AV App Chapter 21. Bathing with my Elder Sister



Night muscle training had become my daily routine recently. As usual, the three women are watching me over.

「 Phew. Phew! 」

「 There, there. Put some strength in your abs! Don’t slack off! 」

「 I’m not even slacking! Phew! Phew! phew! 」

「 Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen! 」

「 Go for it! Go for it! Fight! Haku-chan! 」

Kaori, my step-sister pokes me to make sure my muscles are formerly loaded. I’m simply thankful because her getting in the way allows me to focus my attention on my muscles. But sometimes, she does hinder me for real.

Meanwhile, Renge-neesan’s seductive voice is in charge of counting. She also doubles up as the one pinning my legs during sit-ups. She’s also taking care of me today. The feeling of her breasts and ass sticking to me is excellent.

「 Fight! Fight! Fight! Another one! 」

Then, Kaho-san, my step-aunt is cheering on the side and nothing else. I don’t know when or where she found those but she’s holding pompoms in both hands, the kind you often see on cheerleaders. She’s cheering with such high tension.

Honestly, she’s just in the way. I won’t tell her, but it’s distracting.

I think she’ll start dressing up as a cheerleader soon.

A woman in her thirties doing cheerleader cosplay. Please don’t.

This aunt of mine would do things ordinary people would never do. She’s going to be enthusiastic about it even.

She looks like a college girl in her twenties so it would look good on her, which is scary

「 Haa-kun, just five more. Sixteen. Seventeen 」

「 Haku, don’t lose focus until the end! I won’t allow it! 」

「 Fight! Haku-chan Fight ♡ Fight ♡ 」

「 And we’re done! Guaaaaa!! 」

One last time. I put strength into my abs. Nee-san’s face is at point-blank range.

「 Twenty! Done! Good job, Haa-kun 」

「 So cool! As expected of Haku-chan! So handsome! 」

When I first started this muscle training, I was embarrassed hearing praises from the family, but I’m used to it these days. Now, I’m just happy that these beauties are giving praise. It’s a reward for working hard.

I got some moderate fatigue from bullying my muscles. The sweat is refreshing. It feels nice to move your body.

I’m steadily starting to build up my muscles. My burden has been reduced.

「 Then, the next one’s the last! Keep going! Thirty seconds of core training 」

Only one person is giving me additional orders as I lie down sweating. It’s Kaori

「 You demon 」

I got up breathing and position myself to her instructions.

It’s a pose where my elbows and arms are on the floor, while I keep my body straight. It’s plain hard.

「 Nice! Good spirit! 」

「 Woah! Go for it Haku-chan! Aunt’s cheering for you! 」

「 Five seconds….ten seconds…go for it 」

「 Kuh!! 」

Soon, my body began to tremble. My fatigued muscles can’t support my body.

My sister won’t overlook this weak heart as I try to escape to a comfortable position.

「 Raise your ass! Put some strength on your abs and back! 」

「 I-I can’t 」

「 Don’t slack off. It’s here. Put strength in here 」

「 Ugh! It’s hard! 」

「 Put some strength on your ass too! Yes. Haku’s ass is now buffed. Keep it up! 」

My sister pushes my abs and back and then tapped my ass. It’s all for muscle training.

But, some people reacted to what Kaori said.

「 Haku-chan’s butt… 」

「 Hard? 」

There are now two hands stroking my body that are working so hard.

「 Woah! It really is 」

「 Wow, your butt and abs… 」

「 Hey! Kaho-san! Nee-san! 」

「 We’re just checking on Haku-chan’s muscles to see if you’re putting in the effort! I have no other intentions! Oooh?! 」

「 This is for Haa-kun’s sake..oooh? 」

You’re just touching it to satisfy your curiosity!! Not for me! There’s something so lewd in the way you’re touching me!

Before I knew it, Kaori also joined in and three girls are caressing me as I do muscle training. It’s ticklish and I’m getting off track. I’m losing strength.

「 I have to touch Haku-chan’s body at times like this! You never let me touch your body since you hit puberty 」

「 I-It tickles! Hey, Nee-san, how long is it now? 」

「 Ah, sorry. We’re already past 30 seconds 」

「 Aaah!! 」

I fell on the floor. But their hands aren’t stopping.

