AV App Chapter 32 ♡ A girl with big Butt



「 So, please prove it. Show me that you lust after my butt… After all, we’re lovers, aren’t we? 」

I see. So that’s what’s going on.

Indeed. We’re in love with each other. There’s nothing wrong with me proving my lust for her ass. After all, we’re dating.

Rather, it’s quite the problem if I don’t lust after her ass. It could start a crack in our relationship. It’s a straight line to break up.

As her boyfriend, I have to convince her.

「 Yumejiri-san, do you mind? 」

Proving my lust means sexually explicit situations. She wants to confirm it.

Though we’re lovers, I still shouldn’t act without asking.

「 I-I’m ready 」

Yumejiri-san nodded, I can clearly see that she was blushing even in this dimly lit room.

I see. That was a foolish question. She’s asking me to prove it because she’s ready for it.

「 I’ll only ask for one thing 」

「 What is it? 」

「 “Yumejiri-san” sounded like we were just strangers 」

「 You’re right. Suisen. Suisen-san. Suisen-chan. 」 Which do you prefer?

「 No honorifics. But call me that only when it’s just the two of us 」

「 Sure, Suisen 」

Kuh! This is embarrassing Calling Suisen-chan by her name feels ticklish

「 Then, call me… 」

「 Nii-san-senpai is still Nii-san-senpai 」

「 I-I see. I’ve always been wondering but why “Nii-san-senpai?” 」

「 It’s because Kaori calls senpai as Nii-san in front of me. It’s almost annoying. I didn’t know your name before so I called you “Nii-san-senpai,” and it stuck with me 」

「 She calls me “Haku” at home 」

「 I’m sure she’s just embarrassed. She’s a brocon after all 」

I knew it. Kaori’s a brocon I already had a hunch.

It’s not just Kaori, but also Nee-san too. Kaho-san’s just being Kaho-san.

Just what’s going on with our family? I guess it’s better than having a discord.

Oops. Now’s not the time to think about family. I should only think about my lover next to me.

「 Umm 」

「 What’s wrong? Is there anything troubling you? 」

「 About demonstrating my lust for Suisen’s ass 」

「 E-Err, should I show it? 」

I hurriedly stopped Suisen-chan from standing up and grabbing the skirt of her one-piece-type pajama.

「 Stop, that’s just too sudden, let’s think about the mood first 」

「 O-Okay. You’re right 」

While it would be nice to see her ass right away, it would be much more elegant to look at them over her clothing.

She’s wearing a skirt, so I want to enjoy her thighs, and I want to get it by gradually lifting her skirt.

And so, first of all.

「 Suisen. Put your hands on the edge of the desk and slouch 」

「 L-Like this? 」

「 Yes, like that. Now, you stick out your ass 」

「 Like this? 」

「 Turn it to me 」

「 Okay 」

Marvelous! Now that’s lovely

She sticks out her ass, and with the shortened skirt length, her plump thighs peek out of her skirt, and her shy face turned to me. Everything about that pose is perfect.

I want to stick my dick in her pussy right now and seed her in a standing position. I want to impregnate this woman whose body makes it easy to give birth.

「 How is it? 」

「 Sorry. Let me gaze at it a little more 」

「 G-Go ahead 」

Which angle would be the most erotic? Top? Side? Or Angled?

I knew it, it’s got to be behind, not slightly angled behind. Suisen-chan’s face is visible in this position. And the eye level is below. From bottom to top, the angle is like looking up at the skirt. Here’s where you can barely see the underwear, but…

「 This is the best spot. 」

Phew. I’m satisfied now. I’ll keep this scene in my memory. This is just perfect. I could use this to masturbate.

Thanks. Thanks for providing good material.

I have so much left to do! I still haven’t enjoyed my girlfriend yet!

「 Can I touch your body? 」

「 G-Go ahead. Nii-san-senpai’s my boyfriend, so you don’t need to ask for permission every time. P-Please do as you please 」

Huh? Isn’t my girlfriend too cute?

Gulp. Then, I won’t hold back

I reached for Suisen-chan’s body, which I had been curious about.

The first thing I touched is her thighs.

「 Hyaa!? Ah, uuu! Auuu 」

「 Oooh, I can’t get enough! 」

The touch of her lovely thighs is wonderful.

It’s a little squishy, yet also muscular since she plays soft tennis. I can’t help but imagine fried chicken meat. The meat’s packed tight, plump, and juicy.

Her legs are exactly like that. It’s a healthy sporty girl’s thighs

「 Ah, aaah! Hyaa! Naa 」

Does it tickle? She kept jerking every time I stroked and rub her.

What a lovely sight, seeing her ass bouncing right in front of my eyes.

Suisen-chan covers her mouth, to keep herself from moaning, and her upper body plops down on the desk.

