AV App Chapter 57 ♡ Doing it with my sister’s best friend who seduced me



My hand is filled with an elastic, absorbing, and enticing texture.

It’s soft enough for my fingers to sink in, but also tight enough to push back. Her fleshy ass overflows between my fingers and they feel great.

To sum it up in one word, it’s wonderful.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with an exquisite ass like hers, even if you look for one.

I have the lover’s play in the AV app so I didn’t hesitate to grope and caress her springy ass.

「 Hmm, aaahn! Ah, ah, naa~!! 」

Suisen-chan has a sensitive body, she responds to even the slightest stimulation she’s feeling on her ass with a loud voice. Her body jumps and shakes, trying to escape the tickling pleasure.

However, she doesn’t seem to hate it at all. She sticks out her ass from under the bed, hiding her head and letting me do what I want with her.

Her hips move to convey her happiness and embarrassment. The sexual pleasure and arousal that can’t be concealed.

「 You kept inviting me by showing me your underwear when we were playing games, weren’t you? What a lewd girl! You even wore this bright red T-back to lure me in too! 」


「 Hyaan!! T-That’s just one of the strategies! Hmm! 」

「 Do you even know what sportsmanship is? 」


「 Hyaan! It’s not sports, it’s just a game! Aaahn! B-But! Nii-san let himself get caught in it! 」

「 Kuh! I-If you’re going to say that, then I have to tell you that your underwear was wet with your love nectar the whole time! I could see it all. Were you aroused from me watching you? 」

「 T-That’s not… 」


「 Hyaa, hyaa! Wait! Please wait! Stop caressing it! I-If it goes on! I-I’m cumming! 」

Do you think a man would stop caressing you if you say that you’re going to cum from it?

I moved my hand caressing her ass closer to the slit, gently stimulating the more sensitive spot in a teasing manner

Her overly sensitive body reacts immediately. Her ass clenches and her slit tightens. Her whole body is ready for the waves of pleasure that rush in like a muddy stream.

「 N-Noo!! I’m cumming! Cumming!! 」

–Bikubiku! Biku! Biku!!

「 Naaaaaaaaa!! Aaaaah! Aaah! Aaaah! 」

Suisen-chan’s body repeatedly convulses as she makes a beastly yell.

Her hips bounce over and over. Her secret place is getting even more drenched. Her thick female pheromones are leaking.

She had an orgasm from just stroking her ass.

This may have been due to the increased sensitivity of her body from the arousal. Still, I didn’t expect her to climax that easily. I know that she’d climax. But I’m just a little surprised to witness it. She’s such a sensitive girl.

However. That’s not a bad thing. I think it’s actually good. I want her to climax even more!

「 Fuaah! I-I came in front of Nii-san-senpai 」

「 You’re already flooding down here. Your love nectar’s trickling down, look 」

「 Naa!? Please don’t look too much. It’s embarrassing! 」

I slide her red T-back to the side and her secret garden is revealed. Her tight anus is puffed up and aroused, and her slit is soaked with love nectar. I’m seeing all of it. The thin and lightly pigmented pubic hair is also soggy and wet and it’s sticking to the skin.

I touched her secret wet spot with my finger and obscene love nectar becomes sticky and stringy. I pushed it open from both sides, and even more love nectar dripped out.

Isn’t this just ready to accept my penis? Mistaking my finger for a penis, her little pussy opened.

Perhaps she’s aroused from being seen, and even more love nectar flows down to the floor.

–Picha, picha, picha!

「 That’s really lewd 」

Her slippery wet labia are indescribably soft and pleasant. Suisen-chan’s also feeling good, so it’s two birds with one stone.

「 Hyaa! Hyaa! N-Noo! If you touch there…hmm! 」

She climaxed just now and I feel like she’s going to have another orgasm. Should I make her cum one more time while she’s sensitive from her climax?

I put my face close and bury them in Suisen-chan’s charming ass.

「 Hyaan!! 」

I feel her plump ass on my face. Inhaling her thick pheromones at zero distance, I licked her tender secret place with my tongue.

I still can’t resist the urge to bury my face in her ass. She’s doing sports, so it’s nice and springy. This is the best.

「 Aaaaaaaaah! Nii-san-senpai’s burying his face in my butt!! Hmmm! Aaah! Your breath! Your hot breath is! Aaahn! Aaaahn! If you lick that place, uuu, uuuuu!!! 」

A purposely noisy cunnilingus. My tongue stimulates the indent of her hole and I tease her clitoris.

