AV App Chapter 8 ♡ Mistress Play Experience



A few days have passed since I graduated from my virginity and the contract.

I didn’t open the AV app these past few days since Fuyou-san’s busy with her family life, and she’s in a recovery period from the fatigue caused by the use of energy drinks, but tonight, everything’s ready, and Fuyou-san and I will have sex for the second time tonight.

The interval for the prize game is open, so we plan to experience the newly added situations. And as expected…


「 Fyuiii 」

Suddenly, Nakade Kaori entered my room without knocking. She’s a year younger than me, and my sister-in-law.

She’s wearing a lone, pale-pink camisole, lightly dressed. Seeing her fleshy thighs peek out of the hem and her exposed shoulders are glamorous. The shoulder strap slips down the arm.

She was licking the ice cream somewhat erotically, and her other hand took my manga without asking me. She’s borrowing without even asking me again.

「 Hey, Haku. Borrowing this manga 」

「 Don’t report after doing it 」

「 Sho- 」

You can’t even finish saying “sure,” my sister.

She doesn’t call me “Onii-chan,” because I’m short, but calls me by Haku, my name. She’s getting even more troublesome.

She’s so disheveled despite being a college freshman. She doesn’t look like one.

「 I always told you to knock first before entering the room 」

「 Too troublesome. Besides, Haku and I are siblings! 」

「 Geez 」

「 Your luck in romance would leave you if you keep sighing like that 」

「 Isn’t that supposed to be Happiness, not romance? 」

「 What? Happiness is when you get a girlfriend, right? So, your luck in romance is just the same as happiness 」

Damn, I’m frustrated to have agreed on that. I’m losing the argument.

Kaori licks the ice cream and squats down to rummage through the manga and light novels on the bookshelf.

This sister of mine has the face and style of a celebrity.

Besides, her mother, my stepmom, is a beauty. My own mother died before I was even conscious, and my father and stepmother remarried, leaving me with my sisters, one elder, Renge-neesan, and one younger, Kaori. That said, that was during my childhood, and I grew up with them like my family.

I’m sandwiched between these two beautiful step-sisters, but I just have an ordinary face, like my father. The only thing I inherited from my late mother would be her double-layer and long eyelashes.

Dad’s currently away for work. I get along with my step-mom just fine, and the three of us are college students in the Nakade Household.

「 By the way, Kaori 」

「 What? 」

「 I can see your panties 」

「 Iyaan~ Pervy~. Don’t look at my white panties 」

「 That was a great monotone act. Also, it’s not white. It’s pink. 」

Hm? My step-sis groaned and rummaged through her camisole to check the color of her panties. Covering her plump ass is pink underwear, not white.

Hey now. Did you forget the color of your panties?

「 Woah. You really looked. Perv. Well, as if anything would happen if Haku looks at my panties 」

When Dad’s not around, Kaori wanders around the house in her underwear. She doesn’t care if I see her panties.

I was awkwardly looking away when I was hitting puberty, but nowadays, I don’t even react when I see her underwear. I don’t think of anything. It’s scary when you get used to something.

As an elder brother, I try to point that out to her, but it’s useless, so I just gave up and gratefully look at my step-sister’s underwear.

Kaori, whose panties are on full display, took the liberty of taking a few books off my bookshelf, and instead of going back to her room, she sat on my bed for some reason.

「 Hey. Go back to your room. 」

「 No. Renge-chan’s busy studying. Can’t disturb her 」

「 You’re disturbing me 」

「 Oh, don’t mind me. Even if Haku watched lewd videos and started stroking, I’ll just stare silently 」

「 That’s where you should pretend not to see. Now leave 」

「 No! 」

My step-sister refuses to move. She started reading already.

I have to contact Fuyou-san later, and yet… While I was thinking of that, I received a notification from Fuyou-san.

>Fuyou: I’m ready. You can summon me anytime.

I opened the AV app and selected a situation. This time, we’ll experience mistress play for the first time. My partner would be Otometani Fuyou-san.

【 Partner: are you sure you want Otometani Fuyou? 】

【 Would you like to use your current room, the playroom, or cancel? 】

Oh? I can also choose where to go?

The current room would be this one. According to the app’s description, since it calls the person to the real world, time will flow naturally. That’s rejected, my sister’s in the bed too.

