AV App Chapter 11 Rumored Relationship



As I commute to the university in the morning to enter the school of informatics building.

「 Oh, speaking of the devil! Nakadechi’s here! 」

I hear high-tension jolly voices. Turning around, I see a cheerful brown gyaru, a girl from the same department, waving her hand.

「 Morn~ 」

「 M-Morn-Kuchi-san 」

Kuchi Leona. She’s a returnee, with foreign blood. She said that her skin isn’t tanned, but that her parents are half-black, so she’s dark-skinned by nature.

She’s wearing a mini-skirt dress with large exposed shoulders and knee-high boots. That friendly and bright smile of hers is her charm.

She lived in a foreign country until a few years ago, and she could speak several languages.

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

She professed that she’s been with many men and has a wealth of experience. It seems that in other countries, chastity isn’t as important as it is in Japan. From what I heard, it’s the idea of checking out their physical compatibility before going steady. Furthermore, the rate of contraceptive use is low.

The students were surprised when they first hear her say that so openly.

I heard that a ton of men are interested in having sex with Kuchi-san.

「 Kuchi-san. 」

「 What? Need something? 」

「 Yeah. What do you mean by “speaking of the devil”? 」

Just what’s the conversation about? I’m the topic yet I have no idea. The topic could be another Nakade-kun.

But the faint hope that resembles escapism fades away fleetingly.

「 Huh? You don’t know Nakade-chi?! You’re dating Shojo-chi, right? That’s what everyone in the department is talking about now 」

It’s that one. Just how many times have I been questioned by my classmates? I already told them that it was a misunderstanding.

「 By the way, it writes as Shojo Tani, but you read it as Otometani. Also, I’ve been correcting everyone over and over again, we’re not dating 」

「 Lying is the beginning of thievery, Nakade-chi 」

「 I’m not even lying 」

「 There you go again 」

This cheerful gyaru who has a small personal space slaps me like we’re close. It just hurts.

She doesn’t even believe me.

It’s not just Kuchi-san. Those who questioned me didn’t even believe me.

Thanks to that, I’m getting glares from the other guys as of late. I feel the piercing gazes of jealousy and murderous intent from them.

I should consider going to an exorcist because they might curse me to death

「 Oops. There’s the other rumored person! Shojo-chi! Morn! 」

I turn around as Kuchi-san waved behind me.

「 Good Morning, Leona-san 」

The cool beauty stood there beautifully.

My heart skips a beat from the sudden appearance. Even though our skin touched and we had sex so many times, I still can’t get used to her surprise appearance. She’s such a beauty.

「 Good Morning, Nakade-kun 」

「 Yeah. Morning, Otometani-san 」

Fuyou-san waved lightly at me. That gesture is so cute.

「 Oh? I knew it, you two are dating! 」

Kuchi-san who’s grinning seems to be a big fan of love topics. Her eyes are sparkling.

Oh, this is going to be troublesome.

The sunny brown gyaru started running away before we could argue.

「 I don’t want to get kicked to death by a horse. The hindrance goes away! Be happy! 」

“Hang in there, younglings,” she pats my back on the back and ran up the stairs, I don’t know if she’s cheering me on or blasting me off.

Her skirt length is barely long enough that you could almost see her underwear. Nice view. Those thighs are thick.

I mean, you say that you’re running away but we’ll see each other in the classroom again. We’re attending the same lectures.

「 Haku-kun? 」

Oops. Fuyou-san’s eyes were very serious, seems like she noticed I was looking at her thighs.

Spare me. It’s men’s nature to get absorbed in gazing. I can’t resist

Fuyou-san sighed. Her expression says “you’re so hopeless”

「 Leona-san’s so cheerful. I wish she’d fix her way of calling me Shojo-chi. At least call me Otome-chi 」

「 Ahaha. I guess you also mind it 」

「 Of course 」

Riding the elevator, Fuyou-san whispers so only I could hear her.

「 –I mean, I’m no longer a virgin 」

「 Bufu!? 」

Hey! What are you saying in this narrow elevator! There are other people here! What if they heard us?!

「 Oh? What’s wrong? Need to sneeze? 」

So shameless. You’re giggling.

I’m recently getting along better with Fuyou-san and I learned that she has this prankster side of her. And so, she’s making fun of me from time to time.

「 Ah, yeah. That was a sneeze 」

「 I see 」

Fuyou-san got off the elevator giggling, and we head to the lecture room while chatting.

I’m afraid of the resentful jealous glares from the men we pass through.

「 You’re coming in early these days 」

I haven’t seen her slip in before the lecture in a hurry these past few days. She goes to college with plenty of time to spare.

「 I cut down the newspaper delivery shifts. I’m going to quit since I started a new part-time job. That gave me some extra time in the morning 」

「 Huh?! A new part-time job? You’re going to collapse from overwork you know 」

「 I’m fine. The hourly rate and the benefits are great, and it makes me feel better financially and emotionally

「 Is it just me or does that sound like a shady part-time job when you said that it has great hourly rates and benefits? 」

「 Oh? Is it a shady job? Employer? 」

「 Huh? Employer? me? 」

Fuyou-san nods with a clear look.