Suisen’s even more sensitive than usual, getting breathless as I tease her most sensitive parts. Soundless gasps come out from her throat.

「 Uuuuuuuu!! 」

–Pichapicha! Jururu, Juzozozo!!

「 Naaaaaa!! Aaaaaaaah!! Cumming!!!!! 」

Suisen-chan’s body began twitching in small spasms, gradually becoming stronger. Seems like she climaxed again.

However, I continued giving her the sweet stimulation of cunnilingus.

Seems like she’s at the mercy of waves of pleasure constantly assaulting her. She can only endure the pleasure and wait for it to pass. But, the pleasure doesn’t stop because I just continue stimulating her. So Suisen-chan can only gasp in her long climax.

She’s about to reach her limit. Or so I thought…

「 Uoooh! 」

Fresh, warm liquid sprinkles on my face. Suddenly, something erupts from Suisen-chan’s secret place.

I reflexively pulled away out of surprise. Naturally, I stopped stimulating her, and she fell exhausted, making some occasional small trembling.

「 W-Was that just squirt? 」

The liquid that landed on my face wasn’t her love nectar or pee, but squirt. It’s transparent, and it’s much more smooth than love nectar.

It’s weakly blowing off like a spouting whale. I think it’s cute. Furthermore, the person herself doesn’t seem to have noticed that she squirted. The pleasure of climax must’ve been too much for her.

「 Haa, haa, haa, I came again 」

「 Then, let’s make you cum again 」

「 Huh? Naaa?! 」

I inserted my middle and ring finger inside Suisen-chan’s pussy who lowered her guard…

The love nectar sticks and her hot pussy flesh refuses the invasion. Her vagina tries to push the finger back, but at the same time, it sucks the finger so tightly that it doesn’t want to let go.

It’s this. This is the vagina of Yumejiri Suisen, the one who has a big, tender, and fleshy ass.

I try to scrape out the meat with my finger. I make sure to stimulate the G-spot, the rough area near the entrance.

「 Ah, ah, aaaaaaaah!! S-Senpai’s finger is inside me! Aaaahn! No, no, no! Cumming! I’m cumming again!! 」

「 You don’t have to hold it and just cum!! 」

I sped up my fingers gradually. The squeaking and wet sounds eventually led to the love nectar splattering along with my fingers going in and out.

My fingers and hand are already drenched even before she squirts.

「 Uuuu! Aaah! I-It’s coming out! It’s leaking!! 」

Ooh? Is she going to squirt again?

I remember reading on the net that squirting has a similar sensation to peeing. If I continue rubbing her G-spot, then she’ll squirt soon enough because she’s sensitive. While I was thinking.

「 I-Iyaaaa!! 」

–Pushu! Pushu!!

Suisen-chan squirted even more intensely than earlier.

Oooh! Now that’s the model squirt. That’s a lot.

The warm and fresh tide soaks my hands, spreading a small puddle on the floor. The drips created ripples in the puddle.

I remember the last time we had sex, she was squirting profusely. Suisen-chan might have the talent for squirting.

I’ll wipe the wet floor clean later.

「 My cute, cute girlfriend…can you show your face now? 」

「 Haa, haa, o-okay 」

Suisen-chan who had been hiding under the bed this whole time finally crept out and showed her face.

She’s red up to her ears. Her breathing is rough. Her loose lips have traces of saliva dripping out. And her eyes are melting in pleasure. She’s too embarrassed to look me in the eyes, so she’s looking away.

「 P-Please don’t stare too much, I’m sure I’m making a weird face 」

「 That expression is just charming you know 」

I kissed her on the lips.

She opened her eyes in surprise, but she immediately loosened up and accepted the kiss.

The softness of her moist and wet lips makes my brain feel like it’s melting. I embraced her tenderly and caressed her back.

A silver bridge connects us.

「 Turn your back 」

「 Okay 」

She puts her hands on the bed and I checked on her pussy again.

Feeling it from the kiss just now, Suisen-chan’s secret place is dripping wet, ready for a man to insert anytime.

Unable to hold back any longer, I exposed my erect penis and placed it against her hot and thick pussy.

She should notice that my penis is kissing her pussy. However, she’s not saying anything. She just breathes in, waiting for the insertion.

「 I’m putting it in 」

「 Y-Yes! Please do! 」

「 Kuh! So hot! 」

「 Ooh! Ooh! It’s going in!!! 」

Her vagina flesh is tightly entangled with my penis. No, it’s not just entangling, it’s squashing it in a direction.

