AV App Chapter 5 ♡ Two beasts



Dopyu, dopyu, dopyupyu

I stain Otometani-san’s deepest part with my white liquid. It’s so sticky and it slathered down her womb.

The thought of graduating from virginity felt so good that I came involuntarily. This is embarrassing if I say so myself. This is going to become a dark history. Let’s bring this to our grave. Seal it up.

「 Ah, so hot. Nakade-kun’s inside me. So this is sex 」

Fortunately, Otometani-san also just lost her virginity, she’s confused, surprised, and emotional from the first sensation of a foreign object inside her, and she doesn’t seem to realize that I already came inside.

I won’t tell her that I came from just putting it in, never. My pride as a man won’t allow that.

I keep up my calm look.

「 Otometani-san. it’s all in 」

「 Right, it seems like it. It feels weird. It feels warm inside of me 」

「 Does it hurt? 」

Otometani-san thought for a moment and then shook her head.

「 No. It tingles a bit, and I feel a foreign object, but it doesn’t hurt. I was scared because I heard that it was painful and that it could make you cry. But, it seems like it’s different for me 」

Many women say that they don’t feel pain or blood from deflowering.

She’s that type it seems. Her frowning was from the foreign sensation of a penis exploring her vagina for the first time.

To be honest, if she started crying, I might’ve withered. I’m not so shameless to fuck a crying woman.

「 Ah, it’s bleeding. But it’s only a bit 」

I look downwards and see a bloodstream dripping from her whole where she lost purity, to her ass and thighs, making a red stain on the white sheet. It’s the red flower, proving her first.

「 Oh, is that so? 」

「 You make it sound like it’s a stranger’s problem 」

「 I mean, it doesn’t hurt. So you can move now, Nakade-kun. Cum a lot inside me okay?

This cool beauty is asking me to cum inside her.

I just graduated from my virginity so that line is quite destructive.

「 Otometani-san!! 」

I’ve just defiled this pure innocent woman. That fact is just arousing me further.

「 Hmm?! W-What’s so sudden?! What?! It feels different when you move! Aaah! 」

Zun, zun, zun, I move my hips awkwardly, rubbing my penis in her pussy.

Nucha, nucha, nuchu, guchu, guchu.

The obscene sound of my meat stick rubbing her moist honey pot reached my ears.

The semen I released seemed to have been a good lubricant. It’s tight, but it’s moving smoothly.

Perhaps it’s due to the male reproductive instincts etched on my soul but I feel like I’m getting the hang of it, being able to swing my hips rhythmically.

Panpanpanpanpan, I slam my hips on hers in a well-regulated tempo.

「 Hmm, hmmm, hmmm! Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

She hides her eyes with one arm, and her armpit is gleaming with sweat. The other hand grips the pillow tightly.

Oooh!! Her breasts are dancing to my thrusts. It’s a sexy dance that pleases men.

「 Uugh, uuu, uuu!! Hmm, nfuu, hmm, nuuu 」

Her sweet voice leaks from the back of her throat. Just what kind of sensation does she feel?

「 Otometani-san, it doesn’t hurt, right? 」

「 It doesn’t hurt! Haa, whaa. it feels weird! It’s weird! I don’t know! I don’t know this feeling 」

Otometani-san’s voice resembles a scream, it’s filled with anguish as she twists around. It’s a first-time sensation, and she’s confused about how to let out the sensation that she’s feeling from her body that’s coming one after another.

She shook her head, bite her lips, grip on the sheets tightly, trying to oppose her first time.

「 Naaa?! 」

The smell of her sweet sweat fills the air. I noticed that drops of clear sweat begin to appear on Otometani-san’s pink skin.

Her bangs are moist and wet, and it sticks to her skin, making a black glow.

My heart skips a bit at the sight of my classmate being sexy and mature. Why is it that women get sexier when their hair is wet?

「 Damn, I’m cumming again! 」

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu, pyu.

My second ejaculation. That’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment you can’t feel with masturbation.

「 Haa, ha, ha 」

I spurt out all of my sperm and stopped moving, breathing hard as if I just ran a sprint.

It’s only been five minutes since I started moving. But I feel like I’m moving for hours.

My stamina won’t make it. My erection is still maintained. I think I could cum once again after I take a break.

However, I’m surprised by how fast I ejaculate.

Am I a premature ejaculator?

「 What’s wrong? 」

Otometani-san peeks her face out, wondering why I’m not moving.

Her eyes are teary. Her cheeks are dyed red. Her lips are drooling saliva. Her breathing is rough. And her black hair is wet with her sweat.

I can confidently say that Otometani-san’s far more beautiful than any goddess now.

