AV App Chapter 14 Sudden Quest



Saturday I was lying down on my bed, reading a manga leisurely.

「 ?! 」

Suddenly, I felt as if I’m being controlled by something, my body moved independently of my consciousness, and got up.

-What? What, what, what the hell?! What’s going on?

My hands and feet, not even my eyes follow me at all. The word freedom vanished from my body.

I can’t even speak, I picked up my phone. Horrified.

My fingers move around the phone on their own, opened the AV app, and a message appears on the screen.

【 Sudden Quest Start! 】

【 Ask an opposite sex to a Date! 】

【 Reward: 】

「 What? What’s this? 」

I read the message and found myself free. It seems that they released me.

That was surprising. I thought it was something else. Scary.

Seems like the transcendent beings, the developers of the AV app can force me to move. All just to let me know about the sudden quest.

I beg you, please let me discover it some other way. Like, just a notification sound.

「 I wonder if I can ignore this? 」

Invite the opposite sex to go on a date? What are you telling this man who never got himself a girlfriend? The hurdle’s as high as Mount Everest. Too high.

Honestly, I just want to ignore it. I’ll pretend that I didn’t see it. However, we’re dealing with the devs of the AV app, and they have mysterious powers. I don’t know what they’ll do if I refused.

Worst case scenario, they could just erase my existence if I upset them.

I don’t want to die yet. I want to live out my life span. If so, I must do this event.

If so, the only woman I could invite to date is…

「 Fuyou-san, I guess 」

I opened my social media account and contacted her.


「 Fuyou, thanks as always. You really saved me there 」

Fuyou’s mother, Otometani Yuri, thanked her eldest daughter for doing housework so skillfully while monitoring the homework of her younger brothers and sisters, who are still in elementary.

「 This isn’t a big deal. No need to thank me 」

Fuyou didn’t stop her hand, didn’t look up either, just continued cleaning the house.

The only time her siblings stay still is when they’re doing homework, or when they’re asleep. If she doesn’t clean at a time like this, the room will become a mess. Can’t afford to miss the opportunity.

「 You can be a bit more selfish. You’re in college, already in your 20s. You should enjoy your youth more 」

「 I’m having enough of that 」

She’s picturing him as she vacuums the place. Kissing, naked embrace, touching, caressing, licking, sucking, a deep connection, she’s confident that she’s enjoying her youth more than ordinary college students.

Mothers are creatures who are keenly aware of what their daughters are hiding without them realizing it.

「 Did you get yourself a boyfriend? 」

Turning around as she felt a chuckle, she finds her mother smirking, with her elbows on the table.

「 Why do you look so happy? I don’t have one 」

「 Eeeh?! But I feel like Fuyou’s becoming more beautiful lately so I thought you got yourself a boyfriend. It’s when a girl falls in love that they become beautiful. Hey, hey, so who is it? 」

「 I don’t have one 」

Fuyou sighed and went back to cleaning.

I don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m a mistress of a guy, she muttered to herself.

“How would Mother react if she knew that I climbed the ladder of adulthood with him?” No, I won’t tell her ever.

「 Mother, don’t you have a job tonight? Are you sure you don’t want to sleep? 」

「 I’ll be fine. It’s all about being sturdy. I gave birth to seven children. This much is fine 」

True, I never saw Mother lie down. The only time she was lying down on the bed was when she gave birth to my siblings.

She knows that her body is strong. But still, I worry for Mother who works hard for us., She’s losing weight.

「 Aah… Why can’t Fuyou get a boyfriend? 」

「 I don’t have one 」

「 I wanted to teach my girl how to put on makeup and go on dates. But you grew up to be a beauty that needs no makeup that others get jealous 」

「 I can’t even go on dates. I mean, I don’t need make-up. It’s just an unnecessary expense 」

「 Sorry that Mom doesn’t make enough that you have to call the weapon for women useless 」

「 That wasn’t my intention 」

I’d like to turn over the 5 million yen hidden at the back of the drawer right now. However, if I do that, I have to tell them where the money came from.