「 Wow. You’re pressuring my dick really hard 」

「 Hmm!? Noo?! 」

Her pussy is moving so well that it’s pushing my dick back. This is also pleasant. What a wonderful pussy, stimulating on its own even without moving.

It’s not the same as Sumire-san’s exquisite pussy. Sumire-san’s pussy has very slippery folds, but Suisen-chan’s pussy has a lot of meat.

I think it’s close to Leona-san’s. But, this pussy is specific to Suisen-chan.

「 Uuoooh! 」

「 Hmm, I just touched the deepest part 」

Half of my penis is swallowed by her pussy, then there was a bump, like a dead end.

It must be her womb descending closer. That’s what happened last time.

I speak to Suisen-chan who’s clutching the sheets tightly and enduring the pleasures of sex.

「 I’m going a bit deeper, okay 」

「 Oh, oooooooh!? 」

The moment I push my penis deep to the base of her womb, she lets out a sound that’s almost like a fur seal cry. Then, her back trembles slightly.

To think that doing a thrust made her climax. What a lovely body. She’s my lover. I want her to cum so much that it drives her crazy in pleasure.

「 Here I go! Kuh, it feels so amazing 」

「 Uoooh! Uooh! I-I’m feeling good too! Ah, ah, ah, aaah!! 」

「 I can’t stop my hips from moving 」

「 Oooh! Aaah! My head’s going crazy. 」

She’s at mercy of pleasure and has no composure, dropped on the bed and clinging to it.

I grabbed her hips and started swinging my hips in ecstasy.

–Pan! Pan!! Pan!!

Every time our hips slammed, there was a dry thump sound, and her seductive ass rippled.

I think doggy style position is the best with Suisen-chan since she has a fleshy ass. It’s a nice sight to watch them ripple, but it’s also graceful to rub them with my hands.

Sticky and wet vaginal flesh wraps around my penis. That soft and firm ass overflows from the palm of my hand.

What luxurious sex.

「 Aga?! Guu! Naa?! 」

「 Your pussy’s wiggling too much that I feel my penis gets pulled out. 」

「 Ooh, Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!!! 」

「 Oh, you can’t hear me. Oh well, you don’t have to think of anything and just feel good. It also makes me happy 」

Her body jolts and shakes a few times. The intense piston movement seems to be causing her to climax.

I look down and see my penis inserted into Suisen-chan’s body. This is always a wonder to see.

Getting my dick into the little hole all the way to the root and ejaculating, we’re going to have a baby. Why are male and female instincts built this way? Well, I shouldn’t think about things I don’t know and just enjoy sex.

–Pachun! Pachun! Pachun!!

The overflowing and splashing love nectar is making strings and lewd sounds.

The endless flow of love nectar never stops. My dick is all wet and sticky. Perhaps, her thighs are soaking wet too.

「 Guah! Guaaah! Ngaa!! 」

「 Fuuu. Let’s take a break 」

I stopped moving and took a break because I’m getting close to ejaculating.

I want to cum, but I want to enjoy sex with my lover more than anything. It would be a great waste to end it with just a simple ejaculation.

「 Haa, haa, nga! N-Nii-san-senpai, what’s wrong? 」

「 Let’s change positions 」

「 O-Okay 」

I laid Suisen-chan on the bed, spread her legs, and pushed my penis in.

「 Uuuu 」

We’re going for missionary. I used the height of the bed to cover her.

「 Uuuuuuu!! Senpai! Senpai! I love you! I love you so much!! 」

「 Yeah. I love Suisen too 」

「 Yes, I know 」

Ehehe, Suisen-chan laughed happily, and we immediately indulged in the pleasures of sex. She’s frowning in anguish, or melting in pleasure…anyway, she’s making a sexy expression.

What a cute girl. My lover that is. I’m falling for her even more.

I want to taste every bit of her body and soul.


「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, noooooh!! 」

A muffled yet charming moan comes from her as she twists and turns on the bed.

Her moist eyes open in a prone position, looking at me as I cover her. My heart skips a beat.

That pleading look is just unfair. I’m weak to women with that eyes.

I slam my hips down as hard as my lust.

「 Uoooh!? Oooh! My b-belly, my womb!! 」

「 What’s with your womb? 」

「 My womb feels hot, it’s itching hot! More! More! Poke me harder and harder! 」

My younger lover tearfully begs for penis.

If she wants it that badly, then I’ll give her plenty of my penis and semen.


「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! Amazing! Sex is amazing!!! 」

She’s making a sloppy face she can never show anyone, but all I feel is that it’s beautiful. Her legs are tangled around my waist, giving me a loving embrace. It’s so cute.

