AV App Chapter 20 ♡ After Class Lesson



I think women are scary.

They have sharp intuition, and they pretend to be friendly on the surface, but they talk behind their backs horrifyingly.

I might be slightly prejudiced but now I’m realizing my fear of women.

「 –Don’t you think so, Shojo-chi? 」

「 Indeed, I think so too 」

「 Right?! 」

During the break between lectures, Fuyou-san and Kuchi-san are chatting happily. They’re doing it right where I was sitting.

I’m feeling awkward. Too awkward. I pretend to be asleep on my desk.

I had sex with both of them. One’s my mistress I had sex with so many times, and I just had sex with the other one yesterday. So the awkwardness just goes up.

Kuchi-san’s amazing. Even though she knows that Fuyou-san and I have a physical relationship, her attitude when dealing with Fuyou-san is still as usual. She acts like yesterday didn’t happen.

How can she talk to Fuyou-san normally? I bet I’d be acting suspiciously. In fact, it’s too bad that I can’t even express how bad I feel inside. I’m in trouble.

Women are scary.

Maybe it’s because of the AV app?

「 And so… 」

I feel Kuchi-san who’s talking sit down on the desk I was sleeping on.

I glanced and saw the gyaru’s sexy ass in front of me. There’s even a fluffy and flowery scent wafting from it.

It’s wonderful.

I was meditating on the shape of her ass and the slight crack I can see through her tight skirt, then I closed my eyes and secretly enjoyed the scent.

–Tsun, tsun, tsun…

Someone’s poking my arm.

I ignored it, thinking that it was just an accident, but then I feel them poking over and over.

It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence anymore, it’s on purpose.

I opened my eyes thinly and saw a hand casually placed behind me.

Her beautiful brown hands and well-maintained nails down to the tip. Kuchi-san’s the one poking.

–Kui, kui.

She’s moving her fingers in a small motion, desperately making an appeal

I wonder what she was trying to tell me, and what came into my sight is a small piece of paper between my fingers.

-Kui, kui, kui!

Seems like the paper is addressed to me.

I took it, and even when she’s appealing, Kuchi-san’s still talking to Fuyou-san. She put her hand behind her back like it’s natural, and it doesn’t look weird at the front. In fact, this angle isn’t visible to Fuyou-san at all.

With Kuchi-san in front of me, she doesn’t notice anything at all. Kuchi-san’s skilled moves make me shudder.

Women are scary.

However, a secret note for me. She must’ve written something.

I took the paper, making sure that Fuyou-san doesn’t notice, and continued to pretend to be asleep while hiding it with my hand.

–I didn’t learn the contents of the paper until the next break.

「 Let’s see what this was 」

After the lecture, I locked myself in a private bathroom to be alone, took the piece of paper I received from Kuchi-san, and checked its contents.

I see Kuchi-san wrote her phone number and social media IDs with handwriting so beautiful that it could almost be calligraphy.

「 So people still communicate like this nowadays…Usually, you just register each other through QR 」

I feel like I’m exchanging letters behind the teacher’s back during middle and high school I get a little excited about the old exchange. I’ve done it a few times before.

I appreciate getting her contact info. Speaking of which, we hadn’t exchanged contact information even though we had been in the same department for a year. Now I can consult with her anytime without a problem.

I registered her name. I added the brown gyaru’s contact to my phone.

「 I should send a hello at least…Woah! She’s fast at replying. 」

『 Take care of me!~ Darling ♡ 』

“Who’s your darling!” almost shouted but I held my mouth in a hurry.

That was close. I almost let out a weird voice inside the men’s restroom.

Don’t joke like that.

『 I’m looking forward to tonight 』

That’s a third-party line. Kuchi-san, you’re a related party, so you shouldn’t say that. Even so, it’s evening, not night.

Sure, I had fun yesterday. Her voluptuous body is wonderful. Her amazingly elastic and big breasts. Her pink and sharp nipples. Her vagina’s tender all the way inside. Her tight ass. And she even squirts hard from masturbating with a vibrator.

That was amazing.

I received one message after another while remembering my sex with Kuchi-san.

『 Let’s do it after school today 』

『 Go to the third floor, the backmost room 』

『 I’ll be giving you lessons after school 』

『 Be sure to attend 』

『 You know 』

『 I’m in the mood today… 』

I-In the mood?! Do you mean in the mood for sex? Like, after yesterday, you’re still in the mood now?