I intend to take that knowledge that I earned money from selling my body to my coffin.

「 I get it, Fu you. That was just a self-deprecating joke 」

The daughter, Fuyou is slightly irritated at the laughing Yuri. It’s not a laughing matter.

「 Onee-chan! Lend me your phone! 」

At that moment, the second daughter, Kasumi, had arrived

「 Kasumi, how’s your college report? 」

「 It’s over. So give it 」

「 Really? You didn’t just write half-heartedly, did you? 」

「 This is why you’re not getting a boyfriend 」

「 That’s none of your business 」

Fuyou sighs and pulls out the family-shared phone from her apron pocket.

「 Thanks, Onee-chan 」

「 Don’t we also have a PC that we can use? Use that one instead 」

「 But phones are easier. I’m not accustomed to using a PC. Besides, it’s second-hand, so it’s slow 」

「 Sorry that it’s second-hand. Oh, want to buy a new PC? I saved up a bit 」

「 I’ll think about it 」

「 Ahaha, Fuyou-san’s becoming more of a Mom than Mom. Wait, am I a failure as a Mom then? 」

Yuri, who was listening to the exchange between the sisters, chuckled. While she’s happy for her daughter’s growth, she was feeling worthless for raising them finely. Now she’s giving her a burden.

「 What’s Mom talking about? 」

「 Hm? Mom’s just talking about teaching Fuyou how to put on makeup and sending her on a date with her boyfriend. Of course, I’d love to do the same for Kasumi 」

「 Huh? Onee-chan found a boyfriend?! Onee-chan did?! 」

「 It’s just Mom’s wild fantasy 」

「 Right. Onee-chan can’t possibly have a boyfriend…. 」

~~♪ ~~♪ ~~♪

Light music drowned Kasumi’s voice. The phone’s ringing.

「 Oh? Isn’t this addressed to Onee-chan? 」

「 Who is it? 」

「 Nakade- 」

「 -Give it, now 」

「 Huh? 」

Snatching the phone from her sister’s hand at the speed of light, Fuyou had no time to worry about her family, who rolled their eyes in surprise and immediately left the room, even the house.

She came to a place nobody could hear her and answered the call.

「 Hello? 」

『 Hello? Ah, Fuyou-san? This is Nakade 』

「 What’s wrong, Haku-kun? You called so suddenly 」

『 Sorry about that. Did I call at a bad time? 』

「 Yes. I had to leave in a hurry 」

『 Sorry about that 』

「 Don’t mind it. So, what do you need? 」

『 You see, I got this mysterious event from the AV app called sudden quest. And so, if you have some spare time, would you go on a date with me? 』

「 Date? 」

The balance in her head swings. Whether it’s her family or Haku.

As per their contract, Fuyou’s signed a condition to prioritize her family first. He won’t get angry even if she refused.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, the scales tipped in her family’s favor.

「 So-… 」

『 The completion bonus is 100,000 yen each 』

「 I’m going! 」

She found herself agreeing to it. She spoke before she could think about it.

A hundred thousand just to go on a date with him. An invitation that’s heaven sent to Fuyou, as her siblings need money. If there’s pay, then she’s going for sure.

「 Let’s go on a date! 」

『 Fuyou-san?! Are you not forcing yourself? You okay? 』

「 I’m fine. Mom will be here until evening. So it should be fine as long as we don’t return home late 」

『 Right. Great. Thanks, Fuyou-san. The meeting place and time— 』

They set a meeting place and time and then ended the call.

The fact that her hands were sweating from holding the phone made her realize that she was nervous. So far, they’ve only exchanged messages, and it’s the first time Haku made the call. Her heart is beating fast.

Then, a sense of urgency wells up in her heart.

「 So, what do you do on dates? 」

She never considered going out on a date with a guy before.

For now, what came to her mind…

Fuyou made a U-turn home and made a heartfelt wish to her mother, who was still pouting.

「 Mom! Tell me how to put on makeup! 」