AV App Chapter 54 Summer Vacation Plans



The gloomy rainy season has ended, and the sky is clear and beautiful.

Honestly, it’s hot in the morning due to the intense sunlight. Sweat’s pouring out, sunburn’s happening, and it’s not as nice as expected.

But, Yumejiri Suisen loves summer.

The sunny summer after the gloomy, cloudy, and rainy season, is the unpleasant time of the year. She can’t wait to play sports under the blue sky. After all, it’s great to exercise outside.

The first semester’s finals are over, and while some lectures have yet to be passed, the summer break begins today. That’s what’s in her mind.

The university campus is less populated during summer vacation. But, there are glimpses of students who belong to clubs. Suisen’s one of those.

The soft tennis club is about to start training.

As she heads to the clubroom, she saw…

「 Hey, morning Yumejiri 」

Shinji Tadokoro, a handsome senior, who’s well-known in the university, greets her by tapping her shoulder. His fresh smile with his shining white teeth is more dazzling than the summer sun. He matched his stride with Suisen as he was also heading to the club building.

「 Ah, good morning, Tadokoro-senpai 」

「 It’s hot today too 」

「 It is indeed. But, you don’t look like you’re feeling it much senpai 」

「 Yeah. I hear that often. Why is that? 」

Tadokoro’s seriously tilting his head, yet he’s unaffected by the summer heat. Perhaps there’s not the slightest hint of summer pain in his expression. Or is it because he’s a handsome guy even when sweating? Anyway, only his surroundings seem cooler than his mind.

He glanced down at the junior girl…

「 How did you do with the finals? 」

「 Oh, that. I’m surprised that some of the professors allowed the students to bring their books. It’s not even “cheat all you want,” they even encourage it! I thought “Are you sure about that?” 」

「 I get you. I thought of that too at first. Some of the professors only allowed handwritten notes or lecture materials. Some of the lectures don’t have tests to begin with 」

「 Have you decided on what report you’re doing? 」

「 Yes, that. They make you print out a report every time and that decides your final grade 」

「 Woah, that’s very university like 」

「 This is just between you and me, there are hardly any students attending lectures. It’s just troublesome 」

The mischievous wink is also a nice touch. If there were other female students around, there would be screams. Some women will have their hearts shot through.

However, Suisen brushed off the handsome man’s wink.

「 I have to think carefully about registering for the second semester. Anyway, why are we talking about lectures when it’s summer vacation today? Why not talk about fun summer vacation things instead? 」

「 Y-Yeah. Right. Do you have plans for the vacation, Yumejiri? 」

「 Just staying over at a friend’s house today. I want to go to some festival, fireworks display, or going to the ocean would be nice. I love to go on a trip too But that would require advance booking, I have to decide sooner 」

「 Are you going with your boyfriend? 」

「 Boyfriend? I don’t have one right now. I did have one in the past however 」

The information that she has no boyfriend pleases Tadokoro Shinji Tadokoro, a fresh and handsome man who has feelings for Yumejiri Suisen.

Unaware of that, Suisen’s in the process of picking places she wants to travel in her head.

「 I see. Yumejiri had a boyfriend before 」

「 Huh? Did you say something? 」

「 No, nothing 」

He’s just happy that she currently has no boyfriend But, the fact that she had a man in the past pricked his heart with a small blade of jealousy.

By the way, the ex-boyfriend Suisen’s referring to is Nakade Haku, whom she recognized as her temporary lover through the AV app’s lover’s play, but Tadokoro doesn’t know that The fact that they already had creampie sex too—

「 H-Hey, Yumejiri… 」

「 Yes, what is it? 」

「 If you want, do you want to go fireworks viewing— 」

「 –Shinji! 」

「 Woah!! Oh, Gesushima 」

Suddenly, a woman made a sweet voice and hugged Tadokoro. A cunning upward glance, makeup to create a bewitching cute face, and a strong perfume. To a person of the same sex, what she’s doing is deliberate, but to a man who’s not accustomed to women, she’s just the kind of student who would fall for him.

She’s a senior of Suisen, who belongs to the same soft tennis club. She’s a nasty woman who doesn’t like the fact that Tadokoro likes Suisen, calling her names, and harassing her.

Gesushima shows a clear sneer on her lips as she hugs Tadokoro as if showing off her lovey-dovey nature to Suisen. She’s flirting with him in front of Suisen on purpose.

