AV App Chapter 12 ♡ Second Prize Game



『 Let the Prize Games Begin! 』

As soon as we moved to the love hotel and catch a break with Fuyou-san, who appeared next to me. The same monotone synthetic female Vocaloid voice echoed through the room like before.

『 Complete the tasks and win the cash prize. The time limit is three hours. Please check the flip board and press the bedside button to start 』

「 Let’s get started right away! 」

Fuyou-san, who had been moved to the love hotel space, quickly took off her clothes.

I know that you’ve been waiting for this, but have you heard of shame and mood? Her eyes now look like money symbols.

Fuyou-san’s surprisingly bold, she got to her underwear right away. Her white underwear looks nice on her. That’s enough to get me erect. Wait, not that.

「 Fuyou-san, wait! The game hasn’t started yet. Stop while you’re still in your underwear 」

「 Eeeh?! 」

No, don’t “Eeeh” me! Was Fuyou-san like this? They say that money makes people crazy, well, I think that this Fuyou-san is also fresh and new.

Again, I see the flip board in my hand before I knew it. As usual, the AV app devs are doing some unrecognizable behavior.

「 The theme is…Huh, this is different from last time 」


【 Clear the Tasks and Win Prizes! 】

【 1000 Yen 】

・Stare at each other for 30 seconds at a distance of no more than 10 cm

・1 minute Holding Hands

・3 Minute Hug

【 3000 Yen 】

・10 Second Plastic Wrap Kiss

・10 Second Toe Licking

【 5000 Yen 】

・10 Second Lip Kiss

・Strip to Underwear

【 10000 Yen 】

・30 Second French Kiss

・Get Naked

・5+ minutes Cunnilingus

・5+ minutes Fellatio

・Climax (Repeatable Reward)

【 20000 Yen 】

・Oral Sex Ejaculation (Repeatable Reward)

・Vaginal Sex

【 50000 Yen 】

・Intravaginal Ejaculation (Repeatable Reward)

【 100000 Yen 】

・Anal Insertion & Anal Sex (Repeatable Rewards)

【 Bonus 】

・All Clear Bonus: Prize + 10,000 Yen


「 Oh, you’re right. The tasks have decreased. Also, there’s no more first-time bonus 」

Most of the body-touching task is gone, and cunnilingus and fellatio have been added. Then, there are other specific tasks with the vague subjects of licking feet or the toe fingers.

I checked the flip board in detail.

「 Hey, Haku-kun? 」

The sweet whisper tickled my ears.

Fuyou-san’s usual cool has gone, she slowly nudges closer, exuding her mature and bewitching atmosphere.

Am I mistaken to see that smile on her face looking like a ferocious predator targeting a herbivore?

She’s licking her lips. I feel chills from the fascinating sexuality of her movement.

「 W-What’s wrong, Fuyou-san? 」

「 We might win less because of fewer tasks 」

「 Right 」

「 So, I want Haku-kun to work harder than last time 」

W-What? What do I need to work harder on?

Her hand is placed gently on my shoulder, now she’s grabbing me, and then she blew a hot wind on my ear.

「 –Cum inside me a lot? 」

Guh! A lethal blow shattered my reason to pieces I almost ascended at the sound of her voice.

Fuyou-san. Where did you learn about such a cute little tease, making the most out of your womanly arsenal

「 With that said, here you go 」

She shows off a smile of a wife offering her husband a lunch box, she handed me a small dark brown bottle that looked like a drink.

The words energy drink in large letters is pasted on a label.

I’ve seen this one before…

「 When did you buy the energy drink from the vending machine? 」

「 When Haku-kun was checking the flip board. I bought it without thinking 」

If you bought it already then it can’t be helped. Yep, it can’t be helped. That smile makes me forgive anything she does. Besides, I already thought of using it. 」

「 This energy drink won’t harm our bodies, right? 」

「 I didn’t think of that. Well, there’s a small explanation in the back. Nutritional supplements, increased sensitivity, strength restoration, sustained strength, increased semen volume, recovery acceleration, mucosal protection, death from sex prevention, and other stuff. No side-effects it seems 」

「 The effects are much more amazing than I thought. So that’s why we didn’t die even though we had sex for two hours straight. My dick didn’t wear out either. Furthermore, no side effects?! Seriously?! 」

「 However, the fatigue accumulates, so we have to be careful once the effect wears off. Don’t forget to supply nutrition to yourself after the act, it says. It’s in the notes 」

「 Oh, you’re right. If we exercise that much, then we’re going to burn a lot of calories, so that’s still okay 」

It’s an energy drink prepared by transcendent beings beyond human knowledge so it’s on a different level. We already experienced the height of the effect in the previous session.,

The last time I took this energy drink, I ejaculated about thirteen times in two hours. This time, I’m drinking it from the start, so it will be for three hours. Just how many more times will I ejaculate?

