AV App Chapter 4 ♡ Virgin(Doutei) and Virgin(Shoujo)



Her breasts are round and her thin pubic hair is growing nicely.

Her hands are behind her back, and her face is averted in shame, which makes it amazing.

「 Nakade-kun, g-go ahead 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

If you say that, then I’ll have to do it.

I embraced Otometani-san’s naked body. I feel her soft and cold bare skin. She’s more comfortable than any body pillow.

I stroke her smooth back, free of scars and stains.

My dick’s twitching, even though it just ejaculated. she could feel the hot meat rod sticking near her belly.

「 Hmm 」

Her small soft ass. It’s squishy. Rubbing it feels the best.

Then, her breasts. Her breasts touched me while I was hugging her, but when I touched and rubbed them directly, I can feel the softness in my brain. It’s so soft, like a marshmallow.

While I was doing silly stuff on her ass and breasts at the same time, I brought my face closer and forced a kiss.

「 Hmm 」

Otometani-san who already guessed the kiss coming lifts her chin and makes a face waiting for a kiss.

She gave her permission so I’m not holding back.

「 Nchu, chu, chu..hmmchu….hmmm 」

Groping her ass and breasts while kissing, I honestly feel like my brain is melting.

While we’re having a sweet kiss, I knead her pointy nipples.

「 hmmmfu!? 」

Otometani-san backed off in surprise.

Her wet eyes met with mine, and her blushing face explodes.

「 To the bed 」

Whispering to her ear, she nods with a blushing face.

Escorting a woman to the bed, I hope I do it well.

She lies down, and perhaps the embarrassment went over the limit, she covers her face with her hands and closed her eyes.

Does she know? You’re much more sensitive when you can’t see.


Just a light touch on her breasts and she reacts. I can’t resist this.

I want to tease her more.

The inner sadism lying dormant just woke up.

I suddenly sucked on her nipple.

So this is a woman’s nipple, I wanted to suck one all this time.

I sucked, licked, rolled, and sweetly bite into her nipple like a baby.

「 Hyuu?! 」

Nice. Good reaction. Show me more of your sweet face.

「 Hmm, Hmm, nuu, aaah 」

「 Otometani-san, how does it feel? 」

「 Nuuu, I can’t say it! It’s too embarrassing! 」

「 I’m going to continue until you say it 」

「 S-Stop it! Hmm!! 」

I continue to attack her nipple with my fingers.

I shift the timing of the two. Then, I went to a rhythm.

Three, three, and seven tempi. It’s twitching. So fun.

Otometani-san surrendered as she can’t bear it anymore.

「 I’ll say it! I’ll tell you Nakade-kun! It tickles! I feel chills in my nipples! 」

「 Does it feel good? 」

「 I-I don’t know!! Naa 」

「 Compared to masturbating? 」

「 Didn’t I tell you I don’t do that? 」

Oh right. Otometani-san’s house has thin walls. Of course, she can’t. She doesn’t have privacy in her room. She’s also busy with housework.

I wonder if they’ll have a scenario where we show each other masturbating in the AV app. Then, I could call Otometani-san and watch her gradually get better at masturbating.

It’s much easier for those who don’t know much about lewd stuff to fall once they discover pleasure.

Otometani-san becoming lewd, that’s nice. I’m looking forward to that.

「 Then, let’s have you learn bit by bit. Together with me 」

「 Okay 」

So cute! A cool woman’s cute reaction is so gap-moe.

I should cut off the breast temptation for now and move to her flower garden.

I want to graduate sooner, cum inside, and impregnate her, that’s what my penis begs me.

It’s beautiful to be able to do anything with a beautiful woman.

Otometani-san’s secret flower garden is beautiful, and her pubic hair is thin. She doesn’t seem to tidy it up, but that’s great. You can feel it’s not perfect. I don’t even think this needs cleaning up.

I wade through the dark bush and found a puckered little pea-like clitoris on top of the slit, and a small hole twitching. Clear liquid seeps through from deep inside.

This is her pussy. Otometani-san’s pussy. That’s the path to her womb.

It’s my first time seeing one. It’s not grotesque like what I expected, rather, it’s beautiful. Her salmon-pink pussy, wet and glistening with love nectar, is free of any damage.

That’s expected. This place remains unused. I’m the first one to arrive here.

This pink layer must be the hymen, right?

「 ?! 」

I touched her pussy with my finger and twined around her slippery love nectar. This is different from semen, it’s smooth.

This love nectar-like liquid. It’s somewhat sloppy than semen.

I can’t hold it anymore.

「 Kyaa! 」

Otometani-san screams. After all, I lifted her hips forcibly.


I spread open her legs vulgarly, exposing her dripping-wet vagina and anus. The lighting is great.

She’s a beauty and her anus is clean too, that’s foul. Is being malnourished the only bad part about her, just feed her enough and she’ll get better. That would mean that she has no flaws. I’m so jealous.

