AV App Chapter 6 Announcing Results



Somewhere in the distance, we heard a mechanical voice. And our minds, which had been dominated by hot beastly desires, have calmed down.

Seems like the transcendent beings have done something to counter the effects of the energy drink.

I’ve regained my human mind and composure and pulled out my wilted penis out of Otometani-san’s pussy.


So much semen flooded out that I wonder where the hole is.

Even I’m taken aback as I didn’t realize I came inside her that much.

Our secret areas are bubbling with a white and meringue-like mix of love nectar and semen. It shows how intense our sex was. The bed has such an obscene view.

Her body’s convulsing, still covered in body fluids, including semen, love nectar, sweat, and saliva.

Needless to say, the bed was a mess.

Just how many times did I ejaculate? I don’t remember much, my consciousness was hazy.

The effect of the drug wears off, and I fell on the bed.

I’m so tired. I can’t even move a finger.

「 Ah, aah 」

「 Uuu…Haku-kun 」

「 Fuyou-san 」

I embrace Fuyou-san who was feebly and kissed her naturally.

We’ve kissed so many times that we don’t feel shame anymore. Our common sense has been overwritten and kissing has become common for us.

We’ve been calling each other by our names for some time now, and I have no recollection of when or how it happened.

Well, it doesn’t matter, my mind is so tired that I can’t think at all.

Her naked body is so pleasant to hold, I’ve been holding it for hours.

「 That felt amazing 」

「 Me too 」

Feeling exhausted from sex, I lie down with a beautiful naked woman in my arms.

I feel like I could travel to the world of dreams with this much happiness.

However, the developers of the AV app didn’t allow that.

『 We’re announcing the prize game results 』

It’s showing holographic letters in thin air as we’re lying on the bed.

What’s surprising is that I’m not surprised by this unrealistic sight.

Yes, sure. Please hurry and tell us the results.


【 Complete the Challenges and Win Prizes! 】 ※First-time Bonus※

【 1000 Yen 】

・Interview  ←Clear!

・Stare at each other for ten seconds at a distance of ten centimeters or less ←Clear!

・Holding Hands for one Minute ←Clear!

・Three Minute Hug ←Clear!

<All Clear Bonus!>

・Prize+10k Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 14,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 14, 000 Yen

【 3000 Yen 】

・Kiss on Cheek ←Clear!

・Lip Kiss over plastic wrap for 10 Seconds ←Clear!

・Leg Licking ←Clear!

・Touching Chest Through Clothes ←Clear!

・Touching Butt through Clothes ←Clear!

・Touching crotch through Clothes ←Clear!

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize+10k yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku 28,000 yen

Otometani Fuyou 28,000 yen

【 5000 Yen 】

・Ten Second Kiss ←Clear!

・Underwear Figure ←Clear!

・Touching Chest through Underwear ←Clear!

・Touching Butt through Underwear ←Clear!

・Touching Crotch through Underwear ←Clear!

< First-time Virgin Bonus!>

・Ten Second Kiss Prize Doubled

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize+10k Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 40, 000 Yen.

Otometani Fuyou: 40, 000 Yen

【 10, 000 yen 】

・Thirty Seconds French Kiss ←Clear!

・Get Naked ←Clear!

・Touching Chest Directly ←Clear!

・Touching Butt Directly ←Clear!

・Touching Crotch Directly ←Clear!

・Lick Chest Directly ←Clear!

・Lick Butt Directly ←Clear!

・Lick Crotch Directly ←Clear!

・Climax (Repeatable Reward) ←Clear!

<Climax Count>

Nakade Haku: 17

Otometani Fuyou: 28

< First-time Virgin Bonus!>

・Thirty Second Kiss Double Prize

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10k Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 270,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 380,000

【 20,000 Yen 】

・Oral Sex(Repeatable Reward) ←Clear!

・Vaginal Intercourse ←Clear!

<Oral Ejaculation Count>

・Oral Sex Ejaculation x 3

< First-time Virgin Bonus>

・Vaginal Intercourse Prize Double

<All Clear Bonus!>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 110, 000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 110,000 Yen

【 50,000 yen 】

・Vaginal Ejaculation(Repeatable Reward) ←Clear!

<Vaginal Ejaculation Count>

・Vaginal Ejaculation x 14

< First-time Virgin Bonus!>

・Vaginal Ejaculation Prize Double

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 1.41 Million Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 1.41 Million Yen

【 100,000 Yen 】

・Anus Intercourse(Repeatable Reward)

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 0 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 0 Yen

【 Bonus 】

・All Clear: Prize Money for each field + 10,000 Yen

【 Secret Bonus 】

・First time Virgin: Double Prize Money

【 Expenses 】

・Two Energy Drinks

Otometani FuyouL 10,000 Yen.

【 Total Rewards 】

Nakade Haku: 1,872,000 Yen

Otometani Fuyou: 1,972,000 Yen


「 Aha, ahahahaaha! It’s 1.97 Yen! Ahahaha! What the hell! 」

Fuyou-san broke. She’s laughing while crying.

Well yeah. That translates to 650,000 yen per hour wage. It’s an amount of money that makes working diligently seem silly.

「 Seriously, what the hell…uuu 」

I embraced the crying Fuyou-san.

It was just three hours. In such a small time, she earned nearly 2M.

Fuyou-san is still 20, a university student. She just became an adult. I can see why her heart is trembling. Otometani-san had been behaving stout-hearted so her family and surroundings don’t see it.

It must be a mixture of happiness and void.

She can’t sort her thoughts, so she just laughs and cries.

It seems to me that Fuyou-san’s mind and body were damaged.

「 I can’t… 」

She mutters. She must be speaking to herself. But, I could hear it.

Fuyou-san, who’s usually cool and calm, whines.

I didn’t say anything and just embrace her.

「 I don’t like it, I can’t just stop after that 」

Huh, what? Fuyou-san?

「 Ufufu, earning so much money from sex. Ufufufufu 」

Wait a second. Fuyou-san? What’s wrong? Where did that tragic feeling you’ve been giving off until now had gone?

I’m speechless from the sudden change.

It seems that I was wrong to think that she was weak and got hurt.

Fuyou-san’s shoulder trembles from laughing, and her eyes are sparkling in desire.

It produces a sweet and rich aroma. The bewitching gesture of her licking her lips with her red tongue fits her well. Her lips, wet with saliva, are quite erotic, exposing her desires to the surface. What a poisonous smile.

I can’t help but be charmed by that smile.

Money changes people. At the moment I thought of that…

『 That’s the end of the AV app Tutorial 』

We hear the announcer, and our bodies started glowing white, just like when we were abducted to this place.

Hey! Are we getting teleported again?

「 Wait! I haven’t finished talking to Haku-kun! 」

「 Fuyou-san, tomorrow, uni! 」

My fading words reached her.

I see Fuyou-san nod lightly, and then…

I realized that I’m back in my room, sitting on my bed.