AV App Chapter 19 Flower in Both Hands



「 Fwuaah, I’m going…. 」

I’m yawning hard as I leave the entrance, I hear footsteps pattering and my aunt, Kaho-san came rushing in from the kitchen.

Kaho-san will always see us off unless there’s something wrong.

「 I made it in time! Haku-chan! Take care!! 」

「 Wait, wait! I’m going too! 」

This time, my sister comes running from the back of the house, slamming into me, grabbing my clothes for support as she puts on her shoes.

We’re arriving at school later than usual. Her hair’s tied up in a simple knot. It’s rare for Kaori to oversleep.

By the way, Renge-neesan already left.

「 Phew. I made it in time 」

「 Kaori’s going with me? 」

「 We’ve got the same destination anyway 」

「 Oh well 」

「 Kaho-chan, we’re going now 」

「 Haku-chan. Kaori-chan 」 Take care!! 」

「 「 We’re off 」 」

After receiving a grand and passionate kiss from my aunt who can’t let go of the children, Kaori and I walked out of the front door.

Walking alongside my step-sister. This is a little embarrassing.

「 Haku 」

「 What? 」

「 You changed recently 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yep. You’ve changed. For the better 」

「 I see 」

If it’s for the better, then I’m glad that I am.

Thanks to that AV app, I’ve climbed the stair of adulthood with Fuyou-san. I can’t think of anything else.

「 They say that if you don’t see a guy for three days, they’ll play around so be careful 」

「 But we see each other every day 」

「 Right. Oh yeah 」

We see each other’s faces every day. We’re family.

Kaori mentioned that I’m changing for the better, but am I really getting better? I just had sex with Kuchi Leona-san yesterday, even if it was forced.

I thought that she was a well-experienced gyaru, but the truth is she’s a virgin bitch who never even kissed anyone. To think that I was at the mercy of someone inexperienced from start to finish.

I can’t help but say that there’s no helping it. I mean, Kuchi-san’s body is just too voluptuous, fleshy, and glamorous.

No man could resist her. She could smash up your reason. Even remembering it now almost got me erect.

I would be classified as a scumbag for having sex with a female friend who I’m not even dating.

Wait, besides, I’m already having that kind of relationship with Fuyou-san.

「 You don’t have to furrow your eyebrows that much. Do you have some worries? 」

「 Well yeah, some 」

「 Want to talk it out? 」

I can’t. There’s no way I can.

If I tell my sister about how to deal with the guilt of having sex with two of my female friends, it’ll destroy our family ties. Her eyes of scorn will glare at me for the rest of our lives.

I look away from my sister’s pure eyes and saw a parent and child waiting for the kindergarten bus. The little girl noticed me and waved her hand.

「 Aah! Onii-chan! Good Morning! 」

「 Good Morning. You’re so lively even today! High-five! 」

「 Five! 」

Clap. The kid’s lively today as well.

That heals me. It blows my drowsiness away. What a refresher. This is great.

After greeting the kid while squatting, I greeted her mother too.

「 Good Morning 」

「 Yes, Good Morning 」

She still has the same fleeting smile. I think the shadows in her eyes are getting worse. She’s wearing the same worn-out underwear and long-sleeved innerwear. She’s not wearing a bra either today. Her nipples are showing off.

She could’ve put on a bit more on her appearance.

「 Onee-chan, good morning too! 」

「 Yeah! Good Morning! So cute! 」

Kaori pats the head of the kid with a fawning voice. It’s my first time seeing my sister like that. She must be fond of children.

Oh well, I can understand her. This kid is cute.

「 Hey, Rin. Try telling what you’ve been practicing to Onii-chan 」

「 Okay! 」

Her mother urged, and the young girl looked up at me.

「 I’m Shigawa Rin. Onii-chan, what’s your name? 」

「 I see, so it’s Rin-chan. Onii-chan’s name is Nakade Haku 」

「 N-Naka… 」

「 Nakade Haku 」

「 Okay, got it Onii-chan! 」

「 Yes, that’s okay too. Just call me Onii-chan. Nice to meet you Rin-chan 」

「 Nice to meet you too! 」

What a polite girl. I’m touched that she even bowed.

S-So cute! I want her to be my daughter!

「 Rin-chan, Rin-chan. I’m Kaori 」

「 Kaori-oneechan 」

「 Yes, that’s right. Good girl 」

Kuh! Why did she remember Kaori’s name yet she can’t even call me by my name. Haku’s just as easy to say as Kaori, Mine’s two syllables.

I’m burning with jealousy, but…

「 Nfu! 」

Kaori gave me a smug look of superiority.

Damn! You’re getting me angry.