「 Okay 」

「 Fuyou-san, stop! 」

「 What now?! 」

I managed to stop Fuyou-san just before she opened the lid and gulped it down. That was dangerous.

She seems frustrated because I stopped her.

「 If you drink it now, you won’t be able to think about anything but sex! Before we do that, let’s push the start button, complete the other tasks, and then drink it 」

「 Right. Haku-kun’s right 」

I managed to persuade her. If she drank that, then she won’t even think of kissing over a plastic wrap anymore.

That’s 3000 yen. Still, that’s money. It’s important to accumulate a steady stream.

「 Then, let’s start the game! Press! 」

Pressing the red start button triggered the three-hour countdown on the bedside.

Fuyou-san’s in her underwear already. The 5000 yen clear prize money falls from the void.

She doesn’t want to waste a single second it seems. She prepares the wrap with quick movements.

「 Haku-kun 」

「 Hmm!? 」

Fuyou-san took my lips through the plastic wrap. Even though there’s plastic in the way, I can still feel her soft lips.

These are the lips I’ve kissed repeatedly so many times. It’s so hot and sweet that it melts my brain.

「 Okay, next! Chu 」

「 Hmm?! 」

Ten seconds passed and she took off the wrap. Or so I thought, but she immediately pressed her wet lips to me. This is Fuyou-san’s raw lips.

A slightly sticky and raw moisture that you can’t feel through the plastic. Her lip balm is keeping her wet.

It’s this! This! It’s better when there’s no plastic hindering us.

We pile our lips, and opened our mouths, and entwine our tongues. Our saliva mixed together.

Nchu, chupa, rero, hmmm, chu.

Having experienced kissing so many times, we feel like we somehow knew how to move to make each other feel good.

We don’t care about how we look when kissing. It’s okay even if our mouth is sticky with saliva.

All we care about is our pleasure.

We kiss each other intensely, hotly, and intensely, devouring each other, drowning in pleasure.

After ten seconds. 5000 Yen fell from the void.

After thirty seconds, 10,000 yen appeared.

A minute, a minute, and thirty, two minutes, but we’re not stopping.

「 Hmm, Haku-kun! Nchu, Haku-kun!! 」

She makes such a passionate call like she’s crazy for it.

The hot embrace entwining our bodies is almost painful. However, I also got absorbed in it, I embraced her and returned a passionate kiss.

I’m not letting you go. I want to feel more of you-I feel Fuyou-san’s strong emotions from her entire body.

「 Puhaa 」

Fuyou-san was satisfied after almost five minutes since we started kissing.

She comes to her senses as her eyes melting in pleasure met mine.

「 S-Sorry! 」

Fuyou-san turns away in a hurry. Even her ears are blushing.

You don’t have to apologize. That felt great for me too, and it’s not Fuyou-san’s fault for being aggressive. I like it actually.

I embraced Fuyou-san from behind.

「 Don’t apologize. It felt great 」

「 D-Don’t whisper to my ears 」

The beauty wriggled from getting tickled, and that made me feel horny.

I see. Her ears are her weak point? Or is it because her body’s aroused?

One hand remains around her stomach while the other is holding her supple, yet, hard-working hand.

「 You can be more aggressive you know 」

「 I-I told you, don’t whisper too close. Hyauu 」

「 Rero, pero 」

「 Y-You’re licking it?! Haa?! Aah, aah! Hmm! 」

Your cute ears are here so I licked them.

While I stroke her erogenous zones, I also caress her sensitive bare skin.

-Biku, biku!

She’s responding interestingly.

I’m happy that she’s feeling it, and it also arouses me. It satisfies my manly self-esteem pride.

Well then, how will she moan today? I’m looking forward to it.

「 Ah, t-there! 」

I put my hand inside her plain white panties. I stare at her from the side as she closes her eyes, my hands scramble through the mound of black bushes and reach the damp valley that only I know.

There’s already clear water flowing from the spring, it’s sticky, covering the valley and the bushes.

