AV App Chapter 24 ♡ Stress Relief



Fuyou-san contacted me, I tapped on my AV app and went for mistress play, and then we moved space while the surroundings turn bright white. Then, Fuyou-san appeared next to me.

Is she in a bad mood? She seems to have a wrinkled brow and a stinging atmosphere that makes it difficult to talk to her.

「 Haku-kun 」

「 Y-Yes? What is it? 」

Huh? Why? I didn’t do anything to anger her, right?

Fuyou-san talked with Leona-san earlier in the lunch break, and they seem to have gotten closer.

I have no idea. The only thing that would make her angry would be if I laid my hand on Leona-san. Did she figure that out already?

Fuyou-san seems to be having an eerie sense of fatigue, and shadow under her eyes, staring at me and whispered.

「 Please give me some time 」

「 O-Okay, take as much as you want 」

「 Thanks 」

She moved to the table placed in front of the sofa.

She randomly placed the cushion on the floor, sat upright with good posture, and then unfolded the books and notebook from the bag she brought in. She tied her hair so it won’t get in the way.

「 Good! 」

She slapped her cheeks and started scribbling.

It’s too much drive that I can’t talk to her. She’s super concentrated. She doesn’t even look this way.

Just what is she doing?

I peeked from a distance, and I see Fuyou-san studying. She’s doing prep work for college lessons.

「 I didn’t know you could bring study materials to this space 」

Thinking about it, your clothes do come with you when you move here. If you have your study materials on hand, then you can bring them to this space. You should be able to bring in a laptop too.

The time outside isn’t ticking. No matter how many hours we spend here, it’ll only be a moment in the real world. And, your experience is well reflected.

Then that means…

「 If you study in this space, you have more time to spare in the real world! It’s amazing that you realized that Fuyou-san 」

The AV App developers are likely to get offended if we only use it for studying, but I feel like they’ll forgive us as long as we do something naughty in the end. They don’t care about time.

If we want to, we could move to this space during exams, cheat, have sex, and return.

Woah. Cheating.

Maybe next time I’ll ask Fuyou-san, who has good grades, and Leona-san who’s fluent in languages, to teach me to study. Then, flirting between studies. That’s nice. I want to do that normally. I want to do tutor play.

「 Let’s use this space more efficiently 」

Fuyou-san, continued to study single-mindedly with such tremendous concentration that she became unaware of my presence. She’s so beautiful even when studying.

After about thirty minutes, her hands stopped scribbling.

「 Aaah! I’m done! 」

She stood up and stretched herself with a groan unbecoming of a maiden. She stuffed her notebook and books into her bag and turned to me.

「 Thank you for waiting 」

「 Not at all 」

To be honest, I was in awe of Fuyou-san studying that I felt sad that it was over.

Fuyou-san placed her study materials on the table as if throwing them away, and fell onto the bed as she approached forward in a daze.

「 Uuuuuu…. 」

「 W-What’s wrong? 」

I’ve never seen her so exhausted and weak. She didn’t even reach this much after using the energy drink.

She speaks while her face is pressed against the bed.

「 My brother and sister had a fight today. They kept hitting each other, scratching, throwing things, and crying. Thanks to that, I didn’t get to study. I’m really tired 」

「 G-Good work 」

Fuyou-san flaps her feet. Cute.

I patted her back, at least as a gesture of appreciation for her efforts. I thought of patting her head, but I couldn’t reach it. So, I went for her back.

「 How old are your siblings? 」

「 Have I never told Haku-kun about my siblings? I have a year-younger sister who’s a freshman in college, then a second-year high-school sister, and a third-year middle schooler brother. A twin brother and sister who are in fourth grade, and a sister who’s in third grade, that’s seven siblings. Then, the two who had a fight were the bottom four 」

The third year of middle school is right about the time of puberty. It’s a time when even the slightest noise can be irritating. The noises of the elementary siblings must also be irritating.

「 Woah, that’s lively 」

「 It’s too much that it’s troublesome 」

After suddenly tossing in the bed for a while, she got up and pouted.

「 Bath 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I want to take a bath 」

「 S-Sure 」

「 Go with me! Haku-kun!! 」

Before I could even ask “Me too?” she already pulled my hand and took me to the changing room.

We undressed and I admired Fuyou-san’s white underwear and her beautiful back, ass, and thighs as we went inside the bathroom. We showered to rinse off our bodies and entered the bath.

