AV App Chapter 53 ♡ Napping Step-Sister



「 Kaori-san? 」

The stepbrother called her name from the bottom of his heart, sounding fed up. Kaori replies half-heartedly like she always does.

「 What is it, Haku-san? I was just having a good time 」

「 Well, if you’re staying in my room, that’s okay. It’s always been like that since before. You even play on my consoles without asking. You even pile up the manga. You’re even occupying your brother’s bed like it’s your own, but you know. Let me say this as your brother. Try to hide your underwear at least! 」

The stepbrother’s pleas didn’t reach the sister whose panties are exposed. Kaori’s dressed in a thin camisole, and pink panties, lying face down on her brother’s bed, constantly flapping her legs while playing a game.

Her fleshy legs aren’t covered at all, and her lovely plump ass spills over the edge of her shorts that’s digging into her skin. It’s beautifully shaped like a white peach. She’s got a thin fabric on her top and she’s not wearing a bra. When she gets up, her nipples stick out.

This sensual figure would make you think if she’s inviting for sex, but this is the usual Nakade Kaori spending her time in my room.

Kaori’s so absorbed in the game, ignores what I say, and just says yes to whatever.

「 Aaah. Yeah. Soon 」

「 When is that “soon”? Winter? Are you going to put on some clothes when it’s already cold? 」

「 Well, depending on the mood? 」

「 So you’re in the mood to undress? Are you an exhibitionist? Know some shame. I’m your brother, I’m still a man 」

「 Right. If you want to rub one out, why not? If you want to fuck me, why not? 」

「 Your brain is dead from playing too much 」

「 Yes, sure. You’re right. I’m listening 」

Haku sighs deeply at his sister’s response, who wasn’t listening at all. Then.

『 Haku-chan! Can you help me cook dinner? 』

Kageran Kaho, who takes care of the Nakade household’s children, because the parents are away for work, called Haku from the kitchen.

Haku stood up, as he’s called. Then.

「 It’s your fault for having an exposed ass 」


「 Hyan!? W-What are you doing? 」

「 Oooh. That’s a nice voice from a nice ass. Next time, put on a skirt if you don’t want yourself spanked. If you wander around my room just in underwear, I’ll assume that you give me permission to touch them 」

「 Pervert! Fiend! Don’t touch them so suddenly 」

「 Sure, sure 」

Haku left the room to help make dinner while waving the same hand that slapped her ass.

Kaori’s face is bright red, muttering to herself in her brother’s room.

「 Onii-san you idiot 」

Putting the controller to the side, she buries her face in her brother’s pillow and inhaled deeply. A pleasant aroma passes through her nose and fills her lungs. It’s the familiar scent of her brother.

Kaori loved this smell since she was small. It soothes her heart. That’s why she often occupies her brother’s bed.

「 I’ve always let you touch me, you’re such an insensitive, idiot, brother 」

She rubs her face against the pillow and flopped her legs.

–Nakade Kaori’s a brocon.

She loved her brother before she realized it. As a child, as a family, and as they grow up– as the opposite sex.

She’s aware of it. However, she can’t be honest in front of him. She tends to push him away. At one time, Haku even worried that his sister might hate him.

She thought of changing her attitude, but if it were easy, then she wouldn’t have trouble. So, as a way to apologize and show off, she goes to her brother’s room wearing lightly.

Well, sometimes, it’s mostly because of Kaori’s desire.

「 Huh? Did he change his pillows? The smell is light. But it feels so good! Somehow, I feel sleepy…fuaaa…. 」

Kaori didn’t know that this pillow is called Heaven’s pillow. Even the most sleepless insomniac can be lulled into a heavenly and comfortable slumber in seconds. The price to pay is a 1 in 10 chance of having an extremely lewd dream.

The heaven’s pillow has taken effect and her eyelids are getting heavy, slowly closing down.

「 Fumyuu…Nii-san 」

Kaori happily left for a dream world. And it pulls off the brilliant 1-in-10 chance.


