AV App Chapter 18 ♡ The Brown Gyaru’s Secret



「 Please teach me about sex! 」

My mouth and body moved on their own accord, I got down on my knees, and asked the experienced brown gyaru, Kuchi Leona, to do me a favor.

Dammit! Move, my body! Why are you begging like that?! This is insane! Move! Move! Move! App Devs! Let me go!

But, my body doesn’t move.

「 Nakade-chi, are you seriously saying that? 」

A trembling voice filled with burning rage rained above.

She’s angry. Kuchi-san is furious. I don’t even need to look at her face to know.

Well yeah. A friend of yours is on his knees, begging to teach him sex. She’s giving me a look of scorn.

I’m hearing the crack in the friendship between Kuchi-san and me.

What kind of face will she make tomorrow? They don’t erase memories you know.

Damn you AV app devs!

「 Anyway, lift your head 」

「 Okay! 」

Kuchi-san gave me the signal and I gained freedom.

But I remained kneeling on the floor from the guilt, even if I raised my head.

I’m really sorry, Kuchi-san. I got you involved.

「 Nakade-chi. Wait, when did this flip board come here? Huh? 」

She reads what’s written on the flip board, her eyes open wide, and her brown skin turned flushed. Her eyes swim around suspiciously.

I wonder what she read?

「 Let me see 」

「 …Okay 」

I checked the flip board and I found things far more than I expected.


【 Novice Support Project 】『 Please Teach me about Sex! 』

Nakade Haku’s an amateur sex actor who just graduated from virginity last month.

He’s only experienced it with one person!

Can you teach this poor guy with no technical skills to please a woman, who doesn’t understand women’s hearts, and who’s a sloppy premature ejaculator?

If this goes on, his partner will be dissatisfied.

We ask you, who’s well experienced.

Teach him about sex and give him confidence.

Of course, you will be rewarded.

【 Reward 】

・Sex, 300,000 Yen

【 Bonus 】

・50,000 yen for each intravaginal Ejaculation


If you use energy drinks, the rewards will be cut to 1/10.


The reward will be cut to 1/10 if we use the energy drink.

「 Who the hell do you call a “poor guy with no skills to please a woman, who doesn’t understand a woman’s heart and a sloppy premature ejaculator?” 」

「 It says Nakade-chi’s name 」

「 I know 」

Is this harassment?! App Devs! Do you guys have a grudge against me because I think that you have a bad personality and hobbies?”

「 Still… Nakade-chi’s a premature ejaculator 」

Oof. Kuchi-san’s pity gaze hurts. Furthermore, she’s just plain curious. It just hurts my heart unnecessarily.

Let me correct something, I’m not a premature ejaculator, just close to one! The “close” part is important.

「 Is it true that you just lost your virginity last month? 」

「 Well yeah. Something like that 」

「 Really?! Congrats! No really, Nakade-chi’s a splendid man now. You’re still a premature ejaculator though 」

「 Ugh 」

「 Ah, that reaction makes it serious. What is it? Did you cum just from putting it in? 」

「 ………… 」

「 Ah, don’t mind it! It happens often so don’t mind it Nakade-chi 」

I’m thankful for the kindness but it hurts. Aah, I’m tearing up.

I don’t even feel the pain from her slapping my back. My heart hurt more.

「 And so, only one person…does that mean, Shojo-chi? 」

Kuchi-san’s eyes are sparkling with belief.

It’s a little embarrassing being asked by a female friend like that. But I guess I don’t mind telling her.

「 As a matter of fact, yes 」

I nod lightly and then the brown gyaru squealed.

「 I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Shojo-chi’s becoming more beautiful than ever last month, and the two of you started getting along! So that’s it! You’ve done it! Nakade-chi! You two suit each other 」

Kuchi-san collapsed in the bed, flailing her hands and feet in happiness.

Why are you so happy?

You’re too defenseless that I can see inside your short skirt I’m still sitting on the floor. It’s the same black-laced underwear we saw during lunchtime.

Her thighs are voluptuous. This is a lovely sight.

