still worried about my premature ejaculation.

Can I do something about it? Does it get better with experience? Someone tell me.

Just when I was about to look it up on the net, I received a message from Fuyou-san. Seems like she’s ready.

『 Clothes, good. Teeth brushed. Then, let’s go with lover’s play for today 』

I’m accustomed to the summon of the mysterious love hotel space. I’ve been through it so many times. Of course, I’ll get accustomed to it.

Well, it’s still unclear on what principle this teleportation is made.

I won’t figure it out no matter how hard I think. I’d like to know how to improve in sex and premature ejaculation instead of thinking about the futility of it.

『 We got moved safely again today 』

The moment I turned around to greet Fuyou-san who was summoned at the same time…


I heard my heart skip a beat and flame rise up.

『 I missed you, Darling! 』

Hugging me was a cool beauty. She pushed me down the bed and rubbed her face against my chest.

『 I missed you too, my honey! My beloved 』

I embraced honey tightly. A sense of security and love welled up from the bottom of my heart.

The pleasant warmth spreading through my body must be happiness.

She gave me a passionate look, with sparkling eyes.

Everything about her is so dazzling and lovely, her beautiful black hair, long eyelashes, the bridge of her nose, her lips, glossy.

Honey’s a beauty.

『 Were you thinking about Fuyou, Darling? 』

Honey looks up at me.

I want you to think about me all the time. But, what do I do if you don’t? I want to ask, but I don’t want to hear it.

Such complex emotions convey to me.

My response.

『 Of course. I think about my beloved all the time! 』

『 Kyaa! I’m so happy! 』

『 How about Honey? 』

『 Fuyou’s been thinking about Darling all the time too 』

『 We think alike! 』

『 Isn’t that love? 』

『 Yes, you’re right. I said it wrong. I’m sorry, Honey 』

『 No. Darling’s so lovely, you’re mature enough to admit your mistakes! 』

She complements me so I compliment her back.

『 Honey’s so cute because you’re wise 』

『 Kyaa! I’m so happy! I love you, Darling! 』

『 I love you too Honey! I love you!!! 』

▲▼ ~End of Flashback~ ▼▲

「 Gufuu! Ufuu! 」

「 What’s with that strange groan, that sounded like you received both mental damage and laughing at the same time 」

Fuyou-san slumped on the desk and she was staring at me with cold eyes.

This is bad. She’d figure out that I was having a flashback.

「 N-Nothing… 」

I look away to escape her quizzical glare.

That was tough. Just remembering it makes me feel embarrassed. Why did we say all those stuff?

I feel like I’ve gone crazy back then! I want to forget it too!\

Still, we called each other Honey and Darling

Fuyou-san’s speech and action were like a heroine of a novel. Calling herself “Fuyou” pfft

「 Hey! You just remembered it again! Forget it! 」

It’s human nature to want things when they’re told not to

She grabs me by my chest, shaking me violently, but I recalled another sweet exchange.

▲▼ ~Flashback~ ▼▲

『 Darling♡ 』

『 Honey♡ 』

『 Darling♡ 』

『 What? 』

『 Ufufu. I just wanted to call your name 』

『 What’s that. So cute! 』

We hugged and flirted a lot. We stick our bodies so close as if to say that we’re one body. It’s so hot and heartburning.

『 Chu♡ 』

『 Chu♡ Ufufu. I love Darling’s kisses! 』

『 Why is my girlfriend so cute!! 』

『 Kyaa! I’m being attacked! 』

『 Do you not want to be attacked? 』

『 It’s the opposite. I want Darling to do it. Please attack me? 』

Honey! I love you!! I attacked my girlfriend who speaks such cute things.

Today, Honey undresses her pajamas again. She unbuttons it and takes off her bra. I praise each of my favorite parts of her body, like her neck and her collarbone,.

『 Geez, that’s embarrassing!! 』

I can’t help it. It’s Honey’s fault for being so lovely! But, it’s not that bad, right?

If I have to apologize for one thing, then it would be the lack of my vocabulary. My cliche words can’t do justice to Honey’s beauty! Sorry

When naked, she’s as beautiful as a goddess.

