AV App Chapter Chapter 16♡ Masturbating in Hot Tub



Soaking wet, we emerged safely to the familiar love hotel space.

The phone displays that the time is in sync with the real world. It’s the first time we synchronized time, but it seems that it’s a success.

「 Here’s the towel, Fuyou-san 」

「 Thanks, Haku-kun 」

I gave her the fluffy towel prepared in the changing room.

If only we were not going to catch a cold like this, I could watch Fuyou-san get wet forever. Why are wet women so erotic?

「 Do they have a dryer in this room? 」

「 I wonder? 」

I went to the changing room to check. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything resembling a drying machine.

I was about to tell Fuyou-san that there was none, but I suddenly lost freedom from my body.

「 ?! 」

There it goes again. They’re controlling again. I can’t move even my eyelids.

I’m beginning to get used to this strange phenomenon.

They moved me to the other closet. They forced me to blink for a moment, then the instructions are posted on the door.

Just like the first time, I suddenly gained control.

「 Fuyou-san, Fuyou-san. Found the dryer 」

Fuyou-san walks up to me pointing at the closet with a curious look. She looked at the instruction sheet at the door.

「 Let’s see. Put the clothes in the closet and they’ll dry in about 30 minutes. No laundry is required to remove dirt, dust, and wrinkles! 』 What the hell!? I want this in my home! 」

「 Right. We can bet on this effect. They just controlled me to guide me here 」

「 Let’s try this out 」

「 Right 」

And so, we took off our wet clothes.

We undressed and showed each other our naked bodies so many times already, but for now, we undressed with our backs against each other.

They say that keeping good manners keeps good friendships, but, I simply listen to the sound of Fuyou-san’s clothes rustling. It fires up my manly desires to only hear, not see.

「 Haku-kun, you can look now 」

「 Okay, Woah! 」

I turn around with a towel around my waist, but I was struck by a sight I didn’t expect to see.

Fuyou-san’s holding the bath towel in front of her. She’s hiding only a bit of her naked body from me, and yet for some reason, that’s sexier. Also, the way she casts her eye downward is a selling point.


Oh, my towel fell off because my dick got erect. My towering symbol of manhood is unveiled in front of the beauty.

「 Oh? 」

Fuyou-san gazed at it and suddenly blushed.

It’s embarrassing that you stare at it so much.

I guess my thoughts got to her, while she quickly looked away, I threw my wet clothes to the closet, picked up the towel, and hid my crotch.

It’s too late, and although my penis is appealing through the towel, it’s no longer in her direct view.

「 Fuyou-san 」

「 Yes… 」

「 You can get in the bath first…achoo! 」

Why did I sneeze at exactly that time?

Fuyou-san sighed in resignation and she gave out a charming suggestion while feeling shy.

「 Haku-kun, how about we enter the bath together? 」

「 Huh? 」

Taking a bath with Fuyou-san? Are you sure you want us to go together? Really?! Seriously?

「 By all means- 」

「 Ah, I guess not. I can’t 」

Man…I tumbled to my knees.

Why did you raise my expectations so much! What do you mean you can’t! You’re just making fun of me now!

She played with my male instincts.

「 Oh, no, that’s not what I meant! It’s not that I hate to take a bath with Haku-kun! 」

「 Then why? 」

「 It’s just women have to prepare a lot…right 」

Fuyou-san hid her body with a towel, and squat down in front of the depressed me.

「 Thirty Thousand 」

「 What? 」

「 You can go to the bath with me for thirty thousand yen 」

Y-You’re going to charge me?! There’s a fee?! Why can’t it be free?!

While aghast, the beautiful money-grubbing woman whispered…

「 Well, we weren’t planning to have sex today, have we? Well, I’m ashamed to say, but I’m not good at getting rid of unwanted hair 」

「 Unwanted hair? 」

「 Did you think that women don’t have hair below? 」

Fuyou-san’s scorning gaze. It’s chilling, wait not.

「 No, no. I get that at least. We have razors in the bathroom too, so I know that much! 」

I’m not an idiot who thinks of women as dreamlike.

What Fuyou-san wants to say is…

「 You’re embarrassed that you’ll be watched dealing with your unwanted hair. But if I pay you 30k, you’ll let me see it, did I get that right? 」

「 Correct. Ah, or there’s also an option where I finish doing that first, then Haku-kun can come in after 」

「 –No, there’s no other option! We’re going in together, 30k! 」

I took out my wallet from my bag and pulled out 30k yen. I had extra prepared just in case.

「 Eeh, you didn’t have to interrupt me…doesn’t that usually get people disillusioned? 」

Disillusioned? Why? Anyway, you got the 30k now! We’re going in together!

