AV Chapter 51 ♡ This isn’t Adultery



「 W-Wait! Please wait! I’m cumming! I’m already cumming!! Aaaaah! Nuuuuuuu!!! 」

The married woman’s moan echoes in the room. Her body continues to jerk and twitch violently, and her mouth opens and closes repeatedly, panting desperately for oxygen.

However, I continued strumming her pointy nipples. Continuous throbbing as I flick the bump. The dark pigment color is glossy, very much like a married woman with a child.

「 -!? 」

Sumire-san makes some soundless noises. Her fist clenches, eyes wide open, and she seems unable to breathe.

As expected, it would be dangerous to continue the caress any longer. She climaxed too much that she was having difficulty breathing. I want her to feel good, but I don’t want her to pass out. Putting this on hold would be painful

I stopped, making sure she was still in good condition.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!? Aaah! Kaha!! 」

However, Sumire-san continued to convulse for about ten seconds after I stopped caressing her. Twitching and shaking, limp and weak as if she just had a marathon. She leans toward me breathlessly.

Her bare skin is moist and wet, probably not because of the massage oil.

Sumire-san’s body is leaking out a sweet sweat and the scent of pheromone. It’s a good smell, arousing a male’s sexual urges.

「 Haa, haa, haa… 」

Sumire-san closes her eyes and breathes. Occasionally, her body trembles lightly. Her body seems to be getting some hiccups.

Did I overdo it?

「 Sumire-san? Are you okay? 」

「 Haa, haa, I-I’m fine 」

「 Sorry. I overdid it 」

「 No… 」

Sumire-san opened her eyes and met my gaze. Shining in the depths of her moist eyes is joy and satisfaction.

「 It felt amazing. It was my first time cumming like that 」

Her mouth loosened, giving her a bright expression.

Is that so? If you don’t hate it, then that’s fine. She seems content from the bottom of her heart.

Sumire-san might’ve been sexually frustrated for a long time since she mentioned that she and her husband have been sexless. She may be now venting out her cravings since she’s been holding out because of child-rearing

「 Uhm, t-that… 」

I traced over the married woman’s skin and reached for her panty.

「 Massage. Just a massage 」

「 But, it’s transparent 」

It’s too late to say that now, right?

I reply like usual and stick my hand inside her panty. Her black pubic hair was soft and sticky and wet with oil, and her clitoris is swelling up.

The key secret place is slick with liquid that’s not oil. Does she already know that the sweet nectar is dripping from the honey pot? But, the amount is unusual. The thin underwear seems to be unable to absorb it and is overflowing onto her thighs and ass.

「 Are you giving me a massage there too? 」

「 That’s right. Massaging here improves the blood flow and makes women beautiful

I don’t even know if it’s true or not! I’m just saying random things out of my mouth to add to the atmosphere of massage play. Whether it’ll make her beautiful or not depends on the effects of the AV app.

It’s a common line in AV. The massage therapist tells the woman who’s doubting the massage with some persuasive lines, and the woman is somewhat convinced and brought to pleasure and even had sex with the therapist as she’s led along by the situation.

「 I-Is that so? Will that make me beautiful? 」

Oh? Sumire-san’s on it. I knew it, she was curious about getting a good figure.

However, that’s a good question. That brings the play to the mood.

Maybe, she recently watched a massage AV?

「 Of course. Don’t you want to feel beautiful? 」

I play with her clitoris in a circular motion with the palm of my hand. The sound of water rumbling. Sumire-san just climaxed and is very sensitive. She responds lewdly to the slightest stimulation. Besides, this is one of the most sensitive parts of women.

「 Hmm, aaah, I-I want to…but…hmmm 」

She’s reflecting? Her thighs closed. I really want to be sandwiched between her thick and slippery thighs, but it’s hard to play with her pussy and clitoris.

Come on, open up.

「 Sumire-san, loosen up 」

「 Ah, naa, hyaa! T-Touch my clitoris, I’m cumming again! 」

「 You need to sweat a lot, bringing out the waste products 」

「 I-Is that so? Aaahn! 」

「 Let’s get it flowing 」

I repeatedly move around her obscene slit, wet with love nectar, identifying the entrance to her pussy.


「 Naa~ It went in 」

Warm. Her vaginal flesh wraps around my middle finger. Mistaking my fingers for a penis, Sumire-san’s pussy tightens with a gentle squeeze.