「 So, Nakade-chi had sex with Shojo-chi, and you’re worried, so you asked me, who’s experienced in sex. The worst 」

「 Right. I think so too. That dogeza and begging was– 」

Suddenly, I got cut off. I’m opening my mouth but my voice doesn’t come out.

What the hell?! M-My voice…

「 Oh, yeah. Ai, ue, okaki, kukeko sashisuseso. Good, my voice is back 」

That was a surprise. I thought I was ill.

I think the AV app devs took my voice away. It’s because I was trying to say that I was controlled to get on my knees and beg.

I don’t know if the effect is temporary or permanent, but apparently, there are restrictions on what I can say.

Let’s test it out.

「 –!! 」

No voice.

I was trying to say “I don’t want to have sex with Kuchi-san”

As expected. I’m forbidden to say anything that would be detrimental to the situation that happens in a novice AV actor support project.

Kuchi-san’s perception may have been altered as well. She’s not surprised that she’s taken to this room and never brought it up. That’s clearly suspicious.

If we didn’t have sex here…No. I have a bad feeling about this one. My instincts tell me to stop it.

「 So this is the real “can’t leave this room unless you have sex.” Just like Fuyou-san worried 」

「 Nakade-chi? What’s wrong? 」

「 No, Nothing 」

I try to hide my unrest and act calm.

Please alter my perception too. Then, I could beg Kuchi-san to have sex with me without worrying about it.

No, this is why the devs left me like this intentionally. I need to have sex with Kuchi-san willingly.

To have sex while I’m still having an inner conflict, that’s a situation they’d enjoy.

However, I don’t like the idea of just going into their expectations.

Prepare yourself. Me! Don’t hesitate! Abandon your guilt over Fuyou-san for now.

If I ignore the warnings and refused to have sex with Kuchi-san, I feel like I’ll receive a tragic punishment. It’s not just me. Kuchi-san and Fuyou-san will be involved too.

And so, I have to persuade Kuchi-san.

「 Kuchi-san 」

「 What’s wrong, Nakade-chi 」

「 Please have sex with me! Please! Help me cure my premature ejaculation! 」

I threw my shame and internal conflict and knelt once more. I pressed my head on the floor.

「 You have to ask Shojo-chi for that. Not me 」

「 I’m too embarrassed to tell Fuyou-san! I’m asking Kuchi-san since you’re well experienced! Please! 」

「 R-Raise your head, Nakade-chi! I’m serious 」

「 Please! 」

Kuchi-san was confused and agitated. I feel it.

She might be weak to pressure. If I continue to push further, then this will go well

「 Please! I’m begging you! 」

「 ………… 」

I continued kneeling on the ground. Meanwhile, Kuchi-san’s silent.

I guess not. I was to change my persuasion method, but then I hear her sigh loudly.

「 Nakade-chi 」

「 Yes? 」

「 I get it. I lose to Nakade-chi’s sincere request. I’ll give you a hand on your premature ejaculation. Just keep it a secret from Shojo-chi, okay? 」

「 Really?! Thanks 」

「 Just so you know, this isn’t for Nakade-chi, but for Shojo-chi, okay?! I’m just sparing her from having a premature-ejaculation boyfriend! 」

「 Oofgh! 」

Can we stop talking about premature ejaculation? It just hurts every time you say it.

「 Does this room have a bath? I prefer to have a clean body before having sex 」

「 The bath’s over there 」

「 Thanks. Oh, if you try to peek or go in, I’ll kill you 」

I guess that’s a hard no. My instincts tell me that she has no desire to see me rush to the bath.

I see Kuchi-san off and now I’m alone, waiting. Of course, I didn’t peek. I didn’t want to die yet.

「 I’m done taking a bath 」

After twenty minutes, the bathrobe-clad gyaru returned and jumped into the bed in a good mood.

「 Hey, Nakade-chi! What’s that shampoo and body soap? My hair’s really glossy and my skin’s so smooth now! 」

Her front is bare…

I unconsciously looked at Kuchi-san’s breasts. Her moist brown skin is much more voluptuous than Fuyou-san’s. The cleavage is amazing.

