AV App Chapter 50 ♡ Massage Play



The massage room is filled with ambient sounds of nature, such as birds chirping, wind, and rain, things that calm and soothe the mind. If you close your eyes, it would feel like you’re in a forest.

The walls are decorated with photos of male and female bodies. It describes the location of pressure points.

It looks like decorations in massage parlors and or clinics. Which might be appropriate for the atmosphere of the room.

Mumu? You say that the acupuncture points in the sole are related to the reproductive organs? I see. I’m curious about the effects. Let’s test it next time.

「 Nakade-kun. Do I turn upwards? Or lie down? 」

「 Please lie down 」

Hmm? I don’t have any knowledge of what I’m talking about yet somehow, I speak with such confidence. Is this the effect of the massage play?

Well, we can start messaging her legs and back first, then later, oil her front and get her clothes see-through It’s a little wrong to get her breasts see-through right from the start. There’s fun in holding it off.

「 Okay 」

Sumire-san lies down on the table that looks like an examination table at the center of the room. It’s a platform with a hole for the face so it’s not painful to lie down.

If this was an AV, there would be a camera below to show the woman’s face, but that doesn’t seem present.

Woah. Her ass is overflowing out of her thin bloomer-like underwear. This is sexy! Just this much is enough to arouse me!

「 Then, let’s begin the massage 」

「 Please 」

「 I’ll pour on massage oil. It might feel chilly at first 」

「 This feels authentic. I’ve never been in a massage parlor before, is this normal? 」

「 Who knows? I have no idea either. But there’s oil available so I thought of using it 」

「 I see. 」

It’s true that oil was prepared. They placed it on the nearby shelf as if to say “use this!”

I dripped a little on my hand to test it and it was a slightly thick liquid. It’s slippery, but at the same time, it’s smooth. It doesn’t cling like oil, and it isn’t sticky like lotion either. This feels like an ideal massage oil for a novice.

It doesn’t smell. Odorless.

The fact that there are a lot of essential oils suggests that the fragrance and other effects are based on your preference and mood.

「 Hm? 」

Then, my body moved on its own. I reach out for the small bottle of essential oils and picked up a certain bottle.

「 Is this lavender? No, pure lavender? What’s the difference? 」

I’m not familiar with essential oils so I honestly don’t know the difference between pure and regular.

According to the description, the scent of pure lavender is a sedative, analgesic, antibacterial, and cellular revitalization. It’s also relaxing and effective for insomnia.

This is perfect for Sumire-san right now! It’s an item made by app devs who are beyond human knowledge.

Ah, but there are notes.

「 It also stimulates the menstrual flow so use it with caution as it can cause early ovulation. Sumire-san, I’ll have to ask, are you pregnant? 」

「 Huh? That’s so sudden. I don’t think I am 」

「 Do you have plans to get pregnant? 」

「 My husband doesn’t. It’s been almost five years already 」

Right. Sumire-san is sexless with her husband. Then, she shouldn’t get pregnant.

「 This seems to stimulate the menstrual flow. Do you mind me using this essential oil? It smells Lavander 」

「 Yes, It’s okay. Besides, it’s been irregular recently…wait, I shouldn’t tell Nakade-kun that. Forget it. Lavender is nice. I like that scent 」

So she likes this scent. Then, I’ll use this.

I mixed the massage oil with a few drops of essential oil. The sweet and slightly refreshing scent of lavender faintly wafts through the air.

Okay, we’re ready to go. Let’s massage this housewife.

「 We’ll start with your legs 」

「 Please do 」

「 It’ll get a bit chilly at first 」

「 Okay, hmmm 」

Don’t leak out such a lewd voice. That startled me.

I gently spread the oil from the sole of her feet to her calves, allowing it to penetrate her skin. The wetness of the oil improved the stroking experience and made her skin moist that it reflects the light.

「 Hmm, kuh, it tickles a bit. But, it feels good 」

I gently rub the sole of her feet.

Perhaps it’s the effect of the massage play in the app, but I can sort of see where her fatigue is, and I know what kind of rubbing and how much force I need to use. I might also know where Sumire-san’s erogenous zones are and how to stimulate them.