(Huh? Something’s tickling me?)

Kaori opened her eyes on her brother’s bed, feeling a creeping tickle on her chest. Then, her eyes met with her brother, who was looking closely at her face.

『 Wha? 』

『 Oops. Calm down, Nee-san, and everyone will hear 』

“What are you doing?” She was about to shout, but a forceful hand interrupted her. Kaori kept her mouth shut as she was penetrated by the gaze of a man looking at her.

“Don’t raise your voice.” She nods to the silent order and her mouth is finally released. At that moment, Kaori yells whisperingly.

『 W-What are you doing? Attacking your own sister? The worst. I mean, you smell drunk! What have you been doing? 』

『 I’m not 』

『 You’re drunk! What? Did you drink with Kaho-san? 』

『 Well yeah. That aside~ 』

『 Hey, don’t bury your face in my chest 』

『 Kaori’s breasts are so soft! Smells so good! 』

『 Don’t sniff, don’t rub! Hey! Don’t rip my clothes! Kyaa! 』

『 It’s your fault for being lightly dressed! You’re always trying to get me to attack you! Now I’m just meeting Kaori’s breasts! What a cute one 』

The thin camisole and wearing no bra backfired. She’s slow to move as she’s lying down, and before she could resist, her breasts were exposed in front of her brother.

Her pretty breasts sway around. Her honest body got her nipples erect.

『 Hey! Stop, Haku! Hyaan! 』

Rubbing her roughly, sucking on her nipple intensely.

Tickling and tingling sensations ran through her body. Kaori wriggles helplessly at the unknown pleasure.

『 Ah, aah, nyaa! H-Haku!! 』

『 If you make a sound, Nee-san will hear you 』

『 Nuu! Hmm, hmm, hmmm!! 』

Haku points it out, and she unconsciously covered her mouth. However, a strange noise leaks out from her throat. Even she knows that it’s a lewd voice. Shameful. Embarrassing. But, she can’t help herself. It feels so good to have her breasts caressed. He knows how to make a woman’s body happy.

『 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hey, Haku, you should stop 』

『 Kaori’s breasts are nicely sensitive 』

『 It’s not time to say that! Naa!! You can’t! 』

She tries to slap him off, but she can tell that there’s not enough strength

The drunk Haku seems to be more excited the more she says no, so she’s asking for it more aggressively and passionately.

『 Nhaa~ 』

Her squeezed breasts change shape every second. Her sensitive nipples get fingered, and a small explosion of pleasure occurs at the back of her head. Then, she feels a chill on her spine as it got pinched.

『 Nguu! 』

He sticks out his tongue and rolls her nipples, looking at her to show them off. The wetness of her saliva and the coarse tongue has such different stimulation in her fingers that she doesn’t know what to do anymore. Kaori grips the sheets tightly with such irresistible pleasure.

He was sucking so hard that she involuntarily held his face. Haku’s face is pressed against her breasts as she hugs him, and he was happy from the unexpected reward and continued attacking her nipples more. Then.

『 –Nii-san!! 』

The next moment, her body involuntarily tensed up, her back and hips lifted lightly, and she called him the way she’d never call in front of him, and Kaori reached a light climax.

Her supple body trembles slightly. After a few cramps of her limbs, she fell on the bed, breathing roughly.

『 Haa, haa, haa 』

Her skin is moist from sweat. The faint body odor is mixing with her female pheromones.

She brushes her bangs out of her face and gave a heated gaze to her brother.

『 Nii-san, stop it already 』

『 Even if you say that this part says that it wants it, see? 』


『 Hyauuu!? 』

He touches her on top of the panty and there was a wet sound. The nectar overflowing from the fountain wasn’t absorbed by the panty She was so wet that she might’ve pissed herself.

『 Uuu, nuuu, ah, naa, aaah! 』

She tried to argue with him, but she was tossed around by the waves of pleasure surging over her that she can’t speak out.