I twirl my fingers smeared with her slippery liquid and play with her little bean.

「 Hyaan! Hmm! Hmm! Nuu!! 」

Fuyou-san covers her mouth with her hand as she moans. Her hot breath leaks out between her fingers.

I continued to tease her sensitive clitoris while supporting her body, which is stiff in pleasure as she arches her back.

「 Uuu! Uuummmm!! Aaah, aaah! Haku-kun, I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming!! 」

「 Go ahead and cum! Fuyou-san! 」

Fuyou-san leans back while still holding her mouth.

「 Hmmmmm!! Nuuuu!! Muuuuuu!! Hmm! Nnnn! Nuu!! 」

Her body wobbles and twitches, and she leans her body against me as she breathes hard.

Fuyou-san’s eyes went vacant and unfocused, it was moist with tears. Making her the most erotic woman I’ve ever seen after her climax.

「 Haa, haa, Haku-kun 」

「 What? 」

「 You tease. Idiot 」

She throws a cute insult! What a reward!

I gave her a light kiss as hot breath escapes her mouth.

「 Did it feel good? 」

「 ….Yes 」

Woah!! Giving such a sweet answer is so unfair.

I was sure that she’d just respond “I don’t know!” Yet, you just nod obediently and so cutely? Just how much erect do you want me to be?

I silently took off my clothes. I got naked in no time.

「 Ah, wait. I want to take off your bra, do you mind? 」

「 I don’t, go ahead. Please do it 」

I stopped her as she was about to remove her bra and I reached for the bra hook.

Actually, it’s one of my secret dreams to take off women’s underwear. I’ve done her panty a few times, but I’ve yet to take off her bra.

I understand how a bra works because of my family. Thanks to that, I took it off in no time.

The shoulder straps slide over her smooth skin and slip out. Fuyou-san’s shoulders and back are so lovely.

Next, her panties.

「 Hmm 」

She puts her hand on her captivating hips and slowly lower her panty.

Her small ass is exposed in front of me as she undresses from behind. I resisted my desire to bury my face in it while crawling through her thighs, knees, and calves, and it’s off her feet.

The crotch without the pure white panties is wet with overflowing love nectar, and it reflects the light.

A slim beautiful woman slowly turned around. Fuyou-san sat on the bed and presented her feet to me.

「 Haku-kun, lick it? 」

Fuyou-san became an S-Queen!

This isn’t so bad, I thought, as I look at the flip board in the corner of my eye.

It says, toe licking for ten seconds under the 3000 yen column.

I see. So that’s what she wants.

「 If you’d excuse me then 」

I took her beautiful toes with my hand, and slowly crawl my tongue on them.

「 Hmm, t-this feels weird! Hyauu!! T-That tickles! Hyaa!! 」

It’s only for ten seconds. Don’t run away.

No matter how much Fuyou-san struggles, I firmly hold her legs and lick her toe fingers, and The way she holds back from the tickle just tickles my sadistic desires.

I’ll lick more! Twist yourself from all the tickling.

「 I-It’s over! Time! This time I’ll do it! 」

It’s over now? I wanted to lick more.

I reluctantly offered my foot, and she glared at me.

Oh shit. But it was too late when I thought of that.

Rero pero pero.

「 Ah, ugh! Oho! F-Fuyou-san! 」

Peropero, rerorero

「 Oofu! Ah, wait! Wait 」

「 Not waiting. Now experience the same pleasure I had 」

Her sticky tongue and slightly rough tongue don’t stop.

Unable to resist the tickling, my legs moved, but I might kick Fuyou-san who’s licking it like a cat. So, I had to endure it. Hurry up and finish.

「 Hmm, how was it? 」

「 That tickled a lot. I’m sorry for getting carried away 」

「 Right. You were grinning so hard earlier. Oh well, I get how Haku-kun feels now 」

Fuyou-san had fun too.

Well then, as for the task, we completed the staring at each other closely, and the hugging task. We’ve cleared the 5000 yen tasks. What’s left is the five-minute cunnilingus and fellatio, climax, and sex.

「 What’s this Cunnilingus, and fellatio? Can you tell me, Haku-kun? 」

「 Cunnilingus is commonly referred to as “cunni” It’s the act of licking the vagina and clitoris 」

「 I-I see 」

「 Then fellatio is the other side. It’s where you lick the penis 」

「 I-I see… 」

Fuyou-san’s face turned red as she was weak to dirty jokes. She probably has no experience in either. That’s what’s cute about her.

