AV App Chapter 60 ♡ In the after-school classroom



Two healthy fleshy thighs, slender and long. They’re shyly fidgeting and rubbing against each other as if feeling my gaze as I stare at them unblinking.

There’s a faint sound of liquid. That would be because of the love nectar running down her thighs. As expected, the thin fabric area of the T-back wasn’t enough to absorb her overflowing love nectar.

The plump rounded pubic mound is covered in lightly pigmented chestnut-colored pubic hair. The upper part looks fluffy and soft, while the lower part is wet with love nectar and it sticks to her skin.

And, muffled in the skirt is the unique female pheromone that wafts from her secret place. Wet and thick. It’s dizzying, stimulating my male instincts a ton.

This is the charming no-panty view of the skirt. But…

「 Kuh! The slit is so tight that I can’t see inside your pussy 」

「 W-Why are you speaking like that? 」

「 Huh? Did I speak loudly? 」

「 Y-You said P-Pussy 」

I see. Seems like my thoughts leaked out. It happens sometimes.

However, I can’t help it. I’m seeing your most important body part! I see the slit through the pubic hair, but only a bit.

Well, the fact that I can almost see it but I can’t just tickle my curiosity. All I need to do is spread it open.

With that said, open sesame!

「 Hyaan! N-Nii-san-senpai! Aahn! 」

「 Oooh, your puffed clitoris is so cute. It’s wet and shining like a pearl. 」 But, this pose doesn’t allow me to see inside that well. Suisen, raise your leg and place it on the desk or chair 」

「 O-Okay 」

She obediently follows what I told her, putting her feet on the desk like a bad-mannered girl and spreading her legs.

Even without doing anything, the slit, wet with love nectar, opens up, revealing her pink pussy.

It’s overflowing with love nectar. It’s opening and closing repeatedly as if waiting for something to go inside.

It’s so beautiful that it’s hard to believe that I was inside a few hours ago, and came inside her.

「 Nfuu 」

There’s nothing hidden when I push it open with my fingers. Even the wrinkles of her labia are clear.

I can’t endure this naughty pussy.

I sucked on her clitoris on impulse and inserted my finger into her pussy.

「 Naaah!? Aaah! Aaaaaah!! 」

As expected of the sensitive girl. This much is already enough to make her climax and get disheveled.

She’s wearing a high-school uniform, and I’m inside her skirt. There’s no way I could stop myself from doing it. I sucked on her clitoris, licked it up, and then, I increased the number of fingers inserted into her pussy into two, and scraped out the love nectar.

The pulp of my finger rubs the slippery mucous membrane.

「 Hmm, hmmm! Hiiii! T-There, not there! You can’t! 」

「 Hmm, here? 」

The other side of her clitoris. I rubbed near the entrance of her vagina. She’s feeling it on her G-spot.

I touched it and focused on it.

「 Nhiiii?! I-It’s coming! 」

—Pushu! Pushu! Pushu!!

A warm clear liquid spurts out of her urethra. She squirts on me, while her hips are shaking.

Now that’s an example squirt.

「 Aah, aaah! Naa! Oh, S-Sorry! I got you wet 」

「 No, I don’t mind 」

I gratefully borrowed the handkerchief she offered and wiped my wet face and hands. It’s a secret that I’m a little shocked because it’s slightly warm and the sweet scent is wafting inside her skirt.

It’s going to be soggy with sweat and love nectar once we have sex anyway. Suisen-chan would squirt, and it’s more of a reward to me.

「 B-But… 」

When I saw her apologetic expression with her shoulders dropped low, I felt a wild, and evil desire inside me.

I want to distort that face, I want it to be wild in pleasure.

「 Suisen, sorry 」

「 Huh? What? Kyaa?! 」

I turn her around and rolled up her skirt, pressing my dick against her pussy. Then, I shoved it deep inside.

「 Nhyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! 」

–Bikubiku! Bikubiku! Biku!!

Suisen-chan climaxed just from the sweet impact of the penetration to the deepest part. Her vagina meat squeezes my penis.

Well, I expected this too. That’s why I apologized in advance.

Grabbing her spasming hips, I slam mine with all my might.

「 Aaaaaaaah?! T-That’s so sudden aaaaaaaah!! T-That feels good! 」

I’m feeling good too! I’m feeling so good! The descending uterus touches my glans, the tightness of her pussy is amazing. It’s probably because she’s training her lower half by playing tennis so her pussy undulates so grandly that it’s almost a masterpiece of a pussy.

