AV App Chapter 29 Attack! Brother’s Lunch!



「 Fuyou-san’s lunch box looks delicious 」

「 It doesn’t just look good, it also tastes good 」

Fuyou-san smiled at me with a mischievous glint in her eyes. As usual, what a cool beauty.

She adds another joke as she opens up her lunch box.

「 After all, I cooked this 」

Ooh. Is that so? Then it’s definitely delicious.

I’m interested in Fuyou-san’s homemade food as she always does housework. I want to take a bite.

「 Chilled foods are convenient, aren’t they? 」

「 Oh, frozen food… 」

Looking at it closely, it’s mostly chilled food. I’ve seen some deep-fried chicken and the like.

This isn’t exactly homemade now, are they? As expected. You can still call it homemade, I guess.

Just microwave it and it’s done. It would taste the same no matter who makes it. Frozen food sure is convenient.

「 Fufu. You were expecting some handmade food? 」

「 Well yeah, a bit 」

「 I’m busy in the mornings so I can’t just cook handmade food, see? I just stuffed the leftovers I had this morning. There are four in elementary and middle school so they get lunch from school, but the older three, including myself, are in high school and college, so we have to pack lunch. Then the young ones will also grow so I’m worried about it 」

Fuyou-san sighing in gloom looks picturesque. Her beauty is just unfair.

「 Must be hard being the homemaker 」

「 Yes. It’s hard. Food expenses…ugh, my head hurts thinking about it! So, supply me more, Haku-kun. Let’s earn a lot 」

She shows a bewitching smile and winks. I told you, surprise attacks are foul!

Stop doing that, my heart’s about to jump and cause cardiac arrest. It’s serious.

My heart rate’s increasing.

「 The only one I did myself is this fried egg, I guess? 」

She picks the egg omelet with chopsticks. The omelet is filled with small slices of spinach, bell peppers, and other vegetables.

It’s clear just from how it looks. It’s definitely good.

Fuyou-san sticks out the omelets.

「 Want to eat it? If you want, then open your mouth 」

Woah?! Is she feeding me? Is this the “Ahn~” scene again?!

I want to eat! Please let me eat it!

「 Enjoy. Aahn~ 」

「 Hmm, now that’s delicious 」

The egg rolls were better than expected.

A beautiful woman who’s good at housework made this food. Of course, it’s delicious.

「 Really? I’m glad 」

With a happy smile on her face, Fuyou-san also took a bite from the half-eaten omelet.

I wonder. It feels a little embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing to be in a lover-like situation when we’re not in the middle of a lover’s play in the AV app. But, this isn’t bad either.

「 ………… 」

「 Uhm, want some egg rolls from my lunch too? My aunt made this 」

「 Sure, I’ll take a bite 」

I made a suggestion as she stares at me with a hungry and expectant gaze, and it seems like I was right.

Copying what she did, I picked up the omelet with chopsticks and offered it to her, then she opened her glazed mouth and took a bite.

「 This is delicious. What’s the seasoning? 」

「 I don’t know. The only thing I have in mind is that it’s delicious 」

「 It’s either they used bonito or kelp broth. It’s so good I wish I know how to season it like this… 」

Kaho-san would be overjoyed if I tell her that. I’d have to invite Fuyou-san to my house if I do that, however.

It won’t end up just teaching her the recipe. It’s Kaho-san. She’s excitedly waiting for me to bring her.

Want another one? I nodded when asked, saying “of course”

『 T-They’re having an indirect kiss! Kyaa! They’re feeding each other! 』

『 Shh! They’ll hear you! 』

『 These two look so good together! 』

I hear whispers from the doorway of the room.

I turn my head around like a rusty mechanical doll, and I see three pairs of eyes peering through the doorway.

The eyes vanished in an instant as soon as they were discovered. Only to reappear a few seconds later, as their curiosity couldn’t be suppressed.

Our eyes met.

「 The three peeking girls over there. Get over here 」

『 What do we do, Kaori?! Nii-san-senpai found us 』

『 What do…ah 』

『 Excuse me 』

The brown gyaru from the same class walked in with a grin on her face, not even showing any sign of hesitation. Following her is Kaori, my sister, and her best friend Yumejiri-san entering the room. The three are holding bags of bread and lunch boxes.