You can tell from inserting a finger that her vagina’s incredible. Needless to say, since it feels good with just my finger, it would feel better with my dick.

Rin-chan was born here. Her pussy’s so tight that it’s hard to believe that she gave birth to a child.

「 Please relax, Sumire-san. Relax 」

The devil whispers, Sumire-san takes a deep breath.

「 Phew, naa! Y-You can’t, if you move your fingers, my body will…hyaa!! 」

–kuchu, kuchu, kuchu!

I wiggled my fingers. Her love nectar’s making a lot of noise.

The stimulation is on her G-spot of course, a rough area existing near the entrance to her pussy.

I don’t know if Sumire-san ever squirted before but now that she’s more sensitive with the oil, so even if her G-spot isn’t developed, it should be able to make her squirt

「 Uu, uuu, hyaa! Ah, that place, ngu! 」

She’s feeling it. She’s going to cum at this rate! I want to see a married woman squirt!

I pull out my finger… Honestly, it’s hard to move my hand because the underwear is on the way. And so, I shift the crotch part of the cloth.

「 I’ll put two fingers now, please loosen up 」

「 Ah, naa! 」

「 Yes, that’s good. You’re doing well. Ah, it went in. Can you see it? Sumire-san’s pussy is swallowing two of my fingers 」

「 Uuu! I-It’s true, so embarrassing 」

My middle and ring finger got swallowed in by her pussy.

What an obscene sight. It’s always a wonder to see, and the mystery of the human body is inspiring.

I bend the joint lightly and focused on the G-Spot, beginning to rub it slowly and gently.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! Hot! My pussy’s feeling hot 」

At last, the aphrodisiac oil is having an effect on her vagina.

Sumire-san puts her hand over her mouth, desperately trying to hold back her moans.

She’s about to squirt, and I hear the watery sound becoming more intense. And in proportion to that, my hand’s speeding up.

–Kuchu kuchu, kuchu! Kuchu, guchu!!

「 Hmmm! It’s coming! Something’s cumming! Wait! Wait! Nakade-kun! It’s coming out! It’s leaking! 」

「 Go ahead and let it out, Sumire-san 」

「 Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

–Guchu, guchu, bushaa! Bushaa!!

I heard something squirting out and a warm fresh liquid landed on my hand. She’s spasming Then, a fountain comes out intermittently. Her vagina clamps.

I’ve done it! I made a married woman squirt!

My hand that’s fingering her is soaked. The table is also stained with a puddle. That’s a lot.

「 Haa, haa, it’s been a while since I squirted! Nku! I almost leaked out 」

Sumire-san who continued to climax was lying exhausted on the table, and I finally exposed my erect penis. From my point of view, the length and thickness, the veins crawling up to the pole, and the towering penis are henius.

When I showed my penis to Sumire-san’s face, her mouth opened and she sucked it happily even though she was in a hazy state.,

「 Hamu, hmm, what a big penis…hmm, delicious 」

「 Would you like a mouth massage? 」

「 Right, let’s do that…it seems to be good in the smile lines…juru 」

It’s sticky and warm in her mouth. Her coarse tongue licks my penis in all directions, precisely stimulating the sensitive spots.

She’s amazing at fellatio as always…ugu

「 Juru, juru, nhaa~ It’s so thick, so manly…what an amazing penis 」

「 Guh! Uah!! 」

「 Nfu, Juru, juru! Juzozo! Juzozozozo!! 」

「 Wait! Sumire-san! That’s..I’m close! 」

I was thinking of just getting it wet with fellatio before sex but I’m going to ejaculate from her vacuum sucking.

I can’t underestimate a married woman’s skills.

「 It feels so good! I-I’m about to… 」

「 What’s close? 」

「 I want to put it in! Ugh!! 」

「 No sex. I’m married. I don’t want to be an adulterer 」

She somehow released me from her fellatio and I got on the table and rubbed my penis, which was nicely wet with her saliva, against her pussy, exposed when her underwear got slipped off.

Sumire-san denies it verbally, but her legs spread open for easy insertion, offering no resistance.

「 I believe Sumire-san and I already had sex before 」

「 That was just for assisting you. That doesn’t count as adultery you know? 」

So that’s the altered perception done by the app.

She doesn’t assume it is cheating or adultery as it’s in the novice support project. Although I don’t think she’s completely convinced from the start, it’s just a setup for me to persuade her.

Both Leona-san and Sumire-san showed some resistance and had to be persuaded.

