AV App Chapter 17 Displeased Woman



Monday. The classrooms at the university after the weekend were frozen with cold air from the morning up to the present, which is lunch break.

When someone speaks, they whisper in hushed tones. The gazes were only for an instant. Trying not to irritate the ice empress who makes an attempt to hide her grumpiness-

The person responsible for freezing the room is Otometani Fuyou-san. The usual cool woman is being too cold that she brings in a blizzard.

So cold. Too cold. It’s freezing to the core.

The professors giving lectures also seem to have difficulty giving their classes.

「 Hey, Nakade. Why is she in a bad mood? Did you two have a fight? 」

One of my classmates asked me whisperingly. He’s whispering, but it echoes loudly in the classroom where silence prevails.

「 I-I have no idea… 」

I really have no idea why Fuyou-san’s in a bad mood.

Why is she mad at me? The date went well? We even chatted afterward, and I don’t think there was anything different.

Maybe something happened to her family yesterday, no, Fuyou-san’s not the kind of person who brings home problems to uni. She hides it.

So, what happened.

「 Speaking of which, Nakade-kun 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Was the date yesterday fun? 」

「 Huh? 」


Everyone in the room heard the frozen air cracking at that moment.

Hallucinating on the verge of freezing to death, stranded on a snowy mountain in a blizzard.

The only one who didn’t notice it is the guy who unknowingly stepped on a land mine.

「 I saw you yesterday. Nakade’s having a date with a college girl beauty. You two look so close. You even share a single ice cream cone 」

「 Hey! 」

「 Where did you find a beauty like her? She’s in college, right? Never saw her around. Which university she’s in? Introduce me to her friends. Hey, get me acquainted with her friends, aren’t we kindred spirits, right? 」

「 No. That’s 」

「 Oh wait, is Otometani-san in a bad mood because you were on a date with another beauty yesterday? 」

「 As I said… 」

「 You two say that you’re not in a relationship, but you were so close to Otometani-san? Are you two-timing? Must be! well, I’ll keep it a secret from Otometani-san 」

It’s too late for that. After all, your voice echoes throughout the entire room and the person you’re talking about is right in front of you

「 Nakade-kun? 」

「 Hyai?! 」

An emotionless ice empress looks down on us, wait, it’s just me.

What the hell, it’s scary. Too scary. I’m almost freezing to death here.

「 Lunch 」

「 Yes! 」

「 Take it 」

「 Yes! 」

「 I have something to do, so wait for me 」

「 Yes Ma’m! 」

My teeth are clattering.

I took the lunch box and salute Fuyou-san as she walks away. I’m trembling in fear here.

As soon as the Ice Empress left the room, everyone let out a collective sigh. The room regained its usual temperature. Then, everyone pressed me for answers.

「 Hey! Just what have you brought upon this world! 」

「 You made Otometani-san angry! That’s just too much! 」

「 Nakade! Die! 」

「 Two-timing?! Seriously! You’re dating an older beauty?! Introduce her to me! 」

「 It’s my first time seeing Fuyou-chan that angry! 」

「 So cruel 」

「 The worst 」

「 Two-timers should die 」

「 Mind telling us the details? Huh?! Spit it out you son of a bitch! 」

The first half is the boys, they’re still good. They’re accustomed to it.

However, the problem is the other half, the girls. They’re cold, and it’s breaking my heart. It hurts.

「 Nakade-chi 」

「 What? 」

Kuchi Leona pushed her way through the sea of students and went in front of me The energetic and smiling girl changed the mood.

She puts out the burning rage that’s shaking the place.

「 Weren’t you on a date with Shojo-chi the other day? I mean, you two were even feeding each other cake, right? Then, you went on a date with another girl yesterday?! Explain! 」


The gal swing her legs from her skirt, which was barely short enough, and dropped her heel on the desk, talking to me like a Yakuza.

「 Look, you see… 」

I can’t even tell her that her black-laced underwear is in full view. It’s not even a situation where I can tell her that it’s digging in that the shape is visible.

Besides, I thought we would pretend not to see each other the other day? Now you just exposed everything you saw.

She didn’t give me a way to escape. Everyone around me is an enemy. I have no allies.

Utsurogi-sensei, the classical teacher in high school called this situation a forsaken one. I finally understood him. What happened to history after this?

After hearing Kuchi-san, our classmates of course got even angrier.