「 What an unusual group 」

「 Ehehehe! I saw Nakade-chi’s little sister and her friend peeping so I joined in too 」

「 With your lunch box at hand? 」

「 I noticed them hanging around the hallway suspiciously, and thought that this is going to be fun so I went to get it and returned here right away 」

Leona-san invites Kaori and Yumejiri-san to sit next to us without asking for our permission. She’s intent on eating with us.

「 I also want to take a bite of Shojo-chi’s omelets! Oh, I’ll barter my snacks. Here’s my grandma’s stew! I recommend it! It’s my favorite 」

「 Sure, you can take a bite 」

The two began to share their dishes. Fuyou-san’s omelets! Aah.

「 And so? 」

I reluctantly cut off my unfulfilled desire for the omelets and turn my attention to the two younger girls.

「 You came here to attack just as you mentioned earlier this morning, Kaori 」

「 Of course. I have no use for Haku so you can go away now 」

「 Sorry, Nii-san-senpai. We interrupted your time with your girlfriend 」

「 No, no. Don’t mind it. Either way, my sister forced you to come with her, right? Besides, Fuyou-san’s not my girlfriend 」

From the way Yumejiri-san talks, it seems that the rumor that Fuyou-san and I are in a relationship has reached the first years too.

「 Suisen immediately agreed when I asked her to come 」

「 Aah! Shut up Kaori! You’re the one who looked determined, even saying “I’m going to Nii-san’s place” 」

「 Aaaaah! I didn’t say that! Shut up Suisen! 」

I see. They’re good friends. My little sister’s got a good friend. Onii-chan’s happy.

「 You know, she always talks about Nii-san-senpai every da-Gueh!! 」

「 Didn’t I tell you to shut up? Suisen? Your mouth doesn’t look like it’s closed. 」

「 Guh! Gah! 」

Kaori chokes Yumejiri-san from behind. She seems to be completely strangled. Yumejiri-san’s eyes widen, she’s also giving up. However, Kaori doesn’t care about it.

「 Why do you keep lying. Haku, don’t believe her 」

「 Kaori, you should let her go now. She’s going to die 」

「 Oops, sorry 」

「 Puhaaa! Zeee! Haa! I thought I’d die there. Nii-san-senpai, thanks for the save 」

You’re welcome. wait, I feel like we’ve done this exact pattern before. Is this a deja vu?

「 Oh right. Yumejiri-san. 」

「 What? 」

「 I’m looking for some blackmail materials for Kaori, if you have some, just let me know 」

「 Haku?! What do you plan to threaten me on?! What are you planning?! 」

「 Sure. I have a few, so I’ll let you know 」

「 Suisen?! You don’t have to tell him anything! 」

「 Shall we exchange contact info later? 」

「 Okay 」

Good. Now I have some aces up my sleeve when I need them.

「 Don’t just casually grab your sister’s friend’s information! You stupid brother! 」

「 Guee!! 」

M-My neck! S-She’s choking me! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! Someone! Help me!

Stop smiling and help me. I beg you.

Kaori loosened her grip before I blacked out. I desperately sucked in oxygen.

I thought I’d die. Kaori. Try to go easy on me.

「 You sure are close 」

「 Really? I think it’s just normal, Otometani-senpai 」

I feel like Kaori’s lines had a bit of a thorn in them. You don’t have to be that cautious.

I don’t know about my sister, but I’m aware that I’m closer to my siblings compared to others.

Usually, siblings don’t stick this close when they’re in college. She even hangs around in my room.

And she still has her arms around my neck, not wanting to leave.

I feel my sister’s soft breasts at the back of my head. She’s grown quite well.

「 I’ll get straight to the point. Otometani-senpai, are you dating my brother? 」

I can’t see it, but I feel like Kaori’s staring at Fuyou-san. Fuyou-san looks back with a composed face.

「 We’re not 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yes. We’re not dating 」

My sister’s checking if she was lying.

But it’s the truth. We’re not dating. Our relationship is a give-and-take through the AV app.

「 I just talk to your brother about my problems and he listens to me complain 」

「 You’re talking to the wrong person about your problems, Senpai 」

「 Hey now. Why did you make it sound like I can’t solve someone’s problems? 」

「 I know that you’re a good listener, but can you solve her worries? 」

「 No comment 」

I’m not confirming or denying anything. It’s a convenient line for dodging.

But, why is Kaori sighing on my face? Give me your reason

「 Hmm, I guess it’s a pass 」

What do you mean by “Pass?”

「 Kaori-san, don’t worry. I won’t take your brother from you 」

「 No, you can have him all you want, Otometani-senpai 」

「 Eeh?! You always talk about Nii-san-senpai so much, and now you’re giving him away?! Where did the bro-con go!? 」

「 I see. Nakade-chi’s sister is a bro-con… 」

Yumejiri-san, are you doing that on purpose? Leona-san immediately joined the bandwagon.

I gripped her hands before Kaori could move. Hey, stop. Don’t struggle.

「 Calm down, Kaori 」

「 Haku, let me go. I’m going to kill her! 」

Run! Run away Yumejiri-san! Hurry! While I’m still holding her back!

I wrestled with my sister for a few minutes. My sister attacks her best friend and I’m holding her down by hugging her. She gets a bit of a perk from her unexpectedly ample breasts pressing against me as she struggles.

I managed to appease her to prevent the murder, and we returned to lunch.

「 I’m not a brocon 」

She says grumbling. Give it up.

「 Kaori, just admit it. It becomes easier when you do 」

「 Okay then, Suisen. Are you admitting that you like Tadokoro-senpai? 」

「 W-Wha?! 」

Yumejiri stood up vigorously, with her face bright red, and she screamed.

I see, Kaori knew that too. It’s that handsome guy in the club, right?

「 Listen here, Otometani-senpai, and Kuchi-senpai. This Yumejiri Suisen likes Tadokoro-senpai, a senior in the circle she’s in 」

「 H-Hey~! 」

「 Tomochi(Friend), no, Yumechi…Suisen-chi, Shiri-chi… Yep, Oshiri-chi! Oshiri-chi’s got someone she likes! Tell me more about it! Tadokoro’s the guy in the soft tennis club, right? 」

「 O-Oshiri-chi(Butt) 」

「 Yumejiri-san. Give it up. She kept calling me Shojo-chi(Virgin) even though it’s Otometani 」

「 Eh, eeeh….. 」

「 Oshiri-chi! Tell me! 」

The brown gyaru’s eyes sparkle as she’s fond of love talk. Nobody can stop Leona-san now that she’s like this.

「 I-It’s not that I like Tadokoro-senpai… 」

You can’t convince anyone if you’re blushing and looking down. I’ve seen that look of a maiden in love before.

「 If I recall, he’s popular and handsome 」

「 Shojo-chi knows him too? Yes, that. The fresh look handsome guy is quite famous 」

「 I-I guess Tadokoro-senpai’s also famous in the other departments 」

「 Suisen did show him to me and he’s definitely a good-looking guy. Although, he doesn’t fit my tastes. Although, I admit he looks good. Right, Suisen? 」

「 Y-Yeah, he looks good 」

「 What about his personality? 」

「 He’s gentle, even though our circle’s a typical athletic club with a strict hierarchy, he treats me kindly without favoritism, and even teaches me things I don’t understand 」

Yumejiri-san’s fidgeting. She presses her index fingers together like a girl in a shojo manga, and leaked out a cute voice saying “ehehe.”

That’s the reaction of a girl in love.

Kaori, Fuyou-san, and Leona-san are smiling.

「 He’s handsome and kind, and looking at him makes your heart skip a beat right? 」

「 …Yes 」

「 But, when you actually talk to him, your face turns red and your mind goes black, then you can’t speak well 」

「 …Yes 」

「 But, you want to be near him, right? Wanting to touch him just for a bit. Spending even just a second longer with him! 」

「 I do 」

「 「 「 And what do you feel about him? 」 」 」

「 I like him… 」

The three girls are getting excited. Even Fuyou-san’s cheering.

The pure-hearted Yumejiri fell into their leading questions, revealing her thoughts. She seem to have realized what she said after hearing the cheers.

「 Huh? Uhm! N-No! Please forget about that! Please! 」

Yumejiri-san’s in tears. That reaction is cute, it makes you want to tease her more.

Don’t worry about it. How can these girls who are fond of love talk follow that? Of course, I won’t forget it either.

That’s nice. It’s sweet. That’s youth for you.

I’m cheering you on too, Yumejiri-san. I hope it goes well for you.

「 I told you no! It’s not like that! 」

Her words of denial that has no persuasive power echo in the room.

We all watched the damsel in love with gentle eyes and a smile on our faces.