AV App Chapter 28 Bedhair



I’m getting ready for school as usual and headed to the front door only to find my step-sister, Kaori, playing with her phone.

「 What are you doing? 」

「 What? Finally here. Let’s go together 」

「 Huh? Why? 」

If my sister suddenly said that she’ll come with me, I’d be paranoid. 100% Doubt it.

This would’ve been different yesterday and the other day. Last time, we went to school together because Kaori overslept, and our commute times happened to match, but she waited for me on purpose. Suspicious. Too suspicious.

What is my sister thinking? Is she going to beg for an allowance?

「 Don’t be too cautious. Remember Rin-chan? I just want to see the kid 」

Oh. So it’s that. Kaori also wants to be healed by a young girl?

Rin-chan’s so cute, right? She heals you.

「 Why not just go and meet her alone? 」

「 I’m embarrassed. Haku’s also going to see her today, right? That’s why I thought of going with you 」

「 Kaori also feels embarrassed huh… 」

「 What do you mean by that?! 」

Don’t glare that hard. I’m just surprised that she’s hesitating to see a young girl even though she’s much better at communication skills than I am.

Even if I refuse, she’ll just follow me behind anyway.

If, then go with me from start. I’ll have someone to talk to while walking.

「 What is it? What are you talking about? 」

Our aunt, Kaho-san came to see us off, and she tilted her head. She’s cute that you won’t figure out that she’s in her 30s. As usual, she looks young enough to be our age. She’s almost a college girl.

「 You see, this girl is waiting in the kindergarten bus on our way to college, and Haku’s been greeting her lately 」

「 I see. So that’s why Haku-chan doesn’t sleep late anymore! He was so cute and squishy during kindergarten, right~ Of course, Haku-chan and Kaori-chan are still cute today 」

「 Right~ 」

「 Hey. Stop clinging to me 」

The aunt who can’t leave her nephews and nieces hug the two college students.

Kuh! Why does it shock me even though she’s family? I’m afraid to grab her soft and sweet-smelling skin it’s hard to pull away from her hug.

Kaho-san seems to be in the groove, in high spirits in the morning.

「 Aah, I want a child too… 」

「 Here, here! I want a girl! I want some cousins! Good luck, Kaho-san! 」

Kaori, what are you talking about. Kaho-san will just get carried away. Besides, that subject is almost forbidden in front of Kaho-san.

In the past, Kaho-san lost her fiance in an accident a day before her wedding.

「 Hey. Kaori 」

「 Don’t mind it, Haku-chan. I’m the one who started the topic. But still, it’s unfortunate. I don’t have a partner 」

「 Right. Well, even if Kaho-san finds a partner now, you’ll already be an old lady by the time you get pregnant 」

「 Haku-chan? What did you just say now? 」

「 Hiii!? 」

Instead of stepping on a landmine, I just flipped the nuclear bomb switch.

Kaho-san glared at me with a beautiful smile on her face. Even her eyes are smiling, which is just scarier. She’s smiling with her whole face. And yet, the air behind her is starting to shake, it’s like it’s opening a portal to the abyss.

She gently placed her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it hard that I felt pain for a moment.

「 What did you just say? Haku-chan? 」

「 No, N-n-n-n-n-n-n-nothing! I think a boy or a girl is okay 」

「 Oh? I’ll take that seriously you know? Ufufufufu 」

The dark abyss got absorbed in the beautiful woman’s body and disappeared. She’s back to the smiling college girl look in no time.

Phew. Great. I thought I’d die. You can’t slip when it comes to women. I have to be careful.

「 Oh, Haku-chan? You’ve got bed hair, did you not comb it? 」

「 Huh, seriously? 」

「 Ah, you’re right. It’s sticking out 」

I touched the back of my head and I really had bed hair.

What to do. It takes time to fix my bed hair, I’ll leave it up for today I’ll just go to the uni and wet it with water in the bathroom.

「 「 We’re off! 」 」

「 Take care! 」

Kaho-san throws off a rich flying kiss and then Kaori and I left the house.

While walking, I noticed my sister sending glances at my face.

「 What’s up? 」

「 Nothing 」

What do you mean by that? I know you want to say something. How many years do you think we’ve been family?