「 You were on a date with Otometani-san the other day?! 」

「 Seriously?! A date with Otometani-san?! Seriously? 」

「 Nakade! Die! 」

「 Die! Die right now! 」

「 Capital Punishment! 」

「 Death! 」

「 Execution! 」

「 Wait, wait, wait! Everyone. Why don’t we crucify him here after we hear the details? 」

「 「 「 Approved! 」 」 」

They already decided that I’ll die.

「 So, who was it yesterday? 」

「 Nakade-chi?! No excuses allowed! I thought you two were a good couple! Get yourself together! If this goes on, Shojo-chi will fall out of love! 」

「 That’s… 」

「 Shojo-chi’s still receiving confessions from guys! 」

「 Hmm 」

I see. So the boys who had other business were off to confess to her. That’s hard on Fuyou-san who’s a beauty. It’s a surprise to me that college guys still do a middle and high-school-like confession

「 Hmm… Nakade-chi, are you not insecure that Shojo-chi’s getting chased on? 」

Kuchi-san’s angry, but her anger is meaningless.

Insecure? Why? Fuyou-san will just cut them off and come back.

I have faith in her.

As proof, she handed me her lunch box.

「 I’m back! What’s this situation? 」

「 Welcome back, Otometani-san. Well, a lot of things happened, I guess? 」

Fuyou-san returned two minutes later. She’s curious about the situation where I’m surrounded.

They made so much fuss, but now they’re quiet. There aren’t even whispers. They’re only looking at me coldly and silently as if I’ve become an enemy of their parents.

「 The business I took care of was a confession 」

「 Well yeah. I rejected them as usual 」

「 I see. Must be hard on you 」

「 I’m done with my business, let’s go, Nakade-kun 」

「 Sure 」

「 I’ll listen to what you have to say 」

「 …Got it 」

Nobody could resist the Ice Empress. I silently followed Fuyou-san under the gaze of my classmates.

We’ve come to the usual empty classroom.

I open the lunch box and begin eating. But…

「 「 ………… 」 」

The silence is painful. The mood’s about to break from awkwardness. What a terrible thing to see a beauty eating food indifferently in front of you. I see a blizzard behind her. I think it’s about to reach the ice age.

I’m sure that she was in a bad mood after finding out about yesterday from somewhere.

I want to explain. Let me defend. I’m the victim here!

But, my mouth doesn’t open even if I want to speak. I’m such a wuss.

「 —So, who was that girl yesterday 」

When her lunch was half-gone, she suddenly opened the topic.

That was too sudden that I couldn’t speak. I’m terrified of Fuyou-san who doesn’t even change her expression.

After finally looking up and staring at me, she asks;

「 Who was the girl yesterday 」

「 Oh, first, I want to hear, who did you hear that from? 」

Then, Fuyou-san looked away in a bad mood.

「 I saw it by chance yesterday. At the shopping mall. I was shopping with my sister 」

What a coincidence indeed. So, she saw that?

Fuyou may have done it right away since she wanted to buy clothes for her sister right after the date. Then, I was there too.

If we went on a date with such enthusiasm, and the next day, she saw me getting along with another woman, I guess that would make her angry.

Wait, is she? Is she jealous? Oh?

It’s inappropriate, but I find myself a little happy.

「 In short, Fuyou-san’s feeling displeasure because I was alone with another girl the next day I went on a date with you. Is that correct? 」

「 Ah, that’s not it 」

「 Woah 」

She said that with a straight face.

Huh, so what’s going on? I thought she was angry because she was jealous!

I don’t understand how women think. Just why is Fuyou-san displeased?

「 So, who was it? Did you have sex? 」

「 No! I didn’t! I’ve only done it with Fuyou-san! Even kissing! 」

「 Hmm? 」

She doesn’t trust me. Please, I’m begging you, have some faith in me!

Fuyou-san’s mood is about to reach absolute zero, then she suddenly lets out a deep sigh.

「 Aaah. Sorry. I’ve been a detestable woman for today. I vented out my anger on you 」

Fuyou-san slapped her cheeks. The cold air calmed down and she returned to the usual beauty.

The air in the room also felt warmer.

「 Okay, this is the usual me. Let’s switch moods!! Switch! 」

She’s switched to a different mood surprisingly. I’m speechless.

It’s going to be quicker to clear up the misunderstanding of Fuyou-san if she’s not too cold.

With that said, I took out my phone and showed an image.