「 Just taking a break 」

「 I see. Thanks 」

Phew. Otometani-san loosened up after a sigh.

Her tight pussy loosened up and wraps my penis with the right pressure.

「 Aaahn! 」

She makes a lewd voice because I touched her breasts. It seems like arousal increased her sensitivity.

Momimomimomi. It feels great to grope.

These breasts are such a sight for sore eyes as it sways around.

「 Hmm, men sure love breasts, don’t they? 」

「 Yeah. I love it 」

「 I see 」

She looked at me wondering what was so good about it.

I like what I like. I can’t go against my tastes. Maybe it’s because men don’t have it that we like it

「 Hmm, does it feel good? 」

I play with the tip of her nipple and her sweet voice leaks out. Does it feel good? The person herself doesn’t know that yet.

「 Otometani-san. I want to kiss 」

「 Sure, let’s do it. Hmm 」

I covered her body, bring my face to hers, and kiss her while our dick and pussy still joined.

Chu, nuchu, chu, chu, nuchu.

We continued kissing each other with no technique or anything, and then, her hands went to the back of my neck timidly.

I open my eyes in surprise, but I see her eyes shaking in embarrassment. Yet, her arms coil around me, holding me gently as if to say that she won’t let me go.

We’re connected deeply. It’s as if it’s not just our bodies that are in touch, but also our hearts.


「 Hmm?! 」

I thrust my hips while kissing her and she twitched.

『 Can I move? 』

I asked her with my eyes and she gave a light nod. Then, she closed her eyes and relaxed her arms.

Have I released her female instincts?

Chu, guchu, guchu, guchu.

I slowly piston my hips. This beauty who experienced a man for the first time moans with her eyes closed.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, nuu, nuu 」

Otometani-san’s body rises and falls with each thrust, her face contorts in anguish, and she clutches as if clinging to me. Her pussy starts to tighten, and I can feel her wriggling around trying to squeeze the semen out of my penis.

This feels good. So this is sex. I can’t stop my hips.

Each of my thrusts connects me to Otometani-san’s mind and body — I feel that way.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, Hmmmm, ahn, ahn, aahn! 」

Ooh? the tone changed. It sounds sexy. Maybe she’s starting to feel sexual pleasure?

「 Ahn, ah, aahn, aaaah!!! 」

Woah, what a treat for my sight, sound, and touch, and if I kiss her, I can enjoy it with my taste buds too.

A lewd woman is beautiful. She’s completely different from a porn star on screen. My dick is really hard from this real response. I already ejaculated twice, yet I’m about to blow another load it seems.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, aah, aah, aah, aaahn~! 」

「 Otometani-san! 」

「 Hmm, w-what? 」

「 Your voice is so cute 」

「 Eh?! Aaahn! 」

She moans loudly and then her eyes blink in surprise. Then, she realized the lewd voice that came out of her mouth and she covered it.

Huh? She hasn’t noticed that she was moaning until now?

「 T-That was, hmmm, n-noo! Hmmm 」

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 My voice is just leaking on its own! Wait! Stop! Don’t move! 」

「 No 」

「 B-Bully 」

That teasingly sultry tone, and that hot gaze of hers…

Saying it like that is foul. I almost ejaculated.

I repeat the piston, slowing down so I don’t ejaculate immediately.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm!! 」

Even when she covers her mouth with her hand, her voice still leaks. Her pussy tightens up, must be from embarrassment.

「 Uu, uuu, uuu, uuu, uuuuu!!! 」

Even that teary glare won’t work. It only looks cute to me. It just fires up my sexual arousal. Give up.

The piston becomes stronger, and Otometani-san’s voice grows louder.

「 Ah! Ah! Ah! Aaahn! Aaaah!! 」

Otometani-san now just screams in pleasure. Her eyes have tears falling.

Nuchu, nuchu, nuchu, guchu, guchu.

The sound of my penis connecting with her pussy.


The sound of our hips slamming.

「 Uuu, ah! Ah! Ah! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!! 」

The voice of pleasure she can’t hide.

The three notes played together mixed well. It’s truly a triumvirate that tickles one’s instincts.

「 Kuh! I’m about to cum! 」

It hasn’t been long since my last ejaculation, and yet…

I’m disgusted with how premature I ejaculate.

「 Yes! Let it out! Cum inside me! 」

Her beautiful legs lock my body, saying that she won’t let go.

Hey now. You’re giving the “Daishuki hold” unconsciously! This is the best!

The beast living inside me roars in delight at her strong will and determination to have me cum inside her.

Besides, I’m not going to run, I’m going to cum inside for sure, I want to impregnate her.