「 Aaah, that heals me 」

Fuyou sounded entranced and pleased. She might like baths.

I sit behind her, hugging her in my arms. Her naked body in hot water feels comfortable to touch.

Fuyou occasionally splashed hot water on her shoulders. Her movements were so charming and clear drops slide down her beautiful neck, collarbone, and her breasts.

I can’t help but take a sweet bite of the neck in front of me.

Now I get what vampires feel. Women’s necks feel sexy.

I peeked over her shoulder and saw her nicely shaped breasts. Her pink nipples are sticking out, floating in hot water. What a beautiful sight.

「 Haku-kun 」

Fuyou’s staring at me close. She closed her eyes, pleading for something. Her lips stick out.

I’m thrilled to see her waiting for a kiss.

「 Hmm 」

If you make that face, of course, I’ll kiss you

Fuyou’s moist and wet lips are exceptional.

It’s sweet, smooth, and soft. The warmth of the water and feeling the kiss make me feel like going out of control.

As we continue to kiss without entwining our tongues, Fuyou-san started to move about. I tried to look at what was going on and she started touching her breasts. She’s groping her bouncy boobs.

–She’s starting to masturbate while kissing?!

「 Hmm, hmm, Naa~ 」

Fuyou-san devours my lips as I stiffened in surprise.

Her hands also move and grope her breasts. Her fingers bury themselves in it.

「 Nhaa~! 」

Her slender fingers pinch her nipple. I can hear her moaning as she plays with it.

「 Nfuu! Nfuu! Fuu 」

Her tongue knocked on my lips and I opened up. Our tongues started entwining.

Her wet tongue has a strange texture, it’s sticky and rough, and it feels good.

「 Chu, churu, chu, juru… 」

Enjoying a rich kiss, I glanced over again to check and I see one of her hands playing with her breasts while the other’s reaching for her crotch.

She opened her thighs and raked through the shimmering pubic hair. Her fingers cover the important part.

「 Nfuuu! 」

I’m sure she touched her clitoris. Her hot breath escaped and her naked body twitched.

But, she doesn’t stop the kiss nor touch her breasts.

Fuyou-san’s absurdly beautiful and sexy as she masturbates while kissing.

「 Hmm, chu, hmm, hmm?! Nuu, chu! 」

Hot water splashes along with her lusty moans. She moves her hand up and down, rubbing her crotch in a circular motion.

「 Haa, haa!! Haku-kun!! 」

If you call me with such an earnest voice, you’d burn out my reason!

I sucked on her lips with such desire and after a few seconds, Fuyou-san’s body twitched.

「 Hmm! Hmm! Nuuu!!!? Haa, haa, haa, I came… 」

Her face is melting in pleasure.

She seems satisfied, or should I say that she looked like she’s accomplished something.

「 Naa!? 」

My penis enters Fuyou-san’s crotch due to the slight change of position caused by her climax. That moan just now was because my glans touched her entrance.

「 Hmm, hmm, naa!! 」

Fuyou-san started masturbating again. Her hand stimulates her clitoris in a circular motion. Then, she moved her hips up and down, rubbing our genitals together.

That slippery side of her labia feels good too.

「 I-It feels good! Haku-kun 」

「 What’s up? 」

「 I want to put it in! Can I? 」

Asking while having a face that’s melting in pleasure is breaking the rules. Too sexy! Too cute!

Fuyou-san can’t hold it anymore, she moved before I even give her permission.

「 I’m putting it in! Haa, aaahn!! 」

She puts my dick inside right after masturbating.

She lightly pushed my dick that’s been rubbing her entrance to change trajectory and it easily entered her pussy.

My penis is feeling warmth differently from the water now.

「 Aah, I love this 」

Fuyou-san who just had a climax bends her back like a bow from the pleasure. Then, she continued to move her body up and down.

The water splashes out with her movements.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! Amazing! Haku-kun! 」

「 Ugh! Too tight 」

「 Hm, hm, hm, hmm! I-I can’t stop my body! I’m feeling good! Make me feel more of it! 」

I’ll make you feel good as you wish

Doing it from behind makes it easy to rub her breasts. I use both hands to cover her ample breast and squeezed them.

They change shape according to the movement and force of my fingers. I can’t get tired of this. This is where the men’s romance lies.

I pinched her erect nipples that are asking for it.