Her arms are hiding her breasts, but, they can’t hide her underboob. This is a lovely sight. Hiding it just exposes it on the contrary.

『 Show me 』

『 Eeeh~ 』

『 Please, Honey. Just a bit. Just a bit, please 』

『 Uuu, just a bit then, Darling. I’ll only show this to Darling 』

She moved her arms, turning her hand to her bra, and I eventually grabbed her hand, slowly uncovering what was hidden.

Her nicely shaped breasts come out. It impresses me no matter how many times I see it. I never get tired of looking at it.

『 Aaaahn! I told you only for a bit 』

How can I possibly look at these breasts and only touch them for a little bit?! It would be disrespectful if I don’t look at and touch them a lot!

I grope them grandly and pinched her stiff nipples.

『 Aaahn! Aah, that tickles 』

It’s blissfully soft like it’s sucking me in.

I’m the only one who knows these breasts. I’m the only one who can feel, rub, and suck these soft breasts.

Filled with a black sense of superiority, I sucked on her nipples, making noises on purpose. I roll my tongue and bite her nipple.

『 Darling’s like a baby, fufufu. So cute 』

I thought that she’d be disillusioned by the baby act, but Honey smiled lovingly and pats my head.

A smile of a virgin, full of love. This gentleness and receptiveness.

I want Honey to spoil me. I want o be spoiled. Could it be that this is baby play?

『 How’s Fuyou’s breasts, Darling? 』

Words can’t describe how wonderful this is.

『 Ah, aaah! I feel it in my breasts! I’m cumming!!! Nuuu!! 』

I continued to play with her breasts as much as I could, and when Honey’s twitched as she speaks, I’m finally satisfied.

『 T-That felt amazing 』

Honey seems satisfied, but that was just an appetizer. The next one is the main course.

『 Darling, this is embarrassing 』

Honey says so, but she raises her hips to make it easier for me to undress her. Her pajama and underwear slid smoothly over her bare skin.

Exposing her garden of secrets. The place only I know of.

The black bush is neatly arranged, her nectar is overflowing from her small spring, and the puckered bean is teasingly showing off its presence.

Let’s give her a cunnilingus today. So far, I couldn’t resist and went to sex right away.

『 Wait no! 』

When I tried to bury my face in her secret place, Honey hid it with her hands. She closed her legs and sandwiched my face between her thighs.

This is also great. What a lovely situation. Her thighs feel nice. Thanks.

『 Honey? 』

『 Darling, this is too embarrassing 』

『 I want to know everything about Honey. Please 』

『 Uuuu 』

How should I push this?

『 My beloved Honey! Please! 』

『 Geez, just a bit then… 』

She slowly opened up her legs and expose the secret place she was hiding. Honey spreads it open by herself.

Honey’s important place, is beautiful, unblemished, and pink. It’s a beauty that could convince anyone that she’s a virgin. You can’t imagine that she had sex with me so many times already

『 So beautiful 』

I licked her clitoris that’s shining like a pearl.

『 Hyauu!! 』

As expected of the most sensitive spot of women. The increased sensitivity from the arousal isn’t comparable to the reaction when I played with her nipples. Her reactions are amusing.


『 Ah, aahn! Aah, aah, aah!! That feels amazing! Yes! 』

Honey gasps and twitches in pleasure.

I scoop up her slippery love nectar with my finger and apply it to her clitoris for further stimulation.

Rubbing it up and down, left and right, and circular, to tease around the bean.

Honey seems to be responding well to the repeated clitoris teasing. Now that I know it, I can immediately focus on attacking.

『 Aaah! Noo! Really! I’m going crazy!! 』

Sure, go ahead. Go crazy. Show me your lewd face, my Honey.

I insert my finger from my other hand into her small pussy while teasing her clitoris.


Her vagina’s narrow, slippery, tight…these must be the folds…

Women’s body feels mysterious.

Honey’s pussy seems to misunderstand my penis as the male organ, repeating movements to urge it to go deeper.

Chu, nchu, nupu.