Besides, it’s not the scene where the woman shaves off her hair I want to see, but Fuyou-san’s embarrassed look. It must be cute to see her removing her hair while feeling ashamed. I’m already grinning just from imagining it. 30k yen is cheap for that.

I hold her supple hand and take her to the bath. I’m not letting you escape

「 This is spacious 」

「 This is about half the size of our house 」

We’re surprised at the size of the bathroom.

The air temperature and humidity are controlled at a constant level, and the bathtub is large enough to accommodate about four people It seems to be a jacuzzi, with bubbles and water streaming from the floor and sides, then colorful and fantastic light functions and music playing. There’s a huge TV on the wall too, and the bathroom is almost comparable to a luxury hotel.

「 Haku-kun, you can warm yourself up first. I still have to do other stuff 」

「 Okay. I’ll go first 」

The water is just right. The water’s poured beforehand.

My body’s colder than I thought it was. The water warms my body gradually. That feels great.

Leaning over the edge of the bathtub, I watch a beauty take a shower.

A drop of clear water bounces off her curved body and trickled down.

Wet black hair. Her glamorous neck and prominent collarbone. Her smooth shoulder and dancing upper arm. Her well-shaped breasts are beautiful even when viewed from the side. Her cute nipple is sticking out. Her slim, constricted side, and erotic waist. Her sexy ass and thighs. Above all, that face seems to be in pleasure.

「 Haa… 」

A breath of admiration.

Fuyou-san seems to be a person who washes the head first. While at it, she’s humming.

「 Hmm, hmm~ 」

She finished her hair, but now she’s washing her face.

「 Ah, the makeup. Oh well. It already fell off 」

She remembered that she put on makeup after she finished watching, but she wasn’t concerned much, which is surprisingly rough. Maybe she just doesn’t know better because it’s her first time wearing makeup.

「 Let’s see, is this the hair treatment? 」

She picked up the bottle and read the instructions on the back.

Then, with great enthusiasm, Fuyou-san applies the treatment to her hair, following the print. From the looks of it, she doesn’t usually put on hair treatment. She’s got glossy hair without that? I was sure she was using it more for maintenance.

While she was absorbing the hair treatment, she now went to wash her body. The white foam wraps her. Then…

「 Ooh 」

Fuyou-san used an amenity razor, tracing her skin.

I unconsciously leak out my voice.

I’m seeing a beauty shave off her unwanted hair.

「 This razor is easy to use 」

It’s a razor prepared by people beyond human knowledge. That won’t lose when it comes to shaving.

Fuyou-san shaved her legs, raised one arm to shave the side, and sends me a glance.

「 Don’t stare too much 」

She says a cute line while blushing.

Does that mean you want me to look the other way? It’s got the opposite effect on me though.

Fuyou-san suddenly became aware of me, and I was able to enjoy the sight of her shyly shaving her secret place.

That embarrassing look is what I want to see! Thanks for the meal

「 Why are you praying? Anyway, swap 」

「 Okay 」

We swapped places and I washed my body quickly. I realized halfway through that I didn’t need to wash it if it was just for warming up, but I decided that I need it to make out with Fuyou-san, so I washed my body down to the smallest detail.

Meanwhile, I feel Fuyou-san’s gaze.

「 I think I get how Haku-kun feels when staring. This is fresh 」

Are you interested in watching a guy washing his body? Is it fun? If Fuyou-san’s satisfied then it’s fine.

After washing myself, I slide next to Fuyou-san. The water feels warm, and Fuyou-san’s skin feels nice.

「 Capture! 」

「 Kyaa! 」

I catch the beauty and put her on my lap. Then, I embraced her from behind.

Her freshly washed skin is slippery, and feels great to the touch. I want to touch her more.

「 Haku-kun sure loves hugging from behind. 」

「 Hmm? Really? 」

「 Yes. You’ve been hugging me from behind a lot. 」

Is that so? Recalling all the flirting we did so far, I touched Fuyou-san’s belly. Her belly’s lovely, it doesn’t have any excess fat.

「 Hmm! 」

What!? That was unconscious!

My hands were moving on their own, going to her thighs and the other to her breasts.

It can’t be helped, Fuyou-san looks not so amazed, turning her head around and tilting her head.

「 Want to have sex, Haku-kun? 」


My heart jumped out.

That passionate gaze and a sweet whisper of seduction at close range are foul! Ooooooh!

A wild beast peeks out of my face, but I summoned all the reason to restrain it.

It’s fine to have sex, but I want to enjoy something else.

