AV App Chapter 10 Daily Life in the Nakade Household



「 Recently, Haku-chan’s eating more. Aunt’s happy 」

My step-mom’s sister, in short, my aunt-in-law, Kageran Kaho-san says happily. Although she’s 33, she looks young and lovely that you could mistake her for a 20-year-old college girl.

When I was in high school, my parents moved away for work, so Kaho-san, who lived just around the corner, started coming to check on us. That continues even now that we’re in college.

Kaho-san washes dishes and I wipe them

The dish dryer broke a few years ago, and so the Nakade house children had been responsible for wiping the dishes on a daily rotation.

Today, I’m the one in charge.

「 It’s worth it 」

Kaho-san happily washes the dishes with her experienced hand.

「 I just had the appetite recently. Besides, Kaho-san’s cooking is always superb 」

「 Geez. If you praise me so much, I have no choice but to kiss you 」

「 Stop! I’m already in college, don’t do that 」

「 Auntie can kiss Haku-chan no matter how old you get! Haku-chan’s like my child! So you’re always cute no matter how old you get. Come here. Don’t hold back! 」

「 Tsk! It’s not holding back. Stop it or I’ll drop the plates! Nee-san and Kaori, stop watching and help me out here! 」

My two sisters are sitting at the table after dinner just a few feet away from me.

Your family’s in danger, help me!

However, Renge-neesan just tilted her head with a smile.

「 Who needs help? 」

「 Your sweet step-brother is being held by his aunt with hands soaked in water and detergent! I’m about to get attacked! 」

Kaori’s been playing with her phone, just sending me a glance.

「 Too troublesome, pass 」

She looked back at her phone, seemingly uninterested. You bothersome step-sister!

I bet my Dad would be on my side in situations like this. However, he’s not at home. He won’t allow step-aunt, Kaho-san to flirt around. Blood? It must be in their blood!

「 Haku! How about you let her kiss you? Kaho-chan would be satisfied if you do 」

「 Don’t speak like it’s a stranger’s problem! My step-sister! 」

「 I mean, it’s your problem 」

「 Not gonna help you if you go through this too 」

「 I always turn my cheek on her. Right, Kaho-chan? 」

「 Yes! Kaori-chan 」

Tsk, it’s because they’re of the same sex, they’d naturally have less resistance! But Kaho-san and I are the opposite sex, male and female. I don’t know what will happen to my heart if a beauty like Kaho-san kisses me.

「 Renge-chan also gets kisses- 」

「 That’s just common physical intimacy between family, why don’t you just let her, Haa-kun? 」

「 Yes, that’s right! Tell her Renge-chan! 」

This is definitely in their blood.

All you needed to do was pass your beauty and nothing else. Please don’t pass down the bad stuff.

「 I used to kiss you so many times when you were little, ugh 」

「 Ah, Kaho-san’s crying 」

「 Haku’s the worst, making the cute Kaho-chan cry. Coward. Virgin 」

「 I’m not 」

「 Huh? Seriously? Who is it? 」

Oops. I replied on reflex.

But, my sister. Why are your eyes sparkling?! Ordinary little sisters don’t like it! Oh right, Kaori’s not normal.

「 Oh? Let’s hear the details 」

Kaho-san’s sitting on the chair, leaning her elbow on the table. Looking like a police officer that’s about to interrogate. She’s ready to interrogate.

「 Haku-chan. Tell us. When did you get a girlfriend? 」

「 No, I didn’t 」

「 If you don’t have a girlfriend then who did you make a move on?! 」

「 Like I said… 」

「 Rumors have been circulating lately that Haa-kun has been eating lunch with a woman 」

「 Nee-san?! Oh? Even Nee-san’s interested? 」

「 Oh, I know that too. It’s Otometani Fuyou-san, right? She’s in the informatics faculty. She’s a famous beauty. I’m secretly thinking of checking on her.

「 Stop it! Seriously! Stop it! 」

Kaori would definitely do that. It’s going to be a hassle if they stormed in during lunch.

It’s going to be a disastrous lunch break, and there will be a grand mangling and blowing things out of proportion for Fuyou-san. It’ll only cause trouble to Fuyou-san.

「 Haa-kun’s body has become so many… 」

「 Haku-chan started eating more food 」

「 It’s because he crossed the line with a beautiful woman 」

No way. Three sparkling eyes gaze at me.