Let’s go to the playroom.

【 Would you like to use real-world time? 】

【 YES or NO? 】

In the case of the playroom, you’re sent to a love hotel where you can pick the flow of time, just like in the prize game last time. If you don’t synchronize time, then no matter how much time you spend in the love hotel, it will only be for a moment in the real world. I’m thankful for that. Let’s use it.

「 Time sync is NO 」

「 Oh right, Haku Could it be that… 」

By the time Kaori looked up from her manga and was about to say something, I already pressed the button. I saw her face for a moment, it was frozen, then my body was enveloped in a white glow, transporting me to a different space.

Then, I find myself sitting in a love-hotel room. It’s the same room as the prize game last time.

「 Hello, Haku-kun 」

「 Oh, hi, Fuyou-san. 」 Seems like we got in here safely 」

Next to me is Fuyou-san, who’s also summoned here, wearing navy blue pajamas. Fuyou-san in her private times seems relaxed and soft, unlike the cool atmosphere she has at the uni.

「 Should we go for it right away? 」

Fuyou-san tilts her hand, putting her hand on the buttons but I stopped her in a hurry.

「 Wait, wait, wait, too early 」

I want to have some chat time, hold hands, cuddle, and kiss! Putting dick inside the pussy isn’t the only way to have sex. It’s important to gradually build up the mood. Aren’t we lovers?

「 Oh right, we need to decide on the contract money first! 」

And it became graphic in one go. Fuyou-san’s right about that, however.

「 How much per month? 」

「 We got 2 million yen the other day. How about we start with 300K? 」

「 Too much! Let’s go with 100K 」

「 Now that’s too low. 250K! 」

「 100K! 」

「 Isn’t that where you drive up the price 」

「 One. Hundred. Thousand 」

「 Then, let’s take the middle and go for 200K. Decided 」

「 Wait, what?! 」

That’s the same amount as the starting salary of a fresh college grad. It passed without any incident. The AV app also displays a log that Otometani Fuyou has signed for a mistress contract for 200,000 yen this month.

If it’s listed in the app, then I can’t do anything about it. I can’t go against the devs

Still, if it’s 200K Yen a month, I can sign a contract with Fuyou-san for 9 months with the prize money I got from last time and nothing else. But, I want some money too. I guess I’ll work hard to earn money with Fuyou-san in the games.

No, wait. Let’s also keep in mind that other people can join in too

「 「 Ah! 」 」

Twenty 10,000 yen bills fell from the air. It’s the contract money. They definitely deducted that 200K yen from my savings

「 Here you go 」

「 Thanks, wait, I can’t refuse? 」

「 I guess the mistress play is forced. Fuyou-san. Just take it, you can’t go against it 」

「 Ugh, I’ll just renew the contract amount next month 」

I see. We could do that. If so, I could also raise the amount. Just how will they react? I’m looking forward to that.

「 Well then, since we got that out of the way, let’s have some fun. If you think that’s a lot of money for the night, then I expect you to serve me well 」

「 Yes, I know. Well then 」

「 Oops. It’s too early to take them off 」

I stopped Fuyou-san from taking off her pajamas, and I make a backrest with pillows and a futon. Then, I lie down and beckoned Fuyou-san.

「 Err, should I just sit here? 」

Once she’s settled down in between my legs, I embraced her from behind and we’re done.

「 Phew. I’m satisfied now 」

I’ve been longing for this couple-like kind of position.

Fuyou-san’s body is warm and cuddly. She also has a sweet and flowery scent that’s reassuring. Her glossy black hair is also gorgeous. Would she be offended if I play-bite her ear?

I was enjoying Fuyou-san with my whole body and she gave me a puzzled look. Her beautiful face is too close that it hurts.

「 What’s next? 」

「 Well, nothing in particular. We have plenty of time, so let’s chat for a while. Come to think of it, I hardly know anything about Fuyou-san 」

「 True. I also don’t know Haku-kun at all 」

I enjoy the scent of her soft scent body odor and shampoo.

Women have soft bodies. It makes me want to embrace her forever. I put my hand around her stomach and enjoy the feeling of her belly secretly. This feels nice.

「 What should we talk about? Hmm, in uni- 」

Fuyou-san started our small talk, she seemed happy to have someone to chat with, becoming more and more talkative.