I can’t imagine anything else. That said, this is an invitation from Kuchi-san.

An after-school lesson sounds nice.

『 If you don’t want, then you can also refuse 』

I’m going. I’m going for sure. I’ll prioritize that as my task.

Well, I don’t have any other plans for the day.

Putting yesterday aside, I didn’t expect to have sex again today. It sure depends on the mood, but I’m in that mood.

My mind’s filled with lovemaking with Kuchi-san, but I’m also filled with a sense of guilt toward Fuyou-san.

「 Is it okay for me to keep doing this? 」

I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being dishonest. My heart’s not so brazen to accept a harem and be happy about it.

I continue to mull over my worries in the men’s restroom until the last minute.

I can’t find my answer.

Eventually, I came to the designated room after school.

It’s unlocked and I was the only one in the slightly large lecture room. Even the slightest noise echoes in the room loudly.

Kuchi-san isn’t here yet.

After a few minutes, the door rattled and the brown gyaru came in. She waved her hand intimately.

「 Oh,, heya~ Darling! 」

「 Can you stop calling me “Darling” 」

「 Hehehe, you’re making the expected face 」

Maybe it’s because of the friendly smile. Or maybe it’s because of her cheerful personality. I can’t hate that grin of hers.

「 You’re early, Nakade-chi. Were you looking forward to your after-school lesson? 」

「 Well yeah? 」

「 I’m happy that you’re honest! Then, let’s start? 」

Kuchi-san approached not with a gyaru’s smile, but with a bewitching adult woman’s smile. Slowly raising her foot on the desk in front of me. Her tight brown thighs peek out from her skirt so short that you can almost see her underwear.

That’s bad manners, but truly sexy. Even the base of her legs is exposed in front of me.

「 Gulp 」

My eyes are glued to hers, just as she planned.

Moreover, her thighs are perfectly aligned that her angle only makes her underwear barely visible, and that subtleness is lovely. It makes you even wonder if she might not be wearing it.

She understands the male instincts well. It’s because I can’t see them that it tickles our lust and curiosity. This is romance for men.

「 I can see that Nakade-chi’s excited 」

I noticed that my dick was so erect that she could see it in my clothes. This hard, growing penis pushes up my pants from the inside.

I can’t help but get an erection if you show me something like this! It’s normal to get an erection because of your sexy brown thighs! Rather, it’s rude not to.

「 We need to hurry and fix Nakade-chi’s premature ejaculation as soon as possible- 」

Kuchi-san tilts her head lightly and pinched her thighs invitingly. The softness and elasticity of her pudding are quite apparent.

「 Want to touch them? 」

What a sweet temptation A small and seductive whisper melts my reason.

My hands moved unconsciously, guided by her words. I slowly reach out my hand and my fingertips touch her bare skin.

「 Hmm 」

「 Ooh 」

Words can’t describe how wonderful it feels to touch.

My fingers stick and it repels, it’s mysteriously elastic. There’s warmth on her body in a slightly cooler environment. It’s so smooth, maybe silky is the better word. My fingers slide through as if it’s reflecting light.

I want to keep touching on this. I won’t get bored of this.

If these thighs were made into a hug pillow, it would sell well. I want to rub my cheeks on them. I could use this as a lap pillow. I want to keep holding them.

「 What do you think of my prided thighs? 」

Kuchi-san grins as I touched while in a trance as if to tease me.

But, you know the answer even without asking, right?

「 Can I spend the day just rubbing these thighs? 」

「 I can’t move if you do! Well, I get now that Nakade-chi loves it. If you’re going to touch it, then let’s do it on a home date 」

So I can keep touching them if we’re on a home date…

I see. Thanks. Then, I’d like to do that by all means.

However, these brown thighs…

「 Looks delicious 」

Kuchi-san tilts her head to the line I blurted out.

「 Looks delicious? Do you mean sexually? 」

「 There’s that, but it just looks delicious normally. Your thighs remind me of juicy manga meat, it makes me want to take a huge bite 」

「 Manga meat! Lol! Now that you mention it, it sure looks like manga meat! 」

『 I see. My thighs are like manga meat 』Kuchi-san laughs. It seems that she likes it.