「 It’s her, right? This is the woman Fuyou-san saw yesterday 」

「 Yes. That’s the person. She’s cute. Is she still in college? 」

On the screen is an image of me and a beautiful woman taking a selfie on my side with an intimate mood. The photo is from the shopping mall yesterday.

「 Is she your next target? 」

「 That’s not it 」

「 Who’s she? 」

「 Well…she’s my…you know 」

「 Sorry. I didn’t hear that. Can you say it again? 」

Ugh, do I really have to say it? I don’t want to

After ten seconds of hesitation, I couldn’t stand the look in Fuyou’s eyes and told her honestly.

「 She’s my step-aunt 」

「 Aunt?! Oh! Aunt! 」

After Fuyou-san figured it out, I showed her the next image.

「 Wait, huh?! Aunt?! Wait a second. Is she Haku-kun’s AUNT?! 」

「 That’s right. She’s my aunt. My mother’s sister 」

Ugh, that’s why I didn’t want to talk about it. This is just humiliating.

Yesterday, I had to shop with my aunt, Kaho-san, after getting told that she can’t carry her baggage. Kaho-san who loves her nieces and nephew was at the limit of her tension on her first date with me after a long while. She took me to places, shared ice cream, and even forced-fed me at another store.

You won’t think that an aunt would do something like that. That’s why I want to forget about yesterday.

Even after knowing her true nature, Fuyou-san still doesn’t believe it.

「 Haku-kun, are you sure? 」

「 Yeah. I’m sure of that. We’re not blood-related so we don’t look alike. She may look like she’s in her 20s but she’s 33 this year 」

「 33?! Huh?! She is?! Was yesterday April Fools?! 」

Have some faith in me, please. I’m not lying to you. My aunt just came from a good family that’s why she’s beautiful and youthful.

「 Well, I can tell what Fuyou-san wants to say. This is our family photo. She looks like Renge-neesan and Kaori, see? 」

「 Oh, you’re right. She’s almost a copy of your sisters. Then this one’s your mother? They look like sisters 」

「 That’s right. Aunt’s happy when she hears people say that 」

My aunt’s easy to please, just call her that she looks like a college student in their 20s.

「 Well… 」

「 My elder sister? She’s the eldest-looking among the bunch 」

In terms of age appearance, the order would be my little sister, Step-Mom, Aunt, and elder sister

Renge-neesan has the sexy look that makes it hard to believe that she’s only a year older than me in photos. In fact, it’s often that she’s mistaken for the eldest of the four.

「 Nee-san is conscious about it so let’s not touch that topic 」

「 Okay. That must be hard for her 」

Fuyou-san, who was in her usual, no, in her slightly better mood, continued stuffing her mouth with her lunch.

She’s returned to her normal mood. It’s almost like what I’ve felt so far was just a hallucination or a dream.

–In the end, why was Fuyou-san in bad temper?

「 That look on the face says that you’re wondering why was I in such a bad mood 」

「 W-Was that too obvious? 」

「 Want to ask? 」

「 Well, if you’re willing 」

If we’re going to continue our relationship for a long time, then we need to talk and deepen our understanding.

I’m scared of asking. But, I have to know. I want to see what Fuyou-san thinks.

Fuyou-san revealed her thoughts with a serious look.

「 You see. I was jealous. Of that woman…Of Haku-kun’s Aunt 」

「 But you’re not jealous that I was going out with another woman, is that correct? 」

「 Yes. I don’t really mind. I don’t even care if you have sex with them. 」 Rather, I want you to have a body relationship with other girls for the increase in the prize money we get in the game! 」

Fuyou-san’s beautiful eyes have become money symbols. She’s back to the usual.

「 What I’m jealous of is that Haku-kun seems to have so much fun on that date. You didn’t even make that smile when we were together the other day. She’s able to bring out a heartful smile in Haku-kun, one that I can’t bring out–that’s why I was jealous 」

I’m such a troublesome woman–she laughs self-depreciatingly

「 W-Well, that’s because I was absurdly nervous since it was my first date, and it was with Fuyou-san 」

「 Yes. That’s right! That was also my first date. I thought that it was a success. That’s why I got conceited. I thought that I’m the one who knows the most about Haku-kun–or so I thought 」

Fuyou-san mutters after a depressed sigh, saying -“But that can’t be”

I can’t find the lines to console Fuyou-san. What’s the right answer?

