AV App Chapter 3 ♡ With a Classmate



We’ve reached an agreement. Otometani-san, asked, so I’ll pour her lots inside.

「 Well then, I should earn some too 」

I haven’t given her a kiss on the cheek yet. She didn’t refuse, she accepted it indifferently.

Otometani-san can’t refuse. If she rejects and I do nothing, then the prize money reaches its peak. To earn the most money, she has to accept me, flirt with me, and be in my good graces.

Her beautiful eyes show a strong resolve. That’s great. Truly amazing. So beautiful.

「 First, let’s finish up the 3,000 yen tasks first 」

「 Yes, I want to do the same 」

I took the plastic wrap placed around and cut it to an appropriate length.

Our first kiss was a passionate French kiss, so it was too late to go for a kiss with a plastic wrap in between.

「 「 hmm 」 」

I feel Otometani-san’s soft lips across the plastic wrap.

Now I know the feeling of the real one, I find the presence of the wrap as a hindrance. It also sticks to your nose when you breathe.

That’s no fun as an AV situation. But, if we’re going to do a kiss with a wrapper in between, it’s better to do it with a girl who’s a little reluctant, not the aggressive one.

That’s what I learned

Of course, Otometani-san couldn’t possibly hate this.

「 Ufufu. This is getting fun 」

Otometani-san’s in high spirits, as the more tasks she completes, the more money she gets.

If this were a manga, her eyes look like money symbols already.

「 Lick the legs, does it pertain to the legs? 」

「 I think that’s good enough? They didn’t explicitly say toes anyway 」

「 Nakade-kun. Let me lick you? 」

「 Straight ball! Can you not put some embarrassment to it? 」

「 Would that please you? 」

「 Stay like that Otometani-san. Wait. I’ll take off my pants 」

Now that I know the true motive of this cool beauty, I’d prefer her to be this frank than acting weird pretending to be embarrassed.

She’ll do anything for money. That frank attitude is her.

And besides, it’s too late to keep up the appearances. Her eyes are already sparkling from money.

I feel a hot glow, or perhaps, it’s something more of Otometani-san’s expectant gaze. I wonder if she likes me? Must be my imagination. It’s my hubris.

I’m sure that her desires are not for me, but for the money.

We’re supposed to have a clear separation in our relationship.

Now that I’m in my shirt and briefs, it’s regarded as being in underwear. 5,000 yen floats in the air.

「 Here 」

「 Okay 」

Otometani-san approached me, touched my body, and grabbed me for support, slowly moving her face closer and licking my thighs without hesitation.


I feel the current running through my spine to my brain. What was that?

I think the wet feeling of her saliva and the coarse texture of her tongue was too unknown to my body that I got surprised. It’s also my first time having someone lick my thighs. It must be also because of the visual stimulation.

「 Huh? There’s no reward 」

「 Oh, it just fell off 」

「 That was some time lag. Could it be that they deliberated for a moment? Maybe their real intention was the toes? Usually, that’s the first thing that comes to mind 」

「 But, thighs are part of one’s foot too. We didn’t make a mistake there 」

「 True. It’s their fault for not being specific 」

It feels good to outwit the transcendent beings who were the app’s developers. if there’s a loophole, then they’re no Absolute, they’re no omniscient and omnipotent.

While I was thinking that, Otometani-san touched my ass and crotch with her slender hands.

She touches it without hesitation. I’m impressed.

That clears more tasks. She’s smart.

「 It’s harder than expected 」

Otometani-san stares at her hand, which felt my erect penis through underwear.

The shock from the touch might’ve been too much, but her face was bright red and turned stiff for a moment.

That reaction is so innocent, so cute.

「 It’s my turn now 」

「 Y-Yes, right… 」

I reached out to Otometani-san’s body absentmindedly.

I’m touching a woman of the same age for the first time in my life. My heart’s beating so fast, I can feel the excitement.

My hands trembled a little, and my fingertips touched her soft skin.

「 Ooo 」

She’s skinny, but it sticks. So this is a woman’s skin, I never had any connection with the opposite sex, and so it’s moving.

I resisted the temptation to touch it all the time and moved my hand according to my other desire. The palm of my hand wrapped around her breast covered by a white clean bra. I estimate her to have D-cups.

All the nutrition seems to be stored in her chest. The softness of her breasts, proudly asserting themselves on her skinny body, is exceptional. For a moment, I thought I was going to ejaculate.

「 This is so soft, amazing 」

「 Ah, d-don’t touch too much, don’t look 」

Don’t look you say? None can do. My eyes are getting sucked in.

This is epic. I see why men pursue and admire them.

I can’t stop my hands from rubbing them. I feel like my brain’s enchanted to some supreme bliss.

Huh?! My consciousness went away for a moment. That was dangerous.

N-Next would be her ass. I slide over her skin, rub her tight waist, and grope her firm ass.