『 What do you want? 』

『 !? 』

『 I’m asking you what you want, say it, Kaori 』

『 Nguu! 』

The carnivorous brother gives a spine-chilling smile. Maybe it’s because he’s drunk or it’s because his usual goofiness is away. “I never knew that alcohol could change a person”

He moves his fingers up and down her crotch, gently teasing it. That’s Kaori’s slit. The tickling and faint stimulation are quite teasing.

(Please do it stronger! Please! It’s not enough, the stimulation isn’t enough)

『 Kaori-chan? 』

『 Hyaa?! 』

He strokes her thighs teasingly. She’s wearing only a panty underneath, and her bare legs are open to the touch. The feather touch goes from her knee to the base of her legs. Kaori’s sensitivity has been increased, and so she’s aroused from that alone.

『 Hmm!? T-That place is! 』

Haku’s touching the border of her legs and panty. It goes from the base to inside her crotch, playing with the cloth next to her slit, scratching it.

The finger isn’t going inside her panty. She thought it’ll go in, but he pulls back. The sweet stimulation is close but it doesn’t touch the important part.

The agonizing frustration and tingling is building up.

Teasing, teasing, the teasing continues.

『 –Do it… 』

『 Hmm 』

『 Touch me! Nii-san! I’m going crazy! Touch me! Nii-san!!! 』

Finally, Kaori gave in to her desires. Tears come out of her eyes and she invited her brother’s hand to her secret place on impulse.

The powerful man’s finger touched her sensitive clitoris and pussy, a place nobody’s been allowed to touch before. A light and slimy stroke and Kaori’s vision had a light burst, flickering.

『 Naaa?! Aaah! That feels good! What’s this?! 』

『 What a lewd and cute sister! 』

『 Don’t call me like that! Hmmm!? 』

Kaori’s panties have been shifted to the side, exposing her secret place to Haku’s eyes. The full growth of her black pubic hair, her bloodshot clitoris, her tight anus, and above all that, her obscene pussy dripping with love nectar, they’re all exposed and leaking a thick pheromone.

Kaori’s temperature soars as her precious place, which she never showed to anyone, is exposed.

『 I can’t hold it anymore too 』

『 Hyawaaaaaa!!! 』

Picha picha, kuchu, kuchu, jurururu!!

Haku sucks on her special place with enthusiasm. Licking, swallowing the thick love nectar, rolling and sucking on her clitoris.

She reflexively closes her thighs, but he doesn’t stop teasing her. The teasing pleasure is too good that she stopped breathing. She can’t breathe. Her stimulation is too good.

『 Naaa!? Y-Your tongue is going in! Iyaaaaaa?! 』

『 Kaori’s pussy is spilling honey from inside 』

『 N-Nii-san’s licking that place! 』

She can feel her brother’s tongue inside her slit. The tip of the tongue is flicking around the shallow part of her vagina, it’s different in hardness, and softness compared to the fingers she uses to masturbate.

Kaori, who never had sex before, is unable to resist the technical skills of Haku, who had sex with many women multiple times, so he devours her one-sidedly.

『 Ah, hmmm, naaa, aaaaaaah!!!? 』

A body that jiggles and spasms on its own. Her womb and vagina itch and tightens.

Kaori’s mind is floating, unable to think of anything but pleasure.

—I want more pleasure!

Kaori’s melting down from Haku’s caress.

Suddenly, she felt another texture, not a finger, not a tongue. It’s a bigger object. It traces up and down the slit and it hooked slightly into her hole.

She understood it.

(Aah, this is Nii-san’s penis)

Her brother’s penis rubs against her vagina.

Thinking that he’s just coating it with just love nectar, but it’s already placed in her hole. The glans pushed in a millimeter.

『 N-No, Nii-san. You can’t go further 』

Aah, what unconvincing words. Her mind and body want him, it’s all ready to accept him…


It went further by a few millimeters again. It’s pushing her entrance open. But, it can still go back.