「 Sorry. My daughter’s… 」

「 No, don’t mind it! Oh right, I did introduce myself to Rin-chan but still, the name’s Nakade Haku 」

「 Shigawa, you write it with the kanji of purple and river, but you read it as Shigawa. My daughter’s Rin, and I’m Sumire. Thank you for greeting my kid every morning. She’s looking forward to something every day now 」

「 I see. That’s great 」

So Rin-chan’s looking forward to it every day. I also look forward to passing this way every morning. I haven’t overslept since I met Rin.

It must be the effect of a juvenile refresh!

Oops. I can’t just heal myself with Rin-chan forever, I’ll be late for class. I feel reluctant, but I have to go now.

「 Rin, say goodbye to Onii-chan and Onee-chan, okay? 」

「 Okay! Onii-chan! Onee-chan! Take care! 」

「 「 We’re off 」 」

The parent and child waved us off and then Kaori and I resumed our walk to the university.

Man, she’s so cute today too. This will help me go through the day.

Rin-chan and Sumire-san. If Rin-chan was that cute, then Sumire-san must be beautiful back then. There are still fragments of her beauty at the edge of her fleeting smile.

She’s got huge breasts too, albeit sagging. It’s a precious sight to see her nipples because she’s not wearing a bra.

「 Haku, are you a lolicon? 」

「 Hey. Now you wait a second. How did you reach that kind of conclusion? 」

My sister. Why are you giving your brother that suspicious look? I’m a lolicon? No, I prefer ordinary women. I’m not a lolicon. Rather, I’m interested in her mother, Sumire-san.

「 I mean, you were fawning on Rin-chan 」

「 Weren’t you doing the same? I see that Kaori’s fond of children 」

「 Is there anything wrong with it? 」

「 No, not at all. I think it’s good 」

「 Yes. Children are cute. I want a child too— 」

Since I’m your brother, that’s fine, but don’t say that in front of another man with that look on your face, okay? Stupid men would misunderstand and get carried away. Especially since Kaori’s a beauty.

「 How many do you want in the future? 」

「 Hm? I guess three? There are three of us after all. I like it to be lively 」

Right. We sure are lively.

They say that wherever women gather, it’s noisy. And it’s right. Aunt Kaho-san stays with us every day, so now there are three women in the house and I’m the only man. Thanks to that, it’s a little narrow for me. However, it’s fun to see the ladies have a good time.

I also might want about three kids I guess.

「 Kaori, is there anyone you’re interested in? 」

「 Why do I need to have a love talk with my brother? Well, none of the moment 」

「 Right 」

「 Why are you satisfied with that?! 」

Don’t glare at me. Don’t slap me. It hurts.

「 If there’s a guy you like, then you won’t be wandering around the house with such light clothing 」

「 Huh? I’m free to do whatever I want in the house, it doesn’t matter if I have someone I like or not 」

「 I mean, most of the guys in uni don’t imagine Kaori walking around in her underwear 」

「 Haku, disgusting 」

「 Why?! 」

「 Your ideas are weird 」

Gununu. I was just being honest.

It’s not just the guys, Kaori’s female friends must also be thinking that Kaori’s a beautiful woman, so she must be wearing cute fluffy clothes even in her daily life.

However, the truth is she’s just wearing underwear most of the time, reading manga and light novels in her brother’s room. That’s the truth.

「 Kaori’s popular, right? 」

「 Yes. Somewhat 」

「 I pray for the guys who fell for you. Their ideals are so far from reality 」

「 Hey! What do you mean by that! 」

Just as my annoyed sister jumped at me and we siblings started messing around…

「 Kaori, morning 」

One of the female students waved her hand and greeted her.

It’s a woman with eyes you could associate with a small animal, and brown hair, no, it’s mostly chestnut-colored on a bob-cut style. She must’ve dyed it. Is her natural hair light?

Next to her hair, your eyes get naturally drawn to her huge ass. Her fleshy ass sticks out even through her clothes. That ass alone could rival those of the gravure idols. That ass is soft and sexy.

Seeing the girl come near, Kaori stopped moving. She moved like a rusted mechanical doll, looking back at the friend who called at her.

「 S-Suisen? 」

「 Good Morning. Oh, sorry. Was I in the way? Is he your boyfriend

「 N-No, he’s not! 」

Kaori shook not just her head but also her hands as she denies it in panic. It’s rare for her to be this agitated. Kaori’s face looks pale, saying that she didn’t expect this, but I thought she walked with me to school, ready to meet her friends.

Feeling awkward for being a disturbance, Kaori’s friend made a conclusion while dropping her fist to her other hand.

「 Oh, I see! So this is the “Nii-san senpai” that Kaori often talks about! 」

「 Nii-san senpai? 」

「 Hey! Suisen! 」

「 Nice to meet you Nii-san senpai, I’m Yumejiri Suisen! I’m Kaori’s best friend! 」

「 Nakade Haku. So, what’s this “Nii-san senpai” thing about? 」

She says that Kaori often talks about it but I don’t get it. All I could guess is that Kaori means I’m her brother, and also senior. Still “Nii-san?”