Her eyes are moist and hot after taking a bath, and the sweet scent from her body makes me feel lightheaded.

Too sexy.

「 Nakade-chi! Are you listening?! 」

「 Oh, yeah. The shampoo and body soap right? Speaking of which, they’re quite effective, aren’t they? 」

Just the other day, Fuyou-san also used that shame body soap and shampoo when she took a bath. When I returned home, I got questioned by the family, especially Kaori. She mentioned that my skin and hair looked suspiciously good.

As expected from the bath prepared by the transcendent beings beyond human understanding. It’s so effective. Thanks to that, I had a hard time glossing it over.

「 Where do they sell this? I want it! 」

「 Don’t ask me, I don’t know either 」

「 Ugh, that’s unfortunate. Anyway, the bath is yours now 」

I thought for a moment that I didn’t have to go in, but I’m tired the whole day. I’m filthy with sweat

This is my first time having sex with Kuchi-san so I need to make sure that my body’s clean and well-prepared.

And with that said, I enjoyed the bath water Kuchi-san used and finished taking a bath shortly.

「 Let’s confirm 」

I inspect my whole body in front of the mirror.

Shaved! Hairstyle is good! Breath, good! Smell, good! Or so I thought.

How’s Kuchi-san waiting for me? As soon as I came back, maybe she’ll spread open her slit and then say “This place is already waiting for you. Nakade-chi, put it in? or something like that 」

「 Okay, let’s do this!! 」

I dashed in wearing my bathrobe, exuding nervousness and determination, I was ready for the battlefield.

「 Hmm,. ah! ah! This guy’s amazing! That feels good! That feels good! Aah, he’s stimulating the right spots! Cumming! I’m cumming! Nhiiiiii! That feels amazing!! 」

What’s this scene?! This is different from what I imagined! It’s even more intense!

I thought that she’d be ready and quietly wait for me, but the brown gyaru was on the bed, sticking her ass out, and a vibrator’s pumped in and out hard of her love-nectar-slathered pussy.

Her body’s spasming sexily and she screams loudly in pleasure.

Did she just squirt?

The brown gyaru’s masturbation was intensely sexy.

As I watch the spectacle in surprise, Kuchi-san’s body relaxed as if her climax just ended.

Her vibrator slips out, smeared with love nectar. It’s rolling over the bed, still vibrating.

It’s the type that grinds the tip.

「 This thing is amazing…ah 」

Her eyes in tears met mine after she climaxed. Kuchi-san got up in panic. She fixed up her bathrobe and underwear. Shen, raised her hand as if nothing happened.

「 H-Hey, Nakade-chi. 」 Y-Yahoo. You’re fast 」

Too late to hide the vibrator behind your back. I can still hear it.

I looked away, trying to look for what to say, but I unconsciously leaked out my thoughts.

「 T-That was lively masturbation 」

「 S-shut it! 」

「 Glad that you’re feeling good 」

「 You shut up! 」

「 Gofu! 」

Kuchi-san threw a pillow and it hit my face.

That was my fault. No tact at all. Sorry.

I got her angry with my statement.

「 You’re tactless! Nakade-chi! Ladies would hate that! I’m so hurt! 」

「 Sorry 」

「 A Japanese gentleman would turn a blind eye there 」

「 Yes, You’re right. Sorry 」

「 Don’t even tell Shojo-chi that! Be careful! 」

「 Yes. I’ll be careful 」

「 You really don’t get how ladies feel 」

I apologized so many times and got on the bed.

I smell a sweet scent. This is the scent of Kuchi-san’s sweat and loves nectar! The bed is soaked where she squirted. My male instincts are tickled by these dense female pheromones.

「 Well then, Nakade-chi. Let’s Begin your premature ejaculation training for Shojo-chi 」

「 Please take care of me, teacher 」

「 Fufun~ I got this! My disciple! Ah, my training’s going to be hard! Can you keep up? 」

When I called her “teacher” to flirt, she surprisingly liked it.

She slowly took off her bathrobe. She exposes her voluptuous, dynamite body, and her black underwear. This is sexy.

