AV App Chapter 56 Honey Trap



「 –It really is bad. You’re going to lose 」

「 Woah! 」

Suddenly, I thought I heard Kaori’s voice over the game and I screamed in surprise when I saw her face right next to mine. I backed off unconsciously and bumped into Suisen-chan who was approaching from the other side.

Seems like the two of them closed up to me while I was thinking about the peach ass and T-back. I didn’t notice them at all.

Kaori’s frowning from my exaggerated surprise.

「 Why are you so surprised. 」

「 Nothing. I was just absent-minded so I didn’t notice you there 」

「 While playing a game? Weird. I mean, get away from Suisen 」

「 Oh. Sorry for bumping into you 」

「 N-Not at all… I-I’m fine! 」

She fumbles her words. Suisen-chan’s face is as red as a boiled octopus.

「 So, what’s up with you two? 」

「 We got tired of chatting so we thought of getting you involved too 」

「 Sure thing. Thanks. I’m happy that you’re concerned 」

「 That doesn’t sound like you’re happy at all. Look, we’re beautiful university girls okay? You should be crying from happiness by now 」

「 Calm down Kaori. Kaori may be beautiful but I’m just ordinary. N-Nii-san, can we join your game? 」

「 Right. Since you asked, let’s go play together 」

I passed the controllers and picked a game that we can play together.

Kaori and I sat on the floor and leaned on the sofa. Suisen-chan hesitated for a moment, but she sat on the sofa like a well-behaved girl.

Sorry for having bad manners. In our house, we play games together sitting on the floor, not on the couch. I don’t even know how it came to that. It’s become our style to do that. We sit down on the living room floor and settled for gaming.

「 Then, let’s start 」

「 「 Okay~ 」 」

I chose the famous dice game. It’s got a lot of mini-games, and it can get people excited.

A few minutes after the start, I had some incredible luck and I was holding the first place firmly. I could sweep this game easily.

This is fun! This game is the best! Wahahaha!!

「 Kuh! Suisen! Let’s join forces! Beat Haku! 」

「 Okay! Get yourself ready! Nii-san-senpai! Doryaa! 」

「 Oh, that’s Kaori you’re beating up 」

「 Nuwaa?! What are you doing Suisen?! You betrayed me! 」

「 S-Sorry! I’ll get it right this time! Eei!! 」

「 Ah, Kaori again 」

「 Suisen?! Do you have some grudge against me?! If that’s the case, I’ll beat you first! 」

「 Wait! I thought we were joining forces?! 」

They had a fight as soon as they joined hands, and in the end, Suisen-chan and Kaori had an ugly battle in the lower ranks while I reigned supreme as I realize how well these two get along.

「 Oh, they have a tennis minigame doubles! Fufufu. My time has come! 」

Suisen-chan has confidence as a soft-tennis club member, but reality and games are different.

「 Huh? Wait?! Why is it slow? They have such a poor reaction! What’s this character?! Eii?! Why is it not reaching? 」

Suisen-chan’s struggling to play the game she just tried out for the first time. She got too engrossed that she was even moving her body. That’s cute, but she’s wearing a miniskirt. If you let your guard down, her thick thighs show themselves.

Furthermore, Suisen-chan and I are sitting facing each other. Because of the height difference–me on the floor, while she sits on the sofa, Suisen-chan’s crotch is right in my sight. I can see a red T-back at the back of her thighs…I see it.

「 There! 」

「 Aaah! Haku! You could’ve tossed that back! 」

「 S-Sorry. I wasn’t looking at the screen 」

「 Get yourself together! Geez 」

Kaori glared at me as she teamed up with me, then we resumed playing. However, I was so concerned about Suisen-chan that I kept glancing at her to check if I could peek at her underwear, and as a result, I couldn’t concentrate and kept making mistakes.

「 Yay! I won! 」

「 Kuu! We could’ve won that one 」

「 Oh well, it would be immature to challenge Suisen-chan all out when she’s a beginner 」

「 So says the loser. Oh well, Haku’s right. We gave Suisen a handicap 」

「 Hey! I don’t like how you speak like that Kaori. I’ll beat you again, just you see 」

「 Are you really challenging me? 」

These two sure are close. They’re having fun messing each other up, and I’m a little sad that I’m getting excluded.

Suisen-chan who had been sitting on the sofa finally sat on the floor with us.

「 I’ll get serious then 」

Suisen-chan looked at the screen with a serious face. She stopped speaking and started concentrating. She’s so unaware that she’s raised her knees and spread her legs apart, showing her underwear.

The T-back with a thin area of fabric just barely covers her slit. It fits tightly in her skin, clearly showing the shape of her secret place. The slit is even biting the fabric. Furthermore, just as she mentioned last time, those are side-string underwear. I can’t find any other word to describe it but “too lewd”

I fell into Suisen-chan’s honey trap unknowingly, and I was losing the game by the skin of my teeth.

「 Okay! I overtook Haku! Juniors win! 」

「 Wait, Kaori. I’m the one who won! 」

I don’t care about the rank in the games anymore. I’m only minding Suisen-chan now. I’m desperate to hide it but I’m already rock-hard.

「 ?! 」

Suisen-chan’s eyes met with mine. She blinks and smiles lightly. However, seems like she noticed my gaze and turned downwards for a moment. She looked confused but realized that the inside of her miniskirt is visible to me.

