AV App Chapter 22 ♡ Horny Day



「 Found Nakade-chi! 」

「 K-Kuchi-san? 」

Morning in the university. I walked out of the men’s restroom and a brown gyaru hugged me from behind. She grabbed me by the arm and took me under the stairs with nobody else around.

Fortunately, nobody saw us. What kind of rumors would start if they see me getting along with the brown gyaru.

I’m cornered in the wall. Her bouncy breasts are pushed against me and squished.

Kuchi-san smells sweet, like a flower.

「 Ehehehe. Capture success 」

「 So, what’s your business? 」

I asked. She lifts her lips grinning.

Was it my imagination or did she just lick her lips like a predator?

「 Nakade-chi. Take me to that mystery place 」

「 W-Why?! It’s still morning! 」

「 I mean, I’m in the horny day! Get it? 」

It wasn’t my imagination. She’s hunting me down.

Horny day, does that mean she’s close to ovulating? I mean, if you masturbate it off…Oh, the adult goods she likes are in that space. That might be her objective.

I can’t find an excuse to refuse. Doesn’t she’ll just let me go if I say no either.

「 Hurry up, Nakade-chi! If you don’t, I’ll attack you here 」

「 Y-Yeah, let’s go 」

「 Good 」

I took out my phone and opened my AV app.

Sex friend play with Kuchi-san. We were at the bottom of the stairs then we got transported to the love hotel space after a white light shined.

「 Aaah! I can’t hold it anymore! 」

She took off her skirt and unbuttoned her shirt. Kuchi-san got into her underwear in no time.

Her underwear today is black with dark pink lines.

Kuchi-san always puts on some extreme and mature underwear. Well, it looks good with her non-Japanese appearance and voluptuous body.

While I was fascinated by her underwear, she took it off and hugged me naked.

「 Nakade-chi~ My Darling~ ♡ 」

「 Woah! 」

What a passionate kiss. Her arms are on my neck so I can’t break out. She violated my lips as she pleased.

I don’t know if it’s lip balm or gloss, but her lips are sticking to my lips. No, I think it’s right to say that it’s glued. It’s surprisingly soft.

I chose “sex friend play” right? Why did it become “lovers’ play”

「 Hurry up and take off your clothes too Darling 」

She unbuttons my shirt and I’m in my underwear now.

We plopped on the bed naked.

「 Let’s kiss 」

Can’t refuse. She already kisses me before I could reply.

She moves her tongue in all directions, mixing our saliva.

It’s sweet and pleasant that it could almost melt my brain.

Kuchi-san’s rubbed her body on me while kissing. She’s rubbing her breasts and her nipples are already stiff. Her legs are entwined, and I can feel her thighs and her pubic hair.

Seems like it’s already sticky with love nectar.

「 Haa, haa, hmm, maa~ 」

She’s moaning from her throat. Her hips are moving even more intensely from the arousal.

「 Kuchi-san 」

「 Leona 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Call me Leona. We’re doing this after all 」

A sweet voice comes from her face. She’s shooting me a feverish look.

「 Leona-san 」

「 What, Nakade-chi? 」

「 Can you change your way of calling me? 」

「 Nakade-chi is Nakade-chi! What about it? 」

「 I’ll lick this part 」

「 Huh? Nakade-chi? Aahn~ 」

Here’s a return favor for the kiss. I quickly changed positions and buried my face into her crotch for a cunnilingus.

Leona’s secret garden is moist, and it’s leaking out a dense pheromone to lure in males.

Her pussy’s twitching, dripping clear love nectar. Even her pubic hair is wet.

「 Ah, ah, ah! That feels good Nakade-chi! It feels better than touching myself! 」

She can’t lick this part after all. So this is her first time feeling tongue here.

I just realized that this is also Leona-san’s first cunnilingus.

Her skin is so beautifully brown, even in this important spot. It’s a little bit bigger than Fuyou-san, and it’s colored dark pink. I think that Leona-san has thicker pubic hair.

I realize that the shape of the genitals differs for each woman.

「 Naa~ 」

I lick her cute clitoris that’s glistening. Her clitoris is sensitive as she trained it by masturbating. Just a little touch and she reacts.

