AV App Chapter 58 School Situation



Suisen-chan who came for a night crawl was wearing thin summer-like knee-length pajamas. It’s cute, and refreshing to look at.

In the dimly lit room, she’s shyly fidgeting near the entrance.

Err, I don’t have the AV app active, right? I rushed to check and found out that it wasn’t a play or anything, my hand didn’t accidentally press anything for the first time.

Despite that, Suisen-chan came over to creep onto my bed.

Honestly, I don’t get it. What’s going on?!

If it’s not the app, then there’s only one answer. She willingly did it.

「 U-Uhm, am I causing trouble? 」

I was stunned, checking my phone, and Suisen-chan looked at me worriedly.

She’s starting to regret storming into my room this late. Even in the dim light, I can see her face turning pale.

So, I shook my head in panic.

「 Not at all. I was just surprised that I thought I was dreaming 」

「 I-I see. I’m glad 」

「 Anyway, sit down 」

「 O-Okay! E-Excuse me! 」

She moved her hands and feet in sync, then sat down on the bed with so much tension. She hasn’t realized that she’s fumbling her words.

「 Err, so what’s up tonight? You said that it’s a night crawl, but there’s something else, right? Is there anything you want to discuss with me? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Huh? 」

Suisen-chan and I look dumbfounded as we stare at each other.

Her long eyelashes are so cute! Wait! Did she really come here for a night crawl? She wasn’t joking earlier?

「 Seriously? 」

I asked her, and Suisen-chan’s face flushed and she nod her head with her eyes closed. Then she hung her head in embarrassment.

Yep, she’s serious. She actually came for a night crawl.

S-Seriously?! I thought she’d just dismiss it as a joke.

Suisen-chan’s surprisingly bold.

「 What to do then 」

I could use lovers’ play to have sex, but it’s been the same situation as the past two times.

I have the desire to do another play if I have to. On the other hand, mistress play and sex-friend play don’t seem different, so it’s a problem

Maybe I could just tell her about the AV app and have her cosplay on the other dimension. I’m sure it’ll look good on her. The massage play might be too much for her sensitive body.

「 N-Nii-san-senpai! 」

「 Hm, what’s up? 」

Suddenly, she mustered up her courage and speak up.

「 I-I want to have s-sex with Nii-san-senpai, even if I’m not your girlfriend. 」

Right. She did come here with that resolve. I think it’s amazing that she took action with her determination.

「 B-But, Nii-san-senpai, are you someone who can’t have sex with a woman who’s not your girlfriend? 」

She stares at me her weak and moistened eyes.

I’m vulnerable to that look.

I want to give her peace. I can’t really say “you’re all welcome!” but, I’m a guy who will have sex with women who aren’t even my girlfriend. The world would label me as a lousy scumbag.

Well, too late for that. Besides, my first woman isn’t even my girlfriend.

The balance of my mind tilts towards the desire to have sex with Suisen-chan I’m starting to get horny at the idea of having this young woman crawl into my bed ready to have sex.

However, doing it in this room… Suisen-chan’s body is sensitive, so she can’t help but moan loudly. Luckily, nobody found it so far, but it’s dangerous to think that it’ll be safe this time too.

If so, the safe place would be the other dimension.

「 Oh right. Let’s use that 」

「 Nii-san-senpai 」

「 Suisen-chan. Close your eye 」

「 H-hyai!! 」

I made sure that she closed her eyes and I gently lay her body on the bed.

I’m sorry to say that your expectations are a little obvious but I quickly tapped my phone. I launched the AV app and selected my partner and checked the situation play.

Then, Suisen-chan’s body and mine emitted a bright light and we moved to the other space.

「 Huh, what? Isn’t this the classroom? 」

Suisen-chan’s big eyes are blinking as we suddenly changed places. She’s wearing an unfamiliar high-school uniform with a pink shirt. A red ribbon around the neck. Her skirt is short enough to make her thighs look erotic and her small movement makes her underwear flicker.

I found myself wearing a high-school uniform too.

Then, the place we’re in is the high-school classroom where we spend three years of our youth. The chairs and desk were messily arranged. Lockers where you place your luggage. A blackboard with chalk marks. The voices of high-school students engaging in club activities could be heard, and the orange sun shines through the windows.

