AV App Chapter Chapter 31 Brokenhearted Party 


Kaho-san lifts the cup with a somber look on her face.
「 Thank you for gathering here today. Tonight, we’re holding a brokenhearted party for Yumejiri Suisen-chan who just lost her first love 」
Yumejiri, whose eyes are so bloodshot and swollen, jerked up and began shedding tears. Renge-neesan and Kaori pats her back.
In this somber wake-like mood, Kaho-san suddenly broke the atmosphere with her cheerful voice.
「 Come, come! Let’s drink and eat, cry, laugh, and have a blast! Are you ready!? 」
「 「 Oooh!! 」 」
「 「  …………  」 」
W-What the hell?
Kaori and nee-san answered Kaho-san’s call. They’re raising their fists to the ceiling. Meanwhile, Yumejiri-san and I are just dumbfounded.
Seriously, what’s going on?
「 Haku-chan, Suisen-chan? I didn’t hear you cheer. Let’s do it again Everyone! Are you ready?! 」
「 「 Ooooh!! 」 」
「 「 O, ooh? 」 」
「 I can’t hear you! Another one! Are you ready!! 」
「 「 Ooooh!!! 」 」
「 「 Ooh? 」 」
「 Still not enough!! Are you ready~!? 」
「 「 「 「 Ooooh!! 」 」 」 」
「 There you go, let’s start our heartbroken party!! 」
「 「 「 Yaaay!~! 」 」 」
A half-hearted shout and opening applause. Yumejiri-san who had been crying because of her broken heart got carried by the mood, shouting and clapping. Her tears seem to have stopped temporarily.
Just recently, we found out that Yumejiri-san had someone she likes, then Fuyou-san and the girls had a love chat with her, but unfortunately, her heart is broken now. I heard that the fresh handsome guy went out with her clubmate, Yumejiri-san’s senior.
That’s common. Things don’t always go well in reality.
Yumejiri-san sobbing profusely contacted Kaori. Feeling like she was in danger of losing her cool, she decided to invite Yumejiri-san to the Nakade household.
Kaori told me that Yumejiri-san cried all the time until she got tired and fell asleep.
“Tomorrow’s Sunday, so you should stay over, for now,” says Kaho-san, and so Yumejiri-san decided to stay overnight in the Nakade household.
「 Now, now, I put a lot of effort into making these. Just for today, don’t worry about calories, and eat until you’re full!
「 Kaho-chan. Don’t speak like the devil. You just made us remember 」
「 Hm? About Calories? 」
「 Now you’re doing it on purpose! Suisen! Kaho-chan’s a bully!! 」
「 Eh? I exercise a lot in the morning so I should be okay, I didn’t even eat lunch 」
「 Y-You traitor! 」
Now Kaori was about to cry She started slamming and Yumejiri-san retaliated.
「 You’re the traitor here! You’re the one with the thin body! 」
「 What did you say?! 」
「 You two are so thin I’m jealous 」
The one murmuring in envy was the elder sister, having a dynamite body that’s hard to believe for a college student. From the point of view of Nee-san, the two are still in the thin category.
「 I envy Renge-senpai! What’s with these huge breasts!? And yet your hips are so tight! And this butt is sexy! 」
「 Yes! Yes! Renge-chan’s a traitor too! You don’t know what it feels like to not have these! 」
「 Eh, eeeh?! 」
「 So they say, Renge-chan 」
「 Oba-sama too!?! I thought you were just Kaori’s big sister! I can’t believe that you’re Kaori’s aunt! You have such a golden ratio body! I’m jealous! 」
Yumejiri’s almost tearing blood in jealousy, filled her mouth with the feast laid on the table in desperation.
「 Everyone’s beautiful thanks to this food, right? Right?! Then I’ll eat my fill! Delicious! 」
「 That can’t be! Mogamoga 」
「 Haku-chan, shut up 」
I tried to say “No way,” but Kaho-san silenced my mouth before I knew it.
If cooking makes you look beautiful, then what about me? Shouldn’t that make me handsome?
I whisper to Kaho-san while looking at Yumejiri-san with pity.
「 Kaho-san. What even is a heartbreak party 」
「 It’s a party to comfort the heartbroken Suisen-chan 」
「 But we’re just fooling around? 」
「 Haku-chan, do you want a solemn, awkward heartbreak meeting like a funeral? 」
Well, that’s also problematic. I’m confident that I’ll just return to my room as it would be too awkward. I can’t find the right words to say to a younger woman with a broken heart.
「 My theory is that in times like these, it’s better to forget about the heartbreak and make a fool of yourself, even if it’s just to be cheerful, instead of being just depressed 」
「 I see 」
Kaho-san has a point.