Fuyou-san’s usually the listener at the Uni, but it seems that she likes talking too.

I enjoyed listening to her talk about college, her studies, the female friends around her, and how she’s troubled by the ulterior motives and adoring glances from the boys.

The complicated relationships between female friends in particular are quite vivid, and as a man, I find them both intriguing and frightening. They seem to get along so well from the side. Women are scary.

「 Also..oh sorry. I feel like I’m the only one talking 」

「 No, don’t mind it. I want to hear more 」

「 Really? 」

Fuyou-san’s eyes shine as she talks, and her expression shows that she’s having fun. As if she’s venting out her daily stress through chatting.

Now that the subject of the family came up, she starts complaining one after another. Which I couldn’t imagine from the calm and cool atmosphere she usually gives out.

「 –Seriously, those kids! I kept telling them to clean up, geez! I guess I could throw back the clothes they undressed to them 」

「 I guess it’s common in families 」

Before I knew it, Fuyou-san was squeezing my hand, with our fingers interlocked.

「 Haku-kun’s house too? 」

「 Especially my lil sis. She wanders around in her underwear, taking off her clothes here and there. Even in my room! She’s already 19. She’s entering college. Sometimes, it makes me want to ask if she’s aware that she’s already an adult 」

「 Your sister is in the same university? 」

「 Well yeah. Do you know her? 」

Fuyou-san thought for a moment, she seems to have an idea who my sister is.

「 Nakade…Was it Nakade Kaori-san? The famous girl among the freshmen? 」

「 Yep. That’s my little sister 」

「 Then, Renge-san? 」

「 My elder sister? 」

「 Step? 」

「 Yes. Step-Sisters. We don’t resemble each other, do we? Nee-san and Kaori are children of my Step-Mom. My Step-Mom has the genes of beauty 」

「 Those two famous sisters are Haku-kun’s sisters. That’s amazing. I’m surprised 」

「 Hey now. What are you talking about? Fuyou-san, look in the mirror. Look who’s talking- 」

「 Huh, what? 」

「 Unaware? 」

「 Fufu. Just kidding. I know how I look at least 」

W-What?! She’s joking?! If that’s the case-

「 Kyaa! Ahaha! Ahahah! T-That tickles! Ahahahaha 」

「 This is your punishment for teasing me! How’s this! 」

「 S-Stop!! Ahahahahaha 」

That’s new information on Fuyou-san. She’s weak to tickling. With that said, I’m not gonna go easy on her.

I capture her as she tries to escape by twisting around. Even if she falls to the bed, I’ll cover her and I won’t let her go. I tickle every sensitive spot. Especially her side and centers.

Then, the beautiful woman collapsed in exhaustion.

Her skin is on fire from laughing too much, and her dark hair is disheveled. Her sweet sweaty scent fills the air. Fuyou-san’s pajamas are somewhat open, bringing out some sexiness.

「 Haa, haa, it’s my first time getting tickled this much. 」

「 That was fun. I’m satisfied 」

「 Geez 」

She slapped me. Doesn’t hurt. Cute.

I’m on top of Fuyou-san, and I admire this breathless beauty.

Her pink-tinged skin, her hot breath, moist eyes, opened pajamas–which is cracking my reason…and a pair of breast peeking through the gaps.

「 Hey, Haku-kun 」

「 What? 」

Her hands went around my neck, just like our first kiss. Her eager eyes look up at me.

Her glossy lips spun out the next lines with a pouting tone.

「 –Are you satisfied with just tickling me? 」

「 ?! 」

Now that’s just a sneaky one. That’s unfair. Was she doing that on purpose? If that was unconscious, then she’s a tease.

Satisfied? Of course not. No, I’m satisfied with the tickling meter, but my other desires aren’t fulfilled yet.

I want to see more of Fuyou-san. I want to know more. I want to taste more. I want to become one with FUyou-san.

「 Fuyou-san. 」

I slowly bring my face closer. She’s not refusing. She closed her eyes and accepted me.

「 Hmm! 」

Her soft and wet lips, make me melt in sweetness.

A gentle kiss. I put my hand on the button of her pajamas and slowly unbutton them.