She laughs at it because it’s her, but if it were any other women, they would’ve slapped me for what I said.

I also noticed that yesterday. Let’s be careful with what we say.

「 So, if it looks delicious, why don’t you take a bite? Or maybe you want to eat something else? 」

Something else.

She strokes her glossy lips to show off. She puts her arms together and emphasizes her ample cleavage. She even shifts her clothes and bra with her fingers, showing only the edge of her pink nipples. And finally, she provocatively showed inside her skirt. Her pussy and clitoris are there, which I didn’t get to take a closer look at yesterday.

I want to devour everything Kuchi-san has to offer lustfully.

But, I also got this irresistible desire to bite into her thighs.

I don’t want to abandon it either! I can’t choose!

I was troubled with my choices, but then a revelation came to me.

–There’s no need to choose, I just eat them all! I’ll eat Kuchi-san’s body sexually!

「 Hmm 」

My hand touching her thigh slowly moved up to the base.

She leaks out a lewd voice and doesn’t reject it. That passionate gaze looks like she’s expecting something.

My finger touched her skirt. Then, it went inside her skirt.

Only a few centimeters more and I’ll touch Kuchi-san’s secret place, covered in her underwear-

『 Ahahaha!! 』

「 ?! 」

It wasn’t long after the loud laugh broke the silence.

Seems like some students are walking in the hallway of this floor.

The mood became tense. The few seconds were filled with nervousness.

Time passes in what felt like an eternity, and the sound of laughter and footsteps moved away without incident.

I’m glad they didn’t go to this room. I was feeling chills because I thought we’d be exposed. I’m feeling cold sweat.

「 That was bad for the heart. 」

Oh right. We’re at the uni. I haven’t used my AV app. People would likely come and find us doing this.

I feel my arousal cool down. Then, I noticed a hand pulling me.

「 Nakade-chi, if you speak so loudly, they’ll find us you know 」

Kuchi-san leaned closer. Her voluptuous breasts touch and I smell a sweet scent coming from her.

W-Why are you approaching this situation?! Why do your eyes sparkle like a prankster?

Her thin hands slowly caress my crotch.

「 Ugh 」

「 Do you want to do it with me here? 」

She blows hot air into my ears and I feel goosebumps.

I feel blood running through my body boil up. It woke up the beast sleeping inside of me.

It blew away the remaining thread of reason I had. I immediately took my phone and tapped on the screen.

「 Kyaa?! 」

After a bright white flash, we moved from the university classroom to the love hotel space.

「 Oh, isn’t this where we had it yesterday? 」

「 That was close! I would’ve lost it if I was a second late…That was so close 」

I managed to open the App in time. I chose sex-friend play.

If it was a little later, I would’ve attacked Kuchi-san there. That’s how tempting Kuchi-san is.

Good job, my reason.

It’s a common situation in AV where people have sex in classrooms. However, I don’t have the guts to have sex in a place where it’s unknown if people would come and find out. At least, I want the help of this app.

「 Aah, Nakade-chi’s a wuss 」

Kuchi-san insults me after she lost her enthusiasm.

「 No, no! It would be you who’s weird for approaching that much while we were in that room 」

「 Aren’t we sex friends, so what’s the problem 」

「 Even sex friends can’t have sex in public! What do you plan to do if they find us? 」

「 No, they won’t! It’s not even a problem if they do, I planned to keep my voice down. If I get found out, then I’ll just go absent? Or get expelled? Well, I mean, we’re safe if we’re just going with hand jobs, blow jobs, and cunnilingus, right? Oh, kissing too 」

「 I’m glad I brought us here 」

I have no idea what would’ve happened if I let my lust take over. If I didn’t resist her temptation and fingered her. In fact, I wanted to touch her secret place earlier. We surely would’ve kissed too.

But, it’s safe now. Here, we could flirt all we want without worrying about our surroundings. She can moan all she wants and it won’t pose a problem. We don’t have to worry about time either. It’s a space for us to do lewd stuff.

「 There we go 」

Kuchi-san got up and looked around the love-hotel space she’s suddenly brought into.

The room’s exactly the same as the room used for the novice support project. There’s a bed, sofa, TV, and adult toys prepared.

「 Nakade-chi 」

I already read the development here. She’d ask “Where’s this place?” Previously, it was forced upon us, and so her perception was altered by the app so she doesn’t question it. But this time, I chose the sex-friend play.