To think that even a beginner can get the same technique as a professional masseur, as expected of the app.

「 Hmm, ah, aaahn 」

「 I’ll start rubbing the calves 」

「 O-Okay 」

Why is women’s skin so soft? It’s soft, yet firm, this blissful softness is hard to describe. I want to keep touching it.

I slide from the calf and ankle to her knee, using the lubricant to press gently. I repeated it several times.

「 Fuu, hmm, nuu 」

I can hear relaxed and pleasant breathing.

Sumire-san’s been working hard on housework and childcare that she’s got dark circles under her eyes, making her anemic. So I want her to forget about it and get healed.

I went from massaging her calf to her thighs.

Her thighs are well-fleshed. It’s a little sloppy, but I like that because it gives me a sense of the raw sexiness of a married woman.

Furthermore, it feels nice rubbing her with my palm. I know it would be easier to rub if you have thick legs.

「 If you want more then just say it 」

「 Okay 」

I extend the oil to the base of her legs while rubbing. I stroke the border of her butt, stroking her inner thighs, and my fingers rub on her secret place.

「 Hmm! 」

Although she let out a faint sound, Sumire-san didn’t stiffen but relaxed her body.

It’s either a show of trust, or she’s willing to let me touch her. Which one is it?

As I touched her sensitive spot, her white bloomer-like underwear became wet with oil and became transparent.

I knew it was the transparent costume! I’m getting a little excited!

I rub the area around the base of her leg carefully, as she seems fatigued there.

「 Hmm, hmm, aauu 」

Occasionally, my fingers end up in her underwear. Not intentionally, but accidentally. When I say that accidentally, I meant that.

The midpoint between her thighs and ass is a blissful rub, Not the thigh or her ass, but both. It has the softness of both. I can’t resist this border between her legs.

「 Aah, Nakade-kun 」

「 Ah, yes, what is it? 」

A cold sweat breaks out as she calls my name.

Did I get carried away now she’s accusing me of touching her in lewd spots?

Sorry! I was so horny from touching Sumire-san’s body! Please forgive me

「 Could you massage my inner thighs? 」

「 Ah, sure. Got it 」

Phew. She’s just asking me to massage other spots. I panicked. I thought she was angry.

Inner thighs… I had my horny under control and concentrate on a healthy massage.

「 Ah, not there, higher…the base of my leg 」

Inside her thighs, and the base of her leg? That’s very close to her ass! If I’m a little off, I’m rubbing her secret place.

Well, Sumire-san asked for it so it can’t be helped. Please don’t let it graze.

「 Can you open up your legs? 」

「 Okay’ 」

Good angle. Her thick thighs and the secret place were hidden behind the white cloth. It’s digging in, or rather, the bulge of her secret place is visible, and my horny is rising up.

「 I’ll resupply the oil 」

「 Okay…ngu! C-Cold 」

The oil drips down the skin of the married woman.

Sumire-san’s body jumped. Her hips lifts up lightly from getting tickled, then she relaxed and huffed.

Is her skin getting sensitive?

Using plenty of oil, I massage her inner thighs.

The floral scent of lavender permeates my nose with every breath. It also heals me, the massager.

「 Hmm? Hyaa! 」

She jerks her hips up again. Her body’s clearly tensed.

I know why, but I still ask with a blank face.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 No, nothing. Please continue 」

So she wants me to continue?

I kept touching the edger of the white bloomer-like underwear, only on the edge, making it vague if it was in or not.

Then, a stain spread on the white bloomer-like underwear, and the thin cloth became transparent. I can see through the color of her secret place.

This isn’t because of me. It’s Sumire-san doing it. She’s leaking love nectar on her underwear.

Sexy. The walls of my reason are being whittled away.

Thanks for such an eye-opening spectacle.

After a lot of teasing play, where it looks like I’m about to put my finger inside her underwear, but not, the spot of love nectar has spread further, and now it’s time to move to the next massage.

「 I’ll massage your butt next 」

「 Okay 」

Not refusing. As usual, I don’t know if it’s faith or she’s giving me permission.

