AV App Chapter 55 Sister’s Friend Came to Visit



「 Kaori! You here, Kaori?! 」

I was shouting my sister’s name even before saying “I’m home” as soon as I got home from the university.


「 Welcome back, Haku. You’re too loud, I can hear you. What is it? 」

Kaori peeks out at me looking like she’s finding it troublesome.

She’s wearing light clothing again today.

Well, it’s a sports bra with a longer underline, so it’s probably somewhat better. The color is muted dark gray, and while the glimpse of her navel is cute, the lewdness is restrained.

As for the lower half, it’s the usual. She’s showing as much of her plump butt and healthy legs as much as possible. I almost let my eyes linger on the beautiful V-line that borders her panty and bare skin but I managed to get back on topic.

「 I need to talk to you 」

「 I’m cleaning up so make it quick 」

Kaori’s got ice cream on one hand and a cordless vacuum cleaner on the other.

You were cleaning the house because Suisen-chan’s coming over later, right? Also, why are you eating ice cream?

Kaori licks the ice cream with a sense of superiority as if showing off her sweat-soaked body. That appearance is just mellow and erotic.

Huh? Was Kaori this mature?

I got captivated, then she stared at me, seeing that I’m not talking.

「 Why are you suddenly quiet? Hurry up and say what you need already 」

「 Oh yeah, about that. Listen, today.. 」

「 Oh, Suisen-chan’s coming over to play today. She’s also staying over 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

She just went ahead and said it. I was about to question her but I got distracted.

Everything I wanted to say just blew out of my head. I didn’t get to say it quick enough.

So, what do I say now?

「 So, what’s your business? 」

「 Well, it’s what you mentioned just now. I met her at the university earlier and told me about the sleepover, but I was about to tell you that I didn’t hear about it, but… 」

「 I got to say it first 」

「 Yep. I mean, say that even earlier! I also had to prepare you know! Like, cleanup 」

「 But I’m already cleaning up Haku’s room right now, see? 」

「 Huh? Thanks, Kaori 」

「 You’re welcome 」

Now that she’s done cleaning, the next one is…huh? I can’t remember.

Kaho-san and Nee-san always keep the house clean so there’s nothing to sweep, and they’ll never play in my room anyway, but I thought of cleaning up in case they had to, but Kaori already finished that.

Is there nothing I need to do?

「 Kaori-san? 」

「 What now? 」

「 What do I do then? 」

「 Let’s see… 」

Kaori tilted her head for a moment, then gave a flowery smile.

「 Want some ice cream? 」

She sticks out the half-eaten ice cream.

I see. I guess I don’t need to do anything. Maybe I could’ve hung around the town

However, once I’m inside the cool house, it’s going to be a chore to get out under the hot summer sky. There’s no reason to trouble me by getting sweaty in the city.

I took Kaori’s suggestion, got some ice cream, and stay cool.

「 I’ll do that. Hmm, that’s cold! 」

「 Aah, you ate my ice cream! Why did you bite it! Idiot Haku! 」

「 Why not? It’s just a bite. Also, that was delicious. 」

「 Muu! Muuuuu!! 」

My step-sis puffed her cheeks and glared at me. Her eyes are burning in anger.

–Food grudges are scary.

A few minutes later, she took two big bites from the ice cream I was eating, and I realized the meaning and weight of that line above.

My ice cream.


A few hours later, at about 2:00, the hottest time of the day, Suisen-chan arrived.

She’s wearing a famous sports brand cap, and a long T-shirt slightly larger than her size. She seems to be wearing shorts or a mini-skirt, but the thin hoodie around her waist makes it less exposed. She’s well dressed for a sporty girl, and the freshness of summer and her cheerfulness is sticking out. The sports bag she’s carrying on her shoulders also looks good on her.

「 Hello! I’ll be staying over! 」

「 Come in 」

Kaori greets her, wearing her thin hoodie and shorts. She’s dressed at least. The hoodie’s zipped up and the front is open, revealing her sports bra, and navel.

As expected, she’s afraid of just wearing the usual.

「 Welcome, Suisen-chan. It’s been a while 」

「 Y-Yes, well, it wasn’t that long, Nii-san-senpai… 」

Huh? Did she just look away from me? Her face is turning red. What did I do to Suisen-chan?

Not knowing what’s going on, Kaori exudes silent pressure, asking “What did you do to my best friend?”

Hey, don’t glare that hard. You’re giving me chills. I didn’t do anything. Maybe. I think.

「 It must’ve been hot out there. Let’s go and cool down. It’s hot even at the entrance. Haku. Get her luggage 」

「 Sure thing. I’ll hold on to your stuff, Suisen-chan 」

「 H-Hyai! Thanksh! 」

She handed me her sports bag, but I could see that she was trying to not touch me, which got me shocked.

Wait, does she hate me now? I mean, she was normal when we met at the university, right? I’m sure I didn’t say anything weird. What’s with this cold response?