Yumejiri seems to be taking it easy, but she was dangerously tragic when she came to our home. I think she’s fooling around to distract herself from her emotions.
「 Haku-chan, eat too. And, let’s all make some noise! 」
Kaho-san puts her hand on my shoulder and raised the cup. “Yay~!” I hear cheers from point-blank range.
「 Okay, I get it. But, I have one question before anything 」
「 What? 」
「 Are you drinking alcohol? 」
「 I don’t 」
That’s quite enthusiastic of you when you’re sober.
You sound like a college girl who just joined a drinking party. You don’t look like a woman in her thirties.
Kaho-san gave me a pat on the head, and then interacted with the person of honor today.
「 Suisen-chan! You should try this deep-fried chicken too! 」
「 Thank you. aaah 」
「 There! mogumogu! So delicious 」
「 Kaori?! M-My chicken! Why did you take my chicken! 」
「 Pfft. It’s survival of the fittest in this world 」
「 I won’t allow you to show off! Chance! 」
「 M-My chicken tartar! Suisen, this is war! 」
「 Bring it on! Kaori! 」
Kaori and Yumejiri started fighting each other, taking from each other’s plates, even though there was plenty of food left in front of them. I think I know why these two became best friends.
Today’s a no-holds-barred party. As long as it’s fun, that’s all that matters. Chew and taste your food properly.
「 Haa-kun, are you eating? 」
Kaho-san’s replaced by a bewitching beauty, sitting next to me.
「 Want me to feed you? 」
Nee-san feeding me? Something is tempting about a beautiful woman offering to feed you.
She presents the side dish with an expectant look on her face.
Aren’t you ready for it? She’s not asking, but forcing to feed me.
As a brother, I can’t disappoint her expectations.
「 Ah, aahn 」
「 Here, aahn 」
「 Hamu, mogumogu 」
I think that’s got more flavor than usual. Delicious.
Nee-san’s happy that she fed me. If I wasn’t accustomed to seeing my family, then I would’ve fallen in love in a heartbeat. She’s got that unusual allure.
「 Delicious? 」
「 Normal 」
「 Really? Great 」
Even if I answer bluntly, Nee-san just sees right through me.
She’d think “You’re not being honest” It’s a compassionate look of an elder sister adoring her younger brother.
「 Aah! Renge-chan’s feeding Haku-chan! Aunt wants to do it too! 」
Now the troublesome person found us Why are you fighting your way in?
「 Otometani-senpai was also feeding you last time, right? Nii-san-senpai? 」
「 Yumejiri-san?! 」
Yumejiri-san just dropped a bomb.
Ah, it’s too late.
Nee-san and Kaho-san’s ears perked up. “What was that?” They asked. Their eyes are scaring me.
「 Ah, I saw it too 」
「 Kaori?! 」
「 Oh? 」
「 I see… 」
Why am I getting a scornful stare from my step-aunt and step-sister?
T-There’s nothing wrong with it, right?
「 ………… 」
I feel silent pressure from Nee-san, I unconsciously opened my mouth and a snack is plunged.
Oh, this is good. I should start eating by myself. Ah, I can’t. I’m being force-fed. Okay. I’ll obey.
「 I know it’s sudden, but I think we should start exposing each other! Complaints, confessions, anything will do! Just throw it all! 」
Kaho-san stands up with the enthusiasm of a drunk woman despite not drinking any alcohol.
She holds a toy microphone she took out of nowhere.
Kaori and Nee-san’s joined in, applauding wildly, and Yumejiri-san, you too? I think they eroded her already. Poor girl.
「 I’ll be the first batter! Kageran Kaho! I love my nieces and nephews! 」
Kaho-san makes an idol-like pose and winks. And points at me.
「 Haku-chan!! 」
「 W-What? 」
「 I know you’re already a young college student, but please let me spoil you like you used to! I want to sleep and take a bath with you! 」
「 Okay! Who else wants to shout? 」
“Don’t ignore me!” I completely ignore my aunt who can’t leave her nieces and nephews. I took the microphone from her.
「 Then, I’ll do it 」
Nee-san’s next
「 Haa-kun, let’s go to school together, take a bath together, and sleep together! 」
「 Okay, Kaori’s next! 」
「 Eeeh. Me? I guess I have no choice. Haku, let’s go to bath, and bed together 」
「 Next! 」
Is everyone in our family an idiot? My head hurts.
I can’t stop sighing.
Yumejiri-san got accustomed to the mood of the Nakade household and chuckled.
「 Hey now. We’re just joking. This is what I want to say 」
Kaori shouts to the microphone, no longer playing around.
「 Someone called Suisen “Dekashiri,” don’t make fun of my best friend! 」
Ooh! Well said! That’s a best friend line!