I pour oil over her underwear, and it became transparent. There’s no longer any point in hiding them behind the underwear, the color of her skin and the split of her ass, even the small mole are all exposed.

The sight of them reflecting the light makes it even sexier than usual.

「 Hmm, hmm, hafuu 」

I rub and squeeze her ass, pushing, rubbing in a circular motion.

I open her ass to both sides for my amusement.

I put my fingertip from the waist down into her transparent underwear…and she’s not saying anything. I put my hand halfway in, no rejection.

Then, I found myself directly touching Sumire-san’s ass.

「 Ah, naa~! That feels good 」

I’m using the massage to take off her underwear. I had it half-off, and just when I was about to see her anus…

「 Geez. Don’t. You can’t look there! 」

A gentle motherly scolding, then she fixed her misaligned underwear with her hand.

Oh my. That’s unfortunate. However, I won’t back down. I’ll continue to attack

「 I told you, no 」

I slip it off and then fixed it again. Next!

「 Nakade-kun? 」

I kept pulling her underwear down

Kuh! If going from the hips won’t work, then let’s go from the base of the legs

This time, I didn’t take it off but pushed it up. The stretched underwear eats nicely into her secret place and butt crack.

Umu. It’s a fabulous bite that I love.

「 Nakade-kun? I’m going to call you “bad” soon you know? 」

「 Sorry 」

「 Geez, Focus on the massage first! 」


I was slightly caught off guard by Sumire-san’s words, but I didn’t think too much about it since I watch her fix the underwear bite in.

While having painful reluctance as she fixes her skimpy underwear, which was still tight, I went to massage her waist and back.

I didn’t put too much strength on her hips and back as her legs, I’m just spreading out the oil.

「 You’re quite tired all over. Your muscles are stiff 」

「 Aah, that’s right…I feel like it 」

It seems like she’s feeling good to have the stiffness released, Sumire-san exhales deeply. Those sighs were mixed with such moist and hot charm.

「 Nhaaaan~ Ah, yes, there. That feels good 」

It’s bad for the heart for her to leak out such an erotic voice so suddenly. But, that’s a seductive moan.

Sumire-san’s body is loosening up, and now it’s in a good state.

「 Next, I’ll massage your shoulders, so please sit down 」

「 Okaay~ 」

The married woman slowly gets up, looking enchanted. Her glossy black hair, momentarily tinged in purple light, ripples softly with the movement of her body.

「 I’ll massage your shoulders now. Hmm, it really is stiff 」

「 Nuuu~ Haa, you’re right 」

「 Are women’s breasts that heavy? 」

「 Of course! It’s really heavy 」

「 T-That’s an immediate answer 」

Men don’t have to worry about the weight of their chests. One way to experience it is to wrap around it. If it was Leona-san, then she’d happily say “why not? Let’s do it! I mean, just do it!” Then, Fuyou-san would be Leona-san’s ally. She’s good at playing along after all.

「 Then, I’ll put my heart into it and give you a good massage 」

「 Please do 」

I give her stiff shoulders a good massage.

I find this smooth line from the neck to her shoulder sexy. I can peek at Sumire-san’s collarbone from behind. It’s charming. I like her nape too. The deep aroma of fragrance mixed with the scent of lavender is arousing.

「 Hmm! 」

I slide down my hand and massage the area below her collarbone. Casually putting my hand inside her white underwear, looking like a sports bra-

Slowly, I probed downwards, and the next moment, I started to feel the softness of her breasts.


A moderate hit.

「 Nakade-kun, bad 」

「 B-But, I’m just giving you a massage 」

「 No 」

「 Okay 」

I pull my hand back. Sumire-san doesn’t seem angry. She even has a look of compassion on her face, as if she’s scolding a mischievous child.

Even the “No” was said in a cute tone.

I mean, if she’s scolding me like that, I’ll keep on teasing her!

「 Then, I’ll add more oil 」

「 Nuu~ 」

I let the oil spill down on Sumire-san’s belly. I’m pouring a lot. I’m making sure that it drips to her thighs and her underwear.

「 Sorry for having such a sloppy belly 」

「 Huh? Not at all. It doesn’t look bad at all 」

Trying to show that I’m actually massaging her by caressing them, but the truth is I was secretly enjoying the softness of her belly.