「 First of all, touch my body 」

She whispered smoothly, and that burned my reason.

I embraced her brown body and sniffed her nape. I filled my lungs with the scent of the body soap and her sweat.

I comb her back and slowly aim for her breasts.

「 Ooh! What’s this tension and elasticity?! 」

An overwhelming large mass doesn’t fit my hand. I thought my fingers would sink but they bounced back.

Wow! What the hell are these breasts?! They’re huge, and they look like they’re about to burst with milk.

These huge tits defy gravity with their tension and elasticity. The concept of dropping doesn’t even exist. That’s why it feels bigger than it is.

These breasts are a different type compared to Fuyou-san.

「 Oooh! Oooh! 」

Woah. So heavy. I tried lifting her underboobs and it’s so heavy. Tapun, tapun.

No wonder women get stiff shoulders, they’ve got something heavy hanging on their chest. Women have it hard.

「 Can I take off your bra now? 」

「 Go ahead 」

「 Then, I’ll do so 」

My hand went to her back and then, whoosh. I feel the weight of her breasts become heavier after all the support of the bra is gone.

This quarter-blood gyaru’s breasts were brown right up to her areola. Her light pink nipples look nice against her brown skin. That’s cute.

「 What do you think?! It’s huge, right? 」

「 Yeah. It’s huge. Do you always carry such heavyweights? 」

「 It’s absurdly heavy yeah! 」

Real feelings of anguish hide behind the smile. It’s heavy.

She lifted her breasts and show them bouncing on her hand. I can’t hold it anymore.

「 Nakade-chi?! Aaagh! Geez, this is why guys are… 」

I sucked on Kuchi-san’s nipples lustfully despite her shocked expression.

I suck noisily and lick her erect nipples. I also use my thumb and index finger to gently pinch them.

Men are creatures who can’t defy women’s breasts

「 Hmm, yes, like that. Looking good, Nakade-chi! You’re like a baby, so cute 」

Kuchi-san seems composed. She’s just smiling and her reaction is thin.

She might not be sensitive to her nipples, or my technique isn’t on par.

Perhaps the latter.

I attacked her a ton, but Kuchi-san has no sign of reaching climax.

As expected of this well-experienced gyaru. Her combat power is too high.

「 Let’s get Nakade-chi’s dick big 」

Her hand, with manicured nails, slithers over my erect penis on top of clothing. Her expert touch with the snap of the wrist would definitely finish me, a premature ejaculator off quickly.

「 Do you want to put it in?! I’m all ready for it 」

Well yeah. You were just masturbating that you even squirted earlier.

「 Should we? 」

「 Okay, this is also experience. You just need to increase it. 」

Kuchi-san stripped naked, not showing any sign of embarrassment. Then, she puts on a condom on my dick.

Oof. Her hand movement is so sexy. The way she strokes her hand is lewd.

「 Let’s start with the missionary position. You know where to put it, right? 」

「 If it’s that much 」

The brown gyaru’s pussy was brown to the very edge of her skin. Only the inside of her labia, just around her pussy, is a beautiful pink color.

You won’t think that she’s well experienced with this pussy. If she told me she was a virgin, she could convince me.

I rub my condom-covered dick into Kuchi-san’s dripping-wet pussy.

「 Nha~ Nakade-chi’s dick is going on! Oh shit! It’s bigger than I thought 」

So hot. Kuchi-san’s insides are so hot and soft. It’s not as narrow and tight as Fuyou-san, but it’s moderately tight, clearly showing that she’s accustomed to dicks. Surprisingly, it’s comfortably warm.

I’m having sex with Kuchi-san right now.

The second girl I had sex with is a quarter-blood brown gyaru.

「 T-This feels good… 」

「 Nakade-chi. Before you start your piston, you should wait a little while, that helps with your staying power 」

「 R-Right…but I want to move 」

「 Well, I guess you can move as much as you want for now? 」

「 T-Then I’ll do that! Kuh! 」

Nuchu, nuchu, it makes indecent sounds as I swing my hips to my desire.