「 Aaahn! Ah, ah, ah, ah!! 」

She even responds interestingly. She bends her body and twitches.

This beautiful woman’s bouncing body is sexy.

「 Noo~ My head’s going crazy! I’m going crazy from having sex with Haku-kun!! 」

「 Then go crazy when we’re together 」

「 I-I won’t become myself anymore! Haan~ 」

「 Why don’t you just forget about everything and let loose? Let’s do it together 」

I kissed her charming nape. I licked off the clear drops floating on her skin. Even that made her tremble/

Her moist eyes pierce straight through me.

「 Don’t hate me 」

Fuyou-san pleads with a small voice, and she lets go of her reason, beginning to shake her hips for her pleasure.

Her gasps were so loud and intense that it echoes in the bathroom.

“Don’t hate me,” she says. What is she talking about?

「 There’s no way I would hate you 」

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, aah, aah!! 」

How would you hate this figure? I love sexy women! I want to see more of your cute and sexy look.

I grab her slippery body and moved my piston hard. Hot water splashed around.

This space is only for Fuyou-san and me. I don’t need to worry about the surroundings. That’s why we can make as much noise as we want.

The intensity of sex, the heat of our lust, and the warmth of the bath are getting blood rushing to our heads.

「 Fuyou-san, let’s change positions 」

If this goes on, we’ll get dizzy from taking too long in the bath. We need to get off the bathtub and cool off.

I caught sight of the towel rack while I was thinking. Let’s use that.

「 Grab onto that towel rack 」

「 H-Hurry, put it inside me Haku-kun 」

You don’t have to swing your ass like that, I’m putting it in now.

I aimed at her pussy from behind and inserted it.

「 Nn…Haaa! Haku-kun! That feels amazing! 」

Kuh! The tightness is dangerous.

Fuyou-san’s pussy is clamping hard like a virgin despite having sex with me so many times. She remembered the shape of my penis and clamped hard.

It feels so good.


Right now, we’re doing it while standing from behind. My hips and her ass slamming make a loud sound that echoes in the room.

That line in her spine is so charming.

「 Ahn~ Ahn~! Ahn! Ah, Ah, ah, aah! 」

「 Fuyou-san feels too much pleasure no matter what position we do it, right?! 」

I swing my hips while embracing the beautiful woman.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm! No! This isn’t it! Go deeper! 」

Fuyou-san sticks out her ass further. Trying to pierce deeper inside her pussy.

「 I want it deep inside! Yes! I like this 」

Leona-san likes it on the shallow part, especially the G-spot, but it seems that Fuyou-san prefers it deeper, near her uterus.

Panpanpanpanpanpan! Pachun!!

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu!

Lewd sound echoes. Her folds entwine. Her vagina wriggles, wanting to squeeze semen.

「 Ugh, ugh, ugh, hmm! Hmm! Hmm! 」

I noticed that it wasn’t just me who was moving, Fuyou-san was also swinging her body.

The coordination of our pistons heightens our pleasure.

「 Haku-kun! Haku-kun! Haku-kun!!! 」

「 W-What’s up? 」

「 Kiss! I want to kiss you! I want to kiss front-on! 」

Fuyou also loves kissing. If she wants it in front, then we’ll stand and have sex facing each other. I heard that it’s hard for women to stand and have sex from behind for a long time.

I pull out my penis, turned Fuyou-san around, embraced her, and pushed my penis inside again. At that moment, our lips piled up.

「 Chu, nchu, haa, Haku-kun 」

Kissing while having sex. I’ve become one with Fuyou-san in mind and body.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haann~ 」

The hot breath of hers as she indulges in pleasure is ticklish.

Her mouth is half open. Her cheeks are flushed. Her hair is wet. And her eyes are moist in passion.

Fuyou-san knows how to capture a man. She got me captivated.

She’s making this lovely face only in front of me. That thought gives me a tremendous sense of superiority.

「 More! I want more! I want more of Haku-kun 」

Her voice seems unsatisfied.

「 Raise one of your legs 」

「 Hmm! 」

I lift her knees and allow for deeper insertion.

How about this?

「 Yes! I love this! It feels amazing! 」

Seems like she likes it. As expected, Fuyou-san likes it deep.

We’re in the bath and so the floor is wet, one of Fuyou-san’s legs is lifted up, she could hold on to the towel rack to keep her stability, but she hugged me even without me telling her to do anything.