I guess the app devs enjoy these interactions of me being distressed.

They want me to seduce Sumire-san again. Well, it’s a necessity.

「 Sumire-san, you’re not cheating on y our husband. This is just a pussy massage 」

「 Pussy massage? 」

Sumire-san went in a daze for a moment, but she immediately understood the meaning of what I said.

「 It’s hard to reach the back of your vagina. You need to rub it with a stick-shaped massage device that reaches the deep areas 」

「 I-I see. It’s a massage, so it’s inevitable. I’m just getting a massage tool inside me, right? 」

「 Yes. Just a massage tool 」

「 That won’t count as cheating! After all, it’s just a massage 」

Sumire-san’s too easy, it must be the App’s effect. No, she’s originally resisting merely by saying it, but the truth is, Sumire-san probably intended to have sex. She’s not resisting.

It would be almost torture to leave it here. With the great benefit of massage, she can now have sex without any guilt.

「 I’m putting it in 」

「 O-Okay! Please focus deep inside 」

「 I understand. I’ll go deep then 」

「 Kuh! It went in! It’s huge, it’s going deep inside me! Naaah! 」

I make a deep thrust, letting my penis discover her cervix and feel it. It says “I’m going to impregnate you now”

I pull out from her incredible pussy and thrust deep again.

「 ?! 」

Sumire-san’s eyes opened wide. The sweet shock must’ve pushed up her body.

Kuh! It feels so good! Sumire-san’s pussy! It must be because of the aphrodisiac, but it’s hotter than before!

Last time, it was her second base virgin. If that was her pussy after several years of no sex, how high can Sumire-san’s pussy get if she’s used to it?

「 Nhaa! W-Wait, did I just cum from insertion? 」

What’s wrong? She seems to be frozen in shock and confusion.

「 Nakade-kun, did I just climax? 」

「 I’m not the one to tell. But, it looked to me like you came lightly 」

「 R-Right? Huh? Really? 」

Unable to understand the situation, my hips stopped moving as well.

Just why is Sumire-san surprised? I’m puzzled by her expression as she blinks in confusion as if she just easily solved a difficult problem…

「 Actually… 」

Her cheeks blush from embarrassment, and then Sumire-san told me the cause.

「 I never climaxed in sex before. Oh, but I did when caressing and masturbating. But, I never cum when it’s inside me. Despite that, I just came so easily…it’s surprising, or should I say that it’s anticlimatic 」

「 I see. How’s this then? 」

「 Nkyauu!! Ah, ah, ah, naaa! N-Noo! Too intense! I just came but you’re going so hard! I’m cumming! I’m going to cum again! 」

「 Don’t hold back and just cum. I’ll make you cum as much as you want that you can’t count them anymore! 」

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm! Amazing! My womb’s getting knocked!! 」

A married who had her first climax while a penis is inside screams in delight as she’s violated.

Through her vaginal folds, pushing up her descending uterus, my penis scrapes through the unending flood of love nectar. Love nectar splashes out with each insertion. Sumire-san in pleasure is so erotic.

–Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan!!

「 Wait! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Hmmmm! Hmmmm!! 」

Her vagina tightened, and Sumire-san writhed loudly as she came for the second time. Her lips draw a smile, her back arches up from the exploding pleasure, and her back floats.

The married woman climaxes continuously. However, my piston doesn’t stop.

「 N-Nakade-kun…I-I came… 」

「 Sorry. It feels so good I can’t stop 」

「 Naaa~ Nhiiiiiii!!! 」

Her naked body spasms lewdly. She climaxes again and again. I’m so thankful for the aphrodisiac oil that made her feel this way.

I don’t want her to pass out from breathing difficulty, so I managed to hold back and stop from moving. While Sumire-san was fixing her breath, I enjoyed her oily breasts.

Ooooh! It’s bouncy and slippery! Her nipples too! Amazing! I can’t stop my hands.

「 Sumire-san 」

「 Okay..nchu, chu… 」

I’m kissing her while I’m on top of her. We exchange a passionate kiss with our tongues, and I began moving again.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, mmmuu 」

Her eyes show ecstasy, it shines not as a mother, not as a married woman, but just as a woman.

I want to see Sumire-san’s lewd look more!

I kissed her nape and then crawled my tongue around.

「 Hmm! Ah, ahh! Hyaa! 」

Sumire-san’s sensitive to the sweet stimulus.

Then, I whispered to her ears hotly.