Apart from my family, I can assure you Fuyou-san that you’d know me best. That’s for sure.

「 I was watching Haku-kun and your Aunt yesterday, and I was upset with myself, thinking “I could’ve done that during our date, why did I not do it?” I got angry at myself, and I started blaming people around me. That was so childish. 」

No. Fuyou-san’s a splendid woman. I need to get it together.

「 I also had other thoughts. I thought that if Haku-kun got a lover, you’ll throw me away. Or maybe I’m just hindering Haku-kun’s love,. I’m a mistress. I’m satisfied with my current status, but at the same time, I want to be Haku-kun’s number one. I realize that I’m a woman too, even if I don’t want to 」

「 I… 」

–I’m fine if it’s just Fuyou-san. If you have to feel that way, then I’ll pick only Fuyou-san.

I was about to say that, but Fuyou-san stretched her index finger to stop me.

「 No, Haku-kun. You can’t do that. If you say that, I don’t know what will happen. It won’t end with just coercion. You can feel that, right? 」

「 Yeah. I feel it. 」

I feel that someone’s watching us from somewhere. Eyes from all directions, our bodies receive the warning that they’re watching us all the time.

I’m sure that I’ll receive some punishment if I say all the words I want to say. I can’t choose only one woman in the AV app. I need to have a body relationship with many women.

I have to entertain the beings who watch me.

「 Now that app is on your phone, you need to have a body relationship with other women. You can’t choose only one, they will make a move if you do. Our relationship is give-and-take through the app. Do you understand

Fuyou-san’s intense earnest gaze pierces me and I become speechless. All I could do is nod.

Then, she continued to speak.

「 Are those feelings real? If it’s pity, then I don’t need it. If you want to help out of pity, then help others 」

「 ………… 」

I can’t answer.

What are my feelings for Fuyou-san? Is it Familiarity? Love? Pity, just like what she says? I don’t know.

Besides, are these feelings mine? Maybe these are fake emotions from the perception change from the app? If I cancel my contract with Fuyou-san, will I lose these emotions?

She doesn’t want me to answer right now either.

I have to take my time to think about it and find the answer.

「 Haa, emotions are so hard to deal with. Watching ugly human emotions is also a past-time for the developers, right? 」

「 Maybe 」

We both sighed at the same time.

Fuyou-san pokes the side dish of her lunch box with her chopsticks and rests her chin on her hands.

「 Haku-kun. You need to look for a new woman. At least force her to participate in the prize game. I’ve mentioned this before, but they might even go as far as forcing you to have a relationship with a woman of their choosing. Don’t you think they’ll enjoy the situation where two people who don’t want to have sex get threatened to do so? 」

Yeah. I super think they will. The entertainment-hungry transcendent beings could do that.

It’s late to say this but the AV app developers have bad hobbies.

The lunch should’ve been tasty, but it didn’t have any taste.

I’m just relieved that I’m back with the usual Fuyou-san.


When I was about to go home after today’s lecture, I see the brown gyaru, Kuchi-san standing at the exit of the lecture building.

She must be waiting for someone, then she waved at me.

「 Hey, Nakade-chi 」

「 Hey 」

「 Oh, angry from the event earlier this lunch break? Sorry about that, I just didn’t think that you were having a date with your Aunt yesterday. Sorry, really 」

No, I’m not really angry. You even showed me something lovely.

Remembering that black lace underwear. That was sexy. It even revealed the shape of her secret place because it was digging in. I’m sure she’s still wearing that extreme underwear under her short skirt.

Kuchi-san followed me for some reason as we left the building.

「 Huh? I thought you were waiting for someone… 」

「 Hm? I was waiting for Nakade-chi 」

「 Why? 」

「 I wanted to talk to Nakade-chi. Shojo-chi went home immediately after class as usual 」

Fuyou-san’s got some housework to do. Good luck. I prayed from a distance.

Well, going home with Kuchi-san isn’t a bad idea. I had something I want to ask her right now.

I walk around, intimidated by the touch of this brown gyaru with a small personal space.

The fragrance from her voluptuous body is nice. She must be using perfume.

「 Kuchi-san 」

「 What? 」

「 I have something to ask 」

「 What is it? Is it about Shojo-chi? If it’s a love consultation then I’m well experienced so I got this! 」

Ooh, she took the bait surprisingly well.

