AV App Chapter 49: Married Woman Takes A Break



Afternoon, the professor canceled the class for an academic conference, so I started preparing for the upcoming exams and also submitted my homework. Now that I’m on my way home, I noticed a woman squatting against the fence in the park.

The woman stumbles around, shaking her head lightly as if she’s dizzy.

I approached the woman in a hurry.

「 Are you okay? 」

「 Yes. I’m okay…wait, it’s Nakade-kun 」

「 Sumire-san? Are you injured? 」

The squatting woman was the married woman with an unfortunate plump body who greets us every morning.

The shadows under her eyes appear darker in color due to the angle of light. No, they appear darker because her face is pale. She shows a sorrowful and fragile look, but it’s all the more pitiful and painful because you can feel that she’s pushing herself. Her eyes sometimes give out a passionate gaze, but they’re dim and empty.

She doesn’t look okay at all.

「 No, I’m not injured. I’ll be fine once I take a rest

Sumire-san tried to stand up but I stopped her.

「 Don’t stand up. You’re feeling unwell, aren’t you? I’ll call an ambulance right away

「 Don’t! It’s just anemia 」

Anemia? I see. Her face is pale, and she’s dizzy from standing up. I can agree if she says it’s anemia. On top of that, she’s obviously sleep-deprived and overworked.

And although it’s cloudy today, it’s hot and humid. We have a high temperature around. She might also be mildly dehydrated. She’s sweating profusely. It might be a heatstroke.

「 Then let’s take a rest somewhere 」

「 No, you don’t have to go that far. I’m really fine. It’s just the usual 」

「 It’s the usual? 」

It’s bad if anemia becomes “the usual”

I have to force myself to take a break.

However, Sumire-san grabs on the fence and stood up.

「 It’s almost time to pick up Rin. I have to go 」

I see. It’s time to pick up Rin-chan. She can’t afford to be late. But still, Sumire-san would just get worse if this goes on.

What do I do?

Then, my troubled brain came up with an idea.

「 Oh right! I should just use the Free Room 」

「 Nakade-kun? What are you? 」

No matter how much time we spend in the other space, it’ll only be a moment away in the real world. Free Room doesn’t penalize you either. She can rest as much as she wants.

Looking around, I noticed a vending machine nearby.

「 Sumire-san, give me a moment 」

「 Okay 」

I run over to the vending machine to buy a sports drink and several bottles of tea and water and hurry back to Sumire-san.

There’s a small fridge in the free room, but so far, the only way to have food and drinks is to bring them in. This should be enough.

Then, I opened the AV app.

I chose the free room feature. No time sync. I choose Shigawa Sumire as my partner.

「 Sumire-san, this might surprise you, but, get used to it 」

「 Huh, what do you mean? 」

「 Let’s go 」

「 Kyaa 」

Sumire-san and I radiated in a pure white glow, and we were moved to the other space in a blink of an eye.

As usual, I find myself sitting on the bed in a space that resembles a love hotel. Sumire-san’s sitting next to me.

「 Eh, eeeh?! This place is? Oh? I feel like I’ve seen this place before? Isn’t this Nakade-kun’s novice support project room? 」

「 Yes. You even remembered that 」

「 I couldn’t forget that time… 」

Can’t forget? Is it the effect of the novice support project?

Oh well. I’ll have Sumire-san take a rest for now.

「 This place isn’t affected by time. I don’t know what the theory behind it is, but no matter how many hours we spend in this room, it’ll only take a moment in the real world. You can take a rest here and not worry. I mean, please take a rest 」

「 H-Haa. 」

「 Anyway, you need to rehydrate. Get this sports drink, it’ll refresh your body with water and salt 」

「 O-Okay. Thank you 」

I pushed the sports drink on her, making her drink it to fold her confusion. Water and tea can come later.

She’s also sweating so it’s best to have a towel and water basin available.

Do we have a change of clothes for her? There are some uniforms in the cosplay closet…married woman cosplay. Honestly, I want to see that. It’s easy to imagine her as sexy and immoral. However, it’s a little wrong to have her cosplay when she’s not feeling well. I hope she wears them next time.