「 Hyaaan!? That place is! 」

I pushed it open from both sides with my fingers and lick her pussy. Then, she reached out to cover her crotch.

It’s male instinct to find it romantic when the woman hides it. It tackles the fantasy of it visible but not. It makes me want to know more.

Hiding them while in a piledriver position only raises arousal.

「 Otometani-san licked my penis too, right? This is just to make it a draw 」

「 Uuuu 」

「 Besides, it’ll hurt the woman if their genitalia isn’t wet enough in sex, you know? 」

「 Uuuu, uuuuu 」

Otometani-san groans with a blushing face.

Her hands stopped resisting. I moved aside her hands slowly and expose the garden hiding underneath.

I’ll take that as a sign of agreement then.

I lick her secret place with my tongue. Their nectar hardly has any taste. The smell seems to express it. it could be a smell that arouses a man, I guess?

「 UUu, auuu, hmmm 」

Otometani-san raises a sweet voice, which must be from pleasure or from feeling ticklish. Aaah, such a nice voice. It’s getting me even more aroused.

Speaking of which, I also have the task of licking her butt. I wonder if licking her anus counts? That’s part of her butt too.

Such a beautiful anus in front of me. I guess I’ll lick it!

「 Hyaa?! That’s not the hole! 」

「 Hmm? Really? Pero pero! 」

「 Hyuu!! There you go again! You’re doing it on purpose Nakade-kun! That place is dirty! 」

「 Otometani-san’s body has no filth 」

「 Seriously! Stop that! I haven’t bathed yet! 」

Oh my. Otometani-san doesn’t seem to like it for real.

I guess ordinary girls don’t like their anus teased. Much less if they haven’t taken a bath yet. But now that she said it like that, maybe it’s okay to lick it after she takes a bath?

Still, for now, let’s focus on her pussy and clitoris. Just for today.

Apparently, prolonged hours of piledriver are hard on women, so I lay her back on the bed as before and bury my face in Otometani-san’s secret place with her legs spread to an M shape.

Pero pero, rero rero, juru juru.

「 Hmm, aaaahn! Aaaahn! Naa 」

Her clitoris glistens with love nectar and my saliva, reflecting the light and shining like a little pearl.

It feels stiff. When I roll my tongue around it, Otometani-san reacts interestingly.

「 Aaah, Nakade-kun, my body feels weird! This is a first 」

It’s said that the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. She never masturbated before, so she doesn’t know this sensation.

「 Naa, haaa, it makes me shiver 」

I’m so excited about my first time in a woman’s secret place that I continued licking her until my mouth was exhausted. Doing cunnilingus uses your muscles a lot surprisingly.

But thanks to that, her pussy’s flooding. She’s splashing love nectar. The cool Otometani-san has melted over.

「 haa, haaa, nuuu, haaa, haa 」

She’s hiding her face, letting out a hot ragged breath. It’s not a moaning voice of a porn star, but an almost mute moan, it’s fresh.

I rub my penis, which is soaked with her juices against her secret place while she’s struggling to breathe.

Nuchu, nuchu, nuchu.

Nectar coating. It’s so it goes smoothly. It’s as if telling me that her body is ready.

「 Otometani-san 」

I call her and she peeks through the gaps in her fingers. There are traces of tears running down the edge of her eyes.

「 What…. 」

「 Can you feel my penis kissing Otometani-san’s pussy? 」

I rub the narrow hole with my glans. I hear an obscene sound of wet mucous mixing.

「 ………… 」

Nod. Otometani-san nods silently.

Her eyes show no fear or rejection. But, that’s not the light of her resolve either. More than that, it’s a lustful gaze of a woman who wants a man. She pleads to have it inside her soon.

「 Here I go 」

Tension made both of our bodies a little tougher.

We’re about to have sex. We’ll become one. We’ll become a man and a woman.

「 Phew. Yes. Let’s do it. Come 」

I took a deep breath and get ready, then I slowly bury my penis inside her.

「 「 Uugh!? 」 」


My first thought was that. My glans thrust into her tight pussy, and I can feel Otometani-san’s warm insides.

「 Kuh, guu, ngu… 」

Otometani-san’s mouth leaks voices of pain. It might be the pain from deflowering attacking her.

Sorry. I’ll be gentle with insertion so endure it.

A fourth, third, and half, we slowly become one

「 It’s really tight inside Otometani-san. Hold it for a little longer 」

「 O-Okay, don’t stop 」

It’s now three-quarters. Only a fourth left.

I put strength on my hips and push in my penis. Then, I can feel enveloped in her warm insides all the way to the base. My glans have landed on the deepest part.

–We’ve lost our virginities.

「 It’s all in now. Ugh 」

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu.

I blew it out right after being so emotional from losing my virginity.

I came right after insertion.