Oh, so that’s what she meant. She can’t speak carelessly since this is a public space, so she’s calling the prize game her new part-time job.

If you think of it as giving money in exchange for sex in the name of labor, then you can consider it a part-time job.

「 I can’t wait for payday! 」

Fuyou-san seems to be in a good mood that she almost started humming and skipping.

Today’s the day we plan to play our second prize game.

It’s been more than a week since the last game. I planned to do it earlier in the day, but on the day we scheduled it to take place, her younger brother caught a cold so we had to postpone it. After that, when we were about to do it, Fuyou-san had her girl day.

Then, after her day was over, we took each other’s fitness into account and so today was the day.

「 Let’s do our best together! 」

She smiles. She’s so beautiful that I want to activate my AV app right now.

I had a such internal conflict and reached the room.

As soon as we entered, the room fell quiet.

What’s going on?

「 Oops! there comes the couple! 」

Fuyou-san’s female friend bursts into a musical performance, and the room is filled with cheers.

「 There they are! Look at them so passionate in the morning! 」

「 Are they showing off?! Huh? 」

「 Congrats! 」

「 The rumors were true! I already suspected that they were dating since they were spending lunch breaks together lately. 」

「 They’re not hiding it! 」

A crowd of lively women surrounded Fuyou-san.

Fuyou-san’s beautiful and popular. She’s loved by everyone. Her friends are hungry for love stories, they’re very eager to get their hands on the sudden love story like they’re hyenas.

「 We’re not dating though 」

「 Geez, you don’t need to hide it 」

「 No, for real. Right, Nakade-kun? 」

「 Yes. We’re not dating okay? 」

「 But you know, you just went in together! And you two are so close! 」

「 You two were even together entering the building 」

「 Kuchi-san’s our witness 」

The eyes of the women in the crowd look at the brown gyaru. Kuchi-san sits lightly on the desk, not the chair.

「 Nakade-chi. You shouldn’t lie. You know. You went to school together with Shojo-chi! 」

「 「 「 See! 」 」 」

「 Hey! Kuchi-san!! 」

To think that she’d double-cross us., She’s laughing out there.

She told a lie on purpose to make things interesting. I don’t want to hear “you shouldn’t lie” from you.

「 Just kidding! Lol! Everyone, I’m just joking Don’t take it seriously! The two didn’t go to uni together. I was talking to Nakade-chi first. And then Shojo-chi came after that 」

「 「 「 Oh… 」 」 」

You didn’t have to drop your shoulders that far. Was it that disappointing?

Well, women are quick to change moods. They immediately went and asked Fuyou-san “Do you not like him?” and? “I think you two suit each other”

As I was being pushed out by the group of women, I suddenly felt a chill run through my entire body before I could sigh in relief.

The mood’s different. Cold, wet, and I can sense some terrifying thirst for blood.

「 「 「 Nakadeee….. 」 」 」

The guys were glaring at me as if they were trying to avenge their parents. What radiates from their entire body is the sharp killing intent that they’re not even trying to hide. They’re stabbing me from every direction.

Now I know how death row inmates feel on their way to the gallows.

As soon as I reached my seat, I immediately plopped down and pretended to be asleep. This is the only way to skip all this safely.

However, I also understand how they feel painfully. I mean, I was like them just recently.

For the single guys, the fact that beauty and I started getting along is almost betrayal. After all, the other party is Fuyou-san.

I want to boast that I already had sex with Fuyou-san, but if I did say that, I’ll die for sure. So I didn’t.

However, I feel full of a superiority complex inside.

Hehehe… I’m going to fuck Fuyou-san later, how do you like that? Jealous?

I endure the jealous stares from the men, and I could hear the women talking.

『 Recently, Shojo-chi’s become even more beautiful. What happened recently? 』

The brown gyaru, Kuchi-san, seems to be questioning Fuyou-san’s better appearance.

The other girls also took the bait.

『 I get that! I feel like my heart’s skipping a beat even though I’m a woman 』

『 Did you change shampoo? 』

『 Make-up? Wait, you don’t even put one on. How is that possible?! I’m so jealous, you don’t even need make-up to be beautiful 』

『 Then she must’ve changed her lotion 』

『 Or maybe it’s love?! Is it Love? Is it the influence of love? 』

『 No. I didn’t do anything new 』

『 『 『 Doubt! 』 』 』

Fuyou-san has always been beautiful, but recently, even a dull man like me noticed that she’s becoming even more polished lately.

If the women who are much more sensitive to it than me say so, then it’s true. I was right.

『 Ah, but, I think my meals have gotten better. I’m told that I should be at least healthy enough that my ribs aren’t visible 』

『 『 『 Who told you?! Your boyfriend?! 』 』 』

The girls turned their gazes back at me. Their sparkling curious and hopeful gaze hurts me.

I’ll pretend to be asleep. I’m asleep. Zzzzz. If I react weirdly, they’ll take that differently.

『 No. It’s my little sister who said that 』

『 『 『 Ooh 』 』 』

I don’t feel their gazes anymore. I felt relieved, but…

『 『 『 But your boyfriend actually told you that, right? 』 』 』

Fuyou-san’s female friends continued to pursue her so I had no choice but to continue pretending to be asleep until the lessons started.