『 Ah, ah! Darling’s finger is moving! It’s moving inside Fuyou 』

『 Can you feel it? 』

『 Yes. I can feel it. Ah, ah, ah, aaahn! 』

I attacked her clitoris and vagina at the same time. The effect seems outstanding.

『 Err, it must be here 』

I’m looking for the place they call the G spot.

I insert my finger into the second joint and bend it gently. I heard that the rough spot on the belly side is the G-spot, so is it here?

I find a place that’s a little rougher than the other places, feeling it with my finger. I’m not sure, but I think it’s here.

I try to stimulate her slowly.

Squirting in AV is mostly staged. They say that it’s dangerous to move your hand that hard because it could damage the vagina. In fact, gentle stimulation is all you need.

I gently rubbed Honey’s precious pussy so I don’t damage it.

『 Honey? 』

『 What? 』

『 What do you feel about this part? 』

『 Hmm… 』

No reaction.

Well yeah. Honey was a virgin, who never even experienced masturbating, until ten days ago. I would be surprised if she feels it on her G spot right away from the first time.

Let’s take our time to develop her. For now, I’ll stimulate her G-spot and clitoris to create an illusion of pleasure, letting her body remember it. I’m looking forward to her squirting at the climax.

『 Ah, ah, ah! Aahn! Aaahn! 』

Her moans are getting louder, and her mind and body are melting in pleasure.

I can’t hold it anymore.

『 Ah, wait, Darling 』

Honey gets up and wraps her hand on my sensitive penis.

Nchu, nchu, guchu.

She strokes my penis sticky with precum and licked it with her tongue.

Woah, she’s giving me fellatio!

『 Ugu! 』

『 Ufufu. Does it feel good? I thought of licking Darling’s penis for today! I’ll put on the condom for you. chu ♡ 』

She kissed the tip of the glans, and Honey takes the condom out of the bag.

『 This and this..this is surprisingly hard…hold this..raise it up. Like this! How is it, Darling? 』

『 Honey, are you a genius?! You did it in one try! 』

『 I’ve seen Darling put it on every day. It’s all thanks to Darling 』

She lay down on the bed, shyly spread her legs, and pushed her pussy open for easier insertion.

『 Darling, put it in? 』

Just where did you learn that? Don’t tell me, it was instinct?

I feel my blood boil in excitement, and I gave in to my desire, penetrating her pussy.

『 Aaaah?! Darling’s coming in! 』

I forcefully thrust into her vagina. The stimulation is conveyed to her uterus.

『 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!! 』

She writhes in pleasure, and her flirtatious voice is unbearable.

Still, she looks at me and reaches out to me desperately.

My body moved before I could think, and I found myself holding her hand. Our fingers entwined. Making a lover’s hold.


Guchu, guchu, guchu!

『 Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn!~ That feels amazing! Darling! I feel good! Your dick is so hard and thick and huge! It’s raging inside Fuyou! 』

My love for her bursts with each thrust.

So lovely. I love everything about her, the way she sweats, her mouth letting out a gasp, her hot eyes moistened with tears, and her hand squeezing mine. I love you!

『 Honey! I love you! 』

『 Darling! Fuyou loves you too! 』

『 I love you! 』

『 I love you! Fuyou loves Darling 』

My head’s going blank from the pleasure. Her confession is bad for the heart. It’s too destructive.

I barely held back from ejaculating. I was about to cum from Honey’s confession.

『 Honey. Let’s change positions

Let’s do it doggy style. It’s the usual flow.

However, she refused this time.

『 No. I want to stay like this Darling 』

『 Don’t you like doing it from behind? 』

『 But not today 』

『 What’s wrong, Honey? 』

“I mean,” Honey fidgets while speaking in a muffled voice.

『 I mean, I can’t see Darling’s face if we do that 』

Ghhh!! How much more Honey wants me to fall for her?! She’s too cute!

She’s right, when we go with the doggy position, Honey can’t see my face. On the other hand, I can’t see Honey’s face too. It’s a serious problem.

I can see what she wants to say. I want to see Honey’s face all the time for today too.

If we want to see each other’s faces, then we shouldn’t do it in doggy style but in a new position.

