AV App Chapter 59 ♡ Kouhai in Uniform



In the classroom after-school, where we could hear the voices of students doing club activities, we kissed each other again and again, still wrapped in the curtains.

A gentle touching kiss. Suisen-chan’s slightly moist and soft lips are melting my brain. Her sweet scent fills my lungs when I breathe in deeply, and the comfort of her in my arms is getting addicting.

I’m enjoying the feeling of her whole existence.

「Hmm, nuu, nuchu」

She also puts her timid arms around me and gently accepts the kiss with her eyes closed.

When I stroke her back on top of her uniform, her sensitive body shivers. Her reaction is so cute that I can’t resist stroking her back, waist, and armpits in moments of weakness. I don’t regret it. Rather, kissing Suisen-chan while feeling it is just raising my arousal.


An unfamiliar school uniform. A place called an after-school classroom. The idea of someone might come in is thrilling. I know in my head that this unreal situation is created by the AV app, but the realism and the raw situation just stir my arousal.

I put my hands on the buttons of her light pink shirt and unbutton them one by one impatiently.

「Ah, n-no, senpai, not that place」

She says no, but her eyes shine in embarrassment and anticipation. Furthermore, she’s not resisting with her body.

I unbuttoned her belly, exposing her cleavage and bra, then I bury my face in her exposed neck.

「I can’t?」

「Auu, auu!! Don’t breathe out like that…hyaa!? No rubbing too…ah..aaaah」

It’s Suisen-chan’s fault to have a glossy neck and collarbone that I’d want to rub my cheeks on her.

I drop kisses on her fine skin.

「Ah, hmmm, aaah」

「I can’t?」

I ask again.

I want her to say it properly, not just follow what she does.

I want to satisfy this tiny self-esteem, dominance, and superiority by making her admit shame. I won’t be satisfied unless she speaks.

I’m sure there are a lot of men who’ll understand this feeling, right?

Suisen-chan’s body twitches as she feels it in her nape.


She still refused at this stage, so I licked her neck and she fell easily.

「Maybe…I think」

「I see. So you’re okay with it…」

「Y-Yes…I-It’s okay…nhiii!」

I didn’t hold back and grabbed her breasts.

What a blissful elasticity, I can feel it even through her bra. It’s reasonably sized and it fits in my palm comfortably.

Hmm, hmm. She’s wearing a blue bra this time. It’s cool, and it suits her. Well, let’s slide it off.

Her cute breasts got exposed as she slips off the bra. Light pink areola and erect nipples. It’s pointy, and teasingly appealing as if it wants me to touch them right now.

「Ahn~ Nii-san-senpai! T-That’s embarrassing! Yaan!」

「If you moan too loud someone will hear you」


Suisen-chan immediately covered her mouth. I sucked on her nipples as soon as she turned her attention to her surroundings.

「Higiii!? Oh, ooh, nuuuooooh!!」

「That much reaction from just sucking your nipples? Your daily life must be hard」

「I-It’s not always like that, it’s just that if S-Senpai touches me, my body goes crazy」


「Nuu!? Uuuu, nuuuuuu?!」

After giving her ample licking and rolling around, Suisen-chan twitched and bent backward.

「Did you just cum?」

「Y-Yes, a light one. Haa, haa」

Her eyes are feverishly moist, and her bare skin is flushed red. The faint scent of sweat rises up, stimulating the reproductive instinct in me.

It’s just erotic, the sight of my kouhai whose cleavage is exposed, combined with the scenario just excites me out of control. My dick’s painfully erect.

「Hold it for a little longer. I want to taste Suisen’s breasts」

「I-I’ll do my best」

Suisen-chan’s an admirable girl.

I buried my face in her breasts once again and teased her nipples. One breast in my mouth and the other with my fingers. Enjoying the unique sensation that’s best described as chewy, I continued teasing her.

「Hmmm, muuu, hmmm, muuu!?」

The nipple teasing works so well on her sensitive body that just climaxes.