「 –Let’s continue! 」

Huh? Why is it different? I was off the mark. You’ll just continue instead of worrying about the place?

「 Uhm, Kuchi-san? Isn’t there something you should ask? Does anything come to mind? 」

「 Hm? Do you mean this room? I wonder what’s going on here? It’s almost fantasy 」

「 At least you noticed it 」

「 Of course, I’m surprised, but I don’t really care much about it. What’s important is to fix Nakade-chi’s premature ejaculation, and this place has that expensive body soap and shampoo. Oh right, these boys too! 」

She’s talking about adult toys. She holds an obscenely shaped adult toy in her hand and smiled happily.

「 It’s a convenient place for me I guess? It’s almost like a love hotel 」

Sure, this is a convenient place.

Right. Kuchi-san doesn’t really care if she’s brought to this mysterious place.

Well, I can’t even explain this place, so she’s right about it.

The important part is to fix my premature ejaculation.

「 I’ll fix Nakade-chi’s half-heartedness! Now let’s see Nakade-chi’s splendid penis 」

Kuchi-san put her hands on my pants and pulled down even my underwear. I’m already half-naked when I noticed.

The tip of my glans is already full of precum from our exchange in the classroom, it’s so sticky that it stained my underwear.

My penis is still half-erect after cooling down. Kuchi-san’s hand wrapped it up with her hand, and it regained vigor immediately. It’s rock solid now.

「 Aha~ It got lively! Good job! Well then, let’s taste Nakade-chi’s huge dick 」

「 Ooofu! 」

Half of my dick is wrapped in something warm in one go.

The brown gyaru’s mouth-pussy is sticky. Her coarse tongue also moves to stimulate the sensitive spots. I think she’s licking the glans all over, and I feel the pressure from the back as she relentlessly tortures and sucks it.

The brown gyaru’s mouth is hot and wet.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm 」

Jubo, jubo, jubo, juru, juru, jubo.

「 Y-You’re going hard so suddenly. What the hell 」

So this is real fellatio?

Kuchi-san looks up at me with my dick stuffing her mouth, she made a sadistic smile and moved her face while making lewd noises on purpose.

Her mouth is warped as if she’s pouting. What a mess of beauty. However, it arouses me just further. Her beautiful face looks different when giving fellatio and that’s sexy.

「 Kuh ! ah!! 」

Kuchi-san swallowed my penis, which grew bigger and longer, further down to the base. She handles my dick with her mouth violently, though it would be painful for her mouth.

Her tongue stimulates the glans and the back, and her flesh cheeks rub closely like it’s her pussy.

Jubo, jubo, jubo, jubo, juru.

「 Kuh! Ugh! Aah! Ooh! Ooh! 」

「 Naa~ Nfufu~ You seem like you’re in heaven, Nakade-chi 」

「 It’s almost heaven 」

「 Then, how about I use my hands this time? 」

「 Ah, wait! That’s close! 」

「 Ishishishi~ Nakade-chi’s so cute! 」

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu.

Her brown hands performed an intense handjob. My dick’s wet with her saliva, and it’s become a good lubricant, making wet sounds.

The force and speed are all exquisite. The tingling stimulus goes from the glans directly through the brain.

Shit. This is bad. This is better than just masturbating.

「 Kuchi-san, are you sure that you were a virgin until yesterday?! Ugh 」

「 Hm? Yes, of course, I was a virgin 」

Don’t suddenly put my glans in your mouth while speaking! You might break me with the sudden unpredictable stimulation.

She gives a hand job and fellatio at the same time. She stimulates my rod with her delicate hand while touching my sensitive glans with her sticky mouth and tongue, providing different stimulations.

「 Oh, this is bad! 」

She shows off herself licking the glans and the back. Kuchi-san looks up from that angle and her provocative eyes sparkle. Then, she moved her hair to the back of her ear, are you planning to kill me?!

「 Nfu~ Yes, I was a virgin until yesterday. What about it 」

「 Where did you learn these techniques if you were a virgin? 」

「 It’s also my first time giving hand job and fellatio 」

「 T-That’s unlikely! Ugh! Oofu! 」

「 I listen to my friends’ stories and also practiced it with my toys. And this is the result, see? 」

She’s making a smug face as she sucks my dick.