『 Honey. Get up 』

『 Huh? Okay. Like this? 』

I hug Honey and raised her upper body while we’re still connected in a missionary position.

『 This is what we call sitting face-to-face. We can see each other’s faces like this, and we can hug too. We can even kiss. What do you think? 』

『 T-This exists?! Lovely! 』

We’re snuggling, and I can feel Honey’s softness and warmth. It’s not just our bodies but also our minds that melt and become one.

Furthermore, it’s said that a sitting position makes men take longer to ejaculate. So these are all benefits.

『 How do we move? 』

『 I think it’s just up and down, I don’t know much either. Let’s try it out? 』

『 Okay! 』

After a lot of trial and error, I thrust up and Honey moves her hips, and then we got the hang of this position.

Although awkwardly, we’re able to move for the moment. Forgive the slow sex style.

『 Ah, aah. it’s grinding deep! 』

I feel it too. I feel the tip of my penis stimulating her cervix. Going a sitting position and inserts my penis deeper in her pussy. It feels good that it reaches the base.

『 Ah, ah, ah! I might like this 』

It’s not a “Might”. You definitely love it, Honey. Those eyes looking straight at me are easy to figure out.

Also, you’re hugging me as if you’re not letting go. Thanks to that, your breasts pressing against me feels good.

Your face is also so close, I can feel your breath blowing on me.

『 Nchu! 』

Naturally, since we’re sitting, it’s easier to kiss each other.

What a wonderful position of being able to have sex in this position, hug, and kiss while doing it too.

Chu, nchu, chu, chu.

We’ve become skilled at kissing. We’re feeling lightheaded, and our brains and hearts are melting. Warm happiness overflows and spreads throughout our bodies.

Of course, we’re not stopping our hips even while kissing.

Guchu, guchu, gu chu.

『 Aah, Honey! 』

『 Hmm, Darling! 』

Nchu, nchu, churu, rero.

Even if we don’t exchange words, we know how each other feels. We’re hugging, kissing, and our genitals are deeply connected, our minds and bodies have become one.

The infinite happiness and love for my Honey lead me to the peak of pleasure.

『 Ah, cumming! I love you, Honey! 』

『 Fuyou too! Darling! I love you! Aah! Cumming! Cumming! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Hmmmmmm!!! 』

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyudopyu!!

I shot a ton of semen out of my penis.

If I wasn’t wearing a condom, then the viscous semen would’ve stained her innermost part.

Thanks to her body wobbling and twitching from climax, she gave my penis a final jolt of stimulation. Her pussy wriggles, squeezing my penis to the last drop.

It’s our first time in a sitting position. We’re inexperienced, and our techniques are laughably lousy.

But, we’re satisfied. I feel like I was able to cover my poor technique by connecting our hearts. I hear that women’s climax is largely due to psychological factors.

Looking at the happy enchanted smile on Honey’s face, I can assure myself that I’m not wrong.

『 I love you, Honey 』

『 I love you! Darling! 』

I didn’t pull my penis out, we just held each other in the same position and kept kissing each other.

▲▼ ~End of Flashback~ ▼▲

–That’s what happened last night.

What’s with that idiot couple exchange?

Why did we act and speak that way? Just what happened to us? Remembering it made my face burn in shame.

Furthermore, when we were about to return to the real world.

『 No! I want to stay with Darling! I want us to be together forever! 』

『 Me too! I want to stay with Darling, but… 』

『 Darling, can’t we stay a little longer? 』

『 Not at all, Honey 』

Our lovey-dovey exchange continued for an hour.

Aaah! I want to forget it! Just what was going on with me back then! That wasn’t me! Ugh!

「 That’s what happens when you recall it 」

Fuyou-san looks at me scratching my head, wanting to say that I deserve it.

Where’s the sweet attitude. Fuyou-san, who’s twice as cool and beautiful as usual, released her grip on my chest.

I thought that Fuyou-san twisting in agony was funny, but now I regret it. That memory is a double-edged sword. It also hurts me.

「 So that seriously happened yesterday… 」

「 That seriously happened yesterday… 」

We both plopped down on our desks with deep emotional scars.