「 Kaori. What are you planning?

「 N-Nothing? 」

She just twitched, now that’s clearly suspicious. Kaori. Your eyes are swimming around.

Do you plan to hide it?

「 How about you tell me honestly instead? 」

「 It’s got nothing to do with Haku. I was just thinking that it’s time to have a chat with Otometani-senpai 」

「 That’s plenty related 」

Talk to Fuyou-san?! I think she had Fuyou-san promise to talk to her the next time they meet, but I have to stop that. I don’t know what they’ll talk about.

How do I stop this?! I can’t come up with an idea She’s likely to charge in on the break, and I don’t know what to do.

Do I have to ask Kaori’s close friend, Yumejiri-san for blackmail material?

「 Stop it. Don’t ever do that 」

「 Okay! 」

「 Your smile doesn’t say the same thing. Don’t pretend. You’ve got to promise me 」

「 Okay Haku! 」

My step-sister’s dazzling smile tells me that she’ll never listen to me.

Then I have no choice. Let’s compromise so we get in the same boat.

「 The sister must judge the woman approaching her brother! 」

「 It’s not a duty! 」

「 Eeh! But it is! In the Nakade Household’s women 」

So there is… She affirms.

「 Could it be that Nee-san and Mom too? 」

「 Of course, that’s natural! While at it, Kaho-chan’s also included, even if she’s not a Nakade 」

My step-sister shows off a smug face. Humph! She breathes out of her nose wildly.

To all the Nakade and Kageran women in the country…is there a duty where you watch all the women approaching your brothers, sons, or nephews?

I want to do that kind of survey.

「 Just don’t bother her 」

「 I know. But if she’s fooling Haku-kun, then, fufufu 」

Suddenly, my sister changed. Kaori’s making a dark smile and her eyes lost eyes. It’s scary. Her eyes are stabbing me. The atmosphere is too dangerous, it’s as if she’s about to carry some kind of gruesome revenge.

If a woman tried to deceive me, Kaori was likely to threaten her and drive her away by any means necessary without me knowing about it.

Fuyou-san’s not tricking me so it’s safe.

Could it be that Kaori loves me more than I expected?

I lightly chop my sister’s head as she makes a scary face while making such egoistic thoughts in my mind.

「 Hey. Go back to your cute face. Rin-chan’s waiting for us on the next corner 」

「 Ouch! Can’t help it then. If Haku says so, I’ll bring back my cute face! There~ 」

「 Yes, there. What a cute sister 」

I’m accustomed to seeing my sister’s cute face. It may work with 99% of the men, but it has no effect on me, her brother.

As I turned to the corner with my sister, slightly displeased with the lukewarm response, we saw a parent and child waiting for the kindergarten bus.

We know who the young girl is right away. It’s Rin-chan

「 Good Morning! Onii-chan!! 」

「 Hey. Good Morning, Rin-chan 」

We give each other a high-five every morning Her tiny and squishy hands heal me.

「 Aah! Kaori-oneechan’s here too! Good Morning 」

「 Good Morning. You’re so cute! High Five! 」

「 Five! 」

My sister and the young girl clapped each other’s hands.

Gununu, you could use both hands there?! What an impressive technique. We’ve only done it with one hand so far, tomorrow, I’ll start using both hands.

「 Sumire-san too, good morning 」

「 Nakade-kun…Good Morning. You have bed hair 」

Sumire-san still has an unhappy wife atmosphere around her.

As usual, she’s got dark circles under her eyes, looking so tired even though it’s morning. But she gives off a beautiful smile.

She doesn’t feel awkward despite having creampie sex just before. It’s the opposite. It feels like the distance from her is closer.

And there’s one change. Sumire-san’s got new clothes. She must’ve bought it when she gained the money from having sex with me. It doesn’t look expensive, but the clothes are brand new. She seems to have bought some new underwear too, so she’s no longer walking around without a bar.

That’s a little sad. I used to look forward to seeing her nipples every day.

「 Stay still, it’s a little stubborn 」

Sumire-san stretched out her hand and stroked my bed hair.

I had sex with her once, and so she seems less wary of our bodies touching. She’s even touching me like it’s natural.