I went for my final spurt with my piston, readying for creampie.

I grit my teeth and strike my desire with single-minded devotion. Sweat flies around from my quick violent thrusts.

My dick goes thicker, harder, and hotter inside her pussy. It’s pumping hard.

「 Aaaah! So intense! Wow! What’s this! Nakade-kun!!! 」

「 Otometani-san!! 」

We looked at each other. Our hearts have become one and at that moment…

「 I’m cumming! Get pregnant!! 」

「 Ah, aah!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! 」

Dopyupyu! Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

I think that’s the most amount of cum I ejaculated ever. It’s as if my whole existence is being spewed out with hot semen into Otometani-san.

I can feel her pussy wriggling, greedily swallowing all my semen. Her vagina’s carrying the seed into the womb.

Ooh, I might’ve gotten her pregnant.

I’m in a daze in the aftermath of my ejaculation.

Otometani-san’s back arched, and she’s twitching, unable to speak.

–We climaxed at the same time.

I’m happy about that fact. Well, I already came several times, but still, having simultaneous climaxes is the best sex. I’m proud that we’ve done that on our first sex.

After a few small thrusts, I let out my last drop and fell next to Otometani-san exhausted, she was also breathing heavily.

The obscene scent of sweat soaks in the bed. Her soft and wet skin feels nice.

「 Haa, haa, haa, Otometani-san 」

「 Nakade-kun 」

We kissed each other, without even talking about it. It’s an unconscious act.

After some sweet kisses, we cuddled for a while, half-asleep in the afterglow of sex.

I think we spent about ten minutes.

When I come to, Otometani-san’s patting my hair.

「 Nakade-kun 」

「 Hm, what’s wrong? 」

Otometani-san opens her eyes lightly, then gently pat her abdomen.

「 You came inside me, right? 」

「 Yeah. I did. I came 」

「 I see. Right…Thanks 」

「 I’m the one who should thank you. Truly. I mean, it’s too late to ask but are you fine with me being your first? Gufu

Otometani-san slammed me. It doesn’t hurt, but I reacted exaggeratedly because of how sudden that was.

「 If I didn’t want it, then I wouldn’t have done it with Nakade-kun 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You can guess 」

Otometani-san turned over the bed with a blushing face. I can’t see her face now.

Maybe Otometani-san likes me?

「 Well, I don’t think this is romantic love. You’re such a likable friend that I’m willing to get physical with you, Nakade-kun 」

Oh? Should you tell me that with your face looking at me?

I embraced her from behind and whispered.

「 So, want to be sex friends? 」

「 No, I’d prefer being a mistress than sex friends. Please support me financially 」

「 What is this normal college girl saying 」

「 Oh? You don’t have to pay in kind, there are other ways to support me. You can pour more inside. I can still take it. Hyan~ 」

「 Oh? You say that, but you can’t even hold your voice 」

I pinched her nipples and heard a good voice. It’s fun to break that attitude.

“Muu,” glare all you want but it does the opposite. It’s cute.

I want to cum inside her more. I want to fill up Otometani-san with my semen.

But after ejaculating thrice, four if you include oral, my penis seems to be on a cooldown. I’m in my kenja mode. I need a break.

「 How much time we have left? 」

「 Oh, I forgot. The time…It’s only been an hour 」

「 I thought it would be longer than that. We still have 2 hours, Nakade-kun. How much more can we earn? 」

Two more with a break. If I push for it, maybe three? 」

I got to ejaculate four times because of the virgin boost. Usually, I’d be in my Kenja mode after one round.

I say that with a bit of a show-off tone, but I honestly don’t have the confidence to ejaculate three more times.

I never masturbated that much before. Besides, would semen even come out after that many times?

If we want to make more money, then Otometani-san needs to climax more than me. Women can climax multiple times after all

「 There we go 」

The pillow talk made our sweat cold, so my body shivered, complaining about the physiological phenomena. I need to pee.

「 I’ll go for the toilet 」

「 Okay. Take care 」

I kissed her on the cheek like a lover and went to the bathroom.

I finished my business quickly, washed my hands, and returned to bed. Then…

「 Aga! Ga! Gua?! 」

I see Otometani-san convulsing violently on the bed.

Her legs are spread wide, her hair is disheveled, and her body’s twitching with her eyes turning white.

What just happened after I took my eyes away from her?!

I rushed to Otometani-san.

「 Otometani-san?! Otometani-san!? What’s wrong?! 」

「 Guh! Nakade-kun! I don’t know! I’m scared! I’m scared! 」

Otometani-san managed to raise her upper body while still shaking, clinging to me like a frightened child. Her body is so hot, it’s like she has a fever, and her eyes are moist.