「 Ooh 」

Her fine bare skin is exposed. Her gently sloped collarbones and smooth, clean neck makes me want to bite her there. Her body is still beautiful, although skinny.

Then, a luxurious white bra hides her estimated D-cup breasts. These must be her lucky underwear. Could it be that for today…

「 It’s beautiful 」

「 Y-You don’t have to say that 」

「 Huh? Are you sure you don’t want to hear that? 」

「 …….Shut it 」

You’re just embarrassed, aren’t you? You didn’t say it like you find it disgusting. I also see you are embarrassed.

I rub her breasts over her bra. Her breasts are still great to rub.

「 Hmm…Hmmm 」

The same resistance to sex seems to have diminished after the energy drink incident, turning us both into sex breasts. Fuyou-san no longer hides her face like when we did it our first time. Well, she’s still looking away.

Still, I like it. It shows her unspoken goodwill as if telling me to do as I please.

I shift aside her luxurious white bra, exposing her breasts.

These are nicely shaped breasts. Her breasts are exquisite in size, nipple balance, color, and plumpness. These are goddess’ breasts.

「 K-Keep those in your thoughts! 」

「 Huh? Was I speaking? 」

「 You were talking about breasts so wholeheartedly, you moron 」

She just called me a moron! Such embarrassment touches my manhood emotionally.

Unable to contain my excitement, I sucked on her cute twitching nipple in front of me.

「 Hyaan!! 」

Your voice is so cute! Are you inviting me?!

「 Hyaa, ah, uuun! Ah, ah, ah!! 」

I stroke her stiff nipples and it feels strange. I roll it with my tongue and gently bite it with my lips.

「 Auuu, hmm, hmm, nuuuu!! naaa!! 」

Fuyou-san’s body jumps and reacts interestingly even to the slightest stimulus. I’m glad to know that even with my poor technique, she’s feeling it.

Now, I trace her areola with my finger. Not touching her nipples. Slowly, carefully, taking it easy.

「 Ah, ah, t-there…hmmm 」

She twists her body from the tickles, complaining with teary eyes–Saying that she wants me to touch her nipples.

It’s boiling me up.

「 Why do you want it? 」

I asked her on purpose. I’m going to tease her all I want.

「 Uuu, you bully 」

「 Fuyou-san. What do you want me to do? 」

I stare at her, she wavers between pleasure and shame…and finally whispered in a small voice.

「 M-My breasts…I want you to touch it…. 」

Fuyou-san caved in.

「 Well said 」

「 Aaahn! There! Aaaaaahn!!

Fuyou-san melted from the sudden sweet reward. The adult moans echo throughout the room.

I’m the only one whom Fuyou-san makes this voice now. Aah, I want to record it. I want to hear more.

Fuyou-san’s melting in lewdness. A sigh escapes from her half-opened mouth. Women gasping for their breath…is nice.

「 Auuu 」

Fuyou-san seems satisfied, so I’ll stop playing with her breasts today.

I kissed her neck, collarbone, chest, and navel, and finally turned into Fuyou-san’s most precious place.

I put my hand on her pajamas and silently lifted her hips. I then pulled down her pants.

Then, her female scent comes to my nose. The scent just makes the male in me crazy.

Fuyou-san is wearing a white underwear with lace and decorations. The design is reminiscent of a wedding dress.

「 Naa! 」

When I touched her secret place, which I’m the only one who knows about, it was so soggy, that my fingers were clearly wet, even over her underwear.

Her body is ready. She’s waiting for the man’s penis now.

「 I can’t hold it anymore 」

I was planning to tease her clitoris but decided not to.

I was going to give her cunnilingus and make her climax, but I stopped.

I thought about putting my finger in her pussy to loosen her up but I stopped.

I just stopped.

「 Raise your hips 」

「 Hmm 」

I slide off her white underwear. Her thin pubic hair is beautiful.

Her crotch is sticky with love nectar, and when I took it off, it was already sticky, and even made a liquid string.

Her beautiful pink pussy reflects the light with her love nectar. Opening and closing, begging for it.

「 Haku-kun, are we doing it now? 」

「 Yeah. I can’t hold it anymore 」

「 Then, contraceptives 」

「 Okay 」

They say that the pills start to show their effect after about a week. I looked it up.

And so, we’re going to use a condom as contraception. I also want to try having sex wearing a condom.

