AV App Chapter 07: Mistress Contract



The next day, Otometani Fuyou didn’t come to the morning lecture.

I thought that she’d come just in time for the lesson as usual, but there were no signs of her showing up no matter how long it took.

The cool beauty and mature woman. The absence of this popular figure was discouraging to the students in the same class.

And so, the lesson had a dark mood. Many of the students lacked concentration. They were absent-minded.

I’m also one of those.

–Did something wrong happen to her body from last night? Is she sick? Maybe she started hating after that night.

Negative thoughts crossed my head.

I want to contact her, but I don’t have Fuyou-san’s contact information.

Should’ve swapped contacts with her in advance.

While I was thinking of what to do, and what not to do, lunch break is here.

I was thinking of going to the cafeteria and eating lunch in the empty classroom when I heard the students.

「 Aah! It’s Shojo-chi~ Morning~ 」

「 I don’t think it’s Morning anymore, but good day, I guess? 」

Huh, that’s Fuyou-san’s voice.

The center, surrounded by female classmates, is a tall, dignified, cool-beauty woman smiling at them. It’s Fuyou-san.

Her arrival energized the students, and the classroom was instantly filled with a flurry of activity.

The men who can’t enter the conversation quietly eavesdrop on the girls.

「 What happened? It’s rare for Shojo-chi to take a day off! I mean, isn’t this the first time? 」

「 It’s Otometani. Not that I mind. Anyway, I went to the doctor this morning 」

「 You okay? 」

「 I’m fine. Thanks for asking 」

Fuyou-san looks a little pale despite saying that. You can see exhaustion and a thin shadow under her eyes. Is she not feeling well? I’m worried.

The girls were merrily talking to Fuyou-san, and more joined in, swarming her.

Wai, wai, Gya gya.

Even Prince Shotoku would have a hard time listening if they all speak at once.

Not having the courage, I just stood at the edge of the classroom and watched in a daze.

Last night, we had so much kissing, sex, and naked cuddling, and yet, Fuyou-san won’t look at me right now. She’s not even trying to look for me. She’s just giving out her usual cool face.

It’s as if she forgot what happened last night.

「 Maybe she doesn’t remember? 」

No way. I’d cry in shock if she forgot our intense first experience.

We exchanged our firsts and sought each other so intensely.

But, it’s likely, and that’s a problem. The transcendent beings who developed the AV app can even teleport us. So, erasing memories is easy.

Anyway, let’s not get fixated on it. It would be best to check if Fuyou-san remembers.

Well, I don’t think I can talk to her now, so I’ll just look for an opening later.

I got up, thinking that I’m hungry and that I should move to an empty classroom.

「 Nakade-kun 」

「 Woah?! 」

Fuyou-san was standing in front of me before I knew it. It’s bad for the heart to see a beautiful face so suddenly.

I can’t read any emotion from her beautiful face as I look up at her.

「 Huh, oh, Fuyo-I mean, Otometani-san? What’s wrong? 」

「 We need to talk. Just the two of us. Let’s change locations 」

Fuyou-san grabs my hand, not hearing my answer, and strolled out of the classroom. I couldn’t do anything but follow her.

「 「 「 Nakade!!! 」 」 」

Ah, they might kill me.

I broke out in a cold sweat as my classmates look at me with a mix of murderous intent and jealousy as if they were cursing me to death.

We arrived at an empty classroom.

Fuyou-san sits on the chair and crossed her legs. That figure is beautiful and looks great on her.

「 Okay, you have something to say, don’t you? 」

The beauty with her elbows on the desk shoots me with a glint in her eyes.

It feels like I’m a criminal brought to the interrogation room for questioning. But, this isn’t bad.

I nodded, as I look at Fuyou-san’s expression.

「 It’s about last night, right? The Prize Game. Fuyo- I mean, Otoemtani-san, do you remember it? 」

「 Fuyou will do. I’ll call you Haku-kun too. Also, yes. I remember it all. I got taken to a love-hotel-like room, Haku-kun was there, and e-err, t-the lewd acts we did too, and also the money we earned 」

Fuyou-san blushed a little while speaking, perhaps remembering the act from yesterday.

I see. I get it now. People called in by the app remember it.

That’s great. I thought she forgot about it. That took out one of my concerns. Fuyou-san just had too good of a poker face.

「 Did you get the total amount rewarded to you? Mine popped on my desk 」

「 Mine too. I found the entire 1.97M on the table 」

「 It’s surprising, don’t you think? 」

「 Yes. It is surprising 」

We sighed together.

After being forced out of the game, I came into the same position in the same room before I was summoned, and the only thing that changed there was the wad of bills placed on my desk.

The amount of 10k yen bills was something I’d never seen before. It was about 2M Yen

My hand trembled. I pinched my cheeks repeatedly, thinking that I was dreaming, and counted the bills three times.

One night later, I still suspected that it was a dream.

「 What did you do with the money? 」

「 I hid it in the back of my drawer 」

「 Right. That’s what I did too 」

「 It’s not a dream it seems 」

「 Yes. It’s not a dream. It happened for real. The money is real 」

「 But, at least three hours passed in that space, right? But when we came back, time hadn’t progressed nearly as fast as it should have 」

「 Yeah 」

I also thought that it was strange.