「 Do you want to do it in cowgirl? 」

「 Yes, I want it 」

I lay down on the table and Sumire-san got on top of me. Grabbing my penis with her slender hand, she guides it to her secret place. Then, she slowly lowered her hips.

I love this scene where it just swallows my dick. Where the woman inserts it by herself.

「 Naaan~ It’s going inside me again! 」

Sumire-san began to move back and forth with a smooth waist motion, resembling belly dancing. What a sexy dance.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah! How is it, Nakade-kun? Is this the cowgirl sex you want? 」

「 This is the best! Sumire-san’s so sexy that I might cum! 」

「 Aahn! You can’t! That won’t be a massage anymore but just sex! You’re massaging my vagina and womb, right? Hold it 」

「 I can hold it to the last moment, sure…gua!! Your pussy’s clamping! That feels good! 」

–Nuchu, nuchu, nuchu!!

The sticky sound of her wet pussy getting penetrated. I can’t help but reach out and squeeze her breasts.

「 Haan~ Please don’t stare so hard, I’m being shameless 」

How can I take my eyes off the shy but wildly lewd Sumire-san?!

I’m captivated by the bewitching scent that words cannot describe. I can’t go against this scent!

「 Aah, aah! M-My clit feels good too! 」

Oh my. She seems to be rubbing her clit against my body as she moves back and forth.

Sumire-san’s so lewd, performing three-point attacks on herself, her pussy, her cervix, and her clitoris. What a lewd woman.

Good, do more of that!

「 Hmm, muuu!! 」

Sumire-san got up to her knees and began moving up and down. Her hips slam down and I see my thick penis go inside and out of her tiny hole. Her breasts are bouncing up and down too.

The movement was already pleasant, now it gained momentum, and the stimulation of my glans hitting the cervix led to pleasure.

It didn’t take much time to reach ejaculation.

「 S-Sumire-san! I’m going to cum! Seme-I mean, the massage oil going to pour inside 」

「 Massage oil? Then there should be no problem! Is the oil white, hot and thick? 」

「 Yes, of course. It’s white, hot, and quite thick 」

「 My, my. I’m looking forward to it, fufufu!! 」

Sumire-san shows an alluring smile and dances lewdly.

Zun! Zun! Zun! The shock to the penis, the rush of raging pleasure…

「 Cumming!!! 」

–Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

「 Naaaaa!!! It’s coming out! Nakade-kun’s semen-oil is pouring inside my pussy! Aaah, so strong 」

Sumire-san’s also trembling as she’s having white liquid pour on her. She seem to have reached a climax at the same time as I did. Her tight pussy squeezes the semen that remained in the urethra.

Aah, what pleasure… It’s the forbidden feeling of giving a married woman a creampie.

Sumire-san pats her abdomen with an entranced and euphoric expression, then chuckles as she licks her tongue ferociously.

「 It’s still hard. You can continue, right? Your massage 」


Ah, this is bad. She’s going to eat me up.

I unconsciously nod my head as a chill runs down my spine.

I can still go on. I mean, I want to go for it again. I don’t mind if she eats me whole. She could squeeze me dry. I want to have sex with Sumire-san.

I unconsciously grasp the hand stretching out and I got pulled up.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah!! 」

Her hips began a small, but certain grind. Her pussy that I just creamed makes a wet sound.

We’re doing it in the lotus position. Sumire-san’s face is right in front of me. Our breaths clash. Her huge breasts pushed against me. The close contact of our arms and legs, and the embrace are comfortable.

「 Sumire-san 」

「 Nakade-kun 」

Our hot gazes intertwine, and our attraction leads us to a natural kiss.

In the lotus position, I can feel the whole woman’s body. This might be my favorite. We can hug and kiss even while having sex. This is the best.

「 Hmm, hmm, hm, aaah! 」

「 Sumire-san, It’s coming again 」

「 Go ahead, let it out 」

My penis that just ejaculated is sensitive and easily defeated the incredible pussy.

Sumire-san’s embraced me like the holy mother and gave me a gentle and tender kiss. I ejaculated while wrapped in her tender embrace.

–Dopyu! Dopyu!! Dopyuu!!

「 Nchu! Chu! Hmm! Hmm! I came too! Haa, haa, it’s so hot! 」

The bizarre pleasure of released semen. Our tongues stickily twine around. Naked bodies tremble. I can feel my head melting.

I ejaculate into her exquisite warmth again.

