AV App Chapter 23 Confession



「Thanks for the meal」

「T-Thanks for the meal」

The two girls put their palms together. One’s a cool and calm beauty, while the other is a brown gyaru who’s trembling in fear.

Leona had no appetite for lunch as Fuyou took her away. That’s because her close friend in front of her is exuding an imposing, yet beautiful silent intimidation.

Her face is twitching in nervousness, anxiety, and fear.

She’s about to say something. “Did she figure out my relationship with him? That’s bad”

「Well then, now that we’re done eating, Leona-san」

「Hya? Hyai?!」

Leona straightened her back more than ever as Fuyou’s eyes, filled with an intense light, penetrates her.

“I think it’s 99% certain that we’re exposed. She’s angry that I’m sleeping with him”

Fuyou smiled softly at the gyaru, who cowered like a puppy.

「You don’t have to be that terrified」

「I-I mean」

「I just want to tell Leona-san something」

「You want to tell me something?」

Leona felt despair. She’s about to say “I know it all. You know the consequences, don’t you?” with a beautiful smile of a wife questioning her husband’s adulterous partner. “It must be my imagination, I’m seeing a hannya face floating behind my close friend”

Their friendship is in crisis. But, she doesn’t regret having sex with him.


「I can’t get it off when masturbating, what do you think I should do?」


A dumb voice escaped the brown gyaru’s mouth. Her mouth is wide open and petrified.

“Did she just mention that she was masturbating? That cool beauty who never mentioned a single word about sex, that Fuyou?”

「Sorry. Sorry, can you say that again? I think I misheard it」

「I can’t cum from masturbating. So, I wanted to ask Leona-san who’s well experienced」

「I wasn’t mishearing it. Sorry, give me a moment to think」

After making a huge sigh, wrinkling her brow, and gluing her fingers around her temple, Leona sorted out what she just said.

She can’t cum from masturbating. In short, she can’t reach orgasm.

She never expected to hear those words from Fuyou, who’s famous for being a serious honor student. It’s too strange.

However, thinking about it, she’s climbed the stairs to adulthood with Nakade Haku, her boyfriend.

It’s a statement that sticks out since she’s having a sincere relationship and having sex with him. It’s so serious that she’s even asking for advice.

「Okay, Shojo-chi. You can’t cum from masturbating. I get it」

「I looked it up too. Like, how you do it. But, I just can’t get it off, and then, I found that there are surprisingly a lot of people like me」

「Right. Seems like it」

「Then that means that Leona-san can do it, right? How do I do it?」

「You want to know so bad that you’re willing to stoop so low?! I guess Shojo-chi’s also a girl」

Fuyou’s a little bit miffed with what Leona said. It seems that she’s upset that she wasn’t considered a girl.

「Yes. I’m also a normal girl you know」

「Sorry, don’t pout!」

Leona apologized to the discontented Fuyou. The two of them laughed.

「How do you usually do it with Leona?」

「Me? Well, my boyfr-I mean I use toys」


「Do you use your hand, Shojo-chi?」


「Do you like to touch them, or insert them?」

「I-I don’t put my hand inside」

“I see? You don’t put your fingers in, but who does?”

Leona can’t stop grinning at Fuyou’s statement. It’s too easy to tease her close friend who’s shrinking in embarrassment. “She’s too precious I want to worship her right now”

Leona’s hobby is watching people’s sweet and sour romances.

「And so, were you imagining Nakade-chi?」

「No comment」

「That’s just the same as saying you do!」

「No comment!」

「But, it’s Nakade-chi, right? It has to be Nakade-chi! I know it already so just confess. Aren’t we friends, Shojo-chi?」

「Ugh! Y-Yes! I was thinking about Haku-kun! What’s wrong with it?」

「Nothing at all」

「Geez! Stop that grin of yours!」

「Shojo-chi’s bright as tomato, so cute! So precious! Thank you, gods!」

Leona’s moved to tears, praying thanks to the god of love, and Fuyou’s read to ears from the revelation and turned away with a pout. Then.

「Leona-san, what should I do?! I’m really worried here!」

Fuyou slams the desks and exclaims in desperation.


Leona puts her finger on her lip and thought.

She can’t cum from masturbating.

Leona, who’s a masturbator with years of experience, thinks of it as a serious problem.

「Shojo-chi, how often do you masturbate?」


Fuyou recalls the times she masturbated by counting her fingers.

There was that time when she took the energy drink and her reason collapsed. Then, the other time was when she was bathing with Haku. The third time when she tried to do it in her bathroom.

