AV App Chapter 13: Level Up Conditions and Fuyou’s true feelings



「 Get up~! 」

I woke up from my deep slumber when I felt a tremor shaking me like an earthquake.

My body’s so heavy that I can’t even open my eyelids. I feel like my whole body’s filled with lead.

「 Get up!! 」

Someone’s shouting in my ear. Oh, it’s her. I’m sure who’s shaking me now.

Shut it. You’re hindering my sleep. I need sleep.

I open my eyes with max grumpiness to complain. Then, my sister, Kaori is staring down at me with the same glare, standing imposingly.

「 What? 」

「 Get up! It’s morning! Weekdays! You’re going to be late for school! 」

The glaring morning sun shines through the curtained window piercing my eyes mercilessly. And I feel chills as the blanket comes off. I want the warm stuff.

I rub my hazy eyes over and over again to check my bedside clock, and to my surprise, it’s my usual wake-up time.

No way. I feel like I didn’t sleep enough. I guess I’ll sleep in lectures.

「 Don’t close your eyes! I told you to wake up already! 」

「 Fugya! Don’t slam me! It hurts you know! 」

「 I’ll keep slamming Haku until you wake up 」

「 I’m awake now! 」

I reluctantly got up and made a big yawn. I’m really sleepy. My brain’s still half-asleep.

My step-sister who successfully woke me up seems satisfied. But now, she’s making sure that I don’t go back to sleep.

Why is she serious at times like these?

I drag my heavy body and made my way to the washroom.

–It’s been a month since I lost my virginity.

I’ve been having sex with Fuyou-san two to three times a week. Mostly, it’s the mistress play.

Whether it’s because she’s influenced by the AV app, or because she wants to be rewarded with 200,000 yen this month for the contract fee, she’s quite aggressive when asking for sex.

She made a half-threat me to at least have sex with her once a week.

For an energetic 20-year-old man, that’s a gratifying offer. If I can have sex with beauty, then I’d gladly comply.

「 But, my stamina. 」

I can understand now how couples refuse to have sex at night because they’re tired from work.

I’m not in the mood for extreme exercise when I’m this fatigued.

「 It can’t be helped for today. Yesterday, we used an energy drink for the prize game. This is the third time already 」

I walk down the street with a suspicious gait, suffering from fatigue caused by the after-effect of the energy drink.

Last night’s game was the third. Just like the first and second times, the final amount totaled 1.5M Yen. I still recall Fuyou-san’s face as I collapse on the bed exhausted. She’s looking refreshed with a sense of accomplishment.

Her smooth skin with clear sweat, flushed cheeks, damp and sticky hair, and moist eyes. Oops, I almost got an erection while walking. That was close. Let’s not get an erection while in public

「 Let’s hurry to the Uni 」

I brush off Fuyou-san’s lewd naked body off my mind and put my legs to work. Then.

「 Good Morning! Onii-chan!! 」

An unclear, yet energetic voice brightens the world. A pretty girl in kindergarten clothes stood by the side of the road, waving one hand with an innocent smile.

She’s probably waiting for the bus.

I froze at the sudden greeting. I rebooted after a few seconds and checked around. There’s no other guy the girl’s calling “Onii-chan” nearby.

「 Huh, me? 」

I point at myself, and the girl nodded and waved her hand. Her sparkling and dazzling eyes are definitely on me.

「 Good Morning Onii-chan!! 」

「 Yeah, good morning, what an energetic girl 」

I approached the girl, squatted down in front of her, and held out my hand.


High-five success. Her small hand is squishy.

This is bad. She’s so cute. It’s healing me. She’ll grow up to become a beauty in the future.

While I was thinking that, an adult woman’s legs came to view. A woman holding hands with the child, her mother.

「 Oh, sorry 」

I came back to reality and apologized to the mother who might think of me as suspicious as I casually high-fived the child.

I bowed my head.

「 No, don’t mind it. Are you a college student? Good Morning 」

「 Yeah. I’m in college. Good Morning 」

Great. They didn’t see me as a suspicious person.