「 Gesushima, let go 」

Tadokoro’s a bit grumpy because she just interrupted his invitation. He tries to shake off her arms, but Gesushima holds on and doesn’t let go.

「 Eeh? Why? Aren’t we good friends? 」

「 Yumejiri’s here 」

「 Hm, oh, you’re here, Dekashiri 」

「 Yes, Gesushima-senpai. You seem to be on good terms with Tadokoro-senpai 」

「 Dekashiri can see that too? So she says, Shinji 」

The senior’s glaring at her, as if to say “Get lost, you hindrance”

In fact, Suisen thinks that they’re dating. She previously heard Tadokoro and Gesushima making love in the men’s club room, and Gesushima even declared it. Saying that she’s dating Tadokoro.

But the truth is she just raised her voice even though it’s just a healthy post-sport massage, and Gesushima’s declaration was just a lie to inflict psychological damage on Suisen, but she has no way of knowing that.

「 N-No, Yumejiri! Gesushima and I don’t have that kind of relationship! 」

Tadokoro desperately denies having to do anything with Gesushima, but her victorious smile and clinging to his arm give him no persuasive power.

It would be awkward for them to go to the club showing off like that. Looking for an excuse to go on, he spots a familiar male student a few meters away.

Nice timing. Suisen gave her seniors a bow.

「 I found a friend, so I’m heading off first 」

「 Ah, Yumejiri, wait! 」

「 Excuse me 」

「 See you! Bye-bye 」

Ignoring Tadokoro’s voice to stop her, and the sweet sarcastic voice of Gesushima, she ran off nimbly. Then, she caught up to the male student, who was feeling the heat, hugging him in his arms, as if lightly bumping into him.

「 Nii-san-senpai! Good Morning 」

That acquaintance she mentioned was Nakade Haku, the brother of her best friend, Kaori. She’s the one Suisen gave her first to.

He was attacked while he was yawning, and so he’s making a dumb look.

「 Fwoah! That surprised me. Suisen-chan. You seem cheerful even though it’s so hot today 」

「 Of course., It’s good to be cheerful 」

Suisen walks, unconsciously clutching his arm. He didn’t try to shake her off. He just accepted it like it was normal, seemingly accustomed to women.

Suisen doesn’t worry about that. After all, Kaori, her best friend, is a brocon who can’t stop talking about her brother, saying “Nii-san, Nii-san, Nii-san, Nii-san, Nii-san—-” So it won’t be surprising if Kaori’s sticking to him at home. In fact, from the way she talks, it would be strange if she wasn’t clingy at home.

Hence, Suisen thinks that he’s accustomed to this much physical contact.

Suisen looks up at her best friend’s brother’s face with a grin.

「 Why are you going to uni even though it’s summer break today? Are you going for supplementary exams? 」

「 No! I came to see the test results board 」

「 I see. So how was the test? 」

「 They haven’t posted it yet. I mean, they just said that we can just check it online 」

「 Oh. I get that. So basically you went for a fool’s errand. You just came over, yet you’re going home already? 」

「 Hmm. I’m thinking of wandering around the town. How about Suisen-chan, going off to the club? 」

「 Yes, that’s right! I’m gonna have some exercise 」

She shows off her energy by making guts pose. He’s frowning from the heat, so he’s a little envious of her.

「 You’re quite energetic for the start of the summer vacation 」

「 Fufufu~ It’s my first summer vacation as a college student! Clubs, festivals, fireworks, beaches, and travels! I’m going to have a lot of fun 」

「 That’s nice. You seem to have a lot of plans 」

「 But, unfortunately, not a single one of them is set. That’s why I’m going to stay over at Nii-san-senpai’s home starting today! 」

「 Huh? I never heard about that 」

「 Huh? Kaori mentioned that the family already gave permission 」

Nakade Haku sighed, and had the expression saying “It can’t be helped then.”

「 Kaori, you little…I’m going to ask her later. Anyway, if you’re going to stay over, you’re more than welcome. Take it easy 」

「 Okay 」

「 A lot happened last time after all 」

「 Y-Yes, you’re right. I’ve been in your care last time 」

Suisen’s cheeks turned red from remembering the passionate night that time. Her body’s heating up too.

She can’t forget that time with him.