“No, I shouldn’t tell her that I masturbated when Haku-kun was present. Using the energy drink also increased sensitivity to such high magnitudes that they don’t count. And so…”

「Three times, I guess?」

「Oh, then it’s normal」

“It’s too few to what’s expected. I was expecting her to be doing it for at least a few months or half a year. But, only three times?” Leona’s surprised at how few times she’s done it that her shoulders slumped.

“Really?” Fuyou wondered. She lacked sexual knowledge from the start and having sex with Haku felt so good that she cums easily, so her standards are a little out of the line from the average.

「I’m sure you’ll be able to get it after doing it a few more times, Shojo-chi. You must be frigid, Shojo-chi?」

「I’m not sure. But I feel pleasure」

「Also, if you can’t cum then just ask for Nakade-chi’s hand! It’s not like you have to masturbate, and if your partner is willing to do it, then why not just have sex with him instead?」

「That’s also true…」

「But if you really want to do it by yourself, then you might want to practice it with Nakade-chi a few times or have him teach you how to use toys」

「I see. Toys…」

「Shojo-chi stopped denying it anymore」

「I mean, you already figured things out, and I thought that it’s okay if Leona-san. But, stop that grin」

The corners of Leona’s mouth have been going up since a while ago. “I wish you could do something about that smile on your face.”

It’s Fuyou’s first time discussing love life with her friend, so she doesn’t know how to react. It’s too embarrassing and uncomfortable. If she tried to fight back, it only burns her in shame.

After that, she consulted the experienced gyaru on various topics she was confused with and asked for tips on masturbating.

By the end of the lunch break, Fuyou felt satisfied.

「Leona-san, thanks for the advice. I might’ve been a bit impatient」

「It’s only been a month since you started dating Nakade-chi, right? It’s normal if it’s your first time dating. Well, you can talk to me if you have other problems. I’ve done a lot of love counseling, so leave it to the love master!」

「I’ll rely on you then」

「Ehehe. Shojo-chi’s relying on me! Now I’m feeling good!」

Leona sighed heavily after the consultation was over.

「So Shojo-chi only wanted to talk about herself masturbating. I was so scared, wondering what you would say. Well, it’s hard to talk about Nakade-chi, right?」

She unconsciously loosened her body. The tension stiffened her body like a stone. Her shoulders hurt. Even though her huge tits give her stiff shoulders most of the time.

「What? You thought I’d ask you about your physical relationship with Haku-kun?」

「Ahaha. Yeah, that……..wait, Shojo-chi?」

Leona was caught off guard since she was already relieved, and she unintentionally answered a question that Fuyou asked naturally. Then her mind caught up with what she said.

Leona’s skin started sweating.

“D-Did she figure it out? No, she might be just asking a trick question” “Even so, I unconsciously affirmed it”

The brown gyaru’s sweating cold but Fuyou, who’s sitting opposite to her just smiled without concern.

「You’re having sex with Haku-kun, aren’t you?」

「W-What are you talking about? I’m not doing anything」

「Why are you not speaking normally? It sounded weird. Are you trying to hide it?」

「U-Uhm, well, that…」

Leona avoided her gaze. She can’t come up with any excuse, and it’s too late to gloss it over anymore. “The only choice here is to apologize sincerely”

「Sorry, Shojo-chi, I’m…」

「You don’t have to apologize, I don’t mind」

Fuyou speaks gently to Leona, who bowed deeply that she almost slammed her forehead on the desk.

「I mean, I’m not dating Haku-kun anyway」

「Nonono! You don’t have to hide that one! Everyone already knows you two are dating!」

「It’s true, however. My relationship with Haku-kun is more of a mistress relationship」

「Huh? Mistress?」

It’s Leona’s second time making a stupid look this day.

If you thought someone was a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, but the truth is that she’s just a mistress, of course, you’d make the same face.

Fuyou saw the reaction of her close friend as if assessing her reaction.

Leona took a few seconds to comprehend the bombshell statement she just heard.

「Oh? Just a mistress relationship. You should’ve told me sooner!」

The brown gyaru pops her hand and easily accepted that it’s a relationship that people avoid public attention. She just smiled without questioning it.

Fuyou’s observing that reaction and then.

「My guess is that it changes other people’s perceptions too No, it’s carefree. I mean, it must be because of Leona-san’s cheery atmosphere?」

「Why are you talking to yourself, Shojo-chi?」

「No, don’t mind it. Just some monologue」

Leona plopped down on her desk, laughing to gloss things over. Now she’s relieved of all tension. She’s feeling so much relief that she might cry. She’s glad that Fuyou remained her friend.

Leona looked up at Fuyou.