Her voice desperately tries to close itself to prevent her voice from escaping. However, her soundless moans were uncontrollable.

「Aaah, aah, aaah, y-you’re pinching my nipples!!」

I pull them lightly as I hold her nipples. Then.

「Nuooooh?! Ooh! Oooooh!!?」

Suisen-chan’s eyes open wide and she made a fur seal cry.

She’s really feeling it, you can tell from her obscene moans. Good. Let’s enjoy this more.

She seems to have climaxed again, so let’s give her a present, a heavenly sweet stimulation that will finish her.

I pull her erect nipples with my fingers and then.


–Bikubikubiku! Bikubiku! Biku!!

She convulsed so much that she would’ve collapsed if I hadn’t supported her.

Her mouth is opened slovenly, drooling, and her moist eyes were almost white. Even with my arms around her waist and back, Suisen-chan’s jittering.

「Ngu, gah! Kaha!」

She climaxed so hard that she couldn’t even breathe. I overdid it. Let’s reflect on that. But, I don’t regret it.

Suisen-chan’s leaking out female pheromones, she’s breathing roughly in my arms, and she calmed down her breathing after a minute.

「Haa, haa, t-that was amazing…」

「Let’s take a break」


If this keeps up, she’s going to cum too much that she’ll pass out. That would be a waste. Her sensitivity will calm down after a while, right? I mean, I know that she’s a sensitive girl, but still.

I embraced her while taking a break, giving her kisses, and flirted with her. This kind of time is not just for physical contact, but also emotional. Sex isn’t just limited to making out.

「Uhm, Nii-san-senpai, I think it’s time」

Ooh? Suisen-chan’s motivated. If she thinks it’s good, then let’s continue.

「Then, it’s your turn to touch me this time, is that good?」

「Y-Yes! I’ll do my best!」

She doesn’t look uncomfortable with it, she squats down and checks my pants. Even with my pants on, my erection is clearly visible. Still undaunted, she takes her time to take my penis out with her unfamiliar hands.

The cool air touches my hot and erect penis.

The penis towering to the sky. The glans is so swollen that it looks like it might burst, and the grotesque blood vessels float on the pole.

Suisen-chan wraps my penis, which has an evil form, with her curious hands.

「Oh, oooh. it’s so hot, hard, and big…」

She started giving me an awkward handjob.

Perhaps it’s the second time in her life giving a handjob, so it’s not surprising that she’s not good at it.

The first one would be when I woke up, giving me a handjob and blowjob right in the morning. That felt so good to wake up and find Suisen-chan touching my morning wood. Furthermore, the effects of the AV app have already gone, so she’s done it voluntarily.

Even now, I learned about her daring side, as she crawled to my bed at night even though I didn’t have the AV app running.

And again, she’s moving assertively.


I didn’t say anything and yet, Suisen-chan started putting saliva on my penis.

–Guchu, guchu, guchu.

The saliva acted as a lubricant, making an obscene watery sound as she handles it with her hand.

Just where did she learn this? Internet? It’s got to be there!

「Does it feel good, Nii-san-senpai?」

「Y-Yeah. That feels good」

「I-is that so? I’m glad」

She smiled happily, though her cheeks are flushed in embarrassment.

The gap between her breasts and the smile on her face is unbearably erotic.

I think Suisen-chan forgot that her breasts are exposed. If she noticed, Suisen-chan would hide it, she’s a shy girl after all.

Looking at boobs from above is also nice.

It’s sexy but still cute. It’s a feast for my eyes.



Suddenly, my glans sent a tingling sensation to my brain. Suisen-chan licked my glans.

She’s taken aback by my over-the-top reaction.

「I-I’m sorry! Did that hurt?」

「No, quite the opposite. It felt amazing that I moaned. Also, I’d be happy if you continued」

「I-Is that so? I’m glad. Err, then I’ll continue」

Suisen-chan felt relieved, and she crawled her tongue as if she were licking ice cream.

The stimulus makes my spine shiver. The pleasure increases as she sucks.