Haa, haa, Kaori breathes heavily after screaming. Her eyes are filled with anger. She must’ve been holding that resentment.
「 Kaori 」
「 Suisen too! If you don’t like it, then tell them! Talk to me! Aren’t we best friends? 」
「 Sorry 」
Tears fall from Yumejiri-san’s eyes.
I might be thickheaded, but I can see it. Those are tears of happiness, not sadness.
「 Suisen’s big butt is cute you know! I mean, it’s not that big, right? Renge-chan? 」
「 What? 」
「 Renge-chan, bring your panty here! Now! 」
「 Okay~ 」
Nee-san went to get her clothes without questioning her sister’s nonsensical request. She returned about 30 seconds later, holding an adult underwear in her hand.
Wow, she really returned with her panty, I thought she’d just bring in some shorts.
「 Here 」
「 Thanks! Put this on! Suisen 」
「 Huh? Now? Here? 」
「 You’re wearing a dress so it should be fine. Just put it on top of your current underwear. 」 If you can’t put them on, then I’ll do it for you 」
「 N-No. I’ll do it 」
Yumejiri-san puts on the underwear while embarrassed. She puts her feet in, lifted the underwear up, and into the skirt.
Somehow, watching a woman put on underwear is exciting. That fidgeting is cute.
Thank you! Thank you! You showed me a spectacle.
「 So? 」
「 H-Hmm, it tickles…or should I say that it doesn’t suit me 」
「 I’m not talking about the feel, I’m asking about the size 」
「 Size? It fits nicely 」
「 Good! I knew it wasn’t like that! 」
「 What do you mean? 」
I’m in the same boat. What does she mean by that?
My sister sticks out her finger to her best friend that’s tilting her head.
「 Suisen’s butt is big, but not too big! Just the same size as Renge-chan! From now on, if anyone makes fun of your size, then just tell them that you have the same size as Renge-chan! I give you my permission 」
I see. So that’s it.
Nee-san’s famous in college. She could even win beauty contests. There are rumors that she’s got fan clubs.
If you have the same butt size as this beautiful woman, then you should be proud of it. It’ll become harder for them to tease her for it. There’s no chance they’ll make fun of Nee-san.
But you know, They have the same butt size. These two girls could become bikini models with their butts…gulp
「 I give you my permission too, no need for Kaori-chan 」
「 So she says, Suisen 」
「 B-But! I’m not as tall as Renge-senpai, and my breasts aren’t that big, my hips aren’t even that tight 」
「 Haku! What do you think of Suisen?! 」
Now you’re asking me!? Silly sister. I’ll remember this.
「 What do I think? I think that Tadokoro’s a blind man 」
「 Wuss! You should just tell her she’s cute straight up! Don’t go roundabout! I mean, you’re right! That guy’s just blind 」
「 T-That’s not… 」
「 You do, right? Suisen? Don’t lie to your best friend 」
Kaori brings the mike to her friend. Yumejiri-san stared at the mic for about ten seconds, and she grabbed it, stood up, and shouted.
「 Tadokoro-senpai you idiot! You blind womanizer!! 」
「 I don’t want a senior who only has a face…I-I’m just…uuuu…making excuses…gusu…i-idiot!! 」
She started blowing off the emotions she’s been accumulating. Now that it flows out, it won’t stop.
「 Gesushima-senpai, you slut! Bitch! Ugly Personality! You never noticed that everyone in the club hates you because your head is like a flower garden 」
「 That’s right! She’s just jealous of Suisen for sure 」
「 My butt has the same size as Renge-senpai! You must be jealous! 」
「 Go ahead, say it all, Suisen-chan 」
Yumejiri breathes in, and then…
「 Tadokoro-senpai, you small penis!!! 」
「 「 「 「  …………  」 」 」 」
The Nakade household’s dining table fell silent. There’s only one person, the person who said it, who has a clear and radiant look on her face.
There are whispers around the Nakade household.
「 Small penis 」
「 Small penis… 」
「 Small penis, huh… 」
Could you stop repeating that line? You’re girls, right?
My aunt and my sisters looked at me.
「 Haku, is Tadokoro a small dick guy? 」
「 Why would I know? Ask Yumejiri-san 」
Now the Nakade family looked at the person who said it, Yumejiri-san.
Hearing all the conversation, she shook her head in panic.
「 I-I don’t know either! I just didn’t know what insult to throw at a guy so that’s what came up to my mind! I don’t know either! 」
Oh. I thought she said it on purpose.
Just for a bit, I relaxed thinking that the fresh handsome guy had a small dick. It’s the grudge against handsome guys.