All the women I’ve experienced so far have some tight bellies, but Sumire-san’s soft belly is new to me. It’s a little sloppy but fresh.

「 Isn’t this a healthy belly? 」

「 Is that so? But my weight… 」

I think that’s influenced by something else…

I peered over her shoulders and the two hanging fruits must be the source of her weight. The valley’s deep.

「 If your belly’s bothering you, I can give it a massage to improve the lymphatic flow 」

「 Please do that! Nakade-kun’s massage has improved my blood circulation, and my body’s feeling warm now 」

Sumire-san’s rubbing her thighs together.

Speaking of which, her skin’s turning flushed. Her breathing’s getting rougher too.

Maybe it’s that thing? Aphrodisiac oil? There’s no way the AV app would ignore replicating the aphrodisiac massage which is a staple in AV! This oil definitely has some of that.

Besides, the app helped me understand Sumire-san’s sensitive spots. The insides of her thighs and ass are beginning to more pleasure. Sumire-san’s going to react from just a small caress.

If so, I have to rub Sumire-san’s whole body with oil! Feel more!

「 Naaaah~ 」

I caress her belly with big movements, and it’s an inevitability that I’ll be touching her breasts

Yes, it’s just the force of nature. My fingers would go inside the bra, or I shift it a bit.

Her underboobs were starting to spill out. I lift up her breasts and stimulate from the bottom.

Ooh. This is overwhelmingly heavy. No wonder she’s getting stiff shoulders.

「 Nakade-kun 」

While I was enjoying her raw breasts, Sumire-san looked at me with her eyebrows raised. Her eyes are wet but disgusted.

「 Geez, you can’t 」

Gufuu!! T-That’s really destructive! I thought my heart stopped beating.

「 You shouldn’t touch them directly 」

Sumire fixes her misaligned bra and pulled it down. It may seem like a casual gesture for a woman, but to me, a man, seeing her fix her bra is exciting.

However, she says I can’t touch them directly. What if it’s not direct?

「 Then I’ll let the oil penetrate your breasts as well 」

No rejection

Good, she didn’t refuse. I sprinkled oil on top of her underwear. That naturally makes it transparent, exposing her large nipples, their dark color, and the shape of her puffy nipples.

She’s practically naked now. Lewd. Too lewd.

「 Ah, noo, t-this… 」

「 It needs to soak through your skin 」

「 N-Nakade-kun? Ahn! uhm…you’re just groping my breasts… 」

「 Huh? I’m just giving a massage? You don’t want it? 」

「 N-Not that…j-just don’t look 」

Oh my. She finally noticed that if her underwear gets wet, it would become transparent. Sumire-san’s body temperature suddenly rose.

She tried to hide her breasts with her arms, but I caress her breasts grandly in the name of massage.

Her nipples got stiff, and I can feel them. The wet underwear is so thin that I can almost feel direct contact with her skin. Let’s knead this cute thing.

「 Hmm, hmmm, ah, t-that place is…hmmm! 」

She’s moaning from her nipples. It’s sexy.

I can’t contain my horny anymore, so I started acting boldly.

「 I’ll spread it in between your breasts too 」

「 Ah, wait! Don’t put it inside the underwear! Aaahn! 」

「 Lavender’s said to have some cell-activating properties, so I think you’ll see your skin and breasts regain their tone 」

「 I-Is that true? 」

「 It’s true 」

It’s true, right? AV app? You can even teleport people to another space or manipulate time after all. I can expect that the massage play gives out some absurd beautifying effects, right?

「 T-That makes me happy, but touching my breasts directly is a bit… I’m a married woman you know, Hyaan?! Aaahn! T-That’s my nipple! 」

「 It’s stiff, isn’t it? Are you feeling horny? 」

「 T-That can’t be, hyaan! 」

「 Your body’s getting hotter you know? 」

「 Uu, ahn! W-Why? M-My body feels hot 」

The oil made her breasts sensitive. She’s been fidgeting her thighs since earlier, and her cheeks are blushing. Sumire-san hasn’t noticed it. Her whole body is in heat.