「 Phew 」

「 Aah, aaah! Don’t blow on it! Nnnuuu! 」

It’s overwhelmingly effective even if I don’t touch it. That’s nice.

I can tell her vagina tightens when I stimulate her clitoris. Then, it opens up, begging for something.

What does it want? A male organ? But let’s put my finger in first.

「 Ah, Nakade-chi’s finger went in! 」

The G-spot is Leona-san’s weakness. I gently rub the belly side near the entrance.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ahn! Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmmmm 」

I feel something rough with my fingers. I lick around her clitoris.

「 Wow! I can’t hold it! You’re attacking both at the same time! 」

Leona-san grabs the sheets and lifts her hips from too much pleasure.

The wet sounds are becoming more intense!

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! Ah noo! This is bad! I’m cumming! Cumming! 」

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu!

As soon as I felt Leona-san’s hips twitching, she started squirting.

At first, it felt like an overflow! But it soon splashed out hard. So she squirts a lot when her G-spot is stimulated. That’s interesting.

「 That feels good!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Aaaaaaah!! 」

I stopped teasing her G-spot, and she spasmed a few times and fell on the bed. She’s gasping for air hard.

It’s my first time making a woman squirt with my own hands. The emotional uplift from the satisfaction is impressive.

Yes. I’ve done it. I made a woman squirt! I feel like I’ve grown.

My hand is wet from Leona-san’s squirt. Some even splashed on my face.

The liquid is clear and it’s almost odorless. It’s not as sticky as her love nectar either.

「 Leona-san. I can’t hold it anymore. I’m putting it in 」

I licked off my fingers, looked at Leona-san’s moist eyes, and said.

Then, her eyes fluttered.

「 Woah. This is bad. Nakade-chi looked so cool just now. It made me shiver 」

Seems like I’ve tickled Leona-san’s heartstrings.

The brown gyaru’s cheeks are dyed red and her face looks like she’s melting in pleasure. She then reached out for her crotch and spread open her secret place.

She opened every inch of her important place.

「 Defile me with your huge dick Nakade-chi 」

「 W-Wait, I’ll put on a condom first 」

「 No need, I’m drinking pills now! Hurry, Nakade-chi! 」

Leona guides my dick to her pussy. My glans went in raw, and I can’t hold back any longer.

I thrust in my hips.

「 Ah, aaah! Darling’s dick went in! Fuguu 」

A larger-than-average penis crushes down the brown gyaru’s pussy.

First raw entry. Her pussy is accustomed to vibrators because she masturbates with them, and it feels good without a condom. If I had one on…

「 Oh shit, what’s this?! 」

The folds of her mature pussy entwine with my penis, giving unspeakable pleasure.

So hot. The gyaru’s insides make you melt in pleasure.

Leona-san’s instinctively realized that a male organ has gone in, causing her vagina to squeeze out the semen by wriggling. I might cum even without moving.

「 Your raw dick! Aah.. this might ruin me 」

It’s her first time having raw sex. Seems like she can feel the difference.

「 Move, Nakade-chi! 」

I slowly started to piston.

Guchuri, guchuri, my dick stirring her pussy makes a sound. What a truly obscene sound.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!! 」

I’m scraping out the love nectar overflowing from the depths. Then, I stimulate her uterus with a deep thrust.

The friction between our organs caused her love nectar to start bubbling white.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm!! 」

Leona-san seems to prefer rubbing the walls on her belly than being penetrated deep inside

I thrust up to gouge her belly side at a slight angle.

「 Nhiii!! Do that again! More of that! 」

More? Sure. Do you like this?

「 Ahn, Ahn, ahn! Nakade-chi’s dick feels amazing! I can feel it in my belly! It’s rubbing hard! 」

I’m feeling the stimulation from her vagina on my glans. It’s a new stimulus that could make me ejaculate soon enough.

My dick gets harder, hotter, and thicker before ejaculating.