I’m begging you girls, could you stop that?

「 Haku seems like you have it hard 」

Kaori’s grinning.

「 You do it too Kaori! Then you’ll feel my pain 」

「 Hmm? Then I guess I should try. It’s going to be good for my belly anyway. Let’s do it together while we’re at it 」

And so, Kaho-san and Renge-neesan got talked into doing core training.

And for some reason, I had to do it again. My whole body’s tired.

「 「 「 Start! 」 」 」

The girls call out the start of their core training.

「 Ah, this is… 」

「 Kuh, nfuu 」

「 Aah! Aaahn!~ 」

What’s with these seductive voices…

It’s so lewd that you could almost see the heart marks in their voice. They’re almost moaning. The anguish of enduring the load almost sounds like a moan of pleasure as a man attacks them.

My crotch involuntarily reacts to the voice of the adult woman in the family I never heard before.

「 N-Noo…I can’t do it anymore… 」

「 That place is! Hm, ah, aaah! 」

「 Kuh! Ugh! M-My hips 」

These girls aren’t speaking sexy on purpose, right?

「 Ten seconds more. Are you admitting defeat? 」

I can’t hold it anymore. I think you girls should do some muscle training too. It’ll help your stomach, hips, and ass. Let’s all get in shape.

「 H-Hurry up! Hurry up and end! 」

Now I can understand why these girls are happy to watch me muscle train. It tickles your sadistic desires.

I finally realized something as I was slightly comforted by the screams of the girls.

Their shirts are hanging down because of gravity. Their breasts are in full view.!

Their cleavage, and bra, hidden by their clothes, are completely visible.

Kaho-san’s wearing a pink bra with a cute design, while Nee-san’s put on a gray sports bra. Both of them have cleavage over E-size, so it’s lovely.

And what a surprise, Kaori’s not wearing a bra. I see her pink nipples, nipples that know no man.

「 Aahn! 」

「 Ahn, ahn! Nuuu! 」

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

The three of them are trembling. Their breasts sway slightly as their body does. I can already feel the softness even without touching it.

What a lovely sight. I’m glad I started doing muscle training.

「 Ten more seconds 」

「 Haku-chan! No! I can’t hold it 」

「 Haa-kun, ah, ah, my hips 」

「 Haku….I-I can’t! I can’t anymore! 」

The three moist-eyed beauties with their jiggling hips, and plump breasts, look up at me, pleading…

Although they’re family, my crotch is reacting hard.

Worldly desires begone! Worldly desires begone! Focus on the timer!

「 3…2…1…we’re done 」

「 「 「 Aaah~ 」 」 」

They fell down and I see their breasts squished for a moment. What a sight for sore eyes.

Their exhausted and heavy breathing look is also somewhat sexy. Perhaps their body temperature and blood pressure went up from the training and their skin turned flushed red

Kuh, it’s so sexy. The stimulation is too much

「 Well then, I’m going to take a bath 」

I left the women who were exhausted after thirty seconds of core training and I fled to the changing room.

「 How can I get aroused by my family? Am I sexually frustrated? How? I’m already having sex with Fuyou-san and Kuchi-san 」

I feel like I’m going to lose to my lust if I stayed in that space any longer.

Sure, those girls are tremendous beauties. I can confidently say that they’re so beautiful that the idols on TV are boring to compare.

However, they’re family I’ve been living with for years.

「 Haa, I’ll just forget it for now 」

I’ll pretend that didn’t happen. Let’s abandon thinking about it. That’s for the best.

Only I know that I lusted after my family. If so, if I forget about it, then it’s all settled! Forget and my arousal will calm down.

So I undressed in the changing room and washed off my excitement along with my sweat using hot water.

I washed my head and reached out for the shower.

「 Haa-kun. I’m coming in– 」

Renge-neesan opened the bathroom without warning, and she came in along with some cold air.

「 Huh? What?! Hey! Why are you here! And why are you naked?! 」

「 I’m taking a bath so it’s obvious I have to be naked, right? 」

Nee-san tilted her head, telling me that it was natural.

She’s not wearing anything. She’s stark naked.

All her excellent proportions are exposed to me, including her ample breasts, which are greater than Fuyou-san. Still, less than Kuchi-san, her slightly larger pink nipples, and her neatly growing pubic hair.