I’m accustomed to missionary. I’ve done this so many times with Fuyou-san that I can move rhythmically and smoothly.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm~! You’re doing well Nakade-chi 」

「 T-Thanks 」

「 Just keep it up! Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm 」

We joined hands and entwined our fingers. Kuchi-san’s hands are soft and a little wet.

Guchu, guchu, nuchu, nuchu.

「 This is bad. I can’t stop my hips! Kuchi-san’s insides feel so good! 」

「 Ah, ah, ah, aahn~ I’m feeling good too! 」

Though she says that, she still can go on. I guess having experience makes it different.

Her pussy, which had been masturbating with an electric vibrator easily accepted my penis. Her fit is different.

The shape is so good that it exists to accommodate a penis.

Her vagina wriggles to wrap my penis and stimulate it.

「 Aha~ Nakade-chi sure loves breasts! 」

I squeezed her big tits, which were bouncing with each thrust.

It doesn’t just sway, it bounces. That’s a spectacle. Her huge breasts bouncing arouses me.

「 Your breasts shake so much! There’s no way I can resist touching them 」

「 Yes, yes. Touching both my breasts feel good too, right? 」

Her warm pussy wrapped my dick. Her warm breasts on my hand.

I can’t stand the sweet outburst of squeezing her breast while shaking my hips. My brain’s melting. Her soft pussy and bouncy breasts are addicting.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! Nakade-chi, you’re good at this! That feels good! Aahn, ahn, ahn~ You’re poking in so deep! You’re knocking on my womb 」

My glans make thrusts deep inside Kuchi-san. I stimulate her uterus, saying that he’s come to impregnate her.

Aah, I want to impregnate her. My instincts as a male want Kuchi-san to be pregnant. I can’t cum inside her since I’m wearing a condom, that’s unfortunate.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! Sex with Nakade-chi feels good! 」

Kuchi-san’s moans, which are starting to get mixed with sweet pleasure had me on the edge and I’m about to cum.

「 Nakade-chi?! Is it time for you to release your thick semen? 」

「 Yeah, it’s about to blow 」

「 Then, take a break 」

「 Huh? 」

Her legs entwined around my body in a “Daishuki” hold, and she forced me to stop my hips.

Y-You can’t do that, you’re leaving me unfinished. I want to cum.

「 Look, if you take a little break before cumming, you’ll take longer to ejaculate, right? While you’re not moving, you can go kiss the girl, caress her breasts, or touch her clitoris to gloss it over 」

「 Oh, I see! 」

「 There are also positions that make it longer to ejaculate. Nakade-chi, can you tell me what positions you’ve done it before? 」

「 Err, for now, just missionary, doggy style, and lotus, I think 」

「 Wow, you’ve done a lot already. Among those, lotus makes you last longer. Also, let’s see, let’s try out prone bone this time 」

Prone Bone? Let’s do that!

I pulled out my dick and then Kuchi-san slumped over with her legs slightly spread.

Her pink secret place is shining and reflecting the light with her love nectar.

Her skin’s brown even to the depths of her anus. For some reason, I’m impressed by her natural brown skin, since it’s not tanned.

「 Nakade-chi. Try it out 」

「 O-Okay 」

This is my first time in this position so it’s hard to put it in. It’s almost like I’m just piling myself on top of Kuchi-san.

「 Ah! It went in! Your huge dick 」

T-This is?!

「 What do you think? Prone Bone’s different, right? 」

「 It doesn’t feel like it’s going in deep, and the clamp is lighter 」

「 Nakade-chi?! What part of me has a light clamp? I won’t get angry, just say it 」

Kuchi-san who’s lying face down is glaring at me with a twitching face. Her eyes show flames of anger.

「 Hii, n-no, that’s not what I meant… 」

I feel like my crotch is losing its strength. That’s scary.

「 I’m just saying that it’s not as tight and oppressive as the other positions. It’s got a moderate stimulus

「 That’s what you should’ve said at first! That’s bad, Nakade-chi! I’ll forgive you, but you can’t tell Shojo-chi that, it’s tactless. Okay?! You’re getting me worried now 」

I won’t say it, I think. I shouldn’t…

「 Geez, anyway, start moving 」

「 Okay 」

It was my first time in this position so I slowly moved my hips.