「 No, not now 」

「 You won’t do it? 」

Fuyou-san’s dejected expression looks so lovely Kuh! Endure it! Me!

「 Fuyou-san 」

「 What? 」

I whispered into her ear.

「 Have you masturbated since then? 」


Her body reacted. Oh? Maybe…

「 I didn’t…. 」

As if! But denying it like that is also cute

So, does that mean that Fuyou-san only masturbates when her rationality’s knocked out by the energy drink?

Hmmm. I see. If so, let’s get her to masturbate now.

Today, I’m going to watch Fuyou-san do her first-time masturbation.

I use my knees to open her closed legs from both sides.

There was no resistance. Over the shoulder, I see Fuyou-san’s secret garden exposed. The black bush sways in the hot water.

「 Then should we do it? 」

「 Eeeh?! Now?! In here?! 」

「 Yes. Right here, right now 」

Uuu, Fuyou-san groans, but she loosened up her body.

「 What do I do? 」

Good! Fuyou-san’s also interested!

「 First, touch your breasts. Rub and tease your nipples. Masturbating is about making yourself feel good 」

「 O-Okay 」

I look over my shoulder to see her supple, and delicate hands wrap around her breasts, and rub them.

The hot water splashed around, creating a nice ripple.

Ooh, this beautiful lady is masturbating in front of me. She’s a little clumsy, but I could cum from this sight alone. It’s getting me off.

「 Hmm, nuu! I think I’m feeling good… 」

Her slender fingers pinched her pointy nipples.

I’ve played with her nipples a lot and even made them super sensitive with the energy drink. Her body’s developed, and imprinted the idea that playing with her nipples feels good

「 Ah, ah, naa! 」

Leaning her body against me, Fuyou-san got absorbed in masturbating.

I can’t hold back when seeing this lewd figure. I can’t just keep watching. Let’s give a new stimulus to accent the pleasure.

I stroke the sensitive side of her belly, pelvis, and her soft thighs.

「 Hyaa! Aah! Aah! Ngu!! 」

She’s leaking out sexy noises. Good voice.

「 Hmm, ah, ah, auu, hmm! Nuuu! 」

The beautiful woman convulses slightly.

Did she just cum? Was that reaction her climax?

「 Haa, haa, haa, I came 」

Fuyou-san stopped her hand and breathed heavily. Her eyes are melting in pleasure, and her skin is flushed pink. Are those droplets on her skin her sweat?

「 Could you touch here next? 」

「 Okay 」

I spread open Fuyou-san’s secret place. Half in a daze, she reached down to her crotch and touched her clitoris.

「 –Aaah?! 」

A sweet current must’ve run through her body as she just climaxed.

That’s the most sensitive spot for women.

「 How is it, do you feel good? 」

「 I-I feel good! 」

「 Try to find a way to touch yourself and make it feel better, okay? Imagine me touching you all the time 」

「 Okay. I’ll do that 」

At first, she was fearful, but she gets bolder as she continued to play with her clitoris.

The water splashes with the movement of her arms.

「 Ah, aah! Haku-kun! Haku-kun!! 」

「 I’m here with you 」

「 Haku-kuuun! Aaah! That feels good! 」

Fuyou-san’s so beautiful as she indulges in masturbation.

Now there’s a pretty and wet ear in front of my mouth. What’s there to do but lick it.

「 Aaah! D-Don’t, not my ears! Aah, ah!! 」

The pleasure’s amplified by the stimulation from another erogenous zone. It’s even more intensely disheveled.

「 Aah, aah, aahn! Aahn! Ah! Ah! 」

「 Do you want to feel more pleasure? 」

「 More?! More?! Haku-kun! Hyaan! 」

I groped her breasts and I pinched her cute stiff nipples gently. Then, I also put my fingers inside her pussy.


Inside her vagina is hotter and warmer than the water, and she clamps my fingers.

It had my penis inside so many times, and so her pussy’s remembered the shape. It’s exclusive to me.

If you count the times I had my dick inside her, it’s gone past 50 already. Just from the prize games, I already came inside her over ten times. Of course, she’ll grow familiar with my dick.

However, Fuyou-san’s pussy is still as tight as a virgin, which is surprising. It’s still in the middle of development.

The pleasure from her clitoris. The pleasure from Nipples. The pleasure from her ear. When her body’s in a state where she’s assaulted by pleasure, playing with her pussy plants the perception that her pussy feels good. Especially when rubbing the G-spot.

She’s become a captive of pleasure, becoming a woman who’s dyed in my color.

「 W-Wow! This feels good! Haku-kun!! 」

Fuyou-san’s moans won’t stop, and her back curved.