「 Ah! Nakade-chi got bigger! No, no, no! I want to have longer sex! Nakade-chi! Have more sex with me! 」

「 Kuh, but if you squeeze that tight 」

「 Nakade-chi 」

「 C-Cumming!! 」

「 Nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! So hot! I feel so much heat in my belly! Nakade-chi’s hot semen is pouring in 」

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu!!

Rubbing on her G-spot and penetrating through her uterus caused my sperm to gush out from the tip of my glans.

Her womb’s now sticky with the viscous semen I released.

This brown gyaru’s stained with my white liquid. I’m dying her with my color. I can’t get enough of this elation.

「 So this is what a creampie feels like, Nakade-chi’s healthy semen is swimming inside me. 」

Leona caresses her brown underbelly with a motherly smile. Furthermore, she grins with a feverish moist eye and dropped a bombshell.

「 Ehehehe, I might get pregnant with Nakade-chi’s child 」

「 Huh? 」

Pregnant? Leona-san?

B-But I thought you said you had pills, wait?

I turned pale and started gushing cold sweat.

「 Ahahaha! I was just joking. I’m drinking pills for real 」

「 S-Seriously?! 」

「 Your voice is cracking! Ahahaha! So hilarious! I mean, I don’t even want to get pregnant yet! 」

「 Y-You shocked me! Seriously 」

「 Nakade-chi’s face was so funny! 」

Leona-san can’t stop laughing. I thought that my heart stopped.

Well, thinking about it, I also creampied Fuyou-san without thinking even though she wasn’t on pills.

「 Hii, hii! My stomach hurts! 」

Dammit! That’s no laughing matter. I want to mess up that smile.

Leona-san rolled around from laughing and my dick came off.

The brown gyaru’s secret place spills out the white liquid. That sight just got me horny.

My half-erect dick woke up. I haven’t reached my Kenja mode yet today.

I grabbed her smooth hips as she turned over and lift them up.

「 Huh? What, what?! What’s going on Nakade-chi?! Haan~ 」

I thrust my penis into her sopping-wet pussy.

It’s been holding my penis until now and it’s slippery because of the overflowing amount of love nectar and semen, so it went in without resistance.

I gouge her pussy mercilessly in doggy style.

「 Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm! Nakade-chi! Wait! ah, ah, ah!! 」

Her moans started to echo.

I wasn’t thinking about my partner. My dark lust has been stirred up, and I’m only having rough sex to pleasure myself.

I want to make sure that Leona-san has no time to smirk. I want to make her moan cutely.

Although, it’s just unfortunate that I can’t see her face when doing it in this pose. This is the wrong pose. However, I didn’t stop my hips because it feels good. I could just look at Leona-san’s face in the mirror in front.

「 Hmmmm! T-Too intense! You’re going so hard Nakade-chi!! Oooooooh!! 」

「 This is your punishment for making such an unfunny joke 」

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm! T-This isn’t a punishment but a reward! Aah, ahn! Ahn! That feels good! Amazing! Better than masturbating! I love having sex with Nakade-chi! 」

The gyaru screams in delight, seemed like she’s unable to support her body from too much pleasure. She fell over, but her ass is still sticking out.

「 Aaah! Aah! I feel it! My body’s being remade! My pussy’s being remade to fit your dick perfectly 」

「 Would you rather have your adult toy “Boyfriends” or me? 」

「 That’s…!! ……….Aha! 」

「 Hey now! What’s with that laugh? 」

「 I mean, sex is sex, masturbation is masturbation. Nakade-chi also feels good masturbating, right 」

「 Well yeah 」

「 In short, it’s like this 」

I’m annoyed with her smug look that I slapped her big brown ass. Then.

「 Hyaan! 」

That was a lovely scream. That’s not a voice of a gyaru.

Even she was surprised that she made that noise.

「 Leona-san makes that kind of noise too, I see 」

「 That wasn’t– 」


「 Hyaan!! 」

Oh? I see. Your voice is getting sweeter when I spank you. I discovered something good.

Pechin, pechin, pashin!!

「 Hyaa, hii! Hyaan! 」

Leona-san desperately tries to hold down her mouth to muddle the screams. But I could hear it all.

Her brown skin turned flushed from embarrassment.