I took the condom I prepared and opened the seal, not damaging the contents.

Fuyou-san got up and began to observe with interest.

「 This is the out, and this is in 」

「 Hmm 」

「 Then, you point to the tip above. Hey, I can’t see! 」

「 Don’t mind it. I want to know it too! 」

「 Well, sure, but… 」

It’s good that she’s eager to learn. She’s curious. I’ll have Fuyou-san put it on me next time.

I put on the condom over my penis, pulling the skin to the base to cover it. I put it back halfway and down to the root. Done, my dick’s now with a condom on.

「 Ooh! 」

Thanks for the applause, Fuyou-san. Her being easy to get with must be the reason why people adore her.

She lies on the bed, and I rub my penis against her in the missionary position.

Nuchu, nuchu, nucha.

It sounds lewd. My condom is smeared with her love nectar.

I press the tip of my glans against her small and narrow pussy.

「 I’m putting it in 」

「 Yes, please 」


My penis sinks in slowly. I scrape through her soft and lewd flesh, and thrust deeper, aiming for her cervix.

「 Aah..!! Kuh!!! 」

「 Aaahn! I-It’s hard and thick!! 」

I go to the innermost part and my penis got swallowed in.

I thought of this again, it’s amazing that my thick meat stick goes inside her small hole. The human body works wonders.

I feel Fuyou-san’s temperature through the thin condom to my penis.

「 So this is how it feels to have sex with a condom on 」

「 This is quite different 」

「 Can you feel the difference 」

「 Yes. I think its….no. 」 Nothing! 」

Oh? What was she about to say? I guess she was about to say that she prefers to do it raw.

What a lewd woman.

I’ll spare the embarrassment of that cute little face and not pursue that topic.

I give in to my instincts, and start moving my hips.

Nuchu, nuchu, nuchu, nucha, guchu, guchu.

Her love nectar makes an obscene sound each time I move in and out. It entwines with my penis, making white foam.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm! 」

「 Kuh, that feels good! 」

「 Me too! Me too! I feel good! Haku-kun! Ah, ah, ah! Ah!!! 」

She likes getting poked. Perhaps it’s because we had sex for two hours straight on the last prize game, so her sensitivity and response are great. You won’t think that this is her second time having sex.

Well, back then, the effects of the energy drink blew out our reason, so she seems to be ashamed to let out her voice now that she has some reason left.

Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu, kuchu.

「 Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! Aaah! Aaah! 」

Even if she covers her mouth, her sweet charming voice leaks out from her throat. It’s so innocent of her to desperately try to hold on.

「 Kuh! I can’t stop my hips! 」

「 Don’t! Stop! Move! Hmm, hmm, hm, hm! Ah, ah, ah, ah!! 」

Don’t stop, you say? You say the nicest things. I won’t stop just as you wish.

Panpanpanpanpan! I slam my hips to hers in a rhythm.

This beauty is lewd and disheveled. Her breasts bounce from the sway of her body after a little delay.

This lewd sight stirs up my arousal. It’s also great that I had her keep her pajama and bra on. Clothed play is the best.

If she invites me like this, of course, I’d rub it.

「 D-Don’t rub my breasts right now! Aaah!! 」

You say no, but you look so happy. Your voice sounds so sweet.

Fuyou-san grips the sheets and the pillow tightly arches her back to resist the exploding pleasure.

I grab her hips as it’s about to rise up, and I follow my instincts and desires to violently stir her insides.

It’s tight and wet. Her love nectar spatters and makes an obscene wet sound.

This is sex. This is how a male and female copulate.

「 Ah, ah, ah!! My head…It’s going crazy! 」

「 Me too! Fuyou-san 」

「 Haku-kun, Haku-kun! Haku-kun! Haku-kun!! 」

I can feel her vaginal folds stimulating my penis from all directions. She kept attacking the part of my body that feels good to make me ejaculate. At the same time, I also rub Fuyou-san’s pleasure spots to bring her to climax.

「 Haku-kun! 」

「 What? 」

「 Kiss me!! 」

That surprise attack is foul play.

I responded to her cute little beg with action. I kiss her while swinging my hips.

Nchu, chu, rero, rero, juru nchu.

A new obscene sound of thick kissing was added.