It’s a long but the few short seconds are over and collapsed limply from exhaustion.

However, as soon as she’s satisfied in her heart, a new urge of intense hunger and craving strikes.

It’s not enough for me yet. I want to continue fucking Sumire-san!

Sumire-san wasn’t satisfied yet either, she turned a full 180 degrees from insertion. I thought she’d go for the rear cowgirl position, but she glanced back and provokes me.

「 Can you do doggy style? 」

「 Of course 」

This underwear is in the way. I pulled my dick out, pulled down her panty to her thighs, and immediately shoved it into her pussy, making a thrust all the way in.

As usual, her pussy’s incredible. It accepted my dick without rejection. Instead, it was inviting me in.

「 Aaaahn! So deep! It’s reaching my womb!! 」

「 Kuh! I just ejaculated! So it’s really slippery! It feels too amazing! 」

「 Uh, uh, uh, uuuu!! Amazing! Each thrust makes me cum! My head’s going crazy! 」

Sumire-san was in heat from the aphrodisiac oil, reaching climax from each thrust. Her pussy clamps and her naked body stiffens up.

「 Hmmm, hmm, hmm! Oooh! Nooo!! 」

While at it, she can no longer support her arms, she’s on all fours, sticking out her ass.

I grab her hips and mercilessly kept swinging.


「 Uuu, Uu, uu, uu, uu! Uu!! 」

「 Kuhaa! It’s coming out again! I can’t stop ejaculating!! 」

「 OOh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!! Ooh!! 」

Sumire-san’s wildly screaming with pleasure like a fur seal. Becoming crazy from the insertions.

Seems like the aphrodisiac oil had no effect in restoring stamina. Going for it nonstop is hard. I’m tired, feeling heavy, and pain all over my body. It hurts. But, no matter how hard it is, there’s a part of me so fascinated by the pleasure that it forces me to move my body.

I’ve become a prisoner of her magical body.

「 Sumire-san, I’m about to reach my limit 」

「 Aahn! Noo! Noo! I want sex! I want more of Nakade-kun’s dick 」

「 Then, let’s go for it a little longer. Do you mind finishing it in missionary? 」

「 Yes! Go hard! Get intense! 」

Sumire-san lies down and spreads her legs, and takes off the underwear that was in the way.

She pleads for me to go faster, and so I slam her hips and piston hard without giving my dick time to soak in the penetration.


I’m just losing control. It’s sex for pleasure. I don’t think of my partner, just swinging my hips like a wild beast.

However, the other beast just accepts it, begging me to impregnate her quickly.

Two beasts indulging themselves in lust. Both of us were smeared in oil, sweat, and love nectar.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm! Yes! Amazing! You’re so intense! It’s my first time having sex where I’m sought this much! 」

「 Were you never satisfied before? 」

「 Yes! Men always cum so early! Ah, ah, ah! Aaah! Nakade-kun’s satisfying my heart with sex!! 」

That makes me happy! My dark superiority complex is feeling good. However, I don’t want to hear about your past with other men

I don’t like netorare.

The irritation and envy slam to my front.

「 Uah!! Intense! Too intense! You’re making me crazy! If I experience sex like this!! 」

「 What will happen? 」

You won’t be satisfied with other men, is that it?

I ask her teasingly, and Sumire-san shows a charming smile.

「 –You have to guess that, okay? 」

So I have to guess. Still, men are creatures who like that.

She extends her hands to me, showing it through her action instead of words. I bent forward and she wraps her hand around my neck and hugged me. While at it, her legs also locked in. It’s the “Daishuki hold!”

Kuh! I have no choice but to cum inside!

「 Sumire-san, I’m cumming again! 」

「 Cum! Give me your child Nakade-kun!! Pour in all your hot semen!! Impregnate me!! 」

「 Kuh! I’m cumming! Take it! Get pregnant! 」

-Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

「 Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」

At the very last moment, a burst of raging pleasure erupts, pouring the most amount of semen inside Sumire-san.

My penis pulsates repeatedly. Viscous semen penetrates her cervix, and her pussy wriggles, attempting to make me pour as much as possible.

That feels good. My existence is pouring through my penis…or so I hallucinate.

I can’t pour another drop. I mean, I can’t move a single muscle. Even opening my eyes feel troublesome.

「 「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」 」

Sumire-san and I were too exhausted to go on.

We continued to embrace each other to fainting until we regained the strength to move.