「 Could it be that Leona-san’s a bit of a masochist 」

「 T-That’s not! 」


「 Hyauu!! 」

Right. I’m sure she is.

「 The girl who had been a virgin bitch until a while ago, a brown-skinned gyaru, and also a masochist, that’s too many attributes to have! So I’m punishing you! 」

「 T-This is absurd! Hyaan! Ah! 」

「 You call this absurd, yet you’re pleased. Look! Your pussy tightens hard whenever I spank your ass 」

「 I-I’m not pleased with this. I didn’t tighten up! Nakade-chi’s just lying! 」

「 ………… 」

「 T-Too intense! Don’t thrust too hard! Guh! Aga!? 」

Unable to maintain the position of her ass, the brown gyaru collapsed on the bed, disheveled.

I glanced at her face and saw a melting smile on her face.

This brown gyaru’s happy from the rough handling I gave her.

So, I moved my hips without stopping.

Prone bone. This is her preferred position, so I’ll do my best to swing my hips and give her pleasure. Aren’t you happy?

「 Ah, wait! My G-spot! Nakade-chi’s huge dick is rubbing the pleasure spot! 」

「 So this is the difference between putting on rubber and not, Leona-san’s pussy feels so great 」

「 Nakade-chi’s dick feels amazing too! 」

「 Where was that composure when we were having sex before? 」

「 I’m really sensitive when it’s my horny day, so I can’t think of anything else while having sex with Nakade-chi! More! Just a bit more and I’ll cum! 」

I’m putting my weight on Leona-san, repeating a shallow piston on her pussy.

Her brown ass tightens up and it’s cute. It bounces like jelly whenever I slam my hips into her ass.

She’s reaching her climax just as she said, I feel her pussy clamping my dick harder.

Drowning in the muddy stream of pleasure that’s welling up, Leona-san lets out a sexy voice and arched her back.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Cumming! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Cuming! Haaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

She started blowing warm liquid on my penis.

There’s the sound of water as my penis moves in and out of the gyaru’s pussy…and then…

Her vagina’s twitching from the climax, her irregular movements causing my penis to reach its limit for the second time today.

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu!! Dopyu!!

I sprayed the same amount of semen inside my classmate’s body as the first one.

I follow my instincts and pour the seed deeper into this female’s body.

Last time, I ejaculated deep inside her vagina, but this time, I did it on the shallow end.

After some repeated pistons, her vagina was well coated with my viscous semen.

You should remember the smell and taste of my semen from inside your body.

「 Phew. That calmed me down. Thanks, Nakade-chi 」

「 You’re welcome 」

「 Still, I might get addicted to having sex with Nakade-chi… 」

「 Why not get addicted to it? 」

I say while hugging the voluptuous body of the brown gyaru.

We’re snuggling on the bed as we’re both tired.

「 I-I’m not addicted yet, and besides, I’m only having sex with Nakade-chi to fix your premature ejaculation. It’s all for Shojo-chi 」

「 It’s not too convincing if you’re kissing me as you say that 」

「 Ugh, today’s not counted since it’s my horny day! Nakade-chi’s a sex friend! No, Nakade-chi’s dick is just an exquisite dildo! Doing it with a dildo doesn’t count as sex but as masturbation 」

That’s out… Too irrational. Why would you think of my dick as a dildo?

Well, I don’t really care. We’re tired, so our brains aren’t functioning well. Let her say whatever she wants.

「 If Nakade-chi’s a dildo, then my pussy’s an onahole! We’re just masturbating Get it?! 」

「 Mutual masturbation? 」

「 Yes. As long as you understand 」

I don’t get it, but I’m not telling her that. She seems satisfied, so that’s good.

「 Leona-san 」

「 What? 」

「 Do you often get that horny day? 」

I ask while groping her surprisingly elastic and supple breasts.

Even in Kenja mode, my interest in breasts won’t subside.

If it’s frequent that she gets horny days, then would she attack me in the morning like she did today? I’d like to know so I could be prepared.

It would help if she contacts me beforehand.

「 At least two or three times a month I think? 」

「 Even when you were abroad? 」

「 Of course! 」

「 And you never thought of having sex with men before? Even though they have less sense of virtue abroad? 」

I asked. She showed a broad smile.