「Shojo-chi, are you not angry that Nakade-chi’s having sex with other girls?」

「I don’t. Rather, I recommend it」

“If he gets better at sex, then I can climax a lot more,” those were Fuyou’s thoughts. And the more she climaxes, the more money she gains. Furthermore, the higher the level, the higher the prize bonus they get for the games. So she’d love him to have sex with a lot more women.

「Are you not jealous?」

「I am. Just a bit. Well, I already accepted that jealousy too」

「Shojo-chi’s into netorase? Are you a perv who’s happy to watch her boyfriend have sex with other women?」

「N-No, I don’t have that kind of habit!」


「Believe me」

She easily believed their relationship, but this time she was not. Fuyou wanted to sigh deeply.

Leona sends a doubtful glance, then she popped her hands.

She definitely thought of it as weird.

「Shojo-chi’s thinking that Nakade-chi’s coming back to you in the end! “Isn’t my husband, amazing? Number 2. But, I’m the one he loves” you say to the mistress while making a smug smile. That looks good on you, Shojo-chi!」

「No, it doesn’t! I’m the mistress here, get it?」

「Yes, yes, I get it. I get it properly」

「From how you speak, it looks like you don’t get it at all」

Fuyou didn’t even hide her sigh.

She would need at least an hour to make her understand, but there are only five minutes left in the lunch break. It’s almost time for lectures.

Just in time, the bell rings and the two cleaned up their lunch boxes.

Just before leaving the empty room, Fuyou stopped and looked back.



「You don’t have to mind me. You can have sex with Haku-kun as much as you want」

「Oh, okay, I mean, Shojo-chi. How did you figure out that I’m already having a physical relationship with him? Is it a woman’s intuition?」

「There’s that, and sometimes, I smell the same body soap and shampoo that came from that mystery space coming from Leona-san. Today, Haku-kun also smelled like that, and he was tired. You must’ve done it earlier this morning?」

「Well yeah. I borrowed Nakade-chi! Still, you figured it out from the smell. It’s kind of amazing so I use it every day. I want it in my home」

「Me too」


The two smiled at each other happily.

The two no longer had a stormy mood, rather, they were closer than they were before lunch, having confided to each other the things they can’t tell others.

Not knowing that Nakade Haku looks at the two who were smiling…

「What did those two talk about?」

He had a stomach ache from stress…or not…


That night, in the Otometani household, an epic brother-sister fight broke out after dinner.

Fuyou’s little brother and sister grabbed each other, slapped, threw things, shouted, and cried.

It’s already been an hour since the fight started and made up.

「Aah, I’m tired」

「Onee-chan, good job」

After preaching her younger siblings, cleaning up the clutter and broken toys. Fuyou’s so exhausted that she just wants to lie down now.

The words of her year-younger sister, Kasumi, who also helped with work, healed her.

「They only fight when Mom isn’t around, and I want to say that enough is enough」

「Onee-chan, you added that in your sermon」

「Oh, Did I?」

“I don’t remember much of the sermon. I just said what I wanted to say”

The siblings who had a big fight are sleeping peacefully now. It looked like the fight earlier was just a lie.

「Today’s that day, and yet…」


「No, nothing. I’ll go take a light bath」

「Okay. Oh right, Onee-chan. Smartphone please」

「You shouldn’t use phones before sleeping」

「Just a bit」

After giving a warning, the exhausted Fuyou handed the family-shared phone to her sister. Then, she went to her phone.

Kasumi used the phone.

「Well then, let’s go to youtube…Hmm, oh? Onee-chan. You’re not deleting your history. You’re surprisingly dull in this」

She checked what site her sister was looking at. She’s curious.

Kasumi used the pretense that the kind-hearted younger sister will erase the history, and looked back through Fuyou’s browsing activities.

「Let’s see, “how to masturbate,” “women who can’t get it off while masturbating,” “how to get it off from masturbating?” Onee-chan’s looking up this stuff too?! Ah, I see. Onee-chan doesn’t seem to have much knowledge on that side, no, she’s different recently. I feel like she’s got that womanly glow on her」

She seemed to have been on a date the other day, and when she came back, her makeup was off, and she smelled sweet, like body soap.

Her sister might’ve found a boyfriend already. That’s something to celebrate.

She skimmed through the masturbation-related sites her sister was browsing, and then looked further into the history

「”Compensated dating price,” “mistress price,” “mistress monthly rate,” “sexual techniques to please a man,” eh?」

Compensated dating? Mistress? Sexual techniques to please men?

Unrealistic words run around her head.


Kasumi’s little mutters never reached anyone and disappeared in the wind.