As soon as she became aware, her sensitivity went up.

「 Aaahn! Y-You can’t! For real, you can’t! Hmm!! 」

I caress her whole breasts to spread more oil and slip into her bra.

I spilled and exposed her bra. Well, there’s no meaning in wearing that bra since it’s already transparent.

「 Nakade-kun…I have a husband 」

She tries to resist, but her hand is weak against mine. She seems to be resisting only for form’s sake.

She seems to be able to endure the pleasure, so I pinched her nipples.

「 Hyaaaaaaa?! 」

Sumire-san’s body bends backward, leaking out a sexy moan. Her body jumped up, and she started trembling.

Did she just cum lightly? Just from her nipples?

「 Don’t worry, Sumire-san. This is just a massage. You’re not being adulterous. You’re just getting a massage…you’re just showing your body to a doctor 」

She may feel that it’s lewd, but this is a massage. No matter how sexy she feels from it, it’s only a massage. So, it’s okay to feel pleasure. Rather, it’s an act to feel it.

It’s just sophism, but we’re having a massage play in the AV app. So, it’s all in my favor.

「 Massage 」

Sumire-san gulped her saliva. She stopped resisting, and I can tell that she opens up to me.

I’m happy that she reduced her psychological resistance and accepted the pleasure.

This married woman’s becoming obscene from a massage, just imagining it is already giving me an erection.

I slowly groped Sumire-san’s huge breasts and whispered to her ears like a demon.

「 That’s right. It’s just a massage. Therefore, you can feel pleasure. I mean, please feel it. That’s why I’m giving you a massage 」

「 Feel good…haa, haa 」

The aphrodisiac is making her breath louder. Just a small touch on her skin is enough to get a response.

I rub her underboobs to lift them up, stimulating her nipples, and teasing them.

「 Aaahn!! Yaan!! Hmmm!! 」

「 Are you feeling good from my massage? 」

「 It feels good! haa, hauuun!! 」

Sumire-san climax lightly each time I play with her nipples. If I pinch it, she climaxes. I’m can’t help but feel happy. The black sense of accomplishment and desire for control seep into my mind and fill my tiny self-esteem

「 –Do you want to feel more pleasure? 」

「 ?! 」

Sumire-san hasn’t climaxed, yet she’s shaking.

Her eyes are feverishly moist, pleading, longing, unable to hide it as she slowly turns, drawing her lips closer.

Her upturned eyes are looking up in temptation. The smell of sweat is mixed with the lavender scent. Her forelocks are wet. She’s sexily wet from the oil.

The bewitching married woman exudes a seductive mood, licking her lips, and said…

「 It….ood 」

「 Huh? I didn’t hear it. Can you say that again? 」

「 Ngu!! 」

I didn’t do that to embarrass her, I just didn’t hear it clearly.

She looks down. Her eyes are shaking. The hands covering her breasts slowly lowered…

「 I want to feel good!! 」

Sumire-san states her desires with her face red to her ears.

「 I want to feel good! Nakade-kun! I want to feel pleasure! 」

Well said. She finally got honest with her feelings.

The chains in Sumire-san’s mind have been removed. She’s accepted the pleasure.

I took that confession to heart and started groping her breasts much more intensely. I use all my fingers to stimulate her cute erect nipples as if I’m strumming a guitar. The continuous sweet stimulation, combined with her increased sensitivity, and the slippery aphrodisiac oil, the pleasure must be tremendous.

「 Ah, aaahn! S-So sudden! Nakade-kun! Nakade-kun! Ah! Ah! Ah! Noo! I can’t! You can’t do that! Hmm! Hmmm! I’m feeling it in my nipples! 」

Sumire-san moans with pleasure. A happy and pleasant moan gushes from her throat.

Her nipples increase in hardness as they continue to stiffen up. It’s swelling further.

Her gaze is mixed with tears of pleasure. Her mouth repeatedly flaps.

「 Uuu, hmm! W-Wait! Nakade-kun! I-I’m cumming! I’m going to cum!! 」

Sumire-san’s body bends backward. She turned stiff. Then.

「 Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

–The married woman reached climax from a nipple massage.