『 Nii-san… 』

『 Kaori…Sorry 』

『 Huh? Why are you apologizing? Nuuuu! 』

Kaori heard her pussy make a sound. Her breathing stopped for a moment, and she opened her tear-filled eyes.

It’s in. A foreign object is inside her. The glans went in.

It crossed the line, there are no more excuses.

『 I’m really sorry, I’m not that gentle 』

『 Naa?! Aaaaaaah?! 』

His penis pushes open and mercilessly the unexplored territory. Pushing further and further, to what she thought was the limit.

(I-It’s still going on?! I-It’s so big! This is impossible!)

However, her body firmly accepts his penis. The movement of his penis stopped for the last time when it slammed her cervix. It seems like it all went in now.

What an oppressive and foreign feeling. Her abdomen is in pain. However, she could feel something throbbing and teasing her. She’s not about to sneeze, it’s not an itchy spot either. It’s something teasing that she can’t explain.

『 Ah, aah! Hmm! Aah! 』

『 Kaori, does it hurt? 』

『 Hurt? 』

She just noticed when told. It’s her first sex, she’s being deflowered, but there’s no pain.

『 Huh? It doesn’t hurt at all. 』

『 Then, I’ll move without holding back! 』

『 Ukyaaa!! Ah, ah, hmm! Hey! Nii-san! You’re so sudden! Don’t move 』

-Pan! Pan! Pan!

It’s rubbing. The penis is rubbing the walls of her vagina. Her voice leaks out due to the strange sensation she’s feeling inside.

『 Ah, ah, ah, ah, hmm, hmm, muuu 』

『 Kuh! What tightness! 』

『 I-I mean, my body’s turning stiff for some reason! Aaah! 』

『 That’s good. You’re doing well, Kaori. It feels amazing 』

“I see. It’s good.” Kaori’s mind starts to ease up thanks to what Haku told her.

She’s cooled down, and now she can see her vagina swallowing his penis, refusing to let go. The folds are entangling and sucking on him.

However, the penis is smoothly extracted by the slippery love nectar, and the deep neck of the penis vigorously scrapes them from her pussy.

Their genitals are both slathered with love nectar.

『 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm 』

The long penis stimulates her cervix. The deep impact thrusts up her body and reaches into her stomach. The male’s cues for fertility are pleasant to the aching hot womb.

『 H-Huh? This feels good, I think? 』

Yes, it feels good. She thought that it tickles, but the feeling changed before she knew it. Now that she noticed it, all she can feel is pleasure.

『 Ah, ah, aaahn!! T-That feels good! Nii-san!! 』

Kaori reaches out for her brother. He holds her hand, entwined their fingers, and they had sex while having a lover’s hold.


A dazzling sweet explosion pops inside her body. The interval is gradually shortened, amplified, and increased to the scale of an explosion.

The only thing on her mind is her brother and pleasure. She no longer has the time or space to think about anything else. She doesn’t even know how she sounds, how she looks, or how she’s moving.

She’s just drowning in pleasure.

『 Hmm, hmm, hmmm!! Amazing! What’s this?! 』

This is sex, Kaori!

『 T-This is sex? I never knew! I never knew there was something like this! 』

『 I’d be surprised if you do 』

『 O-Oh no! The pleasure is so good I might get addicted to it! Aah, thrust in deeper! Stronger! harder! 』

She embraces her brother tightly. Her arms and legs clamp to him tightly.

(Aaah, what am I saying just now? What I’m doing? What do I do? My insides feel so good that I don’t get it. I’m losing myself)

Kaori’s melting in pleasure, giving out carnal moans.

(Huh? Nii-san looks like he’s in pain)

He’s frowning, clenching his teeth, desperately trying to hold back something rising in him. Sweat drips from his face as he moves his hips.