After returning to my room, I checked the clock and found that no time had elapsed at all. Subtracting the time after I was in a daze after the teleport, not even a second had passed.

It seems that the time in that love-hotel space is different.

The intense three hours I spent with Fuyou-san in that room was just a moment in this world.

I start to think that the transcendent beings that developed the AV app are like Gods. If they can manipulate space, then it’s not surprising that they can manipulate time.

What technical skills and theories can be used to make it possible. It’s so far beyond human knowledge that the brain of an average person would refuse to think about it.

「 I heard that you went to the hospital, were you sick? 」

「 Thanks for the concern. But I’m fine. I went to a ladies’ clinic 」

Ladies’ clinic? Is it a Gynecology clinic?

「 One of the reasons I figured out that it was real was because Haku-kun’s thing was inside me 」

That thing? Inside Fuyou-san?

I thought for a moment, but I immediately guessed it after seeing Fuyou-san’s blushing face as she whispers.

「 Oh! The semen I filled Fuyou-san with! 」

「 Hey! I was trying to be vague yet you just blurt it out! 」

Sorry. It’s because of Fuyou-san’s face. Fuyou-san’s blushing face, flustered in shame, is quite rare. Good Job.

Right. I did pour my semen on her pussy. I guess she can’t help but figure it out as reality.

Speaking of which, there was one other feeling I had apart from the money. My clothes were back on, but the exhaustion from having sex so many times was still there. My body is still feeling languid. My fatigue hasn’t worn off.

It seems that everything doesn’t go back the way it is after teleporting us back. Some of them remain after the act.

「 But, Haku-kun is right. I didn’t take any contraceptives, right? So I went to the clinic to get pills. While at it, I also took some regular pills 」

「 Oh, sorry. I didn’t consider that. I’ll pay for the pills too. I mean, let me 」

Then, the battle for the price of the pill broke out.

I’ll pay for it. No need. No, take it. I don’t need it. That kind of push-pull

Eventually, I managed to push the money to Fuyou-san.

Sorry for cumming inside irresponsibly.

「 But, the biggest question I have is if it’s still possible for me to join in the games like yesterday with Haku-kun 」

Fuyou-san asks timidly, yet with a serious look on her face.

My heart clenches when I hear her say Haku-kun so casually. I’m glad she chose me instead of some random guy. I almost fell in love.

However, that’s an important question for Fuyou-san, who has a big family and no financial resources.

Depending on my response, her fate will change drastically.

It’s strangely embarrassing to be stared at with straight eyes filled with anticipation and anxiety. Don’t make a silent plea for a follow-up. I’m weak to that eyes and face.

Well, there’s no reason to lie, and it would be in our best interest to tell her the truth. Rather, there are a lot of benefits if I tell her. I can have sex with Fuyou-san you know! And I can earn money while at it.

A peeping transcendent being? Who cares

「 If you’re asking if you can, yes 」

「 Really? 」

Fuyou-san. Your eyes have changed to a money symbol. Your desires are leaking. Where’s the usual cool atmosphere?

「 I have this AV app installed on my phone. From there, we can enter the prize game again 」

「 Install it on my phone, I guess not. Is it because it’s a family-shared phone? No, not that. Haku-kun is the one who invited me. I’m only called in as Haku-kun’s partner, that’s the difference 」

She calmly analyzes. I stopped thinking already.

「 Is there any other function apart from that one? 」

「 Let’s see 」

After the prize game was over, I took a closer look at my AV app.

「 First, I’m the user of the AV app, and I’m supposed to be an AV actor. It has a level-based system, and as a result of clearing the tutorial with Fuyou-san, you helped me rise up from Level 0: Virgin AV actor, to Level 1: Amateur AV actor. 」

「 AV Actor, Level Up. Does that mean that you have some new functions to use? 」

「 Correct 」

I show the screen to Fuyou-san

<AV Scenario>

・Prize Game

・Compensated Dating Play(Cash Generated Each Round) ←NEW!

・Sex Friend Play ←NEW!

・Mistress Play(Cash Generated Each Month) ←NEW!

・Lover Play ←NEW!

The NEW sign shows that it’s a function released at a higher level.

Well, rather than calling it functions, it’s more of a situation play you can select.

All of them are classic AV scenarios. Most of them are a love hotel play. We might be sent to the same space as the Prize Game. Or maybe, summoning the other party to your room.

I won’t know until I use them.

By the way, the next level and rank up have their conditions.

Now 【 Level 1 】→ Next【 Level 2 】

<Level up Condition>

・Experience Partner Total: 2

Now【 Amateur AV Actor 】 → Next【 Novice AV Actor 】

<Rank Up Condition>

・Reach Level 5

According to the detailed explanation, the level is based on the people I have experienced having sex with. Since I was a virgin when the App was installed, I was level 0, but since having sex with Fuyou-san, my level and rank increased to Level 1: Amateur AV actor. If I have sex with a new woman, then my level rises to two, and if I gain experience with five women and reach level five, then I will rise to the next rank.