「 Sure, they have a looser sense of virtue there, but my standards for chastity are Japanese 」

「 Really? 」

「 Of course! I may be a quarter blood, but the truth is, I’m more of a half-Japanese 」

「 That’s my first time hearing that 」

「 Well, it’s my first time telling a friend. My Papa’s half-French and Japanese. Mama’s Half-Italian and Japanese 」

So Leona-san has a fourth of French blood, a fourth of Italian blood, and two-fourths of Japanese blood. So she’s half.

If you say it like that, then you convinced me that you’re half-Japanese.

「 Papa and Mama raised me in Japan since childhood. That’s why my ideology is basically Japanese as I was raised by Japanese parents. Get it? 」

「 Yep got it 」

「 Nowadays, Papa and Mama both travel for work, so I’m living with my Grandma and Grandpa in japan 」

「 I see. So what are your parents’ jobs? 」

「 Translation! 」

I see. I think I know why Leona-san’s multilingual.

「 You know, while we’re on the topic of family— 」

Now that we’re talking about family, the brown gyaru came up with an idea and grinned.

「 Let’s go for another round? Darling ♡ 」

「 Huh? Another round?! You still want more/ 」

「 That wasn’t enough for me! Besides, no matter how much time we spend in this space, it won’t affect the real world, right? Then we can have as much sex until I’m satisfied, Nakade-chi~ 」

The sexually aggressive gyaru slips out of my arm and then puts my dick in her mouth.

She gives such a rich blow job that my junior regained energy.

「 Oh! It got big again! Then I’ll take Nakade-chi’s dick 」

Then, she swallowed my dick in her pussy.


We’ve returned from the love hotel space, and I lie down on the desk like a mummy. My body’s heavy and tired. I can’t even be bothered to move.

This is the result of Leona-san squeezing out my energy right in the morning.

She has too much of a sexual drive. If she comes after me the next time she’s on her horny day, I might have to resort to using the energy drink.

「 Nakade-kun? Are you okay? 」

Fuyou-san calls me out worriedly.

She’s holding her lunch box.

Oh. It’s already lunch. When did it happen? I didn’t even notice it.

「 Nakade-chi! It’s lunch already! Your beloved Shojo-chi came over so get up! 」

I looked up and the brown gyaru, whose skin is moist, is standing next to the cool beauty.

Who’s fault is it that I’m like this?

I glared at her, but the gyaru just feigned ignorance and laughed it off.

「 You seem tired… 」

「 R-Right…I guess we should move, Otometani-san 」

「 Oh, about that, why don’t we eat somewhere else? 」

「 Huh? I don’t mind that… 」

Sometimes, you get in the mood to want to eat with your female friends.

It’s not like we promised to eat lunch together all the time. We just started eating together so we could talk about things we don’t want others to hear.

「 Shojo-chi and Nakade-chi’s in collapse?! 」

「 Collapse? 」

「 We’re not dating, how many times do we have to tell you that, Leona-san? 」

Please stop inviting misunderstandings. You’re doing this on purpose.

As proof, she’s grinning.

「 Don’t we have something to discuss, Leona-san? 」

「 Huh, wait? Shojo-chi, why are you grabbing my shoulders? 」

「 There’s a reason why I’m not eating with Nakade-kun today, I want to talk to you Leona-san. Could you come with me? 」

The cool beauty smiled, not listening to any excuses. But, her eyes don’t show any smile.

「 N-Nakade-chi 」

Leona-san started to have cold sweat. She looked at me to ask for help, but I looked away.

Sorry, Leona-san. I’m also scared shitless.

Did Fuyou-san already figure out our relationship?

「 Leona-san? 」

「 Ah, well, Shojo-chi? 」

「 Let’s go? 」

Fuyou-san took the brown gyaru, Leona-san.

「 Wait! Nakade-chi! Save me! Shojo-chi’s scary! 」

「 Good Luck! 」

「 You’re too cruel! 」

Leona-san’s face is in despair, and she disappeared from my sight as she left the room.

I hear the screams in the corridor, but that must be my imagination.