「 M-My thighs are…Hyauun!! H-How is it? Aaahn! 」

「 I really love it. I want my face sandwiched in those right now! 」

「 Eh, eeh?! Can we do that next time? 」

At first, she was puzzled by the perverted remark, but she doesn’t seem to be dissatisfied.

Kuh! I’ll have to give up for now. But I’ll ask for it again when the opportunity arises.

「 I see. Nii-san-senpai likes my thigh- Hyan!! 」

I comb her skirt with my hand. Caressing the border between her thighs and hips.

Her underass, not her underboobs. It’s so soft.

I’m holding back my urge to just grab it hard. Not yet. Calm down, me. Let’s enjoy it over her clothes first.

「 M-My butt! Nii-san-senpai’s touching my butt…Hyauu!! 」

Her beautiful ass can be seen over her clothes. Her ass meat is overflowing in my hands. The softness is enough to bury my fingers in.

I didn’t recognize it because it was hidden, but isn’t this a lovely shape? It’s moderately muscled and toned. It truly is a gravure idol-grade ass.

I tighten, and loosen my grip…tighten, and relax. And I kept repeating the same pattern.

「 H-Hiii?! Hii?! Ah, uuu! Aaaaaah! 」

Suisen-chan’s hips are twitching as if she just climaxed. The way she rubs her thighs together fidgetingly is so sexy.

She’s excited from my touch already. Her sweet pheromones are getting stronger, and her temperature is rising. The sweet smell of sweet is starting to mingle.

The dense smell of a female stimulates my male instincts, making the beast inside boil in desire.

「 L-Let’s take a break! Please, let’s take a break 」

「 Oops, sorry 」

「 Fuuuu!! Fuuu! Fuuu!! 」

She plopped on the desk, her knees wobbling as she breathes roughly.

Err, I only touched her through the clothes, was the stimulation too much?

「 Haa, haa, haa, thank you for waiting. Y-You can continue now 」

You’re still breathing like you just ran a sprint. Let’s give her a bit more break time.

「 Then, let’s have you do a new pose. This time, Suisen, try putting emphasis on your ass 」

「 Eh, eeeh?! 」

Hmm, I love the wholesome way she thinks.

Suisen-chan’s the type who’s devoted to the person she loves. Now she’s genuinely concerned about my request, showing no displeasure. What a good girl.

「 Oh right. How about this? 」

It seems that she came up with an idea.

I crossed her legs and rolled her upper body forward. I toss and knock her down, and while I was surprised that her body was so soft, I bent over from the waist and bent forward with my hips. And then, I looked up from below.

「 There we go! 」

「 I-Isn’t this the Nonoa pose? 」

The pose was popularized for a time by a fashion model, TV personality, and actress named Nonoa.

It requires flexibility, and not everyone can do it. Despite that, she just did it without difficulty.

It’s the most effective way of showing off her ass.

Sexy. Too Sexy. Her huge ass is emphasized, and my blood’s boiling.

「 I’ve actually practiced this before 」

「 It’s too sexy. No, wait 」

「 Yes? 」

I noticed something. One of the essential truths.

Nonoa-san’s pose made Suisen’s ass barely visible. Nothing is covering it, her big plump ass has the color of her skin.

T-This is…

「 No panties? 」

「 N-No! I have it on! Take a look! 」

Suisen-chan folds up her skirt to dispel any suspicion that she has no panties on.

Her beautiful, gravure idol-level ass is exposed right in front of me. What a beautiful shape. I want to bury my face there.

I thought that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, but she was right. She’s wearing one.

A light pink T-Back. A really small cloth area. It’s digging into her ass that it’s sexy. Words cannot describe the force and the tightness.

It’s T-back, so it’s hard to see the cloth.

Hmm, there’s liquid dripping from her thighs. That’s not sweat, but love nectar, right? Is she so excited that love nectar is spilling out because the T-back can’t absorb it?

「 Errr 」

「 Eh? Ah! Kyaa~ 」

Ah. What a sight for sore eyes. I wanted to see more.

But, it’s well preserved in my memory now.

「 It’s a T-back huh… 」

「 R-Renge-senpai lent me this one! Usually, I put on a side string! I don’t put on something this extreme normally! 」

Side string. I’m pretty sure those only have a string on the side as the name implies.

As a man, even shorts with only strings on the side is already extreme. I’m always excited thinking about them wearing it under their skirt. I’ll get those delusions next time I see Suisen-chan.

Still, she mentioned that this T-Back is Nee-san’s? Woah, she has some extreme underwear. I’ve never seen this when folding laundry. This must be one of those “Lucky” underwear, right?

「 Side string is also sexy I think 」

「 N-No, that’s not it. I’ll tell Nii-san-senpai. My body’s quite sensitive 」

Sensitive?! D-Details, please!