Yumejiri’s weeping her eyes out, but she feels like she’s refreshed. Now she’s in high spirits.
「 Aagh! Geez! I’ll show them that I’ll find a better love and become happy! 」
「 That’s the spirit! 」
「 Good Job! 」
「 Well said! 」
The ladies of the Nakade house had a blast.
We continued fooling around to console the heartbroken Yumejiri until late in the night.
Midnight, the date’s changed.
I’m still wide awake from the excitement of the fuss we made earlier.
I decided to lie down in bed and play with my phone until my drowsiness struck.
「 Yumejiri Suisen, how about we call her in for the Novice support project too? 」
The Novice support project from the AV app. It’s classified as a prize game. Level 0 is the theme game, and level 1 is the novice support project.
I can pick the optional novice support project, even if it’s not mandatory.
However, that doesn’t apply to everyone. I recently realized that you can call anyone on the theme game, but not everyone in the novice support project. Leona-san and Sumire-san are allowed. But Yumejiri-san and Fuyou-san aren’t.
「 Is it the difference in experience? 」
The layout is teaching me, a novice, about sex. So, they might be required to have more knowledge and experience than the person they’re teaching.
「 There won’t be any answer even if I think about it, so let’s just stop 」
Just when I thought I was going to watch some videos or AV.
Knock. Knock.
I heard a knock so discreetly I thought I misheard it.
For a moment, my heart skips a beat, thinking that it’s a ghost, and a cold sweat breaks out all over my body.
I jumped up alert and opened the door to gently reveal…
「 Uhm…are you still awake, Nii-san-senpai? 」
Yumejiri-san’s whispering.
Oh. It’s Yumejiri-san. That surprised me.
「 Yeah, still awake. What’s up? 」
「 Sorry for bothering you so late at night. 」 Can I come in? 」
「 Sure 」
「 Excuse me 」
Yumejiri enters the room with a smile on her face, wearing a one-piece pajama. It suits her. Her eyes are still swollen.
She looks around the room with interest.
「 So this is a man’s room. It’s much cleaner than I expected 」
「 That’s because Kaho-san cleans it without asking 」
「 I see 」
She’s in a man’s room at night, yet Yumejiri-san sits on the bed without caution.
Well, she might be relaxing since it’s her best friend’s brother, but I don’t think you should sit down on the bed. What if I attacked you?
「 What’s wrong? Night crawling? 」
「 N-No 」
「 I was just joking 」
「 Muu!! 」
She puffed up her cheeks in discontent. Her teary look is so cute.
「 Why are you laughing? 」
「 Sorry, sorry. So, what is it? 」
「 No, it’s just that I couldn’t sleep because I took a nap, I woke up to pick up some flowers, but suddenly felt that Nii-san-senpai is still awake. 」
「 Was I muttering to myself? 」
「 Maybe. It was just in time. I thought that I want to talk to Nii-san-senpai 」
What is it? Is it a love confession? Of course not She just had her heart broken today.
「 I’m really sorry for the nuisance today. And thank you as well 」
「 Don’t mind it. I also had fun. Oh, sorry 」
「 No, no. I had fun too. If Kaori didn’t invite me, I would’ve stayed at home for a few days 」
「 I see 」
She doesn’t seem to force her smile anymore.
It’s not completely gone, but she managed to break through 90% of it. That’s good.
「 And so, what I want to ask Nii-san-senpai is… 」
She tries to assemble her words.
Me? You’re consulting with me, not Kaori, Nee-san, or Kaho-san?
「 I don’t think it has to be me 」
「 It has to be Nii-san-senpai! 」
「 O-Okay. I get it, just don’t shout 」
「 Sorry 」
Yumejiri-san’s calmed down, took a breath, and spoke while blushing.
「 –Nii-san, what do you think about my butt? 」
What? What did she just say? I feel like my ears didn’t hear it right
「 I want to hear a man’s opinion! 」
「 W-Well… 」
It seems that my ears weren’t mistaken.
A strange mix of anticipation, shame, and anxiety. She would get hurt if I say anything strange. That said, do I just say what I truly feel? Ugh, the gaze…
「 I think they’re cute 」
「 Anything else? 」
「 Anything else? Well, it’s sexy, I guess? 」
「 Sexy? Are you lusting after my butt? 」
「 Well, somewhat, I guess? 」
What am I telling my sister’s best friend? Oh, wait, but we’re…
Yumejiri-san approaches me slowly and looks up at me with moist eyes of anxiety. Then, she whispered.
「 Then, please prove it.  Show your lust on my butt… After all, we’re… 」
–Lovers, aren’t we?
At this point, I just nodded without question.
I didn’t realize that I pressed the “Lover Play” on my phone screen the moment I got up.