「 Self-taught, yet skilled, virgin bitches are scary 」

「 Hey, I’m no longer a virgin, and I’m not a slut either 」

「 !? 」

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu.

She’s speeding up her hand job to complain. The pleasure is rising up.

My ejaculation is rising. I feel a strange, inexpressible feeling swelling up from deep inside. Blood gathers on my penis, increasing its size and thickness. The hardness is already at max.

「 If you ask me, I guess I just got a lot of knowledge about sex? 」

「 Hey! Kuchi-san! I’m about to cum! 」

「 Hold it out for a little longer! Nakade-chi! Hold! Hold! We’re fixing your premature ejaculation, aren’t we? It’s not yet five minutes 」

「 Even if you tell me that, kuh! Gaa! 」

「 If you’re about to cum, then imagine something else! Like, the baldie university president! 」

For a moment, the bald head flashed through my mind, but the pleasure overtook me.

Her hand job and fellatio is too good that it cancels out my other thoughts.

S-Shit! I-I’m cumming! Ugh!

「 Hamu 」

Kuchi-san stuffs my dick in her mouth and my head got filled with white light.

Dopyu, dopyupyu!!

「 Hmm, ngu, hmmm 」

The pleasure I had been desperately enduring overflows, and I ejaculated a ton in her mouth-pussy. My dick stuffed in her mouth blowing out hot semen and staining the gyaru’s mouth.

She doesn’t stop stroking despite me ejaculating, and I’m exploding in pleasure.

Dopyu, dopyu, pyupyu…

「 Ooooh 」

The pleasure subsided in an instant.

My dick pulsates for the last time and it’s over.

I’ve let it all out inside the brown gyaru’s mouth, I’ve reached my kenja mode, and I realized that while I’m unusually calm.

「 Nha~~ 」

There’s a wet sound, and my half-erect penis pulls out.

The brown gyaru’s cheeks are puffed up. Her mouth contains my semen right now.

「 Naa~ 」

Aaahn, she opens her mouth, and my white liquid is on her tongue and teeth.

It’s common in AV, the scene where the actress shows inside her mouth after ejaculation. And it’s happening in front of me right now! So lewd.

「 Nfufu. Nakade-chi let out a ton 」

I wanted to hear that line at least once! Thanks!

Kuchi-san then mixed her saliva with the semen, making wet sounds, and then I hear her gulp down the semen multiple times.

Seeing her swallow and hear the gulp is quite seductive.

「 Phew. So that’s what semen tastes like. It’s sticky and slimy, and it tastes weird 」

「 You didn’t have to drink it 」

「 I’m the one who wants to drink Nakade-chi’s semen. I think I like it. Nakade-chi’s semen, I mean 」

She winks while making a playful smile.

That charming and affable smile just lit the flame of lust in my sage-mode mind.

「 With that said, that’s our afternoon lesson done! 」

「 Huh?! Just fellatio and hand job? Why are we not going for the main course? 」

「 It’s because Nakade-chi’s a wuss, and you couldn’t even endure five minutes of my techniques 」

「 Kuh! What?! 」

「 That’s unfortunate, Nakade-chi 」

I guess we can’t help it for now. This is basically the trial part of the first lesson.

Besides, Kuchi-san’s hand job and fellatio technique satisfied me.

My goal is to spend more time on those techniques.

「 Well then, I’ll go take a bath. Nakade-chi, you can reflect on your own 」

「 Okay, teacher 」

The brown gyaru in good mood disappeared into the changing room in light steps. She’s probably looking for body soap and shampoo.

I sat down on the bed to reflect on my experience, but Kuchi-san who took off her clothes peeked out with just her face and shoulders showing. That’s some charming brown shoulders.

「 By the way, my underwear today is purple! Unfortunately, you didn’t get to see it, right, Nakade-chi? 」

She says and moves away.

She’s got purple underwear?

「 Now I really want to see that 」

I cried blood as I sit down on the bed, and fantasize about the brown gyaru wearing dark purple underwear.


Otometani Fuyou finished her housework and is now healing in the bath.

The warmth soaks into her exhausted body.

None of her fussy brothers and sisters are moving around. Bathing time is rare and a relaxing time, where one can be completely alone in the family, as the Otometani house has almost no privacy.

Fuyou secretly loves this time.