Oh boy. I might cum right away. It’s awkward, but it’s admirable, her first blow job is arousing.

「Uuu, guh!!」

I let out a moan, and I found Suisen-chan looking up at me, smiling happily with a penis in her mouth. I feel like she’s getting passionate about fellatio.

–Jubo! Jubo!! Jubo!!

「Senpai. If it feels good, then don’t hold back and cum」


「Yes, I’ll do my best to take it in my mouth」

The suction speeds up in an attempt to squeeze the semen out of me. It must be hard for her since she’s not accustomed to fellating. But, I’m struck by the sight of her sucking my penis with great effort.

She’s such a good girl, if I date Suisen-chan, I’m sure she’ll be devoted!

–Jubo! Jubo! Jubo!!

「I-I’m about to cum!」

「Let it out, senpai!」

–Guchu, guchu, guchu!!

「Uuuu!! Cumming!!」

Unable to endure the hand job and fellatio any longer, I shot a load of semen into my kouhai’s mouth.


My hard swelling penis pulsates and thick semen shoots out, making glooping sounds as it flies away. It feels good, but her face in tears as she catches the semen in her mouth is unbearable.

I continued to ejaculate, moving my hips, and the wave of pleasure receded quickly as I pour it all into Suisen-chan.

She takes her mouth off the penis and gulps it down. Her throat moves as she swallows it down, that’s lewd and beautiful.

She licks the last drop from her lips and smiles.

「Ehehe. I drank it. It’s got a weird taste」

「 There are more women who don’t like drinking it though」

「I don’t really mind. It’s Nii-san-senpai’s semen after all」

So she doesn’t mind since it’s my semen.

「Senpai. What next? Should we have sex?」

She looks up with expectations. Hearing that from a kouhai wearing a uniform will get you horny for sure.

But, I want to taste a bit more of Suisen-chan.

「I’ll give you a bit of cunnilingus before putting it in」

「C-Cunn…?! O-Okay. T-Then, I’ll take off my clothes」

「No, keep the clothes on, I want to get in that skirt」

Isn’t one of the men’s dreams to peek inside a woman’s skirt?

At least, I’ve imagined doing that not just once or twice! There’s a whole unknown world inside a woman’s skirt.

It’s men’s psychology that makes us want to peek at it because it’s hidden from the world. I’m sure most men would understand.



Suisen-chan’s put off by it. She crawled on her best friend’s brother’s bed at night, even drank his semen, yet she’s put off by this?


「Stop! That look of disgust works on me」

「Well, I’m not here to say anything about Nii-san-senpai’s fetishes, but still, wow」

「That “Wow” of yours means a whole lot!」

「Why is it that men like to peek inside skirts? It’s common among boys in elementary to flip girl skirts after all」

「It’s part of the man’s romance to see inside the skirt」

「I don’t understand why, but if that’s what Nii-san-senpai wants, here」

In the end, Suisen-chan still lets me do it. Thanks.

Having been put off by the request, I thought that I could go for another…there’s no difference in once or twice anyway.

「Can you take off your underwear?」

「Just the underwear? Sure, but, isn’t it better if the man takes it off?」

「This time, I feel like I want the woman to take it off」

「I see, So you get that mood too」

While it’s nice to undress women, it’s also great to see women undress.

She looks confused, but she puts her hands inside the skirt and slid off her underwear, a light blue panty, just like her bra.

A pair of panties lay on the desk, fluttering. It’s a side-string T-back.

The crotch is drenched, and the love nectar clearly soaked it. Furthermore, it made a wet string when she was taking it off. Her secret place must be dripping wet as the stains on this panty of hers.

Just the thought of her secret place leaking boils my libido.

「T-This is embarrassing, it feels chilly inside the skirt」

Suisen-chan’s so cute, she’s holding down her skirt with her eyes cast downwards from embarrassment.

You’re just making me want to tease you and distort that face in pleasure…

「Then, if you’d excuse me」

I crouched down in front of Suisen-chan and rolled up her skirt to get a peek at a man’s romance.