「 Endure it for a little bit. I’ll turn you over. 」

「 W-Wait! If you touch my breasts right now, funyaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」

Just taking off her clothes and bra to expose her breasts and pinching her nipples already gives this reaction.

I’m happy that she responds to my every caress. My tiny man’s self-esteem pride is fulfilled.

「 I like Suisen-chan’s ass, but your breasts are also great. This is the best size, it fits nicely on my hand. Just the right amount of softness and sensitivity 」

I was enjoying the softness of her breasts, I had the illusion that my head’s heating up. I feel like I’m being doused in hot water. Then, a huge sense of pleasure rises furiously.

I can’t hold it anymore. My male instincts scream “impregnate this female.”

「 Aah, aaah! aaah! Senpai! Senpai! I love, love you! 」

「 Suisen! I’m going to cum! 」

「 Let it out! Pour it inside! Please cum inside me!!! 」

I can’t pull my penis because of her hug to begin with so I have to creampie her. Oh well, begging for a creampie is exciting.

I thrust my penis harder than ever to ejaculate.

「 Kuh! C-Cumming! 」

「 Come! Nguuu!!! Nuuuuuuuuuu!! 」

–Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyupyu!!

Hot semen gushed from the tip of my penis. I filled Suisen-chan’s vagina with a ton of semen.

It seems that she felt my released semen, and repeatedly squeezed more. The hot and thick meat feels so good I can’t resist releasing my semen.

I can’t stop ejaculating. This is the best.

「 Guuu! Nguuu! Kahaa!! 」

With the final blow pushes up her uterus, she climaxed grandly. Her eyes were wide open as if she were about to peel the white of her eyes, and her back bent. She can’t breathe? I only hear her throat.

I was worried to see her convulsing so violently, and before I knew it, I finished ejaculating. I watch my lover with a strangely calm and pleasant feeling while in Kenja mode.

Suisen-chan’s been convulsing for over thirty seconds, and suddenly, she relaxed.

「 Haa!? Haa, haa, haa! T-That was amazing. 」

「 You okay? 」

「 Y-Yesh…s-somehow… 」

I see. If she can speak, then she’s fine. She can hear my voice too.

For now, I decided to pull my penis out of her vagina. Suisen-chan cums lightly from the slightest stimulation. Her legs spread sloppy and her pussy’s dripping out a copious amount of semen. Her pussy’s foaming so much that I can’t tell if it’s love nectar or semen.

She’s also sweating profusely and sloppily. But, it’s so obscene and exciting that I can’t describe it. It’s the result of passionate love. She also looks satisfied, so it’s undoubtedly because of sex.

「 Let’s take a break 」

「 M-Me too 」

I fell on the bed, and we stared at each other. Then, we kissed like forever.


It was quite a while after we indulged in the afterglow that we remembered Kaori.

We had sex without holding back her voice. We hurriedly tried to fix the mess of our clothes, wiped the floor, and deodorized the room. After destroying the evidence, we sneaked back to the living room.

At the same time, I also ended the “lovers play” in the AV app.

We fearfully peeked into the living room and found Kaori sleeping peacefully.

「 S-She’s not awake yet 」

「 R-Right. 」 I’m glad she hasn’t figured it out 」

Just as we look at each other in relief. Kaori suddenly got up.

「 「 !? 」 」

Kaori blinked repeatedly and looked at us.

「 W-Was I asleep? 」

She opened her eyes wide and jumped out of the blanket to wake herself.

She looked around and noticed Suisen-chan and me who just arrived in the living room.

If we were a few minutes late, then it would’ve been bad.

「 How long was I sleep? Woah! It’s been an hour! Why did you not wake me up?! You should’ve! Am I a child for falling asleep after a few hours of playing? Why are you two sweating like you’ve been working out? Your skins look flushed, and Suisen’s bangs are wet too! 」

I hear my heart pounding. I hear hers too.

「 N-Nothing. Right, Suisen-chan? 」

「 Y-Yes. Nii-san-senpai’s right. N-Nothing happened 」

We desperately try to gloss Kaori’s pursuit and we looked away.

Fortunately, Kaori’s mind was still waking up.

Soon enough, Kaho-san and Renge-neesan returned home, we had dinner, and we managed to keep the secret that we had sex.

That night, when everyone was asleep, I was just starting to doze off.

「 H-Hello, I’ve come to sneak in your bed… 」

「 What? 」

My sister’s best friend came over to crawl onto my bed, even though the AV app wasn’t active.