Her face is too close. Kuchi-san’s got foreign blood in her veins, so she’s a different type of beauty than Fuyou-san, be careful. It’s bad for the heart to have someone’s expectant face appear so close.

「 Do foreigners often have sex even before dating? 」

「 What? Do you want to have sex with Shojo-chi before dating her? 」

「 No, not her! When I asked her about it, she said that it was lame. So I thought I’d ask Kuchi-san who had experience overseas 」

「 Oh! That was a surprise! I almost thought you were disrespecting me! Don’t speak in such a misleading way 」

She slapped me. That hurts.

「 Well, it’s common to go for sex before going into a relationship. Even if their personalities are compatible, it won’t last long if their bodies aren’t. It’s important to check your affinity, right? 」

「 Really? 」

「 It’s different in Japan. Wait. Huh? Did you already have sex with Shojo-chi?! Was the compatibility bad?! I mean, if you’re a virgin then it’s common to have bad technique! Don’t worry too much about it! 」

Now she’s just interjecting herself. Hey, it hurts. Stop slapping me.

「 Kuchi-san’s well experienced, right? 」

「 Me? Yeah 」

「 Can I ask how much experience you have? 」

I never heard of specific numbers so I’m genuinely curious.

You can’t ask normal girls that, but Kuchi-san’s a gyaru so she’ll just say it quickly.

「 Hmm? In my case, I’ve had ten boyfriends, and as for experience, I’ve done it with over ten and counting? I’ve done it so much that I lost count. Well, the highest record was 10 days in succession! So, what do you think? Am I well experienced? 」

「 Fearsomely so 」

「 Told you! But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to agree if you’re about to say that you want to have sex with me. I’m not a slut who opens her legs to anyone! I’d rather not have men think of my body as a landmark to put their sights on 」

For someone who said that he had sex with over ten men already, you’re contradicting yourself by saying that you’re not an easy woman.

「 Foreign countries are something… 」

「 Right. I thought so too 」

「 Kuchi-san’s agreement just makes me think that others are more amazing 」

「 W-Well yeah. It’s common for friends to fuck. Do you know how it feels that they report it to me?! “I felt good having sex with him, maybe I should start dating him, what do you think?!” Do you know how it feels to be asked that question? 」

「 S-Sorry. I don’t 」

「 Oh, Nakade-chi, sorry I got a bit carried away. 」

Kuchi-san also had a hard time. That was a cry from the bottom of her heart. Still, there’s some kind of twinkle in her eye. Well, it must be a coincidence. It must be the light just pranking.

「 Well, right. If I were to say something to Nakade-chi, I’d say that humans will always regret, so instead of regretting not taking action, just do it and regret it later! I guess? 」

「 Well, I haven’t consulted anything yet 」

「 Huh? Really? Don’t worry about the details! Life is meant to be enjoyed you know! 」

Seeing Kuchi-san’s cheerful smile made me feel a little lighter.

『 Humans will always regret, so instead of regretting not taking action, just do it and regret it later 』and 『 Life is meant to be enjoyed 』

「 If you’re on the wrong path in life and faced with a choice, then pick the one you’ll enjoy. That’s what my Grandpa and Grandma told me 」

Kuchi-san laughed cheerfully. Then, she pats my shoulder. 」

「 Go for it, enjoy your youth 」

We’re the same age–That’s what I want to say, but suddenly, Kuchi-san’s body shined white.

「 「 Huh? 」 」

I’ve seen this light before…

Oh right, it’s the same light when we’re teleported to the love hotel with the AV app.

But I haven’t done anything. Wait, did the AV app developers force us to teleport?

In the split second when we’re dazzled and blinded, we vanished from the real world.

When we opened our eyes, we were already in the love hotel space. It’s the familiar room.

As usual, out of nowhere, a machine voice of a woman comes.

【 Situation Special Release. Compulsory Quest: Novice Assistance Project 『 Teach Me about Sex 』 Begins 】

Freedom was taken away from my body as soon as the audio ended. I stood in front of Kuchi-san who was still stiff in surprise. Then.

「 Kuchi-san 」

「 Huh? Ah, yes? 」

「 –Teach me about sex! 」

My body moved on its own and I bent down on my knees.


【 Special Release 】

・Prize Game

>Lv0. Clear

>Lv1.Novice Assistance Project ←NEW!

【 Release Conditions 】

・Experience Count is over 10, but the experience Partner is 1