AV App Chapter 30 Pillaging 



「 「 「 Good Work!! 」 」 」

Cheerful greetings echo throughout the tennis court. The soft tennis club activities are over.

「 First-years! Clean up! 」

「 Court maintenance too 」

「 「 「 Okay! 」 」 」

The second and third-year seniors have returned to the clubroom. The first years are left to clean up.

It’s Saturday. School’s closed.

Club activities end in the morning. The girls who want to spend their afternoon freely move their hands quickly, saying “I’m tired today,” or “I’m so hungry”

「 Dekashiri. Still doing maintenance? We’re going home already 」

Yumejiri Suisen’s nicknamed Dekashiri even by her classmates, remain in the court by herself, even if her other club mates have finished work.

「 You can go first. Don’t worry about me. I’ll go home once I’m done 」

「 Sure. I’ll take this ball with me 」

「 Okay 」

The other club members returned to the clubroom, leaving Suisen in the court.

Suisen quietly carries out maintenance work. One after another, club members who had changed their clothes called her out and left.

「 Good looks perfect. I may be praising myself but this looks beautiful 」

It’s thirty minutes after the club activities. She’s finally satisfied.

She wipes her forehead to say that she was done, she held up her luggage with both hands, and she found her stomach grumbling.

「 I’m hungry 」

She tottered back to the club room while holding her stomach, complaining about her hunger.

Nobody’s left in the women’s soft tennis club room.

「 I’m alone? Hmm? Isn’t this Gesujima-senpai’s luggage? Then she hasn’t left yet. Why? 」

Gesushima’s a year older than her. Suisen’s not good at dealing with her.

She gets angry at trivial things, speaks badly, orders her around, and treats her like an errand girl, and she’s the one who gave her the nickname “Dekashiri”

“Honestly, I don’t want to get involved with her”

「 I should change clothes already…wait, this is… 」

As she puts her hand over her sweaty clothes, she noticed the tools placed in the women’s club room.

They borrowed it from the men’s soft tennis club for today’s training.

The classmates cleaned up the mess and carried it to the clubroom, but they apparently didn’t return it to the boys.

She pretended to not notice it for a moment, but she was going to be worried about it all the time if she left it alone.

Tomorrow’s a Sunday and the club’s closed. She doesn’t want to spend her holiday worrying.

「 Let’s go return it, is there anyone left? If Tadokoro-senpai’s there… 」

Suisen turned red from what she said.

She regrets what she said and immediately looked around the room to see if anyone heard her. Fortunately, nobody’s around to listen.

「 Phew, let’s go 」

She resolved herself and held the tools. Then, Suisen went to the men’s clubroom.

「 Good. Someone’s still here 」

The lights are still on in the men’s club room.

Just as she raised her hand to knock, she heard a voice from the inside.

There are two people. One’s a male, and the other is a female, which shouldn’t be in the men’s club room.

As soon as her curiosity starts to grow, she recognized the voices.

「 This voice is…Tadokoro-senpai and Gesushima-senpai? 」

The seniors she liked and disliked are together. Furthermore, they’re inside a closed room.

Suisen froze in surprise and confusion. She was unintentionally eavesdropping.

『 Aaahn! Ye ! Shinji! More! 』

『 Hey! Gesushima! Hold down your voice 』

『 I can’t! Shinji’s technique is too good! My voice is leaking out! Haan~ 』

『 I told you, people outside could hear you 』

『 Sorry~ 』

Gesushima’s making a seductive voice. Anyone can tell that it’s a voice of pleasure.

The two are doing some lewd stuff in the closed room. College students get the thrill out of it.

A sharp pain strikes Suisen’s chest as if she’s pierced by a knife.

『 Hmm, hmm, yes, there, I want it there 』

『 Here? 』

『 Yes! There! Haa, amazing 』

“I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to hear the sound of the man I like making love with another woman! I don’t want to hear the moans of this senior I don’t like being in pleasure with the senior I like”

Suisen’s stunned body rapidly cools down. Her vision became dark.

A crack in her heart. Her love’s shattered.

『 Hey, Shinji 』

『 Hmm? 』

『 What do you think of Dekashiri? 』

「 ?! 」

Just as she was about to leave the place, she became the topic. Her foot stopped.