『 Nii-san, do you feel good? Does it hurt? 』

『 N-No? It doesn’t hurt at all! It’s just that Kaori’s insides feel so good that…Kuh! 』

(I-I see. Nii-san’s feeling good too)

She felt relieved, surrendering her relaxed body to him.

The penis rubs up her pussy, pushing down her cervix. The speed was gradually accelerating. The intense piston also increases the pleasure hitting Kaori in proportion.

『 Ah, ah, ah! It’s coming! Something amazing is coming! Haan~! 』

『 Ugu!! I-I’m about to…I mean, I’m cumming!! 』

『 Uu, uu, uu, uu, hmm, hmmm!!? C-Cumming, what’s coming? 』

As soon as she asked that.

『 Guah!! 』

Dopyu! Dopyudopyu! Dopyu!!

『 Naaaaaaaaaaaa!? 』

(I-It’s coming out…it’s spreading hot stuff in my belly…it feels good! I-I’m being creampied?)

His penis twitches, feeling a hot liquid gushing into her stomach every time it does.

Her vagina squirms and her womb trembles. Her female instincts rejoice at the offspring released by the male.

Rather than feeling anxiety and confusion, she felt a sense of resignation, as if she had given up.

(Oh well, it doesn’t matter now, I had sex with Nii-san, and he even gave me a creampie…now—)

Kaori’s in the afterglow of climax, and she stopped thinking about the creampie too deeply. She’s anxious to see how the relationship will change, but for now, she just wants the joy of being a woman with all her being.

She closed her eyes, hoping that it goes in a better direction…


「 Kaori, hey, Kaori? wake up 」

「 Naa~ Nii-san? 」

She opened her eyes, feeling someone shake her, and she found her brother’s face peeking at her.

「 Sorry, I fell asleep 」

Kaori rubs her eyes. She was just sleeping lightly, but she felt strangely well-rested and clear-headed.

「 Dinner’s ready! We’re eating now so wash your face. 」

「 Huh? Dinner? Nii-san, weren’t you drinking with Kaho-chan? 」

「 Drinking? Why would we drink before dinner? What kind of dream were you having? Also, you’re calling me Nii-san, are you still not awake? 」 Wake up– 」

「 HUH? Eh? Eh? What are you talking about? Dream? That was… 」

She jumped on her feet and puts her hand inside her panty.

Kaori has no time to worry about the fact that her brother’s looking at her. She wipes her soaking wet secret place, checking the overflowing liquid from her pussy using her fingers.

However, no matter how much she tries, only the viscous and clear love nectar stuck to her fingers, and not a drop of the cloudy semen was present.

「 No way, was that really a dream? 」

The feeling of her breasts squeezed, the tickle of her skin being stroked, and the pleasure of her secret part licked, her brother’s breathing and body temperature, the unknown stimulation of sex, all of it was so vivid in detail, and not a single bit of them was different from reality but was it all just a dream?

Haku awkwardly talks to the shocked Kaori, averting his eyes from the shape and color of her nipples, which were transparent from the sweat, her flushed skin, and the sweet aroma rising from her. The panty was soaked in love nectar and the pubic hair peeked through the gap.

「 Oh, did you have a lewd dream? That pillow gives you a nice sleep, but you also get lewd dreams from time to time 」

「 N-No way… 」

「 For now, I’ll go tell Renge-neesan that dinner’s ready. Kaori, go change clothes 」

Haku left the room to escape, leaving Kaori in her brother’s bed.

「 Dream? Was that a dream?! Haaaaaaaaa?! 」

A boiling anger rises up inside.

Now that she’s told that, she had a peculiar feeling during sex that it might be a dream. Now that she’s awake, she now knows that it’s a dream. Although she doesn’t want to.

Unforgivable. It’s teasing on a maiden’s heart. She has to vent her anger.

「 It’s this pillow?! It’s this pillow’s fault? This! This! 」

Kaori continued to beat the pillow, venting out her frustration until Haku stopped her, calling her because she wasn’t coming to the dining table.