Above all, this huge ass of hers rivals gravure models.

Doing it from behind while standing is amazing. Words can’t describe how good it is to see the ripples spreading across her ass with each strike of my hips. Even better is this situation where her skirt is rolled up.

–Pan! Pan!! Pan!! Pan!!

「 Oooh, ooooh, ooooooooh!! 」

I hear muffled moans from Suisen-chan as I thrust from behind.

「 It feels good! It’s so deep! I love it deep inside! Senpai! Senpai!! 」

「 I see. You like it deep! 」

「 Aaaah! More! more! nhooooooo!!! 」

Suisen-chan arched her back so much that she was looking up at the ceiling.

Sweat floats on her moist flushed skin, and the sweet scent of her sweat rises from the skin.

The combination of the high-school uniform and her glamour wafting through the air creates this rich sense of immorality. We’re doing a forbidden act in the sacred environment for learning. The thrill of not knowing who might find us at any moment is unbearable.

It’s a common situation in AV, but it can’t be done in reality. But now, I’m experiencing it.

「 I love it! I love it! I love you Senpai! Nhoooo!! 」

Ooooh!! I almost thought she was confessing to me, and that startled me. She loves sex. I get it. I didn’t get the wrong idea.

If you like it so much, then let me thrust harder.

–Pan! Pan! Pan!!

「 Ooh! Ooh! Oooooooh!! 」

Suisen-chan squeals in pleasure. Then.

『 Huh? Do you hear some weird noises? 』

『 I think I heard some fur seal noises 』

『 That. They’re good at it that I guess there’s clapping 』

「 「 ?! 」 」

Hearing some girls in the corridor, we stopped moving.

We stopped breathing, trying to erase our presence.

The curtains are hiding us, so unless they come into the classroom, they shouldn’t be able to see us having sex.

The sound of the footsteps gradually approached closer and our hearts are beating faster.

P-Please, don’t let them find us.

A few tense seconds. Feeling someone walking in the hallway in front of the classroom we’re in…they passed by without incident.

There’s no sign of them stopping and checking in. They’re gone.

「 T-They haven’t found out, right? 」

「 I think. It really made me panic 」

「 I-I feel like this dream is a bit too realistic!! Be gentle with me, my imagination!! 」

Dream? Oh right. We’re in the other space made by the AV app. I just pushed to make her think that it was a dream.

Also, those were just some holographic images and audio. The voices, footsteps, and presence are too real that I thought they were real people. That got me worried. That’s bad for the heart.

「 Suisen, you need to lower your voice. What will you do if they find us? 」

「 E-Even if you say that, having sex with Nii-san-senpai feels so good 」

「 Your pussy tightened so hard when people passed by, did that arouse you? 」

「 N-No! My body just loosened up from the tension! It’s not arousal 」

「 Are you sure/ 」

「 Oooo!! T-Too deep!!! 」

When I pulled back my hips and thrust in with a surprise attack, Suisen-chan moaned loudly.

I just told her to hold her voice earlier.

But, this space isn’t real. Maybe we can get louder?

My guess is that the app devs won’t allow us to get into a situation where we have to stop playing halfway. They want to see humans have sex, but interrupting it won’t be fun. It’ll sour the mood. It would be thrilling to see people embarrassed and startled because people are walking by, but they’ll never let it stop.

–Guchu, guchu, guchu, nuchu…

「 Can you hear it? That’s my penis moving in and out of Suisen’s pussy 」

「 Y-Yes!! Iii! I’m cumming!!! 」

Her cute face is so sloppy now. There are traces of sweat, tears, and drool. She’s making a pleasant face she can’t show others.

Suisen-chan’s body lost the strength to support herself and she’s sticking to the window.

「 Uu! Uu! Uguu! Nuu! Ooooh! Oooh!! 」

Every time I slam my hips, her body also rocks back and forth with the impact.

If you look at her from the front, her breasts must be pressed against the window.

Kuh! I want to see it! I want to see Suisen-chan’s face from the front, with her breasts pressed against the glass, and her face making an ahegao! But I’m behind her, so all I could see is her breasts pressed up.

AV App! Do you have any recording features?! Please show me the other side of the glass.