「 Ah, my head, my head’s turning white! I’m going crazy! 」

「 Are you about to cum!? 」

「 Yes! I’m cumming! It’s coming! Something’s coming! Ah, ah, ah! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming! 」

The rush of pleasure just before the climax must’ve hit her. Her hips are floating up.

「 Haku-kun! Haku-kun! Haku-kun! Cumming! Cumming! Aaaaaaah!! 」

Biku! Bikubiku!!

「 Aaaaaaaaa!!! Naaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Aaaaaaaaahmm!! Cumming! I’m cumming! Haku-kun! Stop moving!! 」

Sorry, sorry. I’ve been teasing her ears, nipples, and pussy even while she’s cumming.

I stopped my fingers, and after a while, Fuyou-san stopped trembling. Her body lost strength. She’s breathing roughly.

「 Haku-kun 」

「 What’s up? 」

「 Kiss me? 」

「 Gladly 」

I kissed her gently. I didn’t insert my tongue. But, we kept play-biting with each other, exchanging a passionate kisses.

「 Haa, that felt amazing. 」

That’s great. I’m happy that you’re becoming dyed in my color 」

「 Want to do it again? 」

M-Masturbating?! You want me to help you masturbate, Fuyou-san?

Of course! I’ll give you both my hands anytime!

「 Ah! 」

She felt my erect penis on her smooth bare skin. My dick never went down since we entered the bathroom. I want to ejaculate already.

「 Wanna have sex? 」

「 No, not sex 」

「 Then, want my hand? or my mouth? 」

「 Then, your breasts! 」

「 M-My breasts? 」

Paizuri. That’s one of the men’s fantasies. Fuyou-san’s got big breasts that she can give a paizuri.

I sat on the edge of the bathtub and spread my legs. I’m showing as much of my towering penis as possible.

「 Sandwich it between your breasts and move them up and down. 」

「 Sure…to think that this kind of move exists too. What a surprise 」

Fuyou-san never showed reluctance or rejection. So kind. She comes closer and sandwiched my dick in her tits.

「 Ooh!! 」

I’m moved. Her soft breasts wrap around my penis.

This is different from her pussy, hand, or mouth. My vocabulary collapsed and all I could come up with was “soft and pleasant”

Her beautiful skin is just freshly washed up with soap so it’s smooth and slippery no need for saliva or lotion to lubricate it. The hot water and her bare skin make it a tremendous slime.

「 So hard and hot. Hmm! Something like this, is this good? 」

「 Yes, like that. It’s so soft, and pleasant 」

「 One-two, one-two, one-two 」

What’s with that cheer-like shout every time you move.

This diligent woman’s serving admirably. The water flows from her nape to her collarbone. Her wet black hair. And the drops trickling down get sucked into her cleavage and disappear.

「 Do you feel good, Haku-kun? 」

「 Ah… 」

「 Kyaa! 」

I can’t help it if you look up at me while giving a paizuri. But, I’ve been so aroused to near my limit because of Fuyou-san’s masturbation so the paizuri pleasure and the destructive power of a beautiful woman’s upward glance broke me down so easily.

Dopyudopyu! Dopyudopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

My ejaculation came so early that even I was surprised. Uncontrollable pleasure spreads from inside my body.

My semen is released so vigorously from my penis that it splashed on Fuyou-san’s face.

Facial cumshot from a paizuri. That satisfied my dark domination greed and superiority complex.


I’ve come to my senses after a drop of my semen flows from Fuyou-san’s face to her chest, and down to the water.

「 S-Sorry! Fuyou-san! I was… 」

「 It’s hot. Also, don’t mind it. Still, ejaculations can get that much momentum 」

She scoops the semen that stuck to her.

「 I need to shower again. 」

Fuyou-san licks off the semen with her tongue, showing it off to me while giving a bewitching sexy smile.

Fuyou-san’s too-alluring figure got me erect, of course.

「 Hey, want to go at it again? 」

「 Y-Yeah. Let’s do it 」

I nod in agreement to her enticing and sweet temptation and she continued to pull out a few more rounds with her mouth and slender hand.


By the time we returned from the love-hotel space to the real world, the rain has stopped.

「 Thanks for today, Haku-kun. I had fun 」

「 Me too. Likewise, thank you, in various ways 」

We’re back at the meeting place where our date started. Fuyou-san had to return home quickly, so our date today is over.

I offered to take her home but she declined. She doesn’t seem to want me to see her home so I didn’t press further.

「 That’s the end of the date. Let’s see the sudden quest, oh?! 」

My hand moved involuntarily. Fuyou-san too, it seems.