Last time, the task is cleared in one lick, but this time, it’s tougher as the time is set to five minutes.

「 I-I guess we should start drinking the energy drink now 」

She’s trying to hide her embarrassment by turning it into sexual arousal using the energy drink.

What’s left is sex, I guess it’s also time for me to drink. It’s easier to climax when you’re much more sensitive. We can climax unlimited times, and we’re rewarded for each climax.

「 This is easy to drink, like juice. Ah 」

Fuyou-san drank first, and her reason got smashed up in an instant. Her passionate-looking eyes look like it’s melting and her whole body’s throbbing as if she’s drunk with alcohol.

「 So hot. It’s so hot! Fellatio. Haku-kun’s dick! Hamu 」

「 Oof! 」

I felt my pants and briefs pulled down with such force and then my penis got enveloped in something warm.

「 Juru, juru, juru! It’s so hard, hot, and big, so lovely 」

The face of the beauty has loosened up as she stuffs her mouth with my thick penis.

It’s erect and ticklish, wrapped in her soft, warm, and sticky mouth, and her tongue licks precisely where it feels good.

Jubo, jubo, jubo, juru.

Her fellatio is so intense that I’m ready to ejaculate, even though I haven’t taken my energy drink yet.

I gulp down the energy drink in one go to fight her passionate aggressiveness. A swoosh of cool, refreshing liquid fell into my stomach, and my body soon became hot. With only Fuyou-san in sight, my heightened sense of smell captures the sweet, dense pheromone of this female.

Sexual urge similar to an intense thirst wells up in my heart. I want to violate Fuyou-san so hard.

「 Uuu, guh, kaa!! 」

「 ?! 」

Dopyudpyu!! Dopyu dopyu!!

My sensitive penis can’t hold back from Fuyou-san’s fellatio and it blew up. I sprayed a ton of semen in her mouth.

「 Ngu, jubo, jubo… 」

Before I had time to enjoy the afterglow of the ejaculation, her mouth and hand resumed moving, squeezing out the remaining semen in my urethra.

There’s pleasure running on my penis again. I ejaculated again and again.

「 Naa, goku. Ngu. I drank it 」

Making such a seductive movement with her throat, the white liquid disappeared from Fuyou-san’s mouth.

I didn’t expect her to drink semen. They say that women often avoid it, and yet.

「 Fuyou-san. How about this? 」

She’s about to touch my hard dick again, but I stopped Fuyou-san from sucking it and I lay down on the bed.

I’m below. She’s above me. Our heads and feet are on opposite sides.

This is what they call sixty-nine. I wanted to try this out at least once. We could lick each other’s genitals this way, and do cunnilingus and fellatio at the same time.

「 This pose…oof! I never heard of this! 」

「 Jubo, jubo! Juru! What did you say!? 」

「 Nothing! I meant “same!” 」

Kuchu, kuchu, jururu, jurururu, juzozoo!!

「 Nfuu, nuu! Hmm! Nfuuu!! 」

It’s working. She’s lost her momentum in fellating due to the pleasure of cunnilingus.

Fuyou-san’s secret place is already flooding with love nectar even before I gave her a cunnilingus. I lick her slippery love nectar, licking the narrow hole that is her vagina, slipped my tongue inside, and caressed her little clitoris.

「 Uuuu! Uuuu!! Hmm! Hmmaaa!! 」

Biku! Bikubiku!!

Fuyou-san still aroused from the effects of the energy drink, climaxed easily with my penis in her mouth. Her vagina and anus twitch, that’s why I know.

I didn’t stop my attacks while she was convulsing. Pero pero, rero rero, jurujuru.

「 ~~~!? 」

Her orgasm won’t end. She’s convulsing so violently that all I hear is a soundless voice.

This is going to be dangerous to her breathing so I took a break.

「 Haa, haa, I came! I came, yet it’s still not enough! Not enough! More! I want more of Haku-kun!! 」

After a few seconds, her spasms subsided, and her hot breath blows onto my penis.

It’s harsh on my sensitive dick. I might cum just from her breath. My pride as a man won’t allow that. Brace yourself and stay strong!

「 Hmm! Juru, juru! 」

Fuyou-san managed to revive herself and resumed the fellatio. It’s so thick and sticky.

Not wanting to lose, I also got intense with my cunnilingus.

After an hour of body sensation, we both finished at the same time.