Then, someone sent a message to my phone.

「 Who is it? Oh, it’s the devs of the AV app 」

「 The transcendent beings? What does it say? 」

Let me open it first. Let’s see.

【 Amateur AV actor, Nakade Haku-sama. Thank you for using the AV app we have developed. We’re sending this message today to apologize for the excessive “perception alteration” at last night’s lover’s play 】

「 Excessive perception alteration? You mean… 」

I read through the contents, and it seems that last night, we were strongly affected by the perception alteration due to the glitch in the app. So that’s why we were like some kind of idiot couple last time.

We’re sorry. We’ll compensate you as an apology. Please continue enjoying our AV app–or so the contents say.

「 An apology won’t make it go away! We now have a black history we don’t want to remember! We’re traumatized! 」

「 The compensation is 300,000 yen each 」

As soon as I read that, thirty 10K yen bills fell from the sky.

Oh, it’s amazing what these beings beyond human understanding could do. What’s the principle? You won’t understand even if explained to you.

Well, I guess I can forgive them for 300K yen. I mean, it’s 300K yen. That’s huge money for me.

Fuyou-san was angry and pouting, saying that an apology won’t be enough to forgive them…

「 Well, I guess I’ll forgive them this time. I’ll spare them with this 300K yen 」

She immediately turned over. She spreads out the 30 bills and her eyes turned to money symbols. She’s too easy.

I’m worried that she might just fuck other guys as long as they have money.

「 Even so, a perception change? I guess it’s easy for the developers to do that. After all, our speech and actions were strange. How dare they do that to us 」

「 No, I think that’s different, Fuyou-san 」

「 What? 」

Thinking back, I really recognized Fuyou-san as a mistress, as a sex friend, compensated dating girl, or as my lover in those situation play. I had sex with her with that thought in mind. I didn’t question it.

Perhaps the developers rewrote our perception to fit the situation play.

But in comes the doubt I have. Did they really force us to say and do what we did?

「 They made a little bit of a mistake and we became a silly couple. That’s for sure 」

「 Indeed 」

「 But, I think that it was us who acted and spoke that way 」

「 B-But… 」

「 I mean, would it be fun for them if they force us to do that? 」

「 It won’t be 」

Yes. It’s not fun if we’re forced to do it. It’s boring if we do as they want.

They made the AV app for their entertainment. If so, they’ll only change the person’s perception, and enjoy watching what we’d do.

I would do that.

「 What they did was make us think that we’re an idiot couple. They didn’t do anything else 」

「 So you mean… 」

「 What I mean is that we were the ones who acted like that 」

The Darling and Honey calls, the sweet exchange we had, that amount of flirting, we did that all by ourselves. Nobody forced us.

「 No. That can’t be! That has to be a lie! 」

Fuyou-san turned pale, as she figured out the unjust fact.

I don’t want to admit it, but that’s definitely the case.

「 It’s likely that we’d be like that kind of stupid couple if we become lovers for real 」

「 N-Noooo!!! This is a nightmare! A nightmare! I didn’t need to hear that! 」

Fuyou-san screams pale and distraught!

It’s just a possibility, okay?! This time, we became an idiot couple, because of the strong perception alteration, but there’s a good chance that we just become a normal couple.

It seems that the 300K Yen apology has been given as a reward for entertaining the developers, who deliberately made the strong perception alteration. seeing something more fun.

Perhaps that’s not wrong.

「 Haha, hahaha!! 」

Fuyou-san broke. She’s become a puppet that lets out a laugh devoid of emotion.

After escaping from reality for a while, she seems to have reluctantly, really, accepted reality.

「 Haku-kun 」

「 What, Fuyou-san 」

「 Let’s not use that lover’s play if possible. This is for our mental health! 」

That’s very much like Fuyou-san, not saying “Never”

Maybe she thinks that the exchange wasn’t that bad at all?

I shrugged my shoulders at Fuyou-san’s offer.

「 I get it, Honey, 」

「 Don’t call me Honey! 」

Bishi, Bashi.

Fuyou-san’s knocking me with a beet-red face.