Oh? My goodness. It’s soft but different from her breasts. Her ass is much more elastic, it feels like meat. It’s squishy.

I must be a pervert for thinking I want to bury my face in it.

I enjoy the feeling of her ass, and then it flows down to her thighs and from her thighs to her crotch.

I’m touching Otometani-san’s crotch through her white underwear. The secret garden is unsullied, this is the pussy of the most popular college beauty.

It’s kind of weird to find no penis in a crotch.

「 Hmm, that tickles 」

Otometani-san tickles before feeling pleasure.

She’s making a bashful look. I want to see more of that face. I want to hear more of her voice.

I looked up at Otometani-san’s face, brought my face to her crotch, and licked her legs, right just before her panties.

「 ?! 」

She reacted with a jolt, and Otometani-san hid her face using her hands. That’s so cute on its own.

Then, lick more.

Piku piku.

Pero! Piku!

This is fun. I want to tease her more.

I breathe, and the damp smell of her muffled sweat filled my lungs. So this is how female smells.

「 I-It’s my turn next 」

Otometani-san begins her counterattack after I paused mine.

Oh? What will she do? We’ve cleared the 5000 yen mark already.

The only ones left are the 10,000 yen prizes.


【 10,000 Yen 】

・30+ Seconds French Kiss (Cleared)

・Strip Naked

・Touching chest directly.

・Touching butt directly.

・Touching crotch directly.

・Licking Breast Directly.

・Licking butt directly.

・Licking crotch directly.

・Climax (Unlimited)


Above this would be oral sex and sex, and then anal sex.

After checking the tasks on the flip board, Otometani-san’s eyes swam for a moment, but she didn’t hesitate to put her hands behind her back. She started unhooking her bra.

「 U-Uhm, shouldn’t we take them off at the same time? 」

She makes the suggestion as the hooks come undone and the shoulder straps fell to her arms, almost having a hand bra.

I guess she’s embarrassed to do the striptease alone.

「 Right. Either way, I also have to get naked 」

I took off my shirt and briefs. My rock-solid penis shows up.

How’s that, Otometani-san? This is a man’s erect penis! My prided penis!

「 B-Big. Much bigger than imagined 」

What is it that you imagine? What would she say next?

By the way, mine’s above the average size. The length and thickness of the erection give out an intimidating appearance, that Otometani-san might be afraid of.

I’m a little worried, but it seems that it was a needless fear.

After all, Otometani-san was about to take off her white underwear, glancing at my naked body, or more precisely, my erect penis, with a bright red face. She can’t hide her curiosity.

「 Ah… 」

Our eyes met. The usually calm girl is panicking.

「 Uhm, err… 」

「 Are you not taking off yours? 」

「 Huh? Ah, I will. I’m taking them off right now 」

She slowly takes off the bra that’s half-off.

Her breasts are exposed. It’s my first time seeing the chest of the opposite sex, the size is just slightly overflowing from her hands, and the shape is beautiful. It looks so soft. Her areola is just moderately sized, and pink. Her nipples are pointing outwards and it’s cute.

「 This is somehow embarrassing 」

She mutters bashfully while putting her hand on her white panty while hiding her chest with her other arm. Her thighs, knee, calf, and ankle, it flows through her smooth skin, then she pulled it out of her legs in turns.

Then, Otometani-san got to her birthday suit

「 What do you think? 」

She’s hiding her nicely shaped breast with her arm. Her pubic hair is peeking out from her hands below. Her hips show that she’s thin. Her curves are a work of art. Her limbs are indeed thin.

Her thighs rub from fidgeting, and she swallowed her saliva.

My head’s white. I’m too enchanted that I can’t think. I’ve lost my vocabulary.

「 You’re so beautiful. I don’t even know what to say 」

The naked body of a beautiful woman is so beautiful, lovely, and delicate.

To use an analogy, it’s a single bud before the flower blooms. It gives you the impression that she might break from the slightest shock, but in fact, it has a single, straight core, and is working hard to bloom a large flower with a dignified appearance.

「 Sorry. I’m so thin 」

「 No, no, not at all! 」

Her slender limbs are a concern, but her body isn’t that bad. Especially her breasts, they’re splendid.

「 Nakade-kun, can you close your eyes? 」

「 O-Okay 」

I just stood there, with my eyes closed. Then, I felt the air move and Otometani-san closer.

Her thin, supple fingers are placed on my chest, and I feel a hot breath, then a lick on my nipple.

「 !? 」

No comment, my pride won’t allow me to say anything about the impressions from the lick.

After the sweet numbing sensation, I thought that she’d go for my crotch next, but she touched my ass. Then, she licks it like she’s kissing it.

「 Okay. Direct touching and licking of the butt are cleared. What’s left… 」

Turning to the front, Otometani-san reached for my penis.