Prone bone. This position is meant to stimulate the entrance by inserting the penis shallow rather than deep inside. I can feel my dick rubbing the walls of Kuchi-san’s vagina.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm~! Yes, like that. You’re doing well 」

「 Really? 」

「 I think you have talent in sex. Hmm, hmm, hmm~ 」

「 Hearing that makes me happy 」

「 Hmm, hmm, hm~ Aah~ Aah~ Aaah~! 」

Oh? Kuchi-san’s tone changed. It’s much more sexy and lustrous.

So this is good. I thrust my penis, and I soon hear her voice.

「 Aaahn~ Nakade-chi! Not there! 」

「 W-Where?! 」

「 Here! I like it when you rub it there 」

「 Here? 」

「 Not there! 」

Kuchi-san, who was lying down, raised her hips slightly as if making thrusts with them. She’s looking for the good spots where it feels good. The brown gyaru’s moans are sweet.

「 Ah~! Aaah! There! That part! 」

I see. So it’s here! That’s a bit more shallow than I thought.

I focused on the area near the entrance and rub it.

「 Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! That feels good! Nakade-chi! 」

Kuchi-san’s clear moans weren’t an act.

The pressure of her vagina isn’t as tight. But, rubbing the glans and the prepuce against her vagina is pleasant.

Her vagina folds still goes through the condom and it makes me shiver. And also, this place…

「 Kuchi-san 」

「 Aahn~ What?! Nakade-chi 」

「 This place is… 」

「 Yes, that’s right! It’s my G-Spot ♡ 」

The sweet mischievous tone made my blood boil. It’s arousing me further.

「 Kuchi-san! 」

「 Nakade-chan! Hold it a little longer, I’m about to cum too! 」

「 O-Okay 」

I slammed down my hips hard, following my pleasure

It seems like Kuchi-san’s G-spot is her weakness. The reaction is clearly different from when I was playing with her nipples or doing it in missionary.

Kuchi-san in pleasure is charming.

「 Ahn~ Ahn~ Ahn~ Coming! I’m gonna cum! 」

Suddenly, she’s speaking in English. So that’s what it sounds like! Kuchi-san’s a quarter foreigner, and that sounded like Western Porn.

The stimulation in my glans makes my penis get hotter, harder, thicker, and larger. To match that, Kuchi-san’s moans are growing louder.

「 Ahn, ahn! Ahn! Aaaah!! 」

「 K-Kuchi-san! I-I’m about to cum!! I can’t hold it anymore 」

「 Hmm, Nnnuu~~ Aaaaah! I’m cumming!!! 」

Kuchi-san’s back bends like a bow as she screams.

「 Cumming!! 」

「 Aaaaaaaaa!!! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!! This is amazing!!!! 」

Biku, bikubiku, bikun…

Her charming brown body twitches in pleasure. Her voluptuous ass is shaking sexily.

I hear the sound of water gushing out from her crotch. Seems like stimulating her G-spot made her squirt.

My penis slips out while making an indecent wet sound. The condom is filled with so much semen.

「 Haa, Nakade-chi~ That felt amazing. 」

Kuchi-san plopped on the bed, soaking in the afterglow of sex, still looking composed. But, her face is melting in pleasure. I knew that I satisfied her.

「 It felt good for me too. Thanks to you, I lasted longer than usual 」

「 I’m happy to be a good use 」

I lie down next to Kuchi-san and embraced her voluptuous body. She didn’t reject. Her skin’s so fleshy and plump.

「 Ishishi. You even held until I climaxed, here’s a reward. Chu 」

A light kiss on the lips. This is my first kiss with her.

Who would’ve thought that we’d have sex before kissing? That reward made me happy.

「 Phew. You had sex with me… Did that give you confidence? 」

「 Well, a bit? 」

「 A bit? 」

「 Kuchi-san, could you teach me more about sex if you don’t mind 」

I already blurted it out before I noticed it. A prickle of guilt for pretending to forget Fuyou-san pierced my heart.