Okay, I get it. I’ll tell you the story. I crossed the line with Otometani Fuyou-san and I’m hungry because of sex. My body toned up thanks to sex and I started doing strength training recently.

Why do women have such sharp intuition at times like this?

Well, it’ll only get even more troublesome if I tell them the whole truth so I’ll just pretend to be dumbfounded here.

「 Haa, how do I say this… 」

「 Haku-chan’s first time was with some thieving cat! But Haku-chan’s first kiss is me! 」

Kaho-san, family kisses don’t count. I mean, you’re my step-aunt!

When my parents remarried, I was still too young to remember, so the truth is unknown.

「 Bring her home next time 」

No, no, no, you’re going to give her a big welcome!

“What do I do?! I’m looking forward to it.” Kaho-san’s so excited.

Nee-san and Kaori looked so serious too as if to say “we need to check our brother’s partner”

I mean, my step-sisters, you plan on teasing her when I bring her home, right?

「 I’m not bringing her home 」

I made up my mind. Even if I got myself a girlfriend, I won’t introduce her to these people.


Next day.

Kon, kon.

「 Okay~ Come in 」

It’s either Kaho-san or Nee-san knocking on the door. Kaori never knocks.

Nee-san’s reserved, she knocks on the door, and as expected, it was Nee-san when I opened the door.

「 The bath is ready. Haa-kun’s next 」

Nee-san’s wet hair is wrapped in a towel as she just took a bath, and she’s wearing a thin tank top on her upper body. Her breasts are so full that they form a cleavage, which is lewd. Her skin’s glowing from the warm water, and it’s so pink and beautiful, that even I, who must’ve been accustomed to seeing it for a long time, can’t help but admire it. She’s steaming with sexiness.

There’s no doubt that the men in the world would bend forward and crouch down if they see how Nee-san looks right now. Some of them might even bleed from their nose.

Nee-san’s appearance is to put it nicely, mature. To put it badly, old.

Her actual age is 21 this year, so she exudes a mature and bewitching aura.

She says that she has insecurities because her age often gets mistaken.

「 What’s wrong, why are you sitting on the floor 」

I sat on the floor and looked up at her from below as she tilts her head cutely.

「 I was just doing some muscle training. I was thinking of sweating first and then taking a bath. Nee-san, if you’re not busy, could you help me out?

「 What to do? 」

「 Just hold my legs, I need to do sit-ups 」

「 OKay. So it’s like a physical fitness test 」

Nee-san sat on the back of my legs, put her hands around my calves, and hugged it tightly.

Oooh! T-This is…

I can directly feel the softness of her hips and breasts.

I was unaware of this because we grew up together since we were small, but when in such close contact, I’ll be aware of it even if I don’t want to be.

My step-sister has a tremendously wonderful adult body.

「 Go for it! Go for it! 」

「 Start. One, two, three… 」

Nee-san’s cheering me on, and I repeat sit-ups.

Every time I get up, my nostrils get tickled by the sweet aroma of her shampoo and body soap.

「 Eleven, twelve, thirteen. Go, go. You got this Haa-kun 」

「 I got this! 」

「 So manly and cool~ 」

「 Well, thanks 」

As I do sit-ups, I enjoy the feeling of my sister’s soft body, and then the door to the room suddenly opened.

「 Hey~ Wait, Renge-chan? 」

「 Kaori-chan. Hey 」

「 Hey. What’s up? Helping Haku in muscle training? 」

「 Yes 」

「 Okay, I’ll hinder him then 」

「 Stop that 」

My sister’s grinning with an evil face came up to me and tugged my belly with her index finger like she was having fun.

「 Poke poke! There there, your abs aren’t strong enough. Put some strength on it! 」

「 Dammit! You’ll regret this! There! 」

「 Haa-kun, you can’t train your muscles if you don’t build up momentum 」

「 Nee-san too?! You’re surprisingly harsh 」

It started out as a lighthearted activity, but before I knew it, it became a full-fledged muscle training program

Why did this happen? And I can’t just laze around since I have my sisters watching.

My sober abs are in pain Kaori’s hand is on my stomach, making me aware of the pain even if I don’t want to, and my stomach muscles are tighter than usual.

My abs!

「 Go for it ♡ Go for it ♡ 」

Renge-neesan’s cute cheer is giving me strength.