「 Ah…!? 」

She blushed and closed her legs. Suisen-chan’s eyes look resentful and moist as she glares at me.

A fierce sense of guilt pricks my heart. I’m really sorry.

She must’ve felt sorry too, she didn’t blame me for looking at her underwear and just continued playing the game awkwardly.

I’m closing in the first place as I forget about Suisen-chan and concentrate on the game. Suisen-chan repeatedly made mistakes after realizing that her underwear was seen and she was placed at the bottom of the ranks.

Then, I unconsciously gave her a look…

「 !? 」

We seem to have thought of looking at each other at the same time that our gazes aligned again.

Suisen-chan looked at the game screen in panic, but my eyes were glued to her. After all, she’s spreading her legs and showing off her underwear again.

–Huh? Why are you not closing your legs? Are you showing that off on purpose?

I got horny that evil thoughts are running through my head, and I got distracted in the game. Suisen-chan glanced at me as I steadily drop in rankings, and she opened her legs further and laughed provokingly with a bright red face.

That’s when I figured it out.

–She’s trying to bring me down by showing off her underwear.

So it’s an off-board tactic! Suisen-chan’s quite the cunning schemer who even used a cowardly method. She’s trying to get rid of me even if it costs herself. What a fearsome woman.

“Where’s the sportsmanship?!” or so I’d ask, but this is a sight for sore eyes, so I’d rather express my gratitude.

Even though I know her plans, I can’t escape the naughty honey trap. The red underwear digging into her slit just attracts my gaze.

Men are simple and stupid creatures. Wait, am I seeing that right? I think her crotch is wet.

「 Nice! First place! 」

「 Uuu! I couldn’t catch up to Kaori 」

When I noticed, the game is already over. Kaori was making a triumphant pose, and Suisen-chan dropped her shoulders looking regretful as she was just a step behind.

「 Suisen-chan’s in second place with a raging crowd, the CPU is third, and Haku’s in last place, you were in first place in the early game though. You seem to have lost concentration halfway, what happened? 」

「 Oh yeah, my mind was somewhere else 」

「 You’re thinking of something lewd anyway 」

「 「 !? 」 」

「 This is why Haku’s…wait, why is Suisen’s face also red? 」

「 I-I’m not. It’s normal 」

「 Really? Sure. Suisen, Haku? Want to go for another round? 」

Then, after having a great time, we enjoyed the game so much that we got exhausted. We played for about two hours, but I feel we spent more intense time than that.

After a short break, Kaori fell asleep.

I didn’t expect her to fall asleep because she was tired from playing with her friend who came to visit.

I covered Kaori with a blanket so she doesn’t catch a cold, and Suisen and I kept our distance to not wake her up.

「 Kaori fell asleep 」

「 Sorry about my sister. Seems like she has a lot of fun playing with Suisen-chan 」

「 It’s my first time seeing Kaori that intense too 」

She watches her best friend sleeping and laughed while reminiscing.

「 So, what should we do. We could wake up Kaori, but…

「 U-Uhm, Nii-san-senpai 」

「 Yeah, What? 」

Suisen-chan’s blushing face is filled with nervousness and determination, and it got me feeling nervous and awkward as well. The incident earlier where I saw her underwear still lingers. I can’t look directly at her face for so long.

Suisen-chan closed her eyes tightly out of nervousness and then…

「 N-Nii-san-senpai, can I stay in your room? 」

She whispers out so Kaori doesn’t wake up.

My room? But it’s hot there since the aircon isn’t on. I don’t have anything there she could enjoy.

「 Well, I don’t mind 」

I had no particular reason to refuse her so I showed her my room, and Suisen-chan immediately stuck her head in the bed as soon as she entered.

「 What are you doing. 」

「 Looking for lewd books! I thought that was the plan 」

「 You won’t find one there 」

「 No, there could be one around! Where could it be? 」

「 There’s none 」

Just as I was about to stop her, I noticed that Suisen-chan’s mini skirt is rolled up, exposing her ass.

It’s not an ass sticking out of the wall, it’s growing out of the bed. Her head is buried but her ass is exposed.

Her ass sticks out, exposing so much of that seductive cheeks and even the red T-back. The fabric is slightly slipped, exposing her anus, parts of her labia, and all the love nectar leaking out that her T-back can’t cover.

「 Gulp 」

That lewd sight made me salivate. I’m starting to feel thirst and hunger in my throat.

「 Oh. Where are the lewd books?! 」

The beast peeks in and I hear a monotone voice from under the bed. Her tone and the swinging of the ass look like she’s inviting me. Showing a man who’s horny in her underwear, and showing her secret place wet with love nectar is like asking to get attacked…

I was tempted from that side. Rejecting a woman’s advances is a man’s shame, but can I just take the meal in front of me?

「 Suisen-chan? No, Suisen 」

「 Y-Yes? 」

「 Can I touch them? 」

The hunger-like urge strikes me, and what remains of my reason asks her in a hoarse voice. To which I heard a shy reply from under the bed…

「 Sure. Touch them as much as you want. After all, Nii-san-senpai’s my “boyfriend”

My heart beats strongly. I feel my blood boiling and falling into chaos.

I threw the phone displaying “Lover’s play” to the bed and reaches for the seductive peaches lustfully.