Just as she was about to touch it, she suddenly looked up and our eyes met.

「 Hey! Nakade-kun! Since when have you been looking?! 」

「 A while earlier 」

「 No way! 」

「 Yeah, I was joking. I just opened it now 」

「 Really? 」

「 I wonder? That’s a secret 」

「 ………… 」

Your glare doesn’t scare me.

Man, looking down on Otometani-san crouching down, I see her breasts without cover.

The two hills where her nourishment is stored. The skin ripples in tandem with the sway of her body.

Her beautiful raw tits. It’s lovely. I want to touch it now.

My penis twitched with all its force in front of her.

「 Wah! It moved! Amazing! 」

「 It’s your first time seeing a man’s penis? 」

「 No. I’ve seen my brother’s when I wash them. But, it’s my first time seeing something like this, this is much rawer than the ones in books.

Well yeah. It’s not a child’s penis or a textbook picture, it’s a real adult penis. And mine was particularly grotesque, heinous, and violent.

Her timid fingers reach out and when my penis moved before she touched it, she withdrew her hand.

「 Geez! 」

She giggled and glared at me. Sorry.

I won’t tease you with that anymore. This time, my penis is wrapped in her cool hand.

「 It’s huge 」

Thanks for tickling the manly pride! I’m filled with just that line.

Otometani-san touched my penis without feeling timid. She’s curious as it’s her first time seeing a penis.

Thinking about it, Otometani-san’s quite daring.

「 It’s hard, stiff? Also, hot, it’s like its swelling 」

「 Swelling? You say nice things. That’s how it is

「 I see. How does it feel? Does it hurt? 」

「 It’s hard to explain how it feels. It doesn’t hurt. The tip of the glans is the most sensitive. The rod is on medium. So it should be fine even if you grip tighter 」

「 Like this? 」

「 More 」

「 More? Like this? 」

「 Yes, like that. Then, it feels nice if you stroke it 」

「 Stroke? 」

Otometani-san tilts her head while holding my penis.

Hey now. I know that you’re new to this but you don’t even know how to stroke it? Could it be that you only have vague knowledge about stimulating the penis to ejaculate or something?

Her only source of information is likely the health textbook.

「 Move it up and down? Maybe front and back? Either way, you move it. Stroking it feels nice. The movement is similar to sex 」

「 Oh! Like moving your hips during intercourse! I get it now! 」

Otometani-san seems happy and she begins to give me a handjob.

There’s no technique nor love. Just a poor, unfamiliar movement from a virgin due to pure intellectual curiosity.

However, to a virgin like me, Otometani-san’s bare chest, and clumsy handjob were far more arousing than those of a seasoned porn star.

After only ten strokes, I was fast approaching ejaculation.

「 Otometani-san, open your mouth right now!! I’m cumming!! 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Oral ejaculation is 20,000 yen! 」

「 ?! 」

Hearing money, she reacts and puts my penis into her mouth. There’s no hesitation whatsoever.

She sucks me to the middle of my penis, and the sticky warm feeling was the final stimulation and I ejaculated.

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu! Dopyu!!

I feel my semen shoot into her mouth.

I’m ejaculating inside Otometani-san’s mouth. I’m defiling her with my white fluid.

As the wave of pleasure recedes, I shift into a calm sage mode, and now my mind begins to well up with a rush of black feelings of dominance, superiority, and satisfaction.

I let out every last drop and pulled my penis out of her mouth.

「 Hmaa 」

Her eyes turned teary. Viscous liquid peeks out of her half-open mouth.

I’m sorry that she looks troubled, but that’s a very erotic face she has there.

However, I’m not so devilish to make an inexperienced virgin woman drink my cum.

「 You can spit it out 」

I pulled out tissues and handed them to her. Then, Otometani-san spat out the semen into the tissue. Semen tangled in her tongue strings and falls to the tissue.

That’s another arousing view.

「 Uuu, you let out too much 」

It’s a statement I dreamt of hearing “You let out a ton!” Otometani-san’s version.

That’s a line men would love to hear at least once in their life.

「 It smells and tastes strange, and it sticks to your mouth. So this is semen… 」

Otometani-san frowns as she touches the semen on the tissue with her finger.

「 Want to gargle? That must’ve been disgusting, right? 」

「 Thanks. I’ll do so 」

I saw Otometani-san go off to the washroom.

I’m the one who did it but to think that she caught semen in her mouth. I had no intention of stuffing semen in my mouth. That’s just how much she needs money.

My partner is a pure woman who hasn’t even experienced it with a man. I can just gradually teach her the skills. It’s not a bad idea of making her to a woman of my taste, who loves to swallow semen.

My imagination’s going wild.

「 Sorry to keep you waiting 」

Otometani-san returned after gargling her mouth and she shows her body to me without hiding anything.