「 It’s especially bad in my hips and butt, I can’t wear any underwear with a large area of tight fabric because it tickles. So, I had to put on underwear with little fabric 」

「 But, won’t that just dig in? 」

「 Compared to having more fabric area, having it dig in is better… 」

「 I-I see 」

I can’t help but be respectful in the reply with an enlightened look on her face.

Those eyes show no emotion or light. It’s only filled with nihility darkness.

She’s got her hardships. Pity.

「 Wait, what are you doing? 」

「 Huh? Taking off my clothes, what about it? 」

Suisen-chan peeks at my naked body through the gap between the fingers covering her eyes.

Didn’t I promise you? Ooh, I hear a voice of admiration.

「 Suisen-chan’s ass got me lively 」

「 It’s true. Nii-san-senpai’s lively 」

She’s gazing hard at my swollen pants. Getting stared hard like that is quite embarrassing.

My dick’s already in combat mode. It’s not obvious since it’s dim, but my underwear’s already wet with precum.

「 Ah, I’ll take mine off too 」

Her one-piece pajama has buttons on the front. She took off the buttons without hesitation, exposing her pink-colored extreme underwear.

She’s bold at these places.

She puts her hands behind her back and removed her bra, revealing her nicely shaped breasts I could wrap in my hands.

Her areola is on the smallish side. Her nipples are a bit bigger. It’s easy to bite and suck this nipple.

When she put her hands on her panties…

「 Kyaa?! 」

I captured my lover. Amazingly, she fits snugly in my arm. The height difference is just right, and she’s surprisingly nice to hold.

It’s almost like she’s born for me to hug her.

The softness of her breasts against my chest is nice.

「 Hiiii 」

She’s indeed sensitive. She was already trembling just from caressing her back, and she even screamed.

She’s worth the tease.

「 Hmm. Hmm!?! There’s something hard on my belly…T-This is! 」

I’m unconsciously rubbing my stiff penis through my underwear.

It’s an unknown solid object to her.

This will go inside you and will make you feel good.

「 Nii-san-senpai 」

I slowly close our distance and she closed her teary eyes.

I lifted her chin and gave her lips a gentle kiss.

It’s likely to be Suisen-chan’s first kiss.

Her lips are wet, it was puffy, and they tasted like mint.

Did she just brush her teeth?

Suisen-chan’s a sporty girl so having a fresh and cool taste suits her.

She savored the aftertaste of her first kiss for a few seconds, and then slowly opened her eyes.

「 Nuu, u-uhm, thank you 」

「 Likewise, thank you for the first kiss 」

「 T-That…kissing feels so fluffy. I never thought it could bring so much happiness 」

The young girl’s face is melting in happiness. Just watching her is tickling me.

I slowly bring our faces together, closed our eyes, and we kissed again.

Chu, chu, we kept pecking each other, just touching, and after she got used to it, she started using her bottom lip. Suisen-chan was surprised at first, but she immediately returned the favor, and gradually, she began to put her lips on mine.

「 Hm, hmmm!! 」

Suddenly, her body jumped. I was caressing her back and hips.

「 Uuuu! Hmm! I-I’m feeling it! Uuu! Aaah!! 」

I stopped my hands and slowly went to her ass.

「 T-This is?! 」

「 Nhiii!?! 」


The volume is so overwhelming that it doesn’t fit my hand. It’s puffy and soft, and if I grip it, it’ll tighten up. When I grabbed it with both hands, her meat just leaked out of my fingers. It bounces after I let go of my hand. Her skin’s so fine textured that I could just rub this forever.

It’s a waste to enjoy it with just my hands. I’m going to bury my face in these.

How can you have an inferiority complex when you have such an attractive ass?! This has to be a lie! Most women would be jealous of this.

「 Hii! Haa, haa, aah, uuu! S-Senpai! Nii-san-senpai’s touching my butt!! Fuuu! 」

Suisen-chan clings to me as I grip her, she buries her face in my chest and breathed roughly.

「 W-Wait! Please stop moving your hand! Senpai! Stop your hand! Cumming! Cumming!! 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Uuuuu!?! Aaah! Hmmm! Hmmmm?! 」

Biku! Bikubiku!!

After a few small twitches for a few seconds, she gasps, and relaxed, leaning on me. Her hips are already giving out.

Did she just cum? From touching her ass? Was that a complete orgasm?

「 Haa, haa, I told you to wait… 」

「 Wait, did you really cum just from touching? 」

「 Y-Yes…I came…in fact, several times since you touched my thighs, and my butt over my clothes… 」

Ehehe, the sensitive woman giggled cutely while love nectar is dripping. It smashed down my reason and I pushed her down the bed.