『 Hmm. She’s a serious kid. I think she’s persevering in soft tennis 』

『 No, I meant her body. Look, her ass is huge, right? 』

『 Oh… 』

Tadokoro seemed reluctant to answer but Gesushima whispered…

『 She’s not here, so tell me the truth. Nobody else could hear it 』

『 I mean… 』

『 I’ll stay quiet. Tell me what you think? Do men like Shinji also think that Dekashiri’s ass is huge? 』

Stop, stop, stop, stop!!

『 Well, I think it’s huge 』

「 Ugh 」

The words from someone she loves felt like a stake piercing her heart. It’s as if she’s punched in the face.

It’s shocking. “I can’t believe Tadokoro-senpai said that, he thinks that way…”

『 See?! I knew Shinji thought the same 』

“Ahahaha.” The mocking laughter is terribly rough and displeasing.

—“Hate. I really hate it. I hate you so much. Gesushima-senpai and Tadokoro-senpai”

“What’s the fun in ridiculing people? Why are you laughing when ridiculing someone’s body? Why are you picking on me?”

「 I didn’t get this body because I want to 」

She has an inferiority complex because of her big butt.

The first time she was ridiculed was when she was in elementary. After being laughed at by the boys in her class, Suisen came to hate her body, especially her butt.

And as she grows up, her ass grows bigger too.

Her ass is huge, her thighs are fat, and her stomach looks wide too, which isn’t good

「 I hate, hate! I hate my body! 」

She pretends not to care about the nickname, but deep inside, she’s hurt when called that.

She wanted to be born with a beautiful body with small hips, thin legs, and a slender belly.

『 Once Dekashiri took off her clothes, you can clearly see the huge size of her ass. Everyone did line up and compared their asses to hers 』

『 I see. So girls do that 』

『 It’s really huge. Oh right. Dekajiri’s underwear is super extreme. She wears one that’s just strings and doesn’t even cover her ass! You don’t know that, do you? She may look like that, but she’s a whore inside. She must be on a man-hunt after college? 』

『 Ahaha, I guess her underwear’s extreme if she has a huge ass like that. That’s definitely extreme 』

『 Right? I guess she had to wear it if she has that ass. I mean, she can’t fit normal underwear with that size. Lol 』

Suisen felt like her love is completely shattered by what she heard.

Unable to hear her laughing seniors, Suisen quietly left the tool she was supposed to return in front of the clubroom.

After that, her memory disconnected.

Who knows how many minutes had passed since then. She had no sense of time.

She found herself in the girl’s clubroom, in her underwear. She’s wearing a sports bra for ease of movement. But below is a side-string pair of shorts with a small area of fabric she’s wearing for such reasons.

「 T-This is just!! 」

She felt the urge to tear it to shreds. She grabs the side straps of her panty in anger, then she relaxed.

If she messed up her underwear on impulse, she’ll go home with no panties. Gesushima would laugh at her if she discovered that. “I don’t want that”

Her little reason in her suppressed her destructive impulse.

「 Haa 」

She sighed gloomily, and the door in the clubroom opened and a good-humored Gesushima returned.

「 Oh? You’re still here, Dekashiri 」

「 …Good Work, Gesushima-senpai 」

「 Hm, what’s wrong? You don’t seem lively 」

She looked concerned on purpose, but Suisen was too shocked to even be angry. She just put on her clothes in silence.

「 Oh right, Dekashiri 」

「 What is it? 」

Gesushima puts her hand on Suisen’s shoulder and whispers.

「 I took Tadokoro Shinji from you 」

「 ?! 」

「 Sorry~ You liked Shinji, don’t you? You see, Shinji likes me 」

Her senior’s smiling ugly. “Hate” “I hate her” “Disappear from my sight!”

「 Is that on purpose? Did you do that on purpose? You know how I felt 」

「 Purpose? What do you mean? It just happened that we both like the same person, so I won him over by going first. Love is war where the early bird gets the worm, you know? 」

She took him on purpose for sure. Her ugly face bent in amusement, says it all.