Pachun, pachun, pachun, that’s the sound of water splashing as our hips slam each other.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm! Haku-kun! 」

She coils her arm around my neck, pushed her plump breasts on me, and kissed me in trance.

The usual cool beauty in her face has turned to a passionate one who’s a captive of sex. The gap moe is killing me. I want to cum now!

「 Ah, ah! Ah! Ah! I’m about to cum! I’m going to cum again! 」

She’s reaching her climax, her vagina clamping tighter. I’m about to cum too.

「 Cum! I’m cumming! Haku-kun! Haku-kun~! Haku-kun! Let’s cum together 」

「 I know! I’m about to– 」


The sneeze ruined the mood. Our bodies trembled. We got too immersed in sex that our temperatures have come down.

I stopped moving as we were just about to climax.

「 「 ………… 」 」

We stared at each other. The only frustration is starting to pile up now.

「 Sorry 」

「 No, no. Sorry. Our bodies got cold 」

I embraced Fuyou-san’s warm body.

She smiled benevolently despite everything in ruins. She’s too kind that I’m about to cry.

Fuyou-san must be a Goddess?

「 Why don’t we get in the bath for now? 」

「 Right 」

I pulled out my penis and was about to get in the bath again, and then Fuyou whispered sweetly to my ears.

「 This time, pour a ton inside me, okay? Chu 」

Kuhaa! I-I almost ejaculated there. That was close.

Fuyou-san, surprise attacks are unfair. My nerves would give out.

We soaked in the bath again and then continued having sex.

Lastly, we went for the lotus position.

「 Ah, ah, I love this! I love it! 」

Stop the surprise attacks, please! Fuyou-san’s “love” statement is almost a nuclear weapon.

R-Right. You meant to say that you like…

「 I love this position! 」

R-Right! It’s that one. Of course. I thought so too.

I was dumb for having expectations for a second there.

Lotus’s position allows for deeper penetration, and we’re embracing each other, seeing each other’s faces as we kiss. Fuyou-san loves this.

I also love doing it while facing Fuyou-san. I can see her face melting in pleasure.

Chapu, chapu, chapu, chapu!

Water splashes around. The bath is shaking. We use the momentum of water to tie each other deeper.

「 More! More! More! More! This time, let’s do it together! 」

「 I won’t stop no matter what! 」

「 Yes! Do it! 」

We were once on the verge of climax earlier, so we get to the tipping point quickly.

No, it’s the opposite, it’s because we were teased that we’re intensely fired up, seeking each other, and about to reach our climax.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! It’s coming! It’s coming! The pleasure! The white light is coming! 」

Her hot pussy tightens as she approaches her orgasm. No, it might be because my dick is growing thicker. Or maybe it’s both.

We feel a rapid rising in our pleasure.

「 It’s coming! Coming! cumming! cumming! Aaaah, haa, haa, naaa! 」

「 I’m cumming too! Fuyou-san!! 」

「 Haku-kun! Haku-kun! Haku-kun! No! Don’t let go! 」

「 I won’t let go! 」

「 ah, aaahn! Naaa, aaaa, aaah!! Cumming! Cumming! Cuming! Cumming!!! 」

「 Kuh! Cumming!!! 」

「 Aaaaaaaaaa!! Naaaaaa!! Hmmmmmmuuuuuu 」

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu!! Dopyu!!

At that moment, I ejaculated at the deepest part of her. My semen vigorously shoots out and pushes inside her uterus.

Having a climax after getting a tease is different. I’m almost blanking out from ejaculating.

Fuyou-san’s back is bending in the climax.

「 It’s so hot! It’s pouring inside me! aaah!! 」

After the climax, Fuyou-san fell exhausted on my shoulder.

Her sweet hot breath tickles me. I gave her kisses on her neck.

We embrace each other, intoxicated in the afterglow of sex while still connected.

「 It felt amazing 」

「 Me too 」

It felt amazing, but it was tiring. It’s refreshing, pleasant, and exhausting.

Speaking of which, Leona-san squeezed me dry earlier this morning. I guess that’s the reason why I lasted longer.

Fuyou-san embraced tightly and she begs in a sweet melting voice.

「 Let’s do it one more time, okay? 」

She invites me for a second round and my dick reacted. The last drop of semen that remained in my urethra dripped out to her insides.

Another one? I see.

–Of course, the answer is “YES”