Our tongues entwine, and our saliva mix, lick, suck and bite.

We have no idea how to look cool when kissing. We just devour each other for pleasure, and our mouths are sticky with saliva. But, we don’t mind it. Rather, that’s what we want.

After all, it’s just the two of us here.

「 Nfufu, I think I like kissing Haku-kun 」

「 ?! 」

Oh, that was close. My heart nearly stopped beating and I almost came.

Those words coming out of a beauty’s mouth, saying that she might like kissing me, were a nuclear-grade destructive power.

I almost died. Fuyou-san’s so cute I could die.

「 W-What’s wrong? 」

Fuyou-san looked up at me with concern, wondering why I suddenly stopped moving.

A tear spilled out from the corner of my eye. She hasn’t noticed that.

The clear drops are very beautiful. Can’t help but admire it.

「 Haku-kun? 」

「 Oh, sorry 」

There was a tinge of concern and some frustration in her tone as she calls my name.

–Hurry and move! I want to feel good!

It’s as if I could hear her silent appeal As proof, Fuyou-san’s vagina involuntarily moves, stimulating my penis.

「 Yes. Let’s change positions, Fuyou-san 」

「 Change positions? 」

She tilts her head but she follows my instructions, Fuyou-san got on all fours and poses like an animal.

The way she turned her ass to me is also obscene. The area around her pussy is also soaked. Is she clenching? Her ass tightened up.

We’re about to do doggy style.

I aim at her small pussy and thrust it all the way in.

「 Hauu! 」

I thrust deep and I crush the uterus with my penis.

「 T-This…It’s going in deep! So deep! Haa! Aaah! Wait, that! Stop grinding! You can’t!! 」

Oh? It seems that she likes getting her uterus stimulated. That’s a good discovery.

It’s easier to move my hips when doing doggy style. I can grip the woman’s waist to stabilize it. That’s a very deep insertion in terms of position. I love the doggy style too!

「 Gu, gu, gu, hmm, hmm, nuu! 」

Woah. Fuyou-san’s hips are so thin! It’s surprisingly thin! I think you need to eat more. But, please keep your skin smooth.

「 This is amazing! It feels different now that we changed positions 」

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! That feels good! Amazing!! 」

「 How do you like it? 」

「 I-I won’t say it! It’s a secret! 」

「 If you don’t say it, then I’ll go harder 」

「 Please! 」

Oh? Now she begged for it Fuyou-san seem to have become a slave to the pleasures of sex.

「 Aaah! Aah! Aaah! It feels too amazing!! No! I can’t hold it anymore!! 」

Our hips continue to slam together.

The impact of the bump causes the flesh of her ass to pull and ripple It’s different from her breasts, and it’s amazing too.

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu!!

The sound of my penis rubbing her pussy is getting louder.

I can’t stop the love nectar from gushing out. It foams up from the movement, dripping on the bed, and creating a stain.

「 No! Not that! My head! My head’s going crazy! My head’s turning white! 」

「 Kuh! I know! It feels too good, doesn’t it? 」

Fuyou-san’s vagina tightens in response to pleasure.

Oh, I’m about to cum. I realize that I’m feeling a sudden increase in pleasure.

I’m disgusted at how I’m a premature ejaculator. I want to enjoy sex more, and I want to connect with Fuyou-san more, but I can’t endure my ejaculation.

I need more experience. More experience in sex. Then, my premature ejaculation will go away. I think. Maybe.

「 Fuyou-san! I’m about to cum! 」

「 Me too! I’m feeling amazing deep inside! Ah! Aaah!! 」

My penis swells inside her vagina, turning bigger and thicker. That’s a sign that I’m about to ejaculate.

Fuyou-san seems to be on the verge of climax too, her back is hunching over, she grips the sheets tightly, and her vagina, wrapping my penis, squeezes harder.

「 Cumming! 」

「 M-Me too! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming!! 」

We climaxed at the same time.

Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyupyu!!

「 Uga!! 」

「 Ah! Aaaaah! Nnnaaaaaa!! Hmmmmm!! Muuuu!! 」

Fuyou-san’s twitching and convulsed. Her arms can’t support her body anymore.

She plopped on the bed, with her ass sticking out. I can see her anus, twitching and tightening with her vagina. It’s cute, and semen’s flying out.