Without a moment’s pause for surprise, 10,000 yen bills appeared on our palms raised to our chest. That’s 10 pieces. We got our 100K Yen reward.

「 Thanks for your patronage~ Just kidding 」

Fuyou-san shows a mischievous smile. So cute.

We put the money away in our wallets before people around us see it.

「 See you later Haku-kun. Bye-bye! 」

「 See you! 」

I stare at the beauty as she waves and walks away. Fuyou-san’s truly beautiful.

As she disappeared, I noticed that the men around me are giving me a terrible glare. Their envious glances are overflowing that they might curse me with just that.

「 I-I should go home 」

I erased my presence and hurry home to escape.

And that’s how our first date ended peacefully.



【 Level 1: Beginner AV Actor: Nakade Haku’s Personal Data: Analyzing 】

【 Analyzing…Analyzing…Analyzing 】

【 Analysis complete. Report; Current experience: 1 Person 】

【 Partner Name: Otometani Fuyou 】

【 Relationship: Mistress 】

【 Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating… 】

【 Sudden Quest Report: Partner Name: Otometani Fuyou 】

【 Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating… 】

【 Analyzing Past Data 】

【 Search Contents Parsing 】

【 Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating…Deliberating… 】

【 Personality and Behavioral Patterns Analysis 】

【 Predicting Future Actions… 】

【 Deliberating…Criticisms: Satisfied 】

【 Deliberating…Criticisms: Dissatisfied. Lacking in Experience 】

【 Deliberating…Criticisms: Satisfactory and Disappointing 】

【 Deliberating…Worry, stagnation, maintenance of status Quo 】

【 Comment: Content; generally satisfactory. Dissatisfaction; lack of experience. Worry: Stagnation, Maintaining Status Quo 】

【 Countermeasure Proposal: Temporary Interference Enhancement 】

【 Approved 】

【 Approved 】

【 Approved 】

【 Approved 】

【 Unanimous Approval. Level 1: Amateur AV ACtor: Nakade Haku will receive a temporary interference enhancement 】


The next day after the first date, Fuyou was in town again, visiting the clothing store in a shopping mall.

「 Onee-chan! Are you sure you’re buying this?! 」

「 Yes, pick whichever you like 」

「 But, are we okay with money? Recently, we’re getting lavish on our meals, right? 」

「 it’s because I’ve been gathering some money, see? Have some faith in your sister 」

I drop a light chop on Kasumi’s head as she’s being anxious.

I pat Kasumi’s head and her face no longer shows worry.

She’s only a year younger than me, but she’s unhappy with the child treatment she’s receiving from her big sister. I’m not a kid! She pouts in dissatisfaction.

「 I just got a bonus from my part-time job. I also got a raise. So, don’t worry about it 」

「 Really? 」

「 Really. I’ll buy a new PC for us too 」

「 I’d rather have my own phone instead 」

「 We have to talk to Mom about that 」

Kasumi began to make rounds of the store after saying “go convince her” Her eyes are sparkling.

As expected, she’s at the age where she wants fashion.

「 I’m glad I brought you here. It’s better to have the person decide instead of me 」

That’s what I learned to form the date yesterday. Since I have no knowledge of fashion, I just let my sister pick her clothes.

I look at my sister with gentle eyes, then glanced outside the store. Then…

「 That’s Haku-kun? 」

I found someone familiar.

What a coincidence, my heart skips a beat, and as I was wondering if I should speak to him, I see a woman close to him.

「 Who’s that? 」

A young girl. She’s about in her teens, no, she’s in her twenties. Her age should be around the university range. At least, she doesn’t look like anyone from our college. She might be from a different university. A cute girl who’s bright and energetic, who’s the opposite of herself.

They seem to get along. They bought some soft-serve ice cream from the nearby ice cream shop. The woman’s smiling, and Haku looks a little embarrassed but satisfied.

The two of them are sharing one ice cream. Happily pulling each other together, and even taking selfies.

「 Onee-chan! What about this one? Wait, what’s going on? Why are you making a scary face?! It’s almost like a wife who just saw her husband with a mistress. Is it tight on the budget? 」

「 What kind of face is that? No. It’s nothing. 」 Don’t mind it 」

I forced a smile and gave her an impression of Kasumi’s clothes.

“Onee-chan, pick one for me,” my sister urged me so I had no choice. I glanced back for a moment as we’re going around the store.

I knew it, Haku’s flirting with a beautiful girl there.

「 He had more fun than we had on our date yesterday, what’s with that? 」

Her heart prickled up for a moment.