AV App Chapter 15 First Date



–The town is buzzing at the moment

One beautiful woman is walking so dashingly. She’s dressed in a simple white shirt and jeans, but that brings out her dignified and cool beauty beyond limits.

Beautiful slender legs and tall body. Absolute confidence exudes from her entire body.

The way her stride shows no hesitation makes her look like a fashion model or celebrity.

In fact, people are whispering “Who’s that?” “Is there a photoshoot nearby?” However, none know the woman’s name.

That’s to be expected, after all, she’s a college student.

She didn’t hesitate to walk towards the only person she knows, namely me.

「 I made you wait, Haku-kun 」

She lets out a soft laugh of relief, and lightly waved one hand.

People around say “Who are you? What are you to her?!” but I had no time to worry about such things.

「 ………… 」

「 What’s wrong? Is there anything weird? 」

「 Uhm, you’re Otometani Fuyou-san, right? 」

「 Yes. Why are you being polite? 」

「 No, don’t mind it 」

S-So dazzling! She draws in my gaze! S-So glorious!

I thought she was a beauty, but to think that she can go further.

Fuyou-san’s combat mode is far more beautiful than could’ve imagined.

「 Is there anything weird on my face? Or is it my clothes? Mom forced these on me so it doesn’t suit- 」

「 It suits you! 」

I stopped Fuyou-san.

Weird on your face? Your clothes don’t suit you? What are you talking about? I want to put you in front of a full-length mirror right now.

「 Uhm! Well, that… 」

Words fade into my ass.

It would be cool if I could say something witty at a time like this but I’m far from experienced in complimenting a woman’s appearance, so I have no words at all.

Just how do I express these emotions?

I’m angry at my own pettiness. I’m so pissed off that I messed my hair up.

「 Well, I mean… 」

「 Yeah 」

「 I guess it’s true that you become speechless when you see something beautiful 」

Fuyou-san got dumbfounded for a moment, but immediately understood my best effort at a roundabout compliment and giggled happily.

「 I see. I’m glad 」

「 Yeah. It suits you a lot. You look beautiful 」

「 Thank you. Haku-kun looks cool too 」

「 Nononono! I’m not cool at all, I already feel like I want to run away. I don’t think it’s okay for a shabby guy like me to stand next to Fuyou-san 」

Fuyou-san glares up at me with a sullen look after I speak some ironic lines.

「 Are you saying that I’m a liar? 」

「 That’s… 」

「 If I say you look cool, then you look cool. I don’t care what people around us think. Believe what I say. Besides, all we have to do today is have a good time. Isn’t that what the dates are? 」

Huh? Oh my, what an Ikemen. Fuyou-san says such lines so openly and honestly. It suits her. I’m falling for you.

「 Well then, let’s go 」

Fuyou-san links her arms with mine and walked off.

People around us open their mouths and follow Fuyou-san’s figure. Fuyou-san’s also dragging me along while I make a dumbfounded look.

I came to my senses and tried to hold her hand.


She shook it off and rejected me.

Her first rejection. She’s been accepting me so far, so it’s much more shocking.

「 Huh?! 」

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Fuyou-san’s expression is red in shame, not from disgust as I thought.

「 M-My hands are sweating right now because I’m nervous, so give me a break and just link our arms instead 」

Her voice sounds like it’s about to disappear.

I-I see. It’s not that she didn’t want to hold hands, but because her hand is sweating.

That’s a cute reason. I almost thought she hates me. Great. I’m glad.

「 Huh, Fuyou-san’s nervous? 」

「 I’m absurdly nervous. My heart’s beating so fast 」

「 You don’t look like it 」

「 Or so you say. When I look imposing, then you can count on me being nervous 」

Is that so? Okay.

There may have been only a few people who know this information. Now I feel a little superior.

「 Haku-kun, this is an important problem, what do people do on dates? 」

That’s indeed an important problem. I also want to ask Fuyou-san that. There doesn’t seem to be an answer to this question.

I’ve thought about it a lot too, but the only thing I could come up with was to have a chat at a cafe, but that doesn’t seem to be the answer. We can’t spend hours there anyway. That’ll only cause trouble for the store.

「 Fuyou-san, is there anything you want to buy? 」

「 Right… If I had to say, I guess, Money? 」

She tilts her head cutely, but what she said wasn’t cute at all. Raw.

Even she doesn’t think that was date-worthy either.

「 Sorry. Forget that one 」

Hmm, Fuyou-san is troubled. I glanced at her side and she seems worried indeed.

「 I’d like to buy Kasumi some clothes, I guess 」

「 Kasumi? 」

「 She’s my year-younger sister. Kasumi. She got into college already but her clothes are hand-me-downs from me, so I’d like to buy her some new clothes

「 What a good sister, Fuyou-san 」

「 It’s nothing. But, that’s got nothing to do with the date 」

「 What about Fuyou-san’s clothes? Didn’t you mention that your mother forced these on you? 」

「 Don’t mind my clothes. I wear it as long as it fits 」

Fuyou-san’s indifferent when it comes to herself.