Then, I looked up and got surprised.

These words popped into my head the moment I caught a glimpse of the mother. “Unfortunate”

Her hair’s ruffled, and her worn-out face has no make-up. She doesn’t seem to maintain herself properly. Her eyes are sunken and have dark circles.

She’s wearing long-sleeved and tight-fitted clothing. But, it’s worn out and slightly transparent. The bloated, and sloppy stomach and her figure make it all too obvious. She’s not wearing a bra on her sagging breasts, meaning that it must’ve been huge before. I can clearly see the nipple.

She’s trying her best to hide it, perhaps because she’s in front of her daughter, but grown-ups like us can see the sense of fatigue and sadness that she can’t hide.

My first impression of her is a fragile woman far from happiness.

How do I say it, she seems to have a ghostly haze.

「 Your daughter seems lovely and healthy 」

「 Thank you. She’s my treasure 」

The woman smiled and stroked the head of her daughter, who was happy and radiant, blowing the word ‘misfortune’ away.

She was a beauty back then.

「 Rin. Greet off the Onii-chan 」

「 Take care! 」

「 Yeah, you too 」

And I gave her another high-five while leaving energetic girls who give you energy. I’m done charging up.

I feel like this will get me through the rest of the day.

I waved to the girl who was saying bye-bye with her little hand and nodded to the thin mother. She also gave a faint smile.

「 Take care. Be careful of the cars 」

「 Yes, I’m going 」

It’s kind of embarrassing to say “I’m going” to people who aren’t even family

I walked away feeling itchy, but before I knew it, I was light on my feet.

A young girl refreshed me. A child’s smile is amazing.

I think I’ll walk that path again tomorrow. Those are my thoughts.


During lunch Break, I’m eating with Fuyou-san, who has glossy skin.

「 Ufu, fufufu… 」

The beauty giggled, looking like she remembered something. She’s obviously thinking about the prize money she won yesterday. Her eyes are looking like money symbols.

Everyone around her misunderstood why she was in a good mood, so they barraged her with questions all morning. What happened? Did you start dating someone? Kiss Someone? And the like.

Of course, since I’m the one rumored to be in a relationship with her, they asked me, and I thought the guys were going to kill me.

I’m mentally exhausted.

「 Fuyou-san, are you not tired? 」

「 Huh? From what? From the barrage of questions? Or from last night? 」

「 Both 」

「 Not really. I’m full of energy. Ufufu 」

We just had sex for three hours straight and you say that you’re full of energy?! Just what kind of stamina do you have?

Her skin is much more moisturized and shiny to look at, and an aura of happiness overflows from her body.

Yeah, she doesn’t seem tired.

Is she a succubus? Is she getting energy by sucking it out from me? That aggressiveness and bewitching sexiness she exudes in bed are close to a succubus.

The Fuyou-san succubus theory is surprisingly strong.

「 thanks for the last night too Haku-kun. I earned a lot again 」

「 You’re welcome 」

Her sweet whisper goes into my tired ears.

–It felt amazing

Woah! Fuyou-san’s always so sneaky. You’d make me fall for you if you whisper like that!

Fuyou-san smiled mischievously and giggled. She’s really unfair.

「 But, there’s one worry I have 」

「 Worry? 」

「 Yes. This is our third time playing the Prize game, and we always used the energy drink right? I think that this might not become interesting to them anymore. What do you think, Haku-kun? 」

「 Well… 」

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the AV app developers.

They create the AV app for their entertainment and enjoy watching humans get coated in lust. It’s also a pleasure to observe them devouring each other like beasts when relying on the energy drink. However, if they keep repeating it, then it will get boring. Doing the same pattern is no fun.

「 They might start banning the drink in the future 」

「 Right? They must be seeking some change too. Maybe we should try and start clearing the 100,000 Yen task? 」

Do you mean the Anal Sex task?