「 I wonder. Well, that depends on my mood 」

Right. It depends on her mood. She’s not saying “just for today,” so there’s a chance.

What’s left is for us to embrace each other in pillow talk until we both recover our strength. We kissed occasionally but we were done having sex.

「 Hey, Nakade-chi, I want this 」

Kuchi-san shyly holds on to the thick electric vibrator she used to masturbate earlier. She glanced lustfully at the other adult toys, like the rotor placed on the floor.

「 I don’t think you can 」

「 Eeh?! This thing is really good! That was my first time feeling like that! It hits me where it feels good! It’s so thick, and hard, I think it’s fate that I met this! 」

This girl’s begging for an electric vibrator after sex. Hahaha. My heart’s sweating and it’s spilling out of my eyes.

My dick lost to a vibrator.

「 Ah, don’t feel down Nakade-chi! Your dick felt as good as this one! It’s even better than my boyfriend! It’s addictive, and I’m jealous of Shojo-chi 」

「 Wait. Boyfriend? Kuchi-san has a boyfriend? Did you agree to have sex with me despite having a boyfriend? 」

「 Eh? Ah, oh. Ahaha, well… 」

Kuchi-san’s eyes swim around, trying to hide her face with the nearby flip board. That reaction just affirms it.

Seriously? I just had sex with a woman who had a boyfriend. I guess so. Kuchi-san’s a beauty, and she’s well experienced, so she’d have one…or two…

Though she’s forced, it doesn’t sit right with me to have sex with a woman who has a boyfriend.

Kuchi-san makes excuses since I’m shaking.

「 N-No! Nakade-chi! I didn’t have a boyfriend! You’re misunderstanding it! 」

「 But, you say “Karepii,” What does that mean then? 」

「 Right, since I found out that Nakade-chi’s premature ejaculation, I’m going to tell you my secret too 」

Kuchi-san, the brown gyaru, confesses while twirling her index fingers like an embarrassed girl.

「 The truth is, I was a virgin. I never had a boyfriend before 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I’ve had a lot of experience masturbating with toys, and it’s actually my first time having sex after doing it with Nakade-chi! That’s why I usually call my vibrators my boyfriends or “Karepii” 」

「 Huh? What?! Huh! 」

What a shocking confession. This brown gyaru who seem composed in sex was actually a virgin, with no experience with men.

Is it April Fools today?

However, that embarrassed look of hers says that she’s not lying.

Kuchi-san was a virgin? Seriously?

Seems like she’s telling the truth. The flip board she used to hide her face says this.


【 Reward 】

・Sex…300,000 Yen ←Clear!

【 Secret Bonus! 】

・First time Virgin – Double Prize

『 Kuchi Leona’s receiving 600,000 Yen 』


It says “Virgin Bonus”

Hahaha, Kuchi-san’s really a virgin. Then, there’s no reward for me, who’s in the novice assistance project.

Stunned by the revelation, our bodies started to glow white.

「 「 Huh? 」 」

It’s the light that says we’re leaving the space. We’re forced back to the real world, just as we’re forced in there.

It’s too dazzling to keep our eyes open, but when we opened them, I was on the way home, in the same spot before we were taken away to the love hotel space. The time hadn’t moved it seems.

「 Huh? What was I? 」

Kuchi-san was dumbfounded for a moment, then she came to her senses, grinned, and slapped my back. Then, she suddenly whispered to my ears.

「 I’ll stay quiet about Shojo-chi and Nakade-chi being a premature ejaculator, but in exchange, you keep quiet about my secret too! If you don’t spill the beans, then I’ll teach you more about sex with my whole body! I have a lot of knowledge of masturbation 」

Kuchi-san suddenly takes distance and flips her skirt. It’s close to exposing her underwear.

「 See you! Darling~ 」

The brown gyaru threw a kiss at me with a smile and turned to the corner and left in high spirits.

Meanwhile, I’m just staring at the corner Kuchi-san had disappeared.

「 Right, Kuchi-san’s a virgin bitch…. 」

I stood in shock for a while.