As for me, I want to dress Fuyou-san in different kinds of clothing. She seems fashionable in anything.

She might even look good in cosplay. We need to study this.

「 If so, let’s go shopping for some clothes. Let’s put aside the idea of buying it for later 」

「 Huh, are you sure? 」

Of course!

With that said, we started our date by visiting a clothing store.

Fuyou-san looks for clothes that would look good for her sister, and I look for clothes that would look good for Fuyou-san.

Often in clothing stores, employees will come up to you. Some people find it bothersome. But, perhaps they realized that we’re on a date, so they’re just staring from a distance, not approaching.

It’s embarrassing that they’re just watching kindly with a smile.

「 No, not this. Not this either. Oh, this looks good. 」

I learned a new side of Fuyou-san. She’s quick to decide.

I had the image of women who shop for too long, but Fuyou-san doesn’t pay attention to what she does not need and goes to what she wants in the path of least distractions.

She thinks like a guy in that sense.

「 The price is, too much! Can’t get this. 」

It seems the price is higher than expected, Fuyou-san pales and puts back the merchandise on the hanger rack.

I stand corrected. She’s a veteran housewife, not a guy. She’ll definitely be a good wife in the future.

In my mind, I’m secretly imagining Fuyou-san dressed in the clothes she picked.

「 Where do you usually buy your clothes? 」

「 Most of them are from Shimamachi. Also, there’s Aeon 」

「 How about Unishiro? 」

「 Sometimes? But that’s far from home 」

What a housewife. We have a housewife here.

「 Fuyou-san, what kinds of clothing do you like to wear? 」

「 Me? I prefer easy-to-move clothing. I have tons of shorts 」

I’m a pervert for thinking that shorts look hot on her as soon as she said that.

I was thinking of the mini-shorts.

Well yeah, shorts do look good on Fuyou-san. She’s tall, and she has beautiful legs.

「 What about skirts? 」

「 If it’s a long skirt, then I have one or two. Short skirts don’t suit me 」

Huh? I think it would suit you. Mini-skirt nurse, mini-skirt police, mini-skirt, Santa, and mini-skirt sailor uniform cosplay would look great on Fuyou-san. I’ve said this a hundred times already but Fuyou-san’s got great legs.

Okay, let’s get her to cosplay next time. Cosplay is also a staple in porn!

Fuyou-san and I found ourselves feeling less tense, and chilled out at several clothing stores. Then, got tired from walking, so we decided to rest at a nearby coffee shop.

「 So expensive 」

Opening the menu, the usual words come out of Fuyou-san’s mouth. She hasn’t even noticed her monologue.

None of the prices are high, it’s just average. Rather, this is in the fair pricing range. However, Fuyou-san feels that it’s expensive.

「 Fuyou-san, do you not eat out? 」

「 Not at all. After all, they’re expensive. It’s cheaper when you make it, and it’s peaceful 」

「 Peaceful? 」

「 My siblings are a rowdy bunch. They make a lot of fuss when inside a store 」

Oh, that kind of peace.

Her expression as she grumbles about those kids isn’t the usual cool look, nor the debauched face she gives off during sex with me, but one of a gentle elder sister.

I ordered coffee and cheesecake, while Fuyou-san chose tea and chocolate chip scones.

I bulldozed through my persuasion saying that it was my treat.

「 Hmm. Delicious 」

Another new expression from Fuyou-san.

She looks so happy when eating sweets.

「 Hm? 」

Oh shit, she saw me staring at her.

Wondering what it was, Fuyou-san laughed gently and offers me one of her scones.

「 Haku-kun, here 」

「 Woah 」

「 Huh? Was I wrong? Do you not want scones? It’s delicious you know 」

「 Huh, ah, okay. I’ll take it then 」

That was my first time being fed by the opposite sex, ignoring my family.

The chocolate chip from the scones tasted special.

T-That was an indirect kiss. An indirect kiss with Fuyou-san.

We’ve kissed so many times already but still, it’s a little bit embarrassing for some reason.

「 Then I’ll return the favor, open your mouth 」

「 Thanks. Hmm, that’s delicious 」

Fuyou-san didn’t even hesitate or feel embarrassed about getting fed. I guess she’s accustomed to feeding each other in her family that she’s not bothered?

Now it’s embarrassing because I’m the only one mulling over it.

We had a long chat while feeding each other from time to time.

「 Huh? Shojo-chi?! Also, Nakade-chi?! 」

Then, I hear a familiar voice. This naming…

I turned around and we saw Kuchi Leona-san, the cheerful gyaru wearing fashionable clothes, standing there, with a stiff face.

「 H-Hello 」

I greeted her just in case, then looked away, with cold sweat trickling down my cheek.

『 This is bad. I called Shojo-chi on her date. Sorry for disturbing you two, 』 is what’s written on her face.

Her apologetic emotions are leaking.

「 Hello, Leona-san. What a coincidence 」

「 R-Right… It’s a surprise 」

「 Why do you sound nervous? 」

「 Fuyou-san, stop it. Meeting in this place would shake her up, right? 」

「 Oh right. Haku-kun’s right 」

「 T-The two of you are calling each other using first names? 」

「 「 Ah 」 」

「 I knew it, you two are dating 」

I want to say that it’s a misunderstanding, but you can’t persuade her in this situation. She got us.