This must’ve been my first time seeing my sister’s mature body.

My head’s frozen from the sudden event. Then, the bubbles dripped into my eyes.

「 Ouch!! Oh no, I got soap on my eyes! It hurts! My eyes! 」

Oh no! We need to wash it off right away!

My sister prepared the shower for me, who was screaming like a certain colonel in a famous anime suffering from severe pain.

She hurriedly washed it off.

「 T-Thanks 」

「 You’re welcome 」

Nee-san smiled in relief.

「 Wait, why did you come in the bath anyway? 」

I see Nee-san’s pure naked body right in front of me.

Nee-san, we’re already past the age of bathing together! I mean, don’t come in when your brother’s bathing.

Still. Nee-san just laughed without feeling ashamed.

「 Well you see, I was drinking hot milk and it spilled on me. Now I smell like milk. Try sniffing it 」

She pushes out her cleavage and belly to me.

Her beautifully shaped breasts and no-fat belly. Her hips are fascinating.

「 Ah, you do smell a bit of milk. Wait, not that! Why are you just going in without care? 」

「 Should I have gone in stealthily? 」

「 That’s not the point! Don’t get in 」

「 I mean, the smell will stick, and I thought I could wash Haa-kun’s back while at it 」

「 I don’t need that second part 」

「 Why not? It’s rare anyway 」

「 Think of our age 」

「 Age? 」

Nee-san looked like she didn’t get what it means.

That wasn’t a slip of the tongue, she really doesn’t get it. Is she an airhead?

「 I’m in college 」

「 Yes. You’re in college 」

「 And we’re both already over 20 」

「 Indeed 」

「 We’ve matured enough 」

「 Yes, that’s right. Haa-kun’s become a handsome guy now 」

「 We’re adults now! We’re no longer kids 」

「 Hear! Hear! I can make a baby now 」

「 I know! That’s why we can’t go in together now 」

「 Why? 」

Dammit! I can’t get through to her. Why? Why does she not get it?

「 We’re grown-ups now, so we can’t get in the bath together! 」

「 Why? But we’re family 」

「 You don’t want to show your naked body to the opposite sex that casually, do you? 」

「 When it comes to other people, sure. But, we’re family, right? 」

「 Are you not embarrassed? 」

「 Huh? But we’re family 」

「 Common sense 」

「 Family 」

「 ………… 」

「 Family! We’re family! Haa-kun’s my family! 」

「 …Just take a bath 」

「 Okay 」

I surrendered. Nee-san just insists on the family argument with a smile so I admit defeat.

It’s too strong of a word. I can’t even tug Nee-san’s smile, too strong.

Nee-san won’t yield no matter what I tell her. I think we’ll be stuck in an infinite loop. I just gave up since there was no other way.

Besides, it’s the common truth in this world that brothers can’t defy their elder sisters.

Nee-san started washing my back in good humor. I’ve noticed this before, Renge-neesan may look mature on the outside, but she’s quite the airhead. Especially when it comes to the common sense between family.

I can’t understand what’s going on in her head.

「 I heard that Kaori-chan and Haa-kun went to the uni together, I’m jealous 」

「 Really. Is that why you rushed into the bath? 」

「 There’s that too 」

「 Dammit! At least choose to go with me to uni together instead 」

You normally won’t think of just rushing in the bath, right?

but, the one washing my body isn’t a normal step-sister.

Nee-san’s body is reflected in the mirror. I feel my dick rising up so I turn my attention to something else. For example, opening a conversation.

「 Nee-san, how’s college recently? You’re going to be job hunting soon, right? 」

「 It’s so-so. I’m thinking about it a lot, however. If I get too worked up now, I’ll just stall it 」

「 Right… 」

Don’t just end the conversation there?! Is there anything else we can ask Nee-san?

「 Found someone you’re into? 」

What came to my mind was love talk. I regret that I could’ve asked for something else after saying that.

Nee-san’s eyes sparkle teasingly.

「 Well, if there’s someone, then it’s family 」

「 That’s a very standard answer. I was asking about romantic interests 」

「 Romantic? No, I don’t have one 」

「 Don’t you get a ton of guys asking you out? Have you never thought of trying it out with them? 」

「 Not at all. I have no interest in them 」

I feel sorry for all the guys who wanted to get Nee-san only to get crushed to pieces. My condolences.