「 Suisen, take a look in front of you 」

「 Hmm, front? 」

Spread across the windowpane is the hologram of the playground and students doing club activities.

Then, I whispered teasingly in her ear.

「 If any of them looked up, they’ll see Suisen-chan’s lewd face 」

「 ?! 」

「 Oooh! Your pussy tightened so hard!! 」

「 Aah, aah! Naa! D-Don’t look! You can’t look! 」

She tries to move away from the windowpane and hide her breast in a hurry, but her body isn’t strong enough to do it properly.

「 Hmm, why?! I could get exposed, yet why does it feel so good!!! 」

Oh? Suisen-chan’s opening a new door?

She might get addicted to the thrill of being almost exposed. Her body’s trembling a lot. She seems to have reached a climax.

「 Nhooooooooooo!! 」

「 Your pussy’s so tight in climax! I’m about to cum too!! 」

I want to finish it from behind like this, but since we’re in the classroom, there’s a play I want to do. It would be a waste to just finish it in the window.

「 Let’s change positions 」

「 ………… 」

She’s not responding. She doesn’t have time to answer in the aftermath of the climax.

I grabbed the nearby desk and lay Suisen-chan on her back, on top of the uniform I took off.

Her breasts were exposed, and her skirts were turned up. Legs spread open. Her secret place that’s not wearing any underwear is sticky, covered with love nectar, bubbling white from the friction.

It’s incredibly cute and lewd.

I press my thick penis into her vagina and slowly fill her in.

It’s always spectacular to see a small and narrow pussy greedily sucking in the penis.

「 Nhooooo!! Oooh! ooooh!! 」

My penis rubs the walls of her vagina, stimulating her cervix. The impact of the thrusts would’ve directly transmitted to her uterus. Her instincts also feel my penis, twisting her folds to squeeze out the semen, and precisely stimulating the glans, and all other sensitive spots.

The pleasure transmitted from the penis doesn’t stop from the hips. Her love nectar splatters violently from our union.

Suisen-chan seems to be pleasantly surprised by the intense yet rhythmical insertion and extraction.

「 Your hot fleshy pussy is going to make my dick melt. Guh! The swell is so good! 」

「 Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaaaaaaah! Cumming! Cumming! Naaaaaaa!! Nnnuuuuu!!! 」

I’m hearing splashes and squishes from the joint part. She must’ve squirted as she climaxed. It’s warm, it’s dripping down on my body, and there’s a clear liquid dripping from my desk onto the floor.

Suisen-chan’s body twitches so much that her back and hips float up, I grabbed and wrapped her breasts as I swing my hips to reach ejaculation.

Suisen-chan moaned, gasping for air. But, her sensitive body means that a small stimulation on her breasts meant that she can’t breathe anymore.

「 Nguu! Gaah! Gahaa!! 」

「 The tightness! I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside you!! 」

She’s in a climax and I can’t hold it anymore…

The penis became more swollen and harder than before, larger, longer, and thicker. Her vaginal walls scraped, I thrust toward her womb and exploded in pleasure inside her body.

「 Cumming!!! 」

–Dopyu! Dopyu! dopyu!!!

I ejaculated a ton inside Suisen-chan’s pussy.

Billions of sperm spurt out of my urethra every pulse from my penis. The viscous semen now clings to her vagina, and the sperm swims toward Suisen-chan’s uterus.

I feel a little guilty about deciding to cum inside my younger sister’s best friend, a kouhai I’m not even dating. staining her inside. But, I’m genuinely happy that I’m having sex with Suisen-chan

I know that I’m a scum.

「 Phew. That felt good 」

「 Ah, hmmm, aaaaheee 」

A kouhai in uniform, twitching in the classroom like a frog turned up. Her breasts are exposed, and her sloppy spread crotch gave a full view of everything. A ton of semen spilled from her vagina as it opened up when I pulled my penis out.

Semen dripped on the desk and sloshed further onto the floor.

「 Suisen-chan? Hey. You okay? 」

I call out to Suisen-chan, who’s in trance from the climax, mumbling with an ecstatic face.

「 Senpai…I love you…I love sex 」

Seems like she’s regressed to a child.

I’ll let her rest for a while and she’ll be back. If I touch her poorly, she might climax again because of how sensitive she is and it might get worse.

I had to stop the AV app’s school play just as Suisen-chan regained consciousness.