It’s all so nostalgic.

「 Huh? Why is Nii-san-senpai wearing a school uniform?! Kyaa! Why am I in school uniform? 」

Confused Suisen-chan also looks cute.

This is the new situation play “school,” which was released a while ago.

Just as predicted, it’s a play where you do the act in school, wearing uniforms. It’s a common thing in AV.

AV app, good job. I can’t believe I can have sex at school, feeling like a high-school student with this quality that’s almost real life.

The beauty of the AV app is that you can do play that you can’t in real life. This is beyond expectations and it’s amazing.

「 My skirt’s too short! T-This is embarrassing! Don’t stare too much, Senpai! 」

We’re both wearing uniforms. We’re in the classroom. And she calls me “Senpai”

Suisen-chan’s most suited for school plays.

“Kouhai” is pulling her skirt down with a blushing face. I have no idea what uniform she’s wearing. Then that means that it’s her uniform from high school. That suits her.

Well yeah. Suisen-chan’s a high-school student just a few months ago.

But still, some things don’t suit her either. I meant that it feels like she’s cosplaying. Maybe it’s because she’s become a college student, a little more sophisticated, or a grown woman who knows a man. Her school uniform exudes a woman’s glamour evoking a sense of immortality.

To put it simply, it’s lewd.

「 U-Uhm, w-what’s going on?! Weren’t we in Nii-san-senpai’s room just earlier? 」

「 This is just a dream 」

「 What? 」

Suisen-chan tilts her head, not understanding what I meant.

「 This is a dream 」

「 Haa. A dream 」

「 Right, it’s a dream 」

「 Dream 」

「 As soon as you closed your eyes in my bed, you woke up wearing a high-school uniform in a school classroom, right? 」

I could tell her about the AV app, but I’m wondering if I could make her think it’s a dream and have her reveal her desires. Suisen-chan’s a reserved girl so I want to help her vent out a little.

I kept telling her it was a dream while she was in an unrealistic situation, and the perception alteration of the AV app will make it what I want it to be.

「 R-Right, it’s a dream. Then that means that I was wishing for this subconsciously? 」

Good. Now she thinks it’s a dream. What’s left is to guide her to think that she can do anything, and then have sex with her and everything will turn out fine.

As soon as she accepts that it’s a dream—

『 Hahahaha 』

『 Right?! 』

A woman’s laugh echoes and someone passes by the classroom’s hallway.

I immediately hugged Suisen-chan and hid behind the curtains.

「 Kyaa?! 」

She raised a small scream, but I don’t have the luxury of caring about that right now. My heart’s beating too loud.

W-W-W-W-What’s going on? AV app? Is there anyone else with us?

Speaking of which, I heard some students doing club activities from the moment we moved here. I thought it was just background noise, but there are too many distinct figures that look like students because I could see them from the window.

I tried checking on the phone and an inorganic sound plays in my brain.

『 –Do you want to remove the hologram and audio functions? 』

H-Hologram? Audio?

Oh, so that’s what it is. It’s a function to create the thrill of an after-school classroom where someone might just come in, right? The students are holograms, they’re not real people, and what we hear were just fake. Is it all done by the app?

While I was thinking, I got a feeling that the transcendent beings who made the app gave me confirmation.

N-Nice one. AV Devs. That’s a great idea, using holograms to create lifelike images that you could mistake for real people just to enhance the atmosphere of the play. As expected of the mystery developers who are beyond human knowledge.

I was starting to get used to it but I’m amazed once again.

If it’s a video and not a real person, then we can just leave it on. This is a good opportunity. I want to experience the thrill and excitement of classroom play.

『 Acknowledged. Then, have fun with the school play 』

The mysterious presence disappears with an emotionless announcement. They’re back to watching the silliness.

If I kept talking to them, I might go crazy. Suisen-chan in my arms seems to have no doubts, looking at me with moist and expectant eyes.

The two of us are alone in the classroom after school. We’re wrapped in the curtains. A good mood to hug–of course, something will happen…

「 Senpai… 」

「 Suisen-chan 」

We stare at each other as we approach, our breaths have touched…and so have our lips.