「 I mean, what are your preferences, Nee-san? Is there any type of guy you want to date? 」

「 Someone cooler than Haa-kun 」

「 That’s an immediate response 」

「 I mean, it’s the truth 」

So Nee-san’s using me as the base for the guy she wants to date? Is she a bro-con?

「 Our Father’s on a business trip most of the time. In fact, he’s still out on job relocation. If so, isn’t it natural that Haa-kun becomes my basis for the man I like, right? 」

「 I feel like I understand but don’t at the same time. Your standard would be too low. I mean, there are a ton of guys better than me 」

「 Really? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone cooler than Haa-kun. Most of the guys look at me with such perverse eyes. It’s like they’re only interested in sex 」

She frowns in disgust and sighs deeply.

Nee-san grew up relatively fast. She began showing glimpses at the upper grades of elementary school, grew taller in no time, and her breasts grew larger and her body became even more rounded and mature.

At that time, her rapid growth made her out of place among her classmates, and she got ridiculed, especially by the boys. I think they’re just teasing the girl they like.

In high school, she looked like a sexy adult woman cosplaying as a high-school student.

Now that she’s in college, she’s settled down to attract attention as a beautiful woman, but having been exposed to curious stares during her adolescent years made Renge-neesan keep people at a distance. And conversely, made her closer to family. That she’s even just taking a bath with me like this.

Nee-san stopped her hand and then whispered to herself some forbidden words.

「 I might just want to become Haa-kun’s housewife 」

「 Nee-san— 」

「 –Can you not get too close? 」

「 Eeh?! Why? I washed Haa-kun’s body so wash me too. That’s killing two birds with one stone right? 」

It’s not! Don’t rub your breasts on my back! Don’t wash me with your skin! What kind of brothel is this?

I suddenly felt a pair of breasts on my back while blowing off a proposal-like statement.

I would’ve pounced on my sister if it weren’t for that line blowing my lust away.

「 Hmm~ There… 」

Please don’t move your body like that while making sexy sounds.

You’re crushing elastic marshmallows. Her hug wraps around my chest to embrace me, and the sweet stimulation of the body soap is conveyed from my back to my brain.

Two stiff dots are rubbing on my back–are those her nipples?! Wait, it’s hard.

「 That’s enough! 」

「 Aahn! 」

I used the slippery body soap to get out of Nee-san’s naughty bind.

Nee-san sat on the chair. White bubbles sticking on her naked body looks lewd.

The reason I’m desperately trying to keep is starting to crack.

「 Why? We wash each other like this before, and yet…Haa-kun’s so cruel! We’re family and yet… 」

She thought I was rejecting her. Nee-san looks up at me, about to cry.

Confusion. Sadness. Loneliness. Her eyes shine on those emotions.

Dammit! H-Hold it! I won’t lose to guilt! If I lose to guilt, I would also lose to my lust!

「 Back then, we were children so it was okay. Don’t think that everything’s okay just because you said that we’re “family” 」

「 Ugh. I get it. Haa-kun and I are adults now… 」

Nee-san looked down at her body seemingly lonely, her swelling breasts, her pubic hair, and then she gazed at my brutally erect penis.

「 Ooh! 」

「 Wait, don’t look there! 」

I tried to hide it in panic, but I can’t easily hide my erect penis.

「 Haa-kun, you bad boy. Getting excited about your sister 」

“Bad Boy,” says the sister who keeps sending glances at her brother’s dick.

T-This is just a physiological response. Dicks react regardless of their thoughts.

Nee-san stood up, I feared that she was about to do something lewd, but then she began to shower and rinse off the bubbles while humming.

「 The smell of milk is gone now, and I’ve washed Haa-kun’s back, I should leave now. Bye~ 」

Nee-san waved her hand as she leaves the bathroom in good mood for some reason. I hear her humming while putting on clothes in the changing room.

A few minutes later and I hear the door in the dressing room close and it seems that she left for real.

She left me with only my back washed and I’m dumbfounded.

「 What was that? I don’t get what’s going on inside Nee-san’s head. 」

I finished washing my body and squeezed out one shot while contemplating my sister’s mature naked body.