Every time I get up, I see my sister’s beautiful face, and I feel a little better. This would be a great way to get my abs in shape every day.

Speaking of which, I saw a video of couples kissing every time the guy does a sit-up.

I found myself staring at my sister’s lips while doing sit-ups.

「 Twenty-Five, twenty-six, twenty-seven… 」

I feel my sister’s face getting closer somewhat every time the count increases. I think I’m closing up on her, no, I’m not. Nee-san’s definitely getting closer!

「 Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty! 」

It took thirty times to get to the end, but now Nee-san’s face is right in front of me, fifteen centimeters close.

Her long eyelashes, beautiful eyes, tall nose, lovely lips, and fine skin.

「 Well done! 」

Her sweet breath leaks from her mouth, tickling my face.

We stare at each other closely.

「 You did well 」

Nee-san whispers sweetly. Her eyes look feverish.

Her passionate gaze appeals to something. I found myself moving close as if I were being invited. Then, she closes her eyelids, framed by her long eyelashes.

Just before our lips touch from our desires…

「 Aah, can you do that when you’re alone! If being watched turns you on, then I don’t mind watching. But you don’t, do you? 」

「 K-Kaori?! 」

「 K-Kaori-chan?! 」

Our little sister’s sitting right next to us.

Right… Kaori was here too. I forgot about that.

What do I do? She watched us get in a weird mood, and me trying to kiss Nee-san.

I desperately tried to search for an excuse, but I can’t find any.

「 U-Uhm, you see! 」

「 N-No! It’s not like that! You know, Haa-kun’s recently getting more confident, muscular, and dependent, so I thought that Haa-kun’s a little cool while doing muscle training, wait, no, not like that! 」

Nee-san, you’re just digging deeper. You’re leaking out your thoughts.

Kaori takes a deep breath before us who are in a panic.

「 I don’t really mind, even if Haku and Renge-chan were having that kind of relationship, all I would honestly say is “Congrats” Yeah. You two aren’t blood-related so what’s the problem 」

「 「 Huh? What? 」 」

「 Yep. Wait, why do you two look so happy? 」

Ahaha, I wonder indeed.

Nee-san and I looked at each other, then got embarrassed, so we looked away. Then, Kaori pokes her finger.

「 Anyway, if you’re gonna do something, do it when you’re alone! Think of your little sister who’s watching when big-sis and big-bro are flirting! 」

「 「 Sorry! 」 」

Her big-sis and big-bro apologized miserably.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by my temporary distraction. Next time, I’ll be careful, and get in the mood when it’s just us two.

「 Haku! Push-ups and backbends as punishment! 」

「 Why only me?! 」

「 Do you want me to sit on you while you do push-ups? 」

「 You’ll crush me 」

「 What? 」

「 Yep, backbends and push-ups! 」

「 Good. Good 」

I just saw my little sister show a scary face for a moment. It’s almost like a hannya face. Just remembering it makes my spine shiver.

I’m trembling. A brother’s a creature that can’t resist his little sister. That’s the truth in this world.

I continued muscle training under the supervision of the devilish instructor until I was wheezing.

I didn’t intend to go all out like that.

-Knock, knock.

「 Haku-chan, are you not going to take a bath?! Or do you want to take a bath with your Aunt? Do you want me to wash your body after a long while? 」

Kaho-san enters my room, out of patience as I haven’t taken a bath yet. Then, she saw the kids have gathered in the room.

「 Oh, Haku-chan. Muscle training? And Renge-chan and Kaori-chan are cheering you on? 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

「 「 Yes~ 」 」

Kaho-san heard our response and blows out in anger.

「 Why did you not call Auntie?! You’re leaving me out of the party? Are you trying to exclude Auntie? 」

「 No, not really 」

I see. That’s great. So muttered Kaho-san, and she sat down smoothly.

「 Okay, Auntie will cheer you on too. Yay~ Yay~! Ha-ku-chan!

「 Haa-kun, go for it! 」

「 Hey, hey! Put some strength into it! Don’t slack off! 」

S-Shut up! Now there’s another! Too many people!

Their cheers are helpful, but this won’t end with just ordinary muscle training if this goes on.

To be honest, they’re just a hindrance now.

「 Ugh! My muscles are gonna be sore tomorrow! 」

After that day, the muscle training support group started meeting regularly.