I checked the regular closet and found a bathrobe inside, so I took it out.

「 Wipe your body with this. I’m sorry but there are no other clothes here, just this bathrobe. We can hang your sweat-soaked clothes in the closet to dry on their own 」

「 Thank you for everything, Nakade-kun. You really helped me 」

Sumire drinks the sports drink slowly, bowing her head.

Her neck’s seductive, her moistened lips are seductive, and having a married woman here is making me feel dizzy. The deep aroma mixed with the scent of her sweat is indescribably sexy.

「 U-Uhm, oh, I didn’t consider that! I’ll get the bath ready, I’ll call you when it’s done 」

「 I don’t mind if you stay here 」

「 Huh? 」

「 It’s just…please stand behind. But, it’s embarrassing 」

She speaks while looking downcast from embarrassment, and that shot through my heart.

Sumire-san’s so cute

It takes a few seconds to understand what she meant. My sense of ethics and my manly desires had a few seconds of conflict. I completely lost track of when to say no and turned my back on Sumire-san with a stiff motion.

「 Hmm 」

I hear the faint sounds of clothes being removed along with her breath. Then, I hear the sound of a wet towel wiping.

Right behind me is a bewitching married woman wiping herself half-naked!

Feeling horny, I concentrated on the little sounds Sumire-san is making and let my fantasies unfold.

「 Phew, it feels cold 」

「 !! 」

I don’t know if it’s unconscious or intentional, but she can’t help but mutter to herself.

「 My bra’s soaked in sweat too. The sweat’s also between my breasts. I might get sweat rash so let’s take it off I have to give it a wipey-wipey 」

Wipey-wipey?! The cleavage and under boobs?! Taking off her underwear?

I guess that must’ve come out of her mouth because she usually that line to her daughter. A married woman with a child is nice.

「 There we go! 」

I hear something sliding across the skin, and a rustling sound as something’s tossed to the bed.

Bra? Is that her bra? What’s the color?

「 Nakade-kun? 」

「 Y-Yes? 」

「 Thanks for the towel and water. This feels good 」

「 Sure, no problem 」

Sumire-san might be wiping her breasts right now. Wiping her cleavage, her underboobs. No, she probably has one of her arms up and she’s wiping her sweat from her armpits.

Even just imagining it is enough to get me off. I’m getting an erection already.

The sound of Sumire-san squeezing the towel echoes in the room. Thinking that it’s over, I hear rustling clothes.

「 Hmm, hmm! 」

Every one of her breaths is charming.

Behind me is a muffled bass sound, like metals scraping.

I-Is that the zipper?

No way, is she taking off her pants?

Her thick thighs were exposed, and now she was half-naked, wearing only her panty.

「 Gulp 」

My dick’s already rock hard

After taking off the pants, she took off another one. It’s got to be her panty. Sumire-san took off her panty.

A stark naked woman is behind me, not a single piece of clothing hides her.

I want to see it. I want to turn around. But, I feel like my favorability will go down if I do that.

Let’s be a gentleman and hold it with just my delusions.

As I listen closely that I forgot to breathe, enjoying the sound of her wiping her body. I feel the towel squeezed again.

「 You can turn around now. 」

It was both long and short.

Since she gave permission, I turned around, a little nervous. And there she was, a married woman wearing a bathrobe. The bathrobe is tied with a string around her belly, clearly revealing the size of her breasts. The robe only reaches above the knee. Looking good.

Sexy. Too sexy. How is that? She’s just wearing a bathrobe, yet she’s exuding so much sexiness? This is definitely the sexiness of a married woman! Her fleshy raw legs peeking out of the hem is glamorous.

She seems to have rehydrated herself and her complexion is better. But her body looks like it’s on fire, and her cheeks and neck are cherry red.

She’s looking downwards. Is she embarrassed? A mischievous gleam. Why?