On the bed at night. Gentle yet rough hands. Persistent tongue licking. She was caressed all over her sensitive body, he complimented her butt, which she has insecurities about, and exposed places she never showed to the opposite sex. Then, the huge penis penetrated her innermost part—She thinks about it every day and night, and she gets horny from the warmth and majesty of his penis, masturbating it. It’s a secret she can never expose to anyone.

There’s a little expectation within her that it might happen again, that “I might do that thing with him again”

Suisen secretly decided to visit his home wearing a pair of her lucky underwear, getting ready for battle.

「 Then, I got to go home now 」

「 Huh? Why? 」

「 Room cleaning 」

「 Ah, I see. You have stuff you want to hide… 」

「 Hey wait, Suisen-chan, what were you imagining there? 」

「 Lewd Books? 」

「 Woah, you just went and said it. I guess you really are Kaori’s best friend 」

「 Are you praising me? 」

「 Of course, I’m praising you. You two have common interests 」

His mysterious gaze was as deceptive as it was amazed, seem satisfied.

She puffed her cheeks to show displeasure, but he only chuckled in amusement. Then, Suisen also laughed. Her pout was ruined.

「 I’m off here now 」

Suisen who was following him closely points at the club building and stops.

「 Right. Have fun in your club, see you later 」

「 Yes! I’ll be visiting later! 」

She waved at her best friend’s brother and headed to the tennis club in an upbeat mood.

She took off her clothes and changed into her training wear. She used to change her clothes hiding her butt, but now she proudly changes her clothes because there are people who say that they love her butt.

Everyone around her can see that she’s in a good mood, she’s almost humming. The other girls asked curiously.

「 What’s up, Dekashiri? Did something good happen? 」

「 Oh, I get it! You met Tadokoro-senpai, didn’t you? He’s so cool, right? 」

「 Yes. I did meet Tadokoro-senpai, but it was a different thing. I’m going to stay over at a friend’s home tonight 」

The girls nodded, but it seems that they were still gazing at Suisen, trying to look for something.

「 W-What’s wrong? Is there something on my face? 」

「 No, you see… Dekashiri, you’ve changed recently. So far, whenever we mention Tadokoro-senpai’s name, you’d react so sensitively and turn red all over, but you’re not reacting at all. What happened so suddenly? 」

「 You were behaving so obviously back then 」

「 Oh. I was like that back then… 」

When she was in love with her senior, she was swinging moods just from a little push. She’s too conscious even of just his name, she was so nervous that she can’t talk when he was present. But, that’s no longer the case. It’s too late to be surprised, after all, she didn’t even feel anything today.

She no longer feels any affection for Tadokoro-senpai

「 Hm. I guess I broke through the broken heart? 」

「 Broken heart? Oh, it’s Gesushima-senpai, right? 」

「 Yeah. Her. She was boasting to us too. I mean, is it true that she’s dating Tadokoro-senpai? 」

「 It’s serious. Earlier, she was clinging to him 」

「 Woah. Oh well, chin up 」

「 Y-Yeah. There’s still a lot of fish in the sea! 」

「 I already got over it! I don’t really care about it anymore! 」

Trying to tell the other club members not to worry only brought the opposite for Suisen. They seem to understand that she already is over it from the look on her face, and they’re treating her normally.

「 If you’re already over your broken heart, then you must be looking for a new one 」

「 So. Is there any guy that you’re interested in? 」

「 A guy I’m interested in… 」

One man appeared in Suisen’s mind. That’s the man she calls “Nii-san-senpai,” the face of her best friend’s brother that she had sex.

Her face turned red.

「 I-I don’t have one! There’s none in my mind!!! 」

Suisen tries to shake her head to deny it, but the girls have their eyes sparkling.

「 「 Oh? Oh, dear! 」 」

「 N-No! I-It’s not like that! No guy comforted me, helped me when I was at the bottom, nobody! I don’t think about him every day at all!! 」

「 「 Hmm?! 」 」

「 Don’t look at me like that! 」

The more she tries not to think about it, the more she becomes aware. She can’t get the face of her best friend’s brother out of her head.

The club members happily ask her. Suisen exercised her right to remain silent.

However, her red face and behavior made it clear that there was a man she was interested in.

Suisen’s now clearly aware of it, and she’s now worried.

–Just what kind of face am I going to show Nii-san-senpai when the club training is over and I stay over at their house?