「 Shojo-chi, you even put on makeup 」

「 Right. It’s my first time putting one on. That said, it’s Mom who did the work 」

「 Woah, even I would fall for you when you look like that 」

Seeing her put on makeup for the first time, and sitting in a cafe with a guy. Kuchi-san’s mind just confirmed that Fuyou-san and I were dating.

We can’t force the idea out no matter what we do.

So, what should we do? What’s the right answer? What do we do to get out of the status quo? Bribe? Blackmail? Or seal her mouth?

Kuchi-san’s the first one to speak.

「 We didn’t meet her. Is that good enough, Nakade-chi? 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

「 Then, I promise I won’t tell anyone what I saw. Okay? 」

「 Okay. That’ll help 」

「 You know, I’m the kind of person who quietly watches over someone’s love life from the shadows! Be happy! You two! 」

The gyaru grinned and waved her hand, then sat down on the box seat behind Fuyou-san as if to escape. I’m making a contact with the gyaru who’s glancing at me.

–That’s not even watching from the shadows! And what the hell do that thumbs up mean?!

Let’s forget about the brown stalker for once. Ignore her. Just ignore her. The best course is to ignore her.

「 What was it again? Oh right, Haku-kun, you see 」

Fuyou-san recalls our conversation and then goes for one topic after another. It’s fun to listen to Fuyou-san talk. As I listen to the conversation with my partner, I completely forgot about the gyaru sitting nearby.

And yet.

「 T-They’re even feeding each other naturally 」

I was unaware of the stares directed at us.

The break ended when our dessert and drinks have been consumed. As I stood to pay the bill, I remembered the presence of a bright red-faced gyaru staring at me.

Kuchi-san tried to hide her face, but it was too late. She thought of the same thing, so she slowly brings up her face.

「 B-Bye-bye, see you in uni later 」

「 Yes. See you later, Leona-san 」

「 See ya 」

Kuchi-san waved her hand looking apologetic. We paid our bill and left.

「 Fufufu. Kuchi-san was cute 」

「 Right 」

To think that the energetic girl got reduced to that. It’s so funny to see her try to erase her presence.

As we were walking around, talking about what to do next, I suddenly realized that the place is dark.

Before we knew it, thick dark clouds spread across the sky. It’s about to rain any moment.

「 It’s going to rain 」

Drop, drop, drop.

「 Woah! It’s dropping fast! 」

「 Oh my. I thought the forecast said that it won’t rain today 」

「 Woah!! 」

It was raining heavily, but within seconds, the wind picked up and it was pouring.

A guerrilla downpour at a time like this

「 Fuyou-san, let’s run! Let’s get somewhere to shelter from the rain 」

「 O-Okay 」

I grabbed Fuyou-san’s hand and started running in the pouring rain.

Worst of all, we’re walking on an empty street. There’s no spot to shelter from the rain.

「 There! 」

We run to the first building we find. However, it’s too late by then. We’re wet all over. We’re dripping.

Fuyou-san’s shirt is wet, sticking to her body, and transparent. What a sight for the sore eyes! We can’t let other guys see this!

「 So cold! 」

It’s cold because we got wet and our body temperatures dropped. We’ll get colds if we leave this be.

「 Hey, Haku-kun, this place is… 」

「 Hmm?! 」

She points at the sign shyly and I finally understood what we had run into.

It’s a sign with rates for rest and lodging. The building has a sweet and fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Accommodations for lovers to whisper love at each other.

「 It’s a love hotel 」

We’re standing in the real place.

What’s with this template turn of events!? Is it normal to run into a love hotel?! What kind of eroge is this?! But it’s happening in front of our eyes.

Our clothes are drenched. The beautiful woman has drops of water dripping from her beautiful black hair, looking up at the love hotel with a determined expression

「 Haku-kun, let’s go in 」

「 Huh, on this love hotel? 」

「 We need to dry our clothes or we’ll catch a cold 」

「 Well yeah, but… 」

「 With that said, let’s open the love hotel space in the AV app 」

「 Huh? AV app? Not the love hotel right here? 」

I look at Fuyou-san and she stared back at me dumbfoundedly.

「 It’ll cost us to go in here, right? 」

Oh, I guess there’s that. What a housewife. She’s economizing where she can.

Thinking about it, I’d rather be in a familiar love-hotel space than this unknown hotel.

【 Where would you like to call your partner, Otometani Fuyou? 】

【 Current Location? Play Room? Or Cancel? 】

【 Would you like to sync with the real time world? 】

【 Yes or No 】

I picked the Playroom. I also picked yes on time sync.

If we screw with the time, then we’ll come back when it’s still raining. The rain should stop once we’re done drying our clothes.

「 Well then, let’s pick the mistress play as the situation. Are you ready? 」

「 Yes, of course, 」

As soon as I finished setting up the AV app, we disappeared from the front of the love hotel.