I thought we got closer because we had sex before, so sad.

「 I’d guide you to my room, but because of the electricity bill, we’ll stay in the living room 」

「 Hey. What are you telling our guest? Go to your room 」

「 Eeh. It’s still hot in the room, and I share the room with Renge-chan. It’s going to be hard for Suisen to stay there, see? If that’s the case, isn’t it better to stay in the living room? It’s cold, and we can play or read manga 」

「 Ahaha. I don’t mind it, Nii-san-senpai 」

「 That so? If Suisen-chan’s okay with it, then sure. Well, it’s cold enough in the living room, so you can enjoy it 」

I could live without air conditioning during spring and rainy season, but on days like today, I feel like I might get heat stroke, so air conditioning is a must. However, using our air conditioners in each room would cause the bill to skyrocket, so basically everyone gathers in the living room in the summer to save electricity by using only one air conditioner.

So, when she mentioned that her friend is coming to visit, I thought it was okay for her to turn on the air conditioner in her room. I was sure that the two were just going to stay in their room and I have the living room to myself. Now what.

「 Huh? Where are the other residents? 」

Suisen-chan looked around the cool living room nervously.

Nobody apart from us is in the living room.

「 Kaho-chan’s out for work. Renge-chan’s on a joint business meeting. They have it rough. Both of them will be back before dinner 」

「 I see. Ah, this. It’s not much, but enjoy this 」

Suisen-chan handed a paper bag of confectioneries to Kaori.

「 You don’t have to worry about it much. But, thanks. Oh? Muffins? 」

「 Yeah. I was thinking of getting a cake, but it looks like it’ll melt so I went with baked goods instead 」

「 Thanks for that, Suisen-chan 」

「 Hya, hyai! Y-You’re welcome! 」

Why is it that she fumbles her words when speaking to me? The only saving grace I’m getting is that I don’t feel any feeling of disgust. Rather, it’s tension and embarrassment?

Maybe she’s conscious of what happened the last time she came to our home. Because the broken-hearted party and midnight sex are some unforgettable events.

Suisen-chan’s slightly flustered took off her light hoodie tied around her waist, and dressed now she’s lightly dressed. At first glance, the long T-shirt looks like a mini-skirt dress, and even though I know she’s wearing shorts or something, I get the thrill every time the hem sways.

That’s just the male instincts you can’t resist. Her healthy thighs look so dazzling to the eyes.

「 T-Then, I’ll go play here, don’t worry about me 」

「 Eei! Don’t go listen to our girl talk. It’s going to get raw 」

「 Now you got me worried there! 」

「 If you don’t mind getting your heart smashed to pieces, then you can listen, what will you do, Haku? 」

「 I’ll pass 」

I put on my headphones so I don’t hear their girl talk.

I’m curious about it. But, men have this sparkling illusion about women. I don’t want to face reality and have those illusions busted.

If Suisen-chan started bitching about men furiously…yeah, no thanks. I don’t want to hear that. I want to keep the impression that she’s upbeat and cute!

「 Huh? You’re not calling him Nii-san at home? 」

「 Ugyaaa!? Shut up Suisen! 」

「 Muguuu!? 」

I thought I heard some kind of shout from Kaori, and a muffled sound of something getting crushed, but the sounds of the game drowned out the conversation of the maidens.

I played the game on TV for a few minutes. I turned around to see how Kaori and Suisen-chan are doing, and they were excitedly showing each other their phone screens.

Kaori sits on the chair showing her phone to Suisen-chan who peeks out from the side with her hands on the table. They giggle and laugh happily.

However, Suisen-chan’s pose is really dangerous.

When I turned around, her hands are on the table as she bends forward. She’s wearing clothes that show off as much of her bare legs as possible. I thought she was wearing a short, but it was a mini-skirt!

Even though her underwear is almost visible, she’s bending forward so I can see what’s hiding underneath the skirt. Her soft, gravure-idol quality ass arouses my desires, and her red T-back is hiding her slit.

「 O-Ooh, she’s on the offense. So passionate 」

I’m so impressed that I can’t help but talk to myself. Oh right, she has a sensitive body to begin with so wearing a T-back is normal for her body. But, it’s surprising that it’s red. She’s staying at her friend’s house, so she must’ve been wearing some nice underwear.

Fortunately, my murmur didn’t reach the girls. If I keep staring for too long, I’d be exposed for staring and admiring such a vivid sight, so I let it sink into my memory and get back to the game.

But needless to say, it’s hard to concentrate. Suisen-chan’s sexy ass and her passionate red T-back are a combination that got stuck in my mind.

What now. I’m horny.

That gravure-idol ass and red thong are beautiful. I was confident that the image alone would excite me, but I saw it live. The latter is by far the most destructive. Furthermore, she’s my step-sister’s best friend. it’s a situation out of an Eroge, or AV…

「 This is bad… 」

「 –It really is bad… 」