「 Just what’s going on?! Is this an illness? 」

「 No, I was thirsty, so I bought a drink from the vending machine and drank it. Then, I remembered the lewd things I did with Nakade-kun while alone, and my body got hot, and when I touched myself, my mind went blank and I couldn’t breathe… 」

I see. She recalled us having sex when she was alone. Okay. That’s common. Getting so horny that she touched her breasts and crotch which were still sensitive, and she easily convulsed to the point she couldn’t breathe and her mind went blank…

Isn’t that just…

「 Oh, you came from masturbating? 」

「 Masturbating? I-I think? That might be masturbating. I masturbated, and I guess, that was an orgasm?

「 Yes. That was an orgasm. Climax. Isn’t it the same feeling right at the same time I ejaculated inside you earlier? 」

「 I remember feeling the same when Nakade-kun ejaculated inside me. I see. So that was a climax, so that’s how it feels. That’s amazing 」

Otometani-san, who’s euphoric, as if she’s been intoxicated by alcohol, unconsciously reached for her breasts and crotch and climaxed again.

It seems that she’s reached the climax count, and 10k yen fell from the air.

I mean. Otometani-san’s body is heated, right? She might get heatstroke from having too much of this.

「 Oh, Nakade-kun. You can have this. You need to hydrate yourself too 」

「 Oh, thanks. Drinks… Nice. I was just getting thirsty too 」

Drinks in bottles. I feel her kindness as she opens the lid and hands it to me.

Otometani-san will definitely be a good wife.

「 Gulp, gukp, gulp, good. Seems like it’s an energy drink. What’s this drink? 」

「 Well you see, it’s sold on the vending machine near the bed. It’s delicious, right? 」

She’s right, there’s a small vending machine at the foot of the bed.

Adult toys, contraceptives, and sexy lingerie are available.

The prices range from 1000 yen to 5000 yen Not so cheap, not so expensive either.

There’s one empty slot.

「 It says two sets of energy drinks 」

Hm? Wait, what did you say? Did I hear energy drinks?

I look at the label and I didn’t see the big text that says “Energizing Drink” at the back.

It’s a transcendent being beyond human knowledge that brought us to this mysterious situation. There’s no way the energy drinks they prepared for us would be ordinary.

「 Guah 」

My guess was right, my body was suddenly burning from the inside out, and my skin is so sensitive that I could feel anything from the slightest touch. My penis should’ve lost its strength grew stronger and got harder, and thicker than ever. The tip is overflowing with love nectar.

A light touch on my penis would be enough to make me ejaculate.

Otometani-san’s behavior is becoming weird too, the fact that she climaxed so easily during masturbating was definitely because she took this energy drink.

「 ?! 」

What tickled my sensitive nostrils was the sweet smell of Otometani-san’s body odor and sweat. It’s a thick female pheromone.

A beautiful woman’s reflected in my fuzzy vision. That’s one female in heat inviting the male to join her.

My eyes are glued to her. Like a predator that has its eyes set on its prey, I can’t look away. I can’t even blink.

I’m captivated by Otometani-san’s charming smile.

「 Nakade-kun… 」

「 Otometani-san… 」

「 Let’s do it? 」

That cute line burned out my reason. I turned into a beast and attack this defenseless woman with my lust.

I shoved it into her hot pussy in one go.

My hard penis penetrates deep inside her vagina and pushed her womb.

「 「 Guaaa!!? 」 」

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu!!!

The pleasure is so intense that it puts us in danger.

Just a single thrust made us both erupt and climax. The convulsions won’t stop.

My semen, the pleasure, and the hot feelings, all blow deep into her.

It was ten seconds later that the tsunami of pleasure subsided.

Still, my body’s so hot. It’s violently hot. Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! It’s so hot I can’t take it!!

「 Fuu! Fuu! Fuu!! 」

My vision’s turning red. My breathing’s getting rough. I shout like a beast filled with lust!

I want to violate this woman! I want to make a mess! I want to impregnate her! I want to make her mine!!

I can’t contain my burning desires!!

「 「 ………… 」 」

Otometani-san and I looked at each other before we become complete beasts.

We made a silent exchange.

–I asked if it was okay for us to give in to our crazy lust…

And we didn’t turn back. We stopped being humans and became male and female beasts.

There was no need to hear the answer.

Our faces slowly come together.

She closed her eyes, accepting it.

Our hot kiss ended our humanity, and we started becoming beasts.

The next moment, we become beasts, we were madly, strongly, boldly, and passionately seeking each other.



『 Three hours have ended. The Prize Game has ended 』