「 Listen to this Nii-san senpai?! Kaori’s always bringing up “Nii-san, Nii-san” every time we talk 」

「 Shut it Suisen! 」

「 Moga mogaa!! 」

「 We’re leaving 」

Kaori covered her best friend’s mouth so vigorously that you could hear a slap, then, her other hand goes to the neck and she dragged her away forcefully.

Hey. Yumejiri-san, was it? Her neck’s clamped hard.

「 Haku! Don’t follow me 」

「 We’re still heading to the same place 」

「 Then walk from a distance 」

「 I mean, we’re already in the uni 」

The attention is on our noisy commute to school. Even if Kaori’s a beauty and she attracts attention, it’s just too much if she’s shouting loudly and dragging her friend.

Furthermore, Kaori’s face, even her ears, and neck are flushed red, as if she’s trying to run away from me.

Now the students are sending me a cold gaze. They’re misunderstanding something here. They’ll think that I was throwing dirty jokes and sexually harassing her.

Ugh. My stomach hurts.

「 Kaori 」

「 What?! Ignore what Suisen told you 」

「 No, you’re choking her. You should let her go 」

「 Oh 」

She just noticed that her friend is already tapping her arm. She hurriedly released her and Yumejiri was coughing, gasping for air.

「 Nii-san senpai, you saved me 」

「 Don’t mind it 」

「 Ahaha, sorry about that Suisen. I mean, it’s your fault for saying something weird 」

「 Weird? I’m just telling the truth. You usually talk about your broth- 」

「 Okay, shut your mouth again 」

「 Mogamoga! 」

「 Why are we having a repeat of the event of earlier? We’re blocking traffic already so calm down you two 」

「 「 Okay 」 」

I grabbed the two college girls by the neck and stopped messing with each other. The two of them obediently backed off. It’s as if they’re kittens held in the nape.

We went to college together. Then, I see the cool and fashionable brown gyaru walking to the lecture hall.

Kuchi-san’s the first to notice, waving her hand furiously.

「 Morn! Nakade-chi! Woah, you’ve got two flowers in your hand!! Shojo-chi, what do you do! You’re in trouble! He’s already brewing a drama right in the morning! It’s a Japanese “Shuraba” 」

「 Calm down, Leona-san 」

「 Why are you so calm Shojo-chi?! You know what, we should stick together and give Nakade-chi flowers in his feet too 」

「 There’s no such idiom. Calm down 」

Kuchi-san’s shaking and agitated, attacking my sister and her friend I’m holding by their napes.

「 Hello, nice to meet you. I’m his sister, Nakade Kaori 」

「 And her friend 」

「 N-Nakade-chi’s s-sister?! Sister’s friend? 」

It’s okay to be surprised about my sister, but why are you even surprised about her friend?

「 Are you serious? 」

「 Really, for sure 」

Kuchi-san compared me to Kaori, and she seem convinced about something.

「 Oh! It must be a joke! is it April Fools? 」

「 No! Also, April Fools has passed already! Kaori’s my sister! Well, not by blood 」

「 Hahahaha! You’re good at jokes, Nakade-chi 」

「 I’m not even joking 」

Why is it that nobody believes in me? Is it really that unbelievable that I have a step-sister who’s this beautiful?

I mean, if I was in that position, I would doubt it too. I’d ask “What’s this, an Eroge?” Kaori’s a beauty who breaks the rules if you don’t know what’s inside.

But well, two beauties are equal or even better.

「 Hello. I’m Nakade-kun’s classmate in the same department, Otometani Fuyou 」

「 I know! I’ve always wanted to talk to Otometani-senpai at least once! 」

Oops. If it’s Kuchi-san, she’ll just cause even more trouble.

Kaori seems to be interested in Fuyou-san. I’ll have to pull her away before she starts talking about anything weird, my step-sister is bound to tell Fuyou-san all sorts of things.

「 Hey, hurry and go to your classroom. You don’t have time to talk for long 」

「 Hey, Haku! Don’t get in the way 」

「 Yumejiri-san. Take my sister away 」

「 Oh, Okay. I got this. Let’s go Kaori. 」 We need to get into our room now or I’m going to slip out all your secrets 」

「 Kuh! Otometani-senpai, let’s have a chat next time 」

「 Yes. Next time 」

Kaori’s best friend threatened her, and so she reluctantly complied. Tell me some of Kaori’s weaknesses next time.

Phew. It ended with just introductions this time. But, I don’t know what will happen next time.

I just pray in my head that the next time won’t come.