AV App Chapter 61 Just like Suisen



–A bright white light envelops us and we returned to the real world.

In a blink of an eye, we’re back in the bedroom in the dim light.

Time in the real world hasn’t passed. We’re back to Suisen-chan giving me a night visit and I pushed her down the bed.

「 Hmm? 」

She opened her eyes.

「 Fuee? Ah, huh? Nii-san-senpai? Where are we? 」

Her eyes look vacant and melting. It seems that she can’t figure out the difference between the other space and reality.

That’s inevitable. She was dazed from too many climaxes, and when she finally woke up, she wasn’t in an after-school classroom, but in my room.

「 We’re in my room. I thought Suisen-chan’s giving me a night visit, but you just fell asleep 」

「 Eh? Eeeeh?! 」

Suisen-chan suddenly jumps and looked around my room. Next, she looked down at her clothes and realized that she was wearing pajamas, not her uniform.

「 N-No way, that was a dream?! No way!!! 」

「 Shh, quiet 」

「 Ah! I-I’m sorry! But…but… 」

She’s too surprised and dumbfounded that I’m feeling guilty. She looks so tearful that it’s hurting me.

But, I’m relieved to see that she thought it was a dream.

「 Hmm? 」

Suddenly, Suisen-chan tilted her head, and I can tell that her face turned pale even in the darkness.

「 Huh?! I-I’m sorry! 」

「 Hm, what’s wrong? 」

She’s so much in panic and confusion that she put her hand on her crotch, inside her pajama and underwear, even though she’s in front of me.

Stunned by the weird behavior, Suisen-chan observes and sniffs the hand she pulled out of her crotch. The palm of her hand seems sticky from some kind of liquid.

「 Huh? It’s not blood, I thought I was on my period, but this smell…I feel like I know this 」

T-This is bad.

That’s one of the weaknesses of the AV app. You return to the real world, and it fixes your clothes, but the semen that remains in the vagina remains.

Fuyou-san also mentioned that her pussy was overflowing with semen I poured inside her before.

Don’t tell me that Suisen-chan noticed her wet underwear?

「 This smells like semen, but I thought I cleaned it up in the bath earlier? It’s almost like I just got a fresh one 」

She tilts her head and looked at me.

If I was proud, then she won’t find out, but I quickly turned my face away.

「 Nii-san-senpai? 」

「 Hmm? What’s wrong? 」

「 Why are you looking away? Also, I found Nii-san-senpai’s semen coming out of my vagina, do you have any idea why? 」

「 W-Why indeed. That’s strange 」

「 Did you attack me while I was asleep? 」

「 No, no, besides, Suisen-chan’s sensitive that you’d wake up if I touch you 」

「 True… 」

Suisen-chan reluctantly agreed. Did I deceive her?

I was hopeful, but she then spoke casually.

「 Then, it must be a misunderstanding. I just had an amazing dream. Nii-san-senpai and I had sex in a high-school classroom 」

「 Oh, I see. That’s an amazing dream 」

「 Yes. I was in my school uniform, but Nii-san-senpai’s wearing a school uniform I don’t recognize. Where did that uniform come from? 」

「 That was my school uniform 」

「 I knew it! It looked good on you! Then, I also did it with Nii-san-senpai at the desk in missionary, I think? What was that position again? 」

「 Standing. I was doing it from behind.

「 ……. 」

「 Hmm? What’s wr–ah 」

After a few seconds of answering without thinking, I noticed Suisen-chan’s expression and regretted it. After all, she’s already looking at me doubtfully.

「 Hmm? Why does senpai know that we did it standing in my dreams? 」

「 W-Well… 」

「 Then, you also know that I was wearing pink underwear, right? 」

「 No, it’s blue…ah, shit 」

「 I see. Nii-san-senpai, why do you know the color of my underwear? I was in my dream, right? 」

「 ………… 」

S-Shit…her suspicious gaze is piercing me.

This is bad. I just made such grand self-destruction, I got no excuse for anything as she just led me with her questions.

The large amount of sweat on my back is cold.

「 Suisen-chan. L-Look, you see… 」

「 Nii-san-senpai 」

「 ………… 」

I can’t look at Suisen-chan’s face, it’s awkward.

Maybe I should just tell her about the AV app. Suisen-chan seems tight-lipped, and there’s no drawback. The only problem is that she might despise me if I told her that I’m having sex with other women.

Well, there’s a good chance that the perception alteration from the AV app can manage things out.

Once I tell her about the app, I can call her whenever I want, no matter when or where. Suisen-chan won’t have to go and risk being found out that she’s sneaking into my bed.

I can also enjoy a lot of other plays with her.

There’s merit in telling her, but while I was seriously mulling over it, Suisen-chan speaks up first.

「 Uhm, if you can’t say it, then you don’t have to, okay? I know that Senpai has his own circumstances too, but still, I just want to know if it was Senpai from the dream or the real Senpai 」

「 Well, it was me 」

「 I see! I had school uniform play with Nii-san-senpai! Ehehehe, ehehehehehe 」

Ugh! Suisen-chan beaming in joy as she finds out that she had sex with me is so cute!

『 I’m glad I did it right, 』 she sighs in relief, and then she suddenly points her finger at me.

「 How-e-ver! 」

「 Ah, yes? 」

「 I summoned my courage to sneak to your bed and yet, you call it a dream? You tried to deceive me, and you should know that I was really shocked when I woke up! 」

「 Ah, yeah. Of course 」

「 So, I’ll just ask Nii-san-senpai………..ah, if you don’t like it, you can just refuse. I’m not here to force you 」

She was about to say something firm, but she falls weak at the very last moment. She’s poking her fingers worriedly.

Suisen-chan took a few breaths, then she made her resolve by closing her eyes./

「 This summer! Can you come with me and watch the fireworks displath–? 」


Oh, she bit her tongue. Suisen-chan turned red, and her eyes went teary.

She was doing so well, and yet, flopping at the last moment. That’s very much like her.

However, a fireworks display. I don’t have any plans as of now, so I guess I could go with Suisen=chan

Suisen-chan in her Yukata…I want to see it.

And with that said…

「 Sure. Let’s have a date 」

「 D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-Date?!! 」

Huh? Suisen-chan’s the one who invited, yet, why is she surprised…

Her face turned even redder, and her head is starting to blow steam.

From how it looks, she just invited out of the momentum, and never thought of it as a date.

「 Awa, awawawawa!! N-Nii-san-senpai…I-I invited him to a date…date…fireworks show…with senpai…pushuu 」

「 Ah, she overheated 」

We already had sex, so seeing her lose her mind from a date is quite innocent.

I secretly admire the way her eyes roll back from her brain overheating, she came back to her senses, stood up abruptly, and puts her hand on the door like a robot. Then.

「 U-U-Uhm, E-E-Excuse me! Good night!!!! 」


Suisen-chan bit her tongue again as she speaks, then she left the room with so much energy.

I’m left alone in my room. I’m feeling calm as she’s now off.

「 Suisen-chan’s reactions are so cute. It makes me want to tease her 」

I was tingling with pleasure at the thought of teasing her, and her voluptuous ass which is her charm point.

Then, the next day, she was too conscious that she avoids me, and went home almost without talking to me.

A game where she seduced me with a glimpse of her panty. Sex while her head’s covered. An unexpected night visit, and school play—a lot happened at Suisen-chan’s sleepover.