New situations are bound to be released once we level or rank up.

Furthermore, the highest level is 100, 100 Partners! That’s a long journey.

「 Generated Money 」

Fuyou-san looks at the screen and blurts.

Oops. I knew that Fuyou-san’s eyes would be fixed there.

Compensated Dating Play, and Mistress Play, right? Apparently, this requires us to give money or something reasonable to the other person every time we have sex. It’s an authentic situation play.

「 Well, but if only Haku-kun invites me to the Prize game… 」

「 Well, there’s a condition there too 」

「 Huh? Could it be that once you experience it you can’t go back? That’s a problem 」

Please, can you do something about it? Her teary eyes tell me that.

Guha!? That’s some destructive power. That was close, my heart almost stopped beating.

「 No, not that, you need a week before you call the same person as your partner 」

The user of the app can participate without any interval, but Fuyou-san, my partner, can’t join in for a week.

Even if I try to select her, there’s a countdown on her name in the search field. There’s a six-day cooldown right now.

「 So you can’t call me just for a week, I’m glad 」

Relieved that she can still participate in the Prize Game, she had a realization.

「 Uhm, you’re still going to call me, right? 」

Fuyou-san’s smart. She noticed that.

If I don’t invite her to the prize game, then she can’t participate in the first place. If so, she can’t gain money.

So it all depends on me. In the end, it’s up to me whether I choose Fuyou-san or not.

I stare at her uneasy eyes and feel a little mischievous.

「 I wonder 」

「 Please! I’ll do anything! 」

「 Really, anything? 」

「 Yes. As long as it’s not a crime 」

She replied immediately. I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting some standard lines like “As long as it’s not perverted,” or “I don’t mind if it’s Haku-kun,” with some flirting tone, but she’s into this, that’s very much like her.

She has a good dignified and prepared look. Fuyou-san will surely do everything. Even have sex with me for money.

「 Then, how about I take you as my mistress? 」

「 Sure. Let’s agree to the conditions first 」

「 Right. I guess not. The condition just now is, what? You’re replying too fast! You should try hesitating and thinking for a moment!! I mean, try to refuse! 」

「 I mean, I have no other options 」

I’m surprised that she could just reply so fast, not even hesitating for a moment. I just said that I want her as my mistress as a joke.

She has no choice, no I guess it’s beneficial to Fuyou-san. I could take her as my lover, and she’ll receive support, and even participate in the Prize Game. The only drawback is she has to give her body to me, but I guess that’s not a disadvantage if it’s something she’d do when we were playing the game.

In fact, she’s rather relieved that I didn’t tell her to go fuck some other guy or any other disgusting order.

「 I have only one condition. Once a week, let me join in the Prize Game. If you can keep that, then you can do whatever you want later 」

That’s a simple condition. Easy to understand.

Then, I’ll add my condition too.

「 As for me, let’s see. You’re not allowed to get romantically involved with men other than me. Sex and kissing are banned. No selling of underwear. No compensated dating. Never! That’s all I ask 」

「 Oh? You’re quite the monopolistic guy 」

「 And is that bad? 」

「 No, not really. Fufufu 」

Fuyou-san’s my first woman. She’s special, or just as she said, I want to monopolize her. And so, if she does compensated dating with other men, I would be shocked.

I like Netori, but not Netorare.

「 And in the future, I want you to accompany me in examining the new situations added 」

「 Sure, but some of them would cost you money, right 」

「 Isn’t that what our lover’s contract is about? 」

「 True 」

For money payment, we’ll just use our monthly payment for the mistress pay and other methods.

「 You can prioritize your family. If you don’t like it, then be sure to say it. I have no intention of forcing it onto you. You can accompany me when you have time 」

「 Yes, thanks 」

Treasure your family. You can’t ignore them.

I’m satisfied to see Fuyou-san’s calm and happy expression on her face.

「 Oh right. If you found someone else, just say it. We can break our contract by then 」

「 Okay. But, if you’re a man, I want you to have some spirit in trying to make me fall for you too 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Yes. Fufu. It would also be fun to make Haku-kun fall in love with me instead, so you would cry “Don’t leave me” 」

Hey now, I can only imagine a future where I’d fall like that.

Fuyou-san’s got a good personality.

Well, please go easy on me.

「 That’s all for me. 」

「 Your conditions are more lenient than I expected. I thought you’d blow it up more. Haku-kun’s a young man, so I was sure that you’d say that we’d do it every day so I should prepare for it 」

「 I don’t have that much guts 」

「 True 」

You affirmed it.

It was a plain shock, but I held my hand out to Fuyou-san. I’m asking for a handshake to complete our contract.

Who would’ve thought that I’d make this beautiful woman who’s out of my league, my mistress? I wouldn’t have imagined it before I got this AV app.

I find myself in slight disbelief.

「 If you agree to these terms and become my lover… 」

「 Yes. At this moment, Otometani Fuyou and Nakade Haku are lovers. Please take care of me 」


She took my hand and gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek, and our lover’s contract have been formed.