「 Fuyou-san. Let’s pause for a moment. We’ve only been doing this for a month. We need more mutual experience! That’s an area that beginners shouldn’t mess with yet! 」

If we make a mistake, we could tear up Fuyou-san’s anus.

I don’t want to see Fuyou-san suffering from hemorrhoids, please!

We’ve only tried three positions, normal, doggy, and lotus. We haven’t done standing yet. We haven’t taken a bath together yet either. There’s no need to rush, right?!

「 That’s true. I was blinded by money 」

Fuyou-san returned to her calm.

Maybe the prize for anal sex will go up just to stir up Fuyou-san.

No way.

「 Haku-kun. Are there any new additions to the App? 」

「 Oh, I haven’t checked that recently. We’re done with the newly released situations, so maybe there’s something new 」

I opened the App right away.


Name: Nakade Haku

Level: 1

Rank: Amateur AV Actor


<AV Situations>

・Prize Game

・Compensated Dating Play (Payment: Per Round)

・Sex Friends Play

・Mistress Play (Payment: Monthly)

・Lover Play

「 Hmm. No changes 」

I was expecting new situations to be added, but contrary to my expectations, there were none.

Oh, I’ve had sex with Fuyou-san more than ten times. This is quite moving. I can’t believe that I’ve had ten encounters of physical intimacy with this beauty.

I’m still attracted to Fuyou-san every time we have sex, and I still drown in her splendor. I feel like I’m in a bottomless swamp.

I miss the days when I was a virgin.

Oops. That was a tangent. We’re talking about the new app features, right? Let’s see. Hmm? A new flickering icon appears as if to answer my question.

I pressed it and I checked the list.

<Unreleased AV situations>

・Este & Massage

【 Unlock Conditions 】

・Reach Level 5

<Unreleased Feature>

・Sex Shop

・Free Room

・Cosplay Closet

【 Unlock Conditions 】

・Novice AV Actor Promotion

I see. I need to raise my level and rank to get new situations and features. Oddly enough, you need to be level five to become a novice AV actor. Level means the number of people experienced, so I need to have sex with four more girls.

That’s a hard problem.

「 Fuyou-san 」

I straightened my posture and looked straight into the eyes of the beautiful woman sitting in front of me and spoke with a serious tone.

She too sensed the serious atmosphere so she stretched her posture.

The air is filled with tension.

I endured the sharp pain piercing my stomach from stress and I told her the problem I’d been thinking about all along.

「 Fuyou-san, would you mind it if I had sex with other women? 」

「 I don’t mind 」

「 I thought so. I guess not…What? Say that again? 」

「 I said that it’s okay 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I told you. I’m fine with it 」

「 What? 」

「 Do what you want. I mean, you’re still free, right? 」

Well, she gave me permission to have sex with other girls. So I guess that’s okay?

Huh, but why? Wait, really, normally you shouldn’t want that, right?

Oh wait, we’re not dating, our relationship is only limited to our bodies, but still, I wanted her to be a bit jealous or reluctant

「 Really? 」

「 How many times do I have to say yes? 」

Oh, sorry. But still, I can’t believe it.

「 Even I’m saying this, that was a scumbag’s question 」

「 Indeed. A scumbag 」

「 Ugh! I-I know that it sounded the same as what Fuyou-san’s father did, but… 」

Her father apparently ran away from his wife after getting into debt and getting himself a mistress. That’s why Fuyou-san hates her father.

I thought that she didn’t like the idea of her partner being in a relationship with more than one person.

「 Despite that, my current status is Haku-kun’s mistress 」

「 Oh, I guess there’s that. Do you not like that? 」

「 If I don’t like it, then I won’t do it 」

So gallant and cool! You’re making me fall for you Fuyou-san. So cool. Ikemen.

「 What I hate are the trash who are violent and destroy the happiness of others. Oh, that was disrespectful to the trash. Geez! Recalling it now makes me irritated! Anyway, as long as you don’t do that, I won’t complain even if Haku-kun gets a harem 」

It’s rare to see Fuyou-san blatantly disgusted. That’s how much she hates her father.