「 Uuuu! Uaaah!! 」

「 Nfuuu!! Hmm! Hmmm! Muuuuu!! 」

Our lust won’t calm down no matter how many times we climax. Our hot libido is burning up.

–I want to fuck her more. I want to feel more. I want to have sex with Fuyou-san more.

We’re done with sixty-nine. I don’t care if we cleared the task or not. All I want is to thrust my penis inside Fuyou-san’s vagina as soon as possible so that I won’t wait for a second longer.

I’ve become an animal, I grabbed Fuyou-san’s glamorous waist, and shoved my dick inside her ready-to-go pussy. The moment the tip penetrated her, it went deep inside in one thrust.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaah!! So hot! Hot! Hot! Haku-kun! Haku-kun! Haku-kun! I’m cumming!! 」

「 Fuyou-san! Me too! 」

White light flashed in my brain. Tremendous pleasure pierces through my entire body.

My penis pulsates, and I feel it pouring inside Fuyou-san’s pussy. However, I didn’t stop my hips. I continued to repeat intense piston while ejaculating;

「 A-Amazing! Haku-kun, the pleasure doesn’t stop! More! Make me feel more! Go harder!!! 」

Hearing Fuyou-san’s feelings, the last remaining shard of reason turned to dust.

I moved my hips wholeheartedly. It’s our pleasure.

「 Cumming! Cumming! CUmming!! 」

-Three hours. The loving sound of man and woman indulging in sex echoed endlessly.



『 Three hours have passed. The prize game is over! 』

『 These are the results of the Prize Game 』


【 Clear Tasks and Win Prize Money 】

【 1000 Yen 】

・Stare at each other for thirty seconds within ten cm distance ←Clear

・One Minute Holding Hands ←Clear

・Three Minute Hug ←Clear

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 13,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 13,000 Yen

【 3000 Yen 】

・Ten second Cling Wrap Kiss ←Clear

・Ten Second Toe Finger Licking ←Clear

<All Clear Bonus!!>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 16,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 16,000 Yen

【 5000 Yen 】

・Ten Second Kiss ←Clear

・Strip to Underwear ←Clear

<All Clear bonus!>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 20,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 20,000 Yen

【 10,000 Yen 】

・30+ Second French Kiss ←Clear

・Get Naked ←Clear

・5+ Minutes Cunnilingus ←Clear

・5+ Minutes Fellatio ←Clear

・Climax(Repeatable Reward) ←Clear

<Climax Count>

Nakade Haku: 29

Otometani Fuyou: 40

<All Clear Bonus!>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku 34,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 45,000 Yen

【 20,000 Yen 】

・Oral Sex and Oral Ejaculation(Repeatable Reward) ←Clear

・Intravaginal Sex ←Clear

<Oral Sex Ejaculation C ount>

・Oral Ejaculation x 2

<All Clear bonus!>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 70,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 70,000 Yen

【 50,000 Yen 】

・Intravaginal Ejaculation(Repeatable Reward) ←Clear

<Intravaginal Ejaculation Count>

・Intravaginal Ejaculation x 27

<All Clear Bonus!>

・Prize + 10,00 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 1,360,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 1,360,000 Yen

【 100,000 Yen 】

・Anal Insertion and Anal Ejaculation (Repeatable Reward)

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 0 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 0 Yen

【 Bonus 】

・All Clear Bonus: Prize Money + 10,000 Yen

【 Expenses 】

・2 Sets of Energy Drinks

Otometani Fuyou: 10,000 Yen

【 Overall Total 】

Nakade Haku: 1,819,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou, 1,919,000 Yen


I fell face first on the bed, which is sticky and damp from our body fluids.

「 Uuugh, I can’t move 」

「 Fufu, fufufu! That’s almost two million. So high 」

This was certainly the best sex I ever had but Fuyou-san still has some strength to laugh. I can’t even move a finger. My body’s so heavy. Painful.

「 Haku-kun, thank you for making me earn this much again 」

「 Yeah, likewise 」

This is bad. She might find that as a ludicrous response. What happens after sex is just as important.

Fuyou-san gently pats my head, with a look of a big sister doting on her hard-working little brother, even though she feels heavy too.

Before we could start a proper pillow talk, bright white light envelops our bodies. It’s the teleportation light.

No, I wanted to talk to Fuyou-san a bit more.

Just before returning to the original world, I hear Fuyou-san’s whispers as she fades.

「 You worked hard, Haku-kun. Take a rest today 」