「 I plan on fixing it once I reach uni 」

「 I think that’s for the better. You’ll be late 」

Kaori’s enjoying Rin-chan’s healing.

「 「 Take care! 」 」

「 「 We’re off 」 」

The parent and child sent us off as we walk to our university.

My sister walking to me is dangerous. She’s looking ecstatic, and her mind’s in a dreamy state. Her body’s there, but her mind’s away. She’s swaying around.

「 Haa…children are so cute! Maybe Hana-chan could get another one? Kaho-chan’s okay too! 」

「 Kaho-san aside, Mom’s already in a dangerous age. 」 She’s already in her forties. Furthermore, if she gives birth now, the age difference between the child and us would be too big. Before that, look where you’re walking. You could get into an accident if you keep that 」

「 Eii! Don’t you think the same, Haku?! Don’t you want a little sister? A younger-younger sister! 」

A little sister… Honestly, Kaori’s enough for me.

I don’t want to increase the female population in our household.

「 Not really. 」

「 Eeh? But little girls are cute, aren’t they? 」

「 Do you want a little sister, or do you just want to dote on a young girl? 」

「 I’m more on the latter, I guess? I want to dote on a cute girl. Well, if a little sister won’t do it, then I can make a baby myself instead. So it shouldn’t be a problem. Aah, I want a child! I want to make a baby! 」

Hey now. Don’t talk about babymaking right in public in the morning. People would misunderstand.

However, despite my panic, the person who said it doesn’t seem to worry. What a carefree sister.

「 Who would be your partner then? 」

「 None~ I’m not looking for a great boyfriend 」

「 Then, you can’t make one 」

As we siblings chatted on good terms, we realized that we’d arrived at the university.

After we parted, I headed to my lecture hall.

When I entered the classroom, my usual seat is occupied by the quarter-blood gyaru and cool beauty.

Fuyou-san’s next to my seat, and Leona-san’s sitting on the desk.

「 Oh, Nakade-chi! Morning! 」

「 Good Morning, Nakade-kun 」

「 Kuchi-san, Otometani-san, Good Morning 」

It’s not my imagination, the air around my seat smells sweet.

「 You have bed hair on you, Nakade-kun 」

「 Ah, it’s true! It’s sticking out! 」

「 Yeah. I noticed it when leaving the house. I thought of fixing it when I arrived here 」

「 I guess you can leave it to the fashionable Leona-san 」

Kuchi-san pulls a comb out of nowhere and a bottle that seems like hairspray.

Where did she take that from?! She never had that with her before.

While I was surprised, Kuchi-san sprays a cold mist on my head without asking. Then, she started fixing my hair with her experienced hands.

「 Ah, it smells sweet, right? I mean, this is for women 」

「 Could you say that before spraying? 」

「 OKOK! I’ll do that next time Mumumu! This bed hair is stubborn! 」

「 It must be because Nakade-kun’s stubborn? 」

「 I guess. Wait, Otometani-san?! Did you just diss me? 」

I was so nonchalant that I nodded my head without thinking.

「 fufufu. I was just joking 」

「 A joke. Great. It’s really just a joke, right? 」

Fuyou-san smiled and didn’t reply.

Please, say it again.

「 Shojo-chi joking that’s my first time hearing that! 」

Leona-san murmurs as she struggles with my stubborn bed hair.

Fuyou-san’s got a surprisingly mischievous side to her, see?

Leona groans as she works hard in combing.

「 Muu! Interesting… This isn’t going well 」

「 Hey, you just said “Interesting,” didn’t you? 」

「 What to do with this? 」

I feel Fuyou-san curling my hair around her finger.

Err, uhm, Fuyou-san. What are you doing? You’re fixing my bed hair, right?

「 Ooh! You know what, that looks good Shojo-chi! 」

「 Hey! Could you two stop playing with other people’s heads? I feel you’re touching somewhere away from my bed hair! Is it my imagination? Are you not poking at my hair? 」

「 「 Don’t mind it, it’s your imagination 」 」

IRight. It must be my imagination then. Not! Where are you touching! You don’t have to play with my bangs! Just fix my bed hair! Don’t play with my hair!

My protests didn’t reach the two beautiful women as they continued playing with my hair until they were satisfied.