I feel like I’d silently punch him in the gut if I meet him.

However, is that her true nature? Is there a woman in this world who would tolerate a harem? Or maybe…

「 Is it possible that Fuyou-san’s perception has been altered by the mistress register? 」

「 Honestly, that might be the case… 」

Fuyou-san just accepted it easily. Why are you so calm about it.

「 But, I grew up watching my father, so I never had the desire of dating a guy or get married. Marriage doesn’t always mean happiness. If so, then there could be happy without marriage. There are many kinds of happiness, and I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business whether it’s a harem, common-law marriage, or a mistress, as long as everyone’s happy about it. By the way, in my case, I’m not in it at all 」

I-I see. Fuyou-san thinks that way.

But, I still can’t wipe out the possibility that her perception is altered. If it is, then I don’t know what’s changed. If she doesn’t notice what’s altered, then she’ll just live her life as it is, without asking suspicions.

And so, Fuyou-san’s thoughts might be her original thoughts, or they might be an idea distorted by the perception alteration.

I don’t know how Fuyou-san thinks before we agreed to this relationship so I can’t make any judgment.

「 Oh right, Haku. Rest assured, SM isn’t violent since there’s mutual consent 」

「 Oh, Fuyou-san knows about SM 」

「 What do you think of me?! I know that much at least! 」

Sorry. It’s just that I’m a little surprised because I was under the impression that you were shy even when mentioning AV or love hotel. You never even masturbated.

「 So, if I resorted to violence on someone, what will Fuyou-san do? 」

「 First, I’ll slap your face until the shape changes 」

Hii!! It’s even scarier because you just said it with a smile on your face! That’s an immediate reply.

Also, why are you shadowboxing now?

A sharp punch cuts through the air. She has a shot to go international.

Isn’t that a punch, not a slap?

「 If persuasion doesn’t work, then I’m cutting relationships. Bye-bye. ‘Sayonara’ 」

Ending the relationship with Fuyou-san. Somehow, that feels scarier than getting punched in the face. I’m afraid that Fuyou-san would leave me.

「 I’ll be careful so it doesn’t happen 」

「 Please do. I want to be with Haku-kun too forever 」

「 Huh? 」

What did she say?

「 Ah, that was a figure of speech, or should I say that I want to continue earning from the game! Don’t take it wrong! I didn’t mean anything weird with that 」

She got embarrassed by the lines that slipped out of her mouth.

Fuyou-san’s flustered as she explains didn’t have a cool and serious look, but rather, just plain defenseless and cute.

She shows me the true side of herself that she never shows to anyone else in the university. I’m genuinely happy about it.

I’d be happy if I had some romantic feelings for her, but it’s unfortunate since I see Fuyou-san as if she’s my best friend or a mistress. There’s love, but not romantic.

「 Haku-kun. If you want to have sex with other girls, then do it. However, you’re not allowed to make your partners unhappy 」

「 I’ll keep that in mind 」

「 You need to have sex with other women to level up, right? Don’t worry about me. I mean, I wonder if they’ll also increase the prize with each level? I’m looking forward to that 」

No, that’s your real intent! I knew it, it was money. That’s just like her.

Fuyou-san smiled pleasantly on the desk, and opened her glossy lips, spinning fearsome words as if to pursue me.

「 –Besides, if you’re only having sex with me, the app developers might force you into a situation where you need to have sex with other women, right? 」

D-Don’t say something that scary. That’s likely to happen you know!

I look away from reality, but what I see is the smartphone screen.

「 Hmm? The app is blinking again. Let’s see. A bonus for reaching level 5? When you reach level 5, you receive a 1.5X multiplier in the Prize game, it says 」

As soon as she heard that, Fuyou-san stood up too quickly.

「 Should’ve said that earlier! Haku-kun, fuck four girls right now! 」

That’s just absurd

While I managed to calm down Fuyou-san, her horrifying speculation still lingers in my ears for the rest of the day.