As she dawdles around, she thought of her family, money, and the man she’s been into recently, Nakade Haku. Then, the game she’s playing with him.

「 I wonder how we can make more money efficiently in the prize game? 」

She’s been thinking about it for the past few days.

In the end, the quickest way to do it would be to get better at sex. The more she has sex with him, the more money she makes, that’s the rule.

During their first sex, she had her resolve, but there was also fear in her heart. “Honestly, experiencing the unknown is scary. However, compared to doing it with an unknown man on compensated dating, doing it with an acquainted man is much better.” Thus, she gave her first to him with such thoughts.

“Desperately trying to look calm, slightly relieved that the other man is an acquaintance, furthermore, he was kind, melting together so tenderly, having sex, letting him through me, and in the end, we violently sought each other like beasts”

「 I didn’t hate it, rather, I like it 」

She finds herself obsessed with having sex with him. So much that it didn’t have to be the prize game, she just wants to have sex.

「 I wonder if Haku-kun would be pleased if I cum a lot? It’s better for the game too

The reward has no upper limit for her climax.

Women can climax in succession, so that’s where she should aim.

He also looks happy when she climaxes. So he will be pleased.

「 Hmm…

Fuyou stretched out her hand to her chest unconsciously. She gropes her breasts with her gentle hands.

The other hand dives into the water, touching her thighs.

Perhaps it’s because she had more money to spare, she gained a moderate amount of flesh, and her thin body is starting to regain a healthy shape. Thanks to that, her beautiful naked body is slowly reaching the golden ratio.

Chapu chapu chapu…

The water shakes with the movement of her hand, making echoes in the quiet bathroom.

She didn’t even know how to masturbate until long ago. Now she’s indulging in an activity of pleasure at her home for the first time.

The careful hand movements, which were merely stroking, gradually became more forceful, now she was squeezing her breasts, and moving hard and boldly.

She doesn’t touch the sensitive areas yet, but that still builds up her excitement and impatience.

The waves of soft pleasure spread throughout her body.

「 Hmm, ah, Haku-kun

“He’s the one I could think of” Recalling her experience of caress and pleasure, she copies his movements. She assumes that it was his hand that’s moving, not hers.

As soon as she thought of “Haku,” her pleasure and sensitivity rose up quickly.

She knows that her thick love nectar overflows from deep inside her body.

Chapu, chapu, chapu.

Her slender fingers, which had been tracing the edges of her areola, finally touched the tip. She teased her nipples with her index and thumb, pinching them.

The tingling sensation pierces her naked body.

–That feels good. I can’t hold it anymore.

Fuyou plays with her sensitive spots as her instinct led her to do as she desires.

「 Hmm, hmm, aaah! 」

She desperately tries to hold her voice so her family won’t hear her. Their house has thin walls. Just raise your voice a little and the whole family will know. They’ll know that she’s been masturbating.

The hand touching her thighs was leading to her secret garden.

Her fingers scratch through the black bush that shimmers in the hot water, tracing through her slit, and the fingers went to her sensitive beans.

「 Hmm! 」

“As expected, it feels the best in here”

Fuyou surrendered to pleasure and touched her small clitoris in a circular motion.

A constant pleasure. A shivering pleasure.

Her head is becoming blank.

She’s hallucinating him playing with her most embarrassing part.

The movement that plays with her nipples and clitoris is becoming more gentle and delicate, but also intense and daring.

「 Haa, haa, haa, Haku-kun! Haku-kun!! 」

Chapu, chapu, chapu…

The sound of the waves grows louder with her hand movement.

A white light went up in her brain. That light is growing bigger.

Her entire body turned stiff, preparing for the incoming climax. She’s twitching. She calls his name unconsciously.

「 Haku-kun!! 」

The rising excitement culminates in the climax…but…

「 Phew… 」

Fuyou exhaled heavily and relaxed her body before reaching orgasm.

She stopped moving, pulled her hand out of the hot water, and lay exhausted against the tub.

Her eyes look at the empty space, remembering him as she mutters…

「 I can’t cum 」

Yes. She didn’t stop her hand before the climax. She can’t climax.

She can’t cross the final line by herself.

“When I’m with him, I can cum surprisingly easy, and yet…”

「 Why? 」

Fuyou, who’s left with the half-hearted heat in her body, stood up from the bath while feeling discontented.