AV App Chapter 52 In the Dream



「 I used the bath 」

Sumire-san returned to the free room’s bedroom wearing a bathrobe after washing off the sweat from her flushed skin.

Oh? The bewitching atmosphere is gone, and now she has that fluffy and cute atmosphere.

Sumire-san’s eyes look enchanted and half-closed.

「 Fuaaa 」

She hides her big yawn with her hand, rubbing her eyes off the tears.

Seems like she’s sleepy. She’s lacking in sleep to begin with, so the physical relaxation from the massage and taking a bath made her feel really sleepy.

「 Sumire-san, this way 」

I invited her to bed and she happily hugged me. She rubs on my chest like a cat.

W-What’s this cute creature?!

The gap between a mature woman who has it together and wanting to be pampered is seriously amazing.

I can also smell the sweet scent of shampoo and body soap, I can smell Sumire-san’s deep aroma, and also, her skin is moisturized. So soft and supple. Maybe it’s not just the shampoo and soap, but also the massage that had an effect on her.

I’m sure Leona-san would beg for it every day if she finds out about the beauty benefits. I should keep it a secret for a while.

「 You look sleepy 」

「 Yes. I’m sleepy 」

「 You’re tired, aren’t you? You can go to sleep 」

「 B-But…fuaaa 」

「 See? You’re yawning hard. I prepared a good pillow for Sumire-san! 」

I said and I show a pillow with angel wings on it.

It’s true, I bought this pillow at the Adult shop, the new feature of the AV app, while Sumire-san was taking a bath

The item is described as:


【 Heaven’s Pillow 】

A pillow of superb sleeping comfort that could send you to heaven.

『 Insomnia? What’s that? 』You can fall asleep in an instant.

Even just a short nap can blow away your fatigue.


Good Sleep. Fatigue Recovery. Beautifier. Skin beautifier. Cell Recovery.

Stress Reduction. Obesity prevention. Immunity amplification. Memory improver.

<Use Caution>

You’ll see a lewd dream with a 1 in 10 probability.

We take no responsibility for wet dreams.


The description explains some extraordinary effects. I’d love to use these on Sumire-san.

They have precautions on use, saying that there’s a 1 in 10 chance of having a lewd dream, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages so don’t worry about it. If you see a lewd dream, then watch the lewd dream. Sumire-san’s a woman, so she won’t get a wet dream.

Sumire-san’s eyes are half-closed, and she touched to check the feel and lay down on the bed.

「 Hmm!! 」

「 How is it? 」

「 ………… 」

Huh? She’s not responding no matter how long I waited.

What’s wrong? I looked at her and…

「 Suu…suu…suu…. 」

Sumire-san’s sleeping peacefully.

Fast! She fell asleep so fast! It didn’t even last a second! Is it that good to sleep on that pillow?

I’m relieved that Sumire-san’s sleeping so peacefully, but at the same time, I’m now curious about the comfort of the pillow.

「 Well, I bought another one for myself 」

Let’s check how good it is to sleep on!

I lay next to Sumire-san and closed my eyes while looking at her sleeping face. Then I fell into a deep sleep before I figured out how good the pillow is.




Then, I noticed Sumire-san standing next to me.

「 Huh, Nakade-kun? I was testing out the pillow just now, right? 」

「 Huh? You don’t remember? We slept together. I tried it out too, so where is this place? 」

「 Who knows? 」

There’s a king-sized bed in the canopy in this white space. It’s as if they’re telling us to use the bed.

I remember to the point where I put my head on the heavenly pillow and closed my eyes, but when I realized, I was already standing in this white space I can’t help but wonder.

But, I’ve become accustomed to such sudden changes in circumstances so I’m not that surprised.

「 Are we in a dream? 」

It’s because we’re using the AV app. There are transcendent beings who can shift space and alter time, causing phenomena beyond human knowledge. They could likely manipulate dreams and mix them with others.

If that’s the case it’s also highly likely that this is the real Sumire-san. Not her body, but her mind.

「 A dream? 」

Sumire-san pondered for a moment, and then her body lit up, and she drastically transformed into an incredibly beautiful woman in a silver evening gown.

That’s still Sumire-san, right? It has her face. Just what happened? It’s almost like she’s a different person.

Shiny black hair. A beautiful face. Off-shoulder exposed shoulders. Her breasts and cleavage are boldly exposed. Her sloppy belly disappeared, and for some reason, the dress has a diamond shape cut on the belly part. The deep slits expose her glossy legs.

A beautiful woman with an impeccable style. There are no dark circles under her eyes, and where did the unhappy face go? Her whole body’s exuding a seductive and alluring scent, and the glimpses of her skin peeking from the dress are a sight for sore eyes.

I mean, those tits are the selling points! I could hear the “Boing boing!” It’s about to spill out any moment

「 Oh? I asked to look beautiful since we were in a dream but it seems that I just turned back time 」

「 T-Turned back time? Did you dress like that back then? 」

「 Ah, no, I don’t know about this dress. It’s a little tight on my chest. 」

「 I-Is there anything that’s the same as before then? 」

「 Well, this is how I mostly look like back in college 」

「 No way 」

She’s beautiful enough to be considered a celebrity. I’m speechless from this siren, no, I think courtesan would be more appropriate to say.

Seriously? Do you mean that this voluptuous figure is the original Sumire-san? I always had glimpses of her beauty, but I never expected it to be this far.

Her sagging breasts regained their firmness and elasticity. They’re bouncing so hard, it’s beyond the melon territory and it’s reaching the watermelon realm!

So, if I use the shampoo and body soap from the AV app space and kept massaging her, will it go back to this real Sumire-san?

Please! You can do that right? You’re my last ray of hope!

「 While we’re at it, why don’t you escort me? 」

Sumire-san, a peerless beauty, glanced at the king-sized bed placed in the center.

Escorting her to the bed. That’s what she meant.

Is she inviting me?

「 But, are you sure? You’re always worried about adultery, aren’t you? 」

「 What are you talking about, Nakade-kun? 」

Sumire-san laughs amusingly.

「 Whatever I do with Nakade-kun here isn’t an affair. We’re in a dream world! Whatever we do here is okay. It’s just within our minds after all, right? 」

I see. So it won’t count as an affair if it’s just a dream.

Freedom of thought is guaranteed by the constitution. You can’t arrest someone because they had an affair in a dream.

That’s why Sumire-san’s so proactive. Usually, she’d hold back and refuse to cross the line because of her marriage. However, you don’t feel that at all now. There’s no law binding Sumire-san now. She’s free.

I managed to escort her, albeit awkwardly, and we both fell on the bed as we push each other down.

In this dream, everything can be what you want it to be. The concept of stamina doesn’t exist. Even if your body is actually exhausted, you’re filled with energy in dreams.

So, the frustrated married woman unleashed her suppressed desires. Sumire-san smiled like a predator, sweetly whisper, and pleaded.

「 Will you imprint your presence in my mind and body, so I will remember it even if I wake up 」


I hear my heart beating louder. I’m falling into an illusion that my blood’s boiling.

We drew that 1 in 10 chance, and we started devouring each other’s bodies violently.

In a world where the concept of time is an eternity, the charming voice of a woman in pleasure echoed endlessly.