Fuyou-san’s vagina follows her female instinct. It’s squeezing out the semen to the last drop.

That feels good.

「 「 Uuuu 」 」

My dick made a sound as it comes out. The condom’s swelling from the huge amount of semen I let out. So this is how much I release.

I took off the condom, tied it from the opening, and tossed it in the trash can.

I fell next to the gasping Fuyou-san and hug her moist body.

「 Hmm, you’re in the way 」

Huh, what?

Suddenly, Fuyou-san got up and said those words. I thought I was in the way of her hug, but she took off her upper pajamas and moved her bra, got naked, and settled in my arms.

Then, she rubs her cheek against my body, seeming satisfied.

Come to think of it, I never undressed my upper body. I only took off my lower half.

I guess the clothes were in the way. I’m glad that I wasn’t the one hugging.

「 That felt amazing, Fuyou-san 」

「 Yes. Me too 」

「 Do you like doggy style? 」

「 I’m not sure 」

Oh? She won’t tell me? But, I can tell that you liked it from the sound of your voice, sounding like you didn’t get your fill.

Well, she says that she doesn’t know so we should just try doing it again next time. Then, I’ll let the greatness of doggy style be etched into the core of her body.

Pillow talk after sex with kissing and cuddling.

I read online that women like pillow talk. Apparently, anything that helps them out maintaining the pH level in their vagina makes it easier to conceive. They instinctively seek pillow talk.

Furthermore, it says that men who neglect pillow talk are disliked. Showing a cold attitude, falling asleep quickly, or going to your phone is not acceptable.

I’m not sure about it since it’s from the internet. But, some behaviors clearly won’t work.

Even if she’s a mistress, I don’t want Fuyou-san to hate me. And so, I do my best to flirt and just fool around.

I also like the lingering touch and talk of sex.

With our body heat cooling down, we got dressed.

「 Fuyou-san. Thanks for today 」

「 I’m the one who should say that. Thank you 」

This cool girl is showing me a soft smile instead.

If men see this smile at the uni, this will cause problems. They’d fall for her in an instant, and the boys confessing to Fuyou-san would increase.

「 Well then, let’s go back to reality 」

「 Oh? But this is real too 」

「 Well yeah 」

I opened my phone and tapped the AV app. A choice appears on the Screen.

【 Do you wish to end the mistress play and return to the real world? 】

【 Yes or No? 】

The moment I pressed yes, a sweet breeze blew softly.

I hear a hot breath blowing on my ears.

「 Good night, Haku-kun. Sweet dreams 」

That surprise attack is foul play.

We were blinded by the light and disappeared. I see Fuyou-san giggling.

I can’t talk back since we’re forced to move now. Wait, I also want to tell Fuyou-san “Good night”

Fuyou-san moved her mouth to say “Good night,” in white light and disappeared, and I found myself back in my room.

「 –Oh right, Haku. Did you get a girlfriend? 」

「 Huh? 」

I made a dumb face at the sudden question thrown at me. My step-Sister, Kaori is sitting next to me.

Wait, what was the situation again?

Having spent so dense time, I forgot about everything that happened before opening the AV app.

「 Haku? Why are you spacing out? 」

The melting ice cream is about to drip from Kaori’s hand, who’s sitting on the bed, and holding a manga.

Right. Kaori came in to borrow manga and stayed over.

「 Oh, right, sorry. I wasn’t listening 」

「 I was asking if Haku got a girlfriend! Recently, you seem to be in a good mood! So, did you get one? 」

What came to my mind is a cool beautiful woman.

「 No. I haven’t 」

She’s not a girlfriend, but a mistress. And I just had sex with my mistress.

The physical exhaustion from sex and Fuyou-san’s final surprise caused my head to overflowing.

I fell down on the bed.

「 Woah! That’s surprising! My ice cream was about to fall off! 」

Sorry. But my step-sister’s lovely thighs were just there. It’s bad that you have your thighs nearby.

Hmm. Smooth and puffy. Smells good. I think these thighs are first-rate.

「 Sleepy? Can’t help it then. Haku, sleep! 」

「 Don’t make it sound like an order. Be gentle with it at least 」

Gentle like Fuyou-san.

Remembering her sweet words, I gently closed my eyes.