「 You’ve been fidgeting for a while now, Nakade-kun 」

「 Huh? Was that too obvious? 」

「 Yes, it’s so obvious. You’re such a bad boy 」

「 Uhm, well, sorry. I’m a healthy man 」

I knelt on the bed. Sorry for fidgeting. I’m sorry for getting too conscious. Also, you look good in a bathrobe.

「 I would like to say “Bad!” as a married woman, but, you were a coward who didn’t turn around so I forgive you 」

「 Thanks, wait, did you just say “coward?” 」

「 It must be your imagination? 」

Hmmm. I don’t think it was my imagination, but Sumire-san smiled smugly, saying it was my imagination. I guess it is. I must’ve misheard it.

While I was thinking, I missed the mischievous smile appearing in Sumire-san’s mouth.

I looked up from kneeling and noticed a pale lavender cloth had fallen where I placed my hand. Taking a closer look, it takes the form of a shiny woman’s underwear.

I-Is this Sumire-san’s underwear? The panty has such a small area of fabric. It’s even cutting into her ass.

「 I can hang my clothes in the closet, right? 」

「 Ah, yeah. It could take out the dirt and dry it there 」

「 That’s convenient 」

I know right. This is too convenient. It would be convenient to have at home. We might not even need washing machines.

「 Ara? 」

The light lavender-colored object spilled out of Sumire-san’s hand as she gathers up the clothes scattered on the bed. That looks like her bra. HUGE! Just what is Sumire-san’s cup size?

「 Nakade-kun? 」

「 Ah, here, sorry. I looked 」

「 Next time you look, you’ll get a scolding 」

「 Got it 」

Hmm? Next time? So that one was okay?

I think as I look at the married woman who’s hanging her sweat-soaked clothes in the closet in a good mood. I don’t get how women think…

It’s still far from the day I’ll understand women’s hearts.

「 What should we do now? 」

「 Huh? You should take a rest, Sumire-san! I don’t care how many hours you nap, the eyebags of yours are bothering me already 」

「 But…I can’t sleep 」

「 Just lie down and rest at least! I could even give Sumire-san a massage if you want 」

「 Then, I’ll take the massage 」

「 Got it…huh? You sure? 」

「 I’m sure. Is there a problem? 」

No, nothing I said that half-jokingly, so I didn’t expect her to accept that.

That means I can touch Sumire-san’s body, right? She gave her permission, and I can’t give her a massage if I don’t touch her.

If this was an AV, then the standard situation would be the man massaging the sensitive area and fuck the woman in heat or using aphrodisiac oil.

Maybe the situation would turn to that.

As soon as the lewd fantasies came to mind—

『 We’ll begin our situation play “Stretch and Massage” 』

An emotional female mechanical voice like a Vocaloid plays in the free room, and before we knew it, an unseen door appears at the wall and begins to open on its own.

Hey, hey, hey. I haven’t pressed anything on the app yet. What are you doing, app devs!

That’s the situation play stretch and massage, right? That’s the new feature released upon reaching level five, right? It’s a play I haven’t tried yet.

The content is probably exactly like my fantasy earlier. The kind where you get horny and have sex while massaging.

That sure fits the situation…

「 What’s wrong, Nakade-kun? The massage room is this way, isn’t it? Shall we go? 」

「 Okay 」

Sumire-san moves to the next room, not feeling any discomfort. I don’t know if I just gave up thinking and decided to take it all in, or if the app is taking effect.

Oh well, she’s already anticipating the massage so I can’t say no. Yeah, who cares! I’ll just leave it to the future me!

We pass through the door to the next room. Then, our clothes changed in an instant.

「 Uooh! 」

「 Kyaa!? T-This is?! 」

I have the white coat a masseur, or seitai worker wears. It’s not the white coat that the doctor wears, but a sporty shirt and pants.

Meanwhile, Sumire-san’s wearing only a white sports bra, and a similar white panty, almost a bloomer. Her belly and legs are all exposed.

The cloth is thin and the area is small, but the outfit is far from sexy. The bathrobe was sexier.

But, I know. It’s that thing.

It’s the type that gets transparent when it gets wet!!