「 Is it so much fun to bully me? 」

「 Bully? What do you mean? That wasn’t my intention? Your persecutions complex is just harsh 」

「 Guh 」

Ignore it. Ignore it all. The more you respond, the more pleased they get. Whether you’re angry, sad, or mourning, you’re just going to do what they expected. She’d definitely cry to Tadokoro if she tried violence on her. Furthermore, she’ll play the victim and spread the word to her circle of friends.

「 Hey, hey? How does it feel to have your love taken away from you? How do you feel? 」

「 ………… 」

「 Dekashiri, don’t ignore your senior. 」

「 I’m sorry. I’m busy, I have other things to do 」

She pushed her mind hard and dressed quickly to leave

「 Excuse me, Gesushima-senpai. I’ll leave the key to the room 」

Suisen grabbed her belongings and ran out of the room before hearing her senior’s reply. Then.


She bumped into someone in front.

「 Oops. 」 That was a surprise. That’s dangerous, don’t run like that, Yumejiri 」

「 Tadokoro-senpai 」

A person she didn’t want to see. She didn’t want to meet. She didn’t want to hear.

The senior she’s yearning for. Usually, her heart would flutter just from seeing him, but now she feels nothing. The heart which had been burning so much had cooled down.

「 You don’t look lively. What’s wrong? Do you have any worries? If you’d like… 」

「 I’m just tired from training, don’t mind me 」

She speaks coldly that even she’s surprised.

She doesn’t care about his reaction. She doesn’t care what he thinks. She just wants to leave the place as soon as possible.

「 Oh, sorry to keep you waiting, Shinji 」

Gesushima speaks flirty and embraced him, pressing her breasts against him to show off.

“It hurts. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. My heart hurts. I want to scream at the loss of my love”

Unable to watch, she turned away, bit her lip, and bowed her head to her seniors.

「 If you’d excuse me 」

「 Ah, Yumejiri?! 」

「 Bye-bye 」

She ran way full speed.

Run. Run. Run. Leaving the person she loved. Abandoning her feelings of love.

「 Uuu,, uuuu 」

The moment she left the university grounds, her suppressed emotions overflowed.

Hate. Jealousy. Anger. Distress. Pain. An empty feeling of loss, like a gaping hole in her heart.

「 Higu, higu 」

Once it spills, her tears won’t stop She wiped it again and again, but it just keeps on falling through her fingers.

It hurts. It really hurts. She can’t endure this first experience alone.

She took out her phone while crying, and made a call.

As soon as it connected, Suisen asked for her friend’s help.

「 Kaori…I’m heartbroken…. 」


「 Is Yumejiri okay? 」

Tadokoro Shinji, the fresh and handsome man kept anxiously looking at the back of the junior who ran off. Gesushima embraced him in his arms and looked up at him.

「 What’s wrong? Worried about Dekashiri? 」

「 Yeah. What happened in the club room? 」

「 No, nothing to worry about 」

Tadokoro’s unable to recognize the true nature of Gesushima who lied to him. He walks linked arms with her as if he’s dragged along.

「 Wait, could you let go? 」

「 Eeh?! Why not? Aren’t we a couple now? 」

「 What? We’re not even a couple, don’t cross your arms like that 」

「 Ugh, I let you have your way with my body, and now you’re going to toss me away after playing with me? Do you like Dekashiri that much? 」

「 Ugh 」

The handsome man’s face turned red.

Tadokoro Shinji liked  Yumejiri Suisen, who was a year younger.

「 I-I didn’t play with your body, all I did was give you stretching and a massage after the club activities were over! We didn’t do anything suspicious at all! Don’t make any funny noises during the massage. What would you do if there was someone who misunderstood? 」

「 I mean, it felt good! Of course, my voice would leak out unconsciously. Besides, you promised to give me stretches and massages in exchange for teaching about Dekashiri and giving you some relationship advice, right? 」

「 Well yeah 」

「 Then, you can stop massaging me if you want. I won’t tell you anything about Dekashiri anymore 」

「 No, I’ll continue. Continue supporting me 」

「 Sure thing 」

The insensitive man doesn’t notice hersmirk.

It’s a mistake to ask her to help him